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Full text of "The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

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O F O U R 


Tranflated Into the 



Ordered to be Printed by the Commijfmers of the Vnited Celenitt 

At the Charge, and with the Confsotof the 


For the Propagation of the Gogisl atnongji the Indians 
in NeW'EngUtidt 









C A M B R J D G: 

Printed by Samuel Green and Marmaduke fohnfeu, 



^^ ., ^ — — ^ ^j^^ 

«m '^ 




THE H 1 G hNl^D M 1 G jr^ V 



King of Engknd, Scotland, France and Irelmdy Defender 
of the faith, &c. 

The CommiJfiGners of the Vnited Colonies in New-England, 
mlh increafe of all Uavpinefs^ &ۥ 


fF our weak apprehenfions fiave not mifl^d us, this 
Work will be no unacceptable Prelent to Your 
Majefty , as having a greater Intereft therein, 
then We believe is generally undeiftood : which 
("upon this Occafioa ) we conceive it our Du- 
ty to declare. 

The People of thefe four Colonies (Confederate for Mu- 
tual Defence, in the time of the late Diftra£tions of our dear 
Native Country ) Your Ma|eftie$ natural born Subjeds, by 
the Favour and Grant of Your Royal Father and Grand- 
father of Famous Memory ^ put their.fclves upon this great 
and hazardous Undertaking , of Planting therafelves at their 
own Charge in thefe remote ends of the Earth, that without 
offence or provocation to our dear Brethren ^nd Cotintry men, 

A3 we 


own Confcience informed us, was "°f ° Jf^j Q^d) be in- 
Duty : AS al o that we ^^^/^ GofpVl , the ktiowledg of 
ftrumental to ipread ^b; ^^f "^ J^J^o? barbarous Heather.. 

grace and goodne s of God ^J^ ^''^^^^ Jg^ .^e Immunities 

( to admirafon) f^e Ammoiit|^^ ana ^^^^^^^ ^ 

fucce d the late horrid Confufrons of Cburch and State 
And fliallnot we {Dread Sovera^gn) your Sf je<as oKhele 
ColoS of the fine Faith and Belief rn *" Pom^s o Do 
Arine with our Countrymen , and the ocher Ketormca 
ChurchTs (though perhaps not alike perfwaded in fomc mat- 
Srof Ordi wl ch in outward refp.fts hath been unhappy 
fo^ns ) promifc and afTure our felves of all juft favour a. d 
ilwnce from aPrincefo happily and gracioufly endowed? 

'"iKther part of our E-nd hither hath been attended 
withEndevou s anlBkfsing; many of the wilde ^^^'^"!^^- 

nftaught, and undcrftanding the Dote of the Chnftian 
Reliiiion and wich much afteftion attending fuch Preachers 
S a' Stto teachthem, many of the. Children are inftrudcd 

to Write andReade, andfome of them have proceeded to^^ 

"D E D 1 C A T O R r. 

Cher, to attain the knowledge of the Latine and Greek Tongues, 
and are brought up with our Englifh youth in Univcrfity- 
learning: Tbereare divers of them that can and doreadc foine 
parts of the Scripture, and fome Catechifms^ which formerly 
have been Tranflated into their own Language, which bath 
occafioned the undertaking of a greater Work , vi{: The 
Printing of the whole Bible, which (being Tranflated by a 
painful Labourer amongft them, who was defirous to fee the 
Work accomplilTied in his dayes) hath already proceeded to 
the finifhingof the NewTeftament, which we here humbly 
prefent to YourMajefty, asthefirft fruits and accoraplifliment 
of the Pious Dcfign of your Royal Anceftors. The Old Te- 
ftamcnt is now under the Prefs, wanting and craving your 
Royal Favour and Afsiftance for the perfeding thereof. 

We may not conceal,that though this Work hath been begun 
andprofecutedby fuch Inftrum.ents as God hath raifed up here, 
yet the chief Charge and Coft, which hath fupported and car- 
ried it thus far, hath been from the Charity and Piety of divers 
of our well-affeded Countrymen in £.7|/4Wi who being fen- 
fible of ouc inability in that refped, and ftiidious to promote 
fo good a Work, contributed large Sums of Money, which 
hereto be improved according to the Diredion and O derof 
the then prevailing Powers, which hath been faithfully and 
religioufly attended both there and here , according to the 
pious intentions of theBenefadors. And we do moft humbly 
befeech your Majefty, that a matter of fo much Devotion and 
Piety, tendingfo much to the Honour of God, mayfuffer no 
difappointment through any Legal dcfeft (without the fault of 
the Donors, or the poor Indtaw^ who onely receive the benefit) 
but that your Majefty be gracioufly pleafed toEftablifh and 
Confirm the fame, being cc^ntrived and done /as we conceive/ 
inthefirftycar of your Majefties Reign, as this Book wasbe^ 
guu and now finifhedin the firft year of yourEftabliihment; 
which doth not onely prefage the happy fuccefs of your Highnefs 
Government, but will be a perpetual Monument , that by 
your Majefties Favour the Gofpel of 'our Lord and Saviour 
ie{m Chnfi, was firft made known to tte Mms : An Honour 



whereof (we are affured; your Majefty will not a littk e* 

SIR, The (hines of Toht Royal Favour ptpon thefe Vnder^ 
takings, WiU mak: thcfe tender Tiantsto flowifh, mmthftanding 
any m<ilevoient ydjpeB from thofe that bear evil will to this SiOD 
and render Tour ^iajejiy more llUifinous and Glonom to after 
Generations^ - 

The God of Heaven long prefirve and blefs Tmr Majefff 
mth many havpy dayes, to his Glory^ th^ good mid comfort 
of his Chmoh and P^opk. Amsn* 


























W U S K U 


N U L-L O R D U M U N 






Printed by 54w»e/ ^rew and ^JHarmaduke Johnfo}}, 




















SO* , 





















«9. ;5- 

fi Chr. 

1 iSmm. 

9 I Chr. 

20. 21, 
I Chro 

/I Chr. 


Ppomctuonganc /t bookjefus 
Chrii^j vvuiinaumonuft Da- 
vid, wunnaumonuti Abra- 

2 b Abraham wunnaumo- 
nieu Ifaakohjkahfliajk vrun- 
naamonicu Jakobuhjkah d Ja- 
kob wunnaumonieu Judaioi., kah weeitiatoh. 
2 Kah e Judas wunnaumonieu Phai^loh 
kah Zarahoh wutch Tamarhut, kah / Phares 
W^iniiaumoaieu Ezromoh, kah Ezrom wun- 
naumonieu Aramoh. ^ 

4 Kah Aram wunnaumonieu Aminadaboh, 
kah Aminadab wunnaumonieu Naaflbnoh, 
kah Naalibn wunnaumonieu Salmonoh, 

5 Kah Salmon wunnaumonieu Boazoh 
tvutch Kachab , kah Baaz wunnaumonieu 
Obeduh wutch Ruth, kah Obcd wunnau- 
monieu Jeflcoh. . ^ ., , 

€ Kah g JefTe wunnaumonieu Da^id ke- 
tafToDtoh > kah b Davii ketailbot wunnau- 
monieu Solomonoh wutch ummittanvwuiTuh 
Uriah. . „ ^ 

7 Kab i Solomon wunnaunnonieu Reho- 
boamoh, kah Rchoboam wunnaumonieu A- 
biahoh, kah Abia wunnaumonieu Afahoh. 

S Kah A fa wunnaumonieu Jofephatohjkah 
Jofaphat wunnaumonieu Joramoh, kah Jo- 
ram wunnaumonieu Oziafon. 

9 Kah Ozias wunnaumonieu Jott^moh, 
kah Jotham wunnaumonieu Achazoh, kah 
AHiaz wunnaumonieu Ezekiafoh. 

10 K^h k Ezekias wunnaumoniew Manaf- 
fesj kah WanaiFes wunnaumonieu Ammonoh, 
kah Amnioa wunnaumonieu Joliafoh. 

1 1 Kah Jofias wunnaumonieu JeSAoniafoh, 
kahwematoh, ut papaume na utta)die ma- 
finncohteamuk ut Babylon. 

12 Kah roahche miflinneobtcabettit ut 
Babylon, / Jechonias wunnaumonieu Sala- 
thieloh, kah Salathiel wunnaumonieu Zo- 

13 Kah Zorobabel wunnaumonieu Abi- 
Mdoh,kah Ahiud wunnaumonieu Eliaklmoh, 
kahEliakim wunnaunnonieu Azoroh. 

14 Kah Azor wunnaumonieu Sadokoh, 
kah Sadok wunnaumonieu Achimoh , kah 
Achi m wunnau mon i eu E ! i u d oh . 

15 Kah Eliud, wunnaumonieu E!c^.2aroh> 

kail Elcazar vfUB«aumonieii Matthi«oh, kah 
Maithan irurinaamo.jieu Jakoboh. 

16 iiah Jakob wuanaamonicu Jofepbohj 
wclfukch Mary noh mo wachcgit Jciui uttU 
yeuoh ahcnnit Chriit. 

17 Nemehkuh wame pometeongadi wutdi 
Abrahamut onk yean Da? idut,na jo yaawudt 
pomcceongaih ^ neit wulcH Davidut onk 
yean ummiiiinohkonauh ut Babylon, nabo 
yauwudt pometeongaih : neit wutch ummif- 
linobkonaoh ut Babylan n& pajch upj^yonat 
Jefus Chrift,naboyauwudt pometcongafii. 

18 Kah Jefus Ci-riik m wiinneetuonkycu ^ Luke 
mo, nagum okafoh Maryhoh kah JoCcph 1.17, 
quofliodhettit (afquam nancefmhcttekap) 
milkauau wutche'keteauonat naihpe Nalhau- 

19 Neit weiTukeh Jolephuh wunnomwa« 
c'nuaooh, matta mo wuttenantamquun wuc- 
ayimauoh muflTiiiewautiit, unnantam kemea 
nuppogken ycu 'h. 

20 Webciiitwontog ycufhog kufleh wut- 
angelfumoh Lord wunnae'ihtunkquoh ut Hn» 
nukquomuonganitj noawaujofeph ken wun- 
naumonuh David, aaquc wabcfilh nemunon 
Mary kummittamwos,newutche uttiyeuwoh 
wachegit, ne na(hpc wuHncctupanatamwe 

21 Kah woh neechau wunaumon woh kut- 
tifTowcnrt Jefus, newutche woh wadrhanau « Luke 
ummillinninnumob wutch umflaatchefeonga- i.3^» 

22 Wame ycufh nnihyeupafh jie woh n 
nih toh anoDwop Lord nafhpeu.manittQDWo.m- 
puhnoDwau. rc u 

23 KulTch peeiromp pi(h wompequau, <> naiata 
kah pifli neechau wannaumonuh, kah ,pilh 7»^4» 
wuttifTowenouh Emanuel^yeu nauwuttamuii, 
God kocjwetomukqtTn. 

•2 4 Kelt Jofeph omohket wutch kou^ cat, 
wutuilen uttob anukqut wutmgelfumoh 
Lord, kah ncemunau ummittamwuiToh. 
^ 25 Kah matta cDwaheuh no p^jeh wunnee- 
chanat mohtommeginftcheh wuimaumonub, 
kah wuttiiTowenuh Jefus. 
I C K H P. 11. , ^ 

' TESUS t neeklt ut Sethkm ut Judea uk* a Luke 
• 1 kefukkodtumut Herod Sontim, kuffeh 2.6. 
I waantamwacnuog wamohettit wutdriepwoci- 
jyeujerufakmwaut. ^^ 2 Koi- 

Wdmammg, ^rtoj^f] Herod MattheW* Chrijl ut Igypf.cjtifl^kii fofeph 

2 Ncx;waog,uttiyeawoh noh rieekit Jewfe" i i? ^^^it n nihyeup toh anaowodt d Tpr^ 

'Lid i..r- M.-.^ .r,-h.,...,A ,..,.,„. ,.,...' mias quviT^odcuauvaen noowop. ^ t 

.8 WudtauatonkquffuonkutRamahno). f/f/' 




- j.^iA^»».>^t3) uLuycrawon non rieeKic jewie 
^eu(la.'C, nc-.vjtche uauo.rmn wutanog^ui- 
leu.Ttoh wuchepwocfyeu^kali nuppeyaumun 
oi\k wohnODwowuflumoun. 

5 Herod KetifTout noutog oot:r:mmehuk- 
qu:iulh, kah wame Jerufalem weeche. 

4 Kah ivamc mouriQ:u negoniie fephaufu- 
aen-uh, & wuf-ScrihriimoLh miillnninnuog , 
wunnat.Dotimauab nahog , uctohuc Chriit 
woh ncekit ? 

5 Kah wuttinoufi, ut Berhlem utjudea , 
newutche yen wuttinrukwhofm nafhpe 

. 6 KahkenipBethlemohkeit Judea,matta 
Kupp;ii],{lu kenugkenananuwaeHuoo ludah, 
newutche pish na ooche fohhamun nananu- 
wjcn, yeuoh pishnanaunau nummiilmninnd- 
nioh liraeloh. 

7 NeitHerod keniu vvehkomQat waantaro- 
woh, pahku wunnatoDtomau iiahog, toh ut- 
tuuche anogqs naeitau6us. 

8 Kah vvucannojnuh nahosj en Bethlehem 
kah noowau , monchek pahke natinnehuk 
mukkies, kah namehheog kuttufTunau , onk 
woh nuppeam.kah woh n^a wonk noowowur. 

og. kah kufleh, noh anogqs, uttoh nauahet- 
teupuh wutch.>pw6:eu, negonfl.auoh noh en 
peyonatuttonmukkies apit, ne wurmeepa- 

10 Nauahettit anogfoh, moocheke rr.uf- 
Kouanat.mwog milhe wckontamoonk. 
T.JU'^u P'^^ff^'^ wetuomut nameheao^ 
peiflTefoh weeche Maryhoh okafoh,kah pe° 
nuauog kah ODwowufTumouh.kah wolhwun- 
numohettit wunnorapakouunouoafti , wut- 

og panein.nehenwonche wutohtuout. 
I r^lA L ^"^^^hettitjkufTeh wutangelumoh 
Lord naehtauau Jofephoh kouenat, wuttia- 
Kanioh, kah fpuhh^mOi en Egypt, kah n^ 
^Pih, nd pajeh kittinnunnt, newutflie Herod 
P.s^h natinnewhau peifTeObh, woh v;unnult 

ohttc^^^ ^ omohkeir^nemunau peiflTefoh, kah 
ohkafohnuhkon.ieu, kah au Egypt. ■ 

Dukn ?''''""'''" "^ P^-'«^h Herod nS- 

nouwehkom nunncnmon. ''^^ 

2nm^.t\^'''''^ "'S a)namber.hl;annaong. 
ana> waantamwog, mufquantam moucheke 

og uT^-lhir t^^.P^^'^-^^" wame.^ukkl' 
^b ut t»uhlcm, kah .ut wac'wcnu , wphou^ 

-v. " "-^-"a^v/.iiviiuuuonKutH.amahna)- 
tamun, neuanatamoonk,mauonk,kafa maue- 
njooonkmoDcheKe, Rachel nnaieVnon uppe- 
irTeiimoh, kah mattahahkouwaou, newutche 
nagmatchaog. ' cwuitiic 

.Jri ^'^^'"".i "3P"J^ . Jiufl'eh wutangeN 
umoh Lord naeihtauau ut koueon^^anit %« 
fcphuh ut Egypt. >.«»*iijw 

kah ohkar6h, kah raonchii^ ohkit IfraeL ne- 
l\k!cror^ ""^^^"^ kodtinneanonches 

fnh V^K^'t "VT^.^^"^^'^ nemunau mukkole- 
loh, k^h okafoh, kah peyau ohkit Ifi ael. 

T.^/.o^"'' "'^^''^ Archiiaus piahquttUfn 
Judea, nompuppehtaua OLlhoh Herod, wa- 
belunohoonat:qut amomont G:d koue- 
©Mganit, qu[}-,ken en ohkeit GaliJe. 

23 Kah paont wutapen Otanat ufTowe- 
tamunNa2arcth, newoh nnih ne anoowop 
qnolhodtumwaen pish wuttiObwefu Wua- 


Ahyeu/LutkeiukodtalhJohn^Bapti/l ,, ^ 
uk Juder'^ ^"^^^'^^^'^"'^•t^au ut touohkom- J.^f ^ 

ri^ ^'^r1'^''^"'^'*"^^''3"^tamQDk,newut. l""^^- 
!lL '^''^ wutcfToutamoonk pafocchc- ^•^' 

3 Ne\vntche yeuoh noh anoowohpoh Efai- 
as quofhodtumwaen noowau, b Wuttaoa- nr 
tonkquiruonkpafukmifhont^adtut tauoh. ^ '^^^* 
komuk, nanafhwehtamak ummay Lord, ay- f ^ V 
imoDkummayaaTfampoiyeuut. '^ ^^''*^* 

.f^^t^^^H^u^'^^'' ^°§^«^ wefliagkana- ^' ^* 
alh kameis, kah wunnagas puttugquoppiiru. 
kah ummectfuonk locufis kah touchkomuk' 
que nony. • 

5 Neit Jerufalem kah wame Judea, kah 
wame^ penuohkomuk quinnuppu Jordan 
wuffohwehtunkquoh. J^ra^n 

6 Kah baptizuog nafhpe nagum ut Tor- 
da^n iampGoahettit ummatchefeongancco- 

7 Out nauont monaog Pharifefo? & Sad- 
ducefog pty-auoh ut ukkutfumooSnganit, 
wattinuhD2hQh,Woikenaau c wutontfe- 
ong.inoDfefe'qu^ogjhowankutamomukkou. ^ ^^«t* 
6US wuileemoun wiatch mufquantamdonk ^^'^i» 

8 Yowutche padtauook meechurrmuong. 
a^Ti yane«jgk-quokiftaiuil;oianram6onk. 

9 Kah ahque unnantamook woh kwUnnesu 
It k.hhookaout nx^lhun d Abraham nutah- ' ' 

tauunan, newutche kuttinnonnunnv(^, God '^M*/ 
tapenum wutchehemi yeu quITukqunc'h^u S.gQ. 
wunnaumonuh Abraham. "'^qjncntu « ^i^. 

wunnaumonuh Abraham 


VphaptliaofikChrifi Cbap.4* ' ^k^fitchm^H^Jh Chrirt 

meechumiruonk wunnegen, tummethamun, } nonafh wame tahfootamooonpfh muttaoh- 
kah unnohkon nci;iaut. ket, kah wuirohfurnmouongasb. 

fMark II /Men wunnamuhkut kupbaptizehen- ^ Kah wuttinuh,, warr,e yeufli kittinnuni 
•[ .8. nuniwoj nalhpe nippe wutch aiuikoiantamo- manunafh kepfhauhiean^kah wauilumcan. 
Luke a. ^"'^j R^^ "^^ afukiit, nagum anue menuke- 




fu onk ncen, matta nuttapenumo) keinin- 
umun ummoxinafli , noh pish kukkutcl:cf- 
fumukkou nalhpe wunnetupanatamwe Ni.11^- 
auanittoujkah niX)t..u. 

12 Neh uppaannatukanoh ut wunnut- 
cheganitj kah pish pannuppe pahketeauun 
ahhut pagohhomuk, kah mohmounum ou- 
v'heatumalhcDweekic, qut wufladteaumun- 
adi wucchikohfumunaflj niatta haontanook 

gMark ^5 i ^^'^^ J^^^^ peyau wutch Gallic en 

i.o. Jordan ut John, woh ukkutfumoh naflipc 

Luke '^. "5gum, 

21* ^ 14 Qut John ukquihtinih noowau 
nukquenauwahak kukkuii'umunneat , kah 
kuppeyaauf^h > 

15 Kah Jefus nampool amaiioh, kah noo- 
WaUj natch eyeu, newutche ne ne t:^pene- 
unkqut pannuppe uflenat wame wunnorav/a- 
liir^onkjneit wuttinanumon- 

16 Kah Jefasneadtbaptizehititernukkuh- 
Pufliau watch nippekontU; kah kuifeh taueh- 
tHnk kefuk, kah naau nafl-iGuanittoo upaneh- 
tunkquoh onatuh kah uppog- 

17 Kah kufTeh ,, wuttauatonkqufTuonk 
wutch kefukqut, nouwau, yeuoh noDWomun- 
ne'goneu nuttaicDn^, noh wohfikkitteahik- 

CHAP. nil. 

NEit Jefus a fagkompagunau nafhpe na- 
(liaumit, en touohkomuk^ woh uk- 
qutchheuh mattinnit. 

2 Kah matta metfeikyauunchag kefukod- 
tafh kah yauunchag nukkonallij ocrpetak mo 

3 Kah quajheantpaSonont, wuttinuhjkcn 
wunnaumonait God, nocwaib yeulli qiiiTuk- 
qunaflj petukqunnunganiihettich. 

4 Qut wunnamp(JDhanauoh noDwau, wuf- 
?>Dcut. rukv/hofu, matta piih miifinnin v;ebe porran' 

a Mark 
1. 12. 
Luke 4 . 




tamoo wutch petukqunnunk , qut naOpe 

l?ifh noh kuttcoonk oomocKD wuttcxjnit God. 

y Neit mattannk oowadpinuh wunnetupn- 

n9tamy;eotanat;,kah upponuh nahafik pcan- 

tamwakomn^^* . , , 

6 Kah wuttinuh,ken wunnaumonait God, 

UTn-e.?haxuhkonat papaume ken, Kch pisb 
.„ I 1 (T.,. tnplmth n qiinukquanit. 

^ •'pish kukqutchheoh God kura-Ma 

J matta pisi 

fi'^vonk mattannit wunnemunuh ahche 

ku{rohk5aye«utW.dchiiut, V.ah vvuonontun- 

manunall — ^ .n c 

10 Kah Jefus wmtinuh , ^"^^^j" ^^*^r .ni-nf 
nuppufquanif, newutche wufTukwhofu, e pish '^^"^^ 

kouwaulfuHi Jehovah kum-Manittoum, kah ^ ^-^J^ 

pish nagum nont kouwauflum. ^ 20* "^ 

11 Neit wunnukonuh mattannit, Kan An- 
j>elfog peyaog, kah wuttannumauouh. /xfort 
° 12 kah noutog Je^us /kupmagkinau John, / ^^^ 
moncliu en Galile. , , , Luke*/i« 

15 Kah nagottuk Nazareth, peyau, kah ^"i^*^^ 
wutayin Kapernnum uObhtahtu , wohkoeu 4- 
ZabulonkahNaphtali. ^ ^^ "^ 

14 Onk woh nennihne anoowop naU^pe "^^^ 
Efaiasquolbodtumwaennaowop. ajCohh 

15 Ohke g Zabulon kah ohke Naphtah |Aia'»» 
ohquanannmayketahhannetjOgkomukjQf- ^ ' 
danGalilegentilfehtu. . 

i^ Miffinninnuog apitcheg pohkeniyeuuc 
naumwos; milTi wequaV, kah aphettit wutoh- 
ket kah wutonka>ohtom nuppooonk, wequai 

fpeemcD. , , , , 1 h Mark 

17 /) Na wutche Jefus kutche kuhkoo- ^ ^^^^^ 
tomuhte u, kah nfJDwau , aiuikoiantamook • ^* 
newutche kefukque ketafra)taro6onk pafc»- 

chcyeuoo. ^ . , , , . i Mark 

t8 Kah Jefus i oiohquafbadtketahhannit ' '^ * 
Galile nauoh neefwe wemattittuoh, Simon 
uilowcfu Peter , kah Andrew weechaioh, 
ponalhabpahettit uikctahhannet (newutche 
ponhaibabpaenuog) ^ , , . , , . 

19 Kah wuttinuh nahoh afuhkiegk, kati 
kutayimauonumwoc) kupponhaiV.abpaonaont 
wolketompaog. , n , 

20 Kah reanuknukkonaogwuthalhabpoo- 
uh kah wutafukauouh* 

21 Kah ne ayanomp, nauoh onkatore 
neefwe wemattittuoh, James wunnaumonuh 
Zebcde, I ah John wematoh, ut kuhtoonog- 
qut, weeche Zcbedeohaibcooh woadiip- 
panhafhaboahettit, kah oowehkomoh nahoh. 

22 Kali teanuk wunnukkodtumunneau 
kuhtcDnog, kah oulbouoh, kah wutafukau- 
6uh. , _ ,.' 

23 Kah Jefus auqumnuppu wameGaiilc 
iikkulika.tomanopuh nahoh ut wuOyriagogl- 
umout , kah ukkuhkootomauopub ketaliou- 
ti'^voe wunaunchemookacnk, kah wutut ke- 
teahhniaonalh wame ti^amatchtnaongash, kah • 
wame fpunnaongash kenugke miiiinnunnucg. 

24 Kah waeenomaonk pannupftauaico 
wame Syria, kah uppauf^tauonb waniemat- 
chenanutcheh miiTinninnfth, aninneanutche 
moocheke rniEncaorgaih , onkquomraom- 
kah neg kogkeicbeg; iw.nunkfitchcg , ka.i 
wunnstikeheuh. • , ^_, 

2^ Kahmonr.ogm5inrnfnnnogv;utaiukau- 
ouh \futch Galile, wuichDeVapoUs, wutch 
jeruf^.klP;^ahwl'rr^: ogkcffiaK J-rd^n. 



WHnnAnittnongAfl) ChriB Matthew^ 
c H A p. V. < 

NABoht moochequlbjiohjogquoclchuau 
wadchuai, kill na nsatapkp akkodne- 

luhto^iitumoh peyau6nuk. 

i Kah woUnvutiuui wutto^n , ukkuhkgo- 
tohiauuh fiODwau. 

3 Wunninumoog kodtummungetcahpn- 
a LuKC theg, ir newutchc wutuitiecu kefukque ke- 
♦.20. tanbutaraooiiii. 

,4 Wnnnanumfiogneg mogig, ncwutche 
pish mnikouantamwaheoog. 
♦ Pial. 5 <» Wunn;'nUfn6og ncg manunniffitcheg, 
37. It. Bcwucrhepish wutahtauunneauohkc. 

Tf • k ^ Wunnaiiiimdog neg kodtupwutcheg, 
« lUiah itahkaukuttoDgig tvunnomwauffeonk, c ne- 
*5»'5' wutche pish wamcpouog, 

7 Wup.nanum6ognegmonanetcactieg,ne- 
wntcticpish ummiikomunncau monanccea- 

8 <i Wunnanum6og leg pehketcahoncheg, 
ncwutche pish naiioog Goduh. 

9 Wunnanumoogncg wunohtcaonk-ayigig 

ncwutche pish ufTowcnooog wunnechanuh 


a'l^^^* ^° ^ Wunnanum6og neg wofltlietcheg 

3.i4« wutch wUnnomwauffeonk , iiewucche wut- 

taihceu kefukque ketafToDtamoonk. 

II Koonanumitteamwoo wofttctompaog 

wuttmMfmatfitif^ Chr^ 


f r Pet ["^"^^^^henukqueog, kah woileehukquedg , 
/ • kah wame/'panncDwaeumatiiacchenukquco? 

II Weckontamouk, kah ahche muHtouan- 

taniook, ncwutche milfiyeuafh kutonkqua- 

CuHkanafli kefukqut, nowutchc netuppe nc 

woiXchcunneau qiioihodtumwaenuog ncgou- 


. 15 Kcnaau kuffaltanuumwajmuttaohkct, 

£MarR qutg fait wanMehteunk wuflaltanuooonk , 

9.50. uttA pish wonk faltanuoo, qucnau wanne 

LUKC wunnegcnninnoD^k, qut pogkctamun, kah 

I4. 34. wuttattafkukkomunneau woikctompaog. 

14 Kenaau oowequaioDm miittaok, Otan 
ohtag kodtuhkdag woh matatahtofiuuti 

15 Afuh h chikohfuraohettit wequanan- 
tcg,matta wunnogqunnumoouneau quaquad- 
whoiiganitjqiit ut wcquanantunkanontug- 
qut ea wohfumAniQO wame wetu. 

i I iw '^ Kcjowequaioum i wdhlumoomooutch 
» » let. utanaquabhcttitwoOtetompaog, woh wun- 
-*•* 2. naumunncau koonanakaufuonganalli^kah woh 
quttianumau koufh kefukqut. 

17 Ahqae unnantamoDk nooche peam 
matchehconat naumatuonk , afuh quolhod- 
tumwacnuoc, naoche peyom matta matche- 
neonatqut ulfenat. 

18 Ncwutche wunnamuhkut kittinnon- 
* Luke ntimwoojkcfukkahohkepifli ^Hukkomwc- 
16. 17. moo,qutncqutchohkuniikafuiipcncaiwut. 

tJnnajwaonk matta pifli nukkomwemcD,qut 
wame pifii n nifa. ^ 

I James 19 Wuttianaiiti howan / pohquenuk pa->. lukpcafikwuuinawwaonkjkah nc kuhkoo- 


16. be, 


tomauont wc/kctortpuh,noh pish ufTcweniia 
pcifles ut kefukque kctaltgutamcoonganit , 
qut howan uileit, kah kuhkajlomauont,yeu- 
Qh pi^h uilowenaumafugkeoukut kefukque 

20 Newucchekuttinnonnujmwajjkoonom- 
wayeuonktohneit matta ma>chekc wunnc-. 
gennijicx^gk onk ne conomwayeuonkanoo 
tjcribfog kah Pharifclog, matta pish kuppc- 
tut team woj kefukque ketaflautamcDoonk. 

2 1 KenoDtarr.unncaop ancDWomukup noo- 
adtjR^Nufiichteahkon^ qut howan nufheh- wExO, 
teadt, pish nunnukquoppu en wuJittumoo- 20.159 
onganit. lytnU 

22 Qut kuttinnonnumwGO , wuttinniin 5.17, 
nowan mufquanumont weechaiohjtafcncjDCbe 
pish nunnukquoppu wulfittumouonganit , 
Kah howan unncnt weechaiohjRaka, pish 
nunukquoppu ut mocuenat , qut howan un- 
nont kumnattammagoo, pish nunnukquop- 
pu chepiohkomukque nrjutaut. 

25 Yowiicchepaudtoan kuramagooonk ut 
Altar, kah na mequontaman,, kcmat ne teag 

24 Na ponfh kummagooonk anaquabit A ]- 
tar, kah monchi(l^>ncgonne wunnoDwagk kc- 
mat, kah neitpeyaufhjkah magiHr* kumma- 

25 Teanuk n wunncDwagk pctakkonuk- n Luk^ 

que^n, nc ^n weechautteog, iihkont petuk6- 12. 58, 
kah wiiffittumwaenin kuttiffaninuk aninnoh- 
iuenuut: kah kukkuj^higkihit. • 

26 Wunnamuhkut kuttin/h , matta pish 
kuOTohhamoOjna wutch, afquam dadtchteaan 
nishnoh pafukteag. 

27 Kenpotamunncaopanoowomukupnfto- 

adt, (7 Mamuifekon, # E^o. 

28 Qut kuttinnonnumwoo, howan monc- 20.1/. 
auont mittamwuiiiflbh nanwunoodfquauut , 
mahche mamuffuut wuttahut. 

29 J Kuttinnnnkouneukulkefuktogkuf- fe Mat. 
fittanunukquian, kodtunuih kah pogketafh, 18.8. 
newucche,ncgonnc wunnegen ncqut chippai Mark 
kuhhog woh koDwantcauun, onk wame kuh- 9.47. 
hog matta unnohtcaunat chepiohkomuk. 

90 Kuttinnohkou togkuiiittaffunukqucan 
tummethaih, Kah pogkctaib, newutche ne- 
gonne wunnegen nequt chippai kuhhog woh 
koowanteauun, onk wame kuhhog matta un- 
nohteauunat chepiohkomuk. 

%i Andjwonuh, howan ^ pogkcnont um- j Dett, 
mittarawuflbhaninnumauonch pogkcnittuc 24.1. 
wufl'ukwhonk. Luke 

92 Qut kuttinnonnumwcD, howan pogke- iti. i^, 
nontummitcamwulfoh, qutmacta newutche r Cor,' 
nanwunnoodfquauonk, wuttinheuh mamuf-7.r0.' 
fmneatjkah howan wCtauomont pogkena- <? txo 
mukeh, mamufTu. 20.7.' 

J 3 Wonk kenoDtamunneiop anoowamuk- Levic. 
up nouadt , matta pill-v pawnoawac q kut- ip. 12, 
ehadchekcycuwh, qht pith kmulfen Oodut Deut/ 
" wainej.ii* 

wame kutchdflchckeyeuwaongai}]. tcanittcaonpai, ahquc pubpequarh mono- 

2A Cnit kuttinnonnumwoo ahqnc chad- puhpeg anaquibean : eiantukkeiyeuog hc- 

ch^kcyeuw/gk, afuh matta nalhpe kefuk, ne- yane afehettii peantarawakomukquchtB, kih 

wiitche ne wucappuonk God. laumangquehiu, woh waenomoog ut w61k>- 

"as Afuh matta na(hpcobke, newutchene tompautu, wunnamuhkut kuttinnonnum- 

GodiikqueenannehtuonkutwufTeetut, afuh woo wuttonkquatunkanoD ahtoog. ^ 

niattanalbpe Jerufalem^newatche nc wut- 9 Qut magiDan kiiteamohteanitteaong;- 

otanmiirugkenkerairoot. afli, kummenadche ahque wahteauitchj tdh 

•^ a6 A^^h chadchekeyeuohkort kupP"h- kittinohkou afit. ^ n. 

kukqutj uewauhc woh mokiuuyimooh pa- 4 Onk woh kukkjtteamontcanitteaongafh 

tulc mcyeu tank worn pi aCuh moo i kemeycuoejam, kah kojfli nauquean kcmeti^ 

57 Qutkukkeketookaongaaoopini mux nagum kuionkquatunkpohquaeu. 

nux, mapta, matt^,kahniih noh m.X)cheke 5 Kah paantamaniili, maita pish keyanc- 

r James ^nk yeu{h,wutchpcyaania>matchet. unkqutlueiantukiyeucg: newutctie woman- 

%iii. -3^ KenancDtamunnaop anoowamukup tamw'og peantamunat, nepauhettic peantam- 

r mulUcfuk wuteh mulKefuk, kjih meepit wakomukqut 5 kah nayag taumaugquehtUj 

wutchmeepit. woh wunn.iuouh woliketompaog,wininamun- c 

/Exod. ^g Q^it kuttinnonnumwo), hoiym wofke- ^"^ kattinrionnumwco, wutotiKquatonkanco 

^'•^4« hukquean,ahque> adtumebtau, qut howan ohtoog. 

Levit. anehlohukqueaii kuttinnuhkoeu konnoDnat, , f Qut ken peantamanifb, aulh pootfauut, 

onk onkatuk. t t _. .^ .._.. 1, 


24. 2( 






12. 17. 

2 Cor. 


ti Deu. 


quttukqaaiili vvor 

40 Kah bowan pctuksnukquean moeonga- 
nit'wutcfci neeaiunum^ii kuthogkooo) , nee- 
muni tcli wonk ku nm jL>nak. 
41 How.mcheqafhanukquean webaa pa- 
fuk mile, wee :hau nees. 

42 Howan wehqaetuamkqnean, aninum- 
au ,' noh u, nogkuhkuhanukqiiean^ ahqne 

45 Ken^Dt^munnaopanoDwamukiip, ivo- 
moaus itJ ketatteamongj kah fekeneau kum- 

44 Qut kuttinnonnumwoj, a wor.ona)k 
-. , JsummatwoffiQOoog , wunnanurnok nr.^oh 
^h^^ matchenanumukqueogig : wunnfehtok nag- 
^*P-'^' oh fekcneunkque6gig : y peanta nwanihuk 
nagoh tahnoDchehukqueogigj kah woikhuk- 

45 Onkwoh kenaa'J wnnriecc}ianohka>fl300 
Jkefukqut, newutche yppafpiniaheau wun- 
.nepauzoomohut matcheetowchtu, kah wan- 
ncetowehtu : kah wiiirokancnukauau (amp» 
we uifeaeneuh; kah ma'cca fampwc ufTeS' 

46 Newutche z womonq^ nagoh w«mo- 
nukqueogig. chaugua kutonkquacuukanoo ^ 




kah y^eantanumairh, peantamau kcmcii, kab 
k.Dii I nogquean kemeii^ piih kutonkquatunk 
pohquaeu. " 

7 C^it pcantamogj ahque tahnooche noo- ^ %ctti^ 
wagvJ? noh nompu , netatup pauwauwog, _;|^^ *" 
newutchc wuniiantamwog piOi nuHnootoht ^* ' * 
watch moodieke keketoohkaonk. ■ 

8 Newutcheahquenctatuppewegk naojob^ 
nevv'utche kcx){hoo wahteauun uttlycuih'que- 
nahukqueogilli, aj'iuam newajch peantam- ^^ 

9 Yowutche yen nuppeantamopk : d Noo- </Luko 
fiiun kcfukqut; quttianatamunadi kcDW^fu- ji^^V 
cnk. ■ "'■• - -■' 

10 Peyiiumooutch kukketafTootamoonk, 
kuttenantanvoonk ne n nach ohkeit heajie 

ii Nummectfuonfafh afekcrukokUh af* 
famaiincan yeuyeukffukod. "'j 

12 Kah ahqaoncan'iailnncan nummatcheCe- 
ongafli^ neane raatchenehukqueagig nutah- ' 

quontamounnonog. ' 

15 Ahque fagkompagunaiinnean en qutch- 
huaonganitf webe pohquohwullinnean wutch 
matchitut. Newutche kutahtaun keraifoDta- 


. ^ - -1 • n^^onkj kah menuhkeiuonkj kah ibhfumodnk ; 

runnummatta niukkrx)kinnuaciiuog ne wut- , "^iclicine. Amen. /J Mark 

tatuppeuOeneau? ! ^4 Newutche^ ahquoantamauog woOic- ^• 

47 Woraoaufaonloulnumauwodt npnt tompaog matcnenehukqueogig, kojlh keiuk- 
kemato^. uUiyeu c;i wunafgeii kutuiTeong- qut piil^ wonk kutahquontumunkou. 

-" '" - ^ 15 Qut matta ahquoantamauoco^ wo)KC- 

tompaog matdienehal<queogig> neit m^tta 
pifhkouihwoD kutahquoautamukou kummat- 
cheeneheaonganooarii. ■ 

16 Kah matta metrcogi^-i 5 ahque yane- 
ungquilegk ciantukkeiit mienonkquHinneat 
tiewutche ppnuwunnf un, quiuog, Woh wof- 
Hqucteao[:>k ulfenat kukkitteampntea- ketompaog wunnauouh matta meetfein,wun- 
nitteaon2aft^ana:Juabhetlit w ;iiLetom- namulkot kuttinnonnuaiwoo wutonkqua- 
pang, woh kepauqu:g, irkont ma ta, kilt- tunkanoo obtoog. ■■ 

.? Ttom. onkquatnnkwcD kefukqiu ka^fl (p. 17 Qi?^ ^'^^ me-tfeani/lijfaUnaunuai kup- 

13.8. 2 YowutwhefRagQi?$aJh 4,kuk.kUt5ia.i)onv, putkukkahk'a;.cquaih. o ^ h 

anoo, funnun.patta netatuppe uiieo^ mulc- 

48 Ne.vut'h^ pannuppe wunncetook ne- 
ane kaulhou kelukqat pannuppe wunneetuk. 

C H A P. VI. 


- ^,^„«ux...v,>w w uiuL Lam oorJK ^ r> a 

"Vr7;;'r;'^"'' ""'""r uu i ^ r, ^-i^rtuniog, pi(hka>rufnirteaneau , kah rnLV* 

rnr^/^^°r?\''"'".^L^^°^'^"'^'^^','7^- "^^^^ ^ qiutuhhanooiik quadhamog.piih ^^o^' 
rutche kuikefuk pohkag , wame kahhog kukqutwhutteaneau wonk. r^ , 

4 Aluhtoh woh kuttin kemat >3 nuta- 
maunumun papiiii kuOiefukqut, kah kulieh 
'"entug nehcnvvonche kuikerukqut. 

5 KuteiantLikciyeu, ncgonne pogketa/h 
matug nehenvvon^c kuikelukqut, kah neiE 
piinpajikekenaumuib papiiiai kuppogketa- 

''Ahque vfiuttamanMAmodkjnuHaohkit Matthew. chHkhmh^^tahamook.peantamik, 

i8 Onk wphmohkeaaugao woiketompa- natinnthamunaoalli, newutchekooihooke- 
og mat m^eiein, webe ka>ih;> uttiyeu kemcu, fukqut oowahteoun yeuflj wame quenahiik- 
kjii kuo(l) iittoli nogquean ktmeu;, pilh kiu- qutiniaafh. 

oiikquacunk pohqujeu. 35 Out negonnenatiimehamook wutafToo- 

19 An^ue uc WudchanumoDk kenompa ' tarnaonkGodj kah wulfamwoequanu.-naonk 
kouun a>oa/h yen mutcaohker, uttiyeu papo- ; kati wame yculh pish kukkojtinnunumon' 
qutta,Tijkkihogkonkqaaganeuk;kah uttoh teanaoafii. 

komm.jocowaenuog pohqucibeiehettirj kah | 54 Yowutche ahque wuffaume wuttama 
kommoucowag. I naum<x»k faup,newucche laup wuttamanar 

cLuke. \^ ^^ ponamook kenaau mohtonaie tamoooo vvattaiheafti, wamut pafuk kefuk 
j2. -2. ^ kenoiiipakouunooafh kefukqat, uttoh : ne machuk wuhhoa. ^ 

iTiin '^^'^^oadt anitncDk afah papoquodtamoo- I CHAP. VII J Luke. 

^ befein^kahkoaimoDto. I /1l rumltteamwoo. ??; r 

2fNewucche uttiyeu kenompakouohtag 2 Newutehe uttoh wuffictamoonk 

na kuctah wonk ohteau-. ...,n-.^._ _ .^ .. ^ . "» 

11.34. «rut 

numwohteau wequai. /" ^ ^ 5 Kah cToh wuTch'iTauman papifTai kemat 6 ^^ 

nnJu,^"'^'^'^^"'-'^^^^ "^^u^ ^^^°? wu^^^^ukqut.qutmatkenatwSntammahtug^'^' 

numwohteau pohkcnai, yowutche kcuwe- nehenwonche kuikefukqut. 

quaouiTi no apetunkquean ^ pohkenag, coh ' Ar.,L.„i , ,. ^. 

unnukkukqueu milllnepohkenai. 
^Luke. 24 Wanne woh howan g necfadchanoou 
1^.13. wulTontiiiiowioh, newutehe afuhpalukoo le- 

keneauau , kah womonau onkatogke : afuh 

Pilukac) weetomm. onkatoge ummifhona- ^'i^i panKekenaumun, Papi 

Bumoh: woh mo kootmnmncumuhkauoh kuh- munat kemt wu-kefukqut 

f-^vliint^'^r''*- . r ^ Ah^^e^ninnumauanumwo-^nefephau. 

. r , ^ lovvutche kuttinnonnumwoo ahque luonganuook, ahaue unnohteaejc kenomn:. 

«,Luke. wuiFaurne h wuttamanatamook kukketeaonk- kouunaih anaquabh^tdt pS 

12. 22. ana,, rhauguas woh mechu6g,aruh chauguas ta/hkukkomunioa/h ut a^^we wuff^^^^^^ 

22. *ii>og, lunnummatta kete.ionk miij^id dtiU- kouwoog. ^Mat. 

■ V^.^n!f'.nX>''''''^ ' ^^^ ^"^"^2 oaK h.g- 7 WehquetumoDk, ^kah pi.h kittinum- 2I. 22. 

26 MAk ;r tr r I u , r t "ip^tcaneau, natinnehamo^k, kah pi/h kum- Mar.ii 

nrwmrh. ..f. M ^ mamatchekefukqut, mnk.amnne.u, chohchuakqattahhamcjok 24. ^uk 

ncwu.che,mttaohketcaouog;.a(uh Kcpenum- kali piih koDwolhwunnumonteaneaq. n- 9- 

In? 'nnrh\^l ?"rT°^ weatjhimuine 9 Newutehe niih noh paluk wehquetug ]oh:i6i 

alb, onch koufho) kefukqut wutaiFaNaoh na- wufattumunumun : noh natinnehog um- 24.JarK 

17 Ho^,"' "'^ l^"taneuhkauoo.g > mnkomin : kah chohchunkquttahhog pifh i-^- 

17 Howa.i ..enaau wuttamanatogonchek- woihweemo. & r «* 

2s'Kah toht^"h'^"' ifliquonogkot. 9 Afuh uttlyeuoh wolketomp wunnee- 

28 liah tohvvuich wuflaume kjotamana- chanoh wek4U;.tumunkanir oetnkaimne^ 
IZT. .^Skoowongafh , natwontamcok ^"n woh wuamnuruoh h iun > ^^^^ ^^ 
peamionad^couohkomukqut, tch adtane- ^ 10 Afuh wehquetuLnS namohfoh , 

29 Qutlcurtinnonnumwoa, Solomonwa- ^^^"og wune^enafh m^^^^^ '''^• 
me wowunhogk.x.unaonk mat'ta m6 wuuon- at ken'eecJ^^anT^ a^uT IS^:S'kS^ 
hogkamnnauii nctatup yeulh. qut, wunnefrpn./K '"^'^"^,'5^ ^'^J" Keiuk- 

ao YowutcheGodyVu hogquonont mof- "-'orS^v^efqiSunlqut^li^V""'"- . Lrt. 

an>c funnunmatta m<i.cheke pish kutho.l »oj., uSU nanuk^nl ' woiketomp- 

chauguas wo" n uth , .kumlST "" ' iT^v""' ^''' ™°''^°g "^ "ppetukoneau. 

' poman 


Wckitt€ainH&^ (jnjfukpanit Chap. 8« 

mtJkehaH vfutcheksi 


pomantamimat,Hah ogguhfuog na malkomun- 

15 Kah wabefuonook pannoDwaequolbod- 
tumwaenuog , uttiyeug pauhonukqueogig 
fhepibh hogkuuog, qut aiiomut moomuohwe- 
yaufae natookiuog. 

16 Nalhpe ummeechummuonganioaHi pHh 
koowahuoog, iun ^ mauunneauog wenomin- 
neslh ut alinnekdulIchtUjafuh figfaih ut kog- 

17 Netatup, nilhnoh wiinnegen matugad- 
taiincgen wunncgenaih meechuramuongalh, 
qut matchit matug adtannegen matchetoa/h 

18 Wuiinegen matug matta woh mattum- 
meechumunHO), kah matchet matug matta 
woh wunnurameechumunnooe 

19 Niflh noh h matug matta wunnummee- 

20 yowutchepifh koDwaheaoSog nafiipe 

21 Matta nilh noh pafuk noh anukau i 
Lord.Lordjpi/h petutteatiwutafctamooong- 

jamesr. anit keiukqut, qut noh afdt wuttenamtamo- 

23. onk noDfij kefukqut. 

22 Monaogpiihtiuttmukquognekefakok 
Lord Lordj futinummatta nukkuhkoofomuh- 
teaumunnonus ut kcDwefuonganitj kah fun- 
num matta nufifohwhunnomunndnus mattan= 
mttGoog ut kooweCuonganit, kah nutiiffa. 
munnonusmonaiaih monchanatamwe ana- 
kaufuongaih ur koowefuonganit ? 
2 ^ Kah neit pi(h nutt'mnoog nag, \ matta 

h Mat3. 


5 Rom, 

k Luke, 

aio. koDWahunnomwo), /aumaeihtaegkanakaufe- 
ogiih matchefeonk. 
mLnke ^^ Y'owat^he wuttinnaiin howan y'eufb 
^*47. * ^^^^^g'^'.nuttinnoDwaongaih, kah ulfeit ni- 
*^7' (hog, piih nutogqunneunkq«eh waantam- 
weinnuut adtanniKitteadt quifukquanit. 

25 Kah pcyaumouuk fokanon, kah tomog- 
Kon^kah milhetafhin^ kah wutayeuwuttamin- 
neau wetu, kah matta penufbano, uewutche 
uttannehteaufu quiTukquanit. 

26 Kah nilh noh nootog, yeuflinuttinnoo- 
waongafh, kah matta uffelt nifiiog, ogqun- 
neunkquffu mattammagqut j adtanikteadt 

27 Kah peyaumoouk fokanon, kah tomog- 
, kon, kah milhetahfliik^kah wutayeuvvuttam- 

inneau ne wetu, kah penulhau^kah milB up 
« Mark Penu'l^aonk. 

1.22 ^'^ Kahteanukn nih Jefusi wohkukqno- 

Liike4. ^'^^f^^"^y^"^^^wuttinn(X;waongani3?f raiff- 
■"T* finninHUogummonchanatamunneau ukkuh- 
^ ' kootomuhteaonk. , 

29 NewutchekuhkcDtOmauont ogqunne- 
tJnkquTupiahqutturawenuutjkah matta og- 
qunneunkqulTn Scribfog. 


NOOklt wonk watch wadchuut, mona- 
og meoSiequofliaog wutafukauouh. 

2 Kah kufTeh a wachcquit uppcyau6nuh 
I kah wowuffumoh, kah nojw^u. Lord unuaii- a Maris 

lammoan woh kuppahkhe. i . 40. 

5 Kah Jefas iummagunum wunnutcheg , tukc.5% 

Kah ummulTunoh Kah naawaujnutteaaniam- 12« 

un pahkeilh ^ kah teanuk wachequu pahk- 

I 4 Kah Jefus wuttinuh, ahque us howan , 

qut mondni/h macitau iephaufuacnuogj kah 
I magilh ummagouonk ne anukqueog b Mofes^ ^ Lev* 

newutche wauwonuh nahog. ^4»4« 

5 Kah petutteadi c Kapernaum^kenomp- eLwke 
pafuk pcyauonuii wunnanompuiiuinoh. 7. la 

6 KahiioowauLord> nutcinneura icepfin 
utnekit nanunkqfu^ moichcke onkuppunitu 

7 Kah Jefus wuttinuh piih nanuppaam kah 

8 Keiiompafuk wunnarapoohamauoh noo- 
wau. Lord matta nuttapenummoD kuppeyo-* 
nat nekic, qut webe ketuDkalh kott'joonk^ 
kah pith nuttinneum netlkefu. 

9 Newutche nen wolk^tomp agwu nanaa- 
nuwaog, Ml ayeuteaog nutagwappehtunk^ 
kah yeuoh nutHri monchilh, kah monaiu^on- 
katog peyauil],^h peyau, nuttin nuttianeu- 
muu u iiiih, kah wututfen. 

^ 10 NtDtog Jefds, monchanatam, kah wut- 
tinuh nahoh afuHonkqutchC;, wunnamuhkuC 
kuttinnonnumv^QO, afquam nummiikomoob 
wunnamptamoQonk yeu nukkukqun ^ matU 
ut Ifrael. 

11 Kahkuttinnonnumwo), m.onaog pi/|j 
peyauog wutch wutchepoau, kah wutcnek- 
iuaujkahpilh weetappemaog Abrahamoh kafi 
Ifaakoh kah Jdkoboh kefukque tahfoutam- 

12 c^uE wunnechaneunk watalTootamoo^ 
OHgaeic, pi(h fohwhohkonog en mutiae poh« 
kenaiyeuut, naut piih mauonk, kah nunnuk« 

r 5 Kah Jefus Vv?uttinuh kenompafukooun- 
itche J monchilh, kah neane wuanamptam= 
an ne kittinhettean 5 kah wuttinneumoh 

14 d Kah Jefus p.etutteadt Peter wekft «Marig 
naau uramittamwufTohokafoh feepfm wefoh- 5-29' 

fliau. ^^^^ ^' 

1$ Kah u?nmi^fannumoh wannutciieg, kah 5S» 
wefohihaoak wunnakonuh^ kahomohkit^kah 

16 e WanonkoQookpaudtauwaogmonaoh ^ Mark 
appetunkqunutcheh mattannittoh, kah na- i»52o 
gum fohwoheeau mattsniiittcoh nafhpe wut- Luke 4. 
tinnov/aonk^kak wuiineetikeheah wame mat- 4o» 

17 Woh n nib ne aaoowop quolhodtum- 
waen Ifayas iioowau f wunemunumuHafh na- /I fay 
gum nunnoochumwefuonganivionafh, kah5?-4. 
waapunnum!Unonalh i Peto2 

18 Kah Jefus nauontraonaog quinnuppu, 24. 
wuttinuh, ogkomut ontuh. 

iL) Kah g pafuk Scribe uppeyauonuh^ kali^Lyke 
B wu£-^57« 

Matthew. HdHfinkjiHJfa. Matthew ponaskehmcn 

oh, fepfin obpinneat: kah Jefus nag oonamp- 
Nuttaioom vvunaampcah kummatchefeong- 
anaih kutahquontamonteanafh, 

9 fCah kulTeh navvhutche Scribfog noowa- 
og uc wutcifinomiyeumoDdut, Yeuoh hUC- 
phemau. , 

4 Kah Jefus wahteunk wuttenantamooomff- 
anooafe, wiutinuh, tohwutch matchenan- 
tamaok ut kutahhooout? 

5 Uctiyeu anukumok ncx)w6nat kummat- 
djcfeongafh kurahquontamonteanaihj afuh 
noDwonar, orckifh 5c pomufliau/h > 

6 Qut woh kcDwahteauuneau woncetomp 
wunnaumonuh wutahtaun menuhkefuonk 
ahquontamunat matchefeonganalh , ut oh- 
kit, neit unnau nanunkiulinutchch, Omkiih* 
tahibJnilh kutappin, kah aulh kekit. 

7 Kah omohku kah monchu en we'kJt. 

8 Qiit mcDchequOiachcg namohettit , 
monchanatamwog^ iohfummooounoog God- 
uh, newutche yeu menuhkefuonk atiinnum- 
auan woi"ketompuh. 

9 Kah h Jefus na wagk, naau v^ofXetom- b Mark 
puh uIToweiu Matthew, appu attumunam- 2 r^ 
unat ompeteaonk, kah wuttinuh afuhkafa , Luke^o 
kahnepauwutafukauoh. ^-^ ^ 

10 Onk n nihJe'Uismetnt ut wetuomut, 
kufrehmonaogPubllkanog, kah matchefea- 
enuogpeyjuoguto^wetapemouh , kahuk- 

1 1 Kah Pharii>fog namohettit , unnaog 
ukkodnetuhtae'nuoh, tohwutch kuflbncim- 
o.u wcepumontPublikanog kah matchefea- 
enuog > 

1 2 Qut yeu nootog Jcfus,wuttinuk nabob, 
ncg mat mahchinacheg wanne quenahukooog 
ponailiehtuaenuh, webe matchinacheg. 

1 5 Qut monchek kodnetuht. u^juk uttoh 
anaqwuttafnoomoDuk, nukkodtant^ra c kit- c Hofea 
teamonteanikon;,kah wanne fephaufuongalh: 6. 6. 
newutche matta noDche peyoh wekomonat Mat.12 
fampweuOearnuog qut d matchefeaenuog 7- 
en aiuilioiantamunat. ^ diTim 

i4Neit uppeyauonuh ukkodnetuhtacneu- 1-15. 
moh John, noowaog, e tohwutch m t met- e Marfe 
'a^^yontuYex^XS^n^t'Tu"^'^^^^ ' pog nenawun kahPharifefognohnompu^qut 2.18. 

SniXkon/u '^ ^ah qutauwu/hauog , kukkodnetuhtaeneumog ma?ta matmetfeog. Luke 5. 

r' K h nrp'n.n..n» V. ^ I ',^ ^'^''' ^uttumh nahoh , nunkompaog 33- 

^uoiofjTLllu^^^^^^ wuffemooog I weilentamunneat fun woh moog weifentoi 

me?k h ut'toh X^^^ qut piii. kefukod- 

^tJ anheuapehtunkqutmattan-^ taih peynurrnoam wuffentamwoenin pi(h a- 

wut'muh nuflbncimom, kutafukaufli utt6h 

20 Kah Jefus wuttinuh, wonkquinfTo? o- 
woaogkuog, kahpfukfefuk mamahchekcfuk- 
qut wodfhiyeuog , que woOtttomp wunnau- 
monuh matta ahtooa ut toh poonua: uppuh- 
kuk. " 

21 Kah onkatuk ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh 
wutt'nahjLord negonnc ami pofekinuonti 
n»[h. ^ 

22 Qut Jefus wuttinuh, afuhkah, kah 
nuppaoog pofckinahettich wunnuppoumoo- 

23 Kah petutteadt kuhtconogqut^ukkod- 
, "etuhtaeneumoh wutafukauouh. 
* Mark 24^ h Kah kuffeh , milheta'ifbin kehtah- 
I'V'o f ^""^^5 ^a^ -vunoh^ukkoirunncau tuhkoDcg 
♦-UKeb. kuhta)n';g,qutnagum kouweu. 
53» 2y Kahukkfidnctuhteaneumoh uppeyau- 

unouh.wuitoukinouh, wuttincuh^Lord wad- 
chaninean nukquttuhftaumun. 

26 Kph wuttinuh nahog tohwutch wabc- 
leog, woi k n<iau ogguhiin koDnampta.noo- 
onkanoOjUeitomohkeuamLkomau r iQ^-ctah- 
"iinneoh, kah keitoh j kah na mo miiliauvre- 

27 Qut woOietompaog mon^ianatamwog 
noowaogbowan woiketomp yeuohj newut'- 
che waha iog kah ketahhanog wunncx)fweh- 

8 Mark 28 i Onkpaonto|kofTiu«-3peHU9hkomuk- 
VuLq *^^f Gergefenfog, nciuog mattannit apehtau- 
LUReS. on heh nogikououh fohha-nw-chcttic wut^i 

weenohket, a'Khe nuftquetuog, onk matta 
woh how.n uooaurauih^uonnenooqueu. 

^9 Kah ku Teh wuttauatonkquJuog noD- 
wrogrohK?tfinhenrmmun Jefus wunnauno- 
n'hG'.?/ lun knppeyam kutawakompun- 
pali iPariL.nut kolhkommeu. 

I? ^^^ n^adcit, pigfog monaog natup- 

i^r Neit mattannittaoo^ wunnanampafTu- 
mouh,ncuwa^, iohwohkaufcog, ontunko- 

22 K-ihwutiinuh monchek, kah fohharr- 
wehettit: petutteaog pigfehtu, Uh kuffeh, 
wameherd p?gtogwomjinneanittuoc penuk 


24 Kah kufTeh wame wutoDtanieop fohham- 
wog nogkuiTtau^og Jefu? , kah ntuahcttit, 
wJnanampafumouh woh fohwchtam'Jn wut- 

KC H A P. IX. 
Ah petutteau kuLitiDnogqut, qufiikod- 
, , ^<^*"Jj ka'i peyau nchcnwonche wutou- 

«-•'*<? :;• tanac. 

\^.\ 2 a Kah kuiTch uppaudrau6uhraiJukqulTu- 


n^aunumaHOnauh, kah neit pilh niat metfeog. 

16 M^tia woh howan upponum.x>h wuike 
kodchuhkoi mo-naknukkonhc gka^nut, ne- 
wutrhe uttoh na ponamuk kuppohtaumuk 
(honogkinnumoomoujkah moocheke matcheh- 

17 Afuh matta woiVtompaog pon:,m6og 
wulku wine nukkoni/bquadt, iHikont pok- 
Ihaog nukkoni/hquonk. kah wine mahtuhchu- 
OH; kah wiibku.ik matthbeocg qut ponaT^- 


wogwuiTic wine wulliilhquadt, kah ncefwe 36 Qat ^naoont' moocbcyuolhaoh kit- 
wadchanbog. | tcamontcanumoh^newutchc lauuiiumoog kah it Mark 

f Mark ^^ ^ ^t\xil^ aanontjkufTch pycau nananua- ' naawiycuog / neiatupc Ihcplbg wannc wun- 6*. 24. 

'<.22. ^'""> oowowuirumoh, nouwau , nuttauncs : anawunnuwoBieog.* /Num. 

^ul^g'g, kuttummaimppa;,qutpeyaulhjkahponam-| *- "'"'^ ' " * . .- - 


^ -. .- ,57 Neit wuttinuh ukkodnetuhtaeneum- 27. 17. 

aukcnutcheganaihjkahpiihketcau. I oh, /;> wunnamuhkui rniflumunnucju , qut mLukt 

1 9 Onk Jclus ncpau kah wutafukauoh^kah ogguhfuog kcpenukeg. 10.2. 
ukkodflctuhtacneumoh. §8 Newutche nanampaflTumook kufToii- 

20 Kah kulieh roittamwoflis qudiinaufu timomo) mahfuminneat woh annoonau an^- 
iiaboneclckodtumwaeu, uppufquanitafuk- , kaufuaenuh en ummiflbminneaonganit. 

auoh J onk ummuflinnumauoh wuchogkoo CHAP. X. 

uhquaeu. ^ 

21 Newutche noDwau ut wuttah,ut woh 
niuiiinnumon webe wuthogkoo, piih nukkc- 

22 Qut Jefus ukqainnuppehtauoh , kah 
nauoncjwuttiiiuhjnuttaunes, wekontafti , 
koonamptamcDonk kaKketahhuk, kah neit 
wadchiL mittamwoflis ketcau. 

23 Kah Jelus paont nanaanuwaen wekit , 
Kah naiaont l^ahpequanitcheh, kah milTinnin- 
nuog wuttauatonkqufluog. 

24 Wuttinuh nahoh qufiTogukkompauook, 
newutche nunkiquau matta nuppQO> qut ko- 
wcu, kah wutaiiarehtauouh. 

25 Kah aurnaehetdt milfinninniiog , pe- 
tutteau,kah wulTagkunitchauuhj kah nunk- 
fquau tcokfiiau. 

II. 14* 

KAh (t wckomont nabo neroounutcheh /iMark 
ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh wuttinnuinau- 5.15. 
on iiienuhkefuonk ayeuuhkonittue nijkke- Luke 9., 
ncungqiie naihauanitLQDh wufifohwohkonad- i, 
ont , kah netikehconat wame eninneaong- 
anog, kah wame mahchenaongsfii. 

2 Kah ODwefuongandoalh nabo iieCoout- 
cheg Apoftl.fog yeufhj negonne Siraon aflb- 
wel'u Peter, kah Andrew wematoh , James 
wunnaumonuh Zebidee, kah John wem?.toh. 

3 Philip, kah BirihoIoraeU; Thomas, kah 
Matthew noh Publican, James wunnaumon- 
uh Alphcus kah Lebbeus wutohtdeu wefu- 
onk 1 haddeus. 

4 Simon uk-Kananite,kah Judas likariot 
nohwonk oonainjL.>m9h, 

5 Yeuhoh nabo neefoaoh Jefus anoonon- 

26 Kah wunnufittongquot monchemop cheh,kahwutinuh nahoh ,kah"noDwau,ahque 
wameneohkit. oBgq urhraaycuout gentilfog, kah ahque pe- 

27 Kah Jefus monchitnawutcb, nefaog tutteonk pafuk wutootatiaout Samaritan- 
pogkenumwompaog, wutafukauduh, mauog iog. 

kah naowaog, keii wunnaumouuh David 6 Qut i> teaoggu ongq wanhetcheg fhep= h k^% 
kitteamonteanuminnean. fogut wekit Ifrael. 15,46c 

2S Kah paont wetuomut, pogkenumwae- 7 Kah ne aduogk, kukkootamwehleagk, 
Rwog uppeyauunouh , kah Jefus v/uttinuh ncDwagk, c kefukque ketalfootamoonk paf- c Luke 
rahoh, fi n kijanamptamwoD woh yen nutuf- 1 wohteau. io«9» 

fen,wutLin6uhnairioh, nuxL9rd. 8 NetHteheuk mahchtnacheg, pabkheuk 

29 Neit ummuirmumauoh wuikefukouoo- 1 mchequtchcg omohkinuk nup^ fohwhote- 

a(h, kah noowau , neyaunag koonamptafnoo- 
©ngano) ne nehitteagk. 

20 Kah wuikelukooafli wofiiwemoatb: kah 
Jefus ummenuhke unnoh, howan wahteau- 

91 Qut monchehettit wuttinaunchimun- 
neau wacenomaonk wame ne ohkit. 

agk mattannittooog , nanowe kutattumun- 
uiHumwoD, nanouwe magoDk. 

p Quoihaeitamcuk d gold , afuh filver, d Luke 
afuh brafs kuppetunkarnoodnt. 9.3. & 

ro Mat peiUnkutkuppomufl-.aorganoDo- 22.35« 
ut, neefiiaihiogkoohteogk matta moxinafh, 
matta aawobhouunaih; neimtche e anakau- e Mark 
52 gSohhamohetcit kulTehjUppaudtauouh \ luaentuTrnhhouau ummetfuonk. 6.^. 

mat kaketooohjwutapehtauohmattanmt. { n /Kah teag otan afuh otane'm petutte- Luke 
33 Kah fohwhohteamuk raattannit, mat- I aog, natootomuhteagk howan tapenuK, kah 10.7. 
kaketoDg keketookau, kah mcuchequlhacheg j ne apegk naun kummonchenadut. i Tina. 

moncliaaatamwog^noowaog afqnoh toh nut 

tit naumoDunan n nib ut Ifrael. 
^C^ap« 34 qut Pharifefog nouwaog, fc fohwobte- 
12.24.aU mattsnnittoh nafbpe piah^uitucnwe' 
Ivlark mattannirta)h. 

5.22. 35 Kah z Jefus papaumulhau wane ODti- 
Luke nahtukahoutanemelehtu, kuhk.x>tomweh- 
11.1$. teau ut wuiryna?,oglumriia>6uCj kuhkcutom- 
i Markuhkon wunaunchcmookae keraOToO'tamGonk , j 
6.6. kah netikehteunk wame machinaongafh , kah 
Luke wuttamepunnaongalh kenugke iriAinni*- 
i^. 22. natu* 

12 Kah petucteaogirh weLUjWonkumok. 5.i«. 

13 Kah tapeaurnoomouuk wetu, kajnoh-/Luke 
teaongsiiioo nukkuhkomaomooutchsqut mat- 10.8. 
ta tapenumcomuriaag , koonohteaonganoo 
omponchemcDutch ut kuhhogkaout. 

r4Kahgwuttinnaiin howan matta attum- g Mark 
uniikouog 5 afuh matta n^-wtamweherteg 6.1 1. 
kakkuttoorvonganooarn," amaeitaTiog yeu , 
wetU; ^fub ne ocan h papauohteagk papilli h k^% 
kuTcetcDWout. i3'5^'^ 

15 Wunnaxuhkut kuttinnnnnumwco pifl^ 

aneke^eyeuQO-wutohtuSodomitfogjkah Go- 

B 2 cicrritfog 

KnJfekerjknkumwomfketowpAog^ Matthew* *iohmafkpgukketeml^ocypm^^^ 

morritfog^ut wafTItcuaiwDe kefukodtutjonk 

ncir :vj otc.n. 
i Luke 1 6 KalVeh kutannGOniirriWoo onatuh fliepf- 
1^-3. 03 eii i]6eu rnukqao/Jjiiriivohta 5 yovvutchc 

wa.i'itima-konaiuh aikookcg, vvoiiiehawah- 

tcjjk onatiih v.'u-.k'ihwhananaog. 

17 (;^ut vvabtiuon^Dk woiketompaog, ne- 
wutchj pilli kuppetukkonukcooog rnoeong- 

.i a:-urii , kah pi&h kuirafamatahljukouoog ut 

18 Kan pish kuppafoDteaumwooanaquab- 
liettit nan 'anuw^enuog kah ketairjjtamweh- 
tu nevvutche nen,wutche wauwaonaonganco 
nig, kah Gcntilbg. 

^Mark 19 /^Qut petukonukqueog , ahqne nat- 
13, II. wontamJOk toh5aruh chauguoh aicow 63. 
Luke 20 Newutche matta kuifcinneau kenaau, 

12. rr. qut wuunaflvuiaaittoomch kaJiliQU noh zAl 

ketookont kuhhogkaout. 
/Luke 2r Kah / wematm piOi ponau wematofi 
21.16, nuppunnat, kah wutooftimau wunneechau- 

o!i kah wuiinechaneunoog pish waapdita- 

6og oochetiionganouutj kah pish watayiiiiau- 

6uh nufnutuonk. 
22 Kah pish kulTekeneunkumy^GO v;ame 

wojk.etompaog newutche najwefuonk , 
wlVlar. 73 cheqrmehtog no pajek vvohkukquoa^init 

pish wadchanau. 

2? Qur kodcinnanukqueos yeuut otanat, 
.puhhcowagk onkatoganit, newutche wun- 
narnubkut kiittinnonnumwoo 3 matta pish 
pannuppe kukqua^kodttaumwi) wutotana- 
out Ifraei, no pajeh uppeyonat wunnau- 
monuh wolketomp. 

24 n Kodneruhtuaen matta anuhkauoou 
wiillontjmomuh ; afuh WLittinneumun matta 


n Luke 

Toh^r *^'-"i^"i'fn"-'raun ; aiun WLittinii 
J '^'^3 aneiikouoou wufrontimomuh. 

25 Wannit kodtuhtaenin wutogqnene- 

unkqu hne.'tnoh kuhkootomauont, kah wut- 

tirjP'^uiiun ogqueneunkqudinneat wufTon- 

tjmooic: uTowenahettit Sontim newetuo- 

mut Beelzebub , uttoh pish ne moocheke 

• Mark ^uttifloweno leau wekitapinitcheh. 

4.22. 26 Yowutche ahqiie nag quHneuk, ne- 

LukeS. ^."J^*^e niojeag puttagvvh6fino0h, ne mat 

^ pishwofliwobtanoog, mat teag attohtofinoh 

J2 2 "^ mat pish wahteo^xjmuk. 

27 Uttoh anunn6gut pohkenahtu,nenoo- 
wagk ut wequaiyeuut : kah uttoh nnata^ioe: 
kckemwodtuonk, ne kuhkoutomwehteaok ut 
^.Lukc ^^°'*^^<^^"^*'o^"iukqiiehru. "^ 

12.4. ^^u^^^/' a"qucqufhcuknag,nul]]oncheg 
m"hhogkuh,qut matta wa^MinumoPig nuflion 
ketcahogkou : qut teaogku quHie-ik noh 
tapcriuk na neefwe ketea- 
hogkou kah muhhog ut chepiohkomukqut. 

29 Sunnu -nmatta yean6adteofr pfukfeme- 
log ncfuog nccHioniog. k^h .vatta pish or. 

V-s'* r^^n ^^ ^ kHmmcefunk ut kuppuhkuk- 
37. W. 31 YowLUchc, abquc^wAbcfek , i^can^ad- 

Jmwoo monaog pfukremefog. 

32 Yovvutchewuttinnaiinhowan r fara- v luka 
pi^aohtneaut anaquabhettitwoOietompa- 12 8 
eg, pilh wonk nuflampojwaon uc anaquab*'t 
noolh kefukqut, 

3 J Qut wuttinnaiin howan /kohkonoo- nvT^rt 
waofit ut anaquabhc^ttit woiketompaog,onk -'q ' J* 
nanuk nukkohkonooivav7ii ut anaquabit na-ih fAV 
Kefukqu!:, ? 

24 Ahque t unnantamajk niippeam sn- f r- 
noocamuaat wunnahteaonk ohkeit , matta , \^^* 
nuppeohann(jotamunatwunnohteaonk3 qu«- r u 
togkodteg. " ^ - / LUKe 

3, Newutche nuppeam ponumunat pe- ^^'5i» 
nuAnittuonk wolketorrp, « ayeuuhkonitue „ M^r 
(Dllioh.^vvutraunin ayeuul,konittue okaf-h , ^^ 
wuihimm ayeuuhkonnirtue warenumonche. " 

36 Kah nelienwonclie wekit apenitcheh 

37 J^ Noh womonont oufhoh.aruh okafoh, 
moocheke onk nen.matta nutcapemjkou: bh vt nt^ 
noh womonont wunnaumoniih sHih wuttau- - ^ 06 
"^ Q ^J^'^^ onk nen, matta nurtapenukou. " 

38 Kah noh ^ matta attumunum(X)f> up- 
pumetthineum.kahalukiegk, matu nu t ta- « rh.n 
penukou. ^ i-nap. 

39 N^I^^malkoguketeaonkpishoDwan- n.L^t 
teoun, kah noh wanteimk ukketeaonk ne- T^^^' 
wutchc nenj pish ummiikomun. ij' t 

40 Noh a actumunukqueog, nntattum- g 2/" 
unuk,k.h nohattumunukqueh.attumunau fV'u^ 
anounnkqueaneh. ^ J^^^ 

41 Noh attumunont quoHiodtumwaenuh ^r'tV 
ut ODwefuonganit quoibodtumvvaen . pish ,^^c 
attumunum wutonkquatunk quoihodcSm- Tnhn 
vvaen: noh attumutiont wunnomwaeneuh ut "J^ o«. 
eovveiuonganit wunnomwaen^pish attumun- ^* 
urn wutonkquatURk wunnomvvaen. 

42 WuttlnniJn howan i? wuttattamwa- 

heont webe ioiikipog yeuh pafuk^ooh peilif- vy^.^u 
finutcheh,ut cowefuonganit kodnetuhtae^ ^T/'*^ 
nm, wunnamuhkut kuttinnonnumwo) pish^"^ 
matta wanehteaou wutonkquatunk. 

OC H A P. XI. 
Nknnihmahtoowadt Jefus kenoonont 
ukKodnetuhtaeneumoh nabo neefcu- 
unuicheh;, na oomun, nonchekuhkootomuh- 
teau kah kogkohkooau ot^nahtu. 

2 Kah ^ John kuppimagkinnuakomuk- a Luke 
qut. ncutog wutanakaufuonganafh Chrift, n r8 
aiioonau neefuoh ukkodnetuhtaeneumolij. ^ 

3 Wuttmnouh nahoh, fun ken n ^h woh 
paont,ahih nuppaheomun onkatuk > 

kk'^ Kah Jelus nampoham, wuttinuh'nahoh, 
Monchek wonk, John unnok yeuihah naura- 
ogilh, kahnootamogifli. 

$ b Pohkenumog naumog,n(i>chumwe(it- b Ifar 
chegwonkpomu/haog,wachequtchegneet. oc 6 ' 
rkefuog, kogkobfohcheg nootamwog wonk, ^' 
napokuppannegomohkcog wnnk^kah c wun- c Ifal 
aunchemyokaoqk kuhkoutomauon matche- 61,1 
"°St ' 6K;ah " 




6 Kail conanumau wuttinnaiin howan matta 
pish togkufiittartunin-uroneg. 

7 Aumaehettit, Jefus kutspwoohkouau 
monanutclieh papaume John, teauguis ke- 
nonche naumumwous en touohkorauk, pa- 
paumuniihtam vvaban wekinafq .? 

8 Qucceaguas kenaunche naumumwous? 
v/ofketomp wunhogkoounneau ? kudehj neg 
wanhogk(X)unacheg ayeuog tahfcDtamuk- 

9 c;^ut teauguas kenaunche naumumwous ? 
quofliodtumvvaen > nuxj kuttinnonnumwoo, 
moocheke onk quorhodtumwaen. 

lo Newiitche yeuoh wafukkuhwhdGt, 
kufleb, d luitancDn nutanncoteamweninne- 
um anaquabean , noh pish nanalhwehtam- 
unkquean kummay ut anaquabean. 

1 1 Wunnamuhkut kuttinnonnum woojkoo- 
wutche nag nekif-heg ut mittamwoifiifut, 
matta waapeub aneuukkenoomont John kut- 
ctienTumwaeneuh, qut noh peiilidit utwuc- 
aflfajtamooonganit kefukqut, noh wutaneuh- 

12 e Onk na wutch ukkefukkodtumafli 
I6.i6. John kutcheffumwaen, yen pajeh, kefukque 

rahfootamojnk chekee unnehteauun , kah 
cheke'e unnehteunkig wutchekee nemun- 

13 Newutche wame quofhodtumwaenu- 
cg, kah naumatuonk quoihaemiirohbamwog 
nopajehjohn ut. 

14 Kah tohiieit pishattiimunumogjyeuoh 
/Mai. /Elias noh woh paomp 

5.1. 15 Noh wohtauogkut noitaj. 

g Luke 16 g Qut uttoh woh nutogquontamun 

7.31. 5'f u pometuonk ? ogqueneunkquodtmukkiit 

aphtttit kodtauworapafinneat, kah wehkora- 

ahettit weetodhetticheh. 

17 Kah nQowaog,kuppubpequan(binumun, 
qut matta kuppumukaumwoo, kummauun- 
nitteaunlbinumun, kah matta kummauoom- 

18 Newutche John paont matta rneetfn 
afuh wuttattamoD, kah ncDwaog mattannit- 
tooh apehtunk. 

'19 Woiketomp wnnnaumonuh paont, 
metfu kah wuttattam, kah noowaog, kufieh, 
wufTaumepcDh , kah wekfippamwenin , kah 
wetompauoh publikanog kah matchefeaenu- 
og, qut waantamoonk iampweogquanoraau 
nall^pe wunneechanuh. 
h Luke 20 h Neit kutche aulhkontam otanafh, 
1,0. 13. uttoh adt mcxjchekemiihanakaiifitj newut- 
che mat aiuikoiantamoog. 

21 Miili pish kut®nkupunaumwoo Chora- 
2m kah miill pish kutonkap.unaumwoo Beth- 
faida, newutchmifbanakaufaonganafl:!, nish 
afemukifil vjt kuhhogkat, afemukiiTi ut Tyre 
Scab Sidon, woh aiuikoiantamopanneg noadt, 
mathogkGOunnaonganit;,kah pukquekontu. 

22 Qut kuttinnonnumWQO, pish anekS- 
eyeuQO Tyre kah Sidon^ ut wuUittuaiwae 

kcfukodtut 3 onk neit kenaau. 

23 Kah ken Kapernaum , ken tahaiinln- 
uriiuk kefukqut, pish kuppenu(ham en che- 
piohkomukqut, newutche , mid^anakaufu- 
onganaa^ nish afemukiih ut kuhhogkal, uf- 
femukilh ut Sodom, woh pumohteau ytu pa-^ 
jehyeu kefukok. 

24 Out kuitinnonnumwcD, pish anekoe- 
yeuo) i"yre kah Sid^.n ut wuliittumwae ke- 
fukodiutj onk neit kenaau. 

25 Nauti aquompak, Jefus nampoobam ^Luke 
kahnoowau, kuttabuttaniamoufl-i woi ncjjfh 10. 2i« 
ketaicjut kefukqut kah obkeit, newutche 

yeufh kutatahtauunafh wutche waantamwog 
kah nupwooa (^ut nish kajwahteauwahhe- 
onaoafb muklcie'iog. 

26 NenajnoDlh, newutche yeu kuttape- 

27 l^ Noofn nuttinnumuk wamejkah wanne ^^John 
howan waheauoD wunnaumonainneuh, webe 3.35. 
wutaofhimaa ? kah / wanne howan wahe- /John 
au'X) wutoo(hinneuh 5 qut wunnaumonain, 6.46. 
onk noh wunnaumonain woh noh kuhkooto- 

28 Peyaaufegk wame fauunumogifli, kah 
tohkekoDwaanaogifi) 3 kah kuttianumanum* 
woo anw6hn6onk. 

29 Nesiunnumobk n^owe'anun, kah kod- 
netontauofegk wutchnen, newutche num- 
mantinis kah hobpooae nuttah5 m kah pish w Jer» 
kummidiominneau anwohfinoonk kukketea- 6.i6. 

30 « Newutche nifekumefu neyoakumj n John 
kah nunkon nooweanun. 5.3, 

C H A P. Xlli 

NEIT aquompak Jefus afooiidiau ohtea- 
konit a Sabbath dayeu, kah okkod- a Detr, 
nctuhtaeneumoh kodtHppoooh 3 kahkitche 23.25, 
pohrunkquenamwog-miiFunkquamineaih kah Mark 
meechunat. 223, 

2 Qut nawmohettit PharifeffigjWuttinouh Luke 6» 
kufiTehjkukkodnetuhtaeneumog wuttuffeneau i, 
uttoh woh mo afeumuk Sabbath dayeu. 

3 Qut wuttimih nahohj funnum matta 
kutogketamomwjxjus b toh afeup David, ^ ! Sam 
kodtupwudrjDa^um kah neh weechugkup- 21.^, 
oh ? 

4 Uttoh petutteau wekit God, kah mee- 
choapkuhkinneafue petukqimniink, uttoh - 
woh mat wane meechoog, kah neh weechog- 
qutcheh, c qut webe Tephaufue'nuog. cExo,^ 

5 Afuhfunnummatta kutogketamomwoo- 29.32, 
us d ut naumatuonganitjrephaiifuenuog up- 33. 
pohqunnumunneau Sabbath- day ut I'emple- Levit. 
ut 3 kah matta wutche aufkommoun- 8.31.^ 
neau. 24.9,. 

6 Qut kuttinnonnumwQO^ yen ut ayeu- t/Num. 
onganit, yeuoh pafuk anne muiiugken onk 28.9. 
Temple. e HoH 

7 Out wahteauogis utroh anauwuttamoo- 6.6, 
mooug, yeu, nukkod ahtoh «• monanittuonk-Ghapo 
kali matta Jephaufuonk, matta woh kuppa- 9.130. 

B 3' kcd- 


kodchlmomwrju matta kefukfiadtamoDg. i 26 Satan fohwohteadt Satanoh, chad- 
8 Newut6he woiketomp wunnaumonuh ' chapehtauau wuhhogkuh, neit utt^h woh en 
Sontirtoouutfabboth-dayea. 1 n^patteaii watiafTootamoonk ? 

/Mark 9 Kuh/na wagk, petutceau wufTynagog- 1 27 K^h n/=n rMhmU^Uf^^«« «,^#-*-«-:.4.^. 

^ . . . _ _ 27 Kah nen fohwhohteaon mattannittoo- 

;.f. umcuout. osn^ftpeBeebebubjnaihpehowanrohwoh- 

Lukeo. 10 Ka.Tku (Teh na mo woiketomp wunnut- | teahetticlieh keneechanoDocg , Yowutche 
chcg renofhkoi5kah nag wunnatootomauouh , nag pish koofittumwacneumcDot^. 
wutcinnouh, fu;i wuunegen neetikchuwon | 28 Qut fohwhohteaon m?ttannittooog 
iibbath dayeu.^ woh ukkodtalhpunnand- ■ naihpenaihauanittaomoh God, neitwutta^ 
'^"^"V L . , . r rr ^ M^^^nioonK God kuppcyauunukqunncau. 

n Kah wutcinuh nahoh , Howae woike- 29 Afuh toh woh wuttin petukon menuh- 
tprrpkenugkekenaaunequtadchanontlhep- ! koihkctomp wekit > kah iratchchtinrieat 
lohjkahpet.'honitogqunat fabbath-dayeu, ummaumachiaft, kutt^mma ncgonne toh- 
luii woh mat wuttohqunoh^kah wuflohwhun- togkuppinont mcnuhkoa^ketompuh, kah neit 
^n^ vvohummatcheteauimwek. 

12 Toh nukukque woiketomp wutaneuh- 30 Noh matta wetomeg, nuppenuanumuk, 
SVK'hda^r "^"^ ' kali noh matta weeche mukkinnemeg, feah- 

^un?,f^lfinrJ."'''' t wolketompuh, fumma- ( . 31 Vowutche kuttinnonnumwoo, k wame l Mark 
enL m^lr "''*^'^' kah wulTumogkunumun : eiyane matchefeonk, kah blafphemaonk pish ^ 28 
T. M?rS.^''v?^°?^'J"^- I . ahquontamauon^oafh woiketompaog . qut ?*lV 

14 NeitPharilciogrohhanwog, kah we- I ayeuubkonittue blafphemaonk wunnetupa- \T,r. 
l^'j^^^'^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^Z^^^^oh wohaia natamweNafl.auanit,mattapishahquontam- \\oL 
■ulheahcttjt. , auoneau wofketompaog. '^ ^ * J5*«« 

15 QutKuswahteunk^wutadcharahtaa- , 32 Kah wuttiniinhowan ayeunhkonittue ^ 
oh nawutchjkahmonaogwutafukauouh.kah kenconont wuMnaumonuh wojlcetonp, pish 
wunneakeheuh wame. ahquontamauon.qutwuttinni/nhowan w^u^- 

16 Itah ummeechurauhkomih matta OD- . neiupanatamwe Na/Iiauanittoh ayeuubko- 

li^oT"""*"!: ♦. u cr. S^^^^^^^^^"^"°nf^«^2ttapi,hahquontanaS- 

17 Onk ne woh nnih uttoh anoowop Efai- ■ on, aiuh yeu ut muttaotket aiuh muttaohke 
as quoihodtumwaen, noowau, paaumoDug. niuLwunKe 

18 g Nok nuttinneum noh pepenaogkup, | $9 Afuh aylmook mehtugq wunneo-en,kah 


^^rnonogj noh nukketeahogkou 
ahhukquoh , nupponamau nunnafhar.aiit- 
toomohjkah pish wahteauwahuau wuifittum- 
©onk Geiitillbh. 

If Yeuoh matta pish nufhqaeku, afuh 
mauj afuh pish matta howan nootamcD 00- 
wadtauatonkqufTuonk ut taumaogquohtu. 

20 Matta pish pokauanumaD fonkkut- 
cnohkomwe wekinafq, kah matta pish oh- 
tabattauou qudlfohtae ha(habpog n6 pajeh 
anaonont ounttamauonganuh en fohkohfm- 

21 Kah Gentilfog pish paubuhtantamwog 
ut oowcfuonganit. 

ft Luke 22 /^ Neituppaudtaa6uhpa(uk(D appeh- 
if. 14. tunkquoh mattanitt>juh,pogkcnnumwoh,kah 
mo kaketoDoh kah wunnetikeheuh, kah pog- 
kenuk kah kakittoog, kutt(ju kah naum. 

23 Kah wame miiiinninnuog rheplhaog, 
kah nouwaog, funnummatta yeiioh wunnau- 
monuh David. 
,-Chap. 24 i Qut tiootam6hettit Pharifcfog noo- 
9.34. waog, mat fohwhohte?u(u mattannittaoh, 
qutnafljpe Beelzebub Sontimoeraattannit- 

25 K^hJtTus Qowahteou wMttenantamx- 

onpouoallb kali uutiinuh nahoh, nilhnoh 
P.iluk ketjniOt^m6onk,chippei.tauont wuh- 
iK-gkuh, niUliyeuwchcaii, kah niihnoh pafuk 
otan, aiuh wctuchadcl.apehtoadtit, matt* 

; ummechumu euonk wannegen, afuh ayimook 
anit metugq kah ummechiummeuonk anit, 

I newutche metugq wahteauun nafiipu umme- 

1 chummruonk. 

j 3^- Woi kenaau nppometuonkanoo fifTe- 

' quaog, toh woh kuttin wunneneau, matchee- 
tooeg / newutche muttoon kuttoomoo na /Luke 
wutcfi mataaneuk metahut. 6.45, 

35 Wunncetou fohwuttau wunnegenaOi 
wutcfi wunne metahhaowae nompakouunit : 
kah matchetou fohwuttau machukilh wutSi 

36 Qut kutti.nnonnumwoo, wolketompa- 
pg pish wutch nish noh pafr.k cahnoohe 
kuttoowonk nag nauwaheitit, wunnompa?- 
unurawog ut wuilittumwie keiuuudtur. " 

:|7 Newutche nail^pe kukkutULwongaOi 
pish kulljmpweogquanumir,kl. nafl pekuk- 
kuttouwongafh pish kupprkoddii.-nit. 

38 m Neit raw urviiScribefog kah Phari- mChzp 
id'Z wunnamp,, hamauouh, notwaog nuf- 16. r. 
fonvimomun nukk d naumumun kukkinnea- Luke 
fuonkjMTUtcfie ken. 11.29, 

39 Qut nampooham wuttinuh nahohjmat- i Cor. 
cJiefeongane, kah mamutTenongane pometu- 1.22. 
oiik natmnehamwog kukkinnt. fuonk , qut 
mcttta pish kukkinneafuouk aninnumauo jg, 

webe kukkinneafuongane quofhodtuniwaen 
Jonas. n Jonae 

4® n Newutche neyane Jonas appeup i.i?- 

wlhks^iUHip'e fiapmtik^ 


q Luke 

wunnogkuHit potab IhukkeTukqnaeu , kah 
Ihwinalh nukkonaihjnetatuppe wunnauriaon- 
»h wofketoinp pish ayeu wuttahhutohkit, 
* (hukkcfukquueUjkah Ihwinalh nukonafh. 

41 Millinninnuog Nineve, pish omohkeog 

oofittumooonganit ayeuuhkonittue yeu po- 

rr.ctuonk, kah pish uppakodtottimunneau, 

Jona. onewutchejonaskuhkootomuhteadtjaiunioi- 

3.5. aiuamwo?, kah kuifeh, anukkenoomont Jo- 

nafoh yeu wuttappen. 

41 |» Sowane ionkfqpish omohku wulfit- 
tumooonganit, ayeuuhkonittue yeu pometu- 
onk, kah pish uppakodratimun , newutche 
oomupaongkouohkomukj noutamunat oovva- 
antamoonk Solomon, kah kufleh, aneuukke- 
noomont Solomonoh yeu. 
' 45 ^ Nilhkeneungquenafhauonkfohweta- 
ont woiketompoh, pomu/hviu nunnobohtea- 
ouut, natinnehamun annoifmoonkjqut mat- 
ta umn:iail?.omooun. 

44 Neit noDwau, nukqufhkeu en neekit 
nawamup, kah na paont, namcbteau moh- 
chi, chekbdfu, kah wunnehteaufu. 

45 Neit monchukah weechauau nefaufuk 
tahfuoh onkatogane matche nalhauonguh, 
moocheke matchetinitcheh onk nagum, kah 
petutteaounouh, kah na vvuttaiinneau : rkah 
maumajifli wuttinnaiyeuonk yeu wofketompj 
moocheke matcheetoj onk ne onniup weike : 
yeu wonk pish n nih yeu matchetawe pome- 

- . 4^ ^(l^pame keketookauont milllnnln- 
J Mars neuhj/kufifeh.okalohjkah weematoh neepau- 
?-3i' oh poquadchitj kodtantanjwog ukkenounon- 
Luke naout. 

47 Neit pafuk wuttinuh , kuffeh kookas 
kah kematogpoquadchit nepauog kodtan- 
tamwog keHOonukqunnaout. 

48 Qut nampvjuham , kah wuttinuh neh 
anukqutcheh 3 howan nokas, kah howanig 

49 Kah fumma^unum wunnutcheg nog- 
queu ukkodnehtuntaeneumit, kah ncDwau, 
Kuhkinneok nokas k h neematog. 

50 Newutche wuttlnnHn howan uffeit 
wuttenantamoonk noofli kefukqntj yeuoh 
neematj kah nummiflis kah nokas. I 


Chap. 1 3 . v^mkamemmeaffi ohketeauHftaPi 

$1 10, 
2 Pet. 



NE kefukod, Jefus wutch fohham we- 
tuoraut, a kahappukiilikeketahhan- 

2 Kah mataaniatcheh maiaehtunk , neit 
petutteaukuhtoonogqut, kah nummatrap- 
pu, kah mamulTe mataanukeg neepocg kuh 

3 Kah wuttinuh monakifh ut kuhki n-a- 
h Luke ruongane'htu, kahnoowau, b kuffeh ohkeh 
8.5. teaenin fohhjim ohteuhkonat. 

4 Kah ahketeadc , nawhutch pemifhiaih 
kithke mayut, ia'i ouppinlhaO- g V-y^c^g um- 
mahchepunnea' 3.I1. 

'5 Nawhutch V^^S^^^iii^^^^^i quffukqua- 

nehtUj uttoh adt mitta mafhohkeenook, kah 
tcanuk fonkenalb, newutche matta kuppog- 
Ihinnooh ohke. 

6 Qut nepauz pafhpilhont, kunkohtcad- 
teaih, kah newutche matchaog wadchabuk- 
inoalh uhpuupohtaath. 

7 Qut nawutch pogkufllnnealh afinnekA- 
uflehtu, kah afinnck6uabg fontuog,kah wun- 

8 Que onkatoganifli pogkuflinneafli wun- 
ohktit , kah mecchummuouafli, nawhutche 
nequtpafukooe tahlhit tahfheg 5 nawhutche 
nequita tahfhinchag tahlhit tiblhegcn, na- 
whutche ihwinchag tahlhit tahfhegen. 

9 Nob wohtauogket noutaj. 

10 Onkkodnetuhtae'nuog peyauog, kah 
wuttinouh, tohwutch nag unnadt ogquene- 

11 Nampoohain, kah wuttinuh nahoh, ne- 
wutche kittinnumonteaneau wahteauunat 
kemeijjhkiih ketaTootamoonk kefukqut, qut 
nnatta nag aniflnumauounneau. c Chap. 

12 c Newutche howan ahtunk, n nob pifli 25. 2g« 
aninnumauon, kah pift un:imcDC];ekohtaun , 

qut howan matta ahtauogjiieohtunk, nepilh 

13 Yeuwaj unnog ogqueneunkqufTuong- 
afl-i^newutche nag naumohettitjmatta naum- 
oog, k?-h nootamwehettit, matta noDtamo)- 
ogjonk matta wahtamoog. 

14 Onk nag ut pohflianennih ukquofliac «^ irai. 
mKrohhamoonk Ifayas, ne noowau, c^Nafhpe 6.9. 
nootamoonk kenootaminiwooj ka^ matta pish Mark 
koowohtamoomwQD,& naumog piQ^ kenaum- 4' 1 2 , 
woo, k h rratta pisli koDwahteauuneau. Luke 

15 Newutche wuttahhoowoafh yeug 
ilnninnuog kogkuhpogkekinalh^kah wehtau- John 
ogkooooalh auwakonche noDtamcjomooaflij & 12. 40, 
fuhpigquie'og, ifhkont tohuttoDche woh Ac^s 
naumwog naihpe wufkefukooooafh;, kah woh 28. 26* 
wutch noDtamwog ut wuttahhoowout , kah Rom, 
woh quinnuppinoog, kah woh nunaetlke- 11. 8» 

1 5 Q^it wunnanatamunafli kuHtefukoooo- 
afli, newutche naumaoma/aO^kah kehtauog- 

17 Newutche wunnamuhkut kutiinnun- 
nu.TiWvii e monaog quoihodtumwaenuog ^ fLukg 
kah wunnomwaenuog kodtantamwog nau- 10.24* 
mun, yenih naumogifli, qut matta wunnau- 
moonaoaflv onk ncjotamun ycafb notamogifli^ 

qut m.^tta wunncotamouun '.oalh. 

18 Yowutche rxOLtamook tatuppeneonk- 

19 Howan nootog ketaif(X)tnmoe wurtin- 
nowaonk, kah matta w.^uhtamog, jieit pey 12 
matcheetuk,k' h wunnafl^pihan ne ohketeau- 
mukiip ut wuttahhut , yeuoh atiumunuk 
wutkannemunalli ut kiihke maynt. 

20 Qut noh attumuniik >vulkannem , ut 
quTukqu^nehtu yeuoh no'i nootog kwttco- 
wonk^ kah teanuk wekontamwe atciin unuk. 

21 Cjit 

^nom^ak^u ohteHhhjanli 

Tarefa(h k^HUgkenanfuajh vcheat Matthew. 

21 Out matta ahtoou wadchabuk ut wuh- 95 Onk woh n nih uttoh anaowadt quofh- 

ho2kat wcbe ob^uir.- ohreau, newutche wut- odcuoiwaea , noowau,^ pilh noowolhwunura j pfji^ 

taminepunneaamuk, afuii kodcianeanittim- niutojn ut ogqueneunkqutluonganit, num- ^g^j, 

uknewutchcwuctiaaowaoak, ceanuk tog- miihamuHaih kemeu wadchanamukiih, nx 

ku Iittafrun wutch weike kuccnufik mutcaok. 

iaNohwonkattumiinukwalkannemafin. , 56 Neit Jefus moncheaheuhmorianutcheh 

nek6u feluu, yeuoh noh n^wtog kuttoDonk ; kahpetiuteau wetuomut, kati uKkodnetuh- 

kahninaintamoQonkyeuutmiitcaohket^kah tanumoh uppeyauonuKquoh, uoowaog, wah- 

afaokekodteamoDe weenleetuonk impwolh- teauwahiimeati tarete ogqueneunkqulluonJs 

kodtau6.ncDkutt<»onk;ka'i aiattamechuoi- ohceakomt. . ui * ^«. 

gy 37 Kah wuttinuh nahoh, noh anketeadt 

25 Qut noh attu.Tiutiuk wuikannem ut wunnegen wuikaiinem, yeuh wunnaumonuh 

wunne ohkit , noh noatoi; kuttoaonk , kah ^^^'^f ^,?^P- , , , , v 

waatog,tiohwonkmechumeuit, nawhutch 3^ Kah ohteuk yeu muttaok, kah wim- 

nequtparukoyetahlhegen, nawhutchnequt- negen- wuikannem, wunnaumonuh Ketafifoa- 

ta tahlhinchag tahlLegen, nawhutch awin- tamoonk, qut cardalh wunnaumonuh mat- 

chag tahlhegen. cheiuK. u, • , 

24 OnkatukogqueneunkquOuonkwuttin- , 39 Kah matwau ohketea;eh, mattanmr, 

ub.kahnoowau, tahfootamoonk kefukqut , kah /^ kepenumvvahettuonk wohkukquo- , ^^^ 

-' ^ ^ ' ' iteadt wun- mikmuaaolij kahkepenumwaenuog Angel- ^Jy* 

ogqneneUkquffu woiketomp ahketead 
negenafh wuiTiannemiinealh wutohteakonit. 


2$ Qut kaehettit woOietompaogjUmmat- .4o Yowutche neyane tardafh raukkinum- 


womoh peyauoh, k^h ohkehteau tarefaih^ke- uk kafi chikohiumuk ut nootaut, oak ne "^ ^ 

nugke wheatut, kah monchu. piAi " "^-^ woh^ukquolhlk yeu muttaok. 

26 Out vvutchegon fonkukjonk dtannegen 4^ WoiKecomp wunnau.nonun piih anai- 
meechum, neit tarefafh wonk nogquodtaih. nau wucangclfunaoh, kah piih mukkinaog wa- 

27 Neit wuttinneuttioh piuhquttuk wetu f^ togku.iittairummaagifb, wutch ukt.etaf- 
peyaog, kah wuttinouh, Sir, fun nummatta lootamooonganii:, kah neg .Tiatcheieche|;. 
^- ' ' ■ " - 42 Kah pilh wuttinonkonauh miihinnoo- 

tautj na pith ut mauonk kah nunnijkkuttcu- 

43 / Neit wunnomwauTeaenuog pid^i woh- .y^ 
fumvvog onatuh nepauz, wutahfoocamooong- * *^^^"'* 
anit kouinoojhowan wohtauogkit wunoQtam- ^^'3' 
t-nac njDt.J. . 

4 4 Onk keiukq ue tahfcxitamoonk ogquene- 
unkquudt nompaKuuuiiit adcahtomuk ohcea- 
kuairjHeiV.tikccomp mafkog, wutahtahtau- 
uii; kah w^Roniug, ni3n,hu Kah magou wa- 

kutohketcaumus wukann-munealh wunne- 
gcnafh kutohtcaitonit ? neit uttoh wutcheg- 
en tarefalb. 

28 Kah wuttinuh nahoh j Matwau yeu 
wutu{fen,kah wuttinneumoh wutriiodh Sun 
kukkodtantamun woh nummon hemun , 

29 Qutnuwau, .natta, ilhiont pohqun- 
6m6g tarcfalh , kuppohqubdchaubukinun- 
umwoo whcata(h kcDchu. 

9"^ Nefwe nekij y6 pajeh ke/fenu'Tiwoahet- 
tinfieat : onk kcpenumwoahettimuk , pifn mene adtanihadchauiadt,kah odtoau ncoh 
nuttin kepenumwog, negonne-nukkinumx-k teuk. 

tarefafh. kah • hikohCumunat, qut 45 Wonk kefukque ketalfootamoonk og- 
mukkinnumook whe.itaninc'iikit. quencunkquodt andquihienj nacinneuhhug 

31 OnkatukogqueneunkquTuonk wuttin- ' Vi^unnegcnaih nompakoiiunallh. 

/Mark uh nanob, kah noow.:u,/ kefukque ketafToo- 4^ Noh namehteunk pafuk nompakou 
4.30. tam(Donk cgqueneunkquodt wuikannein "^iflioadtu, monchu kah magou wame ue ad- 
Luke mu'tard, ne woiketomp neemunug^ wutoh- ^ahlhadchafuadt^Kah watuphomun. 
13. 19. ke'kon ut wutohteakonit. 1 47 Wonk kefukque ketailoutamoonk og- 

32 Ncwunnamuhkut peamefik^onkwame queneunkquodt halhabp anohtcamuk keh- 
wuikanncmunafh ; qut ncKuk, n.* anue moh- t^^^bannit.puttabwhaunil-hnoh namagou. 
fag kenugke moikebiuaQi, kah meti:gLa)OL) , I 4^ Naumwamechumit, ukkuhponouh^kah 
onk woli pfukf luk maiiah -hekefukqdt pe- nummatappu , mukkinau waiinnegcnutcheh 
yaog, onk wuh appuDC» wuttuhqunit. ' n^ancjotaut, qwt matchelinutchca v.ppogke- 

33 Onkatug gt lupireonkquflfuonk wut- 1 "ii^^* 
^' " "' ' ' • '^ ■ - /- . , . 49 Nepilh nnih wohkukquofbik mutta- 

iwog, kah pi(h 
wutch kenugke 

I Luke 

13. 20, ti/iuh nahoh, ^kefukque t.inGDtamoonk og , . ^ 

qiicncoikiaTu ^eog nemirtamwoilis nemu- 1 ohke, AngeUbg pifli fohhamwog, kah pi(h 
'ounkquodtaunj)khikni(hwinnoo' chippinaog matchecoowoh 

nun kah mounkqu 

tiogkod, n5 pajeh ma - uffefeanit 

^_,... .„ wurmeetowehtu. 

i»Mark 34 Jcfus^ wuttinn6na(l"i yeuQi wame mo- 1 5 o Onk pifh wuttinohkonauh milhe noo- 
4«33' nafiutcheh ogaueneunkquffuongalh , kah ^^ut, na phh mauoiik kahnunnukkiitcuham- 
matta mehd^u ukkcnoonuh qut ogqucneunk- 1 o^ouk. 
qulFuOiik. I 5 Jf Jefus Uah wuttinuh , Sun ycufli ko£»- 


fepis noh Cdrpentet Chap. I4» 

wahtatnunnaoilb wame ? wuttin6uh , mix , 


52 Ncit wuttinuh nahoh> yowutche nilh 
noh notitompcantog pafcodcUe RuhkuDCom. 
auudt wutcbe keiukque Ketadiutamoonk , 
©gqueneunkquuu wojKecompaut 
tog, uttiyeu paudtunk wuLch wannompa- 

BtrodnufhaH John 

ii Kah uppuhkuk paudtaun uc wunnonk- 
anit^anitiiiuirauon nunkiquau, Kati uppaud- 

IX K.ah ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh pcyauoli 
kati nemuanumau munuo^huib kah poiekin- 
au ; kab m^^ncheog kaii wutcinnoneau Jei'us- 


Luke 4, 

kouunit/w li^daiaihkalinukoanehiaih. ' i 13 ^ Jefas noutog, na oothamiJn nalhpe f Mare 

SaOakiiniti^JeiidSmahchenvDwadtyeulh kuhtujH^g, au tuaonkomukqat nudu , kah e).§2. 

olLeneunkqa.iuong'.ih ni oumua. njocammoneaic miilmninnuog, wuiaiukau. Luke9c 

%± Kah^paont nehenwonche wutohkit oua metuiluuuuihauog wutcH otanahtu. 10, 
ukkuhkojtomauob nalioh ut wullynagogrum- > J4- Kah Jetus iohhog naaa monaiiutcheh 
ooouckah monchana amwo?, kah n^jowaog nah ukkiLteamoatcannumoh nahoh,kaU netU 
uttoh wutahtauun yeu waancamoonk , Kah kcheau ummahchenaumGouh. , 

yeulhmilhanakauluongam? I i5 Kan / wanonkoiouk ukkodnetuhtae- />^ni. 

T N« 55 «Sunnummatta ycuh wunnauitionuh neuinoh pevaonuk wutumnouh, yeu touoh- &. -S 
n John Carpenter .? runnummata ohkaioh hennonc- komuk, kah tadiheau, moncheah monacheg Mar^ 
*'*'*'^* unufiMary^ kah weechaioh James kahjofes, woh auog otaiumetehtu, atttooiiat meecn- o.|3* 
kah Simon kab Judas? I ^f"- , r u 

56 Kah uminiilefoh funnummatta kuk- 16 Qut Jcitis wutt.nuh nahog, ahque 
kinukulho»kooun6aog?uttiyeu yeuoh woikc-= ' mond.euettichj anmnumok metlu^nK. 
tomp ahtauua yeuOioh wa^ne? I 17 K-^h wuatmouh webe nucahtaiiua na^ 

57 Kah wuttogkufTittairumoDunoiih, qut I panua tanfhmuih pctukqunnurskaiuu^j Kati 
Jelus wuttinuh nahoh quoihodtumwaen n€iuo> aamohljg. 

«)Mark ^ttaquenahikou quttianittaonk, qut ut | 18 K:hnai^aapaudtiegknegkog. 
^.4- ' nchenvvonchewutohket, kahut nejcnwon- 19 Ka : unnau monmuvaisn? nummatap- 
Luke4. chewekit, I pek .noikehtuehtu, kah nemuau.ti napanna= 

24. 58 Kahmatta uffu monattHi miShanakau- tahlhinaih petukqunnunganaih kah aeiuoh 

John 4, fuoneaihnaut newutche uppannoowohtara* . namoiiioh, kah afpuhquait kefukqut ooaa- 

/. ' ^ * n^r^rr^im If ok KMi uV-hn iiti nnmntl.kah WQttHl'= 

44» bonganoo. 


N£it a ahquo npak Herod Tetrach wun - 
nootamun waeenomaonk J^fus. 
9-U« 2 ifah unnau wuttinneumohj yeuoh lohn 
Luk. 9. kutcheirummuwaeninjoroohkeuwutch nup- 
7« puntiat, kah yowutche mifhanakaufuongafli 

nogquodtafh ut wuhbogkat. 
^ b Newutche Herod wuttohqunaupuh 
I Luke john,wuttattagkupnHopuh,kihukkup(hag- 
3-'9 kinopuh, newutche Herodiasj weematte 
Phillip ummitramwuiroh. 
4 Newutche- John wuttinuh c matta woh 
cl'^y'^t Ji(x,ne U rmittamwuflen. 
x%, 16. ^ ^jjh kodtinneanout, qu(hau monanut- 
and 20. c^eh, d newutche unnantamwog noh quoili- 
*]L' odtumwaen. 

nCr^p. 5 Qut Herod tohuttou8ie neekisnanaeih- 
jil» 2P. teo"nuk,Herodi.\s wuttaunoh pomugk66h ut 
nah anaquabenit, kah oofeketeaheuh Herod- 

7 Yowutche u^quofhaumoh nalhpe chad- 
rhckeyeuwaonkj wuttlnnumoub uttoh teag 
' 8 Kahohkalbhukkakuhkoctomungkupoh: 

ncv'wau yeuaninnuirah uppu; kuk Johnkut- 
chciTummuaenin ut wunnonkatiit. 

9 jfCshketaroot ahcheneu^ntanijqut ne- 
wutche wutchadrhekeyeuvyaonk, kah neh 
webtappemakqutcheb, ancoteamo aninnuui- 

10 OnkanoDteamokah tummigquohw6u 
John ut kupjJKhagfeiflnuakoaiukqut. 

natamun, kah wuirohquanumun,kali wuttin- 
numa »nukkoda-'tilntaeneumoh,kah kodne- 
tuhtaenuog wuttintiumauoneau monaau£<= 
cheh. , , 

20 Onk wame metfuog, kah wamepooo^s^ 
kah nemutmumwog lequtteaonganaJh aili« 
qutteamugiih nabo ncfinnuttogkodtam. 

21 Kah neg meditcfteg papaume nappamiJi 
ta' (hit mettnnunkanog kulfuog chapiiBt- 
cheg mittamwoiBirogj kah mukKiogo 

22 Kah teanok Jelus wutchetimoh 12k- 
kodnetuhtaeiiumoh en KuhtcBnogqut, kab 
negonuhkauonat en ogkomutj que naguni 
raonanutcheh moncheaheau. 

23 Kah g moncheaheoat monanutctieh ^^^gj-fe 
ogquodchuaujenwadchiiut nuifu peantarn- | ^5^ 
unatj kah h wanonkooouk na wutiaiinnuf- ^'joha 

i'u. » 1. . u 6 l^f 

24 Qut kuttcoiiog yeiiyeu noeu kehtah- 
hannlt uppopomanuhtamunneau tuiikcuog 
newutche pannu wuttin. 

25 Onkyauut a(kuhwheteaonganuut, Je- 
fus nah wutauonuh , pomulhau kehtahhan- 

26 Kah ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh nogqut 
pomuihau ketah'^aanit, wuttamantamv^og 
noDWaog, noh mattarAait^ kah wabefiie fiiilh- 
ontcowaog. . 

2j Qutteariukjelds ukkinnoDiiuh, wut- 
taoanatamoDk, nen, ahque wabefek. 

28 Kah perer wunnampooham'uoh, T^ah 
n.X)wau,Lord, tohneit kenuweau ufTch p^- 
yaufch et wciUeche nippekoiltu. 
^ G 29B:a& 


Titcrpomnf^afi mppeif MattheW# ns fohhm^QnmHk^mHUoonk 

29 Ka.i noovvau peyaudijkah Peter nookk 
wutch kuhcajiiogqut, pomufhau woftteche 
nippelioutu, wuttoVjar Jefu'i ut. 

30 Qut naont v/abanoh miiliontcDoh, wJ- 
belUj kah nojche quttauit , raau nouwau 
pohquohhunneh Lord. 

31 Onk jefus teanukrummaguniim wun- 
nutcheg, kah wuttohqunohj wuttinuh, woi 
peaiin kijonamptatnooonk, tohv/utch chan- 

%2 Kah petutteahettit kuhta>nogqut^ wa- 

35 Neic nag kuhtconogqut apltcheg peya- 
og kah vvowulfuniouh^ njjvvaog, wuana.nuh- 
Isat ken wunnaumonuh God. 

1 Mark 34 Onk i quoihkodteahettit, peyaog Ge- 
«»n* n?i3ret. 

g5 Kahna ut mirtinnlnuog v/aheahettlt, 

?.ncoteaiTi{X)og quin'mppe ne ohkit kah up. 

pauduoiih wame mahc}lenanutct"!eh. 

36 Kah wunnanaraipaifumouh vvch webe 
urnmiiiunnumaoh uhqiiait wuthogkcounit, 
kah wame mafunutcheh pannuppu neetiliehe- 

C H H P, XV, 

e Mark 

NEit Scribfog,^ kahPharifefogayippan- 
neg Jerufaiein Peyauuiinauog Jeius, 

1 Tohwutch kukkodnetuhta^neumog 
pohquenumohettic ukkuhkoDtorawehteaon- 
ganooafl.-^ kutche raidinninnuog, nevvutche 
matra knifenitchanaog metfehettit. 

3 Qut wunnampGuhamauoh, kah ?/uttinuh 

•tohwut h kenaau vvonk pohquenuraog wut- 

tinn.jjv^aonk God naihpe kukkuhkaotam- 

Ws-^hteao iganoooalh 

h Exo, 4 Ne.vutchs G^d unrioov/au & quttianum 

20. 12. k(JL>lh Sc kokas ;kahnohcmatchenanamont 

Deut. oufhoh afah ohkafoh^ nupkch ut mippcuong- 

5.16. anit. 

e Exo. 5 CiU kuttinno warn woo, wuttinnlin ho- 
:zi.i7. wanunnont'jDlhoh afuhohkafoh, ne <i ma- 
Lc'vit. gaon.^J nafhpe uttiyeu, wadchiean naflipe 
20.9. nen. 

Prov. 6 MaftaquttianiimunkcDnioh, kah ohki- 
20. 20. iob, matta ..latchefu ^ yeukukkuhkootom- 
<i Mark ^nteaongmoooafh ayimooooafh matta toh 

7. ri> hen tupanatamoou-n ^^' 

12, God. 

7 Kenaau e?antukeiog,wunnamuhkut E- 
fiiyas quoihae miirohhamup papaume kenaau 

ir^Ne pechetr^Qoug mutta)nut3 matta 
matcnhuK'O^un woraeton-.p, qut ne fohharooy- 
rrouk wutch muttx^nut, yeu matchhukqun 

12 Neit uppeyaiioh ukkodnetuhtaeneu- 
mohj kah vvuttinouh, fun kouwahteoun Pha- 
nfelog kummuiquaaumukquog, iiiahche veu 

13, M.ut,"amp(K)ham kah noowau g nl/h ;, ToF^f^ 
nah ahohkehteamuk nenoofl^ keiukqut fnac= f i o 

ta ahketeskup, pi/h pohquodchabukkinum^ "*' * 

14 Nag mukkocnok, ^ nag pogkenukig 2, r nte 
lagkompanaog pogkenumwoh : kah tohnel't ^ «q 
pogkcnuk fagkompagunont pogkenurawoh^ '^^* 
neeiwe w'oh penuQiaog pohfahtheganit. 

1$ Neltz Peter nampoobamj kah wuttin- ,• ]V[ark 
nh , Kuhkuotcraaiinnein yeu cgqueneunk- «.t^, 
quifuonk. ^^* 

16 Jefus noowau jp-fquam kenaau wonk kut- 
ahtafjomwcD wahtamdonk. 

17 Afquam koDwahtamomwGo nifli nok 
teag pech^moo muttconit aurroo raunogkuC- 
fit, kah fohweemoD ut wutamiyeu. 

r8 Qut yeufh wutch rohbamvX>moouki(h 
muttoonut, oomoooDafh raetahut^ kah nifliog 
matchhukqunafii wolketomp. 

19 Newutche yeulh ^rohhamoomo) wutch , ^.„ , 
metahutjmatatamooongaih:, nuihehteaongafh >^^"* 
mamuffuongafh , nanwunoodfquauongafh, *' 

20 Yeufiiog raatchbukqunafii WoiUetomp, 
qut metfean raatta kurfenitcliaan , niatta 
mat^hukqtin woiketomp. 

21 Neit Jefus na (jomun, kah au wutobket , *»^^r- 
Tyre kah Sidon. ' ^^^^« 

22 Kah kuffeh Kananle ml ttamvvollis wutch ^"^^* 
fobham ne penuohkomukqut, kah mauun- 
nitteau, noowau monanumeh woi Lord, ken 
wunnaumonuh David, nuttaunes moDcheke 
wuttamhuk mattannitto. 

23 Qiit matta wunnampoohamauoh kut- 
yeuoh^newutche kenoofimugqun. 

- — 24 Qut nampooham;, kah ncDwau, «!i matta _-... 
vvuttinnoDwaongalli nuttannoonitteuh qut webe wanhctcheg ^^^^* 
"eepfogwekit Ifrael. ^^»v^ 


iheepfogv ...^w.. 

25 Neit pcyau oowowufTumoh , noowau^ 
Lord aninnumah. 
ii.i.wuu. ^ I 26 QutnampQoham, kah noowau, matta 
8 ^Yeug miUnninnuog nuppafoofukong- ! wunnegenninnoneemunumun mukklog up- 
quo;/ naihpe wuttjonuu, kah nukquttianum- ' petukqunneganoo, unnohkauonaout anum- 
ukouog, naihpe wuTilTittCDnafh, qut wut- 

.. .1 owoaih nunnajufukongqunadT, 

9 Que ta noDcliencDwauitu nukquogjkuh- 
ka>to.nuhrenhettit wuttiiin^ijwaongana>aIh 
wOiKctompaog, wutche wunnaiiuhkut kuh- 
jfMark ro (>nk /'weh.omau mon^nutcheh, kah 
7,14. wiirtinuU nahoh, nguura<»k, kah wahtam- 
a>k« ' 


27 Kah noowai, wunnamuhkutLord, qut 
onch anumwogmecliwog fukqueheialh pe* 
nuflmngifh wutch wuttuttaflipooonganit 

28 Neit Jefus nampcolTam, kah ncDwau 
woi mittamwolfis mlfi kcDnamptamooonkj 
ne nach toh unnantaman* ^ah wuttaunoh 



wutapmh mhncheg 

nctikehconuh neit wadchitr 

^T kehtahhannkGuUle, ogquodchuau waddiu- 

' ttt» kah na wuttappen. 

\o Kah . moirogmonacheguppcyauun- 
6uh, nalbpcog ycuh,quanu!ikquclunutchch, 
poskenurnunStcheh, mo kaketa>gig , wol- 
ketahholitchcg, kahmonaog, onkatoganeg, 
kah wulTepruiifouh Jefus wulieet ut, kah nah 

ai Nc waimonachegmoochekemoflcha. 
natamohcttit , naumohettit mo kakuttoo 
kutto), woiUehtuhh6litneetlk.eru, quanunk- 
fluefit pomuihau, pogkcnuk naum, kah nag 
fohfummQuwonaog um-ManitCoomoh lira- 

*ft2 V Neit Tefu? wehkomau ukkodnetuh- 


taeneumoh kah noQwau , nukkakitteamon- 
teanumomp monacheg, newutcbe noowee- 
tomukquog nifhikquinne, kah mat uramee- 
chumumeog : kah maita rmmmoncheahfeo- 
og mat meetfcinatj ifhkont paikanontamwog 

ut mayut. 

Z2 Kah ukkodiietuhtaeaeumch wuUug- 
quoh , uttoh watch woh nutteohfliohtau- 
Snan metfnonk ut touohkomukqut, mona- 
cheg yeug wamepoohheuo. 

34 Jefus wuttinuh , kittcohO-.ohtorn^'QD 
peiukqumiegenadi > najwaog^ neiau.iiK^kah 

35 Kah unnau monanutcheh, nummatap- 

- pek ut ohkekcntu. 

26 Kabnemunumnefaufaktahil-Mnaape- 
tukqunnegenaih, kah naraohfemeloh , kati 
peanram.kahwuirukounmimunain, kahwut- 
tinnumaunalh ukkodnetubtaen£um©h , on«i 
kodnetuhtaemiog mon^nutcheh. 

27 Kah wame metfuag onk wamepCDOg, 
Isqh neemunnumwog fequttaumukith nefau- 
fuk tahlheneutogkodtafh. 

98 Kah nag metlitcheg yaisut rnuttan- 
nonganogkodtog wofitetompac^, chapillit- 
chep mutamwaiiiaog kah peiiiefog. 

59 Kah moncheaheaumonanutcheh, kah 
petutteau kuhtODnogqut, kah peyau ohkiE 


i ,\ |jr j^^j^ ukqiitdlbeouh , ukkod. 

Luke taitamsiicuh woh wunnahtinnonatkuhkm- 
12 <A. ne fuonkvvutchkelukqut. ^ 

^^ 2 NampoDham kah nah wuttmuk, wun- 

nonk Dook kutfimwo), pish wunohquodt, ne- 
wutcbe pohkok mlqui. T J 

:^ Kah mohtompog, pish matohqiiodt nc 
keruk(;k5 ne.vutche oohkok mfqm^kah onk- 
quohquodt, woieiantukkeiogiili, wohkoo- 
waHteauunne .u uttoh anukquok ut pohkoK- 
Gat,kah fun w-<b mo koowahteauomwoo kuk- 
kinncaruongafh papaume yeuyeu ahquom- 

Cbap. 1 So mjfeammoo ^harifefo^ 

onk natinnehamwog kukkinneafuonk , kah 
matta pish aninnumauounncau kukkinneafu- 
onk , qut webe kukkinneatu .nk qujlhoil- 
tumwaen Jonas, kah wunnukkonoh nanog, 
kah na oomuno 

5 Kah ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh paonit og- 
komut, wanantarawog nemunnumun petul^- 

quiuieg. . , -, , /. 

6 Neit Jefus wuttinuh nahog nunnukquf- 
fek kah ahqueteaocxjk wuileanuma) Phari- 

7 Kah kenounittuog noowaog, newutcbe 
matta necmunnumomun petukqunneg. 

8 Kah ne Jefus wahteunk, wuttinuh na- 
hog, woikenaau peaiin koonamptamcoongo 
anoa, tohwutch nadwusihitteauog newut- 
ciie matta kuppauduuomwoo petukqua- 

9 b Afquamkoowahtamaomwoo, afuhaf- ^c'lape 
quam k.cuwaantam.Dmw(Xf, napanna tah- 14, 17^ 
Ihinarti petukqunnunganaOi, wutch napanna 
tahlhit muttanunganog kuifuog^ kah toh- 
Ibannu togkodtaih kcnemunnumwous ^ 

10 Afuh c nefaufuk tahlhinafh petukqun- c Cho^g. 
neganalli;, wutch yauutmutt^mion.ganngkur^ 15, 34,-. 
fuogs kah tohihiiiiiu togkodtafh kene-rmn- 
liumwoiis # 

1 1 Tonwaj matta wahtamocsog.matta kit= 
tinnoonaout papauroe petykqunnimk^ woh 
kukqulhtamunnaout wulTeanuaiwt^ Phari- 

12 Neic na'i cKJwahtau5di matta ukquih- 
tun5unat feog petukqunnunk, que ukkuh- 
koDComwehteaonganoo Pharifefug kah Sad- 

13 jefus psontwatohketCefarea Phi iippn 
natcDtomauau ukkodnetuh taeneu.Tioh, no)- 
wau, toh mi:>waog d woilstompaog, howan ^ U-^^^Y. 
nc.n wuanauiiionuli wofketom^p^ ^ 8.27c 


4'Matchetowe kah manrufrew^e pomete- ( qut^ 

14 KahnrDwaog nawhutdi noowaog ken £^q^;^o. 
JohoBaptiftj kah onkacogtg Ehas, kah onk- ^g_^ 
atogig, kea jeremias, afuh pafuk quoihod= 
tumwaen. , , _ 

15 Wuttinuh nahohjouttoh kuOimwaa, 
howan nen ? 

16 Simon Peter narapa>bans kgh n^Bwau, 
ken e Chriil wuanaumonah pomantamwae ^j^f^^ 

God. . . » , 6c6qc 

17 Jefus nampoahani kab wuttinuh, koo-^ 
nanuiTiir Simon, Barjona, newutche weyausj 
kah wufqueheouk matta kakkuhkojtomunk- 
coh , qut nojih kefukquto , 

18 Kah wonk kuttiiiih keiiPeter^CqiiUUK) 
kah yeu ut woikeche qaflukq.jank nutayip 
nommoeuv/ehkoraonk , ksh chepiohkomuk- 
que fquontarnafb matta pish wulTohkorac-D- 

19 Kah / kittinnumaun: ketaUcDtamoo- r j^^,^^ 
ono-ane kefukque poquoQ^utikquontonkm--;^-' ^^^^ 

,. , aai'j kah niibnoh teag kuiohkuppunnaua *■ "■ - 

yeuutohkeit, ne pish tobkuppiuu ut keluic- 

;» qut ^ kah uiihnoh tea^ kutosnpeiiiruun yeu 

r 2 'ii- 




i>//T; uHppufquanit Satan 

Utohkeit piih o.rpcneaufu ut kefij'-iqut. 

3o Neit meecliumebicaa ukkod.,ecuhta- 
eneumoh, woh macca wuttiniidunnedU ho- 
|vae;yc'Uoh Jtria>,noh Chrilt. 

21 Na uctouchejefuskutchekuhkootcm- 
auau ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh , tr.ooche nios 
wurtonat Jerufalcm;, kah wutchequnehtarn 


hgketfn nnuk^Um 

• unat n^onacalh naihpe hJderloV kah ne orne ' umVeerh.ruTk'nnn^''""''^ vvadchuut Jefus 

fephaufuenucg, kali Scribf.^g;^kih nuihonat, 
kah wutomohKenaC wonk nilhiKquinokok. 
. 22 Neitreterwunnemunuhjkahukkitche 

6 Kah nootaf^6hettit kodnetuhtaenuog wun- 
nu.-npkdiiunwog, kah ma>chcke wabefuog. 

7 Kah Jefus peyau, nah ummutFunoh, kah 
nu;wau, ompkegk, kah ahque vvabefek. 

8 Kah todiquaehettir, wannehowane nl- 
oucDog webe nont Jefus. 

9 Kah nookebettic wutch wadchuutjefus 

tiowan yeu nauir6g,n6 pajeh wutomohkenac 
I wunnaumonuh woiUetoaip wucch nuppunat. pi.h kitcinhetteaun. °^ ' ; Scribfoe Hb^ r^^r^^^^ "'" noowahett.t ^ cbap. 

„ ., C,uc _,ui„„uppe.o.pau, kah unnau : 'yfZ^^^^^:^^:^^^^^:^^^:^ 

tmuh, wunnamuhkuL £Jias woh negoniie pe- ^, 
yau, k.h warae teanteaquaiifii/h woh famp- ^ 
weteau. ^ 


23 Qut quiiinuppeko'-npauj kah unnau 
Peterob^aiifhnuppifquanit .a can, koDtcnrah- 
reh^ pewutche n:^ica koL-nte-iujuh wadtau- 
i^J^agi/}, God, qui. wadtaumacgifu vvojke- 

24 ^ Neit Jefus unnau ukkodnetuhta- 
eneumoh, v.uumniin row-.n afukeiir, koh- 
konncuwaononcn wu-^cgkuh, kah ntmun- 
Kdi uppoiT.etihinneum kah afuhkoiitch. 

-5 Nev. uiche wurtinniinhouan wch wad 

12 Qut kuttinnjnnu.-nwoo, Elias mahche 
peysu, kan matta oowaheouh , kah wuttin^ 
heuuh naha unnantamobetticche , kah neta- 
tirpe wonk wunn.^umonuh woaetomp pifb 
chequnehtamnaftoe n go-. 

lir^keteaonk newutche nen, pish ummif- 

2.6 Toh unne aneuhamsuun woiketomp 

aneuha.T7;5Usdt wame murtaok, qur wanne- 

-u^ jl^c^fO'^^^nche Lkketcahcgk6unoh : 

aiuh chaugua woh umm.gun wcil^etomp 

^icL'V unont wutche lifc keccahogkonuf; ; 

.27 Newucche wunnauironuh woflietomp 

Pi^h pey«u ut wulfohiumooonpanit ODflioh 

^-, V^' J^'^cff e wutargeliurrrh, kah neit pish h unk- 

Rom. funTt!"'" "'^'^"''^ ^'^''^'^ """'' *"'^^"- 
2,6. 28 Wunnamuhkut kuttinnonnurawoo , 

h Pfa!. 

» Mdfk , nawhucch yeu nfep..uog n^ptta pish quad] 
y-i. tamo g-g nuppo^cnk n6 pajeh uunnauon^o- 





ut wunnaun^onuh woil^ctomp pcvont wutaf- 

/7Ma-rkT>^Ahohr6tu a mlhche nequtta tabfre 
X Ai quinukok Tefus wnnneemunoh Peter 
K^n James k;=h John wechaioh.kah uppafou- 

2 K.h uutnanufluonk 6fouwemou ana- 
quabheit't kah wurt^eluk woMu.Tomou cna- 
tub, kah wuthogkGUunaf}] won-:pi. 
yeu.fnonatuh weouai. ^ 

0, Kah ku :eh njjcihtauau Mofes kah Elias 
KCKtru k auon. 

4 j\ fit Pctcrnampoobam kah unnau Jefus, ' 
Lord, wunnegen yeu kutapinn^ancnut , un' 
Dantaman ayi; uttuh fhw^nr-lL wetudmcfh 
?uk FiV s ^ ' ^^^ P^^"^ l^lo'ici, kah pa- 

5 As ^ pimcsdt, wequii n^atokqs, nah 
wunnc;! kukauoh, kah kuff^h wurtauatork- 
SAilkiODk ivutrh njatokqiit, na wau , yeuoh 
nunnaurrcn wom ccog.nuttr-pbukjnoutek, 

1.17. : 

, 14 Kah d paaonabettit monanutcheb, d\i[%r\t 
iuppeyauonuh v^oileLomp wutapefittukquf- q 17 
finnowehtauoh, kah nojwau. £;'{4* 

15 Lord monanum nunnaumon, newutche o.-g, 
Kogkeefu, kah n-.oocheke wuttarrehpunau, 
newutche momanlh kitchiiLahlhau, raoti- 
manfli rh^uopfhau. 

^^u^u^ "i^PPst'-iU kukkodnetuhtaeneu- 
mut, Kah noonanun-ooog ukketeahdnaout. 

17 Neit Jefus nan^p.Lbtra kah na>wau, 
woi mat wunnamptamcekah rraTUttanum- 
wepometeonkjtohuttcDche woh kooweto, 
munnumwoo, toh uttaochc woh kummuJfe- 
K J ranumwoo, nob paudtie^k. 

18 Kah Jefus auihkomau raattennittCDh, 
kah wutaumaehtauuh, kah mukkies netike< 
neau neit wadchit. 

19 Ne t uJikodnctubtaeneumoh pevau- 
unaog Jef-snu/fu, kah Boowaog . toh watch 
nenawun mat fohw6hteao? ? 

20 Kah Jefus wuttinuh/newutdiematta 
KoDnamptaraojwQnganoo : newutche wun- 
najTubkut kuttinHonnumwm, e ahtaiioa r r 
vvunnamptamoonk, onatuh wuAlannem muf. i];'^l- 
tard, pish kuttitfamunneau ytu H?.d^hu ^ ' 
n:onchilh yeu wut^, yaaufh ; kah woh on-' 
tohteau, kah rratta pish teag noO^^idnunk- 
quodtiniK.u wutfhe kcnaau. 

21 Qutyeyanuiltmattafohhamao, webs 
naihpe mat meetfein kah peantan-i^onk. 

wuttinub, wunnaumonuh wofketcmp pish 20 rr' 
xvunnafemou en wunnutcLeganobwdut Marl 
wolkerompacg. ^^^ 

2 ji Kah pish wunniifhouS kah n'iAiikquin- Lu^e' 
ukok pish omohku WOI*, onk na? ahcheo L 

i54 Ksh 

mmmkmifA *»ukkltfHt Chap. 18. m^tdtfu h^an Anf^komcck, 

24 Kah paahettit Kapernaum,nagattU(n 
unukeg ompeteae teaguat peyaoiuog Pe- 
teroh,Kah wuttinnouh, funnummatta kut- 
fonkimom ftadcehteaouompehteaonk. 

*5 Noowau (lux kah paont wecuomut, Je- 
fus ntgunne kuttoo^nouwau, toh kut tenan- 
tamSymon / takfootamwog ohkcic, howanc 
nemuimumaiuhettit ompeteaonk aiuh rno- 
Uiium6onk,wutch nehenwonche wuimcecha- 
tiouoli, afu^ wutch pc«uwohteuh. 

26 Peter wuttinuh, wutch penuwoliteaog 
Jefus wuctinuli neit mukkK>g nanauwiyeu- 

27 Out ilhkont kcotamheonnonog auui 
ketahhaunet, kah chauohpuhieaiii om, kah 
neemun namohs negonne noquttuhwhcJdt , 
kali wolhwunnuman wuttoDn, woh kQaimiOi- 
kom teaguas, nemunuih kah aniaiiumau wuc- 
Che nea kah ken. 

i^^r T XTEitwadchit4kodnfctuhtaenuogpey5u. 
• Mark [^ unoog jcfuroh najwaogjaowanmaiug- 
^i^'. keiiukkerukquearaot.imooonganit. 
Luke 9. ^ j^^^ jg^j^ wehkorrau mukkieroh;, kah 
^ uppjnuh wutiiiaibau nooootit. 

a Kah n(X>wau wunnamuhkut kuttinnon- 
, *r^. nuiiwo), macta b quinnuppekompauouog , 
^^ kah ogqueneunkquffcog mukk'elit , matta 

\^'c^^' p(h kuppetutteamwtX) kefakqae aifootamao- 

^4. 20, 


4 Yowutche wuttinniin howan bohpahe- 
ont wuhhogkuh rieane yeuoh mukkies, yeuoh 
mafukkenuk kerukquearootama)ongar5if 

5 Onk Howan attumunont yea ammatcneh 
pjifuk mukkiefoh, ut noQweruonganit nutat- 

^Mark 6 Qut c howan naobeont paiukoo yeuh 
9-^2. mukkieraefoh wanamptlinkcheb , negonne 
LukeiS wunnegen wutche n^gum togwhongane quf- 
1^2. • fukwoollmnk wuifittuppukanit kahquttau- 
wulhont mounoiyeuut ketahhannit. 

7 Muttaobke miifi wutonkapunaonk ne- 

wutchetogkuirittaffunniDocganalli : nix)che 

Esos pcyaiimoo ti^gkulittallunnaoanganalh, 

que mill] piih wutonkapunnaonk howan afil 

togkuiritta(riinn;x)waonk. , 

dCh^p 8 Yowutche d keniittheg alub Kullet ay- 

5.?o. imungqueafl togkutlittaiTunun, tummethitli 

Mark9 kah pogketalh-.anae wunnegen kuppetakon 

45* keteao^gankkukqunukquiboan, afuh matta 

wunnut^heanjonk nefobt^asn menutchegalh 

kah muirecafn , nohkonuimumuk micheme 

nootaut. , ^ r 

9 Kuiliefuk ayimunkqtieaa togkulittai- 

funun, kodtunufh kab pogkerath , negonne 

wanegen kuopetukoiq keteaDriganit ne^utah- 

tauan muikefukonk nee{bhtmon nrikefak- 

qualh , nohkonnumuk cheplohkomukque 

noDtaut. , V . T 

io Ahque jilhanum^mpahsk yeug jnak- 
kiefog, newut-rhe kuttinnonnumwco, ut ke- 
fukqut wut-angeirum5uh^ yeoyatcheh mo- 

ncamwog wuiVcfuk NooO^ ut kelukqut. . 

11 e Ncwutche woik^etomp wunuaumo- «Luke*i 
nuh peyauj wadchanumun newanicamuK. 19.10 

12 f Toh kuttenantamwoo ? wolVetomp, / Luk 
nequt palukoDofhoni H^epfoh, & paluk wau- 15.4. 
oukjiunnummaita woh nukkonnoou paikou- 
guntathinchagkodtoh; k^h palk(jugun tah- 
ihuoh, onk au wadvliukontu, kah wunnatin- 

I 3 Kah namehtont, wunnamuhkut kuitm- 
nonnumwcD anuc muiKouantam nch pa- 
fukct) (hepfoh , onk n:.g warae paikougun 

14 Netarup koolhoD ut kelukqut, m^tta 
unnantamx>5 yeuoh paluk peiiliflit woh wut- 
awakompanonat. , , . 

15 Wonk g kemat matchenehukquean , ^Lev. 
n6 u(h, us urn . atchefeonk naihaue ken kah 19. tjc 
nagum nuffu : ngutuakquean , kenupwilhan Luk§ 
ke.iat. , . 17.5. 

16 Out roatta ncwtunkeoan , neit neemun ■ 
onkatuTiafuh netfuog, newutche h wuttcwn- ^Dect 
cuoutnefuogafuh ni(buag vvauwacheg,pifli 19. ly. 
menuhketeauognUhnohkutrcuwonk. . ]obn 8 

17 Miihanuflittauont nahog , usj mocu- 17. 
wehkomonk-3 cut mitlunulliuauont moeu- 2 Cor. 
wehkomonk, i tatuppeyeuitch ut kuhhog- 73.1. 
kac, matchetouut, kah i^ubhkanut. 

18 Wunnamuhkut kuttinnonnumwoo \ 28. 
nifh Roh teag woh kutohkuplnunncau oh- i i Cor 
keit, pifhtohkuppifTuut kefukqut : kah nij 5.9. 
nob te«g kuton p^nimunneau ohkeir, pJlh 2Ther. 
ompeneauln ut kefukqut. 3«J4. 

19 Wonk kuttinnnonnumwCD , neelwe yohK. 
wunncDwao? obkelt pjpaume teaguas ne 20.25, 
wehquetumogmculh kefukqut pilh wuttm- i cor. 

%a Uttob adt neefuog afuh nifhuog muk- 
kinnehetiit ut noDwefuonganit, na nuttaun 
wunnailTaumouwout. ,t«».j 

2 1 Nek Peter peyaauiiiioh, noowau^Lord, 
tohhen nagwutteaea nee nat matchenehuk- 
quean, mcS^he mos nutahquontamau .? nd ^^ulce 
pajehsefauruktahihic? „a *7-4« 

22 Jefuswuttinuh, oiatta-kuttinooh, no 

paich nefaufiik tab^it, qut no pa;eh nelau- 
fuk tahO,it nefaufuk tcihihinchag. ^ 

2 5 Newat kefjXque afTootarBOWOiik og- 

ontwntrinneumoh. « r.,i,^ k 

2A Kabncochewanumpagunuk^palukoDh. 
pnudtaunuuttiyen anuntuhqobwonclre pi- 
ukqut muttannonganuGoalh ^^^^'!^^^;^* ^^^ 
2^; Out newutche monteag oadtehteog, 
wufifontimomuh wHttugquoh,piai amanum« 
moahtin kuhhog k:.h ummvttamwunbh, kah 
wunneechanogf kab ne adtahlliad-hafuadt, 

c6^ Nev/^j wutllnnfumun pcnulhnvj , cd- 
we'iquetu,Tiau3h,kah noDwau Lord ahku-T^eh 
ogku.Tefe: kah pjili ku^nffiabtauttuikoufii 

c 3 n «e^t 


mhahqtttnttimnimeHmoh Matthew.' fegkenUtmnk^'papmm 

4 "Mat' 

27 Neit Sontim neh wadtinninneumit 
kodtummonrcanumukqut , wutompmneuh 
kah wutahquoiita;nauoh anontuhquoliwont. 

28 Qut iioh wutcinneumun iohh-^m, kah 
jaameheau pafukcuh weedie wuciinncumun- 
fieuh, noh vvuctinohtiihqiiohvvoh neqiit pa- 
fuko) orapfkot, kah svuttohqunohj kah uk- 
kechukquanuh, uocAvau, dadcuhKah ne anou- 

29 Kah weechc wuttinneumunneuh, pe- 
nulhaun ut wiiileti!:, kah wchqueLurnau/noj- 
ivau,ahque, kah pidi koowame dadcuhko- 

30 Kahn-.atta wutuflen, qut ukkup/Iiag- 
kinoh no pajeh mohtoadtuhkonat ne anoh- 

91 Ncrnehkuh_ weech wuttinneumuneuh 
fiauahettit toh afit^^g ahcheneuantamwog, 
kah peyauog vvuflbntimomut kah wuttinno- 
neau wame neafemuk. ^ 

32 Neit wuflbntimomoh,mabcfte wehkom- 
ukqutj wuttinubj woi ken kumm^tchetura 
ivutiinncumin, kutahquontamauunnup wa- 
rae neanohtuhquohwhunup;newutdie kena- 

35 Sun woh matta ku kitreamonteane- 
umoh weerl.e-vvuitinncuniun ken ncane kit- 
tea mont ea n m u nom p . 

34 Neit wuilontimomoh mufquanumut^- 
quoh , kah uppoDuh rfam^kuhhuwaeoS. 
©gonkapunnal,te«enuui^ n6 pajehmohtdut- 

35 Ncane kefukqneNoDfi],nepi!hkattin- 
hukqunneau , tonneit matta n eiahh(t). 
wae ohquantamauwGdk urnmatchefeong no- 
oaih. ^ 


NK. n n h a mahtoadt Jefas, amGa- 
li^eskuh pcy- ■ ' • -^ • 




2. 24. 

5. 3r. 


cyau ohkit Judea^ ogkornut 

2 Kah monaog monacheg wutafukaucuh \ afh. 

feah wunncttikeh.uh na ut. 

3 Phi<rifclag wonk uppeyauoncuh , uk- 
qutcl.hcouhjwuttinouhj fun wunnegen wol- 
ketofi.p uppugkenon ummittamwulloh nilh 
noh teag vvutchu? 

4 Kah nampouham wuttinuh nahog Sun- 
nummatta kutogketamdrrwoous ;, b noh nah 

kuttahhoQoafh 5 Mofes kitti'na'numugkou , 
p^gkencuk kummiuamwufloodof , out wcs- 
ke kechifiik cnatta a naixxjp. 

9 Kah kuttinnonnumwooj howan / pag- /Chap ' 
kenontummitiamwudoh^kuttummamanuf- 5. 32:* 
quauoiit, kah wetauomontonkatoganc, ma- Mark' 
muiru: kah howan wetauomont neh pa&ke- lo rr 
nutclieh^mamuiTu. ^ Luke 

10 Ukkodneruhrae'neumoh wuttupquob, 16, 18, 
yeu n nagk ut wolketomp kah ummittam- i cor. 
wuiToh, raatca wunnegcnninno wetauomo- 7.11/ 
nat. < **• 

1 1 Qut wuttinu-h nahoh,wame matta woh 
wutattumunumounneau yeu noowaonk^ qut 

12 Newutchcj nawhutche euneukfbg yeu 
wuttinnenekinneau wut^h obkar(X>oh wucd- 
ontomukquoh, ortk nawutch euneukfog 
nafhpe woiketompaog unneheoneau euneuk- 
fog : onk nawutch ayeuwoog wuhhogkauh 
euReukfcuunneat newutche kefukque mil- 
aUa;taa^oonk: nohtapenuk attumunumun. 

151; Neit paudrauau peKTefoh onk woh a\if u 
upponumauoh wunnutct-tganam, kah pean- ^ ^^^ 
tam: kah k. daeCLhtaetiuog wutaulkornoub. \^'\^^* 

14 C^ut Jcfus wuuinu , unaanumok , kah ,0 % 
naouc , newucche neanuiiucchc? kefukque 

1 5 Kah wufinutchegafh upponumauoh na- 
hog, kah na oamun. 

, 16 Kah h kulfeh pafuk uppeyaaonuh wut- 
tinuh, wunneetou nuabniimom, toh wuh 
nuttinne wunefen onk woh nutahtaun mi- 
cneme pomantamoonk ? 

17 Kah wuttinuh, Tohwutch uTean wun- 
neetOL? matta howan wunneetou noni pafuk 
God, qut kodtantaman kuppetukon poman- 
tamcuonganitj nanaeiaafh wuttinnowaong- 

S Wuttinuh, Uttiyeurti 9 kah Jefusnoo- 
wau, ; Nulhehteahkon, Man.u fekon , Kum- i Exo^ 
mootuhkon, Pannoowae wsuwohkon. 20 12 

i^ QiUtianumkou/h &itokas,&kuttinnoo. * ^* 
vvomon ketfltteamung Meane womonadt kuh- 

20 Wulkenes wuttinuhjVvjmeyeuQ^ num- 

to. 17, 
' Luke 

* Deut 

wcecomauummictamWroh^kahna'^^eef ' fL^i^^^^^^^^^ ^'^ "^'^^'^^ "" 'u^^^^- 

we pish pafuk weyaus. ^ "''^ 1 i:;'! lib "^u*''^^'''''""":^ matcheku. 

6 Nevvajeh matta wonk chippehetteRk ' fukour kih ^""'"^^r rT."^?'*'°"'''^ "'^^• 
qut paluk weyaus.yowutcheuttoh avnGo^^ ' 2^ Omnf/'"'^' a";^^'^ 
mofogqunuk, wciketomD ahnnTr7;Mn; . ? Qi^^ mjutog wuOi^n ne ncDwaonk^neu- 
itch. wcKetomp ahque chippni- antamwe monchu, newutche monataihwut. 

' ahtoonga/h. 


7 Wuttinduh , e tohwutrh Mofes bod- 
wadt , anmnwrnok pcgkcnittuae wulfuk- 
Whonk, ki<h pogKentuk. 

B Wwctinuh, ^;cw^cc^^c mcmibkiycuafh 

23 Ncit Jefus unnauukkodnetuhtacneU'. 
moh wunnamuhkut kuttinjioitiumwoo^fioh- 
kod weenaieetu uppetakon ^ffykque afa>- 

- S4Wonl«5 

mkhdwmcokwam'Ad afukmool Cbap.20; m^kmrumml 

' ^^ - - ^ '- 9 Kah paaliettit paompanneg nahen wa- 

yontattumunumwogmih noh pafuk neqwt 

22. 30. 

24 Wonk kuttinnonnumwQo anue nuk- 
kummat kamel uppannupwufhon, ahammo- 
qucfuugkoutjonk weenaetu uppetukon wut- 

25 Ukkodiietuhtaeneumoh ntotamohettit, 
rooucheke cheplbaog, naowaog, Neit howan 
wohvvadchanit > 

26 Out Jefus ummoneauoh nanog , kati 

wuttliiuhjkenugkewoiketomp'^og yeu raatta 

noihkonui>kquodt,qut ut Godut,wame noai- 

konunkquodtinnooalh. , 

_ , 27 Neit Peter j^ nampoobam, wuttmuh , 

I^Mark ^^^^[^^ nenawun nunnukkodtumuu wame , 

^°' ^^' kah kutafukauanuraun, newutche chaugua 
o % piHi niitahtomun. ,, 

l§.25. "^ 28 Kah Jefus wuttinuh , Wunnamuhkut 
kuttinnonnumwoD, ketiaau afuhkieogifli yeii 
utwuiku neetuongamt, wo(k,etomp wuii- 
naumonuh apitwuflTohfumooe wutappuong- 
anit, / k£naau wonk "pish kutapimwcx) ut 

i LuKe ^^^Q neenut appuonganit , wulTutnon nabo 
neefe chippana^og lirael. 

29 KahnUhnch pafuk nokodtuK wetu, 
afuh vveeniatuh, afuh iimmiifefoh; afuh wut- 
ooOiimoh, afuh obkafoh , afuh ummittam- 
wufloh, aluh wunneechanoh,^ atuh wutohke- 
afhjnevvutche iia;we(uonk, pish attumunum 
nequt pafukoDe tahlhit, kal; pish wutahtaun 
micheme pomantamoonk. 

30 m Qut monaoR negvondiacheg pish 
rzChap ^utfat cumwog, kah wuttat wagig^ pish 
2^' ^^' negoulliauog. 

C H A P. XX. 

NEwutEhe kefukque ketaHoDtamoonk 
ogqueneunkquot wofketomp nansanug 
wetunohfohbognonipoaeu, aRnoononat a- 
nakaufuenuog en a3wenominneohtekonit. 

2 WanoDahettit anakaurueneuh nequt 
ompfkot pafuk kefuk;; ummoncheaheuh en 

3 Onk fohham oautratuhquodt, naau on- 
katogeh (egenamwe neepauog ahhut kodto- 

4 Kah wuttmuh kenaau moncheK wonk 
noowenominncohtekonit, kah uttohan wun- 
aegik kittinnumauunnunncauj kah monche- 

10. 31 

$ Wonk fohham puhihequodtjkah n&wah- 
gnodtj onk wuttufTen ne afit negonne. 

6 Onknabenwrayont fohham k^h onkatoge 
nameheau fefeganamwe neepoooh^ wuttinuh 
tohwutch yeu iegenamwe nepaie'og netea- 

7 Wuttinouh,newutche matta howan nut- 
annoonufeoomun, wutdnuh nahog monchtk 
wonk kenaau noowenominncohtekonic 5 onk 
uttofi en wunnegik pilh kutattqmunumun- 
neau. . , 

8 Wanonkooook, n9h fontim weenomin- 
sicohtckonit5unnau piah^^uttun^unutdieh ut 
wekit, wchkom anakautuenliog , kah pad- 
tuhkou , wutchmavinRachiil-ij onk yean ne- 
gonne. ■ 


10 (^u paahettit negonne paompanneg 
wnnantamwo^ woh nutatiumununfiumuia | 
moDChekej kah attumunumwog nill-inohne- - 
qucompikot. I 

11 Kah attumunumohettit, mcomoofqite- I 
naog nanaunumanutcheh wetu. ' 5 

li NoQWaog yeug maumachiih} anakau{u- 
og wehe pafuk hower, kah kuttatupunk- 
quodtaiinneanonogjkuUittaeUi kah nchteag 

13 Qut nampoohamauaupafukcDjnoowaTa 
neetomp matta kumroatchenehenncu, iun- 
num matta kaona)6munnonus nequt omp- 
^A, -^ 

i 14 Nenaunufiine kuttaihe kah moDcniOi 
pUh nuttinnumau yeuoh maumachiih ncanc 

1 5 Sunnummatta wunnegeninno won nut- 
uffen toh ananatam wutch nehenwonche 
nuttaihe ? fun kuiKefukmatchct, newutche 

J^ Nemehkuh a negonftacheg pim raau- a Chap* 
machiihucuog, kah maumachilhacheg piih i9-3<^« 
negonneyeuouog 5 newutche monaog pilh 

17 Kah b Jefus monchit en Jcrufalem fc^MarK 
chippnnau nabo neefuoh ukkodnetuhtae- 10. 32, 
neuraohj neaont kah wuttinuh nahog. I-^ke 

18 liuifeh kutaumun Jemfalem, kah wol- 18. ?<Ec 
ketomp wunnaumonuh woh wunaflcomoo en 
negonne iephaufuenuutjkah en Scribfut,kah 

mos uppakoddiimouh ennuppunat. 

19c Kah piih upponouh gentilfut ummo- c John 
moniauonaout kah wu(fafamatahwhona©ut 18. 32. 
kah uppummetonkuppunnaonaoU't) &ah niih- 
ikquinukok pish omohkeu wonk, j-?,k %, 

20 d Neit uppeyaaunuh okafoh wunnau- if Msrs 
monuh Zebede , wetomuk wunnaum.onuhj to* 3,%» 
QUWQWufifumouh , ukkodtantamauouh te- • 

21 Kah wuttinuh, teaguaskokkodtantam I 
wuttinuhj ne n naj, yeug nefuog nunnaumo= 
nog, pafuk woh appu kuttinuhk&anit, kab 
onkatuk ut kummenadcheanitj kutaifootam- 

22 Qiit Jefus nampODhamj kah noowa% 
matta kcDwahteauoomwoD teagua wehque- 
tumokj fun kuttapenumum-wcD wurtattam- 
un wuttattamwaitch ne pish wodtattam,kah 
kutchiiTumufi naihpe kutchelTurnqoonganit 
nepish na(hpe Kodcheifumwe? wuttinouh, ^ 
nuttapenumunnan. . ■ ^ 

23 Kah wuttinuh, wunnamuhkut pish 
kojtattarnwohtinneau ncDtattamwaitch, kab 
kukkutfumunneau ncifhpe Kutcheifumajong. 
anit 5 ne naftpe kodcheiTumwe : q^Jt wut- 
apinneat nuttmohkounit, kah nummenad- 
cheanit, matta nen woh nummagooun) qut 

, noh quolhaeihtaoncheh noolh. 


t^lmtlhehcontmhhogkuh Matthew. Chrl^petmeaHjmralmHl 



24 Kah piukqizifitciieg nootamohettit 
mulquaiiumaog neeromp.uniuchefi. 

25 Que Jciuj cuwc;hkofna>(i nahoh, kah 
«Lukc mx>waii, ko^w^htcauuncau ^ wu.iontimom- 
82.1$. OJ^h GenciUog nukkodiichikjuehctcicheh, 

tr "1 ^"'^^i'c^ucchch nukkodneaikque- 
rctticiich. ^ 

26 Qutpish matta urinaminouh kenu*ke 
kenaau.quc nob kodtantog mKTugkenu.fnat 
kcnugkekeaaaujnoh wuttinncunie'^K 

27 Kali howan KodmilfugkenuVwuctin- 

28 Neane wunnaumonu', /wofietomD 

^Mark 29 Kat 
10.46. wuuiukai 

t«.?.L'^,'^"'-"*^^^ wutaua^komouh woh 
wuttealhuoneaout, qutnano mouchcke man 

og, nouwaog^kitteamonteanuoiaiSneaB woi 
' ^^n wunnaumonuh uavid. 

V.^^r^ntJ.^^''l "'"ff^,",^ kih cowebkomnb, 

wuthogkoounoooafii ujC may nt, kah onkstog- 
ig turometnamwug wuttuhquna/h wucch 
mehtugquc, kah uppummunkquodtauonao- 
3i[i-\ may uc. 

9 Kah modtaanukeg negonfhacheg, kafe 
afukauoncheg wutuuatonkquifuog.kan noj- 
waog, Hofanna wunnaumonuh David, ona- 
nuraau noh paoHt ut oowefuongaait Jehovah* 

ro Kah d paonc Jcrufalem, wame otan j\k^ r 
wc>j|kouanat.n)wog,n.i>waog howan yeuoh. Z ^^^ 

ir Kah monacheg nouwaog, yeuoh Tefus t .,l^^* 
qaoihodtumwaen, wutch Na'zareth Uc Ga!^,^%, 

r..'/ K:a,^Jfwspetutteau wut-tempkumoh 1^''' ^' 
-'->-". 1 Pr^'^^^ iohw6hteau wame adtdanutcheh, ^' 

■9 Kah wamohettit ^ Jericho ^'^„^^^^^^P^^^^Jt':heg ut t^mpleut , kah 
uiukauouh. ^ jcricno, rHonaog fc puhteau wuttableumouaih ofobwuanomp- 

t3 Kah wuttinuH nahog , wufTukwho- 
tu tf neek uirowetamun peantamwakom- e Ifaf. 
muK , que g kutayimunneau ahhiehettit K^.y. 
Kommootowacnuog, fTer? 

14 Ka^pogkemimwog,kahquanukquefit- II. 

n^'ni.^i'P^'"'!:"^"^ "^ "^'^"^P^^^ i^ab wun- Mark 
neetlkeheuh nahog. 11 17 

1$ Kah negomiefephauraennjg kah fcrib- Luke 

log n^umohettit monchanat^moworgarafli IQ. ^6^ 

nttoh afechiih, kah mukkiog wuttauatonk- ^ ^ 

quiiuog tempkut, nvjo'waog , Hofanna en 

WUtiftik.u^. . "jJunnaoaui, K^h njhog , mix , al^ium^ kmogketsmorawou 

KAh SM P- xxr. 

netuhweneu joh *"*'""' ""f""'' ""^kod- 

II. I 


^ Wuc-h wuttojn mukkiefog kah noonelbg ^Pfal. 
kuppannuop.hteon tabuttantamooongafli. 8-2. 

17 Kah vvunnukonuh, kah fohham wutch 
o.'. T ^^^^any, kah na nkkouin. 

18 Mohtompog qiiai>.keit en ootanit, 
Kodcuppoo, * 

1 9 Kah h naJk figfehtu? kimke maYUt,up. * ^a^^ 

*V^h^.rP""«4 kah paudS ''""■* , 2 rrr'''""a;''^P^S""*'''^''wuttittam- 

waen^noDwau, -"' quoihodtum- , mmicuwohquodt figfehtug > 

L r ; r. T ^ ^""'^^ w'Uttaunoh Sinn n;.au kukk^ ' w.m'n •^''^"? nampouham , wutt'fnuh naho^ , 

^2.iT.tala.tau,cx)m Kuppeyaiionuk m?n ,» i^r ^"''^^""'^^"t krttinnonriumw,ju ahtaudi 

itahna^ncqurno[h.:neau. "*'*''*'^*^»"<'>^^ tumuneau ut wunnamp-.a^wc peantamunat, i'- ^\ 

• &4li mo4uinuke? rul<k«>r.U' f^iii^^'^tattumunHmuneau. Luke 

. . fueflwog^j 


Tohoommo fikk^tchefumoohkfoh.Ch^* vhkekeaenmgmatchetoodg 

Cuenuogjkah wut-Elderiumauoh miilininu- ^6 Onk anoonauonkatogd wuttinneumoh, 
eg uppeyiUUi>ouh, ui ukkuhkuDtomiihkoii- monaog onkiicgncgonihonpanneg 3 kah ne- 
at, ivi>wiog, Toh kcjDChe yeulh uircnalh, kah n.w ncneonau. 

howan yeu KuttinuumunKqun kummenuli- 

24 Jeius nampooladijkah wuttinuh nahog, 
I^cnwonkkeiiata>tomaUoiumiw(D pafuk ne 
teaguas, miirohhamaiyeog yeu , ncn wonK 
kiuimiounumwao, howan ummcnuhkeruonk 
vaj yeulh ulle. 

25 UivkutciiifTumo^onk Johnj toh noh cb- 
inaoauas? wutchK-elukquc.^ afuh wolkecom- 
pauttu / weogquiLUmoadtiniicHUj noDwaog , 
neenan ncuwayog oomujoo kelukqut, woh 
kuctugqunjneiC tohwutch macu wuimamp - 
taubgkus ? 

a^ gut ncDowaog wolketompahtu , nuk- 
^uihauinun raidinninnuog , newutche wame 
•^Chap; ^ minantamwogjohnquoihodtumwaen. 
■14*'S» 27 Kah narDpouhamaHaog Jcfusoh, nao- 
ivaog, raatta njowahteauoounan i neit wuc- 
tuiuii nahogj Nen wonk raatta kuttinunnjo- 
unneau toh waj menuhketuonk waj yeufti 
28 Qut toh kuttenan tarn woo , wol^etomp 


;57 C^ut maumadulh nah anoonau wunnau, '>''' 

monuh nah en,ncDwaUj Nag woh qutt^aaum- « 

a >g nunnaumonuh. 

58 v<ut ohketeacninnuog nauahettit wun- yi^t'' 
naumonuh, unnittuog, n Yeuoh nompinukj _^ 
hah nulhontuh , kah maumuttuh wutohto- ^^^ 
onk. II < 2 

39 Kah wutohqunouh kah wuflohwhohko- '^ ^' 
naoh wutch wenominneohtekonit, kah wun- 
nulhouh. ■ ■ 

40 Yowutche paont waeenominneohtea- 
konitjtohwoh wuttinheun yeuh ohketeac- 
nuh? ' ^ 

41 Wuttinoub) pifii wutonkqnepaguanuh 
yeuh matcheetoeauh^ & piih noj/ohkaaiheaia 
onfeatoganeohkehteaenuh, uttiyeuh wjh d- 
adtuhkonkqotcheh mechummuongafli nilb 
noh uttouche. 

42 Jefus wuttinuh naHog, # Afquam kut- q Pfaftti 
ogketamomwoo wuduKwhonganit, qu luk ne iig,22 
wekitteaenuog pogketannohettit ne nan quf-^(\(^g 4^ 

_- ^ . . — ^...„v*^, „^,^^^^...^ I fuknegormenalhin; yeu God wutuifeonk , n„ 

neeljaaumouiadt, pe^aonau mohtomreiegit- 1 kah yeu monchinatamwcyeaa> ut kuiltefuk- 
cheh, wuttinub5Nunnaumon,monchitb ana- j qununut 

kauiiih yeu kc^ukok nojwenomianeohteko- ; 43 Yowutchkurtinnonnumwco wutaiToo- ' 
^^^' KT L ' tamoonk God keneemunumonteaneau , kah 

29 Namp<»hamkahnoowau,mattaiiutur- \ piih unnintium^o jn wuiohtimdin, noii vvob 

lein, qut ompetak aiuilioiancam , kah mon- j paudtunk mee^hummuonk noh ut. |> H.o®> 

^""' «.,,,, I 44 K^h p howan woh pogkulfik yeu qaf- 0.53. 

30 iv jh nahohtoeuunutcheh peyonaUjkah I fukquanit.pohkrunjqut howan penulhogqut i Pets 
ncwe^ne MmoUy *5c wunnampoohamauoh kah ; yeu quiiuk,uppernquttahhukqun. 2. 738c 
iiouwau, Sirnummonchern^qut matca mon- | 45 Kah negonne rephaufuenu^g kah pha- 
^"^- _ , ^ ; rifefvg nootamohettit ogqueneunkqufTuong- i^^ 

51 uttiyeuwoh an u(reit,nag ncefwejWUt- alb, wahtamwog yeu wuiin wucch papaume 
tenantamooonk coihojoh ? wutcinauh , ne- ^ nahoh. 

gonne. JeTus wuttinuh nahog, wuanamuh- i 46 Qut kodtohquRahettit, qufbaog mona- 
kutkuttianonnumwoojpublikanag kahkog- nutchfih , newutche unnantamwog noh 
keiquaog kenegonnekunka>dog wutaSbo- \ quofhodtumwaen. 
tamojonganit God. CHAP. XXII. 

32 Newutche John / kuppeya6nuka)op ' ^ " " 

ut wunnomwautTeongane mayut, kah matta 
koonamptauwoQjqut Publikanog kah kog-l 
keeufquaogoQnamptauouh, kah kenaau nau- 
mog,tnatta ompetak kutaiuikciantatnoym-l 
wcoj onk woh kouHamptauonaout. | 

35 NvDDtamoDk onkatukkubkinneafuonk,' 
namananawumik wetUjOhkehteau m wee-| 


5.1- , , . -,- .,-.._...,.. 

Jerem. kah ayira wine-prcfTe, kah ayim aikuhwh6fir 
9* 21. ahkomuk, kah wunogkuhkouheonohkehtea- 
Mark ^nuh,kahaun6adtutwutoht!m6neat. 
f 2.1. 5 ; Kah nahen kepcnumwahettimuk , an- 
Lu5Ce n^L.nau wuttinneumoh en ohkehteaenuut , 
20. 9. onk woh attumunumwog nilh meechummu- 

35_ Kah ohkehteaenaog wuttohqunouh 
wuttinneumobj kah pafukco wuttatta^orBo- 
uhjkahonkatogenuffcaog, kah quiTukqua- 
nehsawhouh onkatoge. 

KAh Jefus nampooham a kah ukkenoo- 
nuh nahog wonk naihpe ogqueneunk- ^ tuke 
quetuongallij kah noDWau. 24. 160 

2 Kefukque ketatloDtamoonk , ogquene- j^Jm. 
unkquodt KetaiTootamut, uttiyeuayimauont jg, q^ 
weCTentamoonk wdtche wunnaiimonub, ^* 

3 Kah annoonau wuttinneumoh wchkom- 
on naghog uttiyeug nanegonne aKittuppan- 

nommeohteuk, kah ukquinnepuf euhtauun ,! neg weifeentamoonk , kah matta peyaudog. 

kahaw,m,«tn« «..m. t,.uo.,:.^ .n,.a.„.u.r., I ^ ^^^^ annoonau onkatogane' wuttm- 

tieumobj noowaa^Usnaghog anittupanneg , 
Kuifeh nunnanaOiwunn^tsi numraiibadtup- 
pcDonk, BUtoxinismog 5 kah Wanogqutcheg 
nufhoog, kah wanse quoiliahtaufli, peyunk 
weiTentamowonganiE ; 

5 Out matta toh wuctin tupantamdjun- 
neaUj kah nanunne ?n<'g pafuk vvutofetekoR- 
iC) onkatuk wutanaquftionati 

6 Kah fekqllion heg nemunau w'uttinneH- 
mohj.kab. wuttunkq'«ontara-.c6iah, ka'i wim- 
nuQ^.ouh. D 7 Que 

25 Onk nefaufuk tolhampaucoog, negon- 
ne wetauomont nupp<x)> kah matta wunnee* 
chaneu^nukkoHau umnnttarawufioh wcmat- 

7 Qut ncotog kctafToot ummufquanumuh 
nahog, kah annajnau wutayeuhteomcfe, onk 
uppugiunuh yeuh muhlhehteaenuhjkah chik- 
oi.ruiu v/i t^xtancau. 

8 Neic wutnnuh wuttinneumoh, wafferi- 
tjm6onkqujlhohceau;> qut nagitnitiuppan- 
neg matta wuttapetiurnouutincau. 

9 Yowutche onkq mayiKontu , kah wame 
namheogig, wehkoraojk welleniiiaiQuonga- 
nit. I 

10 N cit wuttiiinenmoh fohbamv/oh may- 
ikontUp kah mciunaognamheahetiichejmat- , 
chetowogkah wunnetouwog^kah numwapu- I 
og millinninnuog Vv'ulTentamoDwonganit. | 

11 Kah keLS.lout paont ukkehkeneauonat 

26 Kah netatup wutuflen nahohtfteu, kah 
nalheuoDUt, kah nefauluk audtahfoocuwudt. 

27 Kah maumachiih mittainwoilis wonk 

^ 28 Yowutdie omohkuonganuGog , howao 
pifii yeu ummittanawalToh ncfaufuk adtoh- 
fuwutcheg, newutche wame oomittamwul^ 
filfinneaoh ? 

29 Jefus wunfumpaDbamauoh wuttinuh 
nahog, Panuekutteiian Lam wa» , matta ko^- 
wahteauoomwcD wuifukwhonganalh , aluh 

mhlinninnuh 3 na wunnauian wolkecoinpuk ummenuhkeruonkGod. 

c Chap. 

2o. '6. 


12. .3 

2o. 20. 

xnacca weffentamwac vvutiadiaiyoou, j 

12 Kah wuttinahjNeetomp toh kittinrte 

yeu peyauHj matta welTentamwae wunalhai- 

yaan ? kah chepihau. 

15 NeicketuiToot wuttinuh wiittinneum- 

oh y lahtagkuppindk wunnutcheganic kah 

tvuifeeticj kah amaunoof^ kah u.mahkonok 

en aongkouc pohkcnaeitu, naut m.uank^kah 


14 c Newutche monaog wehkomiog, qut 
ogguhfu' >g pepenautcheg- 

15 f/Neit ■ harifei' gmoncheogkah we- 
ogquttumwog toh vvoh an tohqunahettit uk- 

16 Kah amioonaogukkcdnetuhtaeneumcD- 
oh weecheHerodianfog^nouwaog , NufTon- 
timom,ncx)V/ahteauunrin kanumohkuteyeu, 
kah wunnamuhkut kukkuSkobtomuhteam 
ammay God, kah matta toh kutiin tuppan- 
umoh howin, newutche kukkinnompattanj- 
CO wuikefukuo wolketompaog. 

17 Yowutche u[iinnean,toh kutten«ntam, 
. fun wunnegen magun ompeteaonk en Ceier? 

»fuh .n"tfa> 

18 Qut Jefus wahteaun UTimatchetoong- 
anay, kah noowau, Tohwutch qutcheheog 
kena«u eiantogke'og. 

19 Nahtuflegkonpuhte^e teaguafh. Kah 
CIppaudt^u6uh neqjt-omplkot. 

20 Kah wuttrnah nahog, Howan wuttin- 
neu' kontunkanoh yeuoh, kah oofukkuh- 
wheg .? 

21 Wutt'nonh, Cefar. Neit wuttinuh 
fiRora. naboh, e Yowuthearjinnumok Cefar wad- 
13.7. t.T^iugilh CeCirut, kah God wuttaiheaih 

Go4. . ^ 

/Mark 22 Kah nnotamohettit monchanatamwog, 
12. 18. kah wuii'iukonouh, kah moncheog, 
Luke 23 / Ne keiukok Saddufefog uppeyau- 
2-»-27. unouh,^ urtiyeug anoowachcg, w^nne om- 
g Alt- ohkeonganinno, kah wunnatootomauouh. 
2 ;.3. 24 NaDwaog,Na^ontifnom, h Mofes noj- 
^rvcu. wau, WoiUetomp nuppuk niatta wunnee- 
^5.5. rhaiicg, wetiatoh p'lb weetauom^u ummit- 

tamwu foh.kjh nohpiih wuHneechancu wut- 

die wcematobo 

50 Newutcheomohkebettit J matta wc- 

tauadteog, qut ogqueneunkquiUiog kefuk- 

que wutaHgelfumutGod. 
\ 31 Qut papauie vvutomohkeenganoo 

nupojog , lua matta kutogkeiamfumoLUS 

attiyeu ne anittcao^kup naihpc God not;- 

%'i. i Neil um- Man IttODmoh Abraham^kah ,• gj^^^j 

um-ManittoDmoh liaah^ kah ura-Manittcx;- 5,^^ * 

moh Jakor } God matta um-Mani.toumjueh 

napukig, qut pamontogig 
' ^^Kahmnarheg yeu ncDtamohettit 9 

monchanatamwog ukkuhbjjton wehteaonk. 
34 ^Qutnootamdhettit Phariiefognana- feMadg 

Iconchimau Sadduces^moeupeyauog. \i.2%^ 

\ %S Neit pafuk, nob wadtinnauraatuong- 

anit quajheae natoutomauoh, kah noowau. 
I 56 Nufibniimom, latiyeu. inue mohfag 
i wuttinnoowaonk ut naumaluonganit? 

57 Jefus wuttinuh,/ Womoaus Jehov-b /Deur< 
! kum-Manittamnaft-:pe mamuffc kuttahut , 6,5. 
' kahnaftipemamuffekukkctcahogkSunit^kah Luke 
; naflipe kuttenantamoDonganit. 10. 27* 

j 38 Yeu wuike, kah miifi unnaumatuonk. 
' 39 Kahnahohtoeu netappe m Womoaus m Lev. 

ketatteamung neane womonadt kuhhog. i^ag. 
j 40 Wame naumatuongaih, kah qu^^ihod- 
I tumWdCnnogyeulh neefwe oochiineaoadi. 
^ 41 rt Pharifefog moeaettit , Jefus nah « Marfe 

wunnatoutomauob. 12. 55. 

I 5* Ntuwau, Toh kuttcnantamwoo papau- Luke 
j meCh^Ji .* howan neb wunnaumonuh ? nag 2o«4c 

iwuttipou '5 'Wunnaumonub D?vid, 
43 Wattinuh nahog, Neit tohwutch Dao 
, vid uc naihauanittCDUt, hennont Manit, noy- 
44 Lord unnop num-ManittODraoh, apHi , p(^j^ 
kennuttinohkounit, n6 psjeb nutayeUonao- j|q^ jj^ 
ut kummatwofnoe; kurarhanehtuonk. 

45 Newutche David hennont numManit* 
tau^Tij toh wuttin wunn; umoniinneuh > 

46 Kah matta howan wamunumwo) wun- 
nan^poDbamaunnat pafuk kuti(i>wonk> onk 
quihtamwog howisn (, yeu wutche onk yeam 
ongkaeu^ wunnatootomauonat j onkatoganr 
aih natQutomuhtcaongaQ)» 



I Num. 
c N'ark 
12. 58. 
SI. 43. 


\HeogfUuJfeKScrthfHt Cbap.25 


NEit Jefus kenuuuau monaiiutchch, kah 
z iNoowau, Scribiug&iniariiefogappuog 
Mofes watappuonganic. 

2 Yowutche U)u aaukqueog uilenat, ufleK 
wame, qutahqueulleknearehetiit, newuc- | 
Che wuilinneau, que matia wutulfemeau. I 

A. A Newucche wu(f(Danehccaog tuhkc- t'^fe"^""'""*""^ \ j-- »„" 

qunaihSnalhwuffauun«kquna^oa(h kah^ magooonk, aCuh Altar, ne wanetupanata.x,. 
dpponamunaoalh raiilinninnuut wiutugkc6. ; wahieuuk magouonk. 
«,Tut matta wuttalhinumuuunnaoaih nafli- 20 Yowutche howan chadch^kcyeu^^^^^^ 
pe pluk wuttinwhunniitchegano). ^ ' nalhpe Altar, ^t^^^^^^^f y^"^^.?^<^P^„f ] f/> 

*^ 5 Qut wame wutanakauruongancDoalh kah nafhpe wame teanteaqnaiiimdi naauh- 
wuttulTenaoath , wunnaumunnaout woike- tagiib 

poj^kenumumwcD 5 newutche uttiyeu anue 
miilagj goldj afuh Temple ue wanetupana- 
tamwahteunk gold. 

18 Kah kmlimwo) howan chadchekeyeu- 
adt nalhpe Altar , nooweeu , qut howaw 
chadchekeyeuadt nalhpe magouonK ut Aliar 
ut, matcheiu. 

19 KuramattammagODomwop , kah kup- 
pogkenumumwoD , uttiyeu anue miilag? 

21 kah howan chadchekeyeuont naQ^pe 
Temple, chadchekeyeuoh nall^pe Temple, 
kah nalhpe na noh ayic. 

22 Kah howan chadchekeyeuadt nafiipe 
kefuk, chadchekeyeuoh naftipe wutappuonk 
God, kah nalhpe na noh apinitcheh. 

25 Midi kutonkapu maongancu Scrib{bg» 
kah Pharifefog e'iantukeiyeuog , newutche 
kut6adtehteaumwa> i piogque chippai 
wutch wuikinnemunnealh mint, kah annife. 

. 39» 


20. 47. 

tompaog: h ayimwoh milhihukikoi philak- 
teries, kah miihyeuaih tuppdfdhdruaU) wut- 
hogkoDnaowout. , 

6 Kah c womontamwog negonohtag ap- 1 
puonk ut milhadtuppuongane'htu kah negon- 
ohtag appuongalh ut Synagogehtu. 

7 Kah wonkquttuongaih uc kodtauwom- 

"f JoKLauahque&tteagkRabbi. wutch wui«nema„nealirmfnl kah aanife, n. 4^. 
ncLlc'^eKZuS^^^^ ka;>cu.,mm, qut kutahqaeteaumwaj rna|- 

TSruS^^V':4^io.pkoofl.»yeu. ^ Jn^/^r^Sr^na.p^^^^^^^^^ 

itQnt noh mafugkenuk kenugfce kenaau )^^^^^^^^lZk? ' '^"''^"°^' 

wuttinrieumeak. wuhhoekuh. i ^25 S kutonkapunnionk Scribfog kah 

^::::L\^x^;a^ztzwT":^^. Sonkwoh«o«.echc won. poh. 

kuttinnanum66g neg kodpetutteacheg pe- ^^^^^ MiH kutonkapunnaonganoD Scribfog, 

tukkonat ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ncxiScnhCos, kah Phaiifesog eiantuke-yeuog , newutche 

14* MiOi kutonkapunnaongancDb^^^^^^ kutogqueneunkquilimwoD weenohkealh wan.- 

kah t^rantefog ^'^""'f'ly'ZloP^^^^ teau:ik, wunnamuhkut waneguk nogquokiih 

kummabchepumwoo ^^^^^^'^'^^'^l^^^f^^ [ wnfrh woikeche, qut anomut numwohteau 

alh^kahkucayimumw^^^^^^^^ aTchX":^^^^^^ wame am.nHa,wonk, 

alv, wutche putta£;humjc>onK, yowut^^ Netatuppe kena.u wo«k woi-keche 

oilh kutattumunumumwou anue miili awa ^ ,^5.^^,^^^!;ju[nmwoo ut woiltetompah- 

''^^uttonkapunnaongano) ScribRjg,! ^^^^^-^—Sr^"" """''''"' 
kah Pharifefog eiantukeiyeaog, newutche onk kab mat h^^^^^^^ 
Jiuppannupwulhoneau keitoh /^"^, ^/^^*^^» ! Vas^pH,; feror dtantukeWe lo?, newiitrhe 
ayeuiu wunnaumonuhchepiohkomuK, neeut , ^.^.^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ kajnteaumwa> ooweenoh- 

Temple, matcheiu. . , , ,_^ ouolhodtumwaenuog. 



Kamml't— ^^'^ kup- ] quolhodcumwaenuo^,.^ 



lcr.r.Um pp,f,gHataum Matthew. TcwfleM Jmfogp^fhpa.uofim 

•fcogkaouc quo/hodtumwaenuog, kah waan- kah pilh kuriiihiniin^ t. ^ '^^^"'^^S? fo.ij^ 

icenulljauoog, kah kuppiammetunkapunauo- la Onk neit pSonaoP ?^^^^^ '.'• *2* 

og kahnawhutchewohkuaaiamataehcx.oog v^o^M^ .ul^^^^^^^ John 

lit kuiTynagogiumraooGUt. kah woh koouo- ittuog. ^ ^'^ """"^''^^^^B^^^ P^^i^ iekenea^ 15,20 

:55 Onk woh wame wunnomwaulleie ne wacnuog piih waapS- kah tflff r c'^f "^" 
feahamuk ut ohkit wufqueheonkkenuhkuk. aogmona^h waapeog, kah pKh afcx^kekom. 
kongqimneau , wutche / cjofqueheong'.nit 12 Onknewutche rrarrh.r^ l • t. ? 

,,37 « Woi Jerura.e™,]erufale^, kenom. mutU* kec ^ new«ch''??'rf'^"" "^""^ 

adcqu9(hodniinwaenu62, kah a kukanfTilf wamr u,„fni„: - „ a^wauwaenuunneit 

qua^ h nega„a,nutcherenru"ho ka^.t'b quo'hirpry u'r'^*'" ""' ^^ ^'""'"''- 
tohfliit nompe nukkod.„ohm6un keneecha- 15 Yowutchr^ „, ■„ . 

nog, neane monfl, mohn.ounont wulkftea- p«guanuon^neaf ,"'"""?? uhouanittae rfMatfe 

^ 38 KufTeh, keek nukkodcumun ut kuh- ^16 Ne ,?« ''°^^£'°ewautaj. 17. 

hogkattouohteau. "'un ut kuh- ^j^^ ^|'' °^g ■'y-tcheg Judea/ uffifohet. 

pt-lSke^^J-c^rc^rS P^>'k«T^^ „ JM^r"^'"^^^^^^^ ''--•^ ' =.".- 
woe, oonanumau noh paont3uon"gan™t ^f' """""'"'""'" "^^"^^ Wutchwew! 
i-ordjelus, .c atu l . , 

^^^e M[t£ ir— ^^^^^ [f ef^niass^^^^ 

fc PeetwahtanoDpafukqufTukTurukqSn't PunLnk m/r,fl a'" ^"^ ■"'"' «""""eh- 
ne matta pilhpanuhteomuk. "'"""'"I"^""' ^^^^lok' oT "^""^K"^ ^i' ''""^hiflik 

toeneumoh kemeu peymonuk- noowaog, uf- ; 22 Onk kiitfi,^™, , . u 
t"„^r,':.?,",'rP^'<.Pifl^.yeunnih >kah^teag, ye^ft £fL'd1aSnr.l>h°vCurw^^^ 

/ Gen. 


24. 21. 



wabefek \ 

o^uniieau. »w.....u.u,.. , ^"""^amn naut, ahqueconamptamou'k/ i^ .. 

5 Ncwiuchemonaogpifhpeyauornoowe- Chri/i-orT.h / """^^^"^^ P'^nna>wae Luke 
aQDkekomoogmonaoh. ' ^ SSf k b ^'''/^"''^ ^^^^^^^^^ 



twki^HJfHog ^tmno^ac^ 

pppeyacnk fff^s Chrifi Chap.if. 

veu afampamukquc wetuomut, ahque oo- wunuk week, ahquompak peyont k6mmcxjto- 

namptook. wacn, woh wutaskwhonuh, kah matta woh 

27 Nevvutche netatup oomooou ukkut- unnantamioo weekrukquiiubamunat, 

(haumunwuich wuicl.cpwoiycu, kah we- 

QUoUumoonioj en wutchekruayeu, ne pilh 

11 nih peyoiit vvunnaumonuh woikttomp. 
fLuke 28/Newutcbe uttoh fepfik nuppooe 
i7. 37. weyaus, na wuuii womlikukquaog moiene- 

^\q Teanuk mahche ne wuttamehpunaonk 

rMarkveulhurkerukodtalhg nepauz pilh pobke- 

44 Yowutchekenaau w«)nk nanalhwek^ne- 
wutclie ne howcr matra anaiamouog, neit pe- 
yau wunnaumoiiuh wolketomp. 

45 Neit i> howaii paubuhianurwukqulfit | Luke 
kah waantamwe wuttinneumun, noh wullbn- 12. ^2. 
timomoh ayimunkqut wunnanauunumunat 
week, wuttinnumauonat metfuonk ne adiou- 

46 OOnanurnau noh wuttinneumun, pe- 
yonit wulloiitiffiomuh nam^heunt ne wutuf- 

47 WunnamuhkutkuttinnonnumwcDjnoh 
pld^. wutayimauoh wunanawunumunat wame 

48 Qut noh matchee wuttinneumun noo- 
wadt ut wuttahutj nuirontimom fepe mac pe- 

12. 2A. num,kah nanepohll 

Luke kah auogql'og wutch Kelukqut pilb penulha- 

2i.25.ogvkahkelukquenanaBUwaongalh piih ne- 

Ifa.ia. neirihaafh. , ,,1,. r 1 
10 20 Onk nek ukkuhkmneafuonk wun- 

loel 2. naumonuh wolketomp pilh naumun ut ke- 
ii fukquL, onk neit wameouwatuonga{h mutta- 
Ezek. ohkit pilh mauog, kah nag piih ^ nauaog 

227. vvunnaumonuhwoiketomp peyont keliikqueyauou. , ^ ^ 

I Rev. mahtogCifu, naihpe menuhkeluonk kah nuih | ^ 49 ^"^ noochetogkomant weeche wut- 
1.7. fohrumoonk* \r x, 

\ T Cor. 9. 1 I Onk pia^ annoonau wucangelfumoh 
15:52. ualbpe miihontoD«ae monopuhpegq,onk p^ih 
I Thef. mohmounaog pepeneauoncheh, wutch yaue 
4.16: wabanehtu, watch yaen kesukqut, onk yaen 

02 Kah naihpe figfehtug koc'ietuhtauook 
oaqueneiinkquflUonk; wuthkontugkaum, onk 
fantippoglhoiikiih, koowauteauunneau ie- 
quan paCwohteau. 

03 Netatupekenaaujnaumog wame yeis- 
fhaP,\vahteauQokHepafoo, ut fquont. 

24 WunnamuhkutkuttinnonnumwoD,yen 
pometeonk matta pifti mahchemunob^no pa- 
ieh wame yeu{hag n nag. 
^Mark as i^^Keiuk kah ohke pid^ pamiifiieau, qut 
J a' a^' nuttinnoowaonk matta piih pamuftanjo. 

26 Out ne kelukok kah hower, matta ho- 
wan ouwahteauouun, raatta kefukque aagel- 
fog, qut Wcbe nooft. 

27 GutneanepamontogNoe, ne pilh n 
nih uppeyaonk wonietomp wunnaumcnuh. 

2Gen.7 oS /Newutcheneyanagkupafh tamogko- 

take nunou^, metfupanneg Rah wuttattaimppan- 

Jj.„wletaaatupanneg kah weiauwadtuonk 

ayi'mwognb pajehkefukodtutNoa petutte- 

adtut Arkut. . 

^9 Kah matta wahteauunaop n5 pa^eh 
taumogokj kah nehtippaog wame, ne pilh 
wonk nnih peyont wunnaumonuh wolke- 
tomp. . . 
j7iLuke 40 Neit m nefuog appehettit ohtcaKo- 
17. 3^. nit pafuk piih, neesnunau, cnkkatuk iequn- 
n Mark au. 

13.^5. 41 Necruogmitt.imwuGliI6gpi(htoggun- 
Luke vvhofLioog togguhvvhorganit;, p^fuk piih ne- 
12. 39. munau, onkatuk Tequnau. 
iThelT. 42 Yowutche n aikuhwheteagk, newutcSie 
5^2. reattakoowahteauoumwoo. Lord utioh hower 
Revel, pry or. t. . , , 

i6. i 5 , 4 3 Qut 9 wahteauX'k yeu; wahteunk naju- 

tinneumunneohjkah metfin onk wuttatwmun 
kenugke kogkeiilipparowaemih. 

5 o Neh wadtinneumit pifh peyau kefakod- 
ae matta aikuhwhonuk , kah ut hower ne 
matta wahteauouk. 

51 Onk pilh wutturnetahwhoh, anianurR« 
auon wutonkqua onganalh kenugke elan* 
tukeiyeuog, na pilh uc mauank,kah nunnuk- 


NSit kefukque ketaflootamoonk plihcg- 
queneunkquodt piukqufTuog penom=- 
paog , nemunukig ojweqaananteganooalh, 
fohhamwog nogkuskauonat weifentamwaene' 

2 Kahnapannatahfuogwaantamwog, kah 
napanna tahfaog mattammagooooog. 

3 Onk nag afcjukutcheg neemunnumwog 
oowequanantegaaooafh, qut matta kjotnun^ 
GOog pumme. 

4 Cut waantogig nemunnumwog pumr^ 
lit ODWiihquaoutjWeeche cDwequaaaniegano- 

oafh' . . r . , 

5 V/eTentamwaenia iepohteadt, wame^ 
kogkouwequaog kah koueog. 

6 Kah nouttipukok widtauatonkquliuonka 
kulTeb weiTentamwaen paont/ohhanaouk nog- 

7 Neit wame yeiig penompacg, omohkeog- 
kah quaquolhwunnumwog cjuwequanantega- 

nooa Ih. 

8 Kahafcjokitcheg imnaogwaantamunut-^ 
cheh, Aniimumaiinneannawutch k-^ppun- 
mei-nv^OD , newutchc njuwcq'.^.^?3ante2anun- 

9 C^it waantogi? wuunaTpoQnamanoua 
nODWaog matta, ilbkont maua v/arn.-ttianaj 
kcnaau, ncenaun wonk,qat teaojigu kiuona- 
outnagm.-'gakig, k«b adtoaiiCctk kuhhog^. 

• "xo^kah iiontsdtal.ettir.v^a^enta-nwaa:! 
D 3 pcpu^ 


Tapanme ta/tmftfh Matthew. 

peyau,Vab na-g quoftiwecheg: oowechc petur- 
tcaomojuh wtiientarr.oonjanit, kah Tqaont 

11 Kihompetakonkatoganegpenompaog 
.paahettit, noowaog , Lord Lord wohfhitta- 


12 Qut wunnampcDhamauoh noowauj 
Wunnamubkut kuttinnonnumwoo, matta 

#Mat. i^ tf Yowutche aikuhwheteagk , newut- 
24.42. che matta koowahteauomwcD kelukod, afuh 
Mark hower , tohadtouciiC pe>oiit wunnaumonuh 
i^.^jg, woiketomp. 

^Luhe 14 ^ Newutche kefukque ketaiTootamoonk 

to* 12, ogqtteneunkquodt, woiketornp ayont ndad- 

tic wutohtimoneat, noh wehkomont nehen- 

wonche wuttinfleumohj kah ahtuhihau um- 


15 Onk pafukoj aninnumauoh napanna 
tahQiin.'fli taleriLfalli, onkatogane nefinalh ., 
kah onkatogane ^^fuk, ni/linoh pafuk, neaii- 
nag wuttapeiiumun, kah teaauk monchii. 

i6 Neit nohattumunukkup napanna tah- 
.fl^inafli talentfafli, monchu kah vvutana- 
qulhan, kah anuharaauoh napaima tahl-hinalh 

17 Onknetatuppe noh attumunukup ne- 
nalh talantfalh, anuhumauou nenalh wonk. 

18 Qutnohatturnunukuppatukjmonchu 
Icah wontcauohkeit , kah adtahtou wufion- 
timomuh wutteaguaih. » 

19 Newatch cheku wunTontimaumouh f 
peyau, oonampaginnumauoh. 

20 Kah nob attumunuk napanna tahd^in- 
am talentfa/h peyau, kah paudtou onkatog- 
analh napanna tafliinaih talentialh, noowau, 
Nuflbncimom, kittinnumaiip npanna tah- 
ihinaft talentfjih, ka^ kufleh nutanahomont 

mjftttumme hf^hA 

liapanna tahU^inaih onkatoganalh diauboh- 

21 Kahwuirontimomuhunnuk,KQonerem 
KCDnetum kah kuppaubuhtanumukqus nut- 
tinneumj kuppaubuhtanumukqus utogguh- 
nnalhjkutayeuulh nanaSnumunat monatalh, 
petutteaih oowekontamooonganit kallbntim- 

22 Noh wonk attumunukup neefinafh ta- 
lentfafh payau,kah nouwau, NuHontimom , 
kictinnumailp ncnafh talentfafli^kuifeh nut- 
ancuhomont onkatoganaflj neciinafh chaub- 

23 WuTontimocnuh unnuk , Koonefemj 
Kuunectum kah kuppaubuhtanumukqus nut- 
tinneum, kuppaubuhtanumukqus ut ogSuh- 
fmafhjkutayauull, nanaanumunat mondtalh: 
pcrutteaih cwweckoncamououganit kuflbn- 

24 Ncit noh attumunukup pafuk talent 
peyau, kahnoowau, Kuirontimom , knowa- 
hunupluliogkus, kuk epenim uttoh adt 
matta nhketeauup,kah KurarnoBnum nc mat- 
ta /cAujiteaop. 

25 Kail noowabefip , kah nummoncheup 
kah nutadtahcop kuttalentum ut ohkcit, 
kufTeh, katahtaun ne kutcaihe. 

26 Wulfontitiumoh naropQuhamwoh kah 
wuttugquoD, Kuramarchetuiii, kah kulTafe- 
geneam vvuttinneumun. kouwahteounnukke- 
penum uttoh ni6 ahketeaomp^kah mitumug- 
kinnum uttoh md feaohnteaomp. 

27 Yowutche woh kittinnunnumauomp 
nuttcauguafhj en oioDWunnumompaenuog ., 
*ah neii peyoon , woh nutattumunum nut- 
taihe, nafhpe teagwe auwohteaonk. 

28 Yowutche amaunumok wuttalentun, 
aninnumok noh piukquohtunktalentCaft. 

19 c Newutche, howan ne wadchanuk, r Chap» 
piih aninnumauau moDcheke, kah pifli oh- 15. i2» 
teau monatad], qut matta wadch^.nuraceg , ^lark 
piftamaunumauunneonatuhohtunk. 4.25. 

50 Kah unnuhteagk matchetoe wuttin-Luke 
neumun en anue mohfag pdikenahtu^ na piQi 8.18, 
raauonkkah nunnukkuttoDbamooonk. 

51 Peyont wunnauraonuh ^voiketomp ut 
wuiIohrumcDongankj kah wame wunnetup- 
anacamwe angelfog vveeche nagumjneit pifh 
appu wuffohtumoe wutappuonganit. 

$2 Onk anaquabit pilh moeahteauuttjwa- 
n^e wucohtimdne i/h, kah pi(h wutchadcha- 
pinohj netatup nanawufftepfaen chadcha- 
penonr ihepfoh wutch goatfut. 

^3 Kah pilh ponau ihepfoh wuttinnohkfi- 
unit, qut goatfoh ummenadcheanit. 

34 Neit pi/li ketalToot wuttinuh nafiog 
wuttinohkounit. Peyonk wananumukqueog- 
lih noolh, ahtauook ketaffootamoonk qua- 
quofhwetonteasgkup weike kutchiiik mut- 

35 Newutrhemi d nukkodtup, kah kut- dlCii, nukkuhkuttoun , kahkit-5S-7» 
tinnumaiimop wuttattamconk , mo nuppe- Ezefe, 
noovvohteauj kah kuttannamukkiimwop. 18. ?• 

36 M6 nuppo,kis,kah kuthogquirumwop, 
m6 nummah hinam kah kenatauwahimwoo , 
md nukkup/hagkinus , kah kuppeyaaudim- 

37 Neit wunnomwaufTeaenuog piili vvun- 
nampjLjhamauouh, noowaog, Lord ahquom- 
pak kenaunumuncnus, kukkodtuo kah kut- 
aTamunumunonusjafuh kukkohkuttcDnp kafi 
koutattamhenumunonus ? 

38 Ahqujmpak ke.iaunumunonus kuppe- 
ncD woh teau ? kah kuttannumukanumuno- 
nusPafuh kuppolkis, kah kuthogquanumun- 

7,9 ^fuh ahqnompak kenannumunonus 
kummah hinam, afuh kuppilharkinittuong* 
anit, k^h KUppeyauuHumurionus > 

40 Kah ketafloot pi(h wunnampcDhamau- . 
oh, kah wuttinuh nahog, wunnamuhkut kit- 
tinnonnumwijujyeu anhcogis pdliifut nemat, 
kittinhinneau. *?f.6.y 

41 Neit piQi wuttinuh nahoh ummenad- Mar.7, 
chc^nit « amaeititaegk mooiwpagunurjjon- 23. 


teaogiib, rokhemc nootaut , quaquolhweh- 
taurutup matlannittuog k^h wuLangellumoh. 

42 Newatche mo nukkodcup, kah matta 
kutaiiarauumwop , rao nukkohkutca)n, kah 
ifiiatta kitcinnu.iuiimwop wututiamdonK. 

43 Mo nuppenouwohteau, Kah matta kuc- 
taniia[imkiyeumwo,),nuppoikiirip5 kali "i^tia 
kuthogqu .ira>mwop , nummahchinop k^n 
nukkapihagkinoup kah matta keiutaiiooai- 

44 Neit pilh wunnampoohamauoh , noo- 
waog , L Jrd ahquompak kwnaunumunbiius 
kukkodtup, afuh kukkohkuttcjDnumis, uluh 
kuppenoowohteaumis, ai'uh kU;:>poils.iirumii, 
ai'ub kummahchmuumis, afuh kuplhagi^iuau- 
fimisj onk i«ac(a kuttannumanumunoiius > 

45 Ne't piih wuiinampjuhamauoh nahog^, 
kahnotWuu, wuanamuhkuc kutcinnonnum- 
wcD, iHitca neaiiheogkap peiiliuit yeagog 
matta kitcinheineau. 

fDan. 46 / Kah yeugcg plfh moncheog en ma- 
£2.2. chemohtag awakompaiiuoonk, quiUaipwe- 
To^^. «!. fech^s,enmacheinohtasp'^>m-uua[na>onk. 
ju... ^. o* ^^ ^ p^ XXVI. 

^^•' /-^Nk nnih Jefiis mahche naowadtwame 
\^^ yeuih tNUttuowongaih uuaau ukkodae- 
4jMark 2 a K juwah(eomwa> mahche neele qmn- 
14.1. ukok paumukdadcue miihadtupooonk, kah 
5.'ike wOiketomp wunnauujnuh waaaiIoomau>Wuh 
22.1. pumraetunkapunauonat. 
John 3 h Neit negofie fepbaufiltrmog kah Scrib- 
i^-t. Tog, kah miirmninnus nanaaiuanuog moeu 
h John peyaog, miihittaukkomukqac negonne f^^p- 
51.44. haufuenuut, uifowenau Kaipnas. 

4 Kah kenajnittu g woh afookekodceainoe 
wutohquiionaout Jelulbh, kah woh wun- 

5 Out noowaog matta mmiadtuppoDong- 
anlt, Uiikont Wjgkoueo»kkenagke miffin- 

^ Matk 6 Kah c apk at Bethany , wekit Simon 
1 4. a. wutcheku. 

Joh.ii. 7 Peyaonuk mittamwoifiroh oliton ala- 

i 'baiUre box, mifiioadLuepummee:, Kahwuf- 

fokanumaun uppahkokqut, meetfjt. 

8 t^t naumunettit ukkodtietuhtae'neanv 
oh, ummatchenau nunneau, nujwaog, tok- 
wutrh yen matcheteoumuk. 

9 Nesvut he y^u punme woh rw4ni6adtue 
magunoh, onk woh aninnumaaun matche- 

10 Kah Jefuswahteunk, wuttinuh nahog, 
tohwutch vvuttamheog mittamwoilis > ne- 
wutSie wunanakaulu ut nuhhogkat. 

i^Deu. II ^Newutche yoyatche matchekuog 
ESeH.koowetonukumwoD, qut nen roattakcjowe- 
toHVUnno-nou nagwutteaeu. 

12 Newut he yeuon wuloKanurraDunk 
^eu pumme ut nukhogkat, wuttuien wutche 
Euppol ekinneaonk. 
4, Wunnamuhkut totiiinonnumwcoj «t- 

Chap. %6. fadas mh mnajfoomfit Chr ifi 


toh pifliadckuhkootomuhteaumuky u wun- 
aunchemtjukaonk wame rauttaohket, yeuoh 
ycu alit pilh na unnaunchemoukfiadtin, wut- 1 
chevvoanumaonkyeuoh. !r »* 1^ 

14 Neit / paluk nabo nee^oo^wutcncg, 7 MarK 
ulTowenuh Judas likariotj au negjnne iep- i4«i««» 


haufuenutu. . , . . b ^^ - 

15 Kan wuttinuh nahog, toh kittmunK- 22.7. 
quttaimwou, kah kooHalloDtamauonunneau, 

kan uunouwunnaoh wutch (hwinchag omp- 
ikot lilirere. , . , 

1 6 Onk ne wutch ncoche natmnebam co- 
nunkomunat junatroomaonk. 1 ,, ,' 

17 Kah negonne g ktfukok weeke petuk- ^Marfe 
quanungane miihadtuppaoonk, kodnciuh- Lv^ia*' 
tae'nuog peyajnaog Jelufoh, noawaog, toh Luke i j^ 
kuttitquaquothwencamunanmeechinatpau- 22.7» t 


18 Kah noowau, monchek en otanat, en 
nob woiketorapaut kah unn6k> fontim nco- 
wau, nutaquompiyeum palwohteau, num- 
meech paujiuk6adcuv:>nk ut kekit> weedie 

19 Kah kodnetuhtae'nuog wutulTencatt 
Jefus neane kehtimontnahohjkah quoihwun- 
aamuppaimeg paunukoadtuonk. , , 

20 h Wononkouuk, appu weeche riabo ^ Marfe 
neeiuoh. , I4« *8« 

2£ Onk metfehettit, noowau, wunnaiTjuh- Luke 
kut kurtinnonnumwoo, kenaau paiuk mos 22.14. 
naunafloumuk. , , J^^n 

22 Kah nag moDcheke neuanatamwog.kah 1 3. 2i» 
nlfiinon paiuk nagoh noowaog, fontimom, 

toh nen ? . /. . 

23 Kah nampoiham, kah noowau, i nch 7 Piai» 
poagunuk wunnutcheg noononganit , uuh4i. j^a 
woh ncDoadi^omuk. 

24 Wunnamuhkut woiketomp wunnau- 
monuhau, neanfukwhdlit papaume nagumj> 
qut miffi wutonkapunnaonk woiketomp, 
wanaffoomont woiketomp wunnaumonuh s 
an wunncgik n noh woiketomp matta neke- 

2^ Neit Judas noh wanaffcDmonr, nam- 
paoham kah noowau, fontim toh nen ? wut- 
tinuh kuiiin. 

26 Onk metrehettlt ^ Jelus nemunnum . j ^^^ 
petukqunneg.kah uppcanumwontamun, kah 11,24^ 
wulfooquanumun; kah wuttinnuraun kod- 
necuhtaenuh, na>wau, yeu nuhhog. 

27 Onknemunum wuttattamwaitcn, kan 
uppeontamwontamun kah wuttinnamauun 9 
n jowau yeu wuttattamook wame. 

28 Newutctoe yeu naiqheonk ut wulk« 
teftaraent, qu6uil\unkwut:he raona3g,wyt» 
ctoe abquont^moun aiatchefeongalh. 

29 Qot kuttinnonnuinvv-joj nen nummatta 
n(S)tattamo ummeechumrruonk weenomis^ 
yeu wutdie, onk no pajeh wUike wccch^- 
wuttattamcomunog noofb wHtaTootainG^^ • 
onganit. . , ^ , , /. 

20 Oak kadtcuhamaheljlii;, fohliatrttiogs. 

fudai \vuiiaf(ior»4st 

Chnjl mppooe neumam& peantam MattbeW, 

/ Mark ""?? Ntf/te °'i!"\ , , , , +8 Kahnoh wana&mont, wuttmnumaoh 

M.2S. 3 J Pecer namp.x;hain kali ivDwau, wame 
&I&.7 woii<;!)6h.^tck newut- 

T^f,., keji, nen nu;nmatta togkudictairuncju'h. 

Jr.o . It J^^"5 wuctinah wutinamuhkut o kut- 
1 3- 5»» tinfh, yeu nohkog raonih negonne kuttooadt 

•woh kukkohkohnouoanfeh ihwudt nompe. 
^5 Peter wutiinuh, woh weethe nuppjo- 

oun , matta woh kukkohkohnQowaonooh , 

Kah wame Kodnetuhtaenuoh wunnompe uu- 

neau. '^ 

? J^f,^ , . \^ ^ ^^'^ J^^"5 oowe'echauoh naho^ oh- 
r^ic^ :^J.^^ft^'?"»<^ethremane,kahunau kSdne- 
trL f"^^^^"'-^^ y«" ^?Pek, no pajeh yea nuttonat 
22' 3 9- kah nututpeantamun. 

3 7 Kah necmunau Petcroh, kah neefoooh 
WunnaumonuhZebede,kah kutche neaan- 
tain, kah milhetuhkequn. 

38 Neit wuttinuhnahog.Nukketeaho^'kou 
raoocheke neuanta.n, nuppooe neuantam^yeu 
appekkah weetailtuhwhetuomegk. 

S 9 Onk aunt onkaeTii, kah lofhkodtou^n- 
oiun kah peantam, naowau, Woi noQih, woh 
nnag, yeu wutattamaicch p.^umuhkon^qut- 
tei,qut matta ne anantam nen, que ken ne 
anantaman. ^ 

4-^ Oak peyaonau kodnetuhtaenuh , kah 
wunnamheuh koiieog, kah utrau Peteruh, 

' Ef^ '^?^ T ^^.^v^echeailiuhwhorumoQm' 
woo paluk hower ? 

41 Aikuhwheteapk kahpeantamook, i/h- 
kont kuppetutteaumwco qutcheoaganit , 
nafhauanit wuttenancamun qut weyausiiou- 
cnumwi. ■' 

42 Onk monchu nahohtfieukah peantam 
naowau, Woim. fh, yeu wuuttamwaitch 
rnatpmmukongkvjDon, qutkuttumma wut- 
Cattamon, kuttenantamouonk ne nnaj. 

4? Onk paont wumamheuh koueoir wonk, 
newutrhe wuikefukoooo^/h tuhkequfnaih. 

44 Onk wunnukonuh, kah monchu woik, 
kah peantam nifliwudt wuifinaQi wonk nom- 
pe kutta'wongafli. 

4$>Vi( peyaomu ukkndnetuhtaeneumoh 
wumnu. nahug.Yenyeukouek, anoulin^k" 
kiiaeh howcr peyaurno) , kah wo;keto,. p 
wunnaumonuh wunafTcTumoo en wunnut^htc- 
anoo6utmatchereaenuog. ^ .',^,,u ^...- ^ ,• r -k-«5 > 

.Mark wa^U^.lte^"-^' '''-'• ^^^"""^ ■ -Ft " -/-.-wlTk^i^^^ 

8? mit'ThZ?-' ^-"" ^^^ ''P"-^ - nul'6oj'r^™' '°'' "- 'thrift „un„a«,.o*? 


wau; Kut Jaquompfinun nu(foncimom , kahi 

5^ Kah jefus wuLtinah , neetomp toh- 
wutch peyauan, neit peyauog kah wuttoh- 
qunouh JeOjs, kah wuanemunouh. 
T 5/ Kahkmfchnohparuk weechayeumont 
Jel^jloh, rammaguuum wunnutcfjel^kah ioh. 
whunumwutiogkodceg,kah togkomau ne- 
gonne fephaufuen wuttinneumoh, kah turn- 
raulIumauaU vvuhtauog, 

5 2 Neit Jcfus wuttinub, petaaffj wonk 
kuctogkodtcg^newucche wame nemnnukia r Gen^ 
togkodreg, paguanuog nalhpe co?kodteg, 9.6. 

5 J Sun kuttenantam woh rao nuppeanum- Revel. 
auoh na.(h kah tcanuk woh nutthinumunk 13. ic. 
anue onk nabo neefe Angelfe legionfoo. 

54 Qut neit lutoh en woh n nih toh anoo- 
wadt wudukwhonk, yen r mos n nih. /Ifai. 

55 Ne hower Jefus unnau monanutcheh , 5 3. !&• 
iunkuppeyaumwoooHatuh ayeuwudt kom- 
mootwaenin, kootogkodteganimwoo^kah ko)- 
tanwohhonimwo/ wutche kuttohqunnineau, 
kooweetapemunumwoo afekelukokilh kuh- 
kootomuhkonatucTempie ut , kah ma eta 

56 Out wame yeu mo n nih, onk wame 
/oolukunwhonganooafhquoOiodcu nwaenuo? ' Mark 
woh n myeuafli neit wa ne kodnetuhtaenuoS '4- 5 ?. 
wunnukonouh, kah wuifemoo??. Luke 

57 Kc' . 

58 CLut Peter wutafukouh ndadtiten , ue 
miihittaikomukqut negonne fephaufuaen 
kah pctutteau, kah weetappemau wuSU 
ncu.'i.uneuh, naumunat wohkukquo/Jiik. 

59 Onk negonne ephaufuenuog, kahEl- 
derfog kah wame moeonk , natinnewhoog 
KoTt!' ^'"^""^^h^^ ayeuuhkonejefu! 

60 qutniattawunnimhcouh, nux toko- 
nogque monaog pannoowae wauwachee up- 
peyoaeau,qut wannc namaheaouog : mftirrL 
ch ih neefuog panno^wae wauwach^g pe3au. 

n,il' ^r.T'^''^' ^'^"^^ "^^'^^^ ** nuttape. «^ John, 
nnt J^^^ lI"2""''-' wuc-templeum God , 2. 19. 
onk woh nukkcfteoan nilhikquinukok 

,62 Neit Htgronne fephaufuen neepau, wut- 
tinuh , matta toh kutin na .pcXmoS^J^ ? 

"Vtfer qum^tiM Chrifloh^nidtii Gbajj.if^ 

?tGhap. numwcD«f yeuut ompetak pi(h kenaomwoo 
16.27. wollietomp wuntuumonuh apit menuhkefue 
iThert". wuttinohkounit , kah peyont ui kefukqiie 
4. i6. matukqCut. 

Rom. ' 6$ Neil negonnc fephauruaen nchncguh- 
«4* xo» kom wuthogkcuunaHi, noowau, wuliin blaf- 

phemiaonk, toh kuttin nano quenauwehik- 

umun wiuwacheg, kuflch, yeuyeu keno)- 

Umumwoci upblafphcmiaonk. 
66 Toll kuttenantamwoo? kah nampooham- 

wog ncDwaog, kerohkdadtara nuppun. 
> Ifai. 67 Ncit > walfuhquontamauouh wulkefuk, 
50.6. kah wuttattagumouh, onkatogig wuiToggoi- 

kinnumauouh > naihpe wunnutcheganoo- 

68 Noowaog koiltieheantoaath, ken chrif- 

tucan howan togkoraukquean. 
K-Mark 69 z-Onk Peter chippc appu miihittau- 
14. ^^» komukqut,kah nunkfquau uppcyaonuh, na>- 
Luke wau, ken wonk kaowetomop Jeius ut Gali- 

John 7^ Qu t ukquenaowontamun ut anaquab- 
iZ* 25. hettit wame, ncuwau rnatta kcuwautauunooh 

< 71 Kahfohhogpetauukkomukgut, onka- 

tuk BunkfqUau wunnaimh, wuttinuh nahog 

noh apinutcheh, yeuoh woiketomp mo wce- 

tomau Jelufoh ut Nazareth. 
72 Kah wonk ukquenauwont^raun nafhpe 

chadchekeyeuwaonk^matta noowaheau wof- 


05 Kah ompetafik uppeyaonuh weeche- 

kompaumoncheg , unaog Peteroh, wunna- 

muhkut onk ken nag pafuk, newutche kut- 

tinnontGOWaonk koawaufhanuk. 

74 Neit kitchu diadchekeyeuaa , kzh 
mamatcheyeu, noawau matta nouwaheaa 

• wolkeiomp, kah teanuk manlh kuttoo- 

75 Kah peter mehquontim kuttoowong- 
Jnalh Jefufoh neanukuhp , monlh negonne 
Kuttooadt, woh kukkohkohnoDWaanfeh nifh- 
wudt nompe, kah fohhanij kah man mauche- 

OhtompQgj a wame negonne fepliau- 
.^._- tuenuog kah miiiinninnue Elderfog 

Luke i'cnvjonittuog, wu cch Jcfus nufhonat. 
22.66. ,2 Kah toTitogkiipunahettit, ummoncha- 
John n^^^J ^3h wuttiilowunouh Pontius Pilat ut 
18. 28. "^^f^^anawaen. 

2 Neit Judas noh wonafToamont, nauont 
pakodchianau, aiuikoiantarn, .kah appaud- 
ta'uii wonk Ihwinchag onplkot Cilver ne- 
gonne fephaufuenutu , kah nanaanuw«ienu. 
, tu. , 

4 NcTjwan ntimm-Jtcheremjnewatche noo- 

nafloom matta kefontamoo <»^qheonk, kah 

noowaog, toh neentinukkongqunan , kena- 


lA^s S Onk ppgketam teaguaft ut Temple, 

1. 18. ^ kah monchu;, kah ked^equabcnai hogkuh 

TefiH^Uog Barrahf 

6 Onk negonne, fcphaufuenu.^g neemun- 
numwog teauguaih) kah ncuwaog, matta 
wunnegeninno yeu ponamun moianompeg- 
anit, newutche yandadtu wufquchconk. 

7 Kah kenconittuog, kah tabhumwog 
wutohke ohkiihqueieaenin> ne naihpe pofe- 
kindnat penuwohteaog. 

8 Yowutche hcttamun nc ohke, c mfquc- e KQti 
heongane ohke, yeu pajeh, i . 1 9« 

9 Neit nennihyeuputtoh ancDwadt Je- 
reraias quolhodiumwaen , noowau , kah 

d neemunnum wog nilhwinchag omplkot fil- d Zech* 
ver, wuttinaoadtuonk noh wonojhuKUp, 11.15* 
yeuoh wunnaumonuh Ifrael wana;wahetteu» 

10 Onk nl(h ummagunafh wutch wutohke 
ohkuhqueteae'nin, «e ahkehtimeupLord. 

11 Kah Jeius neepau anaqudbit nanaami- 
waeninj kah nanaanuwaen wunnacgotomau- 
oh, noDwau, ken kttallcDC ut Jewfe ut ^ kali 
Jelus wuttinuh, kudin . 

12 Kah negonne fephaufuenuog, kah Ef- 
derlog adafpunonahettit, matta wunnam» 

I ; Neit Pilat wuttinuh, fun matta kenoD* 
tamcDh uttoh adtahliiu ayeuuhkonittue 

14 Kah matt« wunnampoohamau pafuk 
kuttoowonkj yowutchc nanaanuwaen moQ- 
cnekemonchanatam. r ^ 

15 Kah e ut milhadtupwufieat, nanaanu- 
waen as kodturaokiih pohqublhagisinnumau- ^ ^ 
au pafukoDh , miliinninniiog uttiyeu unnaa- ^3 

16 Kah na mo woanumukquOTu kuppiOia^» 
kmauruen uffoweiu Barrabas. 

17 yowut^emoithettit, Pilat wiittiniifii 
nahog, howan unnantamog kuppohquob- 
fliagkinrmmaUouunneau, Barrabas afuh Jefus 

^ f8 Newutche oowahteauun uppaudta6na« 
oont newutche wuffekeneauouh. 

1 9 ^ G«k apit wuiiittumwae appuongank , 
ummittamwufioh annoiteanocjohj nouwau, 
toh neheongan noh faitipwefeaenin , newut- 
che yeu nohKog, nummoycheke wuttamhuk 
nukkoueonk newutche yeuoh woiUetomp... ^ 

20 fcut negonaefephaufueanog kah El- ^P^^ 
dertog fibkouwaogmenanutrheh , c&vveh*- '^•4<^» 

quecumunaont Batrabafohjonk nuilionat Te. ^^^ 5* 
los. , , •'14. 

^i.r^Nananuwaen nampoohanik.^h wuttin- 
Un, Yeug neeiwe urtiyeuwoh ahchewanurp- 
63 kutompeni.nanunadut > na)w.^og, Bar- 
rabas. ■ : , .., 

22 Newutche Pilat wuttinuji, ne't tnh 
nuttinne Jefus, noh afoDWeut C bri/t ? waa e 
wuttiaouh Pummetoukapunonaj. 

25 K^h nanaanuwaen n juwau^ tohwutch> 
toh enmatcijefa? qutnano mocicheke noi*- 
waog,Pum me tonka punonij. .. / , : 

24 Ptlit nag matta wafTohkaiioh, q\it tea- 
E ogu 



/ ] 




25 Neit wame milfiniiinnuog wunnJlmpoj- 
qucteuh, kah neectianoiiog. 

26 NeitpohquohlhagkinauBarrabas, kah 

'p^pHmetPmkapumHhut Golgotha Matthew^ pohkenumoonk^qtiequafi^Jofif^; 

ogu wo5^oueog, nemunum nipfe, kah kulTe- 42 Pohquohwhunaaonkatopke, nukkura ' 
n.tchauutanaquabnett.t monadieg , noD- I matta pohquohwhunau-jo wuhhogkuh • kc- 
v^au, matta nukkelohkoantamoo ooTqhconk tafrcotimooft ut Jfrael, yeuyeu nc^kid^ 
yeuoh iampwefe.enin, nanawompatt.mook, wutcii P«mmetunkapuriuS! onk W. 

45 I P^buhtanumau Qoduh , pohquoh- ,„^^ 

whunonch,kodtuhheunt;n€wutchena^wau, ^^^^^^ 
nen wunnaumonqh God. 22.g« 

faf^n a^aYwWtl^S:;vuuirn;;Tun^^^ ^ P"mte&pruTr„'^ na^wu^tTnnfh' 
uppummetunkapunauonat. I ceanin wepitiuoaai wuctinnoh- 

27 Neit / nanaanuwcitnin wutayeuweh- 4s Ncit v/urrh '^^n,^**^ *..i,n,^ i, 

.9 Lh fyimihettit afinneWulTe'c che- i Tm ManUtrr\'oh w^T'^' ''""''^' "•*' 
tubquab, ufponamauouh uppuhkukqut,kah ^^^ """'"<="">. toh WLtch obquanumi- 
Weekinaiu wuttinoh!<r.innif. t-i-^ rt.nnmr,-.^,, ,_ v^^.u^^ l 

r.m^h.r -i "'^'^^ "^S "^ neepauutcheg noo- 
afoh! ' "«>waog, yeuoh wehkomukEli. 

15. I. 

weekinai^ wuttinohkuunit, kan ounumniox- 
linnowebt^uh, kah ummoip.oirteauouh ncu- 
Vaog, kecaukquompilnun Jewlc kctafot 

30 Onkwuiii(khquon6uhj kah necmun- 
pumwog weekinaiq, kah wuttattagkumoufa 

3 » Onk mahflie momontauahettit amau- 
numauwaog mlquonak, kah wuthogqheoufa 
nehcnwonche wuthjgkouunaLh, & ummon- 
chanoub pummetunkapunonat. 
g Mark 32 g Onkfohhanf-6hettit,namcheaog wuC 
15.21. fyrene wolketorapj uilbwenuh Symon 5 nob 
Luke wutchctirDouh kenunumun uppummetoh- 
23.26. kuppuneg. ^ 

TO r"" ^33 Kai. h paahetiic ohkic uiTowetamun 
'5''7. Golgotha, yeu nauwuttamun chepiontup- 
ohttuk. * ■»: 

34 WuttinnurraSub vineger wuttattara- 
unat kenittuppouaOi weelwe, kahquajtog , 
niatta ODiattamoDun. 

35 Kah uppummetwnkapun6ub jkahwut- 
Chadchapenumouh wuthogkaounafli , kah 
wuttitt nahtautinncaoalh^onk woh nennih, 

irfal. *^f^^"aowopquolhodtumwaen, i Chaddia- 
«2.i8. Pe"""^oadtuog n uthogkoounalhj kah tanoh- 
tauttuog nuthogkoo, 

36 Kah nuoQinatappuog nam , wutaik- 

37 Kahwuflukhomwf^gwaabefu uppub 

nnl^r^^^ *^^""^ P^^"^ quogqueu neemun- n-' 
numfpunge, kah « wunnumwohtaun vine-?*^^*'' 
pr, kah ponamun wekinafout, kafa a)tat- ^^' *** 

..,f^,^^^^}^tch ncDwaog, n na;, naumuttuh 

Snat ^"""* ^^^^* ^^^^"' uppohquobwhuH. 

50 Jcfus wonk wadtauatonkquflit , Dup<^ 

$1 Kab kuflch, adtnikfaeg ut temple nee- 
ImneahQiau, wutche wolkedie onk yean ofa« 
^ejt, onkquequan, onk quirukquanehtuaft^ 
tattanogkuOiaaih. . 

$2 Onk weenohkeadi wofhwemoafh , kab 
monaog wuhhogkoouh waneetupanatogig ka- 
^cheg, omobkeog. 

53 Onk fohbarawog wuich weenohket^ 
nahohtfteu wutomuhkeonk, kah auog wun- 
neetupanatamwe a>tanit, kah nacihtauwaog 
monaoh. • 

54 Neit nequt pafukoo kenomp kab wee- 
ciieycumukqutcheh ailiuhwhon^t Jefusob* 
namohcttit quequan, kah mahchcnag yeulh- 
og , wabeluog moocheke , Hoowaog , wun- 
namuhkut yeuoh wunnaumonafoh God. 

55 Kah moDnaogRiittamwuiIiirog na ayeu- 

kukqut, tafhpunnonionk, YBUOH IF SUS nlV ' ^?>n2og mittamwuiniTog na ayeu- 
TbWSEKETASSOOT ^^""H JESUS eg ( noaitit vrutahtauompuog) ifukaGofe- 
■^ 3T'Neif na".^^ Galfle, wuttannu.a- 

y/eeche pummetuiikapBnau6nuh,paruk wwt- 

39 Onk neg noh popnmibacheg mama- 
cniDouh wthwohtnhquacitauouh. 

40 KahncDwrog, ken fukqunmiman tem- 
ple, kah kefteauan wonk ni/hwe quinukok, 
pohquohwus kuhhog , ken wunnaumonait 
v^od, lULkiih wutch kuppummetunkiippun- 
neotcatat. "^^ 

41 K all wonk netatupe ncponne fephaufu- 
<f"uo^ kah Scribibg kah Elderfoh mofr.on- 
tauouh; noLWaog, 

V §*;r^^T'^^?f "3S^^^' ^3ry magdelen, 
kah Mary ohkafoh James Jofes, kah ohkaXoh 
wunneechanoh Zebedee. 

Mf^7-''^,*"°"'^°^^*^^' P*^PU wecnaueetuen«Mar& 
utArirnathea, uiTowefu Jofeph, uttiyeuob i^.^z 
wonk Jefus ukkodnetuhtaeneumpoh. ^ dkt ' 

tJ ^^^ri\^^^^y^^ wehquetum wuhhog 22.^©; 
kuh "^'^ °*^*'^** aninnumok muhhog^ John 

59 KaH Jofepb'nemunont muhhoirkub ' 

ouwtinnaginuh pahke halhabpanaginit. " 


ami GMhXPHnnAnHmoHhi 

\.enohL,n^'wauatahho8kap watch ^..luk- 1 ^l^^^TS^ kreg'o^uL'g^ 
" Ir Onk n. mo Mary magdalen.Sc onkatuk "-"^^.-J^^P;,, „„„,l,eog wutch weenoh- 

ufhag naiufliwetamoe kelukjnegonne iephau 
fucnuog kabPharifefog, moeu peyaog uc Pi 

oonk , kah quogqucog uiinonat ukkodne- 
9 Neaahettit wuttinnonnadut, ufekodne- 

?* 'M^urano- Sir nummehqaontamumun tuhcaeneunoh , kah ku^eh Jel'us wunaog- 
«4^hSSfdtamoerS skouoh nakog/aoowau, ka.^equairunumv.a. 

llnimTinV' 'tut, kail oowowucfumouh. 

64 Yowitche noDWalh weenohke nanahte- | 10 Ncit Jelus wutcinuh /hque wabefek 
tuMi eanilhikquinoekodtut,Wikontukkod- raonchekunnok nematog, ahctcich Galile 
StaeS3 peyaiBh nukonaeu, kah kahruwohnuttitnoggunneau. 
rkkommXaoh^^al unnauogmulinnlnnuh /' Kahmonchehettu,ku.l«, aawhu^ch^ 
omohkeiwutch nuppunat, neit nahfihtoeu J afKuhwhofitcheg peyaog ootanu, kah wuc- 

""e^TrPUat wattmuh nahog, alkuhwhej *^1' KA moVehettit wecciie EM 





teaounk kutahtauneau> raonchek menuhkete 
aook toh ahunnukuhqunutteaog. 

66 Neit nioncheog ummenuhkehteuiineaii 
wecnohkee, ukkehkiniieahfukonaa qufluk, 
kah ponaiiiwog alkuhwhofuonk. 


SA-bbath a pauraalhaunicwuk, katcheche- 
wompaa negonne kefukok ne week, Ma- 
ry Magdelcn kah onkatuk Mary peyaog kwh- 
kinneamunat weenohke. 

2 Kah kufrehnaraoquequaiimiffi, newut- 
che wutangeirumoh God, noDkeu wutch ke» 
fttkqut, kah peyau 5 k4h tuttuppequanutn 
quduk wutch fquontj kah ukquetiapia 


koon. , ^ , 

4 Onk nafhpe neh ukqufliaonKancD nun- 
nukkeog nana wehteunkig, kah catuppeyeuoy- 
og iiipumuk. 

5 Kah Ausrelnampoohaniau.kah wuttinuh 
mittamwoiliObh, abque wabefek^ newutche 
nojwahteoun kefiatiimeahwhomwa) Jefus 
uttiyeuoh pametohkiipunatup. 

6 Matta yeu wutappein.; newutche omob- 
kei, neanoowop : peyunk naumo^k ayeuonk 
u ttiyeu Lord fepfik. 

a Kah wuikeluk onatu^ ukkutfiliamuH , 
in wuthogkaounafh wompiyeua(Ji onatuh 

kenoonittehettit auinaumuiioog raoaatalii 
tcauguafli matwouh. , , . . 

13 Noowaog anoowagk, ukkodnetuhtae- 
neumoh peyauohnukonasu, kahukkommjo- 
tunnaouh kacog. 

14 Kah aanaanuaen yeu nootog won nul- 
rohkauoun, kah woh kuppohquobwhunit. 

15 Neit nemunnumwog teaaguaft, ka?a 
wutuflenau ne anut, onk yeu noQwaonk neh- 
tongquodt kcnugke Jewle yeu pajeh yeu ke- 

16 Neit nabo nequttuog kodnetuhtaenu- 
og auog Galile, ut wadchuut, uttiyeu Jefus 

17 Kah nauahettit oDWOWulTumouh, qut 
nawhutche cfianantarawog. 

18 Onk Jefas peyau, kah ukkenoonuh na- 
hog, noowauj wame menuhkeruonk nuttin- 
numontean ut kefukqut kah ohkit. 

16 yowutche/?monchek,&kuhkODtomuh- i>Mark 
teagk wame wutobtimonearti katchefTum- i6. 15. 
ok nagbok ut ooweruonganitwutiDdiinoau 
kah wunnaumoniinj kah wunnetupanatamwe 

20 KuhkootOTiog nanawehtinneat yeufh 
wame nifii ancDgilh,kah kulTehj knov/ecomun- 
numv^a^yoyatcheh,na toh pajch adt woh- 
q-iiOlbik muttaok. Amen. Nenaj. 

E 4 


l>hii kmhegHmmeniit 

Hsxki, Chrijt k^uhksttmmhu 







TE waj ki,trhiilik ounlkton-qutootn 
a Mai. lonhamwaenuuc, , kufieh, nutanncun noh 
3.I. ann<uno§, noh pilh quollX- 

40., * aZ'^ u r^n "kl ""S,"?''"' w:dtauatonkqur- 

^\uh. ^'„rSX^°l'7«-he ah, JanLr 
Matth. wu'tch'uTt^'"'''^^."'^^^''"''''^'^""? Mh. 


i kTon u ^^ ^^^"^^«^ honey. 

cnar ka. o.npermunat. 

sS;?=— ter. 

kaioh^.o^u'ha.""^"'"'' """'""«'''• 
una,adt.kqu,nnu, ukqutchheul, mattanir 

tanvxongane wunnuffeton^qut God "'^^ 

€ Mat. 


fhenagncwamogquaenaol)' ' ^'''""• 

woiketompaog. *^®"2'"abpaonaoU5 

weematoh, neg wonk k,,h, '^"'''''' i'>^"°i> 
-Jko„^oJShtebSS' "="' 

kuhkaotomL"«uf " ^" i>yn^gogut, kah;.,"* 

kubkcotomauohonatuhpfabqir J""'-" H'': 7-28. 
matta nctatupe Scribfut. "*"'''*'' 

2? /Kab na mo woikctomn nr e 
fPPehjunk nm,keneongqu«,'' "fj" ^Sogut "-uke. 
kah miffiontoowau naliauaoKto, ^.35, 

ooneetupanattmoomohGod ""^ '"'"*''' 
ne^^hnrffifeoLtSS"'""''' »«'"-. " 


} m Mate 

^ompoaefi mfh pVantam CBdp'.i. Vffef^puman pMf^nok mat meetfeonk^ 

^petunkqunutcheh mattannitto. 

5 5 Kah wame otaii mukkincog ut fquoan- 
taii.ut. • . , . 

34 Kah iicetlkehcaii manoab ndi mah- 
chinaiiutcheh nujuchcke aninneanurcheh, 
kah iohwhdhtcau moiiauoh mattannito : kah 
inatta unnanumaiiou mattannittouh wuliiii- 
neaoont ncuwihhe'.jn. 

55 Kah mohtompog, omohkeet negonaeu 
ne mohtompan, fohham, kah au alfompamuk- 
<juodtut, kah naut peantamuii. 

36 Kah Simon, kah ntg weetomoncheg, 

37 Kahnamheahettit, wuttinouh, warne 
tafoiketnmpaog kenatinneauhuk. 

38 Kah nah wutLinuh, ontuh nahoht&oh- 
tagiihotanafii^na wonk woh nutttt kuhkau- 
toinuhkon : newutche newajch fohham. 

39 Kah kuhkaotoiTiwehteau ut vyuffyna- 
gogiumoooiitj pannuppe wame Galiie; Kah 
lohwdhtcau mattannutoh. 

n Mat. 40 » Kah pcyaonuk wutche'koouh, wun- 
g 2, nanoropafuniukquoh , kah wutappefittuk- 

qufinnHOUVve'htunkquoh , kah wuttukquoh^ 

unnantaman woh kuppabkhe. 

41 Kah jcfus nohtontednuinont, fumrra- 
gunum wunnut^lie*^, Uh uinmuilinuh , kah 
\vuttinuh,nuttenantamun : pakeillh. 

42 Kah mahche ketakont, teanuk wut- 
chekuDonk wunnukonuhj kah pahkheau. 

43 Kah ummenuhke nieechumuhkonuh , 
kah teanuk ummonlheaheuh. 

44 Kah wuttinuh, toh unnuhkon howan, 
qitt monchillijnahtuskuhhog lephadfueain, 
kah magulh wut^hekuppahkhetteaonkjyeuf}) 
Mofes anunnoDteamupaih, newutdie ouvvau- 
waonk na(ho^. 

D luke ^^ ^ Q«t lohham, kah noochu ma-cheke 

^^^^ DODwadtjkah anonchimwutycu: nek Jefus 

^' ^' matta wonkpohqaaeuauou otanit 5 qut po- 

quadchit ayeu touohkOmukque ayeuonganit: 

kah uppeyaonouh nilhnoh wutch. 


KAh wonk ^ petiitteau Kapernaum > na- 
whuch kefuKodtafh pamlhunk^, & no)- 
tuuKquotwutappuonk weetu5mut. 

2 Kah teanuk monaog mukineog, matta 
inohchano ne woh adc attumunit, aiuh matta 
uc fquoantamut, kah nah ukkuhkoutoniaiioh 

3 Kah uppeyaouriouh, uppaudtaiiouh pa- 
fakoo nanunkqulu, yauogukkhiouh. 

4 Kah noonumwohettit pafuufukouon ne- 
wu.tch nnuttaanugig, woQiwunnumwog vvof- 
kechekoramukne ap-t, kah pohquaniiiJiohel- 
tit, punnompanumwogappin ne ilpiik n6- 

5 Jefus nag wannamptamiToonk , uiinau 
rononkuffunitcheh, nunnaunon kummal^c- 
feongafh kutahquoantamonteanafli. 

6 Qut navvhutche Scrlbfcg^ aa wutapla^ 
Rcau^ wco^jquttumwos wut:shhoc>vywUt» 

tf Mat. 

7 Tohwhuch yeuoh wofketomp yculh noo- 
wadt blafphemaongalh ? b howan woh ah- h Job 
quoantog matchefeongadi, wcbenontGod? i4 4» 

8 Kah teanuk Jefus wahteunk ut wunnalh- Ifaiah 
aonganit, ne wutiinnc weogquttuii.uneau 4 3*25> 
wuttinndrniyeumauwout, nah wuttinuh, toh- 
wutch yeufli weogquttumog ut kuttahhoo- 

woog > 

9 Uttoh nc nukkummat unnonat nftnonk* 
udit , kuminatchefeongafh kutahquoantam- 
onteanafti, afuh noowonat , omohkiHi , tah* 
Jhinilh kutapin, kah pomufhaOi ? 

10 Qut woh koQwahteaumwcDjWofketorr.p 
wunnaumonuh , ahtou ratfnuhkefuonk yeu 
muttaohkit > abquoantamun matchefcong- 
alh, unnau nanonkuflinutche. 

11 Kuttinlh , omokkidi n^cmunu/h kut- 
appin, kah monchifh en keckit. 

12 Kah teanuk omohkeu tohfliinum apin, 
kah fohham anaquabenit wame, neit wame 
chepfliao^, kah fohfummouwonaog Goduh> 
nflowaog, aiq yeu nuttinnamanfc'inan. 

x:^ Kah woak fohham ohquannu kehtah- 
hannit, kah wame muttaanukeg uppeyauon- 
ouhkah nah ukkuhkootomauoh. c Matt 

14 c Kah paumwufiiadt , naau wul-Lev! 9*9vj 
wunnaumonuh Alpheus appu ompwuhteau 
adt attumunut, kah wuttiftuh, afTiihkab, kah 
omohkeu wutafukauoh. 
. 15 Kah nnih, Jefus apit mcftHtut week- 
it, monaog Tublikanog, kah mat^befeaenu- 
og, weetappemaog Jefusoh, kah ukkodne- 
tuhtae'numon, newutche nag monaog > kah 

T^ Kah Scribfogkah PharifeCbg nauahet» 
tit vvebpujnau Publikanfoh kahmatchefea- 
e'mih.nag unnaog ukkodnetuhtaenumoh, toh 
n. nih oowehpumon Publikanfoh^ kah mat- 
chereae'nuh ? 

17 Jefus nootog, nah wuttinuh, nagma- 
fuflitcheg, matta quenauwe'hukkooog ponal^ 
kehtuwae'nu, qut nfg mahdlinacheg : raatt« 
noochepeyoh wehkomon fampwef^cheg, qut 
matrhefeae'nuog aiuikoianatamunat. ^ ^zt^ 

18 d Kah ukkodnetuhtEe'numoh Joha^ah 9.14. 
Pharifefog, momanfh mat meetfeof , kah L^i^e 
nag peyaog, kahwuttinouh, tohwhutch ufc- 5.22a, 
kodnetuhtae'numoh Joha kah Pharifefog " 
mst meetlmeg, qut kukkodaetuhtacnumog 
inatta mat meetfe'og t 

19 Kah Jefus nah wuttinuh, mijkki^fogut 
v/e[feentamwae komukqut mat woh mo racet- 
feog, welTentamwaen nefahkeu weetomont ? 
nefahke v;eetomdhetlit weffentamwaenu-j 
matta woh mat meetfe'og. 

20 QutkefB^kodtathpifl^peyaumo), we^ 
fentannvacn pifli nag neemunnam?uut, kah 
neit pish mat meetfe'og yealh ui kefuVodtaih 

2 i Wonk matta hownnare:iuamGD vvudi* 
konagk, nukkononagi-nit : iii.kont wuihkei 
tanndgkinnumoomcD laukkoiiji; kab h^ ta- 
tannoi^&ur.kiianQ iuiirhcta 

E ^ %2%iA 



SMothf ftnofhkji menutchig Ij^arke^.* 



2 2 Itab matta howan ponamcD wuiku wine, 

nckoniili<|uadc, ilhkont wuiku wine Tcwh- 
^uhl^om viUhqujihi kdh wincqudalhau, liah 
wiihqunk iratcheheaog : qut wuikc wine 
ponaniun wuiki/hquddc. 

2^ e Kah n niti, POiniiiliau weabchineih- 
tuhkonit Sabbath dayeu, kah ukkodnetuh- 
taenumoh neaahettit, nooche paiinuumwa- 
hettit mifluhquaminnealh. 

24 I^ah Fhariiciog wuttinouh, naifhj toh 
wutch uilebettit babboth dayeu,ne mat wa- 

2$ Kah nah wuttinuh, afq kutogkeetam- 
ODmwoj David ne afiit , quenauwehukqut, 
Ijiah kadiupwut, uagum, kah neh weetomuk- 

z6 petuttead weekit God pamontog A- 
biathernegonne fephaufuaen, kah meechu 
kmhkiflneafue petukqunneg, mat wanegen- 
«iancDg meechin, qut webe (ephaufuaenuog, 
kab na wpnk wutafiamoh weechogqutche. 

27 Kah nah wuttinuh, Sabbath kiih- 
kmnumaupn wofketomp, kah woikctorap 
luatta wutche Sabbath. 

28 Newutche woiketomp wunnauraoniih, 
wonk piahquttumoo Sabboth. 

St Mat.lir^-*^^"^ petutteau Synagogiit, kah 
I2.Q. JX. na wiuapin woiKetomp lenofiikoi wun- 
^ nuuheg. 

1 Kah wutalkwhouh, uttoh wuttin neet- 
(keheon Sabocb dayeu, noh wuttin taflipua- 

3 K.ah unnau wolketompuh ut noeu neh 
fenoljikag wunnutcheg, neepapQi. 

4 Kah nah wuttinuh, fun wunnegen wun- 
nelen Sahoth dayeu, afuh matchefen ? wad- 
dianumun pomantamoonk aiuh nufliukkon > 
qut nag chequnapuog. 

5 Kah weenemufquanetamwu kuhkinne- 
auont,neuantog pogkenumoonk ut wuttah- 
kenutcheg, kah wufTumm.igunnumun : kah 
wnnnutcheg neetlkehteau neyane onka- 

6 Kah Pharifefog rohhamwog,teanuk kc- 
fWonittuogHerodianfog panneinne nagum 
Uttoh woh ayn nufliahettit. 

7 Qut Jelus wutamaehtaiioh weeche uk- 
kodnetuhtaenumoh en kehtahhannit : kah 
niattaanukeg wutafukauouh, wutch Galile 

8 K'h wutch Jcrufalemjkah wutch Idu- 
mca,kah wutch ongkouwe Jordan, kah neg 
apitchef: kilhkeTyrekah Sidon, maftaanu- 
keg, nootamwehhettit, neyane milhe ufleit 
nag uppeyuonoun. 

9 J^a'iunnauukkodnetuhtaenumohjkuh- 
tounj^quemes woh uppaheuh , newutche 
roonacheg, Uhkont wutazukauouh. 

10 Newutche neetikebcop monaoh, ne 

kshtim^u nah neefuch 

W^itcne wuuzukauouh uramufTunnouaout * iwonganit 

neadtahflie Wefaufiiahettit. 
1 1 Kah niihkeneungque naihauanittoc) nau* 
ahettit> penufliaog ut anaquabenit, kahmi- 
ihontoowaog, ncovvaog, ken wunnaumonuh 
God. - 

1 2 Kah menuhke meechumuhkonuh, mat- 
ta Quwahteauwahuwanaout. 

15 t Kah ogquodctiuau w^dchuut, kah , ^ * 
weekomau howane anantogeh^kah naguppe- ;„ ^ 
yaonouh. ^°**' 

14 Kah kehtimau naboneefuoh, noh woh 
ooweetomonaoutjkah woh nah wutannoonuh 

15 Kah menuhkefmneat neetfliiehuwonat 
mahchinnaongafli, liah Ibhwuhkonat mattaa- 

16 Kah Simon neclwcfuwonganau Pe- 

17 Kah Jeames wunnaumonuh Zebedu, 
kah John wematoh James, (kah wunnee^e jo- 
wefuonganuhkauoh BoaHerges> ne nauwut- 
tamun wunnaumonauh neempaok. ) 

ig Kah Andrew, kah Phillip,kah Barthol- 
mewjkah Matthew, kahl'homas, kah James 
wunnaumonuh Alpheus, kahThaddeus, kah 
Simon ukkananite. 

« 9 Kah Judas likariot, neh wanaflaomuk- 
qutcheh : kab petutteaog weetuomut. 

20 Kah muttaanukeg wonk moyeu peyaog 
neit matta queen meetfeog. 

21 Kah auwomoncheh na>tamu!iit, foh- 
hamwog wutohquunona6ont,newutche noo-. 
w^^gj) yeuoh kogkeau. 

22 Kah fcnbrog wagig Jerufalem, noowa- 
ogjappelitunk c BeeIiebuboh,kah nalhpe Ton- ^ vf af- 
timocraattannitta>,rohw6hteau mattannit- q ^. 
tcoh. y*^^\ 

23 K?h nah oowehkomuh^kah nah wuttin- 
uh ut kuhkiuneafuonganit, uttoh woh wut- 
tin mattanic fohwdhkon raatanittooh > 

24 Kah aiTootamoonk chadchabetauont 
wuhhogkuh , ne aflootamoonls matta woh 

25 Afuh wetu chadchabetauont wuhhog- 
kuh, nc wet« matta woh wunohtano. 

26 Kah mttttannit waapehtauont wuhhog- 
kuh, kah chadchapit, matta woh nagwuttea- 
pu, qut wohkukqudfin. 

27 Matta woh howan petutteau menuh- 
kolhkeetomp weekit, kah ummukkoukinuh , 
qut negonnewehwecpappinont mcnuhko/ii- 
keetompuh, kah neit woh matchteauob 

28 Wunnamuhkut kuttinnonnumwoQ,wa- j Tufaf 
me matchefeongafii pifh ahquoantamauona- 12 ai 
oafh woiketompaog wunnaumonauh , kah ' ^ * 
blafphemaonga/b wame uttoh sine blafphe- 

29 Qut noh blafphemont ayeuuhkonittue 
nafhauanitto, matta micheme ahquoantam. 
auau, qut nukquoppu mjehemc awakompa- 

30 Newutche 

kagneepowchettitpoquodaiit,aacx) unn^^^^^ 

o!T n6h en, ouweeKomouh. _ , . r^i,b.i.„..«n ohUt'hteau wutunaouwa^ 

t Mat 

\2 Kah mattaanukeg ooweenappe'htauouh, j I4 Ohkchttaqn oriKcnicu 
Kah wurtinouhjkulfeh kokas kah keematog ^ on«j 
poquodchit kenatinireahukqiiog. ^ 

^3 Kah vvunnampooharanioh wuttinuh, 
howati nokas afuh neetnatog ? 

24 Kah wcinuhquaeu neh weinapebtiink- 
qiucheh, kah noDwau, nok nokas kah nee- 

a5 Newutchehowan afitivuttenantamoo- 
onk God noh neeraat, neefumis^ kah noh- 


C H A P. IV. 


15 Kah yeugneg kehchinnayog, newiit- 
tinna^waonk adt ohkehteamuk. qut n >jtam- 
wehcttitt mattannit teanuk pcyau , kan 
amaunum wuttinnowdonk ne ahketcamuk ui. 

1 6 Kah veug neg obketeamukcg iitqul- 
fukquanehtii, ncg ncDtamwebcuit wuttin- 
n(X)waonk, teanuk wctUontamoe wutattuna- 

17 Kah nag matta wadchabobkc^g wut» 

$ Mat 
Ej. 14 

r H A P TV *7 "-^" "^& man.a w<*«a..4»« — © 

ITe^rSatt'.inukig-a'ppeuoh kehchipam keh- fu affu.ukqunneau ^^^^^^„, ,, ,fi„. 
kuhkinneafuonganit,kahnahivuainuhut 0..K. ^^tt^^ontamooongalh yen at 

':^pcl^.iCnHnt. pe^Jaog kah u.^ah- -eechu.^^^^^^^^^ 

^T5'F^P5^^-ont, kuffoppittaaa., kah \nuu, kah nawhutche nequt paruka>6 tab- 
newatchcmatwutchabekinncoivafh,uppa)^j»^'nnaa;.^^^ wuttinuh, fun wequanantcg ^ Mat. 
^t Kah nawhutche pogkiibinneaO, afinne- Paud^^u^^^ S-iy 

22 NeiVutthe matta teag adtahtofinoo; Mattb. 
matnepi(hivahteauwahu6'nuk,.^altih raatta lo. 2e. 
teag kemadchariuraouun, qnt ^oh ttootam- 

un. . 

25 Howan w6!ltauwo^ut^^c»ta^ 
■24 Kah wuttinuh, ahquettatoktoh nop- 

tamoD^: e mt6han quttubwbdfek.pia^knk- e Mat. 

qnth^kqunneaii ; kah kcnaau ahtauogiOj^ 7-2« 

pllhkumm<»chekeuamnnu.n'iionteaneaii. . ^ 

25 ^^ewurchenohohtut.kpia^aninnDrfj./MffJ. 
auau : kah noh iratta ohtooug , nt)h piih 15. 14* 
amauruinr'anun neohtunlp ^. ^ 

26 KaH noowaa, n yane w«tahto:aai6^nft 
God, onatuh wolV^orpp ohkehteadt ViiKan- 
riemunaffi ut obreakonit. ,, . 2 

27 Kah UniU k:li^omohkit nukkonaei^ 
kah kefukndieu, .kah Wum.innemunneafti 
fonkiik kah ncekuk^matta oovvahUai^oaunath 

wofhqmalhjkah matta meechuminnooaai 

8 Kah onkatoglili pogkiflr/mealluvunoh- 
teaiyeuut , kah meechummaaih fonklnalib 
kah nanomonataai : kah wutdie'gen na- 
whiitch nifhwinchag , nawbutch nequtta- 
tahaiinchag, kah nawhutche nequt pa iuk- 

^^' ... 1 

9 Kah wuttinuh, noh vvobtauwogut ^ onk 

noutaj. , . , 

10 Kah niffiit, nag weechaiyeumoncheg 
weeche nabo neeroowutcheg , wunnatou- 
tomauoub kuhkinneafuonk. 

n Kah wuttinuh, kitttnnumonteamco 
kenaau wabtcaunat nefiohkok wuta(r«>tam6- 
onk God: qut nag poquadchit apit heg, 
wamc n nihyeuafh nafhpe kuakfrinejfiiong- 
aa% , , 

. 12 h Onkwoh, naumobettit, naumwog, 
. qut matta woh wahteaiiunneau : kah £icD- 
tamwehettit wob noDtamWv-ig , qut matta' 
wahtamoog, iihkont wohtohhut qumnuppe- 

mecchum , negonne wutchagoneuoo , neit 

. 29 Qut kefikquiagiih , teanuk ukkepc- 

aumunaiii, newucchekepenumaonk peyfi. 

I Mat. 30 Kah noowau, g nttoh woh nuttitoc- 

13. 9 u qunneuHkqudiRne.n wutahraDtamoonkGod> 

a^h^^oh woh nuttinyannamunan neyane- 

mu/lard, ohkettimuk ut ohkcit, ne;!nDe 
yafik wamc wiiik.nnemun.fii ut ohkeit ^ 

92 Qut ohketcamuk, fonkun, kah'nano 
niiifi onk nuh wame wunncpukquafh "kah 

Marked mataninVei^ fitmedig pigfia 

fafarogkidnittumoDugi/h uppafiikukkomuR* 
aiii, kah matta howan ummanunnuCheuh- 

5 Kah na»wiitteae ayeu vradchuut, kafe 

wonche kogkohkuffum quiTukquanalh. 

6 Qutnaiiont Jefufohnfiadtit, quogque* 
kah Qowowuffb/noh. nuug^ucw 

Kuttmheflj Jcfus wminaumonuh quanunk- 
I quilt God ? kummeechumutikonftj nafhpe 
God matta kutawakompansftin. *^ 

8 ( Newutche wuttinuh^ fohwehtau wof. 
kctomkenniaikeneunkque naOiauanit.) 
it ^? L .^"«'i^t®tomauoh, toh kuttehhin- 
»t .«" kah wunaampoohamauoh , nouwau 


fl.,?tSr ^ ™i^" ukkuhkooromauoh ne toh ut 
qutwebenafhpekuhkinneafuonk kah nohfi. 

win^nti^''"'^^^?^^'"^^ monanutcheh, na- 
wunneemunouh, apinic kuhtoonogquj, kah 
weechaiyeumuk oSkatogilh kuhtST^qu? 

ku|t:mvogkuhta.nogqut, neit yeuyeu num. 

n^rl^u^^^?^^ "PP** wiitSiehcheet konweu 
«PPuhquaruma;unit: kah vvutta;hk?nouh 

kutintupantamo nutauwakompanauongan' 

DafrL^i^^u "^^""^ mattannittoDog wunnanara- 
luJcT I "^"^"^^ mo,)cheahennean cii 
P'giut, onk woh nutappehtadonn6no£>. 

nuiL^ ^^""""^ ¥""' ^v"ttinn2numon,kafi 
kah petutteauniogpigfoh, kah ncadtahlha- 

I h^nnit ( nag papaume neefit muttannongan- 

og ku^uog,)kah fagquottamwop nagunt. 

woj,, kah wuiiinneau ut ootanit, kah ut wut- 

ot.rnmounic, kah fohhamwog, naumwog 

uttohmaichuafemuk. •»uaiwog 

i5^Kah pey unaog Jefusoh, kah nauaog 

neh apehtunkqunutche mattannittooh, kah 

appehtuk Legion.numatappu, wuthogki>ua. 

- I «"> kah manunciyeu, kah wabefuog. ^ 

39 Kah omohkeu, kah au/hkomau xvaban- noh aoe" nntl"^^'^'^^'^"^?"^? ^^^^'^ «'^"^t 

feitprr4^/„ts^^^^ ptMS '"^"^''"■"-^' ^^ -"'' 

toKi.V^ ""*""^' tohwutch wabefeog? 
toh kitt.nnc mat wunnamptamoDinneau. 
toh h.nn "^^^fk^ wabcfuog, kah hettuog 
toh henneu jeuoh woiketon^p6ou ? newut- 
Che wabankabkehtoh wunnc^Vwetauouh. 

" ^~"i"^--vavg wuiciiogKorrc kcl 
o-^ir u r ??'^ wutohtuout Gadcrtniog. 
2 Kah fohhog wutch kuhioonogqut, tea- 

bowan wehweepappinnoh, matta naihpe moo- 
6hll,ogqucuf.Arogkinittuma>gilh. ^ 


i« Jiah paont kuhtowiopqnt, noh Aoa. 

•9.Qut Jefusmattawiittinanumiun, out 
kahku^ "'on^hi/h en nag weetomachefo 
kahkuttinoog uttoh an mogagifl, JehovS 
anhukqueai, , kahkittummenteanumukque. 

huadt'^u'l n?/'"''.!'"'' "'^'^•^ wabteauwa. 
nuaat utDeknpolis, uttoh en mo?aPi(h 

nnln!?i^^^^^^^ wonkogkomMt aont kuhtco. 
nogqut monaog millinninnuog u^mukk^ 

Tttl^'t ;;'^.^^^PP" keht'ahS.'^^" 

peawlhau ut wuiTcctut. '' ' "' 9-'8. 

sj IQfi 

'J^Jhinauffi mtVamwi^jfif Chap. ^» mHmnonkumQnh wutjiJhammHb 

2!5 Kah ummiihe nanompafamoli, noDwau 
nuttauncmes feeplin nahcR nuppou :)peyau(h 
kah kenutchegafh ponarnau, onU woh neeif- 
keheau, kah woh pomantam. 

24 Kah Jefus cDweechauoh, monaog mif- 
fmninnuog wutafukauouh, kak wunnanoh- 

25 Kah howan mittamwoffis quaUunaalit 
AabQ neefe kodtumwie. 

26 Kah monatafti wuttamhuk wutche 
Ijionaog ponaikehtuaeniiog , kah mihtibau 
wame neiduhlhadchafutdt, kah matta wun- 
nieuj qut nano matciic'hpunau. 

27 Noh nxtQgJefusoh wutaftkauoh ut 
taliruhk6adtinneat 9 kah muiruniium wut- 

28 Newutche noowop, woh mifTunnumon 
webe wuthogkooonk, woh neetikes. 

29 Kah teanuk ukqufhinaiifuonk nunnobpi, 
kah wuttamattamnn ut wuhhogkat, onk 
neetlkeheau ne mahchinaoak. 

go Kah Jefus teanuk. wahteunk ut wuh- 
hogkat neetikehuwaonk fohweetunk > uk- 
quinuppinuh en tahfuhkdadtinneat, kah noo- 
wau. howan mafunuk nuthogkoo ? 

31 Kah ukkodnetuhtae'numoh unnuk,ke- 
iiau monacheg ^ kutaiTukkuongquog j kah 
kuiHm howan mafunit? 

32 Kah weenadtaompu , kod nau yeu 

?5 Qttt mittamwuffis 5 wabefit kah na- 
nukquUiont, wahteunk uttoh anhit, peyau, 
kak penulhau ut anaquabit, kah wame wuf- 

34 Kah wuttinuh, nuttaunes, koonamp- 
tamooonk keneetikehuk, mon:iiiih wunnoh- 
tealfe, kahncetlkeiih wutch kummahchina- 

35 AfhkdcetQohkont, howan peyau watch 
Synagoge nanainuaenuut, noowau, kuttauni 
fiuppaoi, tohwutch wuttamheadt fontim en 
ongkouwe .? 

g5 Quenau Jefus nootog nt kuttoowonk 
ne anoowomuk, unnau Synagoge nanaaua- 
cnUj ahque wabefifh, webe wunnamptafii. 

57 Kah matta ho«»ane unnanumaiiou afuh- 
kah 5 webe Peter, kah James, kah John, wee- 
matoh Jarnes. 

38 Kah Deyau weekit Synagoge nananua- 
enin,kah uaura wogkouuluunkquot, kah neg 
maugeg^, kah mifhohpSl'uog. 

39 Kah petutteadt, nan wuttinuh, toh- 
wutch wadtauatunkqufle'og , kah mauog? 
nunkfqiiau matta nuppoo qut kouvveu. 

40 Kah mamanowe wUtahanehtauouh : 
<^ut wame fohwunat, neemunau ooftoh, kah 
okafoh nunkfquauj ka!i neh weechaiyeiimon- 
cheh, kah petutteaog neh nunktquau kep- 
fuk. \ 

41 Kah wunnutch^ganit wutannunob 
nimkfquau , kah wuttinuh, Talitha knraij 
ne nauwuttamun^uunkfquau kuttinih omoh- 

42 Kah teanuk nunkfquau omohkeu, kah 
pomulhau, newutche naboneefe kodtum- 
wohkom; kah chepihaog miihe cheptbi- 

4;$ Kah menuhke ummcechumuhkonuh, 
matta howan ouwahteauoouBit ; knh unna- 
nooteamoj teaguas alTamonat. 

KAh a na ojtfohhamun, kah peyiu' ne- 
henwonche wutohtuwout, kah ukkod- 
ncLuhtae'numoh affuhkunk. 

2 Kail Sabbath day paaamooug, noDche 
kuhkootomwehteadt ut Synagogut, kah mo- 
naog nootauwahettit, chepihaog, noDwaog, 
t6h noh ootahtauunalh ? kah taugua ne wa- 
antamoonk ne anunnumauut, onk nifh mog- 
anakaufuongalh afechilh nafhpe wunnut- 

3 Sunnummatta yeuoh Carpenter, wun- 
naumonuh Mary, weematoh James, kah Jo- 
fes, kah Judah, kah Simon > kah funnum- 
matta weetompafdh kooweetomukoomun : 
kah nak ootamehheouh. 

4 Qut Jefus wuttinuh, b Quofhae mif- 
fohhamwaenin matta miihananumou webe 
nehenwonche wutohket, kah kehugke wut- 
tinnonkumont, kah nehenwonche wetkit. 

5 Onk matta woh na wuttit mifhe' wun- 
ne'fein, qut webe wunnutchegafli ponamjuau 
ohgdhfe mahchinanutcheh , kah wunneetf- 

6 Kah motichanatam newutche uppan- 
HCOwohtamoDongan , kah quinnupwuihau 
otanamefalh kuhkootomwehteau. 

7 d Kah weekomau nabo necfoounutcheh, 
noDChe neeh neefwe anoononc, kah wuttin- 
nuraauoh dnue menuhke'fuonon nilhkeneunge 

8 Kah nab wuttinannoonuh matchiog 
wunnaftpenadont ut uppomulhaonganotit, 
qut webeanwohhou ; matta mancot, matta 
petukqunne^, afuh mat wutteagaoog. 

9 Qut weoe muttafalh, kah matta neefin- 
a(h hogkoDongafh. 

10 Kah wuttinuh, utt6h adt petutteaog 
wetu,ne appek, nohpajeh wohadtnukkod- 
tumok ne ay^uonk. 

11 e Kah, iiowan matta attumunukkoodg, 
afuh mat noocunkoDOg , na wutch a nneog, 
/ tuttauwonteagk puppiHai ut agwu kuf- 
feetoawout, wutche wauwaonk ayeuuhko- 
nittue nagoh : wunnamuhkut kuttinnon- 
numwcD 5 pifii anek^ye'uoo wutche Sodom 
kah Gomorrah, ut wuiittumoe kefukok;,onk 
newutche ne otan, 

12 Kah fohhamwog, &k«hk'.X)tomvvehteafg 
wofketompaog woh wutaufiioiahatamunao- 

13 Kah fohwohteaog monaoh cnattannjt- 

tODb e;,kAh fulTequnaog pummee monaoh noh 

mahcnenanutche, kah wunneelkeheouh. 

lA /? Kah ketailbut Herod wunna>tamun- 

F oh 

a Mate 

If Johfi 

c Mat. 

13. 22, 
d Mate 
1 0.1. 

€ Mat* 
10. 14. 

f Aas 



h^ Mat. 


TfiVJme^Hohxvau folin 

»!t ( newutchc wowewomaontc mo fepak 
ftim.'^ kah nojwau noh John kutdiefTummu- 
wacilin onioh ku wutche nupf unnat kah ne- 
wuuii- rai/hajjai:-uruonga/h wunnahcikon- 
aih wutditiKigum. 

15 Onkatogignouwaog, nohEIias, onka- 
to^ig nojvfdo^ noh P.egoiinae miliohhamw^e- 
nm, aluh oiiacuh pafuk negonne miiloliham- 
?Luke. ' ij> i Qut ncDtog Herod, noowop yeuoh 
3.i5>. Jonn timequohtohwogkup noh oinoliku 
wutch uuppunnat. 

17 Newutche nagum Herod anooteamop 
tonqunnonat John kah wuctohtogkuppin- 
rod'asjumrnittarawurroh Phillip wee.natoh 
^Levit '^ Nevvutchcjohnwutdnuh Heroduh , 
is, 16.^ matca wunnegeninno weetauomatkecinac 

19 Newufche Hcrcdias wuifekeneauoh , 
itab ukkodtinncanuh, qut wuttonbeuh. 
30 Newutche Herod ukquhtbnumoh John, 
wahteunk, nohfampwculieaen, kah wunnee- 
tupanatamwacnin, kah cjowadchanuh , kah 
ptJutauont, monataih uOeu^ kah weekofitam- 
^e wunnoDtauoh. 

. uVr ^*^ tapeneiinkquokkefufc, payaumoo- 
Uk Herod neadtneekis nekefukok. mifhad- 
^"pwuhheau wunnanawuanuaeneumoh , kah 
okkehchumumukquompumofa. kah uTimi- 
ihauaenumoh nt Galile. 

22 Kahpetutteadtwuttaunohyeiioh Hc- 
rodias, kah paumukont, kah ajfdcittcaheuh 
Herodoh, kah nah weetapemukqutchch, kc- 
ta.lGDt iinnau imnklquobj weehquetumah ut- 
toh uiinantaman, kahkuttiunumauunun. 

25 Kah wutchekeimuh uttoh wechque- 
tumaiean kittinnumaunun tohneit p6hfiii 

24 Kah fohhog wuttinuh okafoh teaguas 
Uoh noowehquctum ? kah noowau uppuh- 
quoaritup John kutchemimAwaenin. 

25 Kah teanukpctutteau ketafTaotumojUt, 
kah ODwechqucturaauoh noowau^ nukkodtan- 
tamtcanuk aninnumah uppukkuk John kut- 
cnerrummuwacnin ut wunnonkanit. 

26 Kah ketilTcut ahche neuanatam , out 
ne^vutche wutcbadchekcyeuwaonk, kah nah 
wutttic wtetappcmukqutchch, woh mo wut- 

tj Kah tcanuk kctafioit anoonau ptfuk 
ummatwomub, kah unnanootcamo paudcau- 
unaj uppfthkuk. kah monchu , kah wuttutn- 
tfcquoSwAh ut kup/hagkinnaonganit. 

28 Kah uppaudtauun muhpuhkuk ut wun- 
nonkanit , kah aninnumauon iionkfq. kah 
nonkfq wuttinndiiauun okafoh. 

29 Kah ukkodnctuhracnumoh nootamo- 

/tukc. S^Vnfu?*'^"""*""^"*^'^"*^^^^^"*^ ^^ 
«.io . 7,0 I Kah ApoIUcfog^ ajopog en Jcfuj ut , 

Slarkt' i^»piamk fetnkiqu 

kah wuttinuh wame, toh mahaie afe^hettit. 

onk toh anuhkuhkotomuhteahettlt. 

5 r Kah wuttinuh nah, peyunk wcbc kenaaii 
touohkomukqut, ogguhf^ anwohfimx^k , ne- 
wutche monacg pcyaog kali moncheoi?/ kah 
n*»nanumo6g wannc rr.eetiin. . 

?2 »,Kah kemeu moncheog kuhtGDnoe- ^ ^^^* 
qut en touohkomukqui. ^ ^4* ii» 

I 3^^ Kahrai;iinninnuog wunnawoeh mon- 
chenit, kah Luwaheauuh monaog: kah ohkee 
pahroogvyutch wameotanaM,, kah wunnuk- 
; Konouh , k'h Uinrrochtauouh. 
I .34 ,^f \Je^us fohhog^naau monaoh rnifHa- ^ lur,^. 
nmnun,liah md kitteamonteanumoh, newut- f^ 
chenag oHatuh Jliepfog matta nannuheotttv ^•^• 
^ kah ukkitchekuhkoQtomauau monataih. 

55 KahnahenwunnonkouoDkukkodnetuh-.Tv/Tof*. 
taeouognppeyaaunnouk kah nouwaog, yeti rf re 
touohkomuk, kah wunnonkooo). ^ , ^4* *^* 

1 ^^ Nag mondieah, onk woh moiKfceok 
.qmnnuppcpenauhkemukqut^kah en otanac^ 
; melut, onk woh attdon&aog wuhhogkauh 
petukqunnegaih^newutche mat ahtooDda ut- 
toh meechbettit. ** 

%7 WunnampoDhamauoh kah wuttinuh'* 
aJTamook, kah nag wuttinouh 5 funnummon- 
cfiemitn kah nutattauomun neefit pafukcxi- 
omikdtik pctukqunntg, kah nutaflfamdnan > 
, 38 Wuttinuh nahog, kitteahfliohtomwoa 
Petukc^unn<foaili > mcDnchek kukkinnearaaofc 
Kah watiteaohettit noowaog, napanna, kafa 
Heefuog namohfog. > " 

39 WuttinannGonwh ayimok wame num- 
matappin, pafukquinnu afhkofljquhquontu. 

40 Kahnummatappaog, nonukqut pafuk- 
00 app«og,kah napaniia bettafhincha?appaog 

4r K&hncemunuk napannatab/hinalh pe- 
tukquncgafb>kah neefoowdh namohfoh, fpuh- 
quaeu en kefukqut, kah cDnantam , kah Toh- 
qunnum petub^unnegafh, kah wuttinniimau- 
oh ukkodnetuhta^Bumoh, upp^numauouh 
anaquabenit5 kah neefuog namohfog wut- 
cnadcnaubenumaaonuh wame. 

42 Kih nag wame meetfuog, kah wame- 


f '^.^^^j! "^^^""numwog naboneefe natog- 
Kodrafh fcque'tearaohettidiifh, kah kogkod* 
cnikc namohfog.' 

44 Kah nag meechikeg pctukqunnegalh , 
toh napanna tahlhe routtanoneanog kulluog 

4r Kah teanuk wutdietimuh ukkodnetuh- 
ta^numoh , 6nit kuht(L.nogqut , onk woh 
wuHncgonnekunkquoh en ogkomut, en Beth- 
laida, noh moncheaheont milfinninndh. 

46 Kah nih roondieahcontogquodchuau 
en wadchutjt, onk woh peantam. 

47 P Kah wanonkoDook kuhtonokqui n6eu ^ •- 
kehtahhanlt, kah noh nonfiyeu ohkeit. * "^^^•' 

48 Kah wunnauoh menuhke diemaog f ne- '*' ^pi 
wutchc pencx>wewuttin) kah toh nfietipuk- 
ok; upf ^yauoBuh, p©mwuihiiu kchtahhanit , 


kah kodtinneac fomwulha^. 

49 out nauahetiit pomulliau kebtanhan. 
jiir, minanitamwog chcpi, kah miihontou- 

^ ^6 ^Ncwitche wame wuniiauouh kah wut- 
; tamanatamwog) kah ttanai;. ukkekccoukau. 

* ■ ; ohj kah wuttinuh , weckonumouk, neen 
jiakoh ahque wabcfek. 

< I Kah noh paont kuhtaonogqut, auwec- 
»un : kah moo^heke cheplbaag ut wuhho^- 
kat wulTaumc, kah moachanatamwog. 

5 2 Newutchematta mehqurtntamooog pc- 

tukqunnegaih , newutche wuitahtubwoJh 

mcnuhkiyeuafii. , ■ ,, . ' 

. *r ,. 5^ a Kah quoa^kodtealiettit, peyeauog 

?^ 5. ohkitGencfarccb,kahkuhpr^. 

^^ 54 Kah fohhamwuhheuuvvutchkuhtOi- 
nogqut, kah teanukoowaheouli. 

55 Kahquogqucog pannuppu warac wut- 
Ohtimoin quinnuppu, kah kutchu moncha- 
neteaogappinneaQi, t\t% mahchinacheg, ut- 
tOhnootamwahheiticwuJtappen. ^ 

56 Kahnill^noh uppetukkoa otinaemet- 
aa^.afuh kehtoDtanalli, afuh penuwobkomuk- 
qualib nag ponaog mahchenanutche mayut, 
kah vvunnanompaiiumouh onkwohuoimul- 
funnam;^ u webe uhquae wuihogkaoonganit : 

- iah neidcahll.e muilaanumaaont nectiitehc- 

C H A P. VII. 

tf Mat;XTE5t A ummoeebtaueuhPharifefog.kah 
55.1. iN nawhutcheh Scribfog, ojiBWOg Jeru- 

2 kah nauihettk nawhwtche ukkodne- 
tuhtaeneumoh meechwog petukqunneg , 
nilhkenitchaog, (ne nauwuttamun mat kel- 
renitchauojog) oDchimoneau. 

3 Newutche Phirifefog kah wame Jewrog, 
matkafenitchabettegUh, mat meetf^og, ne- 

'■ aunag ukkiihkoDtomuhcfeaonganco kehciie 

" roiilinniitnuog. , . . . r ^ 

^ 4 Kah wamohettUadt kodtowompafimuk, 

- mat-kufrcnitchahctteg mat meetleog, kah 
..wonataih oiikatoganath > attamunnumwog 
. V'innamptamun,kutchtrattittun wuttattam- 

waltchooalh, kah ahkiihquog, kahwoimpuh- 
.Ifeogque auwohteaongaOi, kah tabiefafh. 

5 Neit Phar ifefog kah Scribfog wunnatco- 
. tomaudah^tohwutrh moahettegkukkodtie 

..tuhtac'fiumog, lUtoh anukkuhkootomubtea- 

V bettic kehcheiifinnuos, qut meechwog pe- 

tukqunnunk afq kakulTenitchahhettekup, 

6 Wuanampci>^atnai3oh k^h wuttinuh^ 
ftlfai. fampwc kcnegonne miOuhhukooop Efay^? 
29. tq« kenaau eianrukeiog , neanfnkwh&fik, b ycng 
M ttb. miilinnmnuoo; nukquhtianunnukquog ut wuf- 
15J. Ti.Tetaonoowout, qut wuttahhaK>h nunndh- 


7 Qut tahiTT)Che na)WOWufriirnukquog 
ongan n mhrmninnuog, wuLihe wunaamuti- 
feat kii^keotomubtcaoBg^i. 

8 Newutche kuppancponamum WO) wut- 
annuuteamowongatli God , kah kcnrcmuii- 
numwoo ukkuhkoL/iomuhteaonganob wofKc- 
tompa'^g ; ycuft^, kutdiifiumtonk ohkouk, 
kah wuiidiiaiTiWatcctiaafiij kah monatalh 
onkatoganith neiatap yciiih, kituHeinneau. 

9 Kan wuiiinuh nah, wunnamuhKut tah- 
noxhc kutayimumwoo wutannooteamao- 
ongalh God, onk woh kenanahteamwo) nc- 

10 N cwutche Moles noowop, quttianum 
koDlh kah kokasj kah noh matchenanumont 
colhoh afuh oktroh nuppitdl ut nuppunat. 

11 Qut kuilimwao, bowan unnont vX^lhoh 
afuh oKalbh, nc c Korban ; nc nauwuttam- * '^^t-' 
uiij magoowonkj nalhpc uttoh tnuhumaaun- ^5»5» 
numuk nalhpe nen : noh woh chippeu. 

12 Kah kukqucihtinau macta wonk toh 
unnehheoun oolhoh afuhokaibh. 

15 AyimcuoL) wutiinnouwionkGodmatta 
tohbentupan.;tamooun5 naibpe kukkuhkao- 
tomuhteacnk, uttiyeu k hkoutomuhteaog, 

14 d Kah wechkomont wame mitlinninnuh, « r^as-. 
wuttinuh^ nootitkniihnoh pafuk kenaau^kah i5.J- 
wohtamvjjk. ^ ^ > u 

15 Wanne teagunninnao Re woikecne 
woilietompaut, petutteaono-nt, wolketomp 
wuiinilhkheuh : qut niih fohweetenkqut- 
chiOi J yeulh wuniiilhkhukqunalh woike- 

I e Howan obtunk itiehtauogwafij toh woh 
nouicg, ncDtaj. , t 

17 Kah petutteadt weetuomuti wiitrne 
miiiinnmnait, uKkodnetuhtaenumoh wanna- 

.tojtomunkquob papiume ae ogqunneunk- 
quCi'iionk. , . ^ ■_ 

18 Kah wuttinubj kenaau wonk lisn mat 
kutahtaomwcpwohtamoonk/ fun mat koo- 
wanieaomwGD, tie ttaguas wuich woikeche 
petuttfaetiakquit woiketo^p woh mo wofk- 

faukoDUn? , ■ ■- 

19 Newutche m?t petntteaumunouh wue- 
tabiit, qut ivunnogkulut, ka'i fohhama^nuoo 
moce pabkeceaiimoo wame meettuongadi? 

20 Kah na.waii , n« fohHsmou'Jg wittcri 
wpikecorapaut, ne wunnitbkbttkqun woil^e- 
tomp. ' 

21 e Newutche wntch anomut , wutcn e GeHo 
wuttghhouwout woikctompaog ummouoo 6.5, 
matanatamooongafli mamiiOtiongarh , tjan- &8.21 
■ 22 / Komm.rtowongath , ahchew-,ntam- p/.zU 
CDongani, matchetowonk, afcDkekodteamo- 15. b|>, 
wonk, kcgkenrquawoRk, matcliet muikefiik, 
blafpbemiaonk , pitchuanui^ooufe , aivVtu- 

2^ Warae yeuili umcuafti anncmut^ kafe 

24 F K^h neepa«t!t, na oomiin, ksh mon- g iViat» 
rhiiwutobtuout Tyre kab Sidon, k;?h pe- i5- 21, 
tuttCAU we'eiu; k^5i nhchewontam tr?tta wa- 
f 2 hakoLiUfl 

1 wo..eto.puh,,utwoh«oputtog.,,u„nu„.wa.^ 

I ,25 Newutchenohmlttumwoins wutaune- ^l^¥l "wunnt'^^r^^^"^' 

naihauanitto, \vuiin.»tammiuh , paont, pc- faufuk ^^""^'^""'Saih , kah noowaog nc* 
nuiluu ut v.'u.Teetut a i^*« 

nuHijuut wu.Teetut. 

25 C Alittumwodis penuwohteau, wuf- 
byrophenician na/hpe wutohtimoin ) 

o>ropnenician na/hpe wutohtimoin ) kah 
wunnannumpafumoh, onk woh Tohwohteau 
mattanitcoh wutche wuctajnefur. 

2? UUt TefiK tunl-f JumN rv,i,L.I,:^^ .,-„^ 

-^^^w.iiuu wuici.e wuctajnelur. 

27 i^ut Jefus wuttiimh.mukkiog negonne 
^amepwiLihetdch, newutche matta wunne- 
genniLio nee.TUnumun mukkiefop uppetuk- 
qui.uiikanoD, kah anouhkauonneau anumwog. 

2« iiah wunnamp.jDhaaiau kah wuttinuh, 

S^vc,."^,^fF'^^^i'""'^^^"^^ ^"^ anumwog ut 
agvvu af:hutt::ihpumuk, miikkiog wuITequa^ 

nm^'^^'u"'^""'^^' newutche yen kuttin- 
wmrh^iT^ "^^^1^^''^^. mattanitto amaeit 
wutcMe kuttauneTut. 

fiUr^ J^^^P^ont weekit, namehteau mattan- 
oitcoamaei, kah wuttaunoh feepfin appin- 

pannuppu n6eu wucobtu Decapolis. 
mo ka^.rrr'J^Jfl"!'""^"^ kokkobfaoh , kah 
woh uko ?^ .i^\^ wunnanampafumouh onk 
Vfoh ukqucenihitteaoh wunniitcheg. 

null t1"""'^"'"'^^r^ ^«»^he mattaua- 
w" htl? aoM^^^ifl'V'fl P^h^^ianutchega(h 
umau'wSn: ^'^ ^"^'""^ i^ah 

©mcx), kah wuttinuh, Ephatba /ne nauwu?- 
tamuapohquan/h. ic uduwui 

unaih ^k^h n'.^"^ "'^htauogafl. pohquanum- 
^^^^S^S^^^ weenanuco.pene. 
"^^hJ"'^'' """"eechumuhkonuh onk woh 

wonK wunnaotainwahuQncau. 

ncotamun, kah munkakittoooli keketooh- 
«» . » - CHAP. vriT 

3 Kah moacheaheop afq ne teas ma 
""wotat^^^ nchfnwoHa^rwek^wo" 

«»mu;igqu;,h, uttohwQb kqytauvinnan pctuk- 

mfr.nn- '^""'"^nnoonuh miiHnninnuh num. 

■cau t^nran. k r?^'^P^^"H""^g^^^ ^^^ tabul 
auun ukkodnetuhfapni,rr,r.j, .„«u " 

auun ukkodnetuhtaenumoh, woh upponam- 

Wn^T"""r^SS requtteamuki/uttoh nag 
kodtumohetnai/h, nefaufuk tahlhinnutog! 

^fvl ^"^^°^' k^^ ummon heaheuh. ■ 
wi?li. I 5^'" . Petucteau kuhtcx>nogqut, 

qutchh^oub!"""'^""'' "«^h k,f«kqat,uk. '* 

J2 Kah moocheke miflianimoD at wub- 
naftauamttoomut, kah na.wau toh „mrh 

wunnamunkutkuttinDonumvvoo, na pifhmat 
kukkinneafuonk aninnunauau y'eu /omew- 

I? Kah wiinnukonuh, kah petutteankuh. 

wogneemunnumunpetukqunnunk kah v,fh, <" 
nagohtiogpaftk petukq^nuak kuh tnog- "^^ 

17 Kah Jefus wjhteiink, wuttimih tcJh '^•'' 
wohtamomwo,? kah^Sn! t^"'™ '""- 

20 Kah nefaufuk tahQiinaft « yaBenait- 


tannonganog ku(ru6g tahHiinnutogkodtafhf 
fequtteunkana/h keneemunnumojalh ? kah 
Boowaog nefaufuk ; 

21 Kah wutciauh J uttoh kittin mo woh- 
tamoounneau > 

23 KahpeyauBcthfaidajkahuppo^udtaa- 
ouh pogkcniimwohjkah wunnanampairumooh 
hoh en ummufliniionat. 

25 Kali fogkenitchanau pogke'numwom- 
pouh, kah wuilohhoovvunuh wutch cucanitf 
kah fahquoantamauont wulkefukquafli j kah 
uKqueenlhitteuh wunautchegaih, wuanatco- 
tomauoh uttoh kittinnaiimua. 

24 Kah afpuhquaitj noDWau, nuanau wof- 
ketompaog onatuh mehcugquafla paumulh- 

25 Neitvvonk queenfliitteau wunnutche- 
^Ihutwuikefukqut, kah wutayimauoh uf- 
puhquain : kah mo neetlkeheau , kah naau 
nilh noh wolketoropuh pahke. 

26 Kah ummonchanuh en weekit, ncowau 
Clique petunreath otani t; afuh ahque usho- 
wanut Ota nit. 

r Mat. 27 e Kah Jtfas fohham , kah neh ukkod- 
19. 1 3« netuhtaenumoh en dtanit^ut Cefaria Phillip- 
pi : kah mayut wuttit natootumauoh ukkod- 
netuhtacrtumoh , wuttinuh , toh naowaog 
ivolketompahg, howan neen 5 

28 Kah wunnampvXjhamauouh , John kqt- 
chefTumrauaenin , qut nawutchc naowaag , 
Elias^kahonkatogig howae quoflaodtumwa- 

29 Kah wuttinuh, qut toh kufllmwoo, ho- 
wan neen ? kah Peter wunnampoybamauoh 
wuttinuh ken Chrift. 

30 Kah Hmmeechumuhkonuh' onk woh 
mat wuttinnonean howane, 

31 K .h ukkitche kohkootomauoh wiinau- 
monuh woiketomp mos moHatalh wuttinnea 
ammattamiinat, kah pogkenau naflipenanu- 
auwanutcheh, kah naihpenegonne fephaufu- 
aenuog, kah Scribfog , onk mos nulhau, kah 
mahchenid^ikquinogOk omohkeU wonk. 

32 Kahkuttoj ne kutt»onk pohquaeu: 
neitPeter wunneemunoh, kah ukkutche 

3 3 Qut ompamuhquait , kah moiineneau- 
ont ukkodnetHhteenumoh, Suikomau Peter- 
oh, noowau, Wuttat wuflubkah Satan , ne- 
■wutche matta kukqutchtamm-X) wuttinni- 
yeuongafh Godjqut \vuttinniyeuonga(h wot- 
Ketompaog. ■ 

3+ KahVeekomont miHilnninnah^r weecn 

4'\K f Wonkukkodnetuhtaeneumoh;Wut!inub,noh 

J **^|* howan afukiitj/quenauwaonon'-h wuhhog- 

^o» S^'kuh, kah neemunitchuppometfhineuna 5 kah 


3$ Newutche wuttinmin howan wadcha- 
nuk uppomantamoonk ptfh oowanteauun , 
qut howan vvanteunk oppomantannoonk wut- 
che neen, kah wutche wunnuletongquot; 
noh piUs wadchanai^ 

Jef^s penomneun^^hjfti 

36 Newutche teaguas woh aneuhumauau* 
woiketomp aneuhumauwut wame muuaok 
qut waneheunt nehenwonche ukUeteanogkft- 
unoh ? 

37 Afuh teaguas woh maguk woiketomp 
afuowunont ukkeieahogk6unoh ? 

38 g Newutciie wuctinnaiin howan ikod- n Maf» 
chuwofit, kahnuttinncowaongafh, yeu ma- io. 33» 
mulfuonganu kah matchefue uppometuong- 
anit: wonkpilh woiketomp wunnauraonuh 
nehwutakodchudnuh, peyont ut wufToh- 
fummooongaiiit oufli^h, weech ooMcetupana- 
tamwu wutangelfumoh. 


K Ah nah wuttinuh, a wunnanmuhkut <» Mat. 
kuttinnonnumwQOj nawutche nag yeu 10. aS. 
neepauwatcl^eg, matta pilb qutchehtamoog 
nuppoonk, noh pajeh naumobettit wutaflbo- 
tamaoonk God; peyauma) nal^pe menuhke- 

'2 b KahmahchenequttatabflilRqulnukok, h Mat. 
Tetus neemunau Peteroh,kah James, & John, I7«»» 
kah nab uku:nkukkoounoh en kuUohk6iyeuut 
nu'leu n.igumau, kah penoowinneungquliu ut 

3 Kah wathogkooongafii wohlumooma)- 
afh, ahche vvompiyeuall^ onatuh kocjn: wanne 
howati kutchitlinagkina^nin yeu muttaohkit 
ne woh wuttin w®mpeto(»un. 

4 Kah nag naeihtunkquog Eliafoh weecne 
Mofes.kah nagkeketcTDkauaog Jefusob. 

5 Kah Peter nampouham, kah unnau je- 
fufoh, Nu'.Iontimora , wunnegen yen kut- 
taiinneanonut, kah ayimuttuh ihwinalh wee- 
tuomalh, pafukkeUj kah pafuk Moles , kah 
pafuk Elias. . ^ , . 

6 Newutche matta wahteauoo tohwolj 
anoDwadt, newutche moocheke wabeCnog. 

7 Kah na m& raatokqs Wunaohkecunkqua- 
eau , kah wadtauatonkqufluonk peyaumoci 
wutch matokqfut, aoowau, yeuoh womonog 
nunnaum^n, noh nootok. , 

8 Kahteanuk weenoanquaehettit, raatta 
howane nauwoog, qut wtbe Jefus cuOea 
weechensgumoh. . , i, *. 

9 Kah womuOehettit wutch wadchuut, 
ummeechumuhkonuh matta howane wuttin- 
nonaoont uttoh an naumohettit , n6 paJeh 
wunn^umonuh woiketomp , wutomohkenat 
wutch nuppunnat. , ,, 

10 Kah ne wunnanauWchteauunneau ne 
nGOwaonkut wuhhogkadut: natcwtommoad- 
tehettit toh nauwuttamun omohkeonis 
wutch nuppunnat. 

It Kah ^u'i«2itootomauoub, noowaog, 
tohwutch Scribfog noowahettit, Elias mos 
negonne peyau ? . , , 

12 Kab nampoDham kah nah wuttmnon : 
wun'^amubkut Elias negonne peyau , kah _ 
rampwateou wame teanteaquailinilb , c kafi <: iJau 
toh en wuifuXwhofik papaumu woiketomp 5 3.^,4. 
wimnaumonuh , noh mos moaataih wurtin- 
F 3 nwn^ 


fafu\^ mitihohl^mttyd'mriadche'dmtM^ik.'BdYtm^^^ ajfm 

afuh ummittamwuflbk afuh wunncchanoh a- 
fuh wucohkealh, wutche neea, kah najnon- 

20 Qut pifli attumunum nequt pafukooe 

tahlhiiinuGout, yeuyeu yeu aquompakjwetuo- 

fnalh, kah ODWeemactinneutik, kah ummiife- 

tonneunk, kah okafinneunk, kah wunnecha- 

ninneunk, kah wutohkineaih weeche wo{ke- 

hettaonk, que muttaohkic ne paaumcDug mi- 

fMat ^'^^"^^,P°'"^"tam6orik. 

iQ 28 ^^ ^ S^^ monaog negonneyeuooog pilh 

i Mat* »n^?"«'^"i^<»a>og,kah raaumachifiiODutcheg 

f o 17 P»^^g"^6onneycuaoog. ^ 

/• %2 Kah nag mayit ogquodchuwaog ut Je- 

ruuiem, kah Jefus wunegonuhkauoh, kah nag 

cnepihaog kah afakaujibettit wabefuog: kah 

vronk neemunau mboneefoounutcheh, & noc;- 

Che unnont ut teaguafinirii woh iniitcheh. 

3? Noowaukuireh, nutogquodchuaumun 
*? J^'""^alcra, kah wortietomp wunnaumonuh 
Pifli ponau negonfephaufuanutu kah Scrib- 
Ichtu & nag pi(h oofumouh nuppunat, & pifh 

54 Kah nag pilh ummomontauouh, kah 
wiittattagkomouh, kah pilh wuflifukquonouh 
Kah m(h wunufliouh^kah niihikquinogok pifli 
omohku wonk. 

on 'fn' »y V J^ Ksb Jamcs kah John, wuimaumoHuh 
20. 20. Zebede peyaonouh noowaog, nuObntiraomun 

«?. *2 

44 Kah kenaaa howan kodnegonneyeuut, 
noli pilhootinninnumunneauh wame 

45 Newutchenoh wunnaumonuh woflie- 
tomp, matta wutche peyau ootinninnumua- 
neatj qut nagum wuctinninniimunneat ; kah 
ummanauhwhonat monaoh. 

46 i^Kah peyaog Jericho, kah fohhog 6 Mat. 
wutche Jericho weeche ukkodnetuhtaenu- 2t. 299 
mohj kah monaog miirinninnaog5pogkenuai- 
we Bartimeiis wunnaumonuh Timeus j^ppq 
ki/hke raayut, weenthau. 

47 KahnoDtog noh Jefiis wun -Nazareth : 
noociie mi(hontuawau, kah ncuwau , Jefus 
ken wunnaumonuh David monanumeh. 

48 Kah montog ummeechumuhkonouh ne 
wuttealhuwcnat:qut nagum moochcke wonk 
mau, ken wunnaumonuh David monanum- 

49 Kah Jefus neepaii^kah wutanooteamoo 
weekomonat: kah nag weekomaog pogCe- 
numwoh, wuttinuh, WeekontaQi, neepauQi^ 

50 Kah paketog wuthogkoo neepau , kah 

•) r Kah Jefus narapojham kah wuttinuh , 
teaguas kukkodfantam kittinhenunat > pog* 
kenumwomp wuttinuh. Lord woh nutat- 
tumunum nunnaumoDonk. 
— 7T,'*jf^x«""v^KuiivjL/w*ug, uuuunLiraomun ^2 Kah Jefus wuttinuh , mdnchidi kcD- 
flukKodtantamumun kuttinhenanonut , toh I namptamouonk keneetlkehik^kah teanuk at- 
^"i'i^R'^^?""^^^' , , .. i tuf^unum wunnaumooonk, kah afihkauau 

^e Kah wuttinuh toh kittinne kodtantam- ' Jefusoh en mayut. 
umwQonewohanhenog, I CHAP. XI. 

37 Wuttinouhweeta)6m]nneanonk woh I IV^ Ah a pafjofukaamohettit Jerufalem , a Mat» 
nutapimun, pafjk kuttinnohkounit, onka- i JV paj eh Bethpbage.kah Bethany, ut wad- 21.I. 
tog kummeni^dcheanit ut kulTohfumooonga- chuut Olives, anounau necfuoh ukkodnetuh- 

*^^' ! taenumoh. 

38 Qut Jefus wuttinuh, matta koowahte- ' 2 Kah wuttinuh, monchek en otanamefik. 
auorawoo ttiaugua vvehquetumog,woh kootat- ne paiihfukuhkunkqueog, kah mahche petut! 

uT^^L^^^u"^^'^''^"^^^'*^*^^ wadtattam^^ah teaog, woh ken3mheamwG0,afrefemeskifpif.. 
ont VMri?i?^,r ''"T"''^^ "^ kutcheilumo- fu, afquam quen:ppegeh wofketomp, ompc- 
ODk kiKchcfumweh. neukkah paudtiek. ^ 

iJ^ ; wuttinouh, nuttapenumtinan, kah 3 Kan howan unnukqueog, tohwutch veu 
jcius wutt.nuh, wunnamuhkut pidi kootat- udeog ? ncowagK, piahquttumwaen ukque- 
tanuineau,newuttutamwaitchwadtattam, nauwdhhukquoh. kah teanukmos wunnee- 
Kah naihpe ne kutchenumoonk ne kdhchif- onihhuonuh yeu en. ^ 

lumw€h : pifli kukkutfumnnaeau. • I 4 Kah moncheog, kah nameheaos aTe^e- 

Aoq\xt wutapinneat pafuk nnttinohko- ! mefekifpi (ukiihkcfquoantpoquodchit, ne 

ayeuonganit adt neefin-ai nogkiihkauad- 
tumOD kah wutompinncou.h. 

5 Kah nawhut^i neg naapitcheg, wut- 
tinduh, toh kutuffemoo ompineog aifemefe ? 

6 Kah wuttinbuh Jefus neanannooteam- 
wit, kah wuttenanumouh ne'nulhan-i. 

7 KahpafooaogafTefemefohJefusut, kah 
ne ukquenuhkoneau wuthogkouunooooafli, 

8 Kah monaog feptkentimwog wutfcog- 
koounadi ut mayut, kah onkatogig pohque- 
tahhamwog wuttuhqunafh mahtugqut, kah 
nanwonkquttoog en mayut. 

9 Kah neg negonaucheg, kah neg afukau- 

T-- v^-». "«w,ij.,uiicdL vaiuK nuicmonKO- 
nit,onkatuknummenadrheanit, matta neen 
woh nummagoDon, qut pith aninnumauoneau 
neg quofbauwebtauutcheg. 

41 Kah prnkqulfuog nootamohettit, noo- 
Che moocheke mufquanumohettit Jamefoh 
kah Johnoh. 

.42 Qut Jefus nahoowehkomuh, kah wut- 
i Luke tmuh, i koowaheaumwoo, neg tapencauutche 

wunnanaunanoont Gentilfoh, wutanuukke- 
nomonaooiit kah matikkenukegufleog wuta- 
nxiukke nomndnkanrr;. 

^jQuttTiatra pifli ne kittinnicqfau ke- 
nugkekcnnan qut wuttinniin howan kod- 
rnaiukkenuk kenugkc kenaa"/noh Pilh kit- 


h Mat 
dx. 19. 

t Mat. 

oncheg, milhontoowaogncDwaog, Holanna , 
wunnanumau noh paont ut ODwefuonganit 

10 Wunnantamunaj wutafTaatamoonk 
noofhun David , ne paomoDUg ut oywcfd- 
onganit Lordly Hofaniia ut quanunkquapu- 

1 1 Kah Jcfus pctuttcau Jerufalein, kah Qt 
templcut, kah wc'enatadmpatog wame tean^ 
teagualinilh, kahyeuyeuwanonk<DODk, foh- 
bamen Bethany, weeche nabo necfuunut- 

12 Kah nompuhkcgk,wamohettit Bethany 

13/) Kah nag matugquc figs noadtut wun- 
nepogkoD^x;, peyau, onk woh wunnampteau- 
unat teaguas na ut, kah paaontog, maLchaog 
namchtec,u webe wunnepaguiih, newutche 
afquam ahquompano adtfigfiicD. 

14 Kah Jcfus nampcuham kah wuttittam- 
un, wanne howan mcechooitch meechum- 
inuonk wutcfee ken , yeuwutche onk yean 
micheme , kak ukkodnetuhtae aumoh wun- 

I'y € Kah peyaog Jerufalem, kah Jefus pe- 
tutteau temple, kah na>che lohhcDkauont 
neh kodtauwompatinitche, kah adtdadcheg 
ut templeut, kah kepuhteau wuttableumoo- 
^ih dfouwompacheg taugu3ih, kah wutapu- 
onganooaCh ncg magugcg wikuhvvhunanuh. 

16 Kah matta unanumo'iu howanepa(h- 
pc'wur. tail ill ne tague wifq ut templeut. 

17 Kah kuhkootoraiihteau, wuttinuh nafa- 
oh, funnumraatta wuifukwhdfinoDh, neek 

^ohn mm Godui 

25 Kah neepofi peantambg, /ahquoan- 
tamcx)k toh hcnneu matchenchukquean ho- /Mat. 
wan, onk woh wonk koolheu kefukqut apit ^.14/ 
kutahquoantamunkou kummatchefcongand- 

26 Qut matta ahquoantam<$ateog , onk 
woh mat koofliut kcfukqut kutahquoantara- 
unkou kummatchefeonganooaai. 

27 Kah wonk peyaog Jerufalem, ^ kah g Mat* 
papaumulhadt templeut, peyaonuk negonnc 21,23. 
fephaufuaeniioh, kah Scribfoh, kah piahqut- 

28 Kahnagwuttitiouh, Teaguafhkenafh" 
pe menukkes yeufh kutulTenat ? kah howan 
kittinnurtiungqun menuhkefuonk yeuih uf- 

29 Kah Jefus nampooham, kahwuttinuh, 
neen wowk kenatootofnauonumwoo pafuk 
natootomuhtcaonk, kah naropcuhamaiek, kalu 
onk kuttxnnonnnmwoo teagualh nafhpe me* 
nuhke'fe yeufti nutuftenafli. 

3 "> Ukkutfumrauwaonk John , wutch 
ayeumc»us wutch kefukquiug, afuh wofke- 
tompaut, nampoohamaiek. 

31 Kah nag weogquttunioadtinneau noo- 
waog, unnoowaog wutch kefukqut, onk wob 
ncowau, tohwutch neit mat wunnamptau- 
wodgus > 

32 Qut unnoowaog wutch wolketompaut, 
nag quihaog miilinninniih : newutche wa- 
me wutogquanuiiiduh quoihodtamwaenuut 

33 Kah nag wunnarapoohamauoh, kah un- 
usog Jefasohjmatta ncuwahteouunan. Kah 

pilli uffowetamuii peantamwaekomuk ut i Jefus nampouham, wuttinuh, nen wonk mat- 

Wame wutahtimdneafh > qut kutayimuneau 
ivutonkhoonoodont kommoDtowaenuog. 

1 8 Kah Scribfog kah negonne fephaufua- 
cndognautan.wehettit, natinnehamwog ut- 
t&h woh an nu{hahcttit, ne wutch nah uk- 
^uihduh , newutche wame miifinninnuog 
chepfliaog ukkuhkoutomwcfhteaongath. 

19 Kah wunonkouGuk, fohham wutch 00- 
^ tanat. 

ll Mat. 20 d Kah mobtompog, paumwufhahettit, 
^^•'9* naumwog figfe mahtug raulfouwonkquodt 
wutch wad^baubukqut. 

21 Kah Peter mehquontcg , wuttinuh, 
fiuflbntimom, kulfeh, ficfe mahtug ne mat- 
che hettamop muffowonkquodt. 

22 Kah Jefus nampcx)ham wuttinuh, ah- 

25 Newutche wunnamuhkut kuttinnon- 
nurawa>, wuctinnaiin howan hettog yeu 
wadchu , ontfapilb , kah unnohkonittealh 
kehtohhanit, kah matta chanantam g ut 
wuttahut, qut wunnamptog yeulhanoows- 
leh woh n nihyeuaih, woh aht6 ni/h noh wul- 
(inneadi . 
e Mat. 24 Newajeunnunnog, e teaguas kodtan- 
7.7. tarno'^ peantamog, wunnnrnptamook kutat- 
tumtt;iu.Tiunaout, kah piib kutahtinaoath. 

ta kummifliamanconeau teagualh naihpeui 
meauhkefuonk yeufli nucullenat. 

KAh a nooche kenconont ut kuhkinnea- 
(uonganutu ; howan wolketomp ohkch- 
teau weenominne'aohteuh^kah quinnuppenii* 
tauun, kah wdnohkontam v^/ineahohtag, kah 
jyimqununkquookonauk, kah wunoguhkou- 
hcuh anakaufuaenuh; kah aun6adtuc wutoh- 

2 Kah ahtcDcheeyeuook anoonau wuttin- 
numoh in anakaufucnuut, onk woh attum- 
unum nawhutch ummeechumuonk weeno-, 
rainneaohteuh wutch anakaufuenuut. 

3 Kah wutohqunouh, kah wuttattagumo- 
uh kah ummoncheaheuh netahut. 

4 Kah wonk cn:xjnaunaenonkatoge wut- 
tinnumoh,kah wiittattsgomouh quifukqua- 
nafh, kah wunnoachumwehtahwhouh ut up- 
puhkukqut,kih umoncheaheuh akodchuwu 

5 Kah wonk onkatoge anxnau,kah neh 
wunnuiiiouh ; kah monaoh onkatoge, na- 
whiuche wattattagumouh, nawhutche wun- 

6 Newutche,afq n6 nequtnaumoniaa^neh 
a)WOmonuh, aeh wonk mauniacki^lA wntau-^ 

Q uojnuh 

a Mat. 

23 Omohkemuk eewutche, nag omohke- 

hettit, howan neh piih oomirtumwuifinneah, 
newutche nefaufuk tahfuog ooweetauomo* 

24 Kahjefus nampoDham kah wuttinuhj 
funnummatta kuppannogrwohtamcwmwciE) ne- 
wutche matta kaowahteomwoo wulTukwho- 

nflDnnhna en, noDwau, nag woh quttianu-i 
inau nunnaumonuli. 

7 Qutyeuganikaufueiiuog hettuog, ycu- 
oh nomf>eaont, hah nujiiuntub, kah ahtoank 

8 Kah wuttohqunoub, vunnud^Quh, kah 
wuirohwhohkonouh vvutch weenotninneohte- 

9 Newutrhc toh piih uffeu p'lohquttuk 
vveenominncohteuk ? noh pUb peyau pagua- 
nau anakauiuaenuhj kah pi(h aninnuraauau 
weenominneohtik onkatogane. 

£ r>r,f ^o b Kah afquam kutogkeetamomoDUs 
,e yeu wufTukwhonk ? quiluk weekitteaenuog 
ii«.22 pagketamwehettit, ne uppuhkukoDe quiluk- 
^^^^' quanUQU adt nad^k!* 
21.42. , I Yeu Jehovah wutu/fconk, kah ne mon- 

Chanatamweyeu.x) ut nullikefukqunnonut. 
12 Kah ukkodtohqunouh, qut qufliaog 

roiilinninnuh;, newutche wahteauog nah uk- 

kekofhkohreamuh, kah wunnukonouh, kah 


Tvyr^f*- *5 ^ Kah anaonaog nawhutche Pharifefog: 
^Matr. kah Hercuiianrog, wuttafhpunnanonadput 
32. 15. ut kiitt<^uwongantt. 

X4 Kah paahettitjwuttinouh nufTontimom, 

DCDwahtermiin koona ruhkut-eyeu,kah mat- 
vtlMl " howati toh kittintupanumoh, newutche 
;^*io.- O^atta kootooanumoh wolketorapaog, qut 

kukkuhkautomuhteam ummay God wunna- 

mnhkut : fun wunHegen dmpwunnonft 

Cerar,aruh matta ^ 

15 Woh Butompwunnoun afuh matta? 
qut wabteunk wutciantukeiyeuongancD, 
wuttinuh, tohwhutdl qutchcheog? paudti- 
egk nequt ooipikot, onk woh nunnaumun. 

16 Kah uppaudtauunqeau, kah wutrinuh, 
bowanyeuH wuttinneahkontunkob kah 00- 
fukuhw»ionk, kah wuttinouh Cefar. 

T? Kah Jefnsnampoobarn, wuttinuh, nog- 
^lunimi^ok Gefar nifh wuttaihealb Cefar, kah 
God wuttaihcalhGod.kah ummonchanumo- 
^'J^o" '^ "^ Neituppeyaonouh SaddHjcefog, neg 
^^•2 3 anoowacfieg matta omuhkeonganinnoo, kah 
wunnatCDtomauouh noowaog. 

J9 NufTontimomun Mofei noorukkuh- 
liumunkqunnonup , wofkenmp weematoh 
nupinir, kah nukkonont ummitturnwifToh, 
kah wannenukkoriont wunneechanoh, neit 
pifh weematnh nemunau ummittumwufToh^ 
kah pifl) tohn:iinnm (ufkannem wee ratoh. 

20 Namo ncf^ufuk tahfliit weemattittu- 
og, kah negonne ummitturnwuffu, kah napuk 
nsatta nukkodtumoo oo(k nnern. 

2T Kah nahnhtScu wunnerrunoh , kah 
nuppoD noh w'lnk matta nukkodtumauoof- 
kannerr, kih naa^uudt neyane wonk. 

Y N'faufuk adtahfuutcheg laoweetau- 

afuh matta ummenuhkclfuoric 


25 Newutche omohkehettit wutxrh BUp- 
punat, matta wetait afuh matta weetaic hit- 
tein, qut kutonatuhhoomun angcirog kefuk- 
qut apitcheg. 

26 Kah papaume napukeg woh omohkeog, 
matta kutogketamoamoDus obfukuhwhong- 
amt Mofes, ut afinnekaufit God ukkcnoonuti 
noowau, neen ummanitttiumoh Abraham, kaK 
ummanittoomoh Ifaak kah ummanittODmoh 

27 Matta nob ummanittoomoh napukeg 
qut ummanittix^moh pamontogig, yowutche 

28 eKah pafuk Scribe peyau, kah ncot^g ^ ^'fatl 
«)weogquttamoadtinneau, kah wahceunk 00- 22. 57^ 
nenampoohamauuh, wunnatootonauoh, ut- 
tiyeu negonohtag wuttinnaumatuonk. 

29 Kah Jefus wunnampoohamau, negon^ 
ohtag wame unnaumatuongaih, nootamook 
woi Ifrael Jehovah nummanittoomun pafuJi 

?o Kah womoaus Jehovah kuramantttaora 

wame kuttahut, kah wame kukketeahog- 

j kounit, kah wame kuttenrtntamooonpanit j, 

kab wame kuifienuhkefuonganitj yeu negon- 

ohtag unnaumatuonk. . 

31 Kah nahohtdeu netatupe, yeu, unnoo* 
womaus Keetatteamong neyanoowomonat 
kubhog. Matta onkatuk unnaumatuonk mif- 
lano onk yeu/h. 

^ 32 Kah Scriboh unnuk, wunnegen nuflbn- 
timom , kva)nomwam , newutch pafukoDO* 
Gcd, kah matta onkatuk webe noh. 

J 3 Kah womononat wame metahat, kah 
wame vvohwohtamooonganit, kah wame ke- 
teahogkounit, kah wame menuhkefuonganit, ' 

kah womononat weetatteamonganun neanoo- 
womonat wuhhogkuh , ne anue onk wame 
malle chikohtae fephaufuongalh. 

94 K^h Jefus nag waantamwc nampaoham, 
wuttmuh, ken matta kcn5(X)fakamao ukke- 
tallootamoponk God, kah matta howan wonk 
wolKetomp, mahche yeu, toh wonk woh 
wunnatootomauoh ratootumuhrhr^ong. 

/i^lu-^'^^^^^T^"^"^^PO^^^'^^ ^^^ noowau, /Mat< 
a(Kuhkootomuhteadti:t temple, toh unnoo- 22.41,, 
waog Scnbfog, Chrift wunnaumonuh Da- 
vid } 

56 Newutche Dnvid na«:um noowop nafh- 
pen wunneetnpanaramwu nafhauanitto, Je- 

" '^P*' womogkutjhpanchtuonk. 

37 Ne» 


9 Qut ahquctauook kciiaau, nc\tutchc pifn 
nag kuppctakonukouooog moconganit, kati 


57 Ncwutdie Dtvid nagum wutt'muh 
nura-Manittoomonk tohwhuch wunnaumo- 
nait > kah naawc mUrminnuog wekontamw«c 

38 Kah wuttinuh nahoh ut ukkuhkoo- 
tomuhtcaonganit : g nutiaukqulTu unok 
Scribfog, wamontomwog quogquonafhion , 
wonkomdnat ut kodtauwomparuonganehtu. 

39 Kah ncgonappuongaih ut Sf nagogfut , 
kah ncgonappuongaih miibadtappuonganit. 

40 g Uttiyeug mahchipwutcheg lekouf- 
' quae komukqualh, kah wutche wunnaonk- 

whonk qunnepcantamwog: yeug piih at- 
tumunumwog anuc mohfag awakompaua- 

h Luke 41 ^ Kah Jefus uppiuhiukapehtamunat 

SIX. flora pakouanafti ohtag, kah monunneam mif- 

* * finninnuog pummunnumunaont teaugualh 

tit ncmpakouunnehtUj kah monaog wenaue- 

kttchcg moocheke puminumwog. 

42 Kah na pcyon howa matcnekue fekotsfq 
kah pummunum nefooohteauguobpenequt- 
ta quarternu nequtomplKot. 
45 Kah wchkumau ukkodnetuhtaenumoh 8c 
%vuttinuhj wunnamuhkut kuttinnonnumwoo 
yeuoh kuttumungc fckoiifq moocheke pura- 
munum onk wamc ycug pamunukeg. 

44 Newutchewamenag pummunnumwog 
wutch ummoochckohtauonganlt : qut yeuoh 
wutch ukquenauehukooonganit 3 pummun- 
um wamc ne ohtunk ? wame ne woh plmoa- 

c H A p« xiir* 

A M^ff J/' Ah tffohhog wutch temple, pafuk uk- 
2/ r IV kodnctuhtaenumoh unnuk, nuflbntim- 
^'^' omjkuhkinneaCh teagua quffukquanaOi yeuai 
kah weekitteaongafii. ... 

2 Kah -Jefus nampooham wuttinuh, ke- 
naumunafh yeufh mlUien weckxtteaongafti ? 
inatta pilh pafuk queenlhinno qufluk qulluk- 

2 Kahapitwadchuut Olives, piuhfuKeh 
Temple, kah Peter, kah Jamesjkah ]ohn,kah 
Andrew ukkemeu natcotomauouh. 

4 ^ MiUbhhamaiinnean , aqiiompak 
frMatt y^y^^ p-^^ ^ nihycuaai? kah teag^ia pilh 

Kuhkinneafuonk, yeulh wame n nag 

5 C|ut Jefus wunnampoohamauoh nosche 
utinooadt, ahqueteaucok ilhkont kutaflboke- 
komukkomoo howan. 

6 Newutche monaog piih peyaog noowc- 
fuonganit, nouwaog, necn nukoh, kah nag 
pifhafookekomaog monaoh. 

7 Kah ncDtamog aycuwuttuongnl'h, kah, ». ..,........,..-.._ ^,. -^ ^- 

weogquttumun ayauwuttuongalh, ahque ; yeu Chtift, aluh kiiileh, n noh , ahque wun- 
wuttamanatamookj newutche ne mos n iiih;, ' namptok. , , , ^r -yi 

qutafquamouhquaeu. 22 Nc/zutche arookekcdtearnoeCfenltog, 

8 Newutche wutohtimoin pifh waabeh- ' kah afookekcdrer^a-oe quoihodtumwaennog 
tamoTiO) wutohtimoin, kah a{fac>tim(juonk ;p!aineepaog, kah nag pilh nahtdue^ogkuh- 
airootamouoiiganit: kah piih quequ.m ut a- | kinn-ifuongaih, kah monch-iiiataniijungsiii 
yeuonganehtUjkahpiilunoihogqU'jdraQT kah , wunnompawu(finne;t ( tohncit vvoa udcit) 
wiutammepunnaongafti^ yeufh waj kutchi- j neg pepenauutcheg. 

G 2, 23 Qut 

ut Synagogfuc piflx kututttgkomtteaumwou 
kahpifli kuppctukanittcamwou nananuwac-. 
naut, kah kctaflootimwut newutche neen, 
wutche aycuuhkonittue nag wauwaonaong- 

10 Kah wunaunchemookaonk mosncgon- 
nc nooiamwahuwon koo wutche wamc wut- 

11 c Qut pafooqueog, Wth pctukkonuk- ^PMate 
queog. ahque quoIha« mthquintomcDk toh jo, iq^ 
woh ana)wa6g,afuh ahque negonncnatwon- . ^ 
tamojk, qut uttoh pilh anumontcaogne ho- 

wer, nc noDwtgk : newutche matta kenaaa 
kulTeneau, qut wunneetupanatamwc naihau* 

12 Teuyeu weematln piih wuDnafloomaa 
wecmatuh,en nuppunat, kah wutooihimau 
wunnaumonuh; kah piih wtttineechaneunk 
waabetunkquoh aochetuonganuuh, kah pifii 

ig Kah pifh kuOekencunkumwcD watne 
wolketompaog newutche nojwefuonk ; qut 
noh raanuhkinuk en wouKukquoihmit, noh 
pifli wadchaniu. , 

14 d Qut; naumog paguanue , wutuh- i i^tt* 
quoantaraoonk,ne an(DW©p Daniel quoOiod- 24, 1%^ 
tumwaen, neepatorauk na matta woh ohta- 
nogkup;»Cnoh ogketog wabceauutcm neit 

nag apitcheg Judea, uilB^ahetti^ wadthu- 
kontu. ^ . . 

15 Kahnohapitwoiliecbkommuk,abque 
womuiEtchenweetuomut, afiki ahque pe- 
tutteaj, woh wunneemunnumunaeat tca« 
gaas wutch wetuanaut. 

16 Kahnohapitohteakomt, ahque qulh« 
keitSi, woh ncemunum wuthogkoD. 

17 QutmiiriwuEonkapunaonknag v/om- 
pikquaitcheg, kah Hag noDfaitcheg yeuih 
uc SCefukodtumalh. ' , ' 

18 Kah peantamoukonk woh matta kootc^^ 
moomoD poponae. ,- , , ^ -n 

1 9 Newutche yeufh ut kcUikodtaib piiI} 
onkapunonganuoD , matta hanana>kup waj 
kut&iifiknekefteounkkefteunkup Gpd pa- 
jehyeuahquompak, kahmatrapiOinano. 

20 Kah Lord matta tiahqutteogus yeufh 
kefukodtaOi, wanne weyaus woh wadcha- 
numojunsqutnewutch neh pepenoowoncheh 
neh pcpe'norjumpuh wuttiahquhteunalh yeulh 
kefukodt^Oi. , ^, ^ ,«. ^^ 

I e Kah neit. howan unnuk qu^eofj^ud-eh, e Matt 


23 Qutahqieteuk/Kufiel], ncgonne kit- 

m.«u(r^"ri^'"^^"^ kefukodtpfl,, mahche 
nrwutun.mepunaonk, nepauzpjft pohke- 

n^nL^^^h''^''^ P^^^ "^^^°S wofketomp wufi- 
naumonuhpaontmatokqfut, na(]:pe mohfag 
mcnuhkefoonk kah fohfumoW 
J7 Kah ncit piih anowiau wutangelfumoh, 

muchey.uogw.banog, vvutche aongkou- 
onJS'.mukjonk ye;.n aon^koue kefukqut. 
2« Yeuyeii nehtuhtauook kukkinneafu- 

naKhurnwagk,kab fontippogok, koSwahtco- 
moo paloocheyeuoQ kuiiltteJu. 
veuafh^'uf J?' ^'1'"^ ^'"^^ "sumog unni- 
• y^l.:^!'''''^^ P^-ra>cheyeua,f kiihke 

' v^n nn!!f?"'T''^^"^ kuttinnonnumwGo, 

r^Vkmtn'nn.fn''^^^ nronfeagunnlnHO, qut 
nLaih. ^ n^atta pin. rnonteagunnin- 

Z2 qucnekefukod kah ne hower matta 
Ijyiacc ^^ ^ Ahqueteaucok, aniuhwhetMo toi, 

nuKKodtum week, kah aninnumauau wuttin- 
numoh piahqattumunat , Lh n?(l nnK l^ 
wane wuranakaufuonk if;?!? "^^^ "?*> ^^' 

muwchteauvvunutche rquoant ailiuhwhckon- 
matta koDwahteanomwoo piahquttSk we^u 

ku^koJJn^r '''""' ''^^'"^^ kenamhukoo 

Tk Mm u ^^ ^ P 5flV. 

ft Matt MVue mfn"/^'^^"^"'§^^^ paumukauadl 
26/2 rukqunu^^^ wckc pp. 

, w^nnuaionaflut? ^°^^""^^^«tit , kah 

t Matt og, ' . ^^'^^"^ wogkoucog miainninnl 

wutAckoo, namatapitmcctiit, mittumwuf, 
fispeyau,abtau alabafter boxepumniceibSc 
nard rnilhdadcu, kah pohquanaS boxuh, ^kab 
wuflokanumauon uppuhkukqut. 

4 Kah nawutche nag miirQnana«-o«„««« 
uc wuhhogkaout k.h nafwaCXuVS 
matchehteomuk pumme ? "-^tiycu 

6 Kah Jefus noowau, ahqheuk, tohwutch 
wuttamheog? wunnelu ut nuhhcgkat. 

7 Newutche nagwutteaeu kouweetom- 

nanatamog, woh kooneneheooog, qutnen 
""TViT^^'^'a' ^«^wcet6munomvv?S. 

8 Mahche ufleu nc ivoh afit : neeouae 
peyau wuffuffequnon nuhhogkuh ut Dofc! 
kinnatinneat. o **». f^^c- 

9 Wunnarauhkutkuttinnonnumwa),ut. 
toh adt ^eu wunaunchemookaonk kuhkcx;. 
torr.oadtimuk, pannuppe ivamc muttaohket 
ytu wonk noh afeit piih wcogqutaufu, wut^ 
^^l^'^^l^i^^^'^^i^^not pafukneg nabo ,, 
^h^n r^fS aunegonne fephaaluaenuut, ^.^att, 
nah oonafoDtamauonat. ^ 26. 14^ 
kah^?n^ nootamwehettit, weekontamwoff, 

kah tjkquofhaumouh wuitinnumauunaout 
teaugualh : kah nattinneham uttoh woh sdt 
wunuhkauont oonafloDnionat. ^^"^^'^ 

la ^ Kah negonnc kcfukod mat feanun- ^n^.^* 
na)g petukqunncg, fephauih^ttit paumuk- ?<^.'f 
auadtuefephauiuonk,ukkudnetuhtaenTrnoh '^' '^^ 
unnukq, tehnoh kutomun adt woh quas. 

Tdtonk t ""^^^'''^^ PaumS 

n/inff^'t anoonau neefuok ukkodnetuhtae- 
niimoh, kah wuttinuh, oukq cotanat kaSt 
nawoh kuttit nogku/hkoBg^uSwolke 
tomp kcnuimum pouthonchue mppT; afuh! 

14 Kah uttoh adt petutteadt,unnok n nob 
ne wackitog, Sontim na)wau^,m"iveu renu^ 
wohteacg ahappehettit , uttoh ^h^""! -. 

n"^^;tSotr'^"^"^ ^-^^^ -^^oT - 

r.hrtJ^l P*^? kcnahtinugkou mifl] w;jabe 
ohtag diamber , kefauwamunauHk 7 kah 
quaauofhweetdfik ; naut quagwon^wchtaia- 

16 Kahukkodnctuhtsenumobfohhamwoh 
kah^peyaogotanat, kah hemehteauog i^Ta! 



"jidifliadtnpoVonkChYin thti^.^. fiAmm, Jh^^s rintQhifmiiQmitfrfm 

19 Kah noDchcncuantamohcttitjkah wut 
tiDouh nanahfeu, ncn ? kah onkatuk neen ? 

20 Kah nampcDbamauoh kah wuttmuh, 
pafuk n^bo ncelouiitcheg noh quagunug 
wccche ncca wunnonganit. 

•2.1 Wofketompwunnaumonuhwannamuh- 
kut raonchu, neanfukwhtlik : qut milfi wut- 
onkapunaonk noh wolketomp wunnaumon- 
uh wanaffoomont : en wunnegik noh wolke- 
/Mat. 22 /Kah meetfehetiit, JeCus nemunum 
26. 26. pctukqunneg, kah oonanetamun , kah ioh- 
qunnuroun , kah nah wuitinnumauoh , kah 
noowau, necmunnumook mcechookjycu nuh- 

23 Kah nemunnum wuttattamwaitchjkah 
mahchetabuttantuk, nah wttttinnumauon : 
Kah nag wame a>tattam«neau. 

24 Kah wuttinuh , yeu ncDfqhcunk ut 
wull?i€ teHaiiieiit, ne fokanumwanlhut rao- 

naog, . 

25 Wunnamubkut kuttinnonnumwoo 

37 Kah pcyati, kah nah wunnamheuh kou- 
c'og, kah unnauPetcroh, Simon kukKoucm? 
matia woh kutaikuhwh<tc6h pafuk howcr ? 

38 Alkuhwhctcagk kah peamamak , ifti- 
kontkuppeiutieamoDqutchftaorganit ; na- 
(hauanitwunnamuhkui nanaihwu, qutwc- 
yaus nouchumwi. 

159 Kah wonk monchu, kah pant am kab 

nilh wonk wultnncaft. 
, 40 Kih quafhkcit wunnarahcuh vronk 

koueog ( newuichc wuikefukqua(h tohke- 
' qunaih ) kah matta wahteauog toh woh an _ 

nampaoh amauaheitit. 
t 41 Kah wonk pcyau nifhwudt, kah wut. 
i tinuh, yeuycu kouekq , kah anw6fina)k ; 

wamut, bower peyaumoo, kudch woiketora* 

wunnaumonuh , wunatfoomau ut wunnut- 

chcganout raatciiefeaennog. 
42 Omohkegk mondictuh , kulTeb , noh 

wanalloomuKquch p^fwoppu. .»/r^* 

42 i Kah teanuk al'q patnooadt, Judas pc- « J^ar* 

yau, pafuk naboneera)utcheh3& wecchauaa ^^^7^ 

matta wonknootatcamoo ummeechumuonk mattaanutcheh nafhpe togkodtegafh kah 


weenomuflipog, no pajehnd kefukok, no) 
tattamun wuikeu ut wutalUjotamcxjongan 

God. . , , V 

a 6 Kah kodtODhamahettit nODhomaonk, 
fohhamwog en wadchuut O lives. 

2-^ g Kah Jefus wuttinuh, wame kenaau 
mos' kuttogkuOittafTunnumwoo newutche 
' nen, yeunohkog : newntche wuuukwhfiruj 
nuttogkom nanaunont ihepf^hj kah (hepfog 
%yoh nafwaiycuog. 

28 Qut mahche omohkcon^ pifii kenegon- 
uhkauonumwco en Gallic. 
h Mat. 20 h Qut Peter wuttinuh, toK6Hogque 
^6. 33.wamc togi^unSttaliunohettit, qut neanum- 

ao^ Kah Jefus wuttinuh , wunnamuhkut 
kuttinuft, yeu kefukok^yeu nohkog,negonae 
monlh kuttooadt neefit, woh kukkonkon- 
iiopaairch nifhwudt. , 

21 Out nano ummenuhke yin^tukkonogque 
weedic nuppouonon, matta kukkdhkoncDa- 
onimnooh matta tvuhtohin, nag wonk 
1, lur-t. wuflinneau wamco , . 

26 26 ^2 fcOnk peyauog ayeuonganit neafcDwe. 
^^ ffkOcthfcmane, kah unnau ukkodnetuhta- 
inumoh. yeu appek na nuppcantamun&t. 

23. K-ih neemnniu weeche Peteroh, kah 
Jkmefoh, & Jobnob, kah noDche chepmont, 
kah neuanaian[iweyeiia>. , ;, . 

34 Kah na wuttinuh 3 nukketeahogkcu 
nioL>8icke neuantam en nuppunat : yen ap- 
pek kah ailiuhwbeteagk. . _ 

35 KahoBgkoue au ohguhrcfe, kah kep- 
?hau ut obkeit> kah peantara, woh n nago yeu 
hour woh uppaumukongcjun. 

0^6 Kah ncz)wan, Abba, n joth, wame tcan- 
' teaguannilh woh kutuffenaih , a>r:aunuHi;h 
yeu wuttattamwiitch : qi^t, rriattaneen ut- 
toh uniuntam; qut iph ken anant «rni:a. 

anwohhoDunaih, watch negonne fepbau- 
fuaenuog kah S cri befog, kah nananuaenu- 

44 Kah noh wanaflcomont ukkuhkinnea- 
fukauuh, noowau, howan chabwuttoonapogj, 
n noh, tohqunoukj kahnanauwanumwemon- 

45 Kah quenau peycnt, teanuk naan 
kah ncowau nufrontimom^ nu{rontimom,kaht 
wutchipwuttoonapoh. . 

46 Kah upponamauoub wumiutchegalh 
kah wuttohqnnouh. 

47 Kah pafuk ncsnaneepauutcheg, kod- 
tunum togkodteg,kahtogkomau wutuunu- 
moh negonne fcphaufuaenin, kah tumehtham 
wehtauog. • , ■ , , 

48 Kah Jefus nampoQham kah wuttmutt 
kittinne fohhamumwo) neyane, kwnimcDto- 
waen nalhpe togkodtegalh kah a»twphb(»un- 
naih kuttobqunnunneaouta 

49 Afekelukokifh kcpwetonmnumwoo u4. 
temples kuhkootomwchtcaon , kah matta. 
kuttobqunaeumwop ; qut wulFukwhonk mos 
pakodche n nih. 

$0 Kah nag 'Bvame WHnnukonouh kah wut- 
fcmiog. : - •- - ^ , , 

51 Kah pafuk wuiken wutafukauoh, up- 
puttoHguhhumauwhouh poiKe wuhhog, 
wompibaQiabponak, kali-wtiikcnuog wut-. 
tohqunouh. , , « l 1 

5 'z Kah nukko dtnm wampi baU^abponaka , 
kah uppoHin vvuCfemoteauob. 

5^ k. Kah nag monchanaog Jtfa£ob, en A Mat? 
negonne feph?uiuaenuut kah weeche nagum a6. 57* 
moeog v^ame negonne fephaufuaenuog-kaij 
na nanus cheg kah Scribfog. 

54 Kah Peter wutafukauob noadtit |ut 

weeki t nefcoim e fepbau fuae t\. Kah appeu kdo- 

c^hewuttinnwmuneat, & awoflq ut nootaut. 

O I • 55 K^5i 


famtmki mtimcheg. Tctcrl Mark. "Ptlat kodptihquobwhau "Sarrd^ 

?^ 'i?^^ ncgonne repbtufuacRdog , kah , Jeru8,negonac monflinecfitkuttooadt, pi/h 
/Mat. wame kdnoonitcitcheg natinnewbaog wau- kukquenauwaadfeh nifliwudt. Kah mehquo- 
;j6. 59. waunoncheg ayeuukkone Jeiurohnuihonat, antog, noochematt. 

kahmattawunnamheouh. ' C H A P. XV 

56 Newutche aionaog pannoowie wau- T^ Ah ^ teanuk mohtompog.negoane fep- . Mat* 

/i K^h n^^'n^.fa « ' . ln*nanuwadhegkahrcribiog,kahwamckanoo- ' 

57 Kah nawutche nee^oo^^ kah pannoo- nittitcheg, k!h tohtogkuppunaog Jefufoh , 

58 Nootauounnonupnaowau,Qummatch- "«"- * > rr « 

.teauun yeu tcmpJc, ke/leorauk nafnpe me- 
C*^:.Yi \ Hutcheganit, kah wutafiiin tiiihikquinukok 
^ji , .^ .4pnkatuR nutayim netohut menutchegafh 

, ' ' .: 5,9 QPtouwauwdmoQuhmattawectaiiod- 
tcuh. "" 

' - • .Ll ^ ^^^ ncgonne Tcphaufuaen n6cu neepau o; 
kah natootuniauau Jefusoh, nocjwau, matta 
kcnampcx)hamooh ? teaguasyeu wa; wauwa- 

<^i Que chcqunikkompau, kah matta nam. 

poohamo). wonk negonne fepbaufuaen natou- 

tomauoh, kah wuttinub, kenChrift, wun- 

naumonuh noh winiit > 
>;; Mat. - ^2 Kah Jefus noowau, nen, m kah piQi ke- 
24. 30, naumwoo wolHetomp wuanaumonuh apit It 

^^^^^^^ ^S 

eTET^U^'^^^^^^ . ■ 8Kahrnonachegmirhontcowahcttit,na>. 

KGOWeetora Jefus ut Ntzcreth. 

2 Kah Pilat wunnatootoirauoh ^ Ken ke- 
taffoot ut Jewlut? kah nampouhum wuttinub* 
Kuflin. ' 

3 Kah negonne fephaufuaenuog ukkodaih- 
punoneiih monataih, qut matta nampooham- 

4 h Kah Pilate wonk wunnatootomauoh , l *f^#.- 
ncDwau,matta kenampoohamjuh? naifli uttoh ly xl* 
en monatalh kutaiyeuuhkonittue wauwao. ^•*2'' 

5 Qut ohch matta wunnampoohamauoh * 
nc It Pilate monchanatasn. 

6 ITcuyeu yeu ut miaiadtuppooon»anit 
WHtompmnimauuh pafukoDh kopih^gkmai-. 
rinutchch, howane unnantamobcttitcheh. 

7 Kah pafuk ulTowcfa Barrabas , noh no- 
adt tohtogkupiint, nag wceche omohkoD- 
mukqueahctteupoh, noh nathteohp omoh- 

waan kah fohham en nab wutch mut- 
«^^^«k, kahmonfhkuttoDwau/ ^ ^ 

cheL'^rdJ^n^' mimatchenoowadt chad- 
an^wHk ' "''^^"'^^""c noowabeoh noh 

i^l'i. kpSt^mchonf?'^'^"" ,"^°"^^ kuttoowau, 
a9.75» i5F#CP:fnchquaata«nc kuttouwonk anomp 

?^ u"^ abcnnog Jewfc ketafet ? 
^i 3^ Kah wonk mifhontoowaog pummctonk- 

m/^tl?^^'^f 'J*f wuttinuh, toh wutch, toh ea 
matchefcu? kah nano moDcftekc mimonto)- 
waog pummctonkuppinau. 

15 Kahnemehkuh Pilat kodwufllkkittea- 
l^J^r^^L^l"'?^"""^' "2^ wutompjnimauoh Ba- 
rabaloh: kah wuttinnamauoh Jefusoh , mah- 
cne lalamatahwhont; pummetonkuppunnau- 

I? Kah matwaog wutufToowunouh ut hall, 
uUowetamunPretorium, kah weehkumaog 
moe wame matwaog. 

17 Kah wuthogqunouh purple , kah che- 
tuhquabeteaog afinnek^uaoh^ah upponam- 
auoneau uppuhkukqut; 

18 Kahnoochu wonkumahettit, kut^a- 
^uomimnin Jewfir ketaOjx^t, 

19 Kah 


19 Kah wuttannetahwhouhuppuhkukqut 
nallipe weekinafq , kah wuittfuhquoanouh, 
kah nauanahettit ukkuttukaouh wowuirumo- 

uh. .^ . 

20 Kah momontaaahettit, amaunumaua- 
og purple, kah wuthogkouunalh, kah wulFoh- 
hcDWunouh uppummecunkuppunuaonaoUt.^ 

fjr . 21 c Kah chetimaog Simon wuf-Syrcni- 
c ^^^' -jn^nohaaeapumwufhadt, wagkwiitohtimo- 
^7-'^^' ii^^t, oolboh Alexander kah Rufus , wut- 
alhinumaonat pummetunkuppunaoonk. 

12 Kah uppafcDouh ayeuonganit Golgo- 
tha, ne nauwuttamun wutayeuonk wullion- 
nontup. . . . , . 

23 Kah oatattamheuh wine kenuttippo- 
nairu myrrhe : qut matta wutattumunum- 

24 Kah mahche pametunkuppuiianettit. 
tittanohtoadtinneau nilh noh hovvan toh ah- 

25 Kah mo nifliWudt houreucD, kahup- 

26 Kah wuii'ukwhofue taHipunnonnaonk 
waabe ut wufiukwhofu : ketafloot ut Jewlut. 

27 Kah vf techs nagum pummetunkup- 
panaeog nefuoh kommobtowaenuh , pafuk 
wuttinohkounit onkatuk umnnenadcheanit. 

28 Kah wulfukwhonk n nihyeup, ntiot- 
o -rr* wop, kah weetogkemau matchereaendut. 

«2 12' ^^ ^^^ "^3 "* paumuMcheg , mamat- 
^* * chenouhnonomuhquaehettit, kah noowaog, 

chuh ken matchtea«an temple^kah kukkefte- 

auan niiVikquinogoh. 

30 Pohquohwus kuhhog, kah ncx)kifli 
wutch pummetunkuppunnaongantt. 

31 Netatupe wonk negonne fephaufuae- 
nuog momontauahettit , uttuog weeche 
Scribrog, pohquohwhunau onkatoge, wuh- 
feogkuh matta wob pohquohwhunoou. 

32 Chrift Ifraelc ketaiToot, jeuyeu noo- 
kitch wut6hf ummetunkappu!iaonkanit,onk 
Woh naumunnan, kah woh noonaraptamum- 
un, kah nah weeche puaioietunkapunachehp 

^3 Kah nequtta tafhe hour paomooug, na 
pohkenai wame ohKeit, no pa^en pafuka-gun 
lahlhe houreuook. 

54 Kah pafukoDgun tahflie houreua^k, ]e- 

■* ^^^* fusmilhontojwaemau noowai^, GfEIol,Floi, 

$7' 4^' lamafabachthani > ne nauwuttamun, imm- 

Manittoom, num-Manittoam, toh wutch ph- 


35 Kahniwhutche neg na necpauutcheg, 
poocamohettit noowaog, kufTch wchkomau 

36 Kah pafuk qiiogqueu, kah na-nwohte- 
au fpuage vineger, kah upponiimunweekin- 
afqut, kahuotatramheuh, noowaog, ahqheak 
aaumuttah uttoh wutthi Elias psyou vtmi- 

%7 ^ah Jefus mlflior.tx?wae ni^i , kah 

.1^. fofepk pofehimu fefusl mohkn^ 

nalhonaau wunna(hauonguh. 

38 Kah adtinikheg ut temple nafhauc 
poffiflias wutch woikechc onk y a ne ag wu. 

%c) Kahnoqut pafukiD paunfittikompau- 
wchtauontnenag ummifliantoowac mawoniC 
kah nafl^omont wunnalhauonguh, noowau, 
wunnamuhkut , yeuoh wolketomp wunnaii- 

40 Wonk mittamwuffiUoh noadtit wut- 
tlnne nauouh, koDwutch nagog MaryMag- 
delene kah Mary okafoh peiiliilit James, Kah 
Jofcs kah Salome. 

41 Neg wonk apinit Galile/ wutafukau* fLulte' 
woopuhjkah ootinniniimuhkauouh, kah rao^ g.j, 
naogonkatogigmittamwoiTiirogi neg wagkig 
Jerufalem weeche nagum. 

42 g Kah yeuyeu wanongkoDook ( newut- ^Mat« 
chemoqnagwofliwebtamajwonganuoo: nej 27.57'< 
negonne keCukod onk ne Saboth. ) 

4:5 Jofeph wut-Arimathca, wuttGOanum- 
ukquaucn kenoonuaenin , noh wonk pah- 
tunk wutaiTootamoonkGod, peyau, kah me- 
nuhqfhau en Pilat ut , kah nanompanwaa 
wuhhog Jefus. 

44 Kah Pilat monch?natam mahche nup. i . 
uk , kah wehkomont noqut pafukoDunut- < , 
che.wuHnatootamauohjtoh uttooche nappoo 
45 Kih wahteank nadipe noqut pafukQuit^ 
aninnnmaoau muhhogkuh jof phuh. 

46 Kah tapwliau vvanegik hafhabponak, & 
wunnoDkinuh, kah ooweinaginuh hafhabpo- 
nag.kahupponuhweenohkelt wadtittahham- 
ukkup quUiikauanit & wuttinncquanumuil 
fquontame quOuk nogqueu wecnohkit. 

47 Kah Mary Magdelene, kah Mary ok**- 
fob Jofes: kubkinneamwog ne feepfumut. 


KAh Saboth paumufbaumoouk , Mary 
Msgdelenejkah Mary okafob Jsmes kah 
Salome, taphumwog weetemunge rpicefafh> 
onk woh peyaog, kah wuiliffequnouh. 

2 « Kah nompoae, negonne kefukok ne- 
week, peyanog weenohkeet p^fpiihont. g Luk^ 

3 Kahhettuog howan woh aumaeu tut- 34, i, 
tuppequanumunkqueog qulTuk, wutch fquo- John 
antamut weenohkcit ? 2 0.i# 

4 (Kah natauwomphettit, naumwog quffuk 
amaunaufu) ne'wutche mo ihchc mhh. b John 

5 b Kc^a petutteahettit weenohkeit, naua- 20. il» 
og.wailienunnuh. appeuofa muttinnohkoun- 
ft, kogkcD qunni v/ompbogkoD, kah nag 

6 Kab nah wuttlii^JJ^, ahque ffarkft-^Hnkjke- 
natinneahwhonnvfo Jefus ut Nazareth nob 
pametunkuppunnaiuitup,noh omohkeu .mat- 
ta yen wmapcin : naumok ayeiionk toh feep* 

7 Qin mcnchekunnok ukkodnetuhtaenut- 
moh kah Peter, noh kenegonul^kongkou en 6?Matt» 
GalileSr^utpilh kenaia, cneanukqueogkup. 36.32ri 

8 Kahteanukfohhaoiwog^kab wttfTemot^sr 
amog weenohke, iiewutclie D5g nunnuk- 


fl4ct^aH Mary MagdcUn tuke ^..t • ^ r.,. f. 

fl^aog k,h chepuuog, £. .acta tok u ™,, , ^ . . /^^f '^ ^ ^^^^^^^^ft 

Luke 10 ICah monchu wuttinnoa rahug^ah ' """l^^^'T^P^^auwakooipanau. ^^ xt.Ts, 

"^^"'^^^^'^- '''^» f"t/i^kongqunnaoaih neg wanamptoeie 

^e en nacihtauau I w Jr^ir^"^' ^j^^ "^^""""^^5 aikookoh, kah 2.4. * 





nccfooon, * paumuaiahccut , kah ahc«ir 
wutohtiuioneat. ancccic 

13 Kdhnagmoncheog kah wuttianonMu 
onkatugane, kaU nah Ltca 

ga. 19. c«on.ana>; kah um^cnunKcfc^hTo^gltre: " Tkaf T "^"k'^ '"^^ ^"^"^^^"^"-^^^^^^^ 

aonchcg mafaaic omohkit. ' ^ ^'J^kinneafuongaiu wutaiukoiigqunaoa/h! 2^1 

wu7r/r/"^ ^u ^ "^^'"""^''S aikookoh, kah 


naSuA'l^f^^"^ n^ahche Lord kcnounont ^'^^ 
nahugi, neicneeraunaucn keiukqat, n kah « Lulri. 
appu wuttinohkounit God. 'i ^ > « ^^^^ « l-ukc 

. f^^^'a^^n ^^J^^a^wog, kab kuhkaotomuh. ^^ 
! teaog uUhnoh ut. Lord weetanakaulumont , 
kah maauhkehteaent kurn..«;...i "_7,":' 



N^ C H A P. I. 

wuanutcheganout kuhken.UAc IbL 

* i**^" ?uii3lemajkunkqueo« uttivfuo 
W; kutchm,k naamoe vva2wac?Kg, "'f "/ 

1\ Amo, ut kefukodtmrafh Herod U^,^ 
i-i utjudet, pafuk rephaniuaenln n-'- 
ruzacharia., ut ukkuhku.aurt^a„Viu '' 

»na.rtekc kodtuS,kol"?""'"^ ""■ 
« Mnk «,ib, 4it fephaufuiienicuflconk 

anaquabcnkGod, ut kuhkenaue ukkuhka,. 

io Kan wamc monacheg miflTnnmn'^ 

tcmuBgquoke Altar. . '^•^""'^^^^"^wn wee«. 
12 itah Zacharias nauont . wik-*^^- 

jnekheau kc„a„..o,.uh, kah ^^.1^;'^ 
, kouanatamwog ut w^nnekuZank ''^ "'^* 

«7 Kah 

^f^lisl ks^ookdu ZachArlsfoh Cbap.l« Mary & Eli'^heth wftumttrng 


17 K.ah pilb wunncgonuhkauoh utwunna- 
fiiaonganit, ammcnuhkefuonganit Elias,kdn- 
napundmunac wuttahhcuwoaih oolhoh wun- 
neechanitj kahpanneulfe'dicg pajeh cuwa- 
afltimijuohginit fampwdecliCg, kah ayimun 
ijiiadiwc'og miiiinninnuog, nanaflivvectauon- 
cheg Jehovah: 

18 K.ah Zachams wuttinuh Angelfoh 3 
Mttdh woh nooctie wauteaun yeu ? newutdhc 
oukkechireu, kah nammittamwos moochckc 

1 9 Kah Angel nampGoham wuttinuh, nen 
Gabriel ne'paueanaquabic God, kah nutan- 
aenitkukkcnoonitteanat, kah kenahtinetca- 
nat, yetfli wcekontamwe n^htamoDongafh. 

20 Klh kulleh, pidLktrkkupputtoon, kah 
rostta kutapcnumoo keketookon, yean kcfuk- 
okjycofli anaklh, mahciie n nag, ncwutche 
matta koonamptamcD nukkuttoowongalb 9 
ttttiyeufl^ piHi afemukifh ut utta»chc. 

21 Kah miiiinninniog pahhcaog Zachari- 
4s, kah monchanatamwog wuffepohteaonk 

22 Kah fofahog, matta tapenumoo ukke- 
Boonon nabog : kah nag wahteauog noh nau- 
mup ftionomanfttonk ut Temple, iiewatche 
nah wutaiafshcauohj kah nano kupputtoj- 

23 Onk n nih, kefukodtadi wuflcphaufale 
utTeongaftj quenau kefteafik, monchu nenen- 
wonche wekit. 

24 Kah nahohtdeu yeu(h kerukodtalh, 
uminktamwuilbh Elizabeth wompequauoh, 
idtalhau wuhhogkuh napanna tahfdoh ne- 
jpauzoh, noDwau, 

2$ Yea Jehovah nuttinhukquHjne kefukok 
sdt monunneunkqueomp , amaiirtumKnat 
nutakodchuonk kenugke v/oi^etompaog. 

26 Kah nequtta adtahlhinacahettit nepl- 
!SZaog,angcl Gabriel an(X)nan wutdi Godnt, 
en (DtanatGftlile, hettaraun Nazareth* 

27 Enpenoisipaut,en ukquofliaudtinnea- 
«ut woiketompuh, uffowefu JofephjUt wekit 
David, kah penomp ulTowefu Mary. 

28 Kah angel uppetutteauonuh, kahnoo- 
wau, wekonta(h ken tapeneanteaanjjehovah 
kcDwetomuk : kounanumit kenugke mittam- 

^ 29 Kah nauont, wuttamantam ut wut- 
tinnoowaonfanit, kah natwontamup ut wut- 
tahi^t, chaugu wonkquatuonk yeu aanak. 

90 Kah angel wuttinuh, ahque wabefilh 
Mary : newutrhe kenamehteuh kuttapcrie^ 
unkkoQunk God. ■ \ 

0,1 c Kah icuTeh, pifli koDWompequau 'ot 
kutoontomukqut.kah pilh keneechana kenau" 
, raon, kah piih kuttitibwen jefu?. ' ' 

32 Noh pilhaiiifugkenuao, kih 'plfiiuffo- 
ivenau wunnaumonuh quariunkquipit ,' Rah 
piih Jchov-b Manit wuttriiiJQrnaftf<5h wurap'-^; 
apuonk ot)(l^oh David- . 

35 c^ Kah piai wuniiompafToDtamiin wekit - 


Jakob rtiichemc, JCah ukkctalTautamooiik , 
matta wohkukqtolhinincp. 

34 Neic unnau Mary Angelob, uttoh woli 
yeu h nih, neWutcfto matia noowaheuh woC^ \ 
ketomp. ' . ! , , 

35 Kah Angel hampooham kah wuttinuh, ^ ^ 

wunneiupanatamv;e nafh^uaoic mos kuppc- , 
yaaunuk,kah ummenuhkefuonk quanunkqua- 
pit mos kutonkqwnuhtakongqun, newutche ; 
wonk, nc wUrinetupanatamwe teag nctuo- > 
nukquean, hettamun wunnaumonuh God. 

36 Kahkuflchj kadtonkqs Elizabeth, na- ,^, , 

tnm wonk wompequau wunaumonuh ut uk- ^ ^ ^\ ; 
echifquainneat, kah yeu nequtta tahfuoh '^ ' ' 
ncpaufoh iia ut hendup mebttieeu* 

47 Newutche weeche Qod matta teag ut- 
toh woh yeu matta afean. [ ; , 

38 KahMtrynoowaUjkufTeh nen wuttin- 
neumoh God, nnihitck watch neen neane 1 o( 
kukkuttcowonk : kah angel wunnukonuhi : c 

39 Kah Mary neepau yeufbqt kefukod- 
talh, kah monchu en wadchue ohkeit, ke- 
nuppe, ut Gutanat Judah. 

40 Kah petufteau wekit Sacharias, kah 
wonkumau Elizabethuh. 

41 Onk nnih, Elizabeth nootog oowonk- 
queteamowonk Mary, rnukkies quefliau ut 
wut6ontOtn«kqut, kah Elizabeth nnmwacih- 
tunkup wunnetupanatamweNilhauanitto. 

42 Kcih mifhontuuwae kuttcD, kah noo- 
wau, kojnanumit kenugke mittamwulfiffog, 
kah v¥unnanumau umnsechumuonk 'kutdon- . 

43 Kah uttiyeu ncx)chc eiyadtin, okafoh 
num-Mani tcum nuppeyaonuk. 

44 Newutche kulFch , quenau Wodtau- 
atonkquifue wonkqueteamoWonk , midioil- 
tcDwau nehtauogut, rnukkies weekontamyrp 
quefiaau en nut6ontomukqut. 

45 Kah wunnanumau noh wanamptog, 1 
newutche nilh anutche wutch Godut piifi 
nihyeuafli. ' , 

46 Kah Mary noowau ^ nukketeahogkou ; 
miihanumau Jehovah. *, 

47 Kah nunnafliauonk muPkouanlam. en 
Godut noDwadchanuaenin. 

48 Newutche monunneauau uppeiiUfinit- ^ 
che wuttinnumoh ; newutche 3 kuifeh, na /, 
wutchc onk yean wajpe pometeongall-i pilh ;- 
nuttehenakqun;(l"i koonanumit. ) 

49 Newutche noh mafukkenuk nutinhuk i 
magugiil)^ kah wunnetupariatamwe iieoowe- v 
fuonk. 1 . 

50 Kah um.monaneteaonk wutapetunkqun- > 1 ~. 
au nagquoihoncheg, .wutci? poroetuongariitn'' 
onk en pometuonganit. , u ^ . t 

5 r e Menubkeuire.u nalKpe wuhpittet^tj. elfal. 
wuifeaonkdnuh' / ;3ah-poh<-hu3numun}itcl)^5'i[.9. 
ut wuctenanatamo^pfiganit ,wiittahlii(ij6wt>u>fpr2!. 

\Vur'aaipp^iongat^u6ut/Kah nahwuta^^^ g 1 5am 

papeiiiiiinitcheh. 2.6. 

II 5:$ Wa- 

Jolm nectu, Zcchnrtas kuttoi LukC. ChriJ{ ne'mf^^ngelfog mnps^achek 

5 3 ^ WamepAu'.iheuh kodtupwiinutcheh Wibefue wowufTumoun. 

h Plal. wuiineijcnafh, kah Nreenauwekinutcheh urn- 7^ wunneetupanatamvve kah fampweulTc- 

3+.10. monch^aheuhkukke^;:. ^ ae ut anaquabit, wamc nukkefukcdtuinuu- 

54 Anmnumauau wuttmnumoh ifrael, nona:h3 ne adc pomantamog. 

J Jer, I mehquontog urnrnonaneteaoiik. 76 Kah ken peifTes piili kuttiflbwisukquo* 

3f'3i 55 \Ncyaiieanomp feoulhmonoh, Abra- Ihodtumvvaenumoh quannnkquapit, newut- 

20. bam, kah a-ikannemuiieoh che pifh kenegonihaum wuikefuk Lord, na- 

*^ Plal. 50 Jlah Mary wutapuonuhpapaameniai- naihwetamunat ummayaU]. 

i^ aoh nepauzioh, kah qultkeu e,i neheawon- 77 Aninnumauonat wahteauonk uppoh- 

?rfl' c^^'^lvv u u . , quohwlmnaonk ummifflnninnumoh, RTfhpe 

17. 1 .. 5 7 Neit Elizabeth ahquompak na ut woh wutahquoantamauwaonk ummataicfeong- 

neecnadtjkah ncetiiauwuanaumonuh. aih. 

58 Kah wetiirceamungoh kah wadtunk- 78 Naflipe ukkitteamonteaRitteae m©na- 
quolohnriitamwehettit Jenovah wunnahtin- teaonk nummanittoomun, yeu nampe, nom- 
on miUi ummonaneteaonk 3 kah covvceche poaeu wutche waabckcnadtauwahukqun. 
nimkouaiutamouniouh, | 79 Aninnunauonat wcquai nahog Ipinit- 

59 ^aiinnih.ihwol^akaudtabrnikqaiHog- chepohkenaiyeaut, kah wutonkohtaiveuut 
okpeyaogqucrr.quIwonatpeifies, kah wut- nuppoonkjfampwulhadtauunatnuactalh ca 
5e,.enc"iin Zacfiarias, neane neahenit ooihoh. . unimayut wunnohteaonk. 

'^.^^Jtt' ''^'^''^ nsnnpaDhamwoh kah noj- | 80 Kah peilTcs monchactu, kah nano me. 
^au rratta nano, que hennau John. i nuhkefu wuttabut, kah aycu touohkomuk- 

^no. .nt. ''"'"''"'^'^^'^,^ kuttinnonkum- ; qut^yeaankcfukokadtaahtittcadt wuhhog. 
O'^g yeu hennoneaii wefuonk. 1 kah ut Ifrael. ^ 

^2 Kah ukkehkinneiruouh ooihoh ne woh ! CHAP. II, 

irsclh w.^nnM, 'uu .' r, u.r ^ 'O^^'^'^'^^'y^^^^^^^e^^^o^^sfli^wunau- 
kah ^«r r\K ^ """ ahhutanfakwhSfimuk, V^ matuonk fohham vvutchCcfar Auguf- 
Shrln^k ? "^""'"^ oawefuonk John: tu. onk woh wamc mutiaok ompwuhtea^ 


kah monchanata.mwog wame. 

64 Kah wattoan wohfhwe'emo tcanuk^kah 
weencn, kah ketoobkau wuttabuttantansau- 
onk God. 

65 Kah wabefuonkahtoog wamequinnup- 
Peapitchcgnabog, kah wame yeuih kuttoo- 
wongafh noutunkqutalh Pannuppu wame 

(>^ Kah wame nag ni(h ncDtOfig, ponum- 
"".^^^/!^ wuttahhoowuut, noowaog, tohunne 
peiifefB ij pilh yeuoh ? kah wunnutcheg Je- 
novah weetomukup. 

67 Kah cufhoh Zachariafoh numwaeih- 
tunk wunnetupanatamwe Nafhauanitto, kah 
quoa^ae millohbam, kah noowau, 

6^ Wunnanitreaj Jehovah um-Manit- 
tcjumoh Iirael, newutche wunnadtauwaheuh 
anr ^i "PP'^hquohwhuniih ummillinninnamoh. 
/Plal. 69 / Kah kutomohkinumunkqun wadcha. 
i 32.18 nuwae alkonoh,wekit wuttlnnumoh David. 
»i Jer. 70 m Neane anoowop wutch wuttoun ut 
23.5. wunnetupanatamwe ukquolhodtumwaen- 
«c 30.9 umoh, uttiyeug ayaycahpanneg weike kuc- 

7 1 Onk woh koowadchanitteamun wutch 
warwc nCK fekL-neniikqueagig. 

72 Oiikwoh wutuflcn raonancteaonk ne 
^uolhomomp kcclhinonukuh, kah mehquan- 
ta Tiunar ooncetupanatamwe ooncDwaonk. 

" i^* J} ?^^ chckcypuwaonk uttiyeu chad- 

22.16. chekeimup ncDfhun Abraham. 

7+ woh kittinnumungqun, mahche poh- 
quohwhununog wutcTi wunnutaieoanit 
nummjtwomunnonog,onkvY©h matu noy- 


I 3 Kah yeu ompeteaonk wuilie ayimunah 
Cyrenius piahquttuk Syria. 

3 Kah moncheog wame onk woh ompete- 
aog, nilh nob pafus ut nehenwonche wut- 

4 KahwonkJofephoomun wutch Galile, , 
iohham wutch Nazareth en Tudea,, en a wut- * J^'^^ 
ootanit David, neafoowetamuk Bethkheiii 7'42» 

( newutche noh wutch wekit, kah wuttin^ 
ncetuonganit David ). 

5 Onk woh ompeteau , weccfee Mary 
quofliodtuae ummittamwofoh , wompequa- 

6 Onknnihjnaaphettitjkcfukod peyau- 
moo ne adt woh ne'echadt. 

7 Kah necchau mohtomegheonchc, kah 
oowiftiquanuh wutauworilhadt, kah uppo- 
nuhahhutalFamut horfes; newutche matta 
wamappeog we'etuomut ordnary. 

8 Kah ne ohkcit nanauQiepiuaenuog feep- 
hnwog ohteakonit, wutalkwhounouh utflok- 
famouh nukonaeu. 

9 Kah kufl'eh wutangel^moh God uppe- 
yaunnouh, kah wuHbhl'umoonk Lord wee- 
nompaufu nahog , kah mauchcke wabefa- 

10 Kah Angel wuttinuh nahog ahquewa- 
belek, newutche kudeh, kuppaudtauunum- 
woo Midi wekontamAe wunnaunchcmouka- 
onk ut wame miilinninnuhtu. 

11 Newutche neetu wutch kenaau, yeu 
kefukok wutoDtanit David, wadchanuaenin. 
noh thrift noh Lord. 

1 2 Kah yeu mos kuhkinneafuongan ut ke- 


feffiS quo^Hfrnu^ Smm. Chap* it 'Jmd. Jefus Ut tewpk peifsifsit 

naau, mos kenamfeeaumwo) peides wilhqua- 29 Lord yeuycu kuttinanum kittinom 
naulii auwofalhat, rcepiinucahhut alamut wunohteaemonciiilh, neane Knttmnuuwa. 
horlcs. i ong^nJt* 

1 2 Kah teanuk raonacheg kefukquie wee- ( ?• Ncwutche nuOtcfukquaQ^ naumaomcD- 
Choohutteamuccliec wcctapuog Angelfoh i afli kuppohquohwuftouwaunk. 

tabiittantamauoog Ood, Kah noowaog. 

14 SohrumoonKen Godur quanukquapit, 
Kah ohkeic wunohteaonk, kah kutcaniOntea- 
nitteaonken wroiketompauttu. 

15 Kah n nih, Angellog monchehettit 
wutchnahog en kefukquiug ; allamoncheg 
(hepfohhettuog,ontuh en Bethlehem, kati 
naumutuh ycu aiinak, Hiahche utciyeu jsho- 
vah wahteauwahnKquean. 

16 Kah kenuppe peyaog, kah namehheaog 
Mary, kah Joieph, kah peilles fepfmahhuc 
afamut horfes. 

17 Kah nauahettit, wahteauwahedneau 
unnoowaonk, uctiyeu anutup papaume ycu 

18 Kah nag wame nootogig , monchana- 
tamunAoalh ycufli anaunchemaokauutche 
naihpeaiiartioncheg (hcpCoh 

31 Utti^eii nanaihwunnumauadt ut ana- 
quabhctiit wame railiinninnuog. 

32 Wequai ne wequaioomhettitGentilibgf^ 
wuilbhrumooongano) kuramiiiinninnumog uc 

33 Kah Jofcph kah okafoh monchanatam- 
wog yeuih uttiyeuQi anutcheh. 

34 Kah Simeon oDnanurauhnahog kah un- 
nau Marihoh okafoh , kulfeh , ycuoh peiflcs 
pononuhnah,/ enpenuthinatjkahoraohkc- /T{a?» 
nat wonk monaog ut Ifracl, kah wutch kuh- 8. 14. 
kinnc^afuonk uttiyeu pilii ayeuuhkonittuc Rom. 9 
unnahetcit. 52* 

35 Nux . kah togkodteg pifh pafpifhait 
wonk kukketcahogkounit , onk woh wutte- 
nantamoDongalh monat vvuttahhoowout 

36 Kah namo raanittowerquauoo Annt 

19 Out Mary mehquuantamunafli wame wutuunoh Phanuel wuttribumoh Afer, aoh 
veuih kuttoowonealb, kah ooweatteanittam- • mo nuii^dne mahtauntam, weetomop weiuk= 
onaih ut wutthhut. | eh nelaufuK tahfhit kodtumwae wutche up= 

20 Kah aflfamoncheg (Kepfog qufhkeog, \ peenompaunneat. 

wowuffumaog kah tabuttantamauaog God 

uh, wutche wame nifl^ naotamohetticheh 

kah naumohetticheh, neyanittup. 

V Gen* 21 b Kah ihwofuk mahche audtaa^k- 

17. 12, quinukok, onk woh quolhqulwau mukkies, 

cMatC cjowetuonk hettamun c Jefus, uttiyeu ahen- 

f. 2i« niiupnafiipe angel, aiquam wompequauou- 

muk ut domomukqut. 

22 Kah uppahkeac kefukodtafli, ncyaunag 
wunnaumatu^nk Mofes, peyaumoouk , up- 
pafcuduh ut Jerufalcm, magunat en Godut. 

23 Neanlukwhdfik ut wuttinnaumatu- 
ifExod onkanitGod , d nj(h noh woikctomp w6(h- 
13.2. wunont dontomukqut, pifh hennau wunnee- 
Numb. tupanatamwe Godut. 

18. 16, 24 Kah magunat fephaufuonk, neyane ne 
, e Inoowomukup wuttinnaumatuongan God, 
eLevit nequt^ippitiuog turtle wuikuhwhananaog , 
12. 2,6 afuh nefuog wuikiihameCog, 

25 Kah kuireh na rao woiketomput Jeru- 
lalem nohafoowefit Simeon, kahnoh wolkjc- 
tomp mo fampweutreaen 5 kahquttianumau 
Goduhjkah pahtau ooweekontamwahuwaonk 
Ifrael : kah wunneetupanata.nwe nalhauanit 

26 Kah wahteanwaheon watch Godut 
nafhpe wunneetupanatamwe nafhauanitto , 
onk woh matta naumoo nuppoooak, alh na 
nau6nkup uk Chriftumoh God. 

27 Kah peyau nai-l^pe nalliauanitto uttem- 
pleut, kah (Dchctuonjuh pafooahcttit peii- 
fes Jefusjonk woh wutiirveouh neane wut- 
lifTeonganit unnaumatuonk. 

28 Ncit wunneemuiiouh akKdbkinafhuna- 
uh kah tabuttantamauau God kah noowau. 

37 Kah mo iekoufquau papaume fliwofuk 
tahihinchage kodtumwae kah yau:noh matta 
nukkodtumCD temple,qut wowuirumaUjRsfii" 
pe matta metiuongalh, kah peantaracDoagalh 
nukonaeu, kah keiukodaeu, 

38 Kah paont neadt hower , yeuoh wonk 
tabuttantamauau Lord, kah papaume nagum 
keketttihkauau wame neg natauwompatogig 
pohquohwhunnittuonk, ut Jerufale.n. 

39 Kah mahche ulfebettit wame neane 
wuttenaumatuonk JehGvah,qulbkeog en Ga- 
llic, en neheawonflhe wucautanadut Na2ar« 

40 Kah peifTesmonchaetu, kah nanome- 
nubkefu wunnarbauanittQuut5numwabehtunk 
waantamdofik, & coneetupanatamoJonkGod 
apebtunk. _ 

41 Kah (Dchetaonguh auog Jerutalern 

g nid^noh kodtumoo ut paumukompauwae ^Detit 
raiihadtupcDonk. 16. i» 

42 Kah nabo ne'efekodtumwohkog , uu- 
nogquadchuaogjerufalem ? neane Bairhad- 

43 Kah pakodciiehtesubettit kefukod- 
ta(h, qua(r.kehettir, peifTes jefus wuttat ap- 
pu ut jerufaiemjkah joa^ph itah okafoh mat- 
ta wahteauuneaue 

44 Kah unnantamobettitweetseu suwo- 
uhwehtu, moh<:heog pafuk kefuk , ksb wun- 
natinneawhouh keuugke wuttinnunkumuh, 
kah wetatteamunganehta. 

45 Kah matta maikouahette? , qumke<ig 
wonk en Jeruralem, kah wunratinneawHouh. 

46 Kah nnih nalhikquinogok , wufsnam- 
beoeh ut tempieut, apu liuca kahkootomul^.- 

H 2 teaenuia,. 

fohn kiitchejf'imau Ht tOUohkomHj^ tuke# 

teaenutu, nootauonat nagoh kah natootomau- 
onat nagoh. 

47 Kah wame nag nootauoncheg., mon- 
fhanatamwog oowoht^mooongaria>6ut , kah 

48 Kah np.uahettit monchanatamwogjkah 
okafoh wutcugquoh, nunnauiTioiij, tohwutch 
yeu nehheog ? kuffeh, koolTi kah nen neuana- 
lamwe kenatinneawbunnumun. 

^ 49 Kah wuttinuh nahog uttoh kictlnne na- 
tinriewhunneau ? mat JcajwahteaumwoD woh 
Dutusfen nJufh wutanakaufuongalh ? 

50 Kah matta oowahtauooh nilh kuttoo- 
wonga/hj niiii anukquehetticheh. 

5 I Kah womfu vveeche nahog, kah peyaog 
Nazareth, kah wiitogkcoompumoh nahogjkah 
okafoh upponammealh wame yeulh kuttaj- 

52 Kah Jefus nano waanUitijkah monchi- 
etu: kah mo womonukquiru wutchGodut, 
kah woil^etompauttu: 

KC H A P. HI. 
Ah Tiberius Cefar nabo napanna tabfhit 
kndtumwae kohtaflTaotamooit, Pontius 
Piiat piahquttug Judea,kah Herod Tetrarch 
ut Gilile, kah weematuh Phillip Tetrarch ut 
Iturea ut wutohtimoiieat Trachoui^iis , kah 
LifaniasTetrar-h ut Abilene. 

2 Annas kah Caiphas neg onne fcpbaufua- 
niihettit, wuttinncowaonk God peyaumoo 
Johnutwunnau.TiOnuhZadl arias ut touofa- 
• ^^ a Kah peyau wame ne wutoht'moia 
kifhke Jordan, kuhkautomwehtcau aiuikoi- 
an itamwae kutcheffammuaonk , oak woh 
matchefeongani ahquoanramunafh. 
4 Neyane wufTukwhofikm ^oofukuhwhong- 
Jlfei ^"^ wuttinnoowaonganit Efayaa quolhod- 
<to a * ^wnwaen5noo\fau, b WuttauatonkquiTuonk 
^^' *• pafuk mlfhontooadt ut touohkomukqut, na- 
nafliwehtanook ummay Jehovah, ayJmcDk 
nmmayafli fampwiyeuafh. 

5 Kifhnob Gonaufti pi/h numwohtauun , 
Bilhnoh mifhadcha kah wadchu pilh nookin- 
numun, kah waonkagkll) pifli ayimun lampoi, 
kah kdfhki mayafh pifti ayimunalh moofi, 

6 Kab wame weyauspiih naum aowadcha- 
nuaonk God. 

Vaf 7 N^it wuttinuh monanatdieh nag foh- 
c ;^^^«^*hoeigwohkodrumoncfle, c Woi wachdke- 
'^'7* agfli feft'qua^htu, howan kutanun6kumW(X^ 

waj wufRmweog wutch mufquantamojonk 

peyayog ? 

8 Newutche paudtauaokmeechummeong- 
a(h wohwanobtagllh aiulkoianatamooonk , 
kah ahque kutche naoviagk ut kuhhogkaout, 
nojfliun Abraham, newutdlc kuttinnonnum- 
WQo ■> God woh wuruflen omohkinnumBn 
veua» qulTukquanalh ooneeduneat Abra- 

9 Wonk eyru paduhkuhkontogkimk wnt- 
chuh(juofu mahtugfjuaih; new\itclK nl'^iuoh 


mahtug uttiyeu matta paudtauomunook 
wunnegen meechummdonk ^ tummethamua, 
Kan unnohkon noataut. 

10 Kah miilinninnuog wunnatootomauoHh 
noowaog, toh woh nutufifenan neit ? 

1 1 Nampooham kah wuttinuh, d nob nee- c^Tamea 
iadchanukhogkooongafh^aninnumauonaineh 21s. 
matta ahtauunegehjkahnohabtunk mcech, i TohJ3. 
ne nan wonk ulTeitch. a 17 

r 2 Neit wonk peyaog Publikanogonk woh 
kutcheimm6og, kah wuttinouh, Sontimom- 
un toh woh nutulTenan i 

15 Kab wuttinuh nahog, ghque cheke'a 
neeraunumookjqus ne afittusiunkup kubhoj?- 

14 Kah wonk matwoog natootomau© uh * 
coowaog, kah toh woh nutaiTenan > kah wut- 
tinuh nahog, ahquechekecunne'huk howan, 
aluh tahfpununoDk hawan pannoawas » kab 
tapantamook kutunkquatunkanafh. 

1$ Kah pahtufTehettit miilinninnuog 5 fcafi 
natwontammohettit ut wuttahhoow6ut pa- 
paume Johnoh ^ tohneit yeueh Chrift, afuh 

16 John nAmpoebam, kah wuttinuh n^hog 
wame, e Neen wunnamuhkut kukkutfamun- eMat 
umwx. nippe, qut pafuk anue milfugken onk a. x ll 
neen peyau, numraatanumonuh nuhhogkuJi 
ompakuifunanonat, noh pifh kukkutfomukoQ 
naQipcwunuetupanatamwc Nafhauanit, kah 

17 Uppauanuhtunk ut wunnutcheganit ? 
kah pi(h pannuppe pahketeauun ahhut tan- 
nuppoghog, kah piih momounum CDwbeat- 
nmunalh en wuthogqunst, qut wuifadteaai- 
unaih wutchikolTuinunaih noitaut matta k* 

18 Kah moDnaafli onkatoganaHi manuhtlin- 
ont ukkuhkaotonsauoh miffinninnuh, 

19 /Qut Herod Tetrarch aufhkomut nafh- fyid> 
penagum, wutche Herodias wematoh Phil- 14,3 
lip ummittamwuffoh, 8c wutche wame onka- 
togana(h ummatchefeongalh Herod afechij^i, 

20 Qut yeu anue onk wame wucuffen^kup- 
fbagkinau John. 

2 1 Onk wame milfinniflnaogkodchiftrum* 

ut, g onk nnih Jefus wonk kodchiihfumut , ^ V^-xll 
kah paantog, kefuk w&lhwemo. a r ? 

22 Kah wunneetupanatamwc nafhiuanit ' 
wannookebtunkquoh muhhogkatnuffu, ona* 

tub wuikuhwhunan , kah wadtauatonkquH^u- 
onk wutfh kcfukqut ooma)CD,noowbmjD,lcea 
noowomoneg nunnaumon^ ut kuhhogkat noD- 

2^ Kah Jefus nagum papaumeShwincfta^e 
kodtumwohkom, wanaumonait ( ne anani> 
mit ) Jofeph wunnaumouuh Heli. 

24 Wunaaumonuh Matthat, wunnaurno* 
nuh Levi , noh Melchi , nob Janna , noh Jo* 

25 N oh Mattathias,noh Ainof iiioh N aum, 


'fldnttannit ukqutchhcuh 


Je[H5 k^hkoQtcmmke^ti 

26 NohNaath^noh Matthathk*,noh Semei, 
noh Jofeph, noh Juda.. 

27 N®h Joanna, noh Rehra, noh Zoroba- 
bel, noh Salathiel, noh Neri. 

28 NohMelchi, noh Addi, noh kofam, 
noh Elmo dam, noh Er. 

29 Noh Jofe, noh Eliezeo noh Jorim, noh 
Matthut, nohLcvu 

c^o Noh Simeon, noh Judah, noh Jofeph;, 
noh Jon<.n, noh Eliakim. 

91 Noh Melea, noh Me lam J noh Matta- 
tha noh Nathan, noh David. 

^2 Noh Jelfe, noh Obed, noh Boaz, noh 
Salmon, noh Naafon. 

3 5 Noh Aminanabjnoh Aram^noh Ezrom, 
lioh Pharw, noh Judah, 

34 Noh Jakob, noh Ifaak, noh Abram,noh 
Thara, noh Nachor. 

35 Noh Saruch, noh Ragaa 5 noh Plieleg 
tioh Heber, noh Salath. 

56 Noh Cainan,noh Arphaxad: noh Shem, 
noh Noe, noh Lamech. 

37 Noh Methufala noh Enoch? noh Jared, 
noh Maleleel, noh Kalnan. 

konau wutangclfumoh kcnanauwehukqun- 
naout. ^ ^.1 

I c Kah wunnutcheganoalh kutalninuk- 
qunaih,iIl^kont w6h toh ut togkulhinkulTeet 

12 Kah Jefuswunnampoohamauwuttmah 
noowomo^jqutchheuhkon Jehovah kumma- 

13 Kib mattanmt wohkukquofhitteunSC 
wame ukquichhuwaonk , wutamaehtauoh g 

14 Kahjefasquflikcujnarhpe ummcnuh- 
kefaonk Naihauauit, en Galile, kah waeeno- 
maonk comooou 5 pannuppe wame wutoh- 
timoin quaquiunuppe. 

15 Kah kuhkcotomwchteau ut Synagogf 
ut wame wadtooanumafeettit. 

16 Kah peyau Nazareth h neadtinne'tcup, [,i^afct 
kah ne woh aleit , petuttcau fynagogut fa- 13,54. 
both-dayeu, kah neepau, ogketamunac. 

17 Kah oDfukdhwhonk quofiiodtemwaen 
Efayaspaudtauoa, kah woQiwunuk book , 
namehteaii uttoh adt kerufukbumukis. 

I ■ r3 c Wunnafh^uanittQomoh Jehovah nut- ^ ifal. 

38 NohEnos.nohSeth,noh Adam, noh apetunkquoh, newutche nuiTefequnuk wun- 6n. 


CHAP. nil. 

aunchemoDkaank knhkcotomauonat matche- 
kuog: nutannoonat neetftieheonat pohquag 
wuttahhooaalh, kuhkootomauonat milfinoog 

■KffoM- T/'Ahtf Jefus nomwabetunkquot wuneC' , , . r 

a Mau |s^ tupanatamwe nall^auanitto , qulhkeii 1 pohquohwhunonat, kah wutonkwhofue nau- 
4'^' „,„i-.<h Tnrdan. kah uilnwunnuk nailiaua- ! mooonk wutBi pogkenumwQg, chipohmonat 


19 KuhkcDtomuhteamuk ukkodtuniQom 
God ne tapeneamuk. 

20 Kah weyeaaumunb(»k,kah wonKWut- 
tinumaon nobtompeantogoh , kah nummat- 
appu : kah wuilierukoDOoaih wame neg noh 
apitcheg ut Synagog ukkinnompamouB. 

21 Kah noBche unnont, yeu kefukok yeift 
wuffukwonk n nih ut kuttauogkoolont. 

22 Kah wame (Bwauwononh , kah mon- 
chanatamwog wunneetHpanatamwe kuttcxj« 
wongsfh fiilh wimooklfli watta>nut,kah noo- 
waog/unyeuohmatta Jofeph wnnrvumoiiub. 

21 Kahwuttinuh, wunnamuhkut kntui- 

fumwoQ yeu nupowaonk, ponailiehtaaeninj, 

tfkehkuhbog, uttoh antamogkap nnih ut 

wutch Jordan, kah ullowunnuk nailiaua 
Hitto touobkomnk. ^ 1 

2 Yauunchatikqunnu qutchehuk mat- 
tannittokah yeuQi keiukodtafb matta teag 
meetchu: kah nilh mahtlliunk, ompetak kcd- 

tuppoo. . , , 

3 Kah mattannU wuttinuh, ken wunnau- 
monait God, uttaih yeu quifuk puttukqua- 

4 Kah Jefus wunnampoobamauob, wuttinuh 
wuilukwhofu 3 woiketompaog matta webe* 
wutche pomantamcx? pecukqunnunk: qut 
nafhpe nidi noh wattinnowaonk God. 

5 Kahmattanitneemunonten kuHuhkai- 
yeuut, nohtinau wame alTcDtamooongaib 
muttaftbket, teanuk. 

6 Kah mattannit wuttinnubj wame. yen 

fn^nuhkefuonk klttinnumauunun , kah | capernaumsyeuwonkuaiiLyeuutkutohtim- 
wuiTphrunaooongana)? newutche ne anumi- |o.'n, 

yimuk, kah howan anantam nuttianuroau 

7 Newutche wowuOrumean, wame pidi 

8 Kah Jefus wunnampajbamauoh, kah 
wuttinuh, nuppuH^quanit aufli marrannic, 
Bfiwatche wuuukwhofu, wowufTumau Jeho- 
vah kummamttcDm. kah noh webe kenouf- 

9 Kah uppafcDoh.JerKfakmjkab upppnuh 
adtnaboofik Temple, & wattniub. ken v^un- 
naumonait God, nojkuhtcafli kuhhog yeu 

so Newutche wuffukwbcfujmgechumuh- 

24 Kah nODWau, wunnamuhkut kuttinon^ j^f •> 
numwo), wanne howan ^^ quofhodtumwaen ^ i^^"^ 
tapeneauau nehenivonche wutohket. 1 3- 37* 

25 Out kiitinnoimumwaj, « wunnamuh- 
kuteyeug,raonao:?rekoufqusogapn3gfut If- ^^ ^'^^ 
rael nomontogEiiasjkefuk kobhauliknilbwe ^7'9« 
kodtumW2e,kab nequtta tahfuog- nepauzfa- 
og,mah[he m ah ihagquohk pannuppe wame 
wutobtimoneat ; 

26 Qut Elias matta . wanumubqiitte 
an<Dnuh, qiu en Sartpta Wuc Sidoii-> ca 

mjttamwiUT>3,CeKoufquanpv. . -,,: [ , 

37 / Kab 'monao^s wutch^kooog ut ifrael ; 2 Km 
p*^reontog qa'oihddiumwa.: 

kah 5.14' 


watiiie howan pakheoun, webe wuf- 44 Kah ukkuhtotomwehteau uc Syna- 



ONfe tf n nih , mohfogquehtauwahettit a Mat» 
najtai-nimac wuctimvjowaouk Godj 4»i§» 
ncc^au kilhke nippiffepaguot Genetareth. 

2 Kah imumneenalh kuhtoonogwaih keh- 
chepam, qut nootamogquaenuog kacheo^, 
kah kutchelfumaog wuthaihabpoDoh. 

5 Kah petiuteaupafuk kuhtoDncg, ne Si- 
mon ohtunk, kah ouwetiquetumau, kuctin- 
numiinat wutch kilhke nunohkomuk, kah 
nummatappu kah kuhkactomauau miliinaia- 
nuh wutcti kulitounogqut. 

4 Kah mahche keruohkotit, unnau Simon- 
uhj unnohhuai ut moondag, kah wu(fifliana>ifi 
kuthalhabpoodog, wutche namohfog. 

5 Kah Simon wunnampoDhamau wuttinuh^ 
nuifontimom, numenuhkanakauiirHun worn- 
pane, kah raatreijg nukquttahhamaomun, qut 
ne ancDwaan naoulhan naihabp. 

6 Kahmahche ne ullehettit, moochekuh* 


2B Kah wame nfg apltcheg Synagcgut; 
yeulh nouuniwchcltic, numwae mulquana- 

25? kah neepoog kah ukkukitta(himunea- 
«h wutche kcihcoianat, kah lagkompanouh 
en wuliauhkooauc (^uttoh ukkeihtotaneau 
adt ayimukup) onk vvoh wuttittupuhkonauh 

30 Qut nagum panupwulhiiac nahoh , 

51 Kah womfu en Kapernaum, keihtotan 
ut Gaiile, kah ukkuhkoDtoniouh Sabboth 

32 Kah cheplhaontamwog ukkuhkoo- 
g Mat. tomuhtcaonk , g newutche ukkuttojwonk 
7.20. mcnuhki. 

/?Mark 33 ^ ^^h ut Synagogue na wolketomp 
i.25. vvuwpen, noh apetunkquit wunnalhauonk 
ailhkeneungquc raattannit, kah miihon- 
ta)wau miihe wodtauatonkqulTuonk. 

34 Nouwau, ahqhianean, toh kittinhen- 

numun, ken Jcfus ut Nazareth? kuppeatn ' whdog namohfoh, kah haihabVpt^aiau. 
kuppaguafunnanonut # koowahuih howan j 7 Kah wowhotinnumauwaog weechai- 
iien, cuncetupanatamoomoh God. \ yeuchettiche nag apitcheg onkitog kuh^ 

35 KaJi jelus wutaulhkomuh , noDwau, toonogqut, woh peyaog kah wuttannumunk* 
netahaidalh. kahibhwnehtaU, kah mattanit oooh, kah peyaog, kah numwameechuraeh- 
annuhteadt ut n6eu, wuflohwehtauoh, kah teaog neefwe kuhtounogwalhj onkkodqut- 
matta ouwolkheuh, 1 tauwaeog. 

5^ Kah wame chepOiaog, kah kenoonit- ' 8 Simon Peter nag, kepfhau Jefusut uk- 
tdog, noDWaog, ch-igua yeu kuttcuwonk > kuttukqutj noowau , amacihtah. newutche 
newutche nafhpe railiugkenoowonk, kah me- nummatchetupanatamweenihj woi Lord. 
nuhkefuonk kenooHau niibkeneungwe naili- ; 9 Newutche cheplhaii, & wame newecch- 
auanittooh, kah fohhamwog. j aiyeumukqntche, wutche ncDtaraogquaoniC 

27 Kah waec'nomaonk fohhamomao nifh- ^ nepaudtahwhaherticheh. 
noh ayeuonganit wutohtimoncat quinniip- | lo Kah netatup wonk James kah John, 
P*i» 1 wunnaiimonuh Zebede, neh chachaubenum- 

IMat. 58 i Kah neepau wutch Synagogut, kah moadtt^hetticheh Simon. Kah Jefus unnau 
8.14. pctutteau Simon weekit, kah Simon ummic- Simon^ ahque wabefifh, yeuwufche onk yeaa 
tumwuifoh okafoh , mifhuwefaufhau 3 kah ongkouc, piih kutahchooweh wolketomp*- 
wunna.iumpatfumouh wutche neh. , og. 

39 Kah wunnepauehuudhj kah aufhkora- it Kah paudtauwe'hettit ukkuhtoonog- 
au wcfaafhaonguh, kah wunnunkonuh, kah kooalh nunohkomukj wunnukkodtamunncau 
tcanuk omohkeu kah wutcinindmuhkauau wame, kah wutafukauouh. 

wuhhogkuh. | 1 2 i/ Onk n nih apit ootanat, kulfeh, wof- ^ ^2tl 

40 Onk wiyont, wame nifh noh howan ketompuukwutchekau, nauont Jefusoh, pe- 8,2, 
ummahchenon, moocheke unninneaongaib nulhadtau wmkefuk,kah wunnanampaifum- 
uppafocxiuh, kahupponamauohwunnutcheg- oh, nounau, Lord, uiinantaman woh kup- 

aih niih noh pafukoo, kah neetikeheuh. ' pahkheh, 

l^Mark ^^ K ^^^ mattanniitoo^g fohHamwog 15 Kah fwmmagunnm wunnutcheg um» 
1,34, wutche monanutcheh, mifliontowaog, kah mufiinula, noowau, nuttenantanun, kup- 
noowaog, ken Chrift wunnaumonuh oSd^kah pahkhelh. Kah teanuk wutchek wutamach- 
aulhkomont,matt^ wuttinanumuh ketouh- taujh. 

kunkj newutche wahteauog noh Ch i/h | 14 K.h ummeechumehkonuh matta ho- 

43 Kah mohtompog, monchu , kah au wane wuttinnonat, qut monehiih, naitete- 
touohkomukjkah miilinninnuog wunnatinne- ^ih kuhhog fephaufuenuut, kah magiih ne- 
awhouh, kah uppeyaono 'h, i<ah uppaheouh, wutche kupp{hk'.itteaonk,neananaL>teamop 
0.1k woh matta wunnukonouh. . i Mofes, wutche wauwaonat nagoh. 

43 Kah wuttinuh, mos nukkuhkoDtom- | '^ Q^it nano mcDcheke waenomaonknoo- 
wchteam wuttarJL)tam6onk G:>d, en onka- ^"nkqur^dt, kah muttaanuke{» m6eu peyaog 
tbginifli otanadi , newutche newajeh anoo- , nootamunat , kah neetikeheotrat wunnao- 
'^'"'**^» I chumwefuongalh, nalhpc nagam. 



d Mat. 

16 Kah nufithau en touohkomuk, kah pe- 

17 Kah n nih nc kcfukok kuhkaotomuh- 
teadt, Pharifefogj kah kuhkjutomuhteacheg 
ennaumatuonk noh ki/hkeappiiog jicg wagig 
nilhnoh otan Galiie, kah Judea, kah Jerufa- 
iem, kah uminenuhkefuonk Jehovah, ne oh- 
teau iiah wunneeti"keheonat. 

18 c Kahkulfeh, wofketompaog pafoooog 
wolkwtompuh nalbpe appinncat, nanunkqfu : 
kah natinnehamwog toh woh ayn pafouwa- 
hcctitjkah ponahettit anaquabenit. 

19 Kah raattanamehteauhetteg toh woh 
aa pafcowa'^ettit, newutflie muttaanuke:': 
aviog woikechekomuk, kah iippintiompagiii- 
ouh pannuppe uppuhquofinlt, naflipe wut- 
3ppm ut natbauwe, anaquabit Jefus. 

20 Kahnag vvunnampcamauonk wuttinuh 

21 Kah Scribfog ScPharifefog naochekenoo- 
nittuog noowaog , howatv yeuoh keketo)- 
kontog blafphemaongalh ? hovvaii woh ah- 
quontog matchefeongaih weebe God nui- 

22 Out Jefu? wahteunk wiittenantamoo- 
©nganoD wunnampoohamaa, wuttinu!!, toh- 
wutch kcnoonitteog kuttahcDwout. 

23 Uttiyeu anukumok noowonat, kum- 
snatchefeongarh kutabquon tamont , afuh 
snoowonat, omkilhkah pomulhalli. 

24 Out onk woh kojiwahteomwoo : wofke- 
tom p wunnaumonuh ohtoou raenuhke fuonk 
veu mattaohket ahqnontamunat matchefe- 
ongaih, (unnau noh nonkuiHnutche) kutrin- 
ufh , omkilh , kah nemunuft kutapin, kah 
auilikekit. 11 • 

2 J Kah teanuk omohkeu lit anaquabhtttit 
mgoh, kah nemunun ne apfuk , kah monchn 
uehenwonchu wekit tabuttaatumauaH God- 

** 26 Kah wame c>iepfhaog,& Ibhrumooonaog 
Goduh, kah numwabetunkquog wabeiaonk, 
noowaog, nunnaumumun penowamanmoo- 

27 </Kah mahche yeuQii n nag/obhamkah 
naau Pubiikaaob uTowefu Levi, numm^tapu 
Bttoh adi attumunuk ompwunnittuoi^li, kah 
wuttinuh, afuhkah- \ 

mat meetfconk* Snhathi 

VUllIIIUll, «»»U"«^»"» 

28 Kah wunnukodtumunalh wame^^nee- 
pau, kah wutafukauoh. ' , . , 

29 Kah Levi umn?i(badtupheuh neh^Ji- 
V7onrhewekit;kAh na mo monaog Publi- 
kanog , kah onkatogig noh weetappumon- 

^ao'oit Scribefog kah Poarilef g mo)- 
nic^fquinaog uKkodnetuhtaenumoh n.Dwa- 
og,tohwutch weepmog kah weetfippumo- 
mog wecchcPublikanog kab matchefeacnu- 

^%t Kah Jefas wunnampoohamau wuttinwh 
neg m^fttlfucheg matta ^iuenahtikoyog po- 

nafkehtuaenuh, qut nag mahchinachcg. 

32 Matta nooche peyoh weekomonat famp- 
we urfecheg, qut matcheleaenuog aiufkoiaa- 

33 Kah nag wuttinouh, e tohwutch uk- eMat, 
kodnetuhtaenumoh John nohnompu mat- 9.1 4« 
meetfinegj kah ayinnwoe peantamouongafii, 
kah netatup ukkodnetuhktaenumoh Phari- 
fefog, qut kutaihcog mcetfuug kah wuttat- 

34 Qut wuttinuh, woh kutayeuomwoo 
mukiog welTeentamwaenue gyenonganit 
matta nneeifenaout , wefleentamwaeain afti 

35 Qut kefukodtiim pilh pey^umooafh 
we^feeHtamwastmh amaunnmauut, kah neit 
pilh mat meetfeog yeufii utkelukodtalb. 

36 Kah wonk akkenoonuhkukkinntafuonk, 
matta howan ponamoo wufhkonak nukkon- 
hogkoounit : ne utfeit, neit wulkci ayimODOO 
neekfliaadt,kahkodchuhkoi wulkei, matta 
wunnaiyeumunoj nukkonewhiit, 

37 Kah matta howan ponamo) wuiku wine 
nukkoniibquadt,neu(reit,wuiku wine foD- 
quhkom nukkpniih>q, kah quoulhau,kah wiUi- 
qualh matchehteauunaih. 

38 Qut wufke wine ponamun wulkeilh- 
quadt, kah neeTwe woh wodchanumunafh. 

99 Wanne howan wonk wuttattamoog 
nukkonne, teanuk kodtantam wulkei : ne- 
wutdie poowau nukkone anue an wunne- 

C^ A P VI. ■ , ^ ., 

ONk a n nih, nahohtoeu Sabath dayik ^ j^^t* 
mahche weike, pai^nupwuftiau eah- jj^j, 
cSiimineahtukonafn , kah ukkodnetuhtaua- 
€neumoh pahpafinumwog mifTunkquaminBe- 
ali, kah uppauuhquanumunaoaih, kah am- 
mechinaoafh. _ . , t 

2 Kah nawhutche Pharifefog wuttinduhj 
toh wutcii uiTeog ne woh matta afeunauk «C 
Sabath dayfut ^ , , , 

3 Kah lefvis wunnampooharoawoh nabog, 
RQOwaujafquam kutogketamoomwaj ne afeip 
David,aquompak jiehenwonche kodtupwir, 
kahnag weechayeumohpanneg. ^ 

4 Uttoh ane petutteap webt Go^, kan 
nemunumup, kah metfeupkuhkmnealue pe- 
tukqunnank, kah wuttinnumauon nahoh 
wechr.ycumukqutche , uttiyeu matta won 
mechitiekup, qut webe ftphauluenuog nul- 
ls' Kah wuttinuh, woi^etomp wunnau- ^ Mark 

monuh piahquttum wonk ut Sabath aayut. ai.c^. 

6 b Onk n mb wonkanac Sabath dayiK, 
pctutteau Synagogut, kah kuhkatomubte- 
au , kah na mo woiketomp wuttinohkaa 
keihattau. ,- ^ - 

7 Kah Scribfog kab Pharifefog wutalk-. 
wh6uh, tohncit woh kcteahouau ut Sabath 
dayut, onk woh na.nehtcauog wu^citalrpun, 

8 Out fntmKf<"-»uiin ,«.^f^»« « -- „..'.,./» , . ** 

8 Qiit GOW^hteauun wuttenantarnoaong- 
anoo, kah wuttinnuh v.oiketompuh keihotaa 
wu»uut<*ce:, omohkilh, kahneepaulhnoeu. 
Hah omohkcu i- a'l nepau. 

9 Neit Jsfus wuttinuh nahof, pafuk kena- 
•tootomauonuniwoo , unnaumatin wunnehn 
Sabath dayeu, aluh raatchffin ? wadchanum- 
UB pomautamoonkjaluh paguanin ? 

10 Kah papamuhquiic wame/ wuttinuh 
wo/ketompuh, iiimmagunilh kenutcheg. kah 
wutufTen, kah wunnucchegnetlkehteauunah 
neyane onkatunk, 

ir Kah nag numwaehtunkquog kogkea- 
onk kah kenaunittdog uttoh woh aneahettit 

1 2 Onk n nih, yeuHi kefukodtafli, fohhatn 

en wadchuut peantamauau Goduh. 

u-Mat. J\^^.^ mohtompoFOQwefckomu'h ukkod- 

gO.r. ^^^uhtaenumoh, c kah nah wucch, pepcnaau 

^bonefuoha uctiyeug wonk afooweutcheg 

naau wenfte'keogi/h : newutche kuramihchc 
attumunumnmwou koDwekontamQuonganoo 

25 g Miifi kutonkapunnaonganoD kenaau # ifa? 
cnamiikhikqueogUh, newutche pifh kukkod-l? i, 
tupumwco; miiri kutonkapunnaoneaRooke- *' 

naau hahaneogUh yeuyeu j newut^che phh 
keneuanatamumwoD kah kummaumwoo. 

26 Milfi kutonkapunnaongano) wame 
miamnmnuog waeenomukqueaogj newutche 
ne wuttinheonaoh pannoowae quofliodtum- 

27 h Out kuttinonnamwoo nootieogifii, /> Mar, 
womoaouk kummatwdmaodog, wunnefehtok 5.44, 
lekeneunkqueogig. ^ ^^ 

28 WuiinauutnoDk nag mamatchenukque- 
ogig, kah peantamwanfljeuknagoh ii/hanum- 
we onkapunnanukqueogig. 

15 Matthew k.h Th«m,o i ™umachih ,ahque wonkwehquetumau. 

'^^; te^f^re^STkah nepau ! qTehfttg^^?""^ ^^ ^ ^""'^ "--'^- ' '"' 

raukoliiquttaut, kah neadtahfiiaihettit uk- ! 3 3 Kah vvuneneheosnas w.nen^finlrnnpnrf 
kodnetuhtaeneumoh, kah muttaanooog mif- ig, ne toh unncwuSo^ new^^^^^^^^ 
(inninnuog wutche wame Judea kah je^ufa- chVeaenuog newu^^^^^^^^^^^ ™''' 

T^^S'sl^'?^^^^^^' kehtahanitwutch ] S4 . Kah^namohSlognagoh, wok ^ ^ ,. 
tn ^ah Sidon,uttiyeuF nonche nootauon- adtuhkonkqueoeig, ne toh b7nwLnZ.^\ " ^^^* 
Kg nra^r'''^''^^"^ ™"'^h u...a.- ^ ne,vutche 'ma4^Sf.g'':rh"k^^^^^^^^^ ''f- 

neungquematcannittoo: kahnetlkcheoog. I 35 Out womonmk in.mmac,.,- . 

19 Kah wjme muttaanukeg ukkodmuL- kafi wi^„^ef^k Ta"^moEhu??°°*°S > 
cub, newutche noh (ohhamouoo ummenuhke- natauwompattimcourt ne^ ^ w^'r,"!"? 
fuonk, kah wunnetlkeheuh wame. kutonkauafunkTnr^ n-n. •n-^,"?"^: kah 

22 Koonanumitteamwoofekeneunkqueagft I uZwT""' ^ ^'^ kutahquoantamou- 
woiketompaog, kahchippinrmkqueanvvutch ' »8 Maffrnk kal, r>:n, !,•».• 
ad-alhaihettit.kah kehkomukquean, kah peg '. wunniqufmhw/'-u P'^:,'""'''"''!?°1'"I'^^« 

wog pohfohtheganit ? 

40 Kod- 

THpp*$tmfKtfHkqutmnHenompAkou,C\it^.7~» »«f«' Vfup^en tiuppm mehktt 

•* _- . . 1 ; *.* ^.,ui,-,.....« c N^wntrh^ wfitnontam nutohtimnln.kah 

40 q Kodnetuhtacnin matta aneuhkauwo- 
a Mat ou wulibntimomoh ; qut Biih noh pafuk pan- 
i».24, nuppewunnetuk, piih yineyeuoo wullon- 

timomoh. . , . , . 

». Mat. 41 yKah tohwhutch kuhkinneaman pup- 
l ^ pifli : kemat wu(kefukqut,qut matta kop- 
^'^ wauohmiOiuhtugk nehenwonche kulkefuk- 
qut > 

42 Afuh tob woh kuttinne unnon kemat 
nemat, amaunumutti puppifli kuikefukqut, 
matta ken naumcx>an mifliittaohtugk nehen- 
wonche ne kuikeiukqut? kuteiantekeioh ! 
negonne pogkctaft mifliittaohtugk wutch 
nehenwonch kuikefukqut, neit pilli kuppah- 
ke naum amaumimunat pupj^itti wutch ke- 
mat wulkerukqut. 
r Mat 42/Newutche wunnegen mahtugK^matta 
i t6 wohwucchekeninnoDmattummechum -.afuli 
.'' * raataVit mahtugk matta wutchekenmnoo- 
wunnummechuni. . , ^ ^t 

44 Newutch nifb noh mahtugk wautauun 

raa-xpe nehenwonche ummechummuoiik, ne- 

wutche aiinnekoufit, woiketompaog matta 

wuttauuneaudogfigfail^ lafah wutchek6ur- 

it matta wuttauunneau&og wenominneaih. 

4. K Wunnetou wolketomp wutch wunne 

nompakou wuttahut, wutch fohhamGomo) 

ne wanegik , kah matchetou woiketomp 

wutch roatche nQm^^akou wuttahut, lohha« 

jnoomo) ne machuk ; newutehe, wutch mo- 

natut wuttahut, wuttoon yeumoi. 

46 i Kahtohwa} uiVeok Lord Lord, qut 

• Mat. n^attakutudeumwaoniftjanaDwaomth? 

^.21! ^7 NiOi noh howanpaau6nukQDh,_kah 

noDtog nuttmnoDwaongalb , kah nifii ulleit , 

kukkuhkootoir.auonumwoD howane yaneunS- 

qufitche. _ - ^ 

48 Noh ogqunneunkqullu wornetomp we- 
kitteadt, kah qunnonceadt,kahquenohtau- 
un quflukquanit : kah tomogkog, kuliehtan- 
up menuhke ayeukontam wetu , qut matta 
itiamonchemunoih : newucche quenohtau- 
unap quriukquanit, . 

40 Qut noh nootog qut matta wutuiTein , 
ogqunneunkquffu woiketompaut adtanikit- 
teadt obke'it, wanne quenohtancog : ne Kuf. 
fehtanup manuhke ay«;ukontuk , kahteanuK 
penufliau, kah wolkehteauonk ne wetu milli. 
' AH mahche nojwadt warae wuffuwon- 
jft. a^ galh, wunnootammooongana* miilinin- 
ft Mat. nuog , a peyau Kapernaum. ^ 
&,<. 2 Kah pafuk noqutpalukcuit wuttmnu- 

moh, neh womononcheh, mahchenauoh, kah 
nahen mippoo. , 

2 Kah ncDtamonont Jefusoh, anoonau na- 
nanuanutcheh jewioh, wunnanampalumon^- 
oont woh uppeyonat kah wunnetikeheonat 
wuttinneumoh. ,\. , . 

4 Kahpaauonehettit Jefusoh, ummenuh- 
ke nanampaffumouh, na)waog, noh wutapc- 
tiumun, noh woh yeu anhk. 


5 Ncwutchc w6montam Dutohtimoinikah 
nutayimunkqun S>nagog. 

6 Neit J elus nah cuwcechauhjneit alh n6- 
oofukomouk wetu, noqut pafukoDit ano/nau 
wetompuh, wuttinouh, Lord, ahque wutta- 
Bieh kuhhog,newutche matta nuttapenumco 
kuppetukonat agweneekit. 

7 Newutche wonk matta nutrenantamop 
nuttapenumuH kuppeyaonunat, qut noDwafh 
kuttoowonk, kah nuttinneum woh ncet/keiu. 

8 Newutche nen wonk wolketomp nut- 
agweap nananuwaonk : nutagwe apehtunk 
nutayeuwehtcomukjkth pafuk nuttin mondi 
kah monchu, onkatog peyaufii kah peyau, 
kah nuttinuinneum yeu uibifh, kah wutui- 

9 Jefus nootog yeufii, ummonchanumoha 
kah quinnuppekompau, kah unnau miifinnin- 
nuh neh aiuKongqutcheh, kuttinnonnum- 
wcD, matta nuramiikomooh ne nukukqun 
wunnamptamowonk, matta ut IfraeL 

10 Kah nag anoDnuttuppanneg, quafl^ke- 
hettit en wetuomut nameheaog wutdnneu- 
rouneuh netlkefu noh mahchinop. 

11 Kah nnih nanompimk, petutteauo- 
tanat uflbwetamiin Nairn, kah monaoh uk- 
kodnetuhtaeneumoh wechog , ksh monaoh 

12 Kah pafoDfukog otanae fquoant^ Km- 
feh , na mo nuppcu mitcfi fohhouwunons 
wunnukquttegheonoh ckafoib kah noh £e- 
koufquaUj kah monaegmiifirminnuog ne o- 
tanat CDwechaiyeumouh. 

i^ Kah Lord nauont, iikkkteamontes- 
numoh^kah wactinuhjahquemaulh. 

14 Kah peyaoj kah muiUnum puhpuk^.og 
(kah nag kononcheg chepekompaog ) kah 
noDwaUj wiiiken kuttinfh, omohkilh. 

1$ Kah noh napuk, nummatappu, kah noo- 
che keketouhkdu : kah wuttinnumaunuh 

16 Kah wabefuonk ivunuhkukauoh wamcj, 
kah waaifumaog Godah , na>waog, mi(>>e 
quofhodtumwaen waapeu kenugke kenawum 
kah God natauwaheau umnnffinninneumoh. 

17 Kah yeu waenomaonk pannupfhaumoo 
wamejadea^ kah pannuppu warae wutoh- 
timoneat quinnuppu. , , , , , 

18 b Kah ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh John h MiV 
wiattukqunafliwameyeulh. 11. 2. 

19 Ksh John wehkoraont nefuohukkod- . 
netuhtae'neumoh, wutdnoDnuh nahoh en je- 
fus ut, noowaog, ken noh woh paont, aiuh 
nutaikauwompamomun onkatuk ? 

20 Woiketompaog paauonahettiti noo- 
waog, John kutched'urr.oowacnin, nutancD- 
nukqun en kuhhogl'at, noowau, ken noh woh 
paont, afuh nutathkauwoinpamomun onka- 
tuk ? 

21 Kah nehour,netnieVeau monaoh wun- 
noL'Chcmwefttonganco, Kah weeGuihaonguh, 
kah matchc nafiiauaonguh , kah monaoli 

I pog- 

Gaderetjfog amaook^naog Chrift Luke, 

32 Kah na mo monaog picrfog hearduoo. 

og, lutuppuogut wa'dchuuc": kah ns? wun- 
nanampnirumauh woh wuttiniianunjonst 
" 'nat^petteausjkah nah wurtinnanumpn. 
--'■95 Neic iohhannvcgmirtanrttooogwutSi 
^ ^^^^^•toaipa'Ut , kah pecuiteauniog pigloh , 
■ •'^ahhearacheKeeu quogquecg kulibogkcei- 
■' Veuutcfi nippiifepaeut , kah iugauo^t^m- 
54 Aflamoncheg namohcctit ne aunag, 
vvuilerawog, kah moncheog, kah wuinnneau 
ut oranat, kah ut wucohtimoneat. 
^ 55 Neic nng fohhamwog vvoh naufr.wo^ ur- 
tob aun2g,kafj peyaonoog Jcfufoh, kzh mmt- 
; f^eaog woiketompuh, noh ^vaj fohh-araohettit 
' [^acunnittfjuog, appu wulfctut Jetui , wut- 
nogkcouneau, kah waantam, kah vvabefucg. 
,ti:.M . ^ J , ^^"^' ^■'^'^•^ "^^S'-g wartinnoneau nahoh, 
^ - n;r^ ^""^ ''""J' apehtaahetteuhpoh mattan- 
nictooog, netlkehii. 

^ 97 Neit wame rr.ataanukegiit wutchtu/ui- 
JjJdartnfog quinnuppu, rag wannanampaf- 
tumouh wunnukonnukqundont , Rewutche 
rnilne vvabefuouk nohkuhkongquo?, kah P-. 
CuttfaufcuhtGDnogqut^kah wouk qumkeu. 
„J ^"i^ woikctomp, nch mattannittuop 
wa) amaeibertk, wunnanampaflumuh cu- 
nciwau"''"^^' ^"t Jerusummoncheaheuh 

« i?.^.^i^^'^^" nehenwonche kekit, kah 
^ahtiteiih uttiyeufh rr bgagift God ne anhik- 
quean: kahrKonchu, kah oo-yahteauwahuon 
pannuppu vvame keihtotan, uttoh an mogag- 
lib Jefus njfh anheoncheb. 

40 Kah n nih Jefus qualMeit, miflinnm- 

i Matt, <^^« v-'ame uppahheouh. 

^S- 9- ^ V- •' ^^^, ^"^^^^ vvodietomp peyau uflbwe- 
iu Jairus.kahnoh mnaunnuwacn ut Svna- 
gogut, kah punncu ur wafTetut Jefus /kah 
wuananampafTumuh uppcyouunneat weekir. 
r 42 Nevvu-tche vvunnukquttegheonah wut- 
taunoh,papaume nabo neefe kodtumwohkom 
pahttauuneau, qut xie ayont wutazfakaoo- 


4} Kah mittamw'Ofiis quffiinaufit nabo Heefe 
kodcumwae, noh mahtlhunk wimc ntadtah- 
a^egitutponaikehTudadtinneat,qiit matta 

^44^Peyau uppufquanit, kah niTfrunnum 
wqiheu wu thogka),\ah tcanuk; qn/hinsufH- 
onk kuppuhhaulu. - . .r* 

45 Kah Jefus hGOwau, Ho wan m5 fun it > 
wanje kohkftnoDwahettit , Peter kah nao 
vcchauoncheg nccwaog, Nuflbntimom^mlfi 
taanukeg kutafTukunTcqVgkah kenanahkau- 
^^^5^«e9"og> ^h kuttrnnowam howan tna- 

4<i Kah Jefus nawau , How^n rtummuflTun- 
UK newutche n.Tuwaairttna''Ltam nlcnuhkcfu- 

.7 K.h.iu..«;.flls:ni.e »a.t.,ijb.^.| «#tS^S^S 

mukqufru,peyannunnukqlhau, punneii ut 

J^naquaoit, wuctinnon anaquabhettit vvame 
•niu.nninnah, toh wajrh muirunont.kah rr.ah- 
ehe teanuk netfiieheai!. 

4S Kah wutcinuh, rmttaa'jes, wuttooan.. 
^ain , koonampcaniojonk kenctfkehuk vvunoh- 

49 Aih pamoadt,peyau p;fuk wiit£h wck^c 
nananuvvaenin ut fynagog, wuttinuh,kuitau. s 
"csinppoui, ahqut wuttamrae Soatim. 

^'^^Qpi^Jeius naxcg, vvunnampoDharrau 
sail noh woh netfkcfa. 

51 Kahpetufteadtwetuomut, matra ho» 
^^ancunnanumauou petntteafh, webe Peter , 

^Mfr;^b"i-^^' ¥^ J^^'^' ^-^^ wuioc(};umoh, kah 
VvUtokalumoh niinkfquau. 

52 Kah wame m.uog, kah umnyquemcuh, 
(m noDwau, akque maucolJ , matta nupp<X) l 

. 5 8 Kah ummilhaniiHttauouh, wahteauket- 

tltflUppooi. ■ "' 

54 Kahnahwai-nevvufrohwhunuh^kahwut. 
rSr.n ^"f^'^^^-^^S^n^t. kah wehUomau 
noDvvau, nunkfquauomki(h 

5 5 Kah wunna/hauonguh wonk pcyam kah 
omohkeu tcanak:kah ukkinnoonuh al^mouK. 
n^? „ir t^^chetuonganog diepftaog: que 

tinnounnaout uttoh aiinag. 

Eit n vvehkomaunaboneeruohukknd- , ,;r , 
ri.taataeneumoh nieeu, kah wuttin- f^^^^'' 
nuQiauuhraenuhkefuonk piahiimonat warre ^ ^' 
mattannittcjuog, kah netjl^eheonat mahchln. 

2 Kah nah wutannajnuh kuhkcDtorr.uhko. 
nat wuttahfootamoonk 0od , Kzh neifKehca- 
nat mahcnmnacheg. 

3 Kah nah wuttjnah, Ahque te^c kenua- 
numoDk watch kuppomuihaonganS), matta 
aawohbouunaaT, matta petunkafh, matta pe- 
tiikquuneg, matta teaugualh, kak matta neh- 

appek, kah na wonk wutch monchek. 

UKoodk, fohhamog ne wutch otanat papaudh- 

teagk ne pupifli wutch kmfeta^w6ut,wutchc 

wauwaonkayeuuhkunon nagoh, 

„ fv ^.^^ {^?"?^^'?og?>ah panupwu/haogota- 

fc^int ^^'if ^^^^^vebteaog WiinaunchemcD-- 

Kaonkj kah.netiKehuwaog ni/hnoh ut. 

'"^7 ^ Kah Herod ter^ark wunnoutamun wa- t Mark 

v^nXh ^^'^ wutrapntam , newutchena- 14.1. 

whut^h^ najwaog, John omohkeu wutchc 

. J Kah onkatogi^, leiias naeihtauau , kah 

en omohkeu wonk. 

Kah Herod nauwau John nuttummequa- 


WHta][AmiKhov0an neen Chap.p* howanakodc{oHVffdfits^cnowtncHnk<juJp4 

c Mat. 
14. 13 

tf Mat 

r Mat 
x6, 13 

/ Mat. 

g Mat. 
xo. 38. 

kah kodtantam wunnauonat. 

TO Kah wucannoonaeneumoh quaQikehet- 
tit, wuttinnoncaii wame ne afchcttit , s kah 
nail wunnemunuhjUahkeiieu atiii»eii, ca af- 
lampamukqu^idtut wutcheayeiiog olanat 
ufTowetamun Bethfaida. 

T I Kah mhliniiinnuog vvahteauhettit wut- 
arukaiiouh, kah nah wutattumunuhjk.ih uk- 
keketjohkauuh wurabfootarafionkOod , kah 
nah wunnetlkehcuh quenauhukquiiutche 

12 d Kah kefukod naocheu rnachemoa , 
nek peyaog nabo neiooutcheg , kah wuttin- 
oub,moncheah matt-^anukeg5onk woh pe- 
tatteaogotanahlu,kah wutahtimoneat cjuin- 
nuppeu, kah Wii)h koueog, kah woh natinne- 
hamwog metruoiilC> newutrhe yeu kutaiin- 
jiean touohko.iiukque ayeuonganit. 

i^ Qutnah wiutin^h, aflamook kfoaau, 
kah nouvvaog webe ncuwadchanuraumun na- 
panna tafhinafh petukqunneganafli , kah ne- 
luog iiomohfog, afuh woh mondieyog att6- 
iog metfuonk wutche wame yeug miilimiiii- 

14 Newutche nag papaume napanna tah- 
IlieraiictannukanogkuiTujg woiketoinpaog , 
kah unnau ukkodHctahtaetieusioh nummat- 
appehuk napanna tshlhinchage nequtchip- 
pKfuog. - 

1$ Kah newutuiTcnaoh kah" wame num- 

16 Neitnemunum napanna tan.1 main pe- 
tukqumingafh, kah nefuoh namGlnoh, kah 
afpuhquait, nilh oananittamunaihj k,ih wu{- 
fohqunnunsunaih, kah tuih ' wutt'mnu nauon- 
alh ukkodnetuhtaeneumohj vvoh upponum- 
unaoont anaquabhettit mattaannkeg. 

17 Kah nag metfuog3& wame v/amepcDOg, 
kah nawutchnemunumun nabo nefunniialh 
manootaili nqmwohteau ra^hkuaiineechura 
ne fequeteamuk; 

18 e Onknnih^nohfiitpaantog 5 ukkod- 
netuhtaerieuinoh we'hiyeumcouk} kah nah 
wunnatoDtomauuh noowau , toh noov/aog 
miflinnionnuoghowan rieen > 

19 Nampoohamwog ncDwaog, John kut- 
cheflummuaen : qut nawhutche noowaog, 
Eliasj kah onkatogignoowaop, pafuk nuk- 
koneu quolhodcumwaeti omphkeu wonk. 

20 Kah wuttinuh, qut kens a^a toh kuf- 
fimwoD faowa nen ? ?eter wuunampa>bamaa 
noowauj uk-Chriftumoh God.; 

21 Kah menuhke ummechumehkonuh 
matta vriittinnonnadont howane n ne. 

22 Noowau, f y^oiketomp wunnaomonuh 
mos moDchekerpunnanaUjkali mospogkeni^ik 
nananuanucchehj kah negonne fephaufuenu- 
og, kah Scribfog, kah mos nuihau^kah omoh- 
klnau niflnkquinogok. 

23 ^ Kah nah vvuttinub vvame , Jr^wm 
afuhkiiC kohkonoDwadnonih ua'i'icgkuh , 
kah nemuiiitch uppuiDt-tiiunwaAi alcke- 

fukokiih, kah afuhkiitch 

24 Newutche howaa wadchanuk uppo- 
mantamoonk piQ^ a)wanteaiuin ; qut howan 
kodvvauehteuiik uppomantaraoonk wutche 
nen, noh pilli aowadchanumun. 

25 i) Newutche teaguas tmattauun wof- 
ketomp, tumuhhouadt wame mutraok, .qut 
wanneheunt wuhhogkuh, afuh pogkenit ? 

■-j6 Newutche wuttinaiin howan akodchu- 
wollcj kah nuttinno^waongaih , wolketomp 
wunnau^-nonuh wutakodchuvvonuh , pey.ont 
nehenwonche wuiTohfumouonganitjkah a)fh- 
ohjkah Yjoneetapanataaiwe wu'c-Angelium.oh. 
27 i Q^uwunnai-nuhkutkittinnonnumwoo, 
nawhutcheyeunepauwutchcg , matta pjih 
t^uajtamcDgig nuppooonk, afquam nanaumo- 

28 A^Kah nnih,papaume Ihwofuk tahfliik- 
quinne mahche yeulh nquwaongalh, nemunau 
Peter, kah John, kah James , kah ogquod- 
chiiau wadchuut peantamunat. 

29 Kah paantogj wuttiniiuiruank ut wuf- 
kefukqut penoDwinneungquot, kah witthog- 
ka>unalh wompiyeualh kah wohruracomuLJ- 

30 Kah kuHTeh, ukkeketoqhkauouh nefuog 
woiketorapaog, neg Mofes kah Elias^ 

31' NagfohUimoe wudnaeihtauouh 5 k.ih 
keketCDhkontamwog wunnuppooonkjne woh 
aiit ut JeruCilem. 

3 3 Qut Peter & nag weechaiyeumoncllegj 
kodtukquomw^g. Rah toahkchcttit , naum- 
wog wuflbhiUno wonk, kah nei'uog wpike- 
tompaog oowechekompaumouh. 

33 Kih nnih nbgkonahettit 5 Peter unnaa 
J'eruTohjNuiibntiiifloiKun, wuiinegen yeu kut- 
taiinneanoniit: kahayimuttuh ihwinafh we- 
tuotnaflb pafuk ken^ kah pafuk Mofes , kah 
pafuk Elias_, matta wahteauook v^ttoh anoo- 
v/adt.. - ., 

34 Yen anoQwadt, peyaumo matokqs^kah 
wunoHkukkongquneau, kah vvibcfaQg petat- 
teihettit matokqfut v 

35 Kah coma)x> wurtauatonkqufTuonk 
matokqfat; noowau Yeuoh noov/omoneg nua- 
naumon, nootok. 1 

36 Kah wattauatonkqulTuonk paumudiau- 
moouk, Jefus nufi-a nameheau, kali na|j vvut- 
ahtataBunneau , kah wanne howane wuttin- 
nounhean, yeufli ut kcfukodta/h, ycail\.na- 

37 / Kah nnihj na nompuk womufTehet* 
tit wutch wadrhuat>rnonaog miifiiiainnuog 

^ 38 Kali ku feh vvofketompnc adtafilhabet- 
tlt mi/liontODwau ncDwau , . nUvTontinvDOi , 
ktDwehqaetrtmaufh montinneau nunnaumonj 
newutche noh nunnukqutte-^heun. ; ' . - 
, 39 Kfih kuiTeh naihauonk wutohqunoh , 
kah tervuuk m'fhontcuwau , kah wunnehne- 
kir.'Lih, oakpelitajUCtgDnau^hj kah paptxteaiih- 
sihwhosit wu:tohyn3u kod matta nukonub. 
I 3. 4<^Kab. 

b Mat. 




I Mat, 

17. 1. 



fioy^aimfngkenHk^.metm take* aftikk^mokimftf^f^^k^^^^^ 

40 Kih nanampalTuiionGip kukkoinetubta- ketompaog uppomaiitamooonganao > qut 
encujaog wuticawonjKonAoat> Kah nsg wac- wodchtaonat , kah auog onk^atog otana- 
tonheouK , ^^^ 

4t Kah J<:ru$ n^rop.Tjhsm^nont na)W?.a , ; 57 oKah n uih, neaahettit roayut;, pafuk r Mat* 
Woi mat wunnampcamw^e, kah pann »woh. i woiRecomp wuctinuhj Lord^ kutalukouih ut b,i^p 
tamwacpometeonK,toh uttooche pl^dikoQ- ; toUadan. , ../r 

wechiyeumutiumwoo, kah kummukkoanauH- $8 Kah Tefas wuttinuh, wonkquftiUog 
umwQU/' yeu paloo kenaumon. oowonogkoDOg-, kah pfukfefuk mamatchcke- 

42- Kan noh wag, mattanit ukkepahkomih fukqut, oowadihiyeuwog , qut wolkecomp 
Kah wunnehnekukaiioh: kah Jefus aiifhkomaa 1 wunnaumonuh matta ahtoou coh won ponulc 
mihkeneungque«afhauonguh,kahnetilttheau i uppuhkuk. ^,, , 

^.,M..^u .,„u„.,„, . - 1 Kahunnau onkatoge, afuhkah.qut rMafc 

tnukkioh, kah wonk upponuh oofliut, 

4 J Kah wame cheplhaog ummi/he rr.enuh- 
IsduonkGod, qut nag wame afh-pame mon- 
cnanatamohcttit, ut nHhnoh wutua'en Jefus, 
unnau ukkodnetuhtaeneiimoh. 
m Mat. 44 m Ycufii noowaongafh quttau wemoutch 
17. 22. kuttauogkoo6ut,newutche wolketomp wun- 
naumonuh , pifli ponau wunnutcheganout 
4$ Qut matta ycu wohtammoouneau uh- 
HQOwaoflk: onknagattahtauuneau kahj mat- 
ta GOwahteauQDuneaUj kah wabefuog wunna- 
tootomauonaout ne nouwaouk. 
.f{Mat^ 46 « Neitmooikemookeketoohkaonk ke- 
IS.I. nugke nagoh, uttiyeuoh pifh mafugkenuk. 

47 Kah Jcfus wahteunk wuttenantamoo- 
wonganaout wuttahoowoutj nemunau muk- 
kiefoh kah noh kiflike upponuh. 

48 Kahnah wuttinuh, howan attiimunont 
::yeuh mukkiefoh^ ut noowefuonganir, nutat- 
tumunuk: kah wuttinniin howan attumunit;, 
attumunauneh anconukqueaneh : newutche 
noh peiffillit kenugke kenaau wame 5 yeaoh 
pi/h mifTugken. 

f Mat. 49 c Kah John nampoabam kah noDwau 

9' 37- nulTontimom^nunnauomun pafuk iohwohte- 

au mattannittoo ut koowefuonganitjkah nuk- 

qucbtinnounnonup, newutche matta nuta- 


50 Kah Jefus wuttinuh, ahque queihtus, 
newutche Hoh matta ayeuhkonukoDog, noh 

5 1 Kah nnih paomoDug ne woh adt menubke 
tinnojhquaeu onate Jerufalem. 

52 KahanoonauanGOteamocneuh en ana- 
quolhadtj kah moncheog kah petutteaog o- 
tanamefut wuf-Samsritanfog 5 ukquaqiiaili- 

5:5 Ksh matta wucattumunouh, newut- 
che wuikerukoPiatuh aont Jerufalem. 

54 Kah ukkodnetulitaenumoh James kak 

John yeu namohettit, noowaog, Lord, kut- 

tenanatamun, woh nukkcnoatamunan noDtaii 

f^Kia.ncukcmojut wutch kefukqut kah numma- 

i.iQ. rhukifwonanonut 5 ouatuh p Elias ne a- 


5$ Qutqufiikeu, kahwutauUikomuhj kah 
KCDwau wannckoowahcomwoo uttoh anuiiit 

56 Ncwutchewofketomp wunnaumonuh 
nutta wmdie pcyauuoh pagua tauunAt wof- 

tt Mat; 
10. !• 


noawau,Lord unnanumeh aegonne wohnum- 8. ii» 
monchem, pofekinnonat nooih. 

60 Jeius wuttinuh, napwog polekinahet- 
tich wunnuppoomoouh : qut ken monchifh 
kuhkootomwehteafii wutallootamoonk God, 

61 Kah onkatogwonknoowau Lord,kut- 
fukaufhiqut negonne raoncheaheh, ua- 

nonat nag nekitapitcheg, nahunuffek. 

62 Kah Jefus wuttinuh, wanne howattj 
mahcheponukwunnutclieg plough ut, kah 
ompamuhquaitjtapeneunkquffu ut wutalfoa- 
tamoonkanit God. 


MAhchc a yeufh n nag : Lord kebtimau 
nefaufuk tahfhinchag kuiTuoh onka- 
toge,kah nah wutannoonuh ne nefwu, utana- 
quabit^en nilh iioh otan kahayeuonk^ uttoh 
woh nehenwonchepaont. 

2 Newutche wuttinuh nahogi? unninnau- h Mat* 
au wunnamuhkut miifi , qut kepunukeg s',33. 
ohguhfuog, newutche narfumpaifumok Lord 
anauwanamit, onk woh annoonau kepenum- 
waenuh en wuttinnauwanomuonganit. 

3 Monchekckudeh kutannojnunnumwoo t Mat. 
onatuh Lambfog kenukke mummukquoiliim- 10. 16-. 

4 Kenunnumrohteog afuh petunk, afuh 
nemouninneut, afuh raokuilinalh, kah wonk- 
ummuhteog howan ut mayut. 

<5 Kah d nilh noh wetu kuppetukone- d Mat* 
au, negonne nouwag wunohteaonganuutch 10. 11, 
yeu weru. 

6 Kah wunnaumonuh wunnohteaonk ne a- 
pit koonohteaongancD ne pilh ohteau,tohneic 
matta, pilh quihkc'moj en kuhhogkaouc 

7 Kuh ne wetu appek, metfek & wuttatta- 
mouk neyane aninnumungqueog : newutdi-e 
anikaufuacn tumuhhooau wutonkquatunk, 
ahque hafTukaue onkq wetuomut. 

8 Kah niih noh kciiitotan kuppetukonau 
kah nag kutattumunukduoogjmetchoDg nilh 
noh ponamun anaquabecg, 

9 Kah netfkebuk mahchinaogncgnoh a- 
pitcheg, kah nag unncuk, wutalfoocamoonk 
Godkuppafojfukongqunneau. . 

io Qut nilh noh. kcitotan kuppetukoneau 
kah nag matta kutattamunukoooog fohom- 
ODk en mayuhkcNtu naut, kah UvXjwagk. 

II Nepu^pitnyeu ut otanat; ne cgqra- 



P^omfmn\ v&Hjful^hofH kefiAf^t. Chaf. lo. ho^an ketMeAntungy tJHdYth4 

inulborfej hogkanonutjnutchifiikhomunan a- 
yeuuhkonekenaau, qut yeu wunnaruuhkut- 
eyeuQuook, vvuttalVootamouonk God kuppa- 

12 Out kuttinnonnumwoD, pifii aneliSe- 
yeuoo Sodom, nekefukok, onkne otan. 
e Mat. 15 cMidi kutonkapunaonkchorizinjmilli 
11.21. kiUonkapunaonkBethraidajnewutche yeufli 
mifbanakaufuont^aih mache unnaks ut Tyre 
k-ihSidonnilhanhinakfh, noadt woh aiuC- 
Koianatarriopariiieg, aphettit mathogkcDunit 
kah pakque. 

14 Qut anekdeyeuoo ut Tyreka'i Sidon, 
onk wutch kenaau ne kefukok wuiiittumcD- 

15 Kahkeii Kapernaum , aflipununiimuk 
en kefukqut, pillvkuttittuppohkoniten che- 

/ Mat. 16 /Noh nootaiiuHi nunnaotunk, kah noh 
10.4-0. iilhaaumukqueannutji/hanumuk 5 kah noh 

jiflianumukqueh, jilliaaumau neh amxjnuk- 


17 Kah nefoufuk tah/hinch^gkufTiiog , 
wonk wekontarnoe quQ^keog, nouvvaog^Lord 
ma ttannittCDOg anuunaglg nalhpe koDwefu- 

18 Kah vviittinuh nahog, nunnaumup v^a- 
tan onatiih ukkutihamoDonkjpenud^.au wutch 

19 KufTeli, kittinnutnauunumwoo menuh- 
kefuonk tahtalhkuhkauonat ail^ookog , kah 
ScorpiQRS , kah anue wame urnmenuhke- 
fuonk matwaii, kah matta pifhtcag natuh 
kittin Wolkehikoomwoo. 

20 Qut ahque muikonanatamook yeu ne - 
mtiikouanatamook, newutche k Dwemoiig- 
anooaihwufrukwhoruafli ut kefukqut. 

21 Ne hour Jefuswekontam uiwuaaaHia- 
onganit, kah noawau , kuttcibuttantamouHi 
woi noofli piahquttuk kefuk Sc ohke^newut- 
fckutahtsttauuna/hyeud^ wutch w^antanx- 
wcHuut, kah nupwoenuut, kah koowahteaa- 
waheonaoalh peiffefut, ne nnaj woi NiX)ih> 
newutche ne kuttin wuiTinnowahittean^ ana- 

21 Warrfe teanteaquaGnilh nuttinnumont 
wutch nooPnut, kah matta howan a>wahte- 
aUooan howan waaaaumonin, webewatjo- 
ihimau, kahvvutojOiimau, webe wunnaumo- 
nainj kah noh wunnauinonim cawahteauwa- 
huonuh. ' 

23 Kah ompaniinhquaeii en ukkodnetuh- 
gMa-tj^ taeneumoljj kah kemeu noDWau, g wmian- 
4^.10. tamunafli muikefnkquainuttiyeniiinaumoD- 

moukifo yeu ft aaumsgiili. 

24 Newutche kiUtjrinonnumwx^j monaog 
quorhqdtumwaenuog , kah ketafra>ti3iwog 
ko4tant^mupp.innfg n.^uniunat yeylh nau- 
tnogiihi kah rr.atta wunnanrMOOunaopalb,kah 
ssootamui^t yeuih nootahaagiih j kah aaatta 

25 Kah knfTch pafuk wuttinnaumatua- 

, onganacninneepau, kah ukqutchheuh> riOD- 

j wau, h NufTontimom.toh wohnutuflenonk k Mat. 

I woh nurahtauun micheme pomaHtamowonk: 22.85* 

! kah wuttinah. 

I 26 Toh anfnkwhftfik ut naamatuonganit? 

j toh kittinne ogketamun i 

! 27 Kah nampouham noowau, pJih koowo* 
mon Jehovah kum-MauittODm wamckuuah- 
hut, Iiahwamekukketeahogk6unit5kah wame 
kummenuhkefuonganirj kah v;ame kuttena- 

I natamouwonganitj kah ketatteamung ncyanc 
ken. ^ 

I 28 Kah wuttiauh kuffampwe nampQi)nani> 
yeulh ullidi, kah pilh kuppomantam. 

29 Qut noh k6dtantog wudampwcogqaa- 
numonat -wuhhogkuh unnau Jeftasoh, oniC 
howan netatteamung ? .; 

30 Kahjefus nampoDham, noowau, pafuk 
woiketomp v/oomfu wutch Jery fdem, en Je- 
richoj toh peyaukenugkekommoutowaenu- 
utj neg poikinoncheg wuthogkoDonk, kah 
wunnajchumwehtahvvhSuh, kah moncheog, 
wunnukonouh nahennuppGOoh. 

3 1 Kah toh ne wuttin woomfin pafuk fep- 
haufuaenln ne mayut, kah nauont, uppau- 
mukauoh ogkomae. 

32 Kah wonk tevite, ne paont, peyau ura- 
monunneauohjkah uppaumukauoh ogkomae. 

33 Qut paiuk Samaritan paumufhadtj pe- 
yau ne fepiinit, kah nauont, ukkitteamon- 

34 Kah noh au,kah coflipunauoh noachum- 
welitahwhaongaih , fokanuk pummee kah 
wine, kah upponuh nehenwonche uppuppin- 
aftimomutj kah uppafoDoh ut ordnarj, kah 

35 Kah mohtompog noh kodtuk foh- 
ivhunum neefompikot, kah wuttinnurRauoa 
neh noh wekitamunutcheh, kah wuttinukj 
nanauwanum^uttoh ane rnatlhadtaupnjwoak 
peySon, wonk kuttoadtubkoufh. 

56 Yeuyeu uttiyeulli yeuih nadiwynnu- 
CDgiliianantarnan nth weetatceamunguh noh 
toh paomp kenugke kommajtowaennut ? 

97 Onk nojwau, noh kadtumoiucanum- 
o.nt^neit Jefuswuttiauh;, raonchilh kahne- 

3 8 Oiik n nih ne aahettit petutteau otona- 
e.nes, kah pafuk mittamwoflis uflbwcfu Mar- 
thsj wuttattumunuh en wekit . 

39 Kah^wetompafj UiTowefuoh Maryjnoh 
wonk apitv/uiTetutjerus;, kah nootam wut- 

40 Qut 24artha wuttam^ntam ni.xicheke 
quolliamyehto'iiinneat, kah uppey&onuh,kah 
ni?j\van, L^rd, matta toh Kitiin tupantamoo 
netompas nunnu;Teu nukkonukqunat quofh- 
auwetitohfinneat? newutche us nfetrannsirn- 

41 Kah Jefus nampooham kah wuttinwh, 
Martha , Martha 3 kcti koutanaantam ,. kah 




KnhkootmuHlq pema^mmat Luke. Beelfihh,niJhkeKmk.aue Math. 

,Nknnih',"ao„fog'?tayeuonganit. ?„^j^*r '""''''"'-'"''innc.fuonk wutch ke- 

2 Kahwuttinuh,pe.ntamog,noowagkfl(X>. nudiau. ^^ ^^^^f^e^ic weetuomoh pe- 

.. . on'i'' 'f^^f i'^""^'"'^^ "^""^'^^ kouwefu. i8 Kah mattannit chippehtfiadtit , uttoh 

^'^' k^hohkeTr ^"^"' "'-^ "'^''"' ^'^"^^"^ watchekuflimwoo nuflbhStearma til 

A^ '.. , ^. , nittODOg nafl^pe Beelzebub. 

onganonaff,,newiitchenenawun wunk nut- koDSttumwaeneumSoog ^ 

5 Kah wutcinuh, howan kenaau oowetora- wehteuak wek , wunohteauSlh ummau 
pait, peyaonont n6etipukkodtae,kah unont, machiaOi. wuuonteaumtoalh ummau« 
iietomp namakouhe Ihwinafh petukqaiiegafh. 22 Qut anue menuhkefit nubkuhkauont 

6 Newutchenetomppomulhadt,nuppe- kah foh&annnt • «/.,„ nuoKunKauonr, 
^^'o K u r^, nutaaamoh. wuttiiinauwaoieonk , nilh paubuhtantoaiib. 
auont &nQC)wadt,ahque wutramlieh/quoant ongaih. "lauwon ummatcnteaii» 
KuppuhhoDfu.kah neechanfog noDwechekou- 25 Nob matta wechayeumukooh nutaveu- 
o^mukquog, noL-nanum omohken kittinnum- ohk|nu.,>ah nob matt^ wee^ShTmuSn?: 

,.,„. "■"";"9°°""'"«'(», tohkonogque roatta 24 d NifhkeneuRkqiie nafiiauonk fohhoir 

watomohkein newutch? wecompuh: qut ne- ifli wutch wofketomplut, pomufl au mnob 

wu tche ummenuhke wehquet umoonk,oraoh- ohteaouuc natinneham amv^finoonk ! kah 

keukah wutt.nnum.u.nnea<itahrhequenau. matu nan,ehteaock , nx^au/nukqulkeJ^ 

* ***** rr,2 i!r JS* •'""'""'nnumwoo, wehquetum- 25 Kah pa6nt,wunnamteauun chekhaufii 

J.J. pok 8c kittinnumonteaneau : natinnehamoek kah wunnekcaufu. *"«"""" ceKnama 

kabkummiikomiuneau , chuhchuakquttali- 26 Neit moncheu kah nemunau nefaufuk 

hamcufc, kab koowo hwehtunkqunneau. tahfoooh onkaU^e nafliauongoh anue ma7 

10 Newutchemiknoh howan oowehque- cheta,wog oak%ui^, npetu««os kah 

tumun, wu attumuuumun, kah nah natin- na wuiaiioneau, kaUaamaSwultk^^^^^ 

woh wutt.unumauuh quHuk > afuh wehque- kah wuttinub, wunnanumau 6c ,co^,Tno^ 

=orurcrS^.f, wuttinnu^uoh n^|;:^^.ucas/kah i^^J^^li^t^ 

.ua-.nt^rhe.^^'"' ^^"' -"^ it^i-^-^r^^^^rSwToir^-iT.- 

13 Ncit kenaau matchctowogwabteauSg nanawchteunki2 ""'"'^^w^^"'' ^'"^d, kati 

queu kmlhoo p.fl, wuttinnumauonat wunne- nel.amwog kuhkinr^fuonk kah m«r, d ft 

ir^he""""""" "''■ "^'""'^- ^!''''''r''-"'^anin=oog:^rn^^^^^^^^^ 

T. ^tri u . ... ki""«2rdonk Jonas quolhodtumwaen. 

makkakit^; kuL? i.3f"'T' -''^^''^ a^"^«ganoD Ninevitt^jg, netatupe wonic J>ifl, 

c Mat, 

& I2» 


e Mat. 

jSfimveo^tVifoJkechewf^ttattmmitch Chap. 12. koonteom^^oo comnohkfoafljl 

ai Keiche(ronkqsrowanaiyeupifliweeche,aiia>waan kukkekomimim wonk. 
omohkaomau ut wttilitttim.joonganit ayeu-| _1^ ^5^^*^,".^;J^^i^/£.^J;^^^^^^^^ 

I Mat, 

ubkonittue wortietompiih yeu pometuonga 
nit, kah piib cDwulTumoh •. newucehe nagum 
oomup wutchaongkouohkomuk, wunootam- 
unat oowaantamoonk Solomon kah kudch , 
niilfugkcii aiiue onk Solomon ycu wutappin 

32 Ninivee wortietompaog pi/h weethc 

omohkoomau yeu pometuonk, kahpifli up- 

pogkodchimuh, newutche aiullioiantjmup- 

paneg, kuhkoutomwehf eadt Jonas;, kah kut- 

leh, anue mifTugken onk Jonas, yeu ut. 

^ »»,t 35 / Matta howan nalhquiruk wcquanan- 

/ Mat. ^^g^ upponumojun aiTampamukquadtut, a- 

^ *^ ^ * fuh matta agvve wilhquadt, que wequanante- 

ganolitugqut, nag petutteaaieg woh ndum- 


94^ OQwe'<luaoom muhhog mulkeluk : 
newutche mulUefukpohkag, wame muhhog 
numwohteau wcquai : qut kulkefuk mat- 
Cheuk, kuhliog vvonk numwohteau pohkeni. 

35 Newutche nunnukqurin:\ ilhkunt ne 
wequai ne kuhhogkat pohkenahkitch. 

96 Newutche waroc kuhhog numwohtag 
wequat, matta chippano pohkenai, wame 
numwohteau wequai, neyane cowohfumde 
pumohruiTioonk wequananteg , wequofium- 

;j7 Kah kadtoohkont pafukPharife wun- 
HanompalTumoh oowepumukqunit, kah pe- 
tutteau, kah nuramatappu umroetfinneat. 

158 KahPbarlfenag, moncfaantam matta 
ukkM(rcnchaf! alh maaietfckup. 

^9 h Kah Lord wuttiauh, yeuyeu kenaau 
PharUefog kuppahketeomWcD wolkcche 
wuttattamwaitch, kah wunnonk, qut kic- 
tinnomlyeumcDWoont numwohteau neeh- 
neehteapuonkj kah matchetowoak. 

40 Kenaau mattammagwog, funriuramatta 
Boh ayikup ne woikeche ontag, ayimouus 
wonk ne anomut ohtag } 

41 Qut ayn magook nannowe magcoongaflh ; 
. ne vvoh ayn magooog, kah kuiTeh vv3>"ne tean- j 

teaquaiinaHii pohkiyeuafhwutche kenaau. 

42 Qtit miili kutonkapunnaonganoo Pha- 
rifefog, newutche kummagumwoo pjukque 
chippal mint, kah rue, kah wame n'lfli noh 
unnafhkehteuQO, kah kupaumakomumwoo 
wulHttumoonk koowomunnaonganoo God, 
yculh woh afe'ogilli, qat woh mo kudeque- 
UiT^mWiD onktogifli. 

45 i Mill] kutonkapunnaongano) Phari- 
t Matt, fefog, newutch koowomantamumwoo negon- 
Zl»6» ne appuongalh ut fynagogfut wonkquttu- 
ongafh ahhut kodtauwompdlimuk. 

44 Midi kutonkapunnaongaHOo Scribfog 
kahPharifefog eiantukiog : newutche kut- 
ogqunneunkqulimwoo mat naum^cDeweenoh- 
ket, kah wo.k'^tompaog nilli paumukorao- 
hettichin.-i matta wunneheoncheeuiinaoalli. 

4$ Neit pafuk wadtmnanmatudnganit v j. 

nampQobam kahwuttinuh, nuiroittimGin, ne ] mefogunnoadfcognefekonaQ; 


h Mat. 

ano) kenaau wadtinnomaiuonganeagUhjnc- 23,4. 
wutche koL>wealehc6mwa> wolketompaog 
nafhpe weananalb onkapunie nekinneatjkah 
kenaau, matta kummullinnuraijomwcu wea- 
nanaih pafuk kuppohchanutchu. 

47 / Miili kutonkapunnaongano), newut- / ^^^t* 
che kounteamwo) ti>wenohkee«cioafh quoi-h- 1 5. 2 q» 
odtumwaenuog, kah koDlhouwoog wunnuih- 

48 Wunamuhkut koowauwomwoo, kutta- 
peneamumwo) wutulTeongafh koollaoDwoog, 
newutche nag wuiiamuhkut vunnuniauepuh, [ 
kah kenaau koDuteomwcD ODwenohke-oafl-i. ^ 

49 N ewutche wonk nouwop oowaantamd- 
onk Godj ua piih nuttin annobnon quolhod- 
turawaenuog kah Apoftlefog, kah nawhiitche 
nag pifli nulhoog kah wolkeheoog. 

50 Ne oDfqheongana) wame quofliodtum- 
waenuogj ne Teahhamukup nadteuh wofke! 
kutchilHk muttaok, woh natauwomputtam- 
unyeu pometuonganitr r »jGen» 

%i m Wutch ourqheongank Abel, ohk4. § 
yean oofqheonganit Zacharias noh nipukup 
Rufhauwe Altar kah Templeut : wunnamuh- 
kut kuttinnonnuaiwoo, yeu plOi ut natau- 
womputtamun yeu pometuonganit. »Mat. 

52 « Mill! kutonkapunnaonganao kenaau 2i. 3 g. 
wadtinnaumatuonganeogilli, newutOie kuta^ 
maunumumwoo pohquoihadti^^uoantunka- 
nii wahteauonk, matta kuppetutteamwoOs 
kah neg kodpetutteacheg kukquehtinoog. 

5 3 Kah yeu(h shont Scriberog kak phari- 
feCbg nooche menuhke ukkenoonouhjkah uk» 
kutheouh wuttinnoDWonat moocheke. 

54 Wutaikwhonouh, kth natir^nehamwog 
ne teaguas wutohqunnumunaoont wutch 
wuttoanut, onk woh wuttitafpminanoneau. ' 

CHAP. XII. s M^ti 

AShpamu & moie'hettit matta woh v;6- i,^,^, 
ogkemooncheg railTinninnuogjOnk tah- 
tailiukkdatuog, uooche unnau nkkodnetuh- 
taeneumoh, nes^onnu : ahqueteaouk wuiTcan- » y[it^ 
noomoo Pharifefog, ne eiantukeiyeuonk. 10.2 6^ 
2 h Newutche mon teag onkwhofinoo, ne ', ' 
wohmo naumoDmuk, afuh adtahtafinoo, iie 
woh mo wahteauomuk. 

5 Newutche ni{hnoh kudinneau ut pohke- 
natu, plfli ncDtaoiunut vvequaiyenut^ kah ne 
an(x>waook ut mehtauogkut kemeu , pifh 
wahteauwahuwon woikechckommuk. 


4 c liati kuttinnonnumwcD, netompaog, - >— -- 
ahque wabefu6n'X)k neg no/]ioncJ^eg muh- to» 2^.- 
hogkuh,& ne mahchejmarta wonk toh nffeog 

=^ Qut kukquofi-;ae unninnu riwoo howan 
woh quofliog 3 \7Jiberiionciok , noh mahche 
nulh^hteadt, ummenuhkefuonganu wuttin- 
uhkonat en chepiohkomiik, nux. kuttinnon- 
nunn^'oo, nob \vabc"uon-^k. ' ^,.,. 

6 Sunniit-jimatia li.ipaniia ra^fnog, pfakfe- 

, > ..kah tp.^tti 

'■"'" pauik 

XlnlphsmaQuk^i mechumHuhkorFJuk^^Hafh Lukc« feff:4taMJh peamefik,flol^ . 

paluk wananumoun utanaquabit God s 
7 Qut ne adtahlhik kummeerunk kup- 

puhkukqut w6ogketau'u 3 nevvucche ahquc 

wibelek, kummiihoidtiiuwoo anue onk rao-' 

niog pfukfernefog, 
d Mat.. 8 ^ WonkkuttinnonnuTiwcD^howanram- 
io. ^2. pooaufit ut anaquabhettic woiketQinpaogj 
2 Tim. wofketomp wiinnaumonuh neh pith vvonk 
3.12. wu:ramp<x>aonuh;, ut anaquabhettit wutaa- 

gelfumoh God. 

9 Qut noh kohkonooaulit ut anaquabhet- 
;tit miilinninnuogj piih kohkonoawaonau ut 
?inaquabhettit wutangelfumohj God. 

10 Kah wuttinniinhowanayeuuhkonlttua 
kenounont wofketomp wnniiaumonuh woh 
^hquoantamauorijqat noh bhrphemont wun- 
netupanatamwe naihauaaktOj matta woh ah- 

? Mat. 11, e Kah pafcowutteaog ut Synagogfut, 

10. I p. kah ut raagiftratiuut, kah milTugkenoowong;- 

• anitj ahque umiantamouk ut toh an^, afuh 

chaugua woh nampoohamog, afuh toh woh 


12 Newutche wunnetupanatamwe nafliau^ 
anitj noh mos kukkuhkoDtospuakou ne nan 
howe'r toh woh ancDwaog* 

I g Kah pafuk neg chaupanukeg wuttuk- 
quoh, nutlontimom, kenoos nemat, woh nut- 
^ippunumunk ahtconk. 

14 Kah wuttinuhjwoiketomp howan ayim- 
unkque wuiHttumwaenuun afuh nutchip- 
punnurawaenuunneat, wutche kenaau. 

15 Kah wuttinuh, ahqueteauook, kah 
kuhkinneafek hahchewontamoonk^ newut- 
che woiketomp uppomantamoonk matta 
wutchayeumunoo mattaanukiih wutahto- 

16 Kah ukkeaoonuh kuhkinneaCuonk: nao- 
wau, wutohkewenaueetuenmudegen. 

17 Kah unnantam ut wuhhogkat, uoQwau 
toh woh nutiaflen, newutche nakquenauhuk 
toh woh ponumnummechummuonga/h? 

18 Kah noowau yeu woh nutufTen, nuffoh- 
qunum nummechuniikkomukquan:j5 & nuta- 
yim mohfag;kah na pidrnupponumun wame 
nummechamn:\uonga(hj kah nummaumachi- 

19 Kah nuttin nukketeahogkoujketeahog- 
Vo\x 5 monataih kutahto mauraachiafh w:d- 
chanaufu moocheke kodcumwae5anvvh6h{i/h 
metlifli, wuttattafli , kah wekontafii. 

20 Qut God wuttinuh, kenmattaraagoo, 
yeu iiohkog,kukkcteahogkoumos kumamon- 
teaa, neit yeufii wame m(h quolhauwchtam- 
ohpaili howan woh wutahtauunadi > 

21 Nohneyane wadch^numauont wnhhog 
kuh nompakou , kah raatta wenaueku nog- 
queu en Godut. 

22 Kahuimau ukkodnetiihtaeneumoh,ne- 
/Mal% wutcheNkuttinnonaumw.oj , / ^hque ivut- 
C.2j. tiiiuaatamcyjk kup.pc>niantamodbngaha) toh 

W'jh rine met fe'og, afuh matu muhhog j toh 
\WQh agq^us^ig* 

23 Pomantamoonk rocx)cheke wunnegen 
onk metfuonkj kahrauhhog moG^cheke oijk 
ne hogkajonk. 

24 Natwontamook kihchikkongkSntuog, 
newutche naatta ohkehteaaojog aiiih kepe- ' 
numcDog, matta ohtauouog atuh maumaa^ie 
komukj afuh meechuniehkomuk , onk God 
wutairamuh : uttoh tinne moocheke koonai- 
inneaoont onk ne piukfefuk ? 

25 Kah howan kenaaujunnantamog, wat- 
onchekinne'at nequt ifquanogkod > 

26 Neit matta tapenum.ouog uflenat ne 
peafikjtohwhatch kodtantamog onkatogifh> 

27 NatwontamoDk uppe-Qiauonadi uttoh 
ane negik, matta anakaufeog, matta tuppin- 
ohteauQoogj qut kuttinnonriumwoo 3 Solo- 
mon ut wame wuffohiumooonganit , n?atfa 
neyaneunkquodtinnoci wuthogkcounalli onk 
pafuk yeu. , . , 

28 Neit God yeu unnaQiaiahtunk molkeh- 
tuafiij ne kefukodie obtag ohteakonit 5 kah 
faup nnnohkon adt woh chikohtag , uttoh 
unne nioodieke kuthcgkcounuhkongquneauj 
wcl kenaau peafik kconamptamooonganoo > 

29 Kah ahque natinnehamook chaugua 
woh meechog, afuh chaugua woh wadtat- 
tamook.kah ahque chanantamwe unnantam- 

30 Newutche wame yeti{li>wutahtimdne- 
aih yeu muttaohket wunnatineahamunaoaflj; 
kah k(X>fh txjwahteoun j yeulh kukquenaaa- 

51 Qutayn natinnehamookwuttahlootam* 
oonk G^d, kah wame yeuih nano kittinnum- . 


32 Abque wabefek pearaefek flok , ne- 
wutche koolhoo cDuetapeneamooonk kuttin* 
numunikqunneaoont kctalfootamoonk. 

1 5 KodtauwoRipafek ne ahtauog, kah aia- 
gook nanowe magooongalli, g quoihaeitok g Mali.^ 
kuhhogkaoog manoatalh matta woh nagon- 6.20. 
neiiuogilb ? nompakou ut kefukqut, matta- 
woh panfhanoj na raatta kommootowa^ni- 
unoug, afuh matta pahpohkumas wutanfeh- 

34 Newutche uttoh ohtag kenompakatz- 
^nnocj, na wonk kuttahhoooaiii ofcteau. 

35 b Kuirefeanooafh puttukquobpifTumu- h iPcta 
itch, ksh kouwequananteganoi^aili chikoh- 1.13% 

56 Kah kenaau ogqueneukqufTek woflie- 
tompaog aikwhonahettit wnillbntirnomajoh, 
quflikeit wutch weirentamooonganit, uttoh 
adtcoche peyontkah chuhchunkquttahhog, 
woh oowolhinumaouh teanuk. 

37 Wunnanumoog yeug wuttinniamune- 
unk, neg Sontim peyontjWunnamheuh afkuh- 
vvheteaog : wunnamubkut ku?tinnonnu<riWc» 
noh piQi puttukquobpi(fu, kah na p^lh wur»- 
nummatapheuh metfinneat, kah fohham^ k.vh 
vvumTadrupheuh. : 

3S Kah peyont nahoht6cu: alkuhwhekonat 
a Cub 

manum^^ rnhquttumtn Chap.xji Cahkanfog mMm fiifeht^g 

.alUhpexontnimwudtafkuhwhekonat,kihn^ ienum6ii d;el.,> wafenumit, wulhimunneuh, 

ne narncheont, wunanumoog ycug wuttm- 

neumunneunk. , , . ,. 

• Mil- ^9i Kah yeu wahteauook, noh noh waeki- 
i. /; tog wahteunk uttiyeu hower kommooto- 
^^•*^' waenwoh adt peyont, woh alkuhwheteau, 

kah raatta woh wuuinnanumob uppetattea- 

ftenuneat wekit. 

40 Newutche kenaau quolhappegk, ne- 
uutche woAietomp wunnaumonuh pcyau ne 
hower raatta ananatamouog. 

41 Neit Peter wuttinuhj Lord yeu kuh- 
kinneafuonk uffenan, afuh wonk wame. 

42 Kah Lord noowau, neit howan noh 
farapweulTeaen, kah waafuam, piahquttiimwa- 
en,noh wu'rontimomah ayimauoat wimanau- 
wunurounat week wutaQumoiiac ne woh 
niecchhettit ne woh adtooche. 

43 wunnanumau noh wuttmncuraun, wul- 
fontimom peyonit, nawehikquit ne wutufle- 

44 Wunnamul:kut kuttinnonnumwa),woh 
wutayimauoh wunnanauwunnumuninneat 
wame ne ohtunk. .j. .► 

45 Out noh wattmneunaua noowadt ut 
\vuccahut,nu(roi2tiiiiom quohqueu peyaujfeah 
nooche tatcogkomont, wolketompae wuttin- 
numuneuh, kah nankCquae, kah metat, Kah 

46 Noh' wuttinnettnfiun wuflontimomuh 
pifh peyau kefukodtae matta alkauw6mpft(ii- 
unk, kah ne hower matta unnatitamoog, kah 
qifli ukkehkinumauoh wutahtdonK wecHe 
pauncuvvohtogig. .. , 

47 Kah noh wuttinninneumun wahteunk 
%^u(rontimO!nuh wutcenantamooonk , kah 
matta quoihappeg, kah matta^ullegk. ne ana- 
liatamunit, pilh moochekdhkotnau. . 

48 Qut noh matta wahtcauoog, kah ufieit 
nia\ woh woduttauuttimugiilb pifii oggul- 
fohkomau : newutche noh moocheke anunr- 
siuutj noh pifh moocheke anumauut, noh pi(h 
m(i>cheke natauwompattamauau, " "^" 
woiketompadg ponamauwahettit moacneKe, 
umijucheke vvchquttumauGah. 

49 NoDche pcim annoononat nootau ut 
ohkeitjkah toh unnantam nen, raaiiche chik- 

5 o Out nutj^hto kutchefTumoohk kutchef- 
fumwuimeae,, kah uttoh noGitimantamunat 
na en nummahche ulfenat. 

$1 Kittinantamumwoa ncoche peam ma 
gunat wunohteaonk ut ohkit ? kuttinnon- 
fiumwoi), matta, qut ayn penuanittuonk. 

52 Newutche yeu wutcheonk yean, na- 

54 Kah wonkunnHimidinninnuh, k^ hau- k Mat* 
mog matok^s wutchekfuaycu waapcmojkuf- 1^,2, 
limwQO na tiadtinnon, kah nnih. 

55 Kah nauagUh fowanlhin kuflimwQO , 
mos kuiiitteau, kah nnih. 

56 Kenaau eiantukkeiog, woh koDwaam- 
woo woikechepohkok, katiohke, qut toh n 
nih, matta koDwauwoneau yeu aquompak } 

jy Nux, tohwutch kenaau nehenwondie 
fampwc wutfittumooogjuttohanfampwag? ^ 

j8 / Wechauadt noh petukonukquean tu * ^f^^ 
magiftrat, ne ayoan, menuhkenitteafti onk 5'2-»'' 
woh kuppohquohwunit noh wutche, iftikont 
kuppetukonuken wuflittumwaenin, 8c wuf- 
litium waenin kupponuk aninnohrueniut , & 
aninnohfuaenin kukkupihagkinuk. 

59 Kattinib, matta na pi(h koomooun, n* 
paieh kuttdadtehteaara nilhnoh teaug. 

NA wutapinneau ne ahquompak , nk* 
whutche nag wuttinnoneau Galileans- 
on,uttiyeu6h oofqheonkPiiat konukkinukup 

2 Kah Jefus nampa>hara, nah wuttinuh, 
fun kuttenantamwoo yeug Gali!eanlbg mat- 
cheieaenuog anue onk wame Galileanrog ? 
newutche niih fpunnanndnaoaOi. 

Z Kuctinnoiiiiumwoo, matchaog^,qut mat- 
ta aiuikoianatamuoog, pifh wame kenaau ne- 
tatupc kutawakompaaamwoo. 

4 Afuh yeug nabo fwofuk adtafooutchegj 
uttoh adt penulhonkup qunnunkqukkomuk 
Siloe^kab nah wunnulxion, fun kuttenantam- 
woo nag raatcheieaenuog anue onk wame neg 
apitcheg ut Jerufalem? 

5 Kuttinnonnumwoomutchaog,qut matta 
aiuikoianatamaoegj pifli wame neyane kut- 

6 Yeu wonk kuhklnneafuonk wuttinnon 5 
pafuk wolketomp figfe mahtug ahto, ohkeh*- 
teau ut CDwenbminiieohteakonit, kah peyaa 
kah natinneham mechumuonk nah ut, kah 
matChaqg namehteaou. 

7 Neit unnau neh wanteounutche weno- 
nominneohteuk, kulTeh, nifhwudt kodtum* 
waenuppeyam natinneuhhamun raechumu- 
ortgafli yeu figfe mihtiigqut, kah matchag 
nunnamte^dh, tummehthafhjtohwutch wut- 
tamuhkog ohke ? 

8 Kah wunnampoohamaU wuttlnuh, nuU 
fontimdm,mukkoona(h yeu kddcumuk wonkj 
noh pajeh nukqunnupobthaiiunat, kah mun- 

9 Kah tannektk mechummiionk, ne,matta 
nanoo», neit mahche ne nag, neittumraehto 

©anna tahfuog pafuk wetu pia^ chachauWe- , 

o|^K°' ^y^^^^"'°^- "^^'^"^' ''^ "' '^ I 10 Kah palukut fynagog 
.^S^T^ I ''irK^&,hamomlttamwo^s, n^ 

euhTTutSimau wutt^^ kah 'apehtunkqut ^/fi^^««,"^V\ "^,^^""^:!^^± 

^utt>uninwatokaaneuh;Iiahw«a.lmUnwa. 1 qut nabolhwofuk tal^n^ ^^odtumwae^k^^ 


OmpecnaufH mitUmmfis wuflard Luke# oomwp^ WHtchepmipu dropfyemo 

wonkitchaeu, kah matta woh rummagun 
numoD wubbog. 

12 Kah Jefus nauont, cowelikomuh, kah 
wuttinuh, mittamwoills^ kutompanit watch 

19 Kah upponao^auoh wuanutchegadij 
kah tcanuk (ampweUi 5 kah noh fohrunioo- 
onau Goduh. 

^^ 14 Kah nanaunnuwaen ut fynagogut wut- 
jilhontamoe n impODhamauoh, newutche Je- 
fus nenltehuwop Sabath dayeu, kah unnau 
miifinninnuh , nequtta tahfhikqu}nnu,ne wof- 
ketompaog woh zAt anakaulhettit, nidi ut 
peyunk, ncit netfkehuagkj kah matta Sabath 

15 Neit Lord wunnimpODhamauohj kut- 
fiantukei, fun matta nlfli nob pafiik kenaau, 
Sabath dayeu ompineaau wutoxumob, afuh 
wutalTumoh wutch neahhut k\i{hpiflit, kah 
WUiTa?kompagunau en cjutattamoheonat ? 

16 Kah yeuoh mictamwoffis, wnttaunoh 
Abraham , raattannit tahtogkuppunonche 
kucTeh , nabo fhwofnk tahfte kodtumwae, 
funnummatta woh o.-npinneau wutche ki(h- 
pillinneat Sabath dayeu ? 

17 Kah yeujh an(X)wadtj jiflianumukqKt- 
die akodchuoh , kah wame miirinninniiog 
wekontamwog, newutche wame fohfumoe 
ufTeongalh nish afeche/h. 

*Mark 18 a Neit noowau, toh ogqunneungquot 
13* 5^' wuttahrootamoonk God^ afuh toh;wohnut- 
tatupinneunkqus ? 

19 Ogqunneunkquodt pafuk wufnanne- 
munnerMefu rauftard, ne wolketomp nemun- 
uk 5 kah anahtead wuttittanohteaonganit, 
kah nckin kah wano mi/huhquodt mebtug,kah 
puppinlhauflfog mamahchekefukqut appuog 

20 Kah wonk noowau, toh woh neyanc- 
neamun wutatrootamoonk God .? 

21 Ogqunneunkquodt nc feog , ne mit- 
tamwoiiis nemuniik, kah adtahtunk nilheu 
pekfogut nookhik, noh pa^eh wamcfeanit. 

22 ^ Kah papannupwufhau otanalh kah 
otanejnefafhj kunkootomwe'hteau neayayomp 
en Jerufalem. 

2:^ Neit pafuk wuttinuh, Lord, funoh- 
gubfuog wadchanitcheg .? kah nah wuttinuh, 
24c Cheke'e petutteagk pemacgok fquoant, 
newutche kuttinnonnumwoo , monaog 
natinneohhgigpetukon, kah matta wutta- 

' 25 Sonti.ti newetuomut, mahche nepau- 
ut, kah yanctdnuk,kah nooche kerjcepomwoo 
poquadchit . kah chuhchunkquehtahham- 

27 ^Qutpim noowau, kuttinnonnumwco 
mariakoowahennomwoout tohwan?>dky ama- ^ Mat 
cicaekwame kenaau anakaafeogia^rnatchefe-l oV 
onk. I'^i* 

28 Na ut mauonk kah nunnukkuttooha- 
ma)ony., nauok Abraham kah Ifaak, kah Ja- 
kobjkah wame quoi]]odtumwicnuog ut wut- 
adaotamaoonganic God, kah kenaau kui- 

29 Kah pinioomwcgwutchepwoaeu, kah 
wutchekfuaeu, kah wutch nannumeiyeu, kah 
wutch fowaniyeujkahpiih appuog wutafluo- 
tamojonganit God. 

30 t KahkuiTehj nawhutc'r.e maumachiih- « Mai- 
yeuutcheg piih negonneyeuooog 3 kah na- ig .q* 
whutche negonnayeuwutcheg piih m-rama- 

31 Ne kefukok nawhutche Pharlfefog 
uppeyaonouh, wuttinouh^fohhailikah ama- 
lih, newutche Herod woh kenufi^huk 

32 Kah nah wuttinuh, monchei kah un- 
noknoh wonkqfis ^ kuflfeh nuiTohwhohteani 
roattannittCDog , kah nutuften netlliebuwa-. 
ongafhj yeu ketukok & faupskab niftikquin- 
ogkok piih nuppannuppe kezhit. 

35 QyJ^ moDcheke nuppapaumfliam yen 
Kefukok, kah faup, kah na wonk kefukok, 
newutche matta woh paguanau quoU^od- 
tumwaen qut webe ut Jerufalem. 

34 /Woi Jerufalem Jerufalernxkenolhadt/ Mat, 
quofhodtumwaenuo^, kah quaiTu^quontah- 25, 374 
whodtneganoonutchegen kuhhogJcat, toh 

unne nagwutteae woh nukkod mi^hmoua 
kuramukkiyeuraog, onatuh hen mohmounont 
(X>ilitfeame'fumoh.ut agwe wunnuppohwhunit 
kah mat koowekontamcomwcx).' 

35 Kulfeh: kek kenukkodtumoBtean matta 
nowaunoQg, kah wunnamahkut kuttinnen- 
numwoo, matta pifii kcnayeamwoo noh pa- 
jeh uttcpcheyeuao peyaumoouk, noowwaeg, 
wunnanumau nobadt peyont cowefuongaait 

/^Nk n nih, petteadt Wckit pafuk madig* 
V^ kenuk pharife, ummechinat petukqun- 
nunk Saboth dayeu, wutaikwhonouh. 

2 Kah kuffehsna pafuk woilvetomp anaqua- 
bit, dropfjyeuoj. 

^3 Kah Jefus nampcobam, kenoonau wid- 
tinnaumatuwonganunutche kah* pharifefofi 
noowau, fun wunnegen neet(kchuwon Sab- 
oth daye'u ? 

4 Kah nag chepappuog, kah wannemunqk 
kah wunnetlkeheuh kah raoncheaheuh. 

5 Kah wunnampoohamauoh noowau , ha- 

u.nwa) fquoant, kullimwa> Lord, Lord, wan kenaau kutoxinumraoo afuhkutaOumoo 

wohiHtanumaiinnean , kah woh kenamp.X)- petfliuntpahfohtheganit, fun wohmat tea- 

hatr.udkou, kih kurtu?kou, matta kouwa- nuk kukkodtnoo Saboth dayeu. 

benn:x3mw(3D, uttoh womcoDk. | 6 Onknconanum^og wunnampoDbamauo- 

26 NcitKenajrheyimwoo,nummetfimun-' naontyeuih. 

nonup. kah na.t,itru-nuiinonupanaquabeaaj 7 Kshukketnuhkontomauoh kuhkineafa- 

kah kukkuhk ^.tomwehteop nx nutaiioom- 1 onk neh wehkomutche, naaoit pepenamwoe 

fDaogqunnonut. '^ ne-oiv 

JJeVonn^^pHcnk. mfhadtu^oonk^ 

'% Prov. 

negonappuonpa(I^5 nah wuttinuh 

8 Wchkomadt howae vvonietomp wefTentuon- 
nioocheke quttianumau woiketomp wehkumit. 

9 Kah noh wehkomiikqueog ncfwc, peyau 
kah kuttinuk, aninnumau ytuoh negonnappu- 
onk, kah ken^jocbe akotlchue nemunum tiah- 
quonkquok appuonk. 

10 a Qut wehkomunumuk, monchifh, kah 
^'^2^* ap(h tiahqiionkquok appuonk, noh vvehkom- 

ukqueop peyont, woh kittinuk; netomp ufli- 

pontaiiufli, neit woh kutahtoquttianittuonkj 

anjqiiabhettitneg wehpummukqueancg. 

h Mat. II ^Newutchehowan mall.heuat wiihhogkuh, 

52.12! noh pilh peehheau: kahnohahhohpuKk, pi& 

* milhehheau, 

12 Neit wonk unnau neh wehkomukqutchej 
roiftadtupwean puhlhukqu^e afuh wunnunk- 
quae, ahque wehkum keetompaogaiuh kema- 
tog, afuh auwamatcheg, afuh wenaiekitcheg 
keutteamungano? : iibkont wonk nag kcDweh- 
komukqiiog, kah^unkquatunk kuUyimont. 

I ^jQ^it mifliadtupwean. vvehkom rnatcheku- 
cg, nouchuraweiitcheg, quogqunnukfhoncheg 
kah pagkenukeg. 
14 Kah pilh koonanumitjnewutche rwg matta 
woh kutonkquatunkcx>og, newucche piihkut- 
onkquatont, omohkehetiit fanripwelecheg. 

15 Kahpi^uk nag vvehpumiikqutcheh yeufli 
ncDtog, wuttinah, wunnanumau noh c mechik 
petukquHuak ut wutaftootamooonganit God. 

»6 £^ neit wuttinuh jpafuk woiketomp rainnad- 
cupoo wunnonkquaeu, kah wehkemau monaoh. 

17 Kah ne woh adtooche metiimukjanoonsu 
wuttianeumoh en nah wehkumuttuppanneg 5 
noDWonat peyonk, newutche yeuyeu wame 

18 Kah nag wame wannoowabettit nooche 
\vunnumm6aog,negonne wuttugquoh nuttaphu 
Kodchuhkoiohke, & meohchu nonche naum- 
un, koowehquetumouQ^ wunnummoadti. 

19 kah onkatuk noowau nuttapooh napanna 
tahihit neefepiiruog oxincg^kah woh nukqutch- 
lieoog, kbDWebquetumouPa wunnumooadti. 

20 Kah onkatuk nauwau 5 ncDmitturawof- 
fisj kah newutche noonanum peyonat. 

21 Nemehkuh noh wuttinnepmun peyau5kah 
wnttinonafli vrufTontimomuh yeu{hoh5neit fon- 
tim ne ut wetuomut murquajitogjUnau wuttin- 
neumoh, fohfealhteanuk eri touomavigquehtu, 
tadtatchagin-i otanat^ kah pafoek matcheekuog, 
kah ncDchumwefoogjkah qukqunukqfnoncheg; 
kah pogkenumwog. 

22 Kah wuttineumun noowau5Lord5mahche 
n nihjneyan annaoteameanjSf afq mahchi. 

23 Kah Lord unnau wuttinneu;noh fohbai]] 
en mayubkontUjkah pummeneiicunkanehtUjkab 
chekee petnkas, onk wohneek numwapin. 

24 Newutche kuttinnonnumwoo, m^^tta hO" 
wanig nes; webkomutcheg, pish qstc^iebtamo- 
og noanunkquemeetfuonk. 

25 K sb weechaan muttaanutcheh; & quia- 
Riippekuaipau kih wuttinuh. 



d Mat, 


C t a p. I j'i watckkfiog fak 

26 e Ho wan peyaailfitvkahmattafekeneau- 
unk (Dfhoh^kah ohkaloh kah ummittamwuiroh, e Mat. 
kah wunnechaiiuhj kah wtmatuh^kah ummiile- lo. 57. 
(bh, nux kah nehenwoncheuppomantamoonk 
wonk matta woh n noh nukkodnetuhtaeneum. 

27 Kah wuttinnaiinhowan matta konumoQk 
uppometlhinneumj kah aiukiegk^ matta woh 
noh nukkodnetuhtaeneum. 

28 Newutche howan kenaau , kodayimog 
qunniihkukkomuk y matta nummatappu kah 
negonne ogketamoo toh anSadtik, uttoh wut- 
tinne wamahtauun pannuppe keftcauunat. 

29 Iflikont paguodche ponuk ne quenohtag, 
Sc matta wuttapenumouun pakodchekefteaufu- 
utv wame neg nagig nooche wutt6ont6hkon6uh, 

^o Noowaog, yeuoh nouche wekitteau, kah 
matta wuttapenumijoun pakodjteaufuut, 

31 Afuh howan ketadeot aycuhkonont wonka- 
togeh ketalT^Dtoh, matta negone nummatappu j 
kahnaLwailittamoo, uttoh wuttinneu tapenu- 
mun nafhpe piogqut muttariongkansogkod- 
toh, wunnorgikongqunat noh paont nafhpe 
neefnechage muttanonganogkodtoh ? 

32 Aruh5okatog noadtit apit5ana:>nau anooBi- 
enuh5& kodtancam wunohtcae unnaiyeuonga(h 

33 Netaiupe wonk wuttinnaiin howan kena- 
aUj matta nukkodtum^og wame neahtuak,mat- 
ta woh noh.nukkodtieiuhtaeneumein. 
34 /Salt wunnegen^qut fait wannehteunk wuf- r y[^i^ . 
faltanaooonk, uttoh woh wonkut faltaneikoo., ^ 
35 Matta ut wuSegenalnno ne man6gwohk6fik, ^ ' 
afuh matta manoguhkonkanitjqutwolketopaog 
uppogketamuneau^noh wohtSiiogkut ¥;un(]Dta- 
munat noutaj. CHAP. XV. 

NEit wamePublikanog kah matchefeaena- 
og pafoofukauouh wunoDtanonaoont. 
2 Kah Pharifeibg kah Scribfog moohmooG- 
kojaog noowaogj yeuoh attumunau matchefe- 
aenuh, kah nah Ojwebpumuh. 

3 Kah wuttinnon yeu kuhkineafuonk^noowau^ 

4 ^ Howan kenaau^nequtpafukoDe wadchan- 
ont Ihepfoh; waneheont p3rukooh5matta nukko- 
nooD pafakojgun tablhinEbagkodtoh3& pafakoo- 
guntahfuohjUt toiiohkomukjkah natinnewhau 
Re'i wanheonche, na en wunnamheonat wonk ? 
5 Kah nameheat>upponuh wuttugkitiWekonram 

6 Kah peyont wekit, moae wehkoma wee- 
tompuh, kah wetatteamunguh, nah wuttinuh, 
weeche wekontamoumcgk, newutche nummillj- 
ka.a nutfhepium noh wlnheogkup. 

7 Kuttinnonnurnwbo-^neyane wekontamoonk 
kefukqut newutche pafuk matcheleaen aiuikoi- 
antogj anue onk newutche pafli^jgun tahll^in- 
chzgkodtog kah palkajgiin fahfuog fampwefe- 
cheg.marra quenahuk Dgig aiuikoiantarHooonk 
8 Afuh howae raittaTwallis. pi -gqunnchtunk 
filver, wannehteunk pafukj matt^a nafqudtmecj 
wequananteg, 8c chtkhammrjL> wetu, menuhke 
natiiineahteaou, na en wunnameteauunneat ? 

9 Kah namehteunk, moae webkomau we- 
tompuh kah wetattearaunguh, noowau, weche 
wckontamnorocgk, ncwiuche numraiikom ne 
kodrhubkoi wanteauompa joNt- 

W4nte4;4e fhee^^mnmyeue mfken Luke* pmmwmm Mammm 

10 NeyinekuuinnunnumwoO;>na wekontam- i ke nanwuiiwoDdrquaufuenuut; kcnebtau wa- 
■<Bonk anaquabhettJt wutangelfumohGod, ne- I nogqunutcliekalfibh. 

Wutche pafuk matcheftaen noh aiuikoiaratoi. | :?i Kah wuitinuh, Hunnaumon^ nagwutteae 

11 Kah noowau, pafuk woiketomp nefmna- j kcuwetomeh, kah wame ne ahtau, kuttaihe. 
moniyau. ^ 12 Kah noU peiiiillit | ^2 tapeneunkquotnoowekontamannanonutjS: 
unnauoDf]ioh5aninnumah chippemaumachiaih | muiltauantamunanoimtinewutcheyeuohkemat 
mHivvoh ohtauwoniflj: kah noh wutchippun- , mo nuppoo, & wonk keteau, & mo wanneheauj 
numauonafli unnniaumachi)reu6afh. kah nameheuh. 

z\ Kah matta moochittikqunogkodtinnobg, ' CHAP. XVI. 

, peiilifit, wame ummounumunaih, kah monctiu T/" Ah unnau ukkodnetuhtaenumoh, na mo 

; crx n6adtit wutohtimoneat, kah na at moht- i\. pafuk wenauwetuen, vvaddianau nanaun- 

fh^uumaumachiafhmogkemagcDe pomontcg» ukeh ummaumachiath , kah wutuibpuiianoa 

I4ftah roahtfhunk wame;neU vvaibe mifhe man- ummahtihadtauub umraaumachiafli. 

fhagqnodtneohkeiCj&noDchequenauhikqut. j 2 Kah oowehkocauh kah vvuttinuh, tofj' 

15 Kah moHChu,kahwetomuau pa fa ka> ne wutch yeu unnehraraauun? ogketamah kum- 
otaH^t, ne qhkeitj kah wutaiinoonuheiiohte- ' mawmadiiyeue kenananumoonk, newutche 
akonit wutaflamonat hogloh. niatta wonk kenanauunumwoomaumachialh. 

ui. . ^^^fs'^t*"^ Qowamepwiinneat nifli ^ 9 Neic nanauunuk maumachiafl:i noowau iit 
wuhhogkominiieafh hogfog mechhettichifh, & wuttinnomiyeumut, toh wofa nutuffen > ne- 
macta howan wutafTamoh. \ wutche nuflbntimom nutamaunumunk nanau- 

17 Kah waantamwuQ^ont, noowau, toh(\iog unumdonk maumachiafh; noonanum anaikham- 
anoononcne wuttinneumoh nouQijpetukqunneg un, nutakod; weenaionat. 
mummhlihikquog, kah wutahtoneau, kahnen 4 Noowahteoh toh woh afce , mahche ama- 
nuppalkanontam > 18 Nutomohkem, nimuk wutch nanauununiunat maurrachiafh, 

nummoncr.em en noDlhut, kah nuttin, iiouiii onk woh nutattumunukquogen wekdoont. 
nummatchee'neh kefuk kah ut anaquabean. \ 5 Neit wehkomau wame anontaquohhowanlt 

19 Kahmacta wonk nuttapenumoD, nutuf- wuflbncimomuh, & unnau negonne yeuwunuc- 
oowehnneat kenaumon, ayeueh neyane pafuk cheh, toh kittirmoatuhquohhuk nuflbntimom. 
aflo&nadt kittinninneum. \ 6 Kah ncowau nequt pafukoce ^ttuhwheg- 

20 Kah neepau;, & peyau oolluitjqut a(h no- anogod pumme, kah wurtinuh, nemunufh kou- 
ooiukog,cD(hohnogq, kah kitteamonteanum- fukkuhwheg, kah nummatapfli te?nuk, &wu(^ 
ukquohjkab quogqueu^kah pogkuffinwulfit- fukwhuOi napanna tahfliinchagkodtaib. 
tappukanit, kah wutchipwiittoonapoh. 7 Neit unnau onkatoge, & toh kittinnontuk- 
, 2 1 Kah wunnaumonain wuttinuhjnoolh nuraat- quohhuk ? kah noovvauj nequt pafukoaquttuh- 
dleeneh kefuk kah anaquabean, & matta wonk wh6fu wheataUi^ kah nah wuttinuh, neraanufii 
nuttapenummoD nuttehennitteanatkenaumon. kcofukkuhwheg, kah wulfuhkwhuih fliwofuk 

22 Qut wutoolhimau unniiu wuttiiineumolj, tah/hi'nchagkodtalh. 
paudtauok wariegik hogkooonk, kah hogquan- 8 Kah Lord waeenomau pannefeae nananum- 
cokjkah ponamouk wunnutcheganit pehtehheu- unutche maumachiaih , newutche waantamwe 
nitchab,kahmokkuifinafli wulfetit. , uireu : newutche wunnaurnonainneunk yeu 

2? Kah pafoDk wanogqut kowafhenem, kah muttaohket, ut uppometuonganojout, anue 
f!ufha)k,kah metfitteuhjkahwekontamuttuh. ; waantamwog,onk neg wequayeue wunaurao- 

24 Newutche yeuoh nunnaumon mo nappoo> nainneunk. 
&ah wonk keteau, mo wmnehheau, kah nariie- i q Kah kuttinnonnurawoo : oowetompohte- 
&eau, kah nooche wekonfamwog. | a^k naihpe pannoowaulFeaen mammon noofin- 

35 OnK mohtomcgifiitche wunnaumonuh nitteaog . nag woh kuttattamunukouwoog ea 

appu obteakonit, kah paont : kah pafoofukog machemohtagayeuonkafii. 

wetu, noDtam puhpeg kah pumukkaonk. , 1 Noh pabohtanumit ne peafik, ndh paboh- 

2e H.ah wehk-:» paiukoD wuttinneamuneuh tanumau wonk,ut ne mohfag^kah noh panneafit 

* wunnatoutomau, yculh toh nauwuttamooalh. ut ne peafik,noh wonk pancuOeu ut ne mohfdff. 

27 Kah wuttinuh, kemat peyau, kah kooili : n Newutche matta pabohtanunautteaog uc 
numauwanogqunutcheCalfefoh,newutche at- 'pannefeae Mammon, howan woh pabahtanugi- 
tum^unau papaneu. 28 Kah nah ukqueog wannamuhkut weenaehtuongam > 

mufquantam, kah matta petuttaoo, newutrhe 
Q:)ffioh fohhamwoh, kah nanampaffumukquoh. 
19 Kah nampQoham,uniian CD(lioh,kuTch moo- 
cheke kodtumwje kenanauweufh, afuh matta 
toh uttQDche nummatchcnchteau kutaiinooh- 
teamax)nk,onli afquam kittinnumaiyeuh goatf- 
cnij woh ncDWekontamheonat nctompaog. 

30 Out quenau yeuwoh kenaumon peyoint 
mob B«>n/bad(un}i;igyimn:iaumac[)laiiU^ut kctmg- 

12 Kah matta pabatanumittea6g,ncahtHnfc 
onkatuk woiketomp, howan woh kittinnum- 
unkumwoo ne nehenwonche kuttaiheo. 

t ^ re Wanne hovi'ae wuttinneumun woh wut- a Mat» 
tinneumuhkauwo nefuoh fontimoh newutche 6.24, 
fekcneauau pafukoDh, kah womonau onkaxog- 
eh: afuh vve'tomau pafukcjuh, kab jifiianumau 
onkatogth : matta woh kojtinninre'umugkau- 
eh kuligogi^ul} Qod kah Madimon. 

14 Kah 

pakenittfioni. Dives id L^Xerus Cbp.17^ d^^ntawoAdteukjmiti'mmm 

14 Kah Pharifefog wonk iahchewontogig i CHAP. StVlI. ',, 

veufli wame wunnootamuHaoafli, kah wiut66ii 

J .. _. r Td Will nah u/iitrtn. 

b Mat. 
II. 12. 

ff Mat. 

d Mat. 

tuhkononh. i$ Kuh nah wuttiu 

uh, kenaau nagohfampwanumogigkuhhogkao- 
c anaquabhettit millinninuog,out God wah- 
teou kucahhaovvoafibnewiuthe noh m.ilhanum. 
ukqulUt, ne nidikeneungquod anaquabit God. 

16 i? Naurtiatuong kah quolhodtumwuenuog 
pakh Johnut, na ut mjoche wutalToutamo- 
onkGptl kiihkootomoadtin, kah nilhnoh woi- 
ketomp wutchekee afleechin. _ , . , , , 

17 cKah anue nikkummat kefuk kahohke 
matteagunnunnoo, onk palukqut miilikhik naii- 
roatuonk woh matteagunninnoc 

iS d Wuttinnaiin howan pogkenont , um- 
mittamwufToh, & wetauomont onkatogeh, ma- 
muhfujkah wuttinniin howan neh wetauomont 
pakenutche, wiuchevvafukqut mamuhiu. ^ 

19 Na mo pafuk wenaeetuen noh agkup conooi, 
kahwuntie haihabponak, kah wovvi]ihpa..are- 
ketukokift. 20 Kah na mo pafuk 

wenlhaen uifowenaii Lazarus, noh iepiumut 

21 Kah kodtantamummechinat ioiiiquehe- 
flfli nifh panlhunkifii vvutch wenaehtuen wiit- 
tableumiit : kah wonk anurawog peyaog kah 
noDhacx)fquodtam\vog ukkehkech-^iuongain. 

22 Kahnnih wenlhaen niippoD, kah kenun- 
nuk AngeUbh, en Abraham wohpanoganic^ kah 
wonk wenaeetuen nuppoD, kah poiekinaii. 

23 Kah ut^epiohkitrDuhquait;auw.;korripan- 
at,&naau Abraliamoh in nSadtit, & Lazarus ut 
wohpanoganit. 24 Kah miihontoowau,& 

noDwau, nGoilvAbraham monanumeh,& annxs 
Lazarusjonk woh quogkhmum uppuhkukquan- 
icchnippeut, kah woh tahtippadtou neenan^ 
ncwutchenutawakompanam yeu ut nootaut. 

25 Qut Abraham noDWau,naumon mehquan- 
talhkenne keteaankutattumanumup ni(b wa- 
negugifh, kah wonk Lazarus mahchuki/h, qut 
yeuyeu noh tapheau, & ken kutawakdmpenam. 

26 Kah wonk anue onk waT'.e yeu,nanaOiaue 
nenawun & ken, mJihe moonoi inenehketeanfu, 
newiitche neg woh paumuiha^hf g yea vyutch en 
kuhbogkaoutjnoDn.numoogjafuh woh mat quiji- 
kodteaouog en nuhhogkanonut^ nag woh na 
^a«,J2. 27 NeitnOQwaune- 
wucche kaowehquetumoufh noDlh , noh woh 
ku-ta-inoon en nouih wekit. 

28 Newufchenapanna tahfuog nematog, ork 
\voh nah oowauwaantamoun, iihkont nsg vvohk 
uppeyonau yeu awakompanae ayeuongamt. 

29 Abraham wuttinuh, naj; wuttaiheyeucg 
Moieskah quolhodtumwaenuog, nah nootaaa- 

hertich. ^ m \ 

30 Kah noowan, matchag noofn Abraham, 
qui pafuk na ont watch wunnuppmatjnag woh 
aiufkoK^ntamwog. ^ 

3t Kah wuttinuh mg matta noDtauahette? 
Mofcsoh kah quof}iodtumwaenuoh,onk matta 
woh nupwcibanakoDog, tohk6iiogcivie pafek o- 
Uiahkit waich nuppMnat* ■ ' ' , '^ , 

c Mat.' 
17. 2®. 


NEitunnauukkodnetuhiaencumoh ^ r«at- nJAzU 
tanolhkononHqu®dtinnoo, quttogkullit^ i^. 7« 
uiiunnoowongaa^ pifii peyaumoDafli qut miiU 
wutonkapunaonk nafhpenoh paonukqut. 

2 Ane wunnegik wgtcric riagum,togwhongane 
quOiik waafbunk wtifllttippui anit, kaj) unnoti- 
teamuk kehcahhannit,onk ntit togkumttaiium- 
ont pafukcjuh yeuh peiififfinitche. , 

3 Nanauanumouk kuhhogka6og,kemat matcne- 

qulhkit en kuhhogkat, nouwadt; nutaiulkoian- 
tam^ woh kutahquoantamau. , •, 

5 Kah Apoftlefog .wuttinouh Lord , nano 
milhehtaafh ncDnamptamouonganiin. 

6 c Kah Lordnoawau^ shtauog wunnamp-; 
Camcoonk ogquneungquok wurkafieinelut muft - 
ardj yeu woh kutiixta'.punaeau Sykamorc men- 
tuo pohquodchabukia^, kah ohteuhkoniiteam 
ut°kehtahhannet, onk woh kenaorwehtunkoo. 

7 Qut howan kenaau vvadtinninne'umitanalK-., 
kiihhog, aCuh alfamont netafu, (Xjk ohteakonita , 
woh anont nummattappifii meelGth ? _ . , 

8 Qiit anunnonfj qusgwolhwetalh toh woh:, 
adt meerfce, kah puttukquobpilill^, kah nanau- 
ehhc;, n6 pajth nummahchepunneat, kahompe- 
takwoh kummets kah kojtattam. 

9 Sun wuttabuttantamauoh neb wuttinne-- 
umunneuh, newutche wutuiTen neyane annvXJ» 
nont > matcha: g 1 "10 Neyane kenaaii^ , 
mahche ufTeyog wame yeufli anunnoonogifiis - 
noDwagk nenawun matta toh nuttinnorapam-j 
ukqufieumun, webe nutulTenan ne woh aieogup,, 

11 Kah nnih neyaont jerufalemj pannap- 
v/ufliOundeuSamariakahGalile. .. 

12 Kah petutteadt otanames, piukquOuog 
wunnogfkauouh neg wadchequt^hcg^neg nouk- 
ompoog. 1 3 Kah milhontcuwaog, 8c nca- 
waog jeius nufTentimomun, monanuminnean. 

Id Kah nah nauont, wuttinnub, d monchek ^^ Lev,, 
nahdnok kiihhogkaouh enfephaufuenautakEh, 14.2, 
nnib5neaahettit, nagpabkheaog. ^ 

1$ Kah pafuk nsgoh^nag neetfiieheaonk qufii- : 
keu, kah miihontajwae fohfumoooneau God. 

1 6 Kah penuhteau wuikefuk ut wuaetut, 
wuttabnttaaraTiauoh5& noh wuf-Samaritan.. 

17 Kahjefus nainpoohuk na)wau, iunnum- 
niatta piukquffjog pahkheon;,qut uit'iyeugpa- 
fakoo^un tahiQog ? 

18 Wannehowan namcbheon qufnkeu foh- 
ruraoounonac God, webe ycuoh peauvvpt. 

19 Kih nah wuttlnuhj0mo'.;kiih moncM/h^ 
kcDD2mctamcx)onk kcneetdiehuk. 

20 Kah natootomLiU'^qut Pharifefoh^tob ut-,, 
tajche pey:iumoouk wutaifiwtamtronk God,, 
wunnampoaham lU kah w.uttjnuh,wucair=Dtan-)- 
0onkG9a mattafp€yauraun^X;h5 nail^^pe woik.^- ^ 
che w.Uinnc'gukiih., : - , 

a T Afah matta pish rtODWriiooog Vi\^th yey^ . 
afahku.rehiiu ; ocvYMtclie kuireb^wutaTourara- 

^od oHootau^Puooii 

, /Gen, 

PomdntogLot.ummhtafnvpuJfohLot^ V\^ 

ooonkGodkittrntiomaryeuraoDoont. ^ tamehuk, HUtlnnootauanftjj ilhkont nagwut 

A^Ju^^ ^^^^^ ukkodnetuhcacneiimoh^kefuk- teae uppeyaonk 

odtafli pUk peyaiimoDafli,pifli kukkodtatamafii- 6 Kah Lord noowau, nootok uttoh anoowadC 

woonaumunat pafiik ukkeiukodtum wunnau- ■ panne wuilittumwaen. 

monuh wo!kecoinp,&pi/hmat kenaumoDuneau. I 7 Kah fannummacta God ancDtauaHllioou 
€ Mat. 23 e Kah nag pish kuttugkoowoog, naumook nehenwonche pepenauoncheh, neh maunnitte- 
^4. 2:5. yeu, aliiU na naumook : ahque nQuiukakafuh a- unkqutchcketukodac, 5c nukkonae , tohkon- 

liahkaok. ^ 24Newutcheneyaneukkut-. nogque wuirepepaheon .? 

ihamun ydayea wutch agwe kefukqac, wolifum- b Kittinnonnumwoi teanuk nah wutannoo- 

Gomoo ogkomae agwe kclukqut; nepishyane tauw^nlliheub, qut wuhnaumoauh wolketomp 

wolketompwunaumonuhut ukkefukodtumut. peyoatjfunpilhnameteau wunnarcptamoonk 

25 Qut negonnu mds moocheke fpunnaHaUj utohkeit? 
kah mos pogkenau yeu ut pometuonganit. i 9 Kah wuttmnon yeu kuhkinneafuonk , neh 

26 / Kah neyanagkup ukkefakodtumalh nawhutch pabuhtanuradncheg wuhhogkauh, 
Noah, ne pish wonk n nih «t ukkefukodtumut wuflampweulieaenuunneaout , kah onkatogeU 
wunnaumonuh woiketomp. . matanuifuog 

27 Nag metfupanncg, wuttattarauppanneg , 10 Ncfuog woiketompaog kuhkuhqueog ut 
ummittamwurtupanneg, wectauadhetteapaneg, temple ea£uk pharife,onkatog 
onknc^vgjeh kefukodut Noah petuttesd ark- publikan. 11 Fharifenepau^kahyeu 

^' 'o 'omogkon kah uppaguanuh wame, wuttinne peantamun ut wuttinnomiyeumut, 

jj Gen. 28 g Neyane wonk, neyanagkup ukkefukod- Manit, kuttabuttantamouav, nen niatta neya- 

%B» tumall^ Lot, nag metfupannegjwuttattamup- ne'yeueh onkatogig woiketompaog,mHkkoDkin- 

panneg, adtaopanneg, kodtauorapafupanneg, nuacheg mattalampwefekeg , oiamuifitchez, 

ohkehteopanneg,vvekitte6panneg. afuh neyane yeuoh Publikan. _ 

^9 Out nckefukok Lot fohhog wutch So- : 12 Nummatmetfemneelit nompeut pafuk 

4om lokanon noohcau kah brimftone wutch week, nummagpiukque chipai wameneahtau, 

kerukqut, kali uppaguanuh wame. = i ^j Kah Publikan ndukkompau, raatta tafli- 

30 Ns pifli n nih ne kefukok woiketomp innumo wulkefukquafii en kefukqut , qut tog- 

wunnaurnonuh vvahteauwabuwarauk. kodtam wohpanog, noowau, Woi God kittea- 

3^ Ne kefukok , noh apit woikeche-kom- monteanumeh raatchefeaen. 

muk kah ummaumachiafh wekit, ahque nao- 14 Kittinnounumwoo , yeuoh woflietomp 

kid; wutamauiiumunat, & noh apit ohteakonit womfu en wekit farapweogquanumau, aynwoh 

neyane wonk ahque qulhkeitch. onkatog,/? newutaieniihnoh pafuk mailiheunt l vr-f 

^9 Gen. 3 2 ^ Mebquanwmook uminttarawulToh Lot, wuhhogkuh piili peeheau-, kah noh ahobpanit- ^ <, , , 

19. 26. 33 zHowannatmnehog wadchanumunat up- teanflioiit wuhhogkuh, pijh milheheau. 23.1^. 

f Mat. pomantamoonk, pilh oowanteauun, kah howan 15 Kah wonk uppaudtjuouh raukkieroh^nah 

16. 25. wanreunk, pifh oowadchanuraun. woh ummuilinnonatjqut ukkodnet«htaenuera- 

^' .^"^ *^^""'"'^®^^"^'W^3"enohk&g5 nefuog oh naumohettic,nah wutauii:koiii6uh. 

24. 40. pifh wolkevompaog pafuk appin, pafuk piQi ne- 1 6 Que Jefus nah sowehkomuh en wuhhog- 

muHaUjonkaLukp-ihlequnau. 35 Ne- kat, kah n jywau, peyaaushettich raukkiefog, 

luog mittamwuiliilog pifh raoeu togguhwhdfu- kah ahque quilicinnok: newutche neg wutcha- 

^S' Pt r ^'^^ "emunau, & onkatog fequnau. yeuog wuraiiootamdonk God. 

36 Nefuog wojketompaog pifh appuog ohtea- 17 Wumamuhkut Kittinnonnumwoo , wut- 

Konit, pafuk pifh nemunaUjSt onkatog fequnau tinnaiin how;n matta attumunumcug wuttaf- 

Mix^f . 37K.ahnagnampQohamwog,kah wutcinoLb, fcDtam6onkGod,neyanemukkiefut,mattapifli 

tf Mar. / uttiyeUjLord ? & nah wuttinuh, uttoh ohtag na uppetutteaun. 

24. 2«. muhhog n na wompfikukquaog wuttit raoeneau . 18 Kah pafiik nananuwaen wunnatootomauofi 

K. CHAP. XVIII. noawaujwunetou nu.fontimom,tohwoh nutuf- 

• ?fll^^ • 7"°°""^ ^^ kuhkinneafuoHfran- fenjOnk woh nutahtauun micherre pomantani 

«iTherj\^ itjonk miilinninnuog woh ^nagwutteae 
5»i7» peantamwog, kah matta woh fauunumoong. 
2 Noowaujna mo wuiilttumwaen ut ootanat, 

noh matta quolhunk Goduh, afuh matta toh 

hentupanumaou wofketompoh 

o V 4U «« r,i r_ ..' _. 

oonk ? 19 c- Kah jefus wuttinuh , c Mat* 

tohwutch uffean wunnetou ? raatta howan 19.26. 
wunnetoujwebe pifuk God 

20 Koowahteoh wuttinnaowaongalbjMamuf 
fekon, N ufbehteahkon, Kommoutuhkon, Pan- 

"t^"' ' *"" vv.mciwmpun. , icAon, IN uinenceatiton, Kommojtuhkon, Pan- 

3 Kan narao fekoufq ne otanat, kah uppe- 1 noawae wauohkon,Qiittianum kcDih &koka$ 
yaonuh, kah wuttinuh, noowauj anootauanllieh ' 21 Kah noowau, wame yeuih nutulfenifh 
noh ; ilhanumukqueh. wut^h nooikenuunneat yeu pajeh. 

4 K-ah palwefe mitta wutufTen, qut ompetak ^z Neit Jefus yeufh nootcg , wuttinuh, aOi 
noowau ut wuttinnomiyeumut, uttohkonog- i pafuk kukquenauhik: magilh wame kutahrau- 
quemat nukqufliaoH God & raatta tohhuntup- onk,& rftachaubenumaumarchetucg, & p\(h 
aanmauoh woiketompuh. I kaonopakooin ut kcfukqut,& peyaulh afuhkah. 

5 Q«t ahcn newutche yeuoh fckoMfq noo- 23 Kahyeunv]otog,ahcheneaaiitam,newut- 

I chemuuaeeaaecu. 24 K&ii 

»4 Kah Jeftis nauont,ahdic neuantam,no(jwau, 
uttoh unnukque fiohkod, uppc tukonaoont we- 
nauwehtuonk ohtunkig, wutairajtamooongaHit 
God? 2$ Newutche anue nikkumitiat, 

kammel uppannupwulhonat ahbut pukquag a- 
bamogquefuuk onknoh wenauehtuen uppecuk- 
onat wutadootaraoDonganit God. 

26 Kah Hag nootogig noowaog, ne'it howan 
ukkd woli wadchanit ? 27 Kah noowau, 

ni(h nofhkanonkquokilh ut vvo(ketompauhtu, 
nilh nikkufninneaiikqutalli ut Godut. 
28 ^Neit Peter noDwau, kuilch, nukkodtum- 
umun wame, kah kutafukauudumim. 

29 Kahnoh wuttinuh,wunnamuhkutkuttin- 
nonnumwoj, wanne howan, nukkodtuk wek a- 
fuh wutchetuonguh, afuh oowernattinneuh, a- 
fuh mittamwuflinneuh,afuh wunnechaninncub, 
newuiche wutaircDtaoioonk God. I 

30 Noh matta attumunumoDg moocheke 
l:ahfl:\it yeuahquompak,kah muttaok paaumo)- 
uk pomantamoonk madiemohtag. 

51 eNeit nemunaunabonefuunutcheh, kah 

<f Mat 

€ Mat, 

Sycamore matug wunnauongt > newutche nc 
nogque uppdwuiiion. 

5 Kah JefuspAont ne ut ayeuonganit/puh- 
quaeu, kaii vvunnauoh, kah wuttinuTi,Zach€US, 
kenuppe nookiih, newutche yeu ktlukok mos 
nutap kekit.. 6 Kah kenuppe njukeu, ' 

kahouwekontamweattumunoh. i 

7 Kah nag namohectitj wame moohmooiTtoo- 
wa6g,na)Waog, mancheu wutappuononat woi- 
ketompoh noh matchefeaenin. 

8 Kah Zacheus neepau, unnau Lord, kttfTefa 
Lord, pahflienummaumachiyeuafh nuttinnin- 
numau matchekuog, & ne munnumauog howan 
ne teaguas naOipe panncDwae fpuanonnaonkj ^ \ 
nunnompenumauyauut tahfheu. 

^ 9 Kah Jefas wuttiauh,ycu kefukok wadcha- 
nittuonk peyaumoo kekit, newutche yeuwoh 
wonk wunnaumonuh Abraham. 

10 a Newutche woiUetomp wunnaumonuh a Mat* 
peyau vvunnatinneahamunat & ODWadchanum- 18. n, 
liB&t He wanteomuk. : 

II Kah yeufh nootamohettitjukkoDtnchtean • 
kah ukkenounuh adt kuhkinneatuonganit, ne- 

-20. f7. nah wuttinuh, kuflT^h, kuhkuhkukquemun en ^ , 

Jerufalcm, kah wame nish wafukuhvyfedfikiih i wutche pafookom Jerufalem, kah newutche 
mftipe quoihodtumwaenuog papaume wunnau- 1 unnantamwog , wutafetaitioonk God teanuk 

monuh wofketomp pish n nihyeuafli 
^52 Newutche pish ponauGentiirut,& pish a 

woh noquod." 12 h Newajeh noDWadt b Mato 

puhpuhioDtau noadtit wutohtiraoneat, wutat- 25.140 

ontuk^nau,kahonkapunanau,8:iifruhquo;tnau, \ tamunumunat tahroatamoonk, kah ukqufl^ke- 
55 Kah nag pish wu(ra£amatahwh6uh,& wun- i "^t. 15 Kah wehkomau piukquifudh 

liuihouh,&nilhikquinukokpishwonkomohkea I wuttinneumoh , kah upponumauah piuk up- 
54- Kah nag matta yeulh oDWohtamouunao- I poundtuouafli,& nah wuttinuhawohteskna efi 

a'fli, kah yeu noQwaonk attahtauoneau , afuh j nuppeyonat wonk. _ _ 14 Qut weetatteaa- 

matta wahteauoog nish anukiih* 

ao. 29, 

. „ . mukqutche nag wuffekeneauouh, kah noh ah- 

95 / Kah n nih, pafoDfukog Jericho, pafuk ' rukkauenegontcowaog,Ba)wa6g, matta yeuoh 

pogkenufnwon!pappeukehchemaybg,weenllnau pifti^anauunukooun. 15 Kah n nih qulh^ 

' 56 Kah nootauont mattaanAitchehpaumHfla- • keit, attumutmk afotaraoonk neit anoohtea- 

nicwunnatGDtomau toh anauwuttamoamoouk. | mouyeuh wuttineumoh wehkomoneat en wuh- 
37 Kah wuttinouh, Jefus wun-Nazareth j h'^gkat^nehanumauompuhteaguafh, onk woh 


9S Kah miflnontoowau noowau , Jefus ken 
wunnaumonuh David kitteamonteanumeh. 
3 9 Kah nag negonuhkauonchegjwutau/likom- 
ouh , newuttea/huoneat, qutnano mifhontoo- 
wau, ken wunnaumonuh David kitteamonte- 
anumeh. 40 Kah Jefus neepau,Sc anooteamo 

4r Noowau, t«agua kukkodtantam kittin- 
henunat ? kah noowau. Lord, onkwohnutat- 
tuniunum nunnaum^uonk. 

42 Kah Jt^Tus wuttinuh, attumunuih kenau- 

49 Kah teanuk attumunum wunaaumaoonk, 
kah Watarukauoh,rohrumou6neauGoduh : kah 
v/anc miffinninnuog namoFettit, tabuttantam- 
auaog Goduh. C H A. P. XIX. 

T/^ AH pt-tutteaujkah panupwulhau Jericho 
JX^ 2 Kah kuU'eh, na mo woiketomp u Ibwe- 
jiau Za:heus , nch mafugkenuk kenugke Pub- 
iikanfur, kah mo wenaeetu, 

5 Kah nitinneham wunauonat jefusoh !^o- 
wan noh. kah wutunteauun newutche tahfuh- 
k6-:dtuonk, newutchetiahquonkqfu. ; 

4 Kah negonne quogqueu , kah tohkot)taau 

wahte'ou toh wutteaflie nilh noh woiketomp a- 
neukomauonna(hpeanaqufhaonk. i6 Neit 
peyau negonthadr, uoowauj Lordjkuppoundum 
aneuhomauau piokque poundtuooafh. 

17 Kah noh wuttinuh, wunnegeUjkcDnetum 
wuttinneumun,newutcbe kummenuhkinitte<hi 
ut oggahfefiMiCjpiahqutuih piukqutafh otanalh 

18 Kah nahohtoeyeuit peyau, noDwau nuP 
{ontimom , kupp^undum aneuhamontamoooo 
napanna tahlLe pound teuoD. 19 Kah neyane 
wonk wuttinnon, piahqutuih ken wonk napan- 
na tahfliinail^otanafli. 20 Kahonkarnk 
peyau noDwau, nuiTontimom, kMlFeb yeu kup- 
pondum5ne wadchanumup ut wompcDnakinit. 

21 Newutche kukquihinup, newutche ken 
6hqu3(r6aenln3 kenemunam ne matta ponamb- 
an,&kup£penumne matta ahketenan. 

22 Kah nah wattinub, wutch nehenvvonche 
kuttounut koofumufh , kumatchetum wutcin- 
ninneum; vvahteauan nen dhquaifftaen, ne \iun- 
numun ne matta ponamoo ^ k b kepenumun ne 
marta a' kcteaon, . 2:5 Neit toh wutch 
matta aninnuinauordtnutteagudlh^Htbankut, 
pe;yroon,onk woh natailwomfatam nutteauguas 
weeche ufury? 2 4Kahnahwut- 

L tinhih 

fohn^ Wtnommeohtinj^ 

fiuhnahnepauunut8ieh,am3imu[nokne poud 47 Kah kubltxtomwehteau kefukodae lit 
kah an-ia^umoknoh piukque poundtuohtimk. templeut^qut negonne tephaufuenuog Sc fcrifa- 
25 Kah wuttinriouhj nuilbntimom, noh pi- log, kkh matikkenukeg utmiilininnuut^natia- 
ukque poundtuohto. 26 Newutchc 
Mat. kuttinnonnumwoDjcnill-i nob pafuknoh ohtunk , 
, 3. J 2, pifn aniunurnauon 5 qut matta ahtunk , piil^ 
'amaunumauunne ohtunk. 

27 Qut yeugnummatwomogjmattawoh pi- 
alitimougigjpalGokjkah nufhouk ut anaquabeh. 
ffMat. 28 Kah yeu anoDwadc, negonihau, kunkuh- 
axu, queu en jerufalem. 29 t/kah n nih^pa- 

foDlukog Bcthphage kah Bethaiii kiil^ke wad- 
chuut, uiTowetamun vvadchu Olives anooilau 
nefuoh tikkodnetuhtaeneumoh. 

30 Noowau petutteagk otanemes ne piuhfuk- 
kuhkunkqueog, naut petutteaogjmos kenam- 
heomwoo afTemes kilbpiiTuj n nob afquasn na- 
comunk woiUetompuhiompeneuk kah pafook. 

31 Kah howan unnukqueog tohwutch om- 
peneok/ yeu kuttinnoneauj nevviirche Lord 

32 Kah neg anooRutcheg moncheog , kah 
nargiehteoog neanorap nnah. 

33 Kahompinneahettitafremefohj negwadti- 
heittheg wuttincuhjtohwutOi ompeneok afTem 

34 Kah ncDwaog, Lord ukquenahukquoh. 

35 Kah nag U4)paudt3u6nauh Jefusoh , Kah 
ponaHiwog vvuthogkoounouoafh afTemefutj kah 
ne quenoHicneau jefusoh 36 Kah ne ayont 
fepaglbitteauog wuthogkoonooafh mayut. 

37 Kah pafoofukogj ne ahhuc womuffimuk 
vvadchu Olivesjwame'mattaanutche ukkcdne- 
tuhiaeneumoh,nooche wekontamwog5& tabut- 
tantamauaogGoduhraifhoncowae, nevvutdle 
'wame milhanakaufuogalh nilh naumohetticneh 

38 NoQwaog^WunnanuT.unaj nohketahfoot 
paont ut xweluonganitjehovahjvvunohteaonk 
kcfukqutj kah rohfumoonk ut quanunkquoh 

39 Kah navirhucche pbarifefog wutch ke- 
nukemattaanukeg wuttinouhj fontim 3 aulh- 
kom kukkodnetuhtaeneumog. 

40 Kahn^mpooham kafe vvuttinub , kuttin- 
^Ih teanuk milhontcDwomoDafh. 

41 KahpproQtihadtjmoninneamkeihtotan, 
kah ummauwetamuh. 

42 Noowau,wahteauas5Vcn,webeyeuutkuk- 
anit/ qut yeuyeu adtaht6fuail-i wutch kuilie- 
fiikquehtu. 43 Newutchekefukodtaai pifh 
kenohkukkongqunaOi , pifli kummatwotrog 
kukquinupohtheukquog, Sckukquinupukung- j 

nehamwog wunnuftonaoont. 

48 Kah matta namehteauoog toh woh a{e»» 
hettitj newutche wame miirmninnuog umme- 
nuhke kuhkeihtauouh. 

C H A P. XX. 

ONk a nnihjpaiuk yeulli kefukodtalh^kob- a Mat; 
koDtomauont miifinninnuh ut temple , & 21. 2^5^ 
aaont wunaunchemoukaonk, negonne fephau- 
fjcnuog kah fcribfog wnnuhkukauouhjweeche 
elderfoh. 2 Kah ukkenounukquoh noo- 

wsogj uflinan chaugua menuhkefuonk nafbpe 
wa3 yeuth ulfean ? afuh howan noh aninnum- 
ungquean yeuraenuhkefuonk ? 

3 Kah nampoobam kah wuttinuh, nen wonk 

4 Ukkitfummuwaonk John oomooaous kefuk- 
qut, afuh wol"ketompauhtu ? 

4 Kah kenoonittuog, noowaof 5 unncowaog 
wutch kefukqut, h6 ncDwau^neit tbhwaj mat- 
ta wunnamptauoDo gus ? 

6 Qut unncov/aog 5 wutch woilietompanr^ 
wame midinninnuog kukqulTukquoantohuk- 
qunnonog, newutche n^g unnasitamwog John 

■ 7 Kah nag nampQohamwog, matta noowaS-' 
unnan uttoh waje aycuug. 

^ 8 Kah Jelus wuttiBah,nen wonk matta kut- 
tinnonnumwoD, naliipe ne teague menuhkeCa- 
onk waj yeuniufiee. 

9 Neit noDche anont miflTnninnuh yeu kub- 
kinneafuonk ; b pafuk wofketomp ohkehteau ^ Sf^i 
wenommeaobteuk3& wunagohkouheon anakau- 21.2-5, 
fuae'neuh5&au noadtit wutohtimone^t fepeu. 

10 Kah neadtoocheyeuoog; anoonau wuttin- 
neumunenh en anakauftienaut, onk woli wut- 
tinnumauouh nawhutche mechummuongafli ut 
wenomineaohteakonitjqut anakaufBenuog wut- 
tattagkomouh kah ummehdie moncheaheouh, 

1 1 Kah wonk ana>nau onkatogke wuttinneu- 
muneuh, kah nah wonk wuttattagkoraouh, kah 
wutakodche auwohkonauh , kah ummebche 
moncheaheuh. %2 Kah wonknafhco- 
unitche anoonau, kah nah wonk wunnoodium' 
wehtahwbouh, kah wuifohwhekonauh. 

13 Neit fontim ne wenominneaohteakonit 
ncowaUjtch nutuffen ? nutaf can vyamonog nun- 
naumoii , paguodche woh uk^uttianumouh^ 

4 Qutanakaunienuognauabettitjkenoonit- 

quog knh kukkuppuhkungquog waecnu. [ tuog,n(X»wabg, yeuoh nompenont, bah nuflioh- 

44 Kah pilbkullillukkunkquanukquogobkeit, tuh^onkneahtbonk wah ka)t3iheinnean. 

kah kummukkiyeumog kittinnomiyeumut,kah 15 Neit wufTobwhakonatsh wutch vvenomifiea- : 

matta pilh kcnukonukkuDog pafuk qufluk pet- obt^ aVonit,kah wanufhouli, newutche toh phh 

wohtaut, newutche matta^koowahteoooh ut- wuttinbeub fontim newenominneaohteakonir.? 

e Mat. toocheadtnatauwohbenumuk. i^ Pish peyau, kah pish uppaguanuh yeuh 

51.12. 45 e Kah petutteau Temple5kan noodle foh- anakaufuenuh,kah pish onkatogke wuttinnum- 

wh6teadt nch noh ad kodcauwpmpafinitcheh, auon ne wenominneohteuk, kah nootamwehet- 

kahnehadtdinitcheh. tit,noc)W30g quhteihteajGod- . 

46 Nah wuttinvh.newufrukwbofu-ncekpe- 17 Kah nah ummoninneauoh, kahnnow^u^c Flal, 

antamwaekon uk.kab kutayimuueau kommoj- neit teagua$ yeu wafukuhwhdfik .? c nc quff uk iio»2» 

towae afampamukquodu'iiouut. wekic- 

' wekitteaenaog p;igketam6hetpt^ yeu uppuh- 

iTnowati ne pogfummoDWoiitog ne qnfluk, 
pishfohqluii, quthowaa poglooquc, wuttog- 
bukqun wunnoukhikannuunneat. 

I Q Kah negonne fcphauiueiiiiog, Se Scribfog, 
nehour natiaiiehamwog toh woii an lohquna- 
hettit, kah qufhaog miirmninnuh , newutchc 
unnantamwog yeu wulUu kuhkinneatuonk, a- 
yeuuhkonittue nahoh. 2 o Kan nag 

wutatohdunoiih, kah anouiiaog natwumttani- 
waeneuh, nag ogqueCeog fampweleaenuut, onk 
woh nag touqSnnumwog ukkuttoowongam, 
neit woli upponduh, wunautchegamt kah ura- 
meauhkeCuonganit lunanuaenm. 

21 Kah nag wunnatoDtomauouh, noowaog, 
r <iNu(rontimom,noowahteomun ne anoQwaan> He 

a Mat. i5u(jajnpwekuhka>tomwehteina,kah matta toll 

^^' ^^' kictin tuppanumohhowawolketompiqutkuk. 

kuhkcDtomwehteam ummay God wunamuhkat. 

22 Sun wunnegen nenawun nutonipwunno- 
nanonut Cefar aiuh matta ? 

22 Qutwahteoii wutalGoketeaongannoo, « 
mh wuttinuh, tohwutch qutcheheog. 

24 Nahtfegk aequt ompntotjhowan%yutim- 
RufTuonk kah oafukkuhwhonk ohfank? nag 
iwoipoDhamwog noowaog Cefar. 

1'^ Kah nah wuttinuh, newutcfiejanmnum- 
ok Cefac niih wadraiheitche Cerar,kahGodj 

26 Kah noanenumwog tohqannumunat uk- 

kuttoowonpaOi anaquabhettit miilmninnuog, 

kah monaia"natan:iwog ne waanampouhamoonk, 


^ Mat 27 e Nek nawhutche Sadducefog uppeyau- 

22 22.nbuh, neg kohkonoDwacheg matta omohke- 

* ^ .ongrauniioojkahwunnatQDtomauoiih. 

kuhhumwanOiikqunnonup , howan vyeraatoh 
nupinnit.ucnfnittamwafiit, kah nupuk matta 
wunnechanee, wematoh wohnemunau urarait- 
tamwulTohjkah woh tohfhinum wuikaimemune- 

29 Newutchena mo nefaufuk tohfhuwemat- 
tlttuog, kah mohtomegit ummitUmwuiTu, kah 
nuppoo matta wunnechaneu. ^ 

50 Kah rtahoht6eyeuit (DmittamwumlVme- 
Hh, kah nuppo) matra wiinnechaneu 

31 Kah nafh^xjk oomittAmwiiaiinnuhjkah 

chap, to- dqhftk.Scrthfcg,pM»mmwig, 

ham, kah um-MaBittflomoh HaakMti urn Ma 

"''rNetj'uht-nol. matta »mamtta.mein- 
na!h napXg, qui pamontogeg: newutche up- 
"Tn eTcSSut fcribfog,nampa,hamwog 

""^SrhTarih^ tobwhutch. nag^ Mar, 
naDwahectU.ChriltwunaumonuhUavid1 22.42. 

^2 Kah n^li0avtd.^^u,ut keta^hamm^e 
wuifukwhoaganicLord uunaa nuilordumoh , 
apfhnuttinohkdunit. , 

43 Naen kummatwomog nutayeuwonaoonE 

44 Newutche David wuttiflowenuh Lord, 
tiinkoh wuttinne wumiaumonun t 

45 Neit wame miirmninniiog wunnootamun. 
naoont, unnau ukkodnetuhtacneumob.^ 

46 Ahqhuk/; Scribfog: kodtantogig qun- ^ Matt 
afhiaonaa(H, kah vvomantamwog vvan^quatu- 23.5. 
ongafh ut kodtauwompaluongariUjkah negon- 
ne appuongafti ut milhadtupp.x)anganit. 

47 Nec> mahchipwuicheg tekoupiuaikkom- 
ukquallu kab wutchenahtitteaonk iepepean- 
tamwog: nag piib attumunumwog anue moU- 
fag awakompanaonk. 

KAh fpuhquaeujij kah naau wenaieetue'nuh ^ ^^^^ 
pamunnumi^nit ummagooonganoualh ut 12.41. 
orutuhtag no-npakouunafh. 

i Kih naau wonk parukooh matcnekuoQ fe- 
koufquoh, pummunum neefckonafuoh. ^ 

a Kah n(»wau, wunna^iuhkut kuctinnon- 
numwoD, ycuoh matchekue fekoulq anue pun- 

4 Newutche wame yeug wutche monatit 
pumunnumwog magouonganoath en Gadut, 
qut noh wutch ummatchckuonganit, pumiin- 
urn wame pamontamaoohtunk. ^ ^ ^^^^ 

5 ^? Kah nawhutche weogquttumohettittem- ^ ' ^^ 
pie, uttoh ane wunnehfeonuk waonnegigiih ^* 
quffukquanaik, kahmag jL.on?a(lb noowau^ 

6 Yeal-hnaumog-ni^kefukodcathpuhpeyaii; 

iijsrsrsssis K^^ 

anlkannoQOogmukkieCoh.kah nuppooog 

32 Maumarhifiimictamwoais wonk nnppoo. 

:j3 Newutdie omohkemuk, howsn neh um- 
wittam wulibh ? newutche nefaufuk 00 wetauo- 
tnuhopuh. . 

34 Kah Jefus nampoohak nah wuttmnn , 
mukkiefog ycuut muttaohkh wetauatuog, kah 
Wetauadteaog. 3=^ tH?t "ag ogquanum- 

wutcheg tapenumuk ohtauanat ne muttaok, 
kaho;iiohkeonkwutchnuppunat, aiatta nag 
wetauadteog^aCuh matta wetauadheoog. 

7,^ Kah woHkwoh mat nupp.xiog, newutch 
nag tatuppeyeuoyog Angeiioh; & nah wunne- 

{"uk petwohtaut5ne matta tatupuhteamuk. 

7 Kih wunnarootomauoh, noowa:^g, nuaon- 
limomun.qutaqujmpak yeuih pUl^ nnihyeualh? 

8 Kahnojwau, nunnukquilekilbkontkutal- 
f(Dkuk6mitteannv d , newutche monaog^ piih 
peyaog ut najwefuonganitjnoowaogjP.en Chri/^, 
kah utt(X)cheyeuoD pafootiliautivjD, newucche 
ahque nag airu'ikcxjk. 

o QutnuDtamogayeuwuttuonj^aln, Scwo^^r 
kounhtongquodt, ahque wabtfck •. newutche 
yeufii nep/>nne rnos nnihyeualh qut wohkuk- ^^ 
quohfhik matta te.^gunnano. ^ -n, ^ '' 

10 c Neitriith wuttiiiuh, wat^fetlmoinpim 2 4«' 
L a waabeh- 

kttljkjnneafmtiiafli matmog jLute. 

onkAfetamoonk. iiKa'i ohh t® "' i ""'' "t kuhkmncafuonpanit. naumook fiefuh 

.org.a..,&„erauthl.„g,1^'^ wapr^aS^TV ' ^^lZ'-'~T'^^"^' kenau.wo,, kah 

f,'f^k^ul'''^7fc^Srn^!~1?t ^^^^^^^^^ ^'^"^" "^^^"^- 

,4iutoi;qunuklic»6^,& ^oSShukSo^' H n' ' -h" '"'n^^P. '■'""'^ l^^"^^"' "'"-^OS yeufb „ 


f"'I'P^'f!i"f°?.^"^-i"='bhetHt kehtahfootal ^ ?^n„2'n";„„, ..... .. J^ Wunnamuhkut 

vMhzumunccy, no pajch watr.e n nag. ^ 


.Ma....u.aonk. [^^'^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

13.19. wutche kutiahhoowoiit, matta nesornp n^f • ' -il 

woMam«u„at£ohanenampajhamS>k? (IToS'^- in,knn, .^-^.'^'.^ """""'"3''^'= ^uh- 

-tcom, kah waaiita,T)oonk,uttiv u wame iiO^an r^^°°S »™auB!e meecl.umuog nafl^pe vuf- 
riufnukqueogigniattawoV.ku^;yVJulT4nukS"' f'"™f°^onk kah kogkeuffipparSouonk , kah 


tP,l f kerompawooe,kah ;,awfal/che k" a-' i kurongkmub'lia^"f ''"^ '''P^'.P'^^ "''■'""''. 

10. 3 

au pi/n kiitayimunkoooog nulhittuonk. 
rinnmnuog newu.ciie noowefucnk. 

wame ohkeir. 

36 Newutche alkuhwbeteagk kah nagwutteae 
peantamoDk,onk woh kutogquanurrkraTwl! 

o. kukqutonkapuanimu/a> ""''^"^^"PP"^- ?r«f^"^^^.f P-hquohham'Lat vi^n^^'^uS 

Smft'''nel"±'::?£"^J^^^^ >.^h appu 4d. 


24. 1 , . xia.%e ayeuhteaog.neit wahteooJk uppaguanit 
tuonk pafGucheyeucjo. '^^ 5"«t"iL 

2.^ .^^^' "^g apitaeg Judea uffifKabertich 


t^ettich, kah nag apircheg vvutahtimoneat, ah- 
quenepetutteaaettkh. 22 Newutche 

yeuft annootdadtuekefukodtafh, onk woh wa- 
pie niih wohfukkiih whofikiih n nihyeuaJh? 

25 Qutrniffiwutonkapunaonknoh womPe- 
^uart & noDfait yeuOi ut keiukodtaa^.newutSe 
papiihraiifi quequeflaanumoonkneohkeit, & 
limTafquariuaiaonk pish ohteaa mKTinainnum 

teg,& pish n^onchanoogmiififinorxolen wame 
Jj^itohLimoaeat kah Jerufalem pish^JutS^! 
panikinneau naihpe Gentiles, ni pajehwiua- 
quompiyeumoD Gentiles pakodche n nag 
g Matt. •? ^ ^ah na pish kuhkinneafuon^afh nepau-a- 

ohkeit quehqu.nauanumooonganoo watahtim- 
eneuh, weeche nanohkontanumoonk, kehtc-h, 
Kah tukkoDogkuttooog. ^ ^^-uttn, 

26 Wo.k£to rpaog wuttahcDwoaao famvun- 
pumoomoo naihpe wabefuonk, kah naihpe na- 
tPiiWQa-pat.a.nunat yeuft paanmiougi(h ohke- 
LmfkS ""^"^^""^^J^^'^^-ng^^ kcfuk pi.h 

«.f7 ^^\ "^'^ P^^^ nauaog iv6l\etomp wun- 
n^umonuh pcyaa ut mstokqfiitjnaibpe menuh- 

Omre5 \?'"! \ ?^^^^ ""^8' "^^^ ^P^^^a" 
ar-^nl'^^nrrh' [^^^^^'"""'^f^^k Kuppuhkuk.a)Go. 
r, V"^.r ^'' ^"PP^^uo.Vhunnictcaonsanoo 

chmit, ne hettamun wadchuut Olives. 

^-^ ri A P. XVTT 


taa;uk paumukauadruo^k ^ ' ' ''°^"'- s^-^- 

nefoDutcheo. ''"^""'^ "^^ wetogkemutnabd- 26. 14. 

wunafToDtomauont. ^^'^""^P^^^ "^toh woh an 

munk muEiaanatch-h wecmyeu- 

I- tootJimnDa.r^^ .P KeiiPgiKunko. ah- 

- II iia^ w^h kuttiiuau liuh nqh wiekiito^ 




Soirtrwm kuttmuK, uttiyeu ^^ naniptaSiooonk roatta woh paiinulhanoout, kab 

X. kab ke.ahtmusk,x> ma,^^^^^^^^ «aabe 05. „„„.„„^ ^^^^ kuppagkodchewee- 

''^f S nl^monchCkah nTm;hteanog n= ' chfujh, naneef.e kuppiU^agkL'^uinncat kah 
anont, kiih quagwolhwchtamwos paumukiiu- nuppinneat. 

ifMift 14 iKah bower paaiimoDugjnummatappu, 

fz^. xo. kah Haboneluog Aportlefog wecche. 

15 Kah nah wuttinuh kodtantamoe nnk- 
kodtantara, kcDwcpununnaoont ycu pciomuk 
auadtuonk, afqium na nu(]-iCumukup 

» £. ■?v7<anif»»-^*> Irn t-r 111.11 r>nnn n.-\\fjr\\^.r 

54 ii^ Kah noowau, kuttinfh Peter, monfh V^^^' 
matta pifiikuttoowauju yeu kerukok, afquam ^o- 34* 
Biajwudt nompe kagkohkonnouwaop kojwa- 

^^^"^^ . L /Mar. 

$5 /KabnahwiUtiniab^anoonunog ne tohut * ^**^» 

i6Nesvutarekutti.m.o«numwoo/rattawonk kukqaenahukumwo. ne ^.^^M^^^f^. "^^^^ 
rT^^i'^n^'a^^^^^^^^^^^ "^'^'^ " "^ '"^' i Teuy-f-wan wapetufka^fner^^^^^ ^a^S 

%^ThT— t^ 

fe.ttantam, kah nouwau yeu nemimnumcok^kah , n^g, Tvi^gaj wu jhogkop att6aj pafuk. 
K ^;,.i;inn l^mo^H °ok 57 Newutchc kuttinnonriUiTiwoo, yeu wah- 

i8 NeSe Tutth nco- fukuhw6hk papaume nen, mos n n'lh ut nuh- 

♦ .1 \^n^,P hnViionkw^>nonVl"P02.nDhpa- ' hogkat^v; kah kootogkeiiiwopkenugkematche' ^ liai. 
fh'Xch'p^^^^^^^^ ferfutc^eh: newutche yeuA. papau«.e nen,53.x- 

IQ eKahueoiunumpetukqunnunk, kah ta.l wohkiikquolliinaln. .:^^ 

.. . h^ltA^^ll\^l^^m^^^^^^ 98 Kih noowaog, Lord. kufTeh^yeuIliTienaai : 

^^^'V thlnu^Lon n^^^^ yeu nuhhog noh an.m- tcgkodicg.lL : kah nah wuttinuh, wamut . 

^^•'^" onTaosTYeu ^ wutche kummequanum- ?9 " Kah lohham, kah monchu neahuffet ^ Mat . 
^iionoanoD 20 Neyane wonk wuttattam- 1 vvadchuut Olive;S, kah ukkodnetuhtaeneumoh 26. 36. 

^l^^Sf:^^:^^ I ^r :^?;^ont ay^onganit. nah wuttinuh, oj^ 

onSTne fokfqofhunk wutche kenaau. i peantamcx^k m.tta wph kuppetutteamwoo qut- 26.41. 

21 fcutkufch wannutchcgnohwuunaiTo^- j chenuwaongaui!:. ^ 
,n;r nW«,pri o^riiikveuutTab'e 41 Kah wararaohkauoh, uttooche qufTuk 
' 2lThwupSSuhff w;iic;?<^p wunnauJ w^pauduhteamuk, kah uppehttukq(\.n k:h 
ninnuh monchu, neyane wunnoowomuk, qut peautam. 42 Noow.u, noDQi, unnaii- 
mi n wut^nkapunnaonk noh wanafToomont. \ ta nan ontattaufh yeu wattattamaitch wutcft 

22 Kahna.che natinnehamohettit kenugke ' nuhhogkat, qutmucanuttenantamoonk, qut 
_? 1-. .,,.,,^1, .,/.„ f/^'ir. knrt;iihenai. 



24 Kah na mo penuanictuonk kenugke nagon, 

Uttiyeuoh woh ogquanumit mafugkenuiiiuk. 

25 g Kah nah wuttinuh, okkctaXajtamoaiO)- 

g Matt oh Gentilfogauwohteaog n:h umnni^rugkenoD- 

aa.2j. vvononaoont, kali nag auwohteacheg menuhke- 

luonknnahut, neg uiTowen^og wunnencbu- 

vvacheg. 26 O^ut matta pilhnekuttm- 

nieneau, qut noh mafugkenuk keaugke kenaau 

reyaneyeuitch peiiriifinitch€h,kah noh maiug- 

kenuk, onatuh noh waddnnioncurnijAik. 

' 27 Newutche uttiyeuoh av.e minuekenuK? 

noh apit metimneat, afuh noh wadunnjnneuni 

imuk, fannummatta y-uoh apit met.innest^ 

qut nen kowctomunnua-iWQD neyane nob wad- 


28 Kena.iu nag nagwatteae wetomcog ut 

2 9 Kah nen kukke'htrmunui;nwG) alia;taa:o' 
onk, neyane n.LlIi keihii "it. 

90 Onk wohkummet(imw-'X>5 kahwoh kio- 
tattamwoo ,vit nutrableu r.nn.ut RukkctaiTajta- 
iMatt rr.Quonr»an!t;^ kah woh nabone^- 
19 28. ^'^^^ wq littumwa- appaoa^aik ,wu:ium6n2i 
inabo neefe ci .i panukeg II rael, '■■ ^ -• 

i t p£ t 3 f ?i^b Lord na)W2U , ? 1 vxjn •Silnoii^.kvs't.eb 
5 .3. S^^sn kukkod t'jnumuk ,onk woh kensuQ'alunvik 
■^ 'bu aitatuppe \vh£^tu5. 

kuttajh«naj. .. t « , 

45 Kah na wuttit naeihtunkqun Angd 
wutch kefukqutj ummenuhkehukquoh. 

44 Kah onkapunadtinanomenuhkepeantani 
kafeukkidittomneyaucyeuvX) mogkeu padtip- 
pj] jnit wiqheonk, pogkilhin ohkeit. 

45 Kah neepauur wutch peantamunat, kah 
peyaoEiau ukkoinetuhtaeneumoh, v/unnamh^- 
uh kouewoh nalhpe ncuanatsmaonk. 

46 Kah v/uttinuh, tohwutch koueyog ? om- 
obkek kah peatuama-'k, iflikontkuppecuttea- 
niO) qntchehuwaonganit. 

47 Kahafhpamooadt p kuffeh roattanuKcg^ j^gf, 
kahnohahcnnit Judas, pa(\ik nabonefiuyut- 26.4/^ 
chep;, nah wuiie^onuhKauoh^kah parojliikauaa 
lefuroh, wuttbipwuttooapwonat. 

4,3 Qnt jtfus wuuinuh, judas-fan kajnaf- 
f^om w.^fkctO£np wunnauiuonuh cliip- 
\vu(.tam.;pw.^onk. ' , 

/. 9 Kah nag wenohkauwonrhcg nau mob ett it 
iittoh ^nag. •wuttiii.iih Lord, fun \,vgib nuttad- 
teaman tnjkorlreg? 

5-' Kah pafuk iia.q togkomaU \vuttineuroJi 
nrgonne iVphauruien-ii, kah tumr.icth.vm wut- 
tinol kpnnnc wditii\ipg„ ■ i " - ' 

ST Kah } fusnamna;h:''rt Vah nccwa^u, cl»f- 
junehtok yc.u \VjhqueUj kah U-ii-riuIuiiVimauoJ 



■ wehtauog, kah wunneakeheuh. nunflamheon, Pf "^""h^^^^'^^f,^;^^!;''^^;"^ 

52 Ncirjefusunnaunegonnefephauruend'i, Rah quahtihteadt ompwunnonac Cetar, aao)- 

kabmu.-^quo.Tipuh ut Temple, kah naiiaanua- wadt nagum Chrilt, keUtloQC. , 

nutcheC "en pauhonukqufche, kuOTohhaminn. 3 a Kah Pilat ^^"\"^^,«>7";\"^ "^Som ' )\ 

■ \,<x> ayeuuhk6Be r,ca onatuh kommootowaeain, ukketair<»torr.omcx)uh jewCe ? kah wunampoD- ^7. n. 

nafl^pe togkodtega/h kah anwohhouunafh > hamau, nouwau, ken i^^^^^^J- ^^^u.^r^.^^u 
: 5 ^Vleketukokuh weechayeumunog lit tem- 4 Neit Pilate unnau negonae ^^V^^^^^^^ 

pi?, matca kutmmmagurmmoomwa> menut- kah miilinninnuh, matta nunnamteaoh ummat- 

chegaai ayeuuhkonittuenenqutyeukuthow- chdeonk yeuoh woiketomp. ^^^k^,,,,„ 

erumvvd) , kah ummenuhkefuonk pohkenai. 5 ^ah naiio fquetuog, "^^t'^^.^ ^ V„^""^^^^ 

■■ a Mat. 54 q Nelt wuctohqiin6uh,kah ummonchan6. au mu'unninniih, kuhkootomuhteadt P^nnuppu 

I6.57. uh,& uppafoDooh vvekic negonne fephaufaae- wame Jury, watche kuccheu Galile^ If^^.^' 

Galile, nata>tomwehteau uttoh noh woike- 

nin,kah Peter wunnoofukauoh noadtit en. 
y Mat. 55>Kah nafhqunanumwohettit noDteauno- , .^ 

26.^9. eu koHimuk, kahmdeu nummatappuog, Peter tomp wiutitine Galueannuuii 

. ooweetappemo. 56 oSb^ruk 7 Kah que«au vvahteunk vvutcheiyeu Herod 

riurikfq ummonunneauoh ne £pinit nootaut, wunnaniimaonganir, ummoncheaneun en we- 
kah ummenufcke raonunneauoh kah noowau, rodut, noh apeupjerufalemn^ anquompaK. 
yeuohwonkooweechayeumopuh. 8 Kah Herod nauont Jerusoh, "^""^J^f^^ 

57 Kah kohkonooau, noovvau, mittamwoins, Vv'ekontam,newutchefepe kodtantamup wun- 
niatta noowaheuh. 58 Kah teanuk wonk nau6nat,iiewutche monatafli ^"^^"'^^f ''''"" ^^ 

bnkatuk wunnauohjkah noovvau, ken wonk nag kah annoofu wunnaumunat nawhutcue mon- 
pafuk^ & Peter noDwau,woiketomp,matta nen. chanatamwe ufleonk naihpe nagurn. 

59 Kah nequt hour mahche nag, onkatuk 9 Neit wunnatootomauob majctieke loitt^O- 
tnenuhke wauwon , naowau , wunnamuhkut wongalh, kah matta tohvvuttinne nampoonam- 
yeuoh wonk mo wctomuh,newutche yeuoh auch. i o Kah negonne tephauiue- 
«k-GaliIean. nuog kah Scribfog, neepoog,t:ah uinraenuhkeu 

60 Kah Peter noowau, wodietomp, matta ipunnanouh. ii KahHerodkah wee*- 
noowahteoh toh anoowasn. Kah teanuk aHi che wutayeuhteomuh loatta tuhhentupanumo- 
pamooadt, monlh kutt-^jwau. uh, kah ummomontauouh,kah wuthcgqheoua 

61 Kah Lord omparauhquaeu.kah moneneauau wunne hogkcoonkj kah wonk «^"]P"^^^^?5"^2 
.Peteroh, kah Peter mehquantam wuttinnoowa- en Pilat uc 1 2 Kah ne kelukok Piiate 

cnk Lord, uttoh anomp, afquam kakuttoocg- kah Herod wetompaittuGg,newutchenegooae 
kup monHi , pish kukkohkannooaufeh niHuvut. penuanittupanneg. 13 ^ I^ah Pi^^te, ^ ^fat. 

62 Kah Peter fohham kah welogkohpSfu. moaeu wehkomontnegonne fephauluenuh Kan 27. 23. 

63 Kah woilietompaog, neg kogkononcheg nananusnutcheh, kah miilinniniiuh. 
Jefusohjumomonrauouhj&wuttattagkomoah. 14 Wuttinuh yeiioh kuppaudtunneau woi- 

64 Kah wequabunahettit, wuttantawhouh ketomp , wutche uppanne nukouohkouonat 
wuilefukqut;»kah wuhatootomauouh, noDwaog, millinninnuhjkah kuaeh mahche nunnatootom- 
l^tdneheoontowafh hov/an togkomuKquean. au anaquabeog , wanne nummirAomoo ummat- 

65 Kahmonatalhonktttogifhblafphemowae chefeoak yeuoh woiketomp, papaume yeulh 
ayeuuhkoneukkenoonouh. i waj ullipunnanogilb. 

66 /Kah quenau mohtompog, wunnanaun- 1 15 Afuh matta wonk Herod: newutdie kut- 
najWomoDoh millinninnuog, kah negonne fep- | annoynnumwop na en, kah kufTeh, matta ton 
hauruen]iogv& f.ribfog raoeupeyaog,& wutuf- \ unnehhikoo ne woh napoowontog. 

foDaouh in uppiahquttumoDmoow6ut,naowaog | 16 Newutchenuirafamutah, kahneh nuttit 

67 Ken Cbrift ? uffunan, kah nah wuttinuh, ompinncan. 17 Newutche mooche mos pa- 
unnunnogjmatta woh koonamptamomwao. i fuk ompinnimaunauh ut milhadtuppo/onganit 

68 Kah nen wonk natODtomauunog, matta ' 18 Kah milbontoowaog wame moeu, noj- 
woh kenampoohamaiyeumoo, kah matta woh , waog amaunook yeuoh woiketomp, kah ompa- 
kuDponunneunfiWGO. nimaiinnean Barrabas. " 

^9 Mahcheyeu nnag, woiketompwunnau- 19 (Noh newutche wogkoueonkayikup u£ 
monuh pish appiioh unninohkdunit ummenuh- | a>tanatj& newutche nuthehteaonkjkuppiihag- 
kefuonganitGod. 7oNeitnag wame noDwaog, ; kinau) ^^ 20 C^t Pilate kodtaatogom- 
C i^ark ^^'^^^^" ^^"^""^^"^^^'^^ ^ ^^^ "•'^^ wuttin- 


14. 62, 

pinneon Jefus, wonk nah ukkinncwnuh. 

21 Qut milhontuuwaog nouwaog pumme- 

tonkuppunok purametonkuppunok. 

22 Kah wuttinuh nilluvudt nompe,tohwutc1l, 

chaugua u-nmatchefeonk ? matta namteauoh 

tohwutch nuppuk, newutdie nuirafaraatah, ne 

KAh wame muttaaniikcg nag nepauog, kah nuttit ompinneon. 23 Kahmenuhkc 

wutuiroounouh piht. nall=ipe mi.'hontoDwaongdfh we'hqueturawog 

2 Kahiix;che r£unnanAhctt4tnoow;jcg;yettoh wub pun?m«|.unkapun3U ; kah O/Widtaujitonk- 

* qui* 

uh, r kenaau kuflimwoOj nen. 

71 Kah noQwaog,toh kittinne nano quenau- 
wahukumun wauwaonk? newutche kenawun 
kenoutauoun ut nehenwonche wuttoonut. 
Ah wame muttaaniikcg nag nepauog, kah 
wutuiroounouh pil ^ 


. , - — -'-;, 5 r.r riiaD i<l mppooytofekjnau, mohkj/* 

onk woh n nihneyane wchquctumohert... ^^ 
2-5 Kah wutompenimauoh noh koblhagKin 
aufit iiewutche wogkouunumcoonk , kah wun. 
nulhteaonk,neh ahchuamumahetticheh , qut 
ponau Jefusohnag wuttenantamcoongaHCDWo- 
^ . -• °26 cKah monchanahettit , 

^ ^1^* tohqqnaog pafukooh Simonoh vvuiry reman , 

nahtauoiibpumn^etunkuppuneg, onk woli iiK 
-kinRumunat nahobt6eu Jelus ut. ^^-. ,^^,, 
27 Kah monacheg midmriinuog wutafuVau- 

.TNewutfhe kuifeh , kefukodcaai ^peyau- 

ma)aai,ne pith adc n^^^^^^^^^^J, ^^^^^V'eerha'' 
mahcheit,kah 6ontomuk matta na neectia- 

an,kaliko?fuhkSagil!i, nukkuhkunacan. 
'JeNewatae yealh ulTthett t ut afeuh. 

d Ifai 


Rev. 6. quamut, toh piihuden ut nunohtaut 

. iPet. l^^uog weecheiagkompagu^nui^ n^|-^^ 

27.a^-pLmetonkapanna6neau, kah n^f/^jff^^^f 

tit, kah chadchabenummoadtaog wuthogkoo, 
kah wuttittannohtaadtinnau. „,. -„t, 

kah weeche nananuwacheg ummomontaupun , 
nrDwaog , onkatodg pohquohwhunau, poh- 
qShwhunonch wuhhogkuh , nob Chrifteuut 

^^r^^Kr^onk^ylbteaog u^ornontauiub , 


^Nmrnutkenutcheganitkuttinnumaiifhncn- gPraJ. 
47Thnoqutpafuk.i>it nag uttoh aunag, 

aZg iMoVodtamwog wohpanaguno) , kah 
qufhkeoj.. 49Kahwamewetompacg, kah 

Ganien6ekompoog,naumwogyeulli. ^^^ ^ 

50 fc Kah ku[leh,namo woiketomp henn.n h^zu 
]orephVkencX)tarnwaenvkah nob wunnetu kah 27^7. 
{Wve{b 51 (Nob matta wee tooccg. ' 
kTo^ ne ukkeno^tamouonk kah wuruffeonk ) 


uo^^-onah wenobkeit,ne ^'^^^^t;Ki!:^,r^nnfou? 
54 Kah nekefukok n.o qaaquo(l.weonk,kah 

fabbath pai;3Dcheyeua). „.„ -^fnt^n 

51 Kahwonk mutamvvolTiiTog neg afakau- 
nelwoS weenobke^Sc uttoh feepfumit wuhnog. 

5 6 K^ na Anibkeog,kab quofhamvebtamwog 
fpicafli kab'pummearh, kah auwohfinwog J»ab- 
bath dayeu neyaunag wuttinno^waonk, 

KAh ^ ne^onne kefukok ne week, nompoa- ^ Mat . 
Vu, peyaog wenohkect, paudtoog fpicalli 28.1. 
nishquoi&veltannv^hetticheh ka^ 

* Snfeiehteoog quffuk tuttuppequanau- 

YEUOH KEHTASSOOl Ul JP'WSliT. ^^^utchnatuaebok pa^otogutkequ?kenapuKe^^ 

ciQ Kah pafiik match Teaen negwonftan- ^^^\^ ^ ^,^^^jtappein,qntomohkeu,bmen. 

the. , ukkeLmouh. na)wau, to Cnn.uean f Jf^^-^^ „, anukqueAgkop aft ap 

pohquohwbuskubhegkahnenawan. q^-- ...-. «„nn.uaio 

A o out onkatuk nampoDham, wutaufKkom- 

uhV't.SSnunimattakukqu(>.ohGod, ne- 

^T K.h nenavvun wunn^muhkutTaT.poi, ne- 
wutk?^u^-an piubfuke onkqiia- 
Tunk rutuTtoni^anunnonail., qut yeuoh matta 

13 Kah Jeius W;5"i^ w.w/>tomeh tit Psra 

6 Matta veawurappein,4u. ^'^ ., a i;ip 

n;a.ikqu'.nogko'<«o,vkomohkeJ.^ (^^ 

8 Kah meiquantairwoguHkutt 1^ k ,:;„jn,e 

«c-Jlh wuttiiinonnac^arn, nabo irc^ 

kah M^ry o'a^.y .^es.kab -katog,? rn.nam- 

nPMh'xn kriUkeranoetam'jjune:^*!.^. . , ^^ okato^ jmes,Kan ^\\r.<^^^^^t ■'■-- 

.t1n(h, yeu ktfukok mos kcDwetomeh at Para- «oa^^... ^^^.^j^i^j,. — ^ ^» ^ *^^ 

neefmg mog UmmAui 

kah wu(foohqunnuraun,& nah wuttinnumauun* 
5 r Kah wuikefukooaih woihweeraooafh, kah 

oowaheouh, fcah ne wuttit ahque nauoneau. 
32 Kah hettuog funnummatta kuttahhun- 

nonafii chikohtancufohhafli ut kittinnomiyeu- 


II Kah ukkuttoo\voiigancDoa<}i Wutcgoue- 

neamoaonaalh netatup novvecayeuwoaoanit 

kah mitta aonampcauou'i. *° * 

c John 12 cNeit Peter neepau, kah quogqueu eti 

''''*^* nonSf.^rh;n-^^^^^ ^^'^- "onam cmKotitanouionhaU. Ut kittinHomiveu- 

iS,.., .„.,.* ....A'^; '■;'«-|- 1 t.j;ssi,is. ™~."..~hi„, 

17 Kah nah wuttmuh, chaugua yeufl-. kuk- V,- out na? rh^niKaAe taK t«,;^rr;,«« i, u *6. I4t 
^.Kr''::""^^". :..t . I cfiequnnebtamun, kah omohkeu nifiiukqu^n. 

^ wunnauou 
, ^5 Neitnah wuttinuh, woi mattammagwog, 
kah tohkequtteahhon wuiinamptamunat,wame 
qaoihodiurawaenuog ne ancjDwahettit. 

26 Sun wolimat mooche Chrift Qiequnneh- 
tamoo yeu/h? kah uppetMkonat wuriohfumoj- 
onganit > 27 Kahnegonaeut 
Molwut, kahwamequoa^odtumwacHuog nah 

nilh papaume wutchenagum. 

28 Kah pafoofukorawog otancmes ne oiyA- 
n. ttit, kah cgquefeu anea pomudiaumuk. 

29 Que nag ukkogkanimouh, n.XiWaog, wee- 

ukok. 47 Onk aiufkoian3tamG0cnk,kah 

ahquontambonk matchefcongafii woh kuhkoo- 
tomoadtin ut ODwefuonganit kenugke wamC 
wutohtimoneaai, kutche'u ut Jerufalem. 

48 Kahkenaau kGDwauwonaoafliyeufn. 

49 /Kah kudch^nutannoonukquorbouwaonk/Tohn 
na)/h ut kenaau, ^ut appek ut keitootanat 15. 26; 

ssferss£==K ?S£?£^ 

nuhkef"uonk^ wutch aonckouwe. S^Kah4. 
wufiohweu ^igkompagunuh wehque Bethani, 
& rpunnum wunnntchegalh & iiab ounanumuh. 


(^hrifi mskftompoof^ 

Jobn4 I* 

a Gen. 
I. 1. 





c Mat : 




H N. 

C H A P ; I. 

ESKE kutchiffik wuttinnoo-- 
waonk.ob».op5 kati kuttoowonk 
oowectodtamim Manit, & ne 
kuttooonk Manittoooomoo. 

2 rtYeu nan weske kutchif- 
fik wee^bayeutamunGod. 

a /; Wamc* teanteaquaflmifh kefTeaufupsth 
n4pe naf^um, & mstta teag kefteauimeup we- 
tenailipe^nagumnekefteaunkup. , 

A Ut wiihhogkat pomantamoonk ohtop^ kab 
fiepomantam5onk oovvequ^iyeumuneaop wol- 

5 K^hwequaifohrumoomoo pohkenahtu, 8C 
pohkenaimattawutattumunnmooun. , 

6 c Wobketomp anocnop wuttb Godut, ul- 
fowefu John. ^ , ^ 

7 Nch nan wutSi peyau wauwaenuuneatjCo- 
'^•auwonat wequ^i^ onk woh wame wos^etom- 
paog wunnamptamwog iiafiipenagum. 

8 Matra nagumne wequai , qut oowauwo 
natwequai. ,. ,<- 

9 Nc mo wunnamubkut wequaijne wohium- 
iingc[ut nifh noh wosketomp nob paont mutta- 
ohkit. ,, , , , ,, T 

10 Noh appiip muttaohketi kah a muttaok 
kefteauiip nalhpe nagnm, 8c muttaok matia oo- 

waheuh. ^ .,.01 

1 1 Peyau nchenvvonche wuttaiheit^S: ne len- 
wonSie wuttaiheuh matta vvutattumunukoooh. 

12 Qut neadtahfiie atturnunukquit wuttia- 
numauoh menuhketiionk oonaumoniineat God 
nehvvanamptamumtche OQweiuonk.. 

12 Negnekitche^, mattanailipe wuiquehe. 
onk, afub matta nafiipe weyaiifue unnantamoo- 
onk, afah matta najlipe wo-.ketompae wuite- 
nantamooonk, qut nsihpe God. ,1. 

14 e Kah kuttooonk ayimcjocop weyaus , kah 
ko6\veetOiT,ukqun (kah naumiimua wuilobium- 
conk, fohfumoonk onatuh wunnukquUegneon 
v/utcx)fhimau) numwabeluunk kitteamontea- 
fcitteaonk Sr wunnamuhkuteyeuonk. 

15 John cowauwaormh, kah milhonttpwaii^, 
T40ovvau,yeuoh anwwaonip, mh aruhkiit mii- 
fugkenheau onk nen, newuttbc aa negonu-h- 

l^r.iiorl/uP' <^ 

i^' Kah wutHi wunnumwrnrteechnrnmu'^on- 
<7anit / neenawun wamc nutattumuriumurnun 
kah kkteamonteanitteaonk wui^^b kittcamon- 
teanitteaonk.^ . / . , 

17 Newutvbe naumatuOnK 3unnvm;.tutbi 


nalhpe MofeSpqnt kitteamotcanirtearkpSrm-j 
namuhkute'yeuuk rcyumoo nafl-.pc. jefusC'Hrift 

18 g Matta howan vvunnaudh Godchwoh F-,'^]^^^ 
toh ufjwunnukqntteg^icoiiin noh apit rppoo^ A-y-^; 
cliinnaounit wutGo/iiimau^ o6vva!-,ljiiruih.. i '' -'^ 

19 Kahyeu oowanvvacnk Join, Jeuibg' a- <^. 10. 
noonahettit Sephauiue'nub & LeVitlbH v utcii 
Jeruralem^natootcmauohat howan ken ?^ , I 

20 Kah CmpC!OwauJ<ah matta ko'nLonno:-- 
woou: qut fampco'wauj r.en nun-rraitS Chr}!}. 

21 Kah wunnatooioiriaricuh, ton hen flaii 
ken Elias ? kah hoowaUj matta nen ; fun kea 
noh quoihodtumwaen? kah unirinampocbam 

22 Neitnagwuttmouhj ho-svanken, onk 
woh nunnampoobamau6nnnonog neg anob— 
nukqueagig > toh kuillm papaume ken ?^ 

23 /; Noowau y nen vvadtauatonkquirudnk 
mafliontooadt ut touohkomiik ,. f:.mpwetau— 
00k ummay Lord; ne anoowop quoihodtum-; 
waen Efayas. 

24 Kah neg ancDniifliegPharirerncoog. 
2$ Kah wunnatootornauouh & wuttinnouh 

neit tohwutSt kut^hedunrminvaan, matta kea 
Cbrifteu3oh^ afuh matta Eliafu'X) , arahnob 
quofhodtum^vaenin > 

26 John nab wunnampoobai-nauohj noowau^ 
nukkutfummuwam nifhpenippe^ qut nob pa- 
fuk neepauit kenugke kena.u noh matta 

27 i Nob nan-afiibkilt, miiTiigkeneau onk 
nen, noh moxinsfh kalbpiiik matta nuttace-' 
numcx) ompenimuneat. 

28 Yeufirn nihyeupaftutBetbabara, ong- 
koue Jordan, nab jGbnadtkiitcbeuuaaK-dt. 

29 Na wonkkcCukok John nau jelufob up- 
peyaonukquob, tab ntX)Wau , nok wullamboh 
God, nob amaunuk umraatchereonk rputtaok. 

30 Yeuobnob an^oowaornp , nut^fubkunk 
wosketomp, nail mifiiigkenhcau ovik ncn, ne- 
v/utFnena ncgonubkunkiir. 

^ I Kah m in ta -noo wak. eo p '-^ c 11 1 ^n .-^h woh 
wahthsu ut Ifratl,^ newai p.ey&l kiitcbeilum— 
.muonat nippe* 

^ 2"- k^ Kab j c hn wa lu^an^ noc\^'s u^ rruni^ au 
naH-.auanit, nct'keii wutcii ktuilqut , onutiib ^a6» 
wuskuhwhunan, kah uppogfcoquoh. 

C53 Kah matta noowahcop ^ _ qut nob anbo- 
nukque kutSia^ummuonat njppc, rob n»n. 
nuttmnuk, nqh %voh-r,auadt na/l:auanHteof| 
nakelitunkquc'b kah uppogRcquohj noh tiin 

Act, If 
4, - 


N^thmie I matt a wtfnompuw^Jfa cmn Joh n 2 

nafhpe wuiinctu-^anatamwe 



^4 Kah nunnauop, kah ncovvauwam, yeuh 
\vunnau.Tionuh G^d, 

55 Wonk , iiogk-ffukkok , John neepau , 
kail ncibooh ukkodnetuhtaenuraoh. 

56 Kih nionunneaiioiit Jefusohpomlh^uk, 
uii'X>wauj Nok wuilaraboh God. 

97 Kah nocfii-g nehtr/icauaeiiuog wnnnoo- 
tiuduh, kah nae', aiuhksuojg Jeiusoh. 

38, Neit Jeins ornpomukquaeu , kah wun- 
pauoh wutaluhkunkquoh, kith nah vvuttinuh , 
Teag kenatimieahamuiriVVco ? \vu.ttinuouh , 
Rabbi , ( nc nauwuttamun^Nullonttimom ) 

59 Nah wuttinuh, nonche uauraook , Pe- 
yauog kah nsujiv.vog toh ayiiiic , kah oovvee-- 
toinouh ne keiukkok: iiewutche nauwohquau. 

40 Pafuk neg neeiooitcheg nootauomp 
Joliioh Scaiiibk-vucmp^ iioh Andrew^ wemat- 
eh Simon Peter. 

41 Noh Liegonne namehheau nehenwonHie 
wcmatoh Simon, kah wuctinuh, nunnamheo- 
mun Meliias^ ne nauwuttamun, Chrift. 

42 Kah uppaudtauonuh Jtrusoh, kah Jefus 
nauont:>noowau , ken 5imon wunjiaumonuh 
jona, pi[h kuttiiibwis Cephas, nenauwut— 

• tamun, qulfuk. 

49 Na wonk kefukok, Jefus fobham en Ga- 
lile, kah name'heau Philip, kahwuttinuh, 

44 Kah Philip appcupBethCgidawutotanat 
Andrew & Peter. 

45 Philip,namchheauNathanieIoh5& wut- 
. tinuh, noh nunnamheoUiT 5 neh n, Mofesuc 
. naumatiiunganitkah /? quaihodtumwae'nuog 

Avafjakuhwahettupi^jhjjerus ut Nazarcth^wunr 
, naumonuh Jofepn. 

46 Kah .'Nathaniel wuttinuh, Tunwohwa- 
ncf^ik oomof.'oo wutHi Nazareth ? Philip wut- 
tinuuh , Nonche nailh. 

47 Jefus nau Nachanieloh uppeyaoriuk- 
■ quGh , kah no&vvau papaume nah, Kufleh wun- 

uaanihkuteyeue Ilralitc^nph matr.a wunnom- 

48 Nathaniel wuttrnnuh , Tuiikootch wa- 
hen ? Jefus namp'wham kah wuttinnuh , Af- 
quam Philip weekumukooan, apean agwe fig- 
fuhtugqut, kenauunap. 

A 9 Nathaniel nampooham kah wuttinnuh , 
Rabbi, ken wunnaumonuh God, ken Ifraelle 

50 Jefus nampooham kah wuttinnuh , Ne- 
wutc! c kuttiiininup^ kerauunup agwe figfuh- 
tugqut, koonaraptam ? pilh kenau magogiiJ] 
or'k ycnfii. 

51 Kah wuttinnu!], wunnamuhkut, wun- 
narnuhkut kuttinfii, ompetak, pi/h kenaum-- 
v/aa kefuk wolhwcemo , kah wiitangelfumoh | 
God ull-jpco3 & noohnookcog ut v/uiiauaionat 

CHAP: ri.. 

KAH naihikquiaogok wG.tauwadtiioiigu- 
n^x> ut Cana uiGaiile, & ohkaioh jelus- 
*.u vviitapinneah. 

2 Kah Jclus vv-eekoraau & ukkodnetuhtae- 
numoh;, en weetaittuonganit. 

3 Kah queuahukquehettit wine, Jefus oh- 
kaioh unnuk, vvanne ahtauoog wine. 

4 Jefus wucDinuh,mittamvvoilis toh kittin- 
hcih f nuthourum afq peyaumunooh. 

5 Ohkafoh unnauoti wuttiuneumoh, uttoh 
anukque'og, uilek. 

6 Kah na ponoog nequtta talifuog nippc 
haifunne ahkuhquog,neaun-ag pahkehheaonga- 
noo Jcwfog, neesaluh niihbuihils tohihim- 

7 Jefus wuttinnuh numwapag afakahkag 
nippe. Kah wunnumwapagunouh.- 

8 Kah wuttinnuhj Sokhippag yeiiyeu , kkb 
monc.hatok Pithquttuk miiiiihadtuppooonga- 
nit, kah ummonchatauunneau. 

9 Kah Piahquttuk ut iiiadtuppooonganit 
qua dj tog nippe ne ayumuh wine , kah matta 
oowahteoouun toh waj n nag i^qut wuttinneu- 
munneunk neg wadhiippadOiegoowahteauuii- 
neau ) Piahqutttuk milhadtuppooonk > weeh- 
komau wafeentamunutche. 

10 Kah wuttinnuh ni(h noh howan ncgonac 
ponum wanegik winc,kah nahen tapfippamo- 
hettit, neit machuk-5 qut ken koowadchanum 
wanegik wine, yeu pajeh. 

II Yeu waj kutchiiiik monchanatamoo- 
ongaih, Jefus aiit ut Cana ut Galilee, kak 
nahtitteau wulfohfumoonk, kah ukkodnetuh- 
tae'nnmoh opnamptunkquoh. 
1 2 a Mahche yeu nag, au Capernaum, nagum 
kah ohkafoh, kah weemecoh,kah ukkodnetuh- 
tae'numoh, kah na mat ummc»chetikqun6h- 

13/^ Kah Jewfue uppaumiikonkoowonka- 
noo pafwohteau, kah Jefus kuhkuhqueu em 

14 Kah namehheau ut Temple neh magun- 
itcheh oxinoh, & iheepfoh, kah wuikuhwhun- 
nunnh, kah otoowunukeg teauguas nummat- 

1$ Kah ayig Hifamatohwhittuwae pe'mun* 
neohtonalh, wuffohwhuttahwhoh wame vvutdi 
Temple, kah iheepfoh, kah oxinoh, kah quo- 
uhteau wutteagooooaili negofoowompacheg , 
kah kepuhteau tableaih. 

16 -Kah wuttinnuh. neh msgunitcheh wuf- 
kuhwhununuh;>yeuihamaunurn6k, ahque ay- 
imook Noolh week aiiaqulhaekcmmuk. 

17 Kah ukkodnctuhtaeriumoh mehquon- 
tamwoh ne wuOTukwhcfu, a Nufzelum wutche a Pfal. 
keek nummahchepuk. ^g o 

i8 Neit Jewfog nampochamwog, kah wut- 
tinouh, teapue kul kinneafucnk kfnnahliiiim- 
un, new.vj ycu(h uffean. 

ly Jefus nair|)eoham & wuttrnnuh b Pa- l>Mat: 
gua- 26.41, 


^mamptog fjahohtoeu mtn 

lohn 3- 

Mofes tah^ioriopaskockoh 


Mat. guataui^ok ycu Temple , kah nifljikquincgkok 
26.6 J. nutomuhkinumun. 

20 Neit noowzog Jewfog yauunchagc kah 
requtta tahfiiikkodtumw ytu temple ayim- 
unahj &woh koontcauun nilhikkefukquait? 
2iQut milfohh^i panaume ne t( plc5wahogkiih 
22 Newajch omohkit wutch vvunnuppunat, 
ukkodnetuhtaenumoh mthquantamwoh ycu 
wntthinonah, kah vvunnamptamwog wulluk- 
whoiikkah kuttt^awonk ne Jtfus anoowop. 

29 Kah apit Jerulalem ut paumukaii- 
iittuonganitj iliadtuppco keiukkuh, monaog 
otfnamptamwog (jyvveluonk;, namohtttit mon- 
ctianatamc^fjongalh nilh atitchiih. 

24 Qiit Jelus mata WLmnanouanumoh,ne- 
wotchc'wahheau wame woiketorapuh. 

25 Kah matta queuauvvehukkoy howan 
tfowauwaononnat wolkctomp, nevvutche wah- 
te&u utt6h ^nilt tvoiketomp, .. 

C H A \K III. 
A m^o Pharifae wolketomp ut uf- 
loweTu Nicodemus > jewfae ut nana— 
M unnuacnun. . 

2 Noh peyaonau Jefusoh nukan^eu, kah 
vmtlinnun3Rabbi5n(7t>wahte6mun ken kiihkfjo- 
tomwchteaenin koom Godut , newutche mat- 
ta vvoh howan wutuireiriafli yeulh monchana- 
tamcjjongafli nifh afeanilh;, qut noh God vyc-. 
tbttiont. - 

^ Jc^^s namppf)huk kah \vuttinnuh3*Wim- 
camuhkut wunnamuhkut kuttinlh;kuttumma 
Wol'ketomp neekitnompejvvutch vvaabe matta 
v?ohnaUmfp wuttahfoutamoonk God. 

4 Nicodemus wuttinnub, uttoh woh wiu- 
tin wolketomp neeWn wonk kutchifuut? fun 
wch i>ahohttie petiittesu vvuiiiiogkuiiit ch- 
kr.foh kah woh neetu: 

5 Jelusnampooham, WunnamuhkiUjWun-, 
n^amuhkut kuttimh, kuttumma wcfketotrsp 
^vok neekit nalhpe nippe & Nalhauanit:,matta 
petutteau wuttahfootamonganit God. 

^ Noh neekit wutch weyaufit, weyaufuoo; 
kah nch reekit wutch Nafhananittoit y noh 

7 R hque moiichantafh ne imih mos woiik 
kcucetimun wutch weabe. 

8 Vv'absn ootihon t6h kod wutjilhont, kah 
kesi/wtsm ummithontwwaonk , qut matta 
keow^un toh wadfhont, aluh uttoh anlhont : 
ne v.ut-tjnniin noh neekit nail pc nall.auanit* 


9 Nicodemus nampwham kah wuttin^h 3 
Ut tt; h woh yen ih. enninn in? 

10 3 efus nam pat/ham kah wuttinuh, ken 
kufFantim u utlfraelj kah runyeuihmatktJi;- 
wabtci^iit)cunalh» - 

11 Wunnainu'skat wunnamuhkut kuttinfh 
Kudimmun ne wahteauog , 8c nt-'owauwdnan 
jaenuumagj kah matta kutsttumunumomWt?^ 

12 U!ini]nnu?".mui:a#bke4hh2r:sg'ili, kah 
mat wuniLiiGK-aa;*'£»o2; ,,-u»h y/:>h.kiLUn wun- . 

namptamunaeauj unnuiiogkcfukquic ahhun- 

13 Kah matta howan kuhkul quet en ke- 
fukqut^qut noh ncykit wut'.h ktJukqutjVVor- 
ketomp wumiaumonuh noh kelukquc apit. ' 

14 a Kah Moles neane tofiiinuhp ask(;o- ^ Nutn: 
koh ut touohkcmuk, netiitupe wolketomp ^^* 9* 
wunnaumonuh liein tahiiiinon. 

15 N noh howun Vyunnamptauont matta 
woh awctkompanau; qut vvoh oi:toumichcrH- 
chtejepomantamounk. ^ , - 

1^ /^ NewutclieC-od wuiTaumowon-antam ^ ^ ]*• 
muttaok, newaj maguk wunnukqutttgheonoh ^' 5- 
onk howan wuimcmptauontniaita uori aw.i- 
kompanau^ qtu woh ohtau micMtme pcman- 
t:.m6onk. , 

17 c Newutche God matta rmnancccoou *^^"^P* 
wunnaumonuh niUttaohkit wutawakon panae ^^'^^^ 
viuifittumuiiat muttaok, qut muitaok naUipe 
nagum woh wad^'-iinumun. 
18 Noh wanamptauont matta awakompanae 
wuliumau;, qut noh matta vvanampram^jcg 5 
mahche awakomp. nae wudumau .3 Vcwut^he 
matta. wunnamptamt'o otjweiuonpanit wuu- 
nukquttegheonoh God. 

19 Kah yeu awakompanae wuflittumooKkj f/Chap: 
d Vvequaipeyaumci?Uk rauttaat kit^ kah wol- 1,4. 
keetompaqg anuwontamog pohkenai 3 anue 

onk wequai , newutche Avutuiieonpanwafh 

20 Newutche ni/h noh pafuk mstchefeir^ 
iekeneam wequai^ ksh mratta pey.^^ntamu* ^ 
wequai iflikont wutuileon^alh woh a ulhkont 

21 c^t noh fampwe afit, peyau wequai- 
yeuut .5 wutuireongaiii woli. uahtukoxiafh .^ 
ukkezteaaunalh ut manitttiout. , 

22 Mahcheyeu n nagj Jeius kah ukkodne- - 
tuhtaeneumoh peyao^ ut obkit jndea, kahna 
vvuttit weechayeumon, e kah ukkutiumuh. ^ Chap 

23 Kah John wonk kutcheliuramuau Ht E- 4« 2. 
nou; kifhke Salifti, newutche na miihippa- -r 
got & pej aog kah kutchitlumaog. 

24 Ntwutchejohft-afquam kuplliagkinau. i-. 

25 Neit na channtJVWaongancL'cj; naihauc 
nahwhuch-John ukkodnetuhtaeneumohj kah -. 
J ewfog, papaume pahkhectinneat, ■ 

26 Kah peyaonaog johnoh, Sc wiittinouh, ,. j^ 
Rabbi noh weetomukqueop utor^gkouwejar- /Ci.ap, 
danjj/noh wauwaan^kuiich^nohkuichefium- ^'7^ 34 
meuaujkah wamemiflinainnuoguppeyaonouh „ , 

;27 John namp<;f)hham kah nf?ow.iU g wof- ^ "^"' 
ketomip matta teag neeimnnnmy;? 5 kutamma 5* 4» 
auinnauiauut wutch. kelakqut, ■ 

.28^ Kenaau ky^wauwi-ulumwro, miflipj > p» ._ 
netnnumnattaChriiljqutnecnnefronanoonit f r^^ 
onk nagumi .^ ' *• 2© 

29 Noh wadchanont wcftanomutchehpHola ". 

wciieentamwaen;, kahwaeetomp^.lt w.U-eea- 
t^mwaeneah- nepiisk & iu-vUiiont, mochekc - 
weei^oiitam ukkutr^wxijik vru Jecnt. mwreo, 
yat i^i?Wc£k^iiti.irji!v:^.oiik newutche pair/ane 
A a ^ , . ^ Biiu 

S.t -nj^h mittft':Hw yfis 

]jhn. 5 nljh noh at \»Mjpimok, God 

J Ron. 

k Maf. 

I Z.I J. 

t Hab. 
I Job , 

n Gel ; 

3 ) Ni;^anmD5mi re:a, qatnecimo5na- 
n^ :^u:;d'i3; ih.ic . 

31 Njh w^5^ ;vatch waibeiijnoh anedkaufa 
w '.m* : nofi Wigohkekoiicaj noh ohkeyeux> , 
kill kskecxj'-iKoiKA.n oh.-cej noh wajkeiukqut 
njhaaeuk-iiiru wame. 

52 Kih ne nag kah nootog^, ne oowau- 
©Hj kah inatta howan atcuoiunmoo c»vvaa- 

53 No'i attumunuk oowauwaonk, f nc kch- 
k:n!ieatahko:ij Gjd vvuanomwau. 

34 N-vVacjIieiioliGod an x>no;icheh , ke- 
kccoohkontam wactinnoowaongath Gad : ne- 
v^tucheGv>d matta qdttuhwhdluvve wuttiii- 
nu nauoh Nafii.vaanitcoo. 

35 A^ VVacwfhinaa womonau wunnaurni- 
naiinieahj 8c watcinnuinauuh wame teantea- 
qua liiiniih ut wuanutcheganit. 

3^» / Njh waaamptaaonc wunnaumoniin- 
neuhjmahchsohcdou micheme pomancamo- 
onk : kah noh matca w:uumptauank wunnau- 
mjnimeuh, matta piih naumoo pomantamo- 
onk: que uminuL'luaLUtceaonkGQ.d wucap- 

CHAP: nil. 

NEwutchu* Lord wahteunk , Pharifefog 
n-DotAmwog, Jeras.n?nQ.ayeuau kah uk- 
iiuttamoh kodnetuhtaeuuh onkjohn. 

2 Cnil: Jefu; nagum matta kutcheifumoo, 
v^abs ukkodaetuhtaciiumoh. 
J, 3 Nukkodtuii Judea, & wonk au Galiie.. 

4 itah ahchdjpaanapvVLiihau Samaria. 

5 Neit p^^yau Semarie oocanit Utfowetam- 
uti Sychifj kiChkc ne.ohke^ Jakob aatimaomp 
waanaumonph Jofephoh. 

^ Jakob oochimoiik aeohteaii, neit Jofeph 
fauTomaafluuj apoeu //utahhamonganitj kah 
ne-]ut(:a t;i/hh&vvered;x>. 

7 SctmniQ mi c turn ;v a lis J peyau wiitdh- 
hu.?.ra;, Jeius wnr.tinanj; wactitamwdhheh. 

8 Newutche ukkodnetuhtaendmoh 6^ 00- ■ 
tinit attSiog; meetiuonk. j 

.9 Neit Samarie muttumwoills wuttinuh , | 
tohhen kea Jew, weehquetumaiean wattat— \ 
tamoonk, nen Samarie mittumwoilis? newut- i 
che Jewibg cohuanehheaog Samaritanfoh. | 
I o Jefus wuanampoohamau & wuttinuh , .; 
wahtcauan u mm agooonk God, kah howan a- ' 
uukqu-^in J wuttattamwdhhe , kenndhwoh ' 
ka)wechquctuman onk woh kittinnumunk 
.pomantamaenipp?. j 

.11 MitrumwoilH wutt'nnuh.nufTontimom ' 
m.atta teaijg koothupahtauo^ kah vvutahham- 
iinkm6iioi: uttunkoh kxtahtauun ne po- , 
ninnta-invae uippe ? 

T 2 Ken kntauae milugkcn onk noofhun Ja- 1 
kob, anumunkq-aeog wutaliamunk, kah ootat- ' 
tarmr.uh nagum kah wuiieechanobj & wuiiec- 3 
tafdmoh. ■ t 

13 Jefuiwunnampoohamau wuttinuh, ho- ^ 
wa;iyeu wadtattoj nippc, pi/h wonk k6hkac- ' 

14 Out h-ivnn wuttattoj nippe n^ a— 
nunau.>-j matta pi fh kaicauKuhtoo^ioo micne- 
me; que nippe neaaupAu^gj pi/H apehtuak 
wuta(ih3mU:ik, mooiaakudquoaneuoo en ma- 
che.nohtag pjmantamoonk. 

15 Mic£ wuttinuh, Nulantim'j.n 
aniiinumah yea nippe,onkwoii mac nukkoh- 
kuttxnoo , aluh matta woa nuppe'yoji njot- 

15 Jefus wattinuh,monchilh w^ekam kah-. 
fuk, k^n peyauih. 

17 Mitcumwjilsnampoohham, & noowai* 
matta noowaiukoiyeu. jefus wuttinuh, koo-* 
nomwara matca /loowafukoiyeu. 

18 Newutchc napanna tanfdog kx)vvafuk- 
ciip- kah nohyeuyeu wadchanadt,macta kgo- 
vvaafukeiea 5 nekittin vvunn6mvv6n. 

19 Mictumwoiis wuttinuh, Nufontimd.u 
k«oow6htouih ken quoihodtumwaenin. 

2 J Nooihimiouag waulfum.nuopanaeg yen 
ut wadchuut, ^kuifimwoo a Jerufalemnoh ^ Dent 
ohhut miiiinninnuog wauffammuahhettit. 22. 6 , 

21 Jefus wuttinuLi , mittumwofis wun— 
namptahjne hower paadmoouk, neit pifh mat 
koowawdifumomwoo wutooilrimau yeu ut wa- 
dchuut, afuh mat ut Jerufaiem. 

22 Waane koovvaomwoo teaguas c wauf- 
fittumog, n x)wahte6mun teaguas wauifittu- ^ 2 Kin 
raog, newatche, wadchanittuouk oomooco I7» 29* 

23 i:^it hower peyaumoo, kah yeu yeu oh- 
teau, fampwe waufammuwacheg, wau ium- 
aog wutoolhinneuh, ut nalhadanittoouc, kab 
ut. wannamdhkuteyedoout : newutchewut- 
ooihin natkmevvhau neafenitcheh oowowuf- 

24 c God na/LauanittoooOj kahnegwauf- ^^^ 
fumonchfg, n^g vvau;iumahettich, ea aaihau- \,^ ' 
anittoQut Kah wunnainuhKuteyeuoout. ** ^* 

25 Mlttumwoiiis wuttinuh , noowahteoh 
Meiifas peyau, noh af^weiitChrift:, noh pe- 
yont piih namrniihamuagqun wame teantea- 

26, Jefus wuttinuh , nen k6noonun> nen 

27 Yeu anoawahettit, wunnehtuhtaenu- 
mohpeyaohpkahmonchanatamwog, ne kc-- 
ketoohkauun mittumwoiialoh : qut matta 
howan unnoowoouh teagas natinneahhaman } 
aluh tohwutch keketoohkauadt > 

28 Neit mittumwoilis nukkonau nippe oh- 
kuhquoh^& auootaac?t,unnau wosketompuh, 
^29 Peyunk, kuhkinneook wosketomp,noh 
olitwamc niih ar(fanifli, funnummatta yeuoh 

Zo Neit nag fohhamwog wutch ootanat, & 

31 Ne nooche, ukkodnehtohtaendmoh na- 

nampaauinuk, r.oowaog , NuTantimom.un 


• 92 Qut wuttinuh, nntahtoh m^etfucnk, 


nmks^P n^stskehtaii nappe l^ttoomr^l^ J onri 4» 'iac^Jtfs .Ay^metskshean msketcm^ 



nummeechinat, neni:»tta wahtcauog. 

'^5 Newaje?! ukkodnetuatuenurnoh unnut- 
HettiCj Ho wan uppaudtaoiuhhoh iie woji me- 
chitnuk i 

34 jefiis wutinuh, Niimmeetfuonk, uTe'n- 
•' at wuttinantammcx>onk noli aniiooiit, & kcL- 

teauaat wutaniiakauiuonk. 

95 Sumuimmatta kuaiiumwoo, yauuntiea- 

bettit nepauziaog neit kepenumwahctciii , 

t Mat. Ku'Ieh kuctinnduumwoo^ tahfliinumook kui- 

cj'.'57 kelukooooaih kah kuhkinneamook ohteuhkon- 

' '' aihj e newutche pagodche wompiyeualh en 


g6 iCah noh kepenuk , attumununi onk- 
quatunk kali mohmounum meechummaonk 
wutche michcme pomantamooonganlt, nah 
nteivve noh ahkchteadt, & noh kepenuk, woh 
weekontamwog moae. 

57 Kahycuut> ne unnoowaonk wunna- 
mtihkuteyeaoo; pafuk ohkehteau, & onkatuk 

^8 Kutannoonunnumvvoa en kepenumunat 
Qttohmatadt anakauieogkup, kah kenaau 
kuppetutteaumwoo wutanakaufuonganoout. 

39 Kah monaog Samantanfog ne ootanitj 
©onamptauouh , wutche wuttinnoowaonk 
reittumwoiHs noh waiiwadtjnuttugcjun wamc 
tcantcagguahfiniih nifh afeanilh. 

40 Neit Samaritanfog paaonahettltjWun- 
nampaflumouh, ooweetomonat, & na \vutap- 
f en neeiequinne. 

41 Kah moonaog wonk oonamptauouhjue- 
ivutche nehenwonche wuttinnoowaonk. 

42 Kah unnaog mittumwoiliiibh 5 Yeu^eu 
Boonamptamumun;, ma ita newutche kuttin- 
noowaonk;, newutthe nunnootamunnanonup 
neenawutijkah DiJcjwahtauunan yeuoh wutma- 
muhkut wadchanumwaenin muttaok. 

4 3 Mahche ncefequinukok^ na acmunj kah 

■ ' 44 Newutche Jefus nagum/wauwau^, noh- 
tompeantog matta ahtoou quttianumoonk 
nehenwonch wutohkit. 

45 Neit paontGalile, Galileanfog wutat- 
cumunouh naumohettit vvame ni/h afecheh yt 
jerufaiem ut mii/iadtupp^joonganit newutche 
nag wonk aupanneg mii]iadtupp(?(?onganit. 

46 Neit Jefus wonk peyau ut g Cana ut 
g Chap Ga^i^C) utt6hadt-winehteap nippe. Kah na 
2, mo howan nananuaenin^ wunnaumonuh mah- 

chinaoh ut Capernaum. 

47 Ncotog Jefus v/utch fohham Judea, en 
Oallle, uppeya6nuh , & wunnanompaffumoh , 
woh Wi?(7muJiuj &: woh neetskeheau wunnau- 
monnb, newutche kodtouenuppi/o. 

48 Neit Jefus wuttinuh, Matta naumoo^g 
kuhkinneafuongafiiaSc monchan-ita nujooagafli 
Eiiatta kot;namptamo(;mocj. 

49 Nananuaenin wuttinuh, NufibntI mom, 
peyaufli nuniiaumonafli na nuppookup. 

50 Jefus wuttinuh 3 Monchifh kffnau3ii:>n 
potnantam^ Bl wobk^etomp wunnaraptam ne 

/ Mat. 

Luk. 4. 


kuttoomk anont Jefus, kah moncfieu. 

51 Kah Wi^umuilit wuttinnamoh nogufh- 
kuiik, kah wuttinuh, noawaog , kcnau.noa 

52 Neit wunnatt^otomainvoh hower toh 
uttc7(^che Hooche iookuliunit , Scwuitiiiouh, 
wunnonkou rnahche puhinaqucirit, vvcl*ullu- 
ouk wutamaeihcauh. 

53 Neit vvucf(?iniii wahteoun ne nan how- 
er.3 Jeius adt uniiohmp, Keiiaumon ponian- 
tarn; kah nagum wunnampiam & wamc week. 

54 Onk yeu nahohtocu mcnchanataaitfc; 
onk, Jefus ant, waik Judca en Gaiiie. 

C H A i>. V. 

MAchc a yeu nagamS Jewfue miihadtup- 
pooonk, kah Jefus Kuhkukqueu en jc- 

2 Na ut Jerufaiem, kidike fliipfcg ahhut 
kodtauwompaiimuk, nips, uilowccamun He- 
brcwe unnontoowaoaganit Bethefda^ napan- 
na tah/hinnii(?<7a(h w*^ wutch petucceamuk- 

3 Nanan wuiTeepfinneau, monacheg noo- 
chumwefitcheg , pogkennumwog kehkech- 
whutchegj feaoskefuog, askuhhuiuwog wog- 
kouemooujk iiippe. 

4 Newutche Angel vvc^jmuffu uttcoche-* 
yeuoouten. nipfut, & mom.ontunnum nippe : 
neit wuttinniin howan, mahche wogkouem- 
oovk nippe, negonnc tauohpit , neecskeheaa 

5 Kah wosketomp na wutappeu ncjochum— 
wc'fu niihfhwinchagc nabo nilnihwofuk kod- 

6 Jefus nauont feepiinwoh , Sc wahteunk ne 
wu(fepe unninneon, wuttinuh, woii keneetb — 

7 Noochumweiu wiinnampciohamaiioh > 
Nuflbntimom^ wanneh howai? , nippe wogkou- 
e'moouk , nupponukooh nipfu'i 5 qiit pad6n > 
onkatok toudhpeu negonne onk nttii, 

8 Jefus wuttinuh,Ompkiih,tabfhinufh kat- 
apin, & pomufhauih, 

9 Kan teanuk wosketomp neerskeheau,kah 
tahfhinum wutappinh;, & poniulhau,& ne ke- 
fukkolc f^bboth, 

10 Newutche Jewfogwuttlnduh neb neet- 
ske'hetcheh, Veu faboth'day, b matta wunne- 
genninnn<?5 kukkinnunnumunat katappinh, 

^ 1 1 Wunnampoyhamau n nah, Noh neeiskc- 
bikque, nnoh nuttinuktohfhinuih kutappemh 
kah pomufhauih. 

12 Neit wuriQat(?:)tumauuh, Howan noh 
anukquean Talilhinulli kutappiu':!, & pomufii- 

1 5 Ksh noh neetbke'heont matta v/aufh:,u- 
00 : newntche jefu^- , amaeu wutch madta.ui- 
ukegnewutapinneau 5 

I4 Ompetak Jeius wunnamheuh ut temple 
kah wuttinuh, iCulfeh , keneetskeliec , ahque 
wonk marchdilli, iihkont chqunn^urficqiv-.k, 

A a 3 J 5 Wi»f. 


I'/ .22 


nupoooi>gm0U»ivi>->g,6-omohk^iog John 6. witoo^im^u kmomax Chri/f 


i i 


15 WosketOinp.^m:eu,kahunn u Jewfob, 
Jeius noh neetikehit. 
i<$ Kah newajeh jewfog kodw®skcheahettit 
jclulohj Sckodnurhouh, newutche yeuihwut- 

17 Qutjcruswunn mp(7ohamauoh3 Noo[h 
yeu uppaudatanakaulm, kah nutan- k^us. 

18 Ncwajeh Jewiog nanau kodtinneana- 
hettic^ matt, wcbenewutche uppoqunnumun 
^aboth^qutwonk noowau God ooiboh . ta- 
tuppeheonc vvohhogkuh Goduk. 

19 Ncit Jefus nampcoham, & wuttinuh, 
\v unnamuhkut.wunnamhkut kuttinnunnum- 
vjcoy wunnaiimoniin matta woh teag ehippe 
ullu, qut uttoh nag \vutoo(hin wutu fen , ne- 
wutche uttoh afic, ne wonk wutuflen wunnau- 

20 Newutche wiitooibm womonau wun- 
iwumoniini cuh , kah kuhk^otomauau wame 
te;inteagqualiinif]i ni/hnaguni afecheh : kah 
pan ukkuiikcytomauoh m6g;;giih ulTecngafli 
on.-i yeuih^ onk woh kummonchanatamw^c?. 

21 Newutche neane wut^c/Jiimau tahlhiri- 
onr nup\vj)h, kah ukketeahoh, nctatupe wun- 
luumoniifl keteabeon howaneh anan togeh " 

22 Newutche wutooftimau matta hSwaneh 
wuiiumauou ; qutaninimmauau waraewulfit- 
tum^f^ongaih wunnsumoniimreuh. 

^ 2 3 Onk woh wamemiilinniiiuv g quttiannm- 
»cg vvunnaumoniinneuh neaneVouttianum- 
iheiut mitoofhrnncuh, Noh mat quttianurn- 
unk wunnaumonihmeuh.matta quttianumau- 
ou wutcoihinneuh^ nohnehanoanont. ^ 

24 V;uijnamuhkut, wunnamuhkut kuttin- 
nunnumwoo, Noh nootog nuttimicowaonk : , 
K2h wuniiamptaiioiit noh an^jonukqueaneh, 
an aurrachemohtag pomantanwi^nk^ &matta 
pelutt^uouawakcmp.^naeu wullktumoaong- 
anut:qutp;umukom nuppc,,onk enpoman- 
tamcioonganit. . - 

25 Wunnamuhkut, wunnamuhkut kuttin- 
Munumwc(?, Howerpeyaum.^,, & veuyeuoh- 
rrg, nuppcoog nc(?tamwehettit mvsdtaua- 
tongquiiuonk wnnnaumonuh God , kah nas 
n<f)togjg pomantamwog. 

26 Newutche neane wut^joiliimsu appeh- 
ti nr^qut pomantamoonk,^ netatupcamnnum- 
K^^-L'au wun5um6nuhwutapchtunkqunat po- 
i^ai tamconk. ^ ^ 

27 Kah aninnan-auau mtnuhkefuonk ufTc- 
r>t wuii ttUfTuonk, newutche noh vvcskr- 
toirp wunnrumonuh. 

^ 28 Ahque ycu monchpnatamc^k , ncwut- 
Ctioho\^crpcpun7<7c, , not;t.iuwahettit wut- 
t:uatonrquiiuonk;,wameneg wenohkcet apit- 
chcg.' . . . ^ 

29 Kah nag piHi fohhamwop, c kce^ wan- 
info- hep en omohkena t en pom: nt,- iTc>c<on^- 
' a^nr: k.-nneg marchciitchcg omchkenat en 
SI wohkomp^nsonganit. 

^■' Matta wch nutcl-ippcncd te^r : neane 
jncciiiTy nutiinne vii.iiitiureun ; k^-h ReofA- 

tumoonk fampo! , newjtche matta nunaatin- 
nezhh^moo nebenwoiiche nuttinantamoonk, 
qutwuttinna,ntam^<7onk ncefiinoh ana^jnuk- 
queh. , 

31 i Waiiwaonognuhhog, noywanw-onk ^r'-ao, 
matta, wunnamuhkuteentj^. 8.14. 

32 e Noh onkatuk wauwaonukqueh , kih /Mat. 
noowahteoh , newauwaonk w.uwaonukqueh 3 u 
wunnamuhkuteU(Jo. '>' /• 

33 Kutannoonomwjo John , /& wauwau /Chap* 
wanumuhkuteyedook. 17. 

34 Qutm?tta nutattamunurtic?oh o^wau- 
vvaonk wosketomp, qut yeufh an^owiunilli , 
woh kccchwadchanitteaneau. 

35 Noh chikkohfumwae, kah fohfumwae 
wequai, 8c k^meekontamunnem ohgahfu, 
weekontamiinat ut wequaiyeumut. 

J^ Qut neen nummfjochckohtoh wauwa- 
onk, onk mvauwaonk -John inevvatche ana- 
kaufuonkaih Wuto^ftimau aninnumaiitcheh 
pakodjteaunn^t, niih anakaufuongalh afean- 
ilh, nrow;uwa6nukqunafh, YiUtooihlmzu nut- 

37 K^h wutoofhimau nehenwonche nagum- ^ ^^^« 
g anotjnukqpeh, roowauonuk, matta ken^jo- ^'^7- 
Vmoom'Woo nidi noh uttotjche oowadtanat- ^ ^7'> 
ongqufTuonk, * afTuh matta kenaumeomwii'^ ^^^^ 
wuttinniflTuonk. 4.12, 

38 Kab matta kiit=!ita6m\^.'o wuttinno^— . 
waonkkutappehtunkquffnacont newutche a- 
no<?noncheh-5 matta kaonamptauau. 

39 Natinnekontamwk wuflTukwhonuanaU), 
newutche ne ut kuttenantamwr^ kutahtom- 
wco micheme pomantamoonK & neg wauwa- 

^/^K^h matta kuppej^aufoijm-vvoo .5 onk 
woh kntahtomwoo micheme pomantam.conk. 

41 Matta nutattumunnure-jh quttianu.a- 
oonk wutch wosketompAut. 

42 Out koowahemimwri? 5 matta kut'p- 
pehtunkoomwij^. ki^owomonaon? ; nw God. 

43 Nuppeyam ut ^^fwefuongafl't i^oolh , 
qut matta kutattumi7neumv/(?c?3 onkatuk pe- 
yont ut nehenwonche t-owefuonsanit ^ noh 

44 7 nttoh woh kuttin wunamptamuneau, i Chap 
attummunumahetteoff quttianktuonk? qut 12.4a. 
prattanatinneha-roogquttlanittuonkne we- 

be wamijouk Godur. 

45 Ahque rnndnatcimock , kutufl:pun5U- 
munumv<,j ut anaquabit wut-:7of}irau : noli 
paluk afpanomukqueog , noh Mofes, noh 

A 6 Newutche \vunnampiau6{?us Mofes , ^Ge«. 
voh kccnamptiimwv<» : k newutche naafuk- 2.15. 
kuhhuk. . Deut 

47 Qut matrp wunnr^mpramrscg crfuk- i S.15 
ku-wonira/l^. utton woh kuttin wunnamptam- . 
unneau nukutt^rwon^sih. 

Mc H A P. vr. 
Ahcbey ufhnnag, Tt'rus<jufhkodr^a« 
Galilee kehtohj ne Tiberias kciitob. 

2 Kah . 

Chrin ajfammau mijjtminmih Job 

2 Kail muttaaiiukcs wutaiuk.Aioub ^ uc-- 
wucche naumwog nivjiKhan.. tamcxJonji«iih nilii 
aiuthea uuut uiachiaanutLhtii. 

3 ilah Jeius kulikuhqucu wsdchuut, kah 
nawutiit uectapcnion uicKodnctuhuendmoli. 

4 rt K'^l: p.UMmlikoadtaonk Jcwtue luilii- 
« Lev it adtupjouiik palwohtcau. 

2 -'.5.. 5 i; Jetusaipunuk w.'skefukquaih, & naau 

16. I* lipoh, utcoh won koyUaauoiian petuKquuneg 

(, Maf- <^"k vvoh yeug meetiuog. 

14. 15 J ^ C^tytuoochc rijovvon ukqutchhe'aonk, 
newuLLne'nagum oowahteauuii c6h won aiu. 
7 Piiiliip wunnampoohamauoh :Neditpa- 
f.ikoo omskot ahhunoatik petukquaneg, nul- 
la wamuttinno wutchennagjonk woh uilhnoh 
faluk ohguhieneemunnum. 
d i^afukoo ukkodnetuhtaeneumohj Andrew 
weemaioh Simon Peter ^ wuciinuh, 

9 Teu wutken wutappen , napanna tah- 
fliantoou barlie petukquneganain^ & neetuog 
camohleme'lbg : quL loti hen yeiilh n nag 
wutrhe raoonacheg t 

10 Kah Jcfus ncx)wau 5 nummatappchuk 
wosketompaogj & miihaftikehtuai ne ohke , 
neit wosketompaog numatappuog, ogkeffio- 
nadont papaume napanna tahihit muttan- 
nonganog kuiriiog. 

11 Kah Jeius ncemunnum petukqunegafh, 
onkmahche tabuttantunk , wutchadchapen- 
nmnuonukkodnetuhtaenumoh, & kodnetuh- 
taenuog nah nummatapinitcheh, ne wonk ya- 
ue namohfemefog, ne an^JoLique kodtautam- 

12 Xah wamepoohettit 3 unnau ukkodne- 
tuhtaenumoh, Mocnumook fequtteunganaih 
rrilh afliquehtcaraukquilhj onk woh matteag 

13 Yeuwutche mohmounumuneau & num- 
wameechumebteaog nabo neeiinalh manoot- 
aihj wutche uffquehteungafli napanna tahlhin- 
sfli barlie petukqunnegaihj niih anuurmmkiih 
wutche nag^meechukeg. 

14 Neit yeug wosketompaog^naumohettit 
monchanstamxonk neafit Jefus , noowaog , 
v-unnamuhkut yeuoh n6h qudfiiodtumwaenin 
woh paont yeu muttaohket. 

15 Newutchjelus wahteunk nag woh pe- 
yaog5kahchckee neemunouhj ukkehtaiToota- 
niuktonaoot, monchu wonk wadchiiut nufTeu 

16 b WanonkkoDock ukkodnetuhtaenumoh 

c Mat. woomuliuoh en kehtahhannet. 

14.23. 17 Kahpoofuog kuhto&nogqut 5 kah quih- 
kodteabhamwog kehtoh en nogqueu Caperna- 
um : kab neit pohkenai, & Jefusaiq uppeya- 

18 Kahkehtoh mogkontukkoo, newutchc 

19 Neit p^dhamchctut^neefneecbagnabo 
napanna J afuh ni n.winc bag furlongs jUauaog 
lefuloh pomuihau kehtahbanit^ Sc palooluk- 
fem kuhtoonog, ka^ wafceruog. 

n 6. 

Chrijl fjQokjtwMtch licf^k^stt 

Qut wuctinuh , Ncen , ah^ue wabelek, 

21 h-it cwwekoiitamwc «tLumnnoLih en 
kuiiiooiu.gqut, be tcaiiuk kuhtoonog kobpoh- 
Incau ULLuh iiimnk. 

22 Nanompukj miillnn!niia>>g neepauut- 
cheg ogkorauL kehtahhannic , iiiaita naumoog 
onkatukmuihoon que ne wcpe wuunctuhta- 
cnumoh polinit, kan Jcius m^ica wcech.iuoou 
ukkodnehiuhtaenumoii uc umiihoonUL , que 
uKkodnehtuhtaenumoh nulle moncheog. 

2-3 C<ut onkatogiih mulhoonaih wutjlih- 
aalh iiberias, kifiikc neadt meechhttteup pc- 
tukqiinncg mahche Lord tabuttantuk. 

24 Ncwutclie miiiinninnuog naumohettit 
Jelus matta ne wutappein 5 aiun mat wunnc- 
Luntaenumohj nag wonk kuhtoonogwohham- 
wog, & peyaog Capernaum ^ nacinneawhoji 

25 Kah nameheahcttit ogkomae kehtah— 
haniiec , wuttinouh Kabbi ^ aquompak yea 
kuppeyonas t 

26 J Jus wunnamp^tjhamauoh wuttinnu'j, 
Wunnamuhkut wunnamuhkut kuttinnon- 
numwoo 3 Kenatinneahimwou , matta ncwut- 

che kenaumwuo monchanatamc^oongafh , qut ' 

newutche kummeechimwop petukqunnegaih 
kah koowamepumwop. 

27 Ahqueanakauluweehtamock mahtfliae 
meetfuonk, qut ne meech macheraohtag mi- 
cherae pomantamoaonganit , ne wosketomp ^^-t, 
wunnaurnonuh anumungqueog , d newutche j. 17.' 
Wutoofhimau God kahkinneaiukauwomp. ''' 

28 Neit wuttinouh, Toh woh nutuilenan , 
onk woh nutufleniua wutanakauluongalh 

29 Jefus wunnampwhamauoh , & wuttin- ^ j Tq^ 
uh e Yeu wutanakauiuonk God , woh k^.:;-- 2^2^^'. 
namptauau neh anoononcheh. ^' 

30 Newajeh unnahettit, Neit teagua kuh- 
kinneaiuonk kenahtitteam5Qnk woh liaumun- 
nan, & woh koonamptauunnuraun ? toh kut- 

51 / No(7iliunn6nog meechupanneg manna fTxcd 
ut touohkomuk, neane wuirukwhofuj g wut- 16. 15, 
tinnumauh petukqunneg wutch keiukqut. js;u -fi: 

:^2 Neil jefus wuttinuh; Wunnamuhkut , n. ^^ 
wunnamuhkut kuttinnoniiurawjo , Moles ne ^ pi-I. 
petukqunneg matta kuttinnuiriuiikkocunneau 7^:25 : 
wutch keiukqut, qut nooih kuttinuniankou 
' wunnamuhkut petukqunneg wutch keiukqut. 

3^ Newutche uppetukqunneg God, noh 
nooket wutch kefukqut , kah magw poman- 
tamoonk ut muttaohket. 

34 Neit wuttinouh, NufTantimom, miche- 
me aninnurraiinnean yeu petukqunneg. 

^55 Kah jelus wuttinuh,Neen pomantamoc 
petukqunneg, noh payee dfit matta pjfhka-- 
kodtuppoa , 8c noh wanamptiit matta kakoh- 

96 Qut kuttinnumwopjkenasu wonk kena- 
imw(;j , 8c matta koonamptiycumvvci?. 

97 Wawe neh anumiitcheh Ns^dh, pi^ 

A a 4 . »mppe' 

Cbrijlpomman^vffaepetukiqmneg Joha 7. monadg wmmkonmh Chriji 

nuppeyanukquog , & nob peyaaiifit , matta 

38 Newutch nocch rookem kefukqut , uf- 
fenatmaita iieh?nworchc nurtenanatamco- 
oiik, qut wuttinnanatamaonk noh anoofit. 

39 Kahyeu wurtenanatamooonk wutoo/h- 
im,u noh anoorukqueh, neh wame anumaiit- 
cheh3m.<fta pafuk r.oowanhc6h,quI: woh v/onk 
riUtorrohkinoGg maiif}] nekefukok. 

40 Kahyeu wui:tinnanat.i{7-!0oorik noh a- 
rcoiiukqueh, iiiih noh pafuk nanont wunnau- 
ironiinneuh, kah wuiiamptauont.woh ahtocu 
micherne pomantamoonk, kah piih wonk nut- 
crf.ohkin m-.ijift ne kefukr-k. 

41 Neit jewfog umn^a^h moofquenouh, ne- 
wutrh noowop, nen petakquucg waj nookcm 

4^ llah noowaojT, h funycuoh matta Jefus 
v;iinna\ monuh Jofeph , coftoh kah ohkafoh 
fi-xwahcounonog > ut toh waj nocwadt nco- 
kem wutch kefukqut > 

4^ Newuuhe Jcfus nr^mpcohuk, kah wut- 


44 Matta howan woh nuppe'yaonukooh , 

qut ncit wutoolLini?,u , noh anocnukqueh , 

paudtontdnchimont.kah piih wonk nutomoh- 

' Ifeiah "^^jifr- nekefukok. 

I, J ;. 4> ' Wuitukwhftfaut qnofhodtumwaenu- 
UL5 kail God pifh ukkuhkootomau wame, ne- 
wutchcniilinoh pafuk noh nootogj kshnah- 
tuhtonk wutch wuioofhinneuhnuppeyaonuk. 
/6 Matta howan wunnansuoh wutooihin- 
ncuh, ^ qut webenoh wajeh ayeiiut Godut , 
noh nau wutoofrttnneuh. 

47 WunnaiBuhkut wnnnamubkut kuitm- 
onnumwoonoh wanamptiit ohtau micheme 

48 Ken poafantamee petukqunnc^. 
/?9 Kocihuoog meechoopanneg Manna ut 

touohkomuk k.^h nasf nappook. 

50 Yeupetukqunnerr, waj nookcmoouk kc- 
lukqut : onk wo.ket ;mp woh mcetfu, kah 
Vv/oh matta nuppoo. 

51 Keen p.-^mant.' petukqunneg, waj 
r<xkep kefrkcit:^ Imvan meeehuk yen pc- 
tukqunnej7, plij- n ichen^e pomantam-, kah pe-. 
n^kqunncL^ iie woh niarcu j nooweyaus , ne 
^^''^J n;ag u wutch uppomriniaraconk mut- 

-:: Ketvutch Tewfo;f kena)nlrtuog, noo- 
^'s.^f„nztoh woh yeu h kltdnanifinumunk- 
^Un;!.n <» weyaus met; binr. t- 

sq Neit Jcfus v/iittiiruh, wunnamuhkut 
vunnan uhkut, 1 uHi^moi^numwoo , rratta 
trccchur [> <DO\verau-j wunnsumonuh wo.4:e— 
tomp, kah wuttEttum I? ocfaheonk;, wannc 
|,omanran^/>onk kutap}>e) tunkaomoo., 

«?j Noh meechik nrrweyaus, kah wuttst- , 
tf'p noofql-e nk ahtcru ?' jchen-e pomaf>- j 
raf^-'onk kahpiilj nutomohkin rrajifh neke- 
55 N'cwutche nocv'eyaus wuiinarr.uhkut- 



51.2 7. 

mcetfuonk, bh noofqheonk wunnamuhkut 
$6 Noh meechik nooweyaus, kah wadtattog 

noofqheonk, nutappehtunk^ kah nutjppehtau 

57 Neanannccnit pomantamwae wutoo— 
fhiman: kah nuna/Lpepomantam wutooihim- 
ciujuetatupe noh moohhukquee; pifh nunualh- 
peu pomantamomuk. 

58 Yeu petukqununk nooke'moouk wutch 
kefukqut: matta neane kooflmog meechhet— 
teup manna, kah nag nuppook , noh yeu mee- 
chik petukqunneg piih micheme pomantam . 

$9 Yeulh wuflinneaih ut moyeakommukquE 
kohka»t6muhteadt ut C^jpernaum. 

60 NewutchemoDnaot ukkodnetuhtae'nu- 
rnoh, yeu nootamohettit, noowaog, Yeu fi— 
ogkeyeuonk, howan woh v/unnootamun. 

61 Jefus wahteunk ut wuhhogkai, ukkod- 
nctuhtaeniirnoh moohmoofqueuttamunneau 
nah wuttiauh, Yeu kootamehukqunncau > 

62 I Tohwohnaumog wunnaumonuhwof- 
ketomp^kukkuhqueu en noh apeupnegonaeu? * Chap: 

6-^ Noh Nafhananit pomantamwahtunk , 3*^ i* 
weyaus matta tohhen wunnenehhuwomunoh; 
kuttoowongafh nilh anunogilh , nifh nafhaua- 
nittu(X)6mooa(h, kah pomantamoomooa(h. 

64 CHUn:>hwhutche kenaau matta koo^- 
namprama)niw(x>, newutche Jcfus waheau waj 
kutchifjilk 3 matia vvanamptamunegeh 5 kaa 
howane pift vvanaffoomukqut.- 

65 K"hnoowau Newajch enunn6g , matta 
howan v/oh nuppeyogooh , que aninumanut 
wutch noofliit. 

tS Neit noochc monaoh ukkodnetuhtae'--* 
numoh quihkeoh, kah matta wonk ma oowecr 

6y Neit Jefus unnau nabo neefuunutcheb , 
Kensau wonk kukqufnkemwoo > 

^8 Neit Simon Peter wunnampoohamfu , 
Nuffantimomun howan woh paaonogut ?. keh 
kut.-^htoh micheme pomantamwae kuttoo— 
wongafh. ^, ^^^t 

59 }7i Kah noonamptamun , kah iiuppah- j^-.iS, 
teanuttamunnaU; ken noh Cbriil, wunnaumo- 

nuh pomantamwae God. 

70 Jefus wunnampoohamauoh", Sunni»m- 
matta Ncen kupf.>epc'n:juwar.noomoous nabo 
neefwe, & kenaau pafuk Mattanit. 

71 Wuiin papnume Judafoh Iskariotoh=, 
wunnaunionuh Simon : newutche noh woh 
winafToomont J noh weetlliau nabo neefoo--* 


YEufh mahche nnsg , Jefus pomufbatt 
Galile,newutche matta woh pomufiiau- 
au ut jury, ncwutcbe Jewfog ukkodnuffiouh. 

2 a Knh Jcwfof wunnepeekommukqueh— a Levi. 
tuf, miiiiadtuppcoonk p,if\vohteau.- 2:5:^4! 

7, Newutche weematuh unnukqut, Amiiilli 
yeu wuu heu, aufii Jud-^, onk woh kukkoj— 
netuJ^tGcnunmog naumwog kutanakaufuon^ 
gaUi nilh afeanjlii* 

4 Ne- . 

fJHWfSfiii'rjc r^ n ^ r.Ur.fh.A^vc^,, Mofcs %'^nttinnaunu 

4 Ncwutche wannc howan ukkc'me utUi 
kodtaiitoa pohquae wahheuuuflH : ycuih 
Xn, n^lfceteaih kuhhog ut muttaohkct, 

5 Newutche wcematoh matca wunnamp- 

'"S Neit Tefus ^^uttinuh, nutaquompiyeum 
afquam peyavimuno.»h:qut kcnaau kutaquom- 

*^ 7 Muttaok matu woh kut,i Ihanumukkou 
qni necn nutji/hanu mukqun, newutche iioa^- 
wauwaonumun, wutanakaufuongaiii mat- 

^ 8^ Ku'hkiihquegk yen en mimad tuppuon g- 
Chap, anit, newutche nutaquompiyeum alquam 
8.20. pakodchc peyauir.unooh. 

^ Yeulh kuctmvongaih anont, afli 6appii 

to out wecmatohk6hkukque'nlt,neit na- 
pum wonk kuhkuhqueu en raiihadiuppoijons- 
anit, matta pohquacu, qut neane kemeu. 

11 Keit jewlb^^ wunnatmneawhouh ut 
iniihadtuppuonganit,& n^^owAog uttiyeuwoh 

1 2 Kah m^joeheke motfmwfqueyeuoakj Ke- 
cugkc roifiinninnutu papaume nagum^newut- 
che nawhutche nrowaog noh wunncetou, on- 
katogig nccwaog matta,qqt afc<;kekomau mil- 
Cun'mnuh. ^ , ■^^, \ 

13 Qut w^nnc howan, pohqu^eu ayeuuh- 
konau newutche wabefuoundonk jewlog. 

14 Neit nanaftiaue milhadtupp^conkjeius 
kuhkuhqueu en Temple ut, kah knhkcatom- 

-15 Kah Jewfocj monchanatamwog noowaog 
" uttbh wuttin wahheaiiun nctuhtaHonk, mat- 
ta kuhkodJtomauoun. ^ 

16 Jefus vvunnarapoohamaaoh, & noewau, 
Nukkuhk(:oto.Tiuhteaonk matta nuttaihcsqut 

jithsncotlt. T r^'d, 

17 Howan afit wuttm^natamooonk , pun 
%vahte-^u ki:thk()promwehteaonki uttoh cii c>o- 
moooo Godut, afu'i uttoh nuttin chipiam. • 

.18 Noh chipenit unnoowionk;, natinne- 
hara nchenwonche fohameonk, qut noh na^ 
tineaohhog wuITohfumoonk neh anoononcbeh 
noh wunRamuhkuteyeiicx?, kah wanne pann^^ 
uOfeonk appetunkou. ^ , . , , _ 

19 Sunnummatta Mofeskiitinnumunkoo- 

moous nauniatuonk,k^h matta howan kenaau 

nanawe'bteaou naumatuonk? <: tohwutcfa 

9 chap, kodnulheog ?^ 

fuonk faboth-dayeu, Mofcs!nnaunut^ 
tuonk matta woh poh "lunnumccun , kum 
mulquanammimwi» , ntv.utchc woskttomp 
nuopapakodche keteahconu) iaboth-daytu. 

24 1 Ahque wuUitiumok ncanogqunnc- 
ungquoh , qut iampwc v/ufllttumoocnijaQi 
wuilittum 00k. . , 1 ,r,i^«. 

25 Neit nawlunch apitcheg Jcrula em 
noowaog, Sunummatta yeuoh nagkodnum- ' 

ahetiicheb \ , . , ^ , , • c ^-^f-, • 

26 Qut kufTch, upprnhfukeh yin , «/"^*^" 
toh wuttinouh , Nananuwaog iun pahkc a>— , 
wahteauunneau yeuoh Chrift ? ,.,,,• 

27 out yeuoh koowaheoun tohwadctn- 
yeuut, qut peyontChriil mutta howan 00- 
\vaht<:au6uun utt6h wag. *,^n].^ 

28 Neit iefus milhontoowau ut temple 
kah koov^ahteouunneau nc wadclueq , Kan 
necn nummatta nutchippeneuh nuppeysonk, 
qut noh anoofit wunnamuhkuteyeaoo , noU 

^ 2^5 -- ;a.waeh, .ewutchenoh no.-^ 
mun, kah noh nutannp<?nuk. 

20 Neit ukkod toh4un6uh, qut matta 
howan wutt.6hquMoh;newutcbe wuthowerum 

\ I fcah moonaog miffin^innuog conamp- 
tau5uh, kah no) waog , Chrift peyoni , woh 
iTioocheke ulTcu moncbanatamooongalh oaSc 
yeulh, yeu wosketomp afccheh ? . 

22 Pharifcrog nootamwog mifllnmnnuog 
wcogquttumwog ne6nagini paPaume nagum^ 
kah PhariCeCog bah negonne rephauruenaos, 
annooniog aainnohfuenuh wuitohqunona- 

^^22 Neit jefus wnttinuh n^hhog parwec{e 
kooweec6munnuiiiwoa^neic nuttcm nohanao- 

nukqueomp.^ . , 1 t «.*« 

24 g pith kenatifineahimwcio , kan matta 

piih kenamhumwuo , kah uttoh ap^rh matta 



It l^« 







1 7. t o« 

xinuinesg r 1 ' u 

20 MiJunninnuog wunnampo©namauou?i , 
Kutapehtunk mattar.nit-^bowan kukkodiiulh- 

uk > . , . 

21 Jefus nampof'huk Srvwuttmuh nanog , 
PafnknutufTen uifeonkjkah wamckummon- 
chanatamumwoo. _ 

22 ^ NewajehMofes aninnuTiunkqiieag- 
kup qu.ifi.qufanfuonk (matta ncwutch^" 
\v-utch oomoooo Mufes e out wutchwutooln; 
inn€unk> & kenaau fab;)th dayeu quodiquV" 

.^mwof> woskftompa : 

21 W^uskeiQiop attumunuk qupiliquUu- 

25 Neit jewroghett^og^Tunnoh woh au,: 
ivoh mo kcHamheoun ? vvoh^^au nnah nanway. 
initchch kenugke Greekfog > kah wch kuhk.^. 
tomauau Geniilioh. , . 

^5 Toh yeu unncowaonganuoo , an fwaat,^ 
Piihkenatianeahimwpa kah niattapiih ken~. 
anv.umvvoe, > kah uttoh , a pc^ ixa tea woh- 
kuppeyaoneau ^ .n.J* 

'xn h N'?i!ilvka1inemohf^g miiiiJ.dtupoe 
kcfukodtut^' jclus neepau kakmirm.nt.owau, 
kan n^;;W2U, Howan kohkuttwg peyaauatch^ 

kah wuttattaj. .. n« m v 1 

-8 i Noh wanair.ptnt, wniruLikwh.nik ne 
an..), wntch wunnueltudit pijh wut- 
titchuwan porrantamoe fepup^gquaih. ^ 

20 A O utyeu wunnaihp^^i'J Nalhauamt- 

to nag yeub wanan^ptauonchcp; pifli wutat- 

tamua'Isuh, newut-iheafq N^iteuanittaun- 

r>i).b-ncwatche jefus afquans fohrumw^heau, 

4 o, N>watt he- monaOg mtirihr^iniuiog ^^o6. 

^ \j : tvjmwwhiCtil 



44. > 


iUMiHfqttmirueminamwjfis John %. men .mm mhhog 

(• 'h 

tamw-Mcctit: y-u nxjvv.ijnk, noowaog, Waii- 
namuaknc yeuoh inh Nohcoaipeantog. 

4 c OiiKc-.ta^ij noovvdug, Yeuoh \\oi\ Chrift, 
qutiuhw.iiiuacjioo^vaog, Sun wall Chriit 
oo-n Gaile. 

42 / Sunumnatta unti'»w6mounn6ui 
Matt: wuliukwnonk Chriit woom wuniieechanit 
.5-. Davi.lj kah wutch ootaaac Bethiem, uttoh 
Uavid aycap ? 

45 Ncic chachaiibewaongandoo ut miiliii- 
inautUjnewucche nagum, 

44 Ka-i na'A'hucche ukkodtohqun6uh,qLU 
matca ho wan ummuiiunuLi. 

45 Neic pcyaog aninnohruenuog, ncjoiinc 
{epauuiueauuc^PkaiiUsut ; & wuttiiiouh^ 
i 'jnvvhutcji mat pafoow^og. 

46 Aniimohiaeniiog wunnampoohatnauo- 
uh, Matu h=.>w«n wuilaein yeuoh neaiieniioo- 

47 Neit Pharifefog wunnampoahamauouh wonk kutalookomutteamwoo t 

48 Sun nananuwaog aruhPhariieibg how- 
an ooaamptauouh t 

49 ^^t yeug midinninndog , matta wah- 
teauagig naumacdonk, mattinumitcheg. 

5 J Nkodcmus nah wuttinuh , ( m noh 
paodnont Jeiuioh nukonaeu, nch wettairi 
paiuk ) 

5 1 n^ Nuttifiaumatuonkanun fun woh ho- 
S'fkw oohttumun afq na n »tam(7<?gkup , aiui 
v^ahreunk toh aiemuk t 
_ 5 ^ Nag wunjampoohamauouh , kah wut- 
tiaouh) Ken wonk Ukgaiiiean ? Natinaej.h— 
taLh kan kuhkinnealh,newutche wutch Galilc 
w^iinc- wutdt waapeixT quolhodtumwaenia.' 
^ 5 3 ^'^'^ niiiinoli woskctomp au uehca woii- 
Ciie wcckic. 

Efusau wadchuut Olives. 
2 Kdh aompoaeu wonk peyau ut temple, 
w if.ah wame milliiiinndo? uppeyaunouh* kah 
ttuiTimattippu: & ukkuhkoocomauuh. 

:j Kah Scribibg & Pharilefog uppaudtau— 
oua mittuaivvoiriifoh vuanamheouh raaaui-- 
quootuoh 3 kah udeponahettit , 

4 Wuttuiouhj Nulibntirnom, yeuoh mit. 
turnWJihs nameheau nainuiquaaufuj he siit 

5 a Kah Moles ui naumutuongauit , nut- 
# tavlt tukqunaonup, yeug quUakqu.umehtahwhon- 
*tf;iO; ach^ qut keu toa kuihai t 

6 Yeu cx5che unncau ukqutchheaonganou, 
woh wutcicalpuaaanonanut, Qut Jeiasna— 
wonkoaipau, &■ wuttinwhuntch wuiltikhani- 
« fio oiike, onatuh mo nootauonk. 

7 Kah nagwutteiadtaitomauahettitj om- 
panjieu, kdh vvurt;nuh,i» Noh matta womat- 
chelcon^auegkeuLipke kcuauu, noh negonne 

quilukquancht hwhoch. 

8 Kan wonk nawaukompau , kah wulTuk- 
horn ohke. 

(^ KAi n.*g nootogtg , nehenwonche \vah- 
tLAts^icttic njatchdcouijianoo^ Kt wuttahuwo- 

m Chap 

5. ^• 

n -Deut 
&: 19: 


t> Dcut 

ut.nan.ilefjhhanwDg vvutc he kutchciit^noh 
pajch no.-i mauaiachiih, kah Jefus nutfe nuk- 
konau;, kah mittumwoiis ndeu neepou. 

10 Jelus ompaniit, kah wepe nadont mit- 
tumwoilohjWJtcmah^mittunwoihs uttiveuj 
kodatpunuhteacheg? matta howan kooiurn^ 
ukc»h > 

11 Noowau^matta howan Nu Ton timom, 
Kan Jelus wuttinuh, onk matta neen koofum- 
uncoh, MonchilJi; & wonk matcheiehkon. 

12 Neit Jelus wonk ukkirinoonuh nahog, 
n^owau c Neen oovveequaioam rauttaok, noh 
afukiit, noh matta f^iih pomulhauoa poiike- 
naiyeuut, qut pi£h ohtoou oowecquaioom 

I :^ Newajeh Pharifefog unnahettit , Koo- 
wauw6on kuhhog^koowauwaok matta (amp. 
waunooh. *^ 

14 Jefus wunnampwhamauuh^ wuttinuh, 
d Tohkonogque i^oowauwaoaon nuhhog qut 
"fc?wauwaonkfampoi, newutche nowateoh 
utt6h womomp , kah nttoh aii :. qut matta 
kenaau ko<?waounnau uttoh womuh , kai: ut- 
toh aii. 

\ 15 Kittinnc wuinttum(7cmvVi>o neaunaa 
weyaus,matta howan n^^jfumoh. 

I itf Kahohnch wuifittumon, nooCitturret* 

i onkfompoi: newutcne neen matta nunnuifi- 
yeu, qut neen, 8c wuti?(?riiimau noh anyi;nak- 

i queh. 

17 e Wonk wuiTukv/hofu kuttinnauma— 
tuongannuoac, aoyvsiuwaonggneo ncefuog 

1 6 Neen nuppafuko^jh waui nuhhog , kah 
wut^jfhimau noh ane^nukqueh, naiiwauwao- 

^ 19 Neit nag muttinouh , ■lltt6h wutapen 
^ooi'n ? Jefus nampca.'iuk, matta Kc^ywahum- 
wga kah matta nooLh ; wahheog, kah weak 
woh koowahheaumw^'iJ nooih* 

20 Yeuihkuct*owongalh wuilineafii Jefus, 
nompak(7i;aackomukqutj kohki)otcmwehteadc 
ut temple , kah matta howan wuttohqunoh^ 
newurche wutnowerum ai'q peyaumunct;h, 

21 Neit v/onk Jefux wuttinuh, Nummon- 
chem , kah pi/h keaafinneahimwao , kah pilii 
kenapa!vv<?i) ut kumniatchefeongantvout: uc- 

. toh aiyi matta woh kuppeyounneau. 

I 2 2 Neit Jewfog noc?vvaog,Sur.nuihau wuh- 

hogkuh, newutehc n^jowau, Uttili aiyi matta 

won kuppeyounneau. 

23 Kah nah wuttinuh, Kenaau ki?ochailm- 
Woo wutch agwu , neen ui^uchai wohkumaieu: 
keaaau yeu watch muttaohket , matta aeeu 
yeu wutch mutiaohket. 

24 New.gVh u;inunn6g,pifii kenup.nwt'* ut 
knnimatc clcon^jan.;.out; newutJi'_- m..tta 
wun laciiptamyjog nch nceUj pifii kenupmvv.?^ 
ut kunimatciiefv.'ongana.out. 

25 Neit wuttinouh, Howan ken ? & jefus 
wuttinuh; « noli ma ant^awaCi-Dp wuske kit- 

26 Nca 





18. ii?. 


25Ncnmonatafli woh anoowAonilh, «^woh 
kc;..fumu^ounkano(Jc)(jal]i: qutnoh aivx'UU.^queH 
\vunn.imu'nkutcyeucJo,kab nuttiunonani mut- 

27 Matta ouwohtauouSi, noh weadtimont 

28 Neii:JerusWUttinuh,Tahihinogvvun- 
Baumonul.woskecomp,neit pifiik.owabtea- 
imw..nen nnoh, kafc matta teagnutchi^-. 
pinneuh, qut neane kubk^jctumaiit n<jollbniih 

""^K^'noh an..nukqueh n.owetomuk , matta tuikonuk(;oh , ^^-fvut^^^^ 

- nagwutteaeyeulhnutuirenalhwohrukkittea- 

bukqutchifli: « 

30 Yeufli an^jowadtkuttcowongafii mt^ona- 

cr Donamptauouh. , ^ _ , 

%Y Neit leiusumiau yeuh Jewfoh vvancmp- 
tunkqutcheh jNagwutteinumog nuttmnco- 
waonk, neit woh kenaau nentontacnumog 
vvunnamuhkut. ^ • , ^ 

'12 Kah pil1i k£»cvvabbe6m\v«».\vunnomwae- 
yeaonk, kah wiuinomway tuonk piiii kutchip- 

^ r^i Ksg wunnamp.obamau6uh, neenawun 
nummamiirun6hkonuk..mua : tohwutch n..- 

/Rom: uhSnt wunnamubkut kuttiumnnumvv.o , / 
•^6-2o; HowanmachcTit, n^h wvutmniitnoh mat- 

"^ 2/ Kah wuttinnum.un matta micbemappu 

\veetu6mut,qut wunnaumonain michemap^u 

■ 'xo Newutcbe wufiaumonain chippeana!^- 

qul>H, neit wunnamnhkut kutchippcmwco. 

a?" Noowabteauun Kenaau Abraham wuti- , 
wechanoh, qut kukkod nuihimwoj newutcne 
pintmnopwaonk matta kutappehtunkooune- 

\% KufTin ne naum weeche noolhjSc kenaau 
kutuSeineau nc naumog weecbe koofi.ooWo^g 

2Q WunnamP.-cbamauouh, kah wuttmouh 
/braham nbUn, lefiis wntt'nub, Kenam 
Abraham wunneechanlt 5 woh kutu.lemwtfp 
-*v-utn^eongafii Abraham. 

.in nut yciiyeu kukkodnufh'mwoo, wo - 
ketomp ^nukqueof! v;unnomw:.yeuonk , mm 
sicoram^niOi wiitchGodut, yeu matta wu.ul- 
feinab j'^braram. ^ 

41 KuTuffcmw^c? wmuneongafh k^^fhco- 
v/6ocr,Neit wuttinnouh matta nanvveetumuH, 

AO, leflisvvuttiriuh, God wut.ofneog^woh 
t^owomiufvimw.o, nrwutche nutontfem, & 
na.m Godut, kah mattP nutchippeneuhnup- 
«ev.ionk,qUtnuttannc?cnuk. . .^-^ 

^ I'l Tcbwhutch mat ^voLtamcog nuttin- 
ji^owaonk? ,newiitAe m?tta kiittapeneam- 

<rT T©h ocrriWijp noctamun wrt^*nnai'Waor..k. 

fV . 4^. £Kemiauk.ocha'mw^rnatta3ni:tt..- 

2 Pet: 

chuwu ufl>naoa(]i V.^h f ^"^^^^^^^^J^r 
wutch vveskc kuicbii k , kah >^;^ ;;^r^^^J- 
taapu vvunnomwaycu'ongamf,ncwutc c mac- 

taAVuanomwayeuonk appctunkLU- \}i^' 
w?dt pannoowaonk, n.owau ne wuttaihe: ne- 
ivutcbeyeuoh paniicJowaenm^kah wutc.fhm. 

AK Kah ncvvutche klttinnumwc>o wunnom- 
wAyeuonk new?) matta k^onamptiyeumwo.. 

le Hovvan kenaau pobquituk numm;tche- 
feonk? KahwunnomwAecyan, tohvAVULcn 

mo wunnamptieog. , . u «..^ A, i Tofi 

47 b Nob wadtaumaflt Godut.noh ncotam h i joft 
WUttinnoowaongarn God,ncwajeh matta kuk- 4- »., 
keihti-my^og niih^ncWutche mat koc-tomaium- 

\ vfoo Gcdut. , . , . , 

' ~ 48 Neit Jevvfogwunnampco.iamauon Kau 

wutiinoub, Sunnmmatta nocnomwomun ken 
\ \VulTam.aritane,kah kutappchlunk mattanitf 
1 49 jeruswijiiampcohamanob, Matta nu- 
\ tapretunkou mattanii, GUt nukquehtianum 
I nooih, kahlenaau kum.nilliananumimWtv. 

50 ICah mi tta nunnatinneahamwao nehen- 
I wonchenulTohrumooiik;, napafuknoa natin- 
j neahof kah waiittuk. 

51 Wunmmubkut;\vunHamuhkutkuttin- 
! nunnumwoi), wosketomp nanaeihteunk nut- 

tinncwwa«ngaih, matta piin nauiuca nuppao- 

onk. . . , V 

5 2 Neit jewfog xyuttmnouh, Yeuyeu noo-- 
wahteoraun kutap^pehtunk mattannit, Abra- 
ham nuop^ioi, kah quolhodtumwaenuog, kah 
ken kuiiim, Wosketomp n^nawchtfunk nut- 
tinrujc^waongafli matta pilh qutcnehtamo 
nuppccnk. .^ ,- , ,, 

5 3 Ken fun kutanuemifTugken onk nooiluii 
Abraha.n^nnontnapuki? kah quofhodtam- 
ivaenuog napukog, howan tatuppeheut kuh- 

54 Jefus namp<Johuk,C)uttuaniimognuh- 
pano: nob nooih quobtlannmit 5 nob an*tfi,va- 
ogj nob Kumm3nitt(Jomun. 

55 Out matta b^waheau , qut nc n (?<?-- 
waeb & ucowaan matta nccvvaheon, ncit woti 
nuppannoowadnuh, neanc kenaau . qut neen' 
noomeh, nanavVehteoh wuttiniioi^^'i'aongain. 

56 Kcofhos Abr'^ham weekontamap ^'S'-^n^ 
un nukkcfukkodium^ kah vvunnau-unap, ^ 
weekontamup. . » .- 

57 Kelt jewfb^ wuttmouh 5 Aiquam ra- 
paMnahtahfl-.Tnchace kukkodtum.wohkr^mcon, 
ka'i kenauemus Ab'abasT 
' $S TcCus wutfiriuh, Wunnamubkut wun- 
uamubkut katt'mnonnumwtJo p Negcmie onk 
AbranamwinHt:pip. ^ 

=:q Keit neemunnumwosr qumiKqusnam 
wuttos^kom5na6ut r qut Jefus putr.rgqueu, 
kali fohham. wutch rpmple, nnah upp.;nnup-- 
wuf]i6nat5 kah, 

C H A V, TX 

KA H jefus paumwur adt , nasu v'osk-- 
tcmpulij rogkenumwoh vvutch vi'tvv^ 




-i i^^ih ukkoaattulitaenimoh natajtumunk 

wa. neekTt;'' ''"""^'^^^ ^'^''^ pogkenum- 
_ 5 JdUi ivunnamp^uhatiiauohjmatta ycuoh 

nuKvjucain ycu ut. 

4 M^^cne nutu/Fc.-n wutanakaufnongaih 
«ohan..nukquch, aiJ, kefukok, nuhkon pe- 
yaum<7(7 neit woh mo howan anakauiu. 
iCfiau. nA** ^!(*^hl^ohtd yai muttaohket, necn 

• i^' ^ ^^'^^ an<;(;wadt, iuhquoantatn ohke , kah 
^U£ahtwogkinnu,nun,kah ddmunmn Pogke- 
«, ^n,^*i^ wutcinuh , Monchift kutchiffum- 
wum i>iiQame nappitfcpagwut ( nnauwutta- 
mun, Arii-atamuacitO Newajeh naont, kah 
KutcniflurnaB, kah naumwae pcyau. 

^ Ncwutche weexatteamunguh , kah ncg 

ncgonac iiauuhpanaeg , noh mo pogkcnura , 

n^i-waog, ^\m ycuoh matta apciip wecnfhop ? 

,9 Nawhatchen(7!?waogycaoh, onkatogig 

ycuog wuttiiinauoh, qutnagum iiwwau, noh 

lo Newijchunnahcttk, Tchhunnc w6/h- 
vem^jo kuskei'ukqualh ? 

i I Nanipijjham kah Otjowau , Woskctomp 
-ttoavahheuicjciusj tahtwogkinnac manoons- 
Koh^kahiuiicqiinnum nusketukqualh , kah 
nuttiiinuk, auih Siioamuc nippiifepagwuc, & 
kucchedumu/]!, kah nummonchcm , kali iiuk- 
-kucchefu-n, kah nutattumdnnum naumfjonk. 

!-» Ncic nag wuttimi«uh 4 Uttoh yeuoh > 

^3 UppaGtfouh Phariferut, noh papogkin- 

14 K.ih Ciboth-dayeu , tahtwogklnop 
niant'ijn$koh , wohihwunnimauopuh wuske- 

15 Ncit vronk Pharifefog wunnato»tom- 
auouh, toh kittiune attumunnumus naurnt?i;»- 

vonk: iviutinuhjP^nop mano4?nskoh nuskefuk- 
qut, kah nukkuduniup kah nunnaum. 

16 Newajeh n0o\/ahettit Pharifefog, yeuoh 
wosketomp matta wutaumafu Godut , ne- 
wutchc matta naiiawe'hteaou iaboth-day, 
onkaroglg noowxoq,) Uttdh woh matchcfcaen, 
wnttin yeu(h uifen monchanatam^tfongalh .^ 
«nagchidchabe nc;#vviog: 

^7 WonikunnAog pogk^mimwaenuh , kca 
-toh kittin, wiKchc wohfhwunnumun kuskc- 
■tukqu:iih } nyowaUjNoh quofiiodtumwaenin 

18 (.^Ut Jev/f(jg matta vruiinamptamot'og 
papaumc nagum, n'>h uppogkeniimunas, onk 
attumunum n-iumir-tfonk, onk n sen oow^hkvO- 

una'jont (jochetuonguh noh attumiinuk 


1-9 Kah wunnatiitftomsuouhiioowaogjYeu- 
^1 keaaumon noh an^^waog pogkeaumwae 

John -p. uppegk^mnh pogh^mm : 

neetu > toh wutchyeuyeu nag > 

29 Oochettionguh wunnamp^ohamauoufc 
nahog J kah ncowaog Kctjwahteomun yeuoh 
nunnaumoniin 5 kah mo pogkenumwae neetu 

21 Qut utfdh waj veuyeu nag, mat n.c;- 
wahtcsouunnan : afuh howan w6h{hinuk 
woskeiukquafh najwahhc6n,noh tipukk-n^na- 
toatumok, woh keketc^^hkaunlhau wuhhogkuh. 

22 Yculh knttoo'.vongaih wudumin ^^^jche- 
tuonguh ncwutche qulhaog Jewfoh, jewfog 
mahche wuna^^wiog , howan fampocvradt ! 
ycaon Chrift^ pift pogkeaau wutch fyua^ 
gog, •' 

23 Newajeh noowanic wchetuonauh, Nok 
tapuken nat«wcumok. 

24 Nek wonk weckomaog pogkcnumunut- 
cheh, kah wuttinnduh tabattantumau God 
noi;vvahtc6mun yeuoh wosketomp matchcfe ' 

25 Nimp^tfhuk n^ffwau , tohwuttin mat- 
cheicacnumafuh matta,mat n<;jwahtcaouun, 
paiuk noewahteoh , nuppogkennumup , qut 
yeuyeu nunnaum. *" ' ^ 

2(5 Ncit wonk wuttinnouh, Toh kittm* 
huKqus ? toh wuttin wdhihinnumun kuske- 

27 Wunnamp(7ahamau nahog, kummahche 
"nniHiunnau , kah matta ken^ocamo<juneau , 
tohwhutch wonk kodno»tam6g > kcnaau 
wonk noh ukkodnctuhtac'ntimoh t 

28 Neit ummatchcnouh kah ncjow^og, kcfi 
neh ukkodnctuhtamfadnumoh 5 qnt iiQcm^' 
wun Mofes ukkodiietuhtae'numoh. 

29 N*»owahteaunnan God kdn^^nont Mo- 
iei vh, qut ycuoh mat ncowahteauouunan toh 
wddtomali t, 

50 Wosketomp wunnamp^ohamadohjwut- 
tnmh Tohwutch ? ne monchanatamwcyeucjc;. 
ne mat kp#wahteauoaunneau t6hw6dtomaii u 
onk ohnch wdhihinuin nuskefukqua/h. 

^r Yeuyeu nci?wahte6mun, God mattj 
HMtauoou mutcheetc7<^oh: qut how.^n waulTu- 
montGoduhkah uifeit wuctinaaatamo<?onlu 

32 Nateoh weskc kutchiilik muttaoh aP* 
quam naotamc^oun , howan oawdihwunnum 
wuskefukqua/h neh pagkenamwae ne'ekinit- 

33 Yeuoh wosketomp m'.tta wutaumafeik 
Godut, matta woh toh utlli. 

^ ?4 Nag wunnanip^ahamjuoufi , kah wut- 
tlnouh. Ken kup^:)annuppencet ur matchefe- 
onganlt, kah kuiikuhki?*comaiimun > itah uo- 
pogkenouh. * 

35 j«fus ntnitam nah uppogkenoneau, kali 
nisiiheont, W!ittiauh> iiasnamptau wutmau. 
monuh God > 

39 Nampjjham kah niy^jwau , Howan nok 
N iilbntirrtom, onk wofi nconaraptaii. 

37 Kah JefusrKj'wau^Kummaiiche njw, 
kah n noh keketr<jhkongquea!i. 

j8 Kak n^y'WaW; Nunuiisnitt^AnjniXjnamp- 

niurmeetou natuanont §i epfch 

tarn, i^ali uowowufTumub. 
%9 Kahjaiisnut;wau, Wutchc wuaittu- 
iioonk wajtb ycu ptyi mutcaolikit, neg mac- 
ta naumcogig woh naumwog , kali ueg nagic,, 
Tjvoh poekenumwaheoog. u .„,^ 

4C> Kah nawhutth Pharifcfog ,i^eh vvcc-- 
chdi^qutcheh, \c\x(h wunn^i-tamuiuoailbkuc- 
u'wonU, i^-^l^ wuuinoub, Necnawun woak 

41 Jefus wuttinuh, Pockenumogis, matta 
woh kutahtaomwou matchefeonk : qut yeu- 
ycu kuiiiBJWoi;, Nuimaumumuin ncwajen 
kummatcherconganco appetunkqucog. 
C H A P« X,» 

WUnnamuhkut, wunnamuhkut kut- 
t innonnumww, Noh matta petut- 
tcadt fquoantamut (heprc-chippcneutunka- 
nic, qut w6h toh wuttontauadt, ycuoh kom- 
WMtowaenin kah mukkoi^kmnuwaenin. 
2 Qut noh petuiteatlc wutcn Iquoancamut, 
noh nanauwuiidnt ihepfoh. 

2 Noh nanawiinuk fquoant , tfawfithwuta- 
•uraauli, kahihepfog nooUmwog wodtaua-- 
tongqulTuonk , & weehkomau wutlhcplumoti 
nafiipu (?pweluonganu6ut3& wulfohhccwunun. 

4 Kah fohhauwunont nchenwonchc wut- 
Ihepfumoh, wunnegoiiuhkauoh, 8c nag \vuc- 
♦fukauouh ; newutche waKtcauog cowadta- 

5 Nagpenuwobteuhmataftihkauoaowog, 
■ut oefeeraoteauouh, newutch matta waap- 
•ucflog otfWadwuaionkquiTiionk pciKJowoli- 

6 Yeu agqucneunkquok Jefus nah wuttui- 
fion> qut nag raaita wwohtauouh , ncanont^ 

7'Ncit Jefus wonk wnttimih.Wuiinamuh- 
Itut WUnnamuhkut kuttinnonnu.nwoo > Neeii 
#tffquoantamoo Ihcpfoh. 

8 NcgwamenegonukiitchegjnagkommtJa- 
towaenuog , kah mukk(7okmuuicnuog 5 qut 
tbepfog niaxta wann^^tauouh. 

9 Neeu fquoant , nafiipe n«ea howan pe- 
tutteadt, noh pHh wadchanau, kkh noh piih 
|)ctutteau kah fohham, kah piih namehteau 

• OutapptJoonk. 

10 Kommaotowae'n mattah peyauou ,qtit 
woh kommcoco kah nulliehteau,kah pag^/oh- 
teau : Neen nuppeam, onk a;g woh po man- 
lamwog J kah woh nano maochekohtineau. 

11 a. Necn wuiintetou nananont ihipfoh , 
M Ifai. wance'tuk nanawunont Ihipfoh mag^i'waniiuu 
40: II. Ihipiuh ukketeionk- , 
t zek: 1 2 Qut noh onkauatauut , kah matta noh 
04. 2;. nanawiinont ihlpfon, noh matta w;*dineplu- 

'* mekj nauont mukquoihimwoh paont.nukko- 


mvcek^yy-ouh wftsfljrpffmoh 

•Dauihipfoh &^Ueemo: & ummukquoinum 
tohquomau , kahVuifeaoohkauoh (hiploh. 

13 Noh onkquatauut wuliemn, newutchc 
rxoh oakquttauou, kah matta tohhentupAHU- 
mau^jj fnipfoh. ^ ■ r ' 

. ,, 14 Neeu wiumcetoH naaawuoout U'^^rtoih 


, n'^.^wach nus.^.epruxo5,kah ncowaeh nuttaih- 

'^iV None wahit ^^utc-tlhimau , ne mitinnc 
wihcon wutooihimau.kah nummag nukkctca- 

YCU ot^chicneau chippinnctunk;ine Inipiut , 
ne'^wonkmosnuppAU6or,kah njg [>Mhnov^ , 
tamvvor, ncpuadianatongquilaonk, k-.h na 
pilhpaiukqunnao. ihiplch ch.pp.nnaiurik, t I(a^ 
^ kah pafukijua* tianawunont fhiplob. 37- • 

17 Newajeh womaufit n.cfh , ncwutchc c lUi. 
mipponumunnukketuonk, onk woh wouk 5 37;.* 

18 Matta howan nutamaunumunWooaiVj 
qut ncen nehcnwonche nupponamun: nutah- 
toh mcnuhkefuonk nupponamunat,* nutati- 
toh mcnuhkefuouk wonknccmunnumunat, d -Aa*.» 
YcuanootcamctKjnknutattuminumuu wutcn -*• c^ 

19 Newaj vfonk pcnowomaas ut Jewiut » 
wutehc ycuih ncflwaongafh. «^i,.„„t 

20 Kah mi^iJnaog n(;owaog , Appatun* 
mattinnitt6h,& kogk^ wau,tohwai noh kuife- 
kcihtauoP' ? 

21 Onkatogig noawaog,Yeaflikutt<?.wong- 
aih matta wutabtaounafli jppehtunkqutmar- 
tannitt^ch , .mattannit fun woh Wolhinum 
wnskefukqualh pogkcnum. 

£2 KahmagooenGodut muliadtu PP'^^ 
onganiio^ ut Jcrufalcm> kah popon^cu, 

la Kah jefus pomuihau ut templcj Solo- 
.mon%och petutteaongane wcetuomut. 

24Neltj€wfo£; ukquinuppe peyaonouh-^ 
kahwuttin6uh,foh iitt..chekut V^'^T 
un chananatam(;oonk 5 Ken Ghriflacan.piuh«. 

2^ lefas wunnampa^hamauoh, Kuitm- 
nunaop. tab matta kc(> . , 
anakaffQon^aa. nilh-afcani(h vvutcb ..wefu. 
onk n-oofh, nilh noowlonuKqunalh. 

06 Qutmattakoonampiam'cor'^-oo,, ne- 
wutchematta kcnaau nuslhepfumog^neanuiv 

"l7^N^tn.epr.mog nootamw -g nxvvadU«. 
atongquflaonk , kah nag ncx)Waheoog , kah 

'' ^^'^S^nSnumauoog muhemc po- 
nuntan.nonk, kah nag ^^^u awakomp-n u- 
c-Gg , afub piih howan ukkodtunuh WutcQ 


mi^lLken onk warr.e , kah matta howan ta< 

pSa. wu iohwuunonat wutch wunnuC^ 

^'^^ri^e^b Nc^O. nuppaa^kxcon^uri. 

wutch NiX)lhut , utti yeu r. sj >iur.uKqu-,!^ J- 


L^X^y us trnk hln^ti rnfppvo ]ol n 

<l I ^^-' ^'"""^^Pop^srr.Iiuuh HOC waocr t.t-reairi kuhhon. ^ 

niacta wch pohq-T-numrcun, 
nv?f ^'^^^'-'"f " neh wutor/],imau wa- 
re, t r^nst^jnrwahcroncheh &ana)noncheh en 
im-iip, Aeeii wunnaumonuh God 

r-rK'lnj ahqi3eooi]umpt.tiek. 

53 Cut uilean, onch matta wunnamptre- 

^^|:|^^^^;^^'^^^«^^^i^tapehtuhk, &-^ niit- 

|9 Ncw.j h wonk k«.dtc!iounahettIt,qut 
P ^^^^^^I'^'-a-?! wuuhwunnufc^eganour. 

^o K2h wonk zu oakomcik Jordan. unnch 
aat jcim nepoiiOeVfotcheflamdmop , kah 
Pawiuappen. ^-/ 

41 Kahmoonacj^ upfeysonDuh &n.xwa- 
cm 1 r"^'''"^ ^'^^''^^^' nionchsnatamoooEk, 
^uc jcfin w..meneari«)wop papaume yeuoh 
Wcs^ctornp wunnomworaooalli. 

42 Kan moon.nog oonamptauouh naut. 

K C H A P. XI. 

AH wosvetompmahchinnauufroAvcfu 
k « ??- ' ^P'^^^'J^-^n V , wutcoran Mary , 
kau H'eetukic]uoh Martha. 

?i^'^ Se T?t' '"u Chlskhan..^p wi&et.i]. um- 
- ^^* rSt.r "" ^ w^nnohtonukquioh mahchin- 

« 5 „^'^'"C^^^ '^T^^u-T-iTfoh wuttinannooBuh, 
na.w.11 , iNuiiontimom kuffeh , Hoh womonai 

^ ,4 Jeius n^ ncoto?, nocwau, Yeu maTiain- 
r.onK n-arta nuppo^ongannii^x), qutw-rai 
SU:-tianiim.^onk God; onk woh wunnaumon- 
i.:i God reit quhtiiinumon. 
* ,^, -^ , ^ «wnn-.6nub Martha, kah wee- 
c^iiiUj ksh r?.7arus. 

* Kewuraie nootog mahaicnal , newun- 
<icHikqrnn' lor ne appdp. 

r-^M^'^^l''^ li^be nnae, unnau ukkodnctuh- 
c.^cnn,-ob, Wonk ontuh Jiidea. 

^^ ^^.kodncfuht^enumoh nnnuk , Ni-Ton- 
t -riomirjevylL^ ku^kodoulInkquarKhtohuk- 
^j'-ioc yonadtei-h^fu, kah na wonk kiitton ? 

y '^'"s-wunnarrryooh^manoh, ?un»mmat- 

h.w^,porru/ladt kelnkul.^u matta to- 
t:-^M5"rr'^^'^^'^^^'^eDaum vver.uai yeu 
«^ '^'•' laciiKiir. 

*^^ v^^c w . ?omui::adt nukonku; ; 

tcgkujltta^a, newiu^he matta ohtoeu- 

xr Yeifh wuOTnncaih, kah ne mahche na^, ^H 
onr . ;"^^^'-":V^'^^^^-^x-^un Uzeru. kouei . 

qut nummonaiem onk vVob nuttoohkun wuc- 
die kouenat : . 

12 Neitnoowaof ukkoxinetuhtaenurroh ,, kouir, piihketeau. 

13 ^.^ut Jeius kekeLookontsra wunnuopoo- 
wnr-^'n?^" hr^^ unnantamwog keketookontani ' 
wiUdnwohime koueonk. 

14 Neit Jelus wutiinuh noh pi^hfu'eu . 
Lazerusi nuppooi. * 

15 Kah n.x;veekontam vyut3ie kenaau rrat- 

vo^' rnt'n^P'^^l' ' °"^ ^'^-^ koon^mptam- 
vvoo, qut na ontuh. 

i^ Neit Thomas u.Towent Didamus, un- 
mu vvecche wunnetdhtuacnnb, onk^na ontuh 
onK woh koowecaie nuppoomoun. 

17 Neit paont Jefu5 , wunnamheuh pofe- 
Kimuilu weenohkelt yaauquinnemahche. •- 

i« Neit Bethani kilhke jeruialera, pa- 
g^odcheneeiemileeux). . ^ ■ 

tu ^? ^f^^^^^'i-^oS Jewsog pevauonaog Mar- 
t..^hO:] kah Mary, v.unnadtabhhunaoont pa- 

2 n Kelt Martha iiootcg Jefuspeysu mon- 
creu & wunnogskauoh, qut Mary appu wee- 

21 Neit Martha unnau Jefusoh, nuiTati- 
timom yeuappeas nuttonnkqus matta woh 
nuppoa. ^ 

22 out yeuyeunoovyibteauun, uittShayti 
wechquetumauadt God , God kittiuumun?- 
qU'i. ' ^ 

23 JefLiswuttmah, kenohtonukqus pifii 
omohku wonk. / r I 
, 24 Martha wuttinuh, h noowahteoh pi/h .yff 
oniohkeu wonk, omohkemuk majiih ne kelu- chapfj 

25 Jefus wiittinuh, nen omcbke'onk, kah ^^' 
r pomantamoonk.noh vvanampti;t,t6hk6no£^. .rhao- 

'6 ri..h pamontcg, kah wiinnamp- ' ^^* 
, tut , fT:iirta p.fh nanupp.305 funvcu koo- 
can^prarrun ? "^ 

27 Noh wutthinh, nux 
rsmptam kenChrM wurauaionuh God' ncfe 
woh^ paont nrinttachkct. 

28 h'ah yen anooadt mona^u, kah weeko- 
mau M^iryeoh wec-tihru kemeu, nouwau , 
boiitimom peyau, kah ka. vv^lomuk. 

29 Quenzunencotortesniik ne^pau, kah 
uppey.iMn b . " 

9^ K'ch Jtrfu^cfquim pctutt-aou oot.^nit 
qurayennoh Martha adt noprl.kauont. 

?T Neif Jtv.T-g. negvv.||aiaivcur,oBaiei» 
"r vveetucmiu, kah wujindt~oSho«h, nar:at. 
^ett• t ^'ary'^oh, t^;nuk n€ep?:ii cnk fohhani 
\viU2l'.ik;;u:aih, noowpog au wecnohkit na — 
Vvutt]t f-aun-uttanun. 

52 Ncit Mary paont na Jciiis ayit, feah 

Lazarus omohks* wnk^ 

John 12. ■ xvefun^rm^^^ ^'^^'^-^'^^ 

c:li;^om,ycaappe.smatcawahaoluona.- ^ •^;;--^^'^^-^ 

, " aus nauont maamiUtani,kah Jcwlog 
m.ummtamwoi^ neh weechogwutcaelb mim- 
^lamao waanalhauonganit, kah wactainaiu- 

'''.; Kah noDwau, Utt6h kupporekin6neau^ 
AVuttinouh, SoutirAomun; peyauiji.kah kuU- 

pi^|jt^3 noowaog,kuhkmne6k, 

27 Kah nawhutebc noowaog , Ycuoh poh- 

quaiiuk d wuskesukquaft pookeiuim^fuii woh 

d Chap yeuoh mat ulleu yeuoh mat waiiiiuppo.uiuc. 

wuhkogkut, peyau wecnohkeet, mo pappah- 
kottedi, kah quiUik pehtwohieau. 

20 lelus noowau, Amaunumook quHak , 
Maltha vveecahtu noh napuk , wuctmuh, 
Sontimom,yeu ahquompak anuiinoa.newutca 
vaukelukquac nuppoo. 
^ 40 Jeiuswuttinuh^Sunummatta kuttm- 
» Jmus , wunnamptaman, woh keuaum wu.- 
fohfumoonk God ? _ , ^ , 

41 Ncitamaunumwogquauk, wutche ne- 
r<fprik-nut>poo. Kah jeius i]^unnum wuske- 
fukqua(h;kahaoowau, Kooih kuttabattan- 
tamouih kenootiyeuonk. ^ 

42 Kah noowahteoh kencx>tiycuonk nag- 
wutteic, qyt newutche mulinmnnaog yea 
nccpauutaieg^nuiripjonk woh 'vvuiinamptam- 
wog, ken kucaniioDiieh. . ^ . . 

45 'Kah yea ancwwadt , raifliontcowau , 
Lazaras fohhalh. , ^,, - *.q,^,^n, 

44 Kah noh napuk fohhim, wunutchegafli 
kah wufTeetalii kuinpiirualh n.ihpe tuppas- 
kinoncraih, kah wuskeiuk onlikappunauiu 
womponAginls, Jefas wuttinuh, ompmneaK, 
kah moiichitdi. ^ .,50,^, 

45 N-it monaog Jewiog paaonoii^heg 
Jvlaryhoh kah nageg Jems ne alit , o^nainp- 

'^Tout nawhutchc moncbeogcn Pharifes- 
UtkahYvutdnn6neau_ jeius utton auc.^ 

47 Neitnegonnelcphaul-arnuog,K..nPna. 
riSo-, moeog kcn..:ietuonk, kan accwaog, 
Toh kluailemua? aewutche l^^^^ woske- 
tomp allcu monataih nvonthanat.mooon-.l;. 

to7n9ao7 woh ocnametauouh , kali Koman- 
kah nutohtimom. 

_ ja'.i9 wohuupP'W.vo'.ium ue 

watohtimmoiii. . . 

<2 Kih mutta v;cbe ne wutohiimmoin ,, 
qutwon mohmouiiuu pitukocuac.t wuii- 
iiaumonuhGoanc:-) nanwymutcheh. 

5 3 Ncit nc nooche kcn-jomttuog wnnnuiii- 

<4 Newaj Jems matta wonk pomulhog 
pohquaeu kenugkc Jewlut : qut ne comun au 
wutohtimonccLi kiiiike touohkomuk ^ en oo- 
tanat uilowcctamun Ephraim , kah na wun- 
nagwutteac app'uuu wecLce ukkodnetuhta- 
c'numoh. , . - , - , 

55 Kah Jewfe paumukauwaonk paioochc- 
veuoo^kah mooncvog wag^g wutohr-r.oncar. 
en JcruUlcm, negonae paumukauutiioak^ 
uppahkheonnaoont wuhhogkauh. 

56 Neit natinne!.\f.hoogJeiUloh,kahhet- 
tiiog, ne ncep«ul:etiit tempic, Toh kaitena- 
netamwoo, matta peyaoo miihadtappooonga- 

^'^57 Qut ne?onne fcphaufaenuog, kah Phft- 
riielb^anooteamooog , howan wahcont toh 
apinitl woh wuttinnonac , onk woh wutoh- 
\^ CHAP. XII. 

NEit Jcfusnequtta tabthikquinnc ne- 
gonacpaumuU'iataonk, peyau Bc- 
[ tnany, ne Lazarus aiyit , noh napukup , neb 
i 'omohKinompuh wutch uuppunat. 
i 2 Navvuttitaylmauoneau mUliadtupcoonk* 
kah Martha wunnanawiinnumun, qut Uza- 
rus noh paiuk weetapemoni ut tabicut. 

3 Neit Mary neemunum nequtpoundtuo 
fefeque'e pummee, fpiknard, mithoadi u, kati 
fefequonam wuileetafh jeius, kah wutchi^k- 
hamauwoh wulTeer^fJi ummcecfunk : kan wr- 
tuomut numwohhan ne alumungquok tequee 

4 Neit umiau pa^ak ukkodnetubtaenani- 
oh, Judas Ifcariot , Simon wuanaumouu:i ,, 
noh woh vv6ramoBt. 

5 Tohwhuch yeu feque'e pumme matta; wutche nifliwudt paiukooc omp- 
skotj kah aninnumauoun matthf ku > 

6 a Yeuwuilin/matnewuvchetohwuttm- ^c'lap: 
tupanumoon mrtcb-ekuoh , qut uewutcne 15:2$; 
kommootowAcnaco.ka'i wadchAnum mancct, 

kah kenunnum ne noh ddtogkoc'k. 

7 Neit jeCus noowau , Ahqh'ikj wutche ne- 
kefukok puoiukkin i.T.Ek yen wadchAnumun • 

8 NtwUiiche matchekundgwatteAekoowe- 
.haiyeni-nukoo, qut nien mat nagvvuttcaeu , 


e ChaP' 
iS. 14- 

ih nutohtimom. ^ ^ r-inha-^ ^e- i--«>'^^ecayAiyeimunnaomwoo. 

4 9 Kah paluk nag uuo .v . tu <-- P^; ^ ^ J I ^ , ^,^,,3^ j ev/fe miiimnmnuog newutcbe 

gonneiephaalu-acnuitne .^^-;^;^:;;'^^^j' ^^^ v.ahreauo:^: rawntappuonk , kah matta wut- 

^.uttinuh^^lattateagkoo.vahtc.iwmwo). ^j,, ,^«,ogwebc wunn.i^.naoont Jeius, 

5.), MaLtakcnatwonpm.oa..a),ncmta JJ^^4 .^^^^^.^^nkUzaruibh^ncb omoh- 

P^ituugqUDt Pai"^^^^f-!^;1^\^^^S^uuhnuppun.t. 
6naumiiihminnah,^u N^uto.- ^f^'\^^^,.^,,^^,^,e i?|h.;ufoaenuat^ kena^n't^ 

timoinii^^twohcnkapmnomunnoop. 1 i) ., . ^ _..__,...... „_v. 

^'^'S^Meu inatu iuuiaaouii w^hh^gkuh, j 

t^ vg wo-h vv u>. 

vjion: oiu Laz;irH4bb wonk. 
£b 4 14 N« 

n/ijfwHtoof^aog Hafatma 



c i' ec 

^ TT KcwutJie, wutcle nagum mondog 
'^'^ f i\ ^■'^^''^" ^^^ \vunnamptauaog Jelus. ; 

rr :„g paonchcg miftadtuppa-ongan it ino- 
I. .Tojlntt It Jcfits reyau Jerufalem. i 

-♦v l^'^r^"?,''^'^*^-^'''^" f'^'^'^^ wuttuhqun- ' 
wn^kan lof. h^nnvcg wunnopskououh , kah 
yi.n!.OLiccxvAno^ Holhnna oonanumau Ketaf- 
k^,Xf '"'^ ^^' ' ^^ ^^'^^'*^ "^ ooweTuonganit Jer 

14 Kah Jtfus nnmhcont affemelbb , uk- 1 
qucnappiiuieuh, ncan wnlTukwhofik, ; 

15 ^f) ^hque wabefifh kenvvuttdnuh Si- : 
o.n.,kuflcb KukkctalfoG- imom pevau, quenap- 
{HiEffemdlt. . <- ' ^n f 

16 Ycifh ukkodnetubtaenumohmattaoo- 
vv'ahcaiTanao..ih negonnu.qar Jefus fohfum- 
vahurjncit mehquontarr.v/og yeulli wtlnalhp- 
vuiiukwhoiinaiJj kah yeufii =wUttinheaonza- 
noocoaili. . ° 

17 Ne wajeh'miifinn'nnbog nch wecchog^ 
qutcbe, wtcliora-nt Lazarufoh wutch wen- 
o.bkeet, kah omobkinoiit wutch nuppunnat , 
v;*uw:.og,. '^ ' 

18 YcuWdjch wonk milTinninnuognogs— 
fciiu-^hettir nt wuichc nootamwog yeu wiituf- 
icn moiT h nixtSiT.a)onk, 

1 9 Ntw;:jch Pharifefog kenooncfehettit , 
Sunuxiutta kenauma mwoo, rratta tcag kc— 
ViQhumiw.cow.woe > kulleh mohlliohtcachcz 

20 Kuh n^whutcbeiiawcetihoneau Greek- 
f-jg, r<'y?«",g wabliuairauwaog ut miihadtup- 
p.cpnganit., ^ 

Jolim 12. n.wJim\vacbed^W4m4r/Pptamvpof 

kah wonk nmT6brumW(Sht:u-n. 

29 Ncwajehunncowibettitmiinnninnuos 
neg nob neepauutcheg padtu!.qu6hhun,oX: 
tog78 ncowaog Angel i^kken..nub. ' 

Zp Jdus namp.;i;bam, kah ncow^u , Yeu 
wadtauatoi>kqu(nionk niatta uutche peva?^ 
Tv^o neen, qut wutcbe keiiaau. * ^ 

32 Kah neep.j tahfliinimuk yeu wutch oh 

utL^p^ri^a^^^k'/ i^abk^:.„.eardka«ont 

rnK It^^I ^^^^'""^""u«g w.iTnnamp(7ohamau- 

2nif, Cbni^ m.chemappu.kah tohwhurch ut 
n.cwaan , Wu.n.umcnuh wosketomp i^os 

35 Neit Jefus wuttinuh. Qutpafwefc we- 
, quaikmvetomukumw..^ popomQ apk ^^i 
I ahtauogkup xvequai i/hkont^pS^'keno^ 

kekongkumw..,.newutche nob pomXdt 
I ^^ljf^>,!^^''-^ uttohaionl! 

tkl t^l ^^^''^^9i^}^P wequii^vvunnamp. 
I t*m.ckyt w^quaiyeuut, onk kenaaii woh 

wanneechaneunk ut wequciiveuut YpnoT 

wufllnneaih jefus, kah a Jeu/kah ji J^^ 

j 57 Cul'„evvutt6ufrenln mon-, 
[a w 'nn?''nf ^^'^^^ ^'^ ^Haquabcnit^hch n^ac 


. 1 10. 4. 

S2 Phi|]Tppeyau,wuttinnonAndrcwhows 
«c VvoDK, hilip&Andrewwuttincneau Jtfus 

25 Kzb Jtfus wunnamp#(;bam^uoh jirowau 
KovNcr pey-iiiriN), onk woh woskctomp vuu- 
»r^Un:or.Dh fobfumwahean. 

24 AVunnamubkut wunnamubkut kuttm. 
nonnuiiiWi)^, Ncquttikquai wheat n-atta pe- 
minion.,k€n obkcbkontq, kah nuppocmcoook 
wcbc nonichfeau, qur nuppocnii;<»uk,mpcchc- 
Wt tjtuDCgcn rr.eecbummnonk. 

25 (i) Nob womontop uppomontaan^onk 
pjln want e. uun, kah noli fekf neog uppoman- 
tamc onk yeu muttaobkit , pilh c^c^wrdchanu- 

mini nr rr ;.' Nftrti. .... * • 

o9 Newajdi-matta wunampumobette? 
uewutche Efayas uonkn..wop.; ^"'"^'^^^^^^ 

muii ac nTiicbeme p^m^snUmooon^^nh. 
26 Hr;vvan wanrTuaiit pfuhtiitcb , k? 


ttoh speh.noh pifhwonk vvutapin niut nJm. 
howan waMiurr.itreh noo/h ukquehtianumuh 

-7 '5^J"W*u.nukketeabogko» wuttaineh- 
pu'iiuuvkab toh nufhm , Nooih,pohqu? w.bun- 
ch wucche yeu bowcriit, qut ytu wajch pcyi 
y^ u bower- ' 

2K KooQ)S' hajmw^'.tin-KmvefuOrik. Kc- 
i r'.^" ^'''^'" '^^ w^ft^uaronf^qufrunnk. wutc^i 
*A»'ik^lU:U3^ liuinoi^licue iohiuajyciu'ui.h , 

kahnieuebkete^u .retabha/h^ onk wKn ^^ ^^''• 
naum.oog wutch wuskefukc.out , aluh mu ' ^^ '^' 
. w^htan^..unat . ut merabhut , quiniKpT^. 
j fcompanittinneat, kah woh ne^t^kehf cog' 
; 41^ Yeu wuainneapa/]! Efayas, iiag wulfoh* - 
' fumoonk, kahk.-myt)nuKqut. 

42 Qut kcnugke negon^ c nannmi.icber , 
rrionapg ^cnaniptauouli , qut n- wutcbe Pha- 
iilefo^ matta ^uthmpoocncuh, W±ont foh- 
wchkonorj wutcb fynagogfut. 

4; (^) Ncwutclie .^^mie 'worrantamwor /chaD • 
wo weenorrson^Yni^.. wosk etompao'4, 012k «.a- ^ .44^' ^ 

44 Jclus miihontc?^wau , kah nc^.nvau, Koh 
*v'3n.arr,ptiit, rratta ni^oaamptunkot) , qut neh 
an(janukquc2neh. ^ 

J 5 u rich anoonukque- 
/: /- N VT ^ ' Cnapo* , 

/c U,) Ncn mippeam nwwequaiyei'unat ^.iQe*' 
ut rr utaojket,bowan.\vanamptiit nmt;^ woh 
apf u,. *r* • - 

kmkjtaampoafj John n. fafukkmm momfmnK 

a Mat; 

47 Kah howan nootog nuttinnoowaongalhj 

ucwutftie matta noodle peyoh wufllttumuft- 
at miUtaok, qutw^idaianumunatmuttaok. 

48 Nbhpagkdut^kahmatta attumunum- 
oog nuttinnoovvaonc'i^fli, wadfhanou palukcjoh 

I Mark nah walittumukqutcheh, / kuttoowonkne a- 
4^.. I^. noowi, ne pilh oofumoli majilli nc keiukok. 

49 Newucdie matta nchenwonthe nmltin 
qut wutoo/liin noh anoofit,nuttinanoonukqua 
lie wo h anoowi, kah ne woli aei. 

5uKahyeu noowahtcauun wutanootca- 
wooonk miaieme pomantamooonganuco, ne- 
wutcheniilinoh nullin, nc ^fop wuLoolhimau 

ncnuain. ., , r t 


K/H afquum a milhadtuppooe paumuk- 
auadiuonganunnook , Jefus wahteunk 
vvuinoweiuni peyaurndb, woh vvutaumaeonk 
wutch yeuTniiltaohkit, en coihit, womonont 
%vuttaiheoh yeu aiyinic^he muttaohkii , 00- 
vombnuh pajeh wohkukquollnk. , 

2 Kah raai)aiepwbehetuc(mattanitmc.h- 
flic ponamauont wuttahhuf. Judas Iskanot 
wrminaumonuh Simnn oonalToomonat. ) ^ 

9 jefus wahteunk wutoi^fl^imau wuttm- 
numauoh wame teanteaguaiiniih ut wunnut- 
Sieganit, kah nbh oomoounk Godut , kah au 
cn Godut. ^ ^r 

4 Neepau wutm wunnongque meethn- 
«ieat, kah amaunum wuthogkooonkj kah nee- 
tr.unnum clnskenitSiohhou. & putliikquob- 

5 Mahaienenag,fokanum nippe tvun-; 
oonganit, kah noodle kutaiiftau wuflecto^lb 
wkkodnctuhtaenumoh kah thiskh^fuwohtau 
fiiiskenit^dhhou nepadtukquobpuftit. _ 

6 Neit peyaoneau Simou Peteroh : kah 
Peter wuttinuh ^ Nuflbntimom kukkutffiip- 
padtch nulTeetalh ? , , . « 

7 jefus wunnamp^obamau kah wuttlnuh, 
Uttoh afeh mat koowahteauouun yeuyeu > 
qut pil5) koowahteoun ompetak. 

8 Peter wuttinuhjMatU pifh kukkutfhip- 
padtouh nna'eetafh Jcfas wunnampoohaman, 
Matta kutSii{runiun<)oua>ixiat nob kootni 
ivutohtomeuh. _. , 

9 SimonPetcrwvuttinuhjNufTontimom, 
mutta webe nuffeetafh, qut nunnutchegalh 
Vfon k; kah nuppuhkuk. 

10 jefus wuttmuhjNoh kodchilTunnwit , 
matta qudnaihukoo , webe kut6billittaijun 
wuffeetarh, qutnoh pahkefu pannuppu 3 kab 
kenJiau kuppahkefimwoo, qut m^tta wame. 

11 Newut^ewahesuneh wanabfoomuk- 
■ qutchehjnewajeh na>wadt;,matta wsme kup- 

pahke'fumwoo. . . ^ ^ , r 

12 Neit m«hche kutchrlTepadtunk muf- 
fcetafiij kah ncemunuk wuthogkooongafli , & 
v,'onk namatapit , noh wattinuh , -Koowah- 
]|eauunne:?u uttoh an henog ? ' 

J4 XuLauoweiiT;#i»j .^CMt^^oJ^ ^J^WPi 

kah ko3nomwamwcx>, ncwutclie nc nutinniin. 

14 NeitneenLorduraeog , kahwullanti— 
momeog kuithisjhippadtauon kuflcctoattj * 
kcnaauonk woh kutihipadtaadtimwoo kut- 

ieetoo6a/h. . 

15 Newutchckuttinnumauonumvvco uh— 
fuwaonk woh kutuHenaont ne anhenog. , ^ 

16 b Wunnamuhkut wunnamuhkut kut- ^^™^ 
tinnonnumwoo wuttmnumun maita aneuuk- ^r J^ 
kenaumoou WulloTdumoh,afuh matta aneu- Y:,^' 
ukkcnaum6on,nohanoonit, onknoh anoon- *>•*:«' 

ont. .. .« 

17 Yeuih A»ahteauoo2 koonaiim^voo nifli 


18 Matta koowamekencxjnunnoinwcKjnoo- 

wae howan pepenauogjqut woh wuliukwhok ^ ; "*; 
neaih, ^t) Noh weehpamit petukqunneg, 4*'*^«» 
nuttabibinnumunk wogquoan. 

1 9 Yeuyeu kuttinnonnurr\w.oo a/h F^P^"' 
yaumun6gkup,ne nagj woh kooiiamptamwoo, 
necnnnoh. ,,1 ^Matt 

20 C^) Wunnamuhkut wunnamuhtut kut- 
tinnonnumwoo, Noh attiimunont neh aiioo- *** 
nogeb, nutattumunuk ykah nohatiumiinit^ 
attumaniu neh anoonukqueanth. eMatt; 

21 {j:) Jelus ytu anoowadt , wuttamana- ^C.^u^ 
tarn ut wunnafriauonganit, kah wauwau, kah 
noowau, Wunnamuhkut wunnamuhkut kut- 
tinnonnumwo[>5 keitaau-pafukpilh rioonaffoo- 

muk. ' ^ , 

22 Neit kodnetuhtae'nuGg monneauttuogj 

cbananittamwog howan neapiti 

2:5 Neit ompatulluk Jefus wobpanagunit^ 
pa fuk kodnetuhtauwac nin, jefus womonoa- 

24 Simon Peter newaj kahkinneafu hkauon* 
natootomauwonathowaneh anoncheh. 

25 Neit ompatuifuk Jefus wompanagunit^ 
wuttinuh, Lord, noh howan > , . 

26 jefus wunnaraf oobamau, n noh anurrt- 
auQg qu6kinauf]kj quogkiiinumon,kab qu6-« 
kinuk quoginaufik , svuttinnumauoh Jud^ 
Isl-tairiot wuwnaumonuh Srron. 

27 Kah mahche <iu6bklnaurik , Satan njv. 
petmteaonuh ; neit Jefus wUttitiun ncaieaja . 
teanuk clili^. ' ' 

28 Qut matta howan neg Apitcheg tablft^ 
ut %vahteauauun toh waj yeu uanont. 

29 Newutebc nawhutche unnanatarfiwo^,' 
newutche Judas kenuunun mancotj jefuj 
wuttinuh adtdaili ycuih q^ien. uwehukquea- " 
gilh wutch milhadtupoonk : afuh aninnum- 
auonat teaguas matcheku. » • r* 

30 Neit nob attunn\inuk ne erlioKinanliXa 
teafiuk fohham : kah wunnankoocop. 

- ^i Newaj fohhogy Jefus noowmv Yeu V 
yeu woskctomp wunnaurhonah lohlumwi- 
heauj kah God -wuirohfum\faheau J aaili^e 

nagum. _ 

32 God-fobfum\vabe6nt rralhpe naguttij 
fieit pifij God wuifobfumwaheuh, naflipe ria- 
iHiiv ; 1^ tftUlUk mos wuTohf^iawjheuh 

wunne^tHprnatamm TaphHaenin 

T^oopj mckM mofi(Ma[ha^apimNkJfff John. 1 J., 

aOi nilh afcani/li^mjh pifli wouk wutufTenalht 
kah magogil:: onk jcuih nif]] pilh wucullcn- 
uQ\ ncwuccheiiutcom Wucoofhinnat. 

15 rt Ka n uttoh nn weehquctumo? Ait noo- 
wctuonganic, ne piih nutuiien; wucoolhimau 
woh rohruiiiwahcau, ut vrunnaumonnainneac 



53 Mukkicfog, ohguhfem^fc inij\(h koo 
wectomunnuniwoo , pilh fe-enatiiiiicaaimwoo, 
(/ ) kah neanogkup Jewrog,utt6.'i aiyi matu 
woh kuppeyaoneau; ne kucciaaiinneau.' 

34 ^i) Wuskeanoouamoovvonk kuttin— 
nunnuii»\f oojWoh Koowomonittimwoo, ncane 

15: 17; womonunog, lie wonk woii kuttinnoowomo- 
Lcvit: niitinneau. 

19. 18: ?5 ^cu naihpc, wam« pifh Wosketompaog 
f Joha. waaccauog,kenaaunukis.oclnetuhtauacuamog 
4,*2ie abtauog koowomonitcuonganoo. 

.59 Simon i^ctcr wuctinuh , Lord, tunoh 
fcuccom i Jeiuswunnampoohamauoh ,LIccdh 
ayi macta woii kutalukiycuh yeuycu ; qut 
puh o.npeuk kuc^iukah* 

57 A^ctcr wuUinuhjLordj tohwutch mat* 
. $ Matt: ta al'ulikauunooh yeuycuj \h) nunaap wut— 
a^:|): chekcen. 

48 Jefus wunnampoohamau, kuftpHiUtcah 
jLupporaantamooiik wutcbe neen j wuua..m- 
uhkut wunnamuhkut kutdnln : Month jiwt- 
fci piHi kuttooau noh pajeh niihwudt norapc 

Uttah a'lquc wuttam laataj, kconamp- 
iiivptfuGodj nen wonk wunnwimpt;«i^ 
_,oom weekk moDai ahupimakiih : mac- 
ta ananoogk woh kuttinaunneau numm .'D— 
chem kutvi|uagwaiiiweeht&mauuflaanaoUt 

J Mate 


14 Weehquctu.i 05 ne teaguas Ut noovrc- 
fuonganit mos nutuUen. 

I) Womaufco^i woh kcnanauwchtetura- 
vroo nutannahteamowongaln. 

16 Kah nunnanumpairum \?ut(B(h'imau, 8k 
kiitinnumunkou onkatoge taphaacnuh > oak 
woh koawcctonukou michcmc. 

17 Wunnomwae Naftad^nic, n^h nnutta* 
ok matta woh attumunnukeli ncwutche mat* 
ta wunnogkoooh ^afuh matta wahukhoooh » 
qut kena^u kxwahe«iu, newutchc koowccco* 
mukkow f kah kutappehtiinkou. 

18 MatcakutticnaKkoimooaiwoa tauwy* 
efuinneat,piih kuppeyacUQumwoo. 

19 (^tohguhfele, neit matta wonknun* 
nogoohmuttaok J qutkcnaau kcnaumwoo ; 
newutchc nuppomantam , kenaau vvonk kup» 

20 Nc kefukok mos koowahteaumwoo > 
nutapefat^uaonk Kccih, & kutape ataiimwopj 
kah kuuppchtauunu ; woo. 

31 N^n abtunknutilnnoowsongalh , kafcl 
nau.uwehteuak, n oh n lowomonuiiikih noo- 
wom*.aiit, oowunonuh iioolh > fc.ih nsen nw* 


3 Kah monchean quagwofhweeVtau&nog ; W^.nun, Kah pilh ir^eehtau. 

puonk, pilh w..aknuppcam , kah piln kut- ' 22 Judas uutunuhj^rrutta I-kariot^Lord, 

•ppuonk, _ 

attuniuauriunwa) en hogi-iaCjUttoh dp« 

oa woh Kuta-anneau kenaau wonk. 

4 Kah uttjh u>i>. koowiateauiunneaupkah 
may koowihteau.nwoo. 

5 Thomas wuLcinuh, Lord^raatta noowah- 
teauoomun toh ayoan kwh toh woh auttin 

vwa'iite^unnan may ? i 

6 Jelus wuain,]b, Neen raay,wunnomWi- 
«fCUonK, kah pomaniamdonk , in«tta howan 
jpcyaonoou Wutooli.ineuh, qut nsihpc nen. 

7 Wahcog, woh won^ kcx>WihJoinwa> 
.VTutoolhim.u , kah yeuwutche jvouwiihcau , 
kah kcnauau, 

8 Phiilip wuttinuh, Lord nahtuilinnean 
WutoofhiTiauj kah noowimsnitamun. 

9 Jefus wuainuh, -nuhkuhquc wcetAmun, 
kah afquam kt»waheuh Pbillip ? noh Raiit , 
r;au Wutoofiiineuh, kah neir tohwajeh nc»- 
waan nihtuUinnean Wuta>(himau ? 

If) Susmuirmatt! kanamptamwoo neen 
Butappentau WutoD(himau,kah Wutocftim' 
«u nucappehtunk? kutcccwo'.'gaihnilh.innn- 
©oilh matta niitia nutchippimeenalh niawon 
<3ut nalhpeWatwlVimau noh appehtiit,noh 
uiFeu anakanfuor.g^lh. 

11 Wunnarppti^^>kWutoortMmaii nutap- 
pehtau> kah wutoolhimau r.utappchiunkjaf- 
uh wunnamptick wuttbenutanakanfuongafh 

12 Wunnamu'ikut wunnamuhkut kuttm- 
oonamiww, n^^h wanamptiit* anakAuruouk- 

uttoii Kiccin w.7hn»eiL:iananean^ qut m^iU 
ui.iM ia.hKi. ? 

2^ Jeius v/unnampooc-amaii wuttinuh > 
woskecomp womoaaiit , won nan<iu;vehteo* 
nuctinnoowaongafii i kah Nooiii oowon-.onuh^ 
kali mos nupp€>aoUi»6un,kaii noo;vcetomuua 

24 Noh mat W'/maut'eg, mauta n nauwch- 
teauou nukkuttocwongafn j kah kunoowonk 
nc nootaiiog, matta nuccaihe, qut wuttaihe; 
Wutooliiirnau noh anoonukqueh. 

25 Yeuih kuttinnunnaoalh » aih waeeto-w 

26 liuc Taphuacniii;,wunneetapanatam\fe 
Ncihauanit, neh Wutoolhimau anoonontUcJi 
ut Nooweluv-'Figanitj noli kukkuhkoocoaiung- 
kcU wa nc teantcaqUijuiKh, kah kummequo- 
antauiWahukkou nith n.)h kuttinninnunneau 

27 Wuaohteaonk kenukkodlumauununi* 
woo , noJiiohccAonk ^uctinnumauiinumwoo, 
matta neane rauttaok rr,aguk , kuttinnuma-- 
dnnmwoo,kuttah ihque wuttamaaaxaj ^aiuli 

28 Kenc»taro^mwop ne snunnog , nym— 
monchcm , kah wonk kuppcyaununumwoo., 
womoaurcdg , woh kummuskouan-tamwcD , 
newutchc nu lip, nuttom Wu toolhinneat,ne- 
WHtche Noolh nutdneuukkenomuk. 

29 Kah yeuyeu kuttinnunncau a(h ana* 
nogkup, ©ok 11 was^ neit woh koonamptim— 

$1 Teuwutck 

an Ycuwutchompcias, mites piflikum 
wiODcheke kc noonunnoomwoo : iiewutchc ke- 
tat^botyeu mutiaohket peyau , kah matta 
tcag naotuttumunjjkcoh. 

21 Qut muttaok woh wahtcau noowomon- 
^onkNoofh: kah ncinannoonukqueomp wut- 
co/himaunenutuifcnjnepauook, ycu wutth 

CHAP. ::v. 

NEEN wunnarruhkut Wecnonsudip-- 
ogjkah Nooih wirnnehtcauvvaenin wec- 
liuniinneohteuk: ,, ,,, ,, 

#Mat:: 2 4 Nifli noh nupp..hchadtochk , it^atta 
«5« ^3- rocechumunookjWUtamainLimun , & mfh noh ne meechummunk, ummcwlitteauun 
■ cnk woh moochckemeechuumni. 
(Chap ^ i; Yeuyeu kupi ak^limwoo nalhpcivut-- 
JJ'XO. tiuuoDwaonk neanunogup. 

4 Appehtiep;k,kah kutapehtauunumwoo , 
•jncanc wuttuhk m..tta woh meechumvmooh 

nulieu , matta ohtancg weenomwulhppog- 
qrt : ' netatuppe m.>tta woh ktnaau , matta 
appeltieog. ^ ,, ^^., 

5 Nen wtenbmwcfipog, kcnsan vvuUah- 
qunop, nchspehtikjkahneenappebtau g, 
mb: m"ifhummcechumeu,ncwutche matta a 
timumauunoco2,matta woh tch kutu; himwoo 

6 Matta apehtieg woskcetcmp noh pog- 
keuauonatuh wuttukpagketamuk, kahup- 
poohteau, kah wosketompaog ummukinnum- 

' unaoa/h, kah wuttinohkonaoafnn30tiut,kah 
mill thikohtaalh. , , , ^ 

7 Apebtie'og, kah nukkuttoowongalh ap- 
pehtunkqueog , wehquetumook uttoh kad- 
tant.,ro6g, kah pilh kittinhetteaneau. ^ 

8 Yeu nafiipe noofii fohfumwiheau, mun- 
ummeechumeog, neit pifhkenaau nukkod- 
jnetuhwaeniimog. . 

9 Nean nouwomaufit ncx)fh, nekittmnoo- 
Womoniiimcau , nagwutteanumook noowo- 
moaufuonk. . ^^ 

10 Nansuwchteauog nuttmnoowjongaQv 
p/ih kenagwutteanumumwoo noowomoauli- 
onk nean nanauwehteau ncwfii v^uttinnGowa- 
on2aih,ksh napwutteanum GowomoU|iuonK 

ii Yeuavkuttinnunna6pam,onk woanoit- 
weekontamooonk kuttappehtunkumwcp, kah 
kooweekontsracxwnganoo woh numwohceau. 

12 Ycunutanonteamoowonk, c kittinne 
^Chap. womonhtinneaoont, neannoowomonunog. 

iThef. wontam6un,wosketompwuHauppooonaonk 

4.9. veetompiih. ,^*^i, jj 

J John 14 Kcnaau ncetompaog,ufr«og uttoh a- 

a, II. nunn»unnog. , 

,^ Yeuwutch noocfee matta kuttmnam- 

V?oo nuttinniimo^ . newatcbe wuttinnilfpun, 
inatta waKteaiK)u uttoh af^n it wufTontim- 
imu'i, qutkuttehhenfinumwoo neetompaog, 
ncwutcbe wamc nifi> nootaTanifh wutch, kocWahteauwahunun?oaOi. 
\i Matta. .kiipp^P^'»>j'«*'i^^na,NY<'e > qnt t^n 

kuppepcnauunumwcojkah d kukkuhkinnum. 
^uiiumwtf* ; cnk woh kummonchcmwoo , kah dH^V* 
woh kummithitmmfCCbumimvvo<»5 kah woh 28:19°. 
kummeechiimmuonganco nsgwuUcahlcau , 
onk woh uttoh an wehquctunauogNodh uC 
ntjowefuonganit, ne woh kiuinnumungqun- 

17* Ycvfli kuttinnonnaoafli , kcowomonit- 


i8 Muttaokfekencunfqueogkccwahtcarn- 
w^*;, nuilekeneunkalquam ulckciieunkquc- 

«gkup. , , . . ..1. 

19 Kenaauummuttachkeyeog, muttiok 
womonau wuitaiheuhj qui newutchtken3<u 
mat kcc^multaohkeyeumvv*^ , qui nen kuppe- 
penauunumwop wutch mutiaohket; newajth 
muttaok fekencunkqueog. .' r^-,*. 

20 * Mehqu;:ntamot'k kuttcewonk nca- ^^^^^ 
nunnog, wuttinnumun matta aneuukkeno- J|- '® 
moou wurioi.tiniomuh5W0Si.cbukqucan ^nag Mat. 
wonk k^jwwoskhbkkc'owoog : nanauwehteau- io« 24* 
webcttit nuiiinr.ct Wal>nk y ncit woh uauau- 
wehteauQgkuttinnci-waonganAJcafli. ^ 

21 Qut yeuih waine kutiin'nukqunnaoafli, 
newutchenc/tfWciuonk, newuichc m.aita wah- 
teau«('g noh ant?oiit. 

2^ Matta peyaos, kah kenwnogkUFjm.'tta 

woh ohtauojog matcheleonk, qut ycuyca 

matta ahtauoog onkhu rwonk matcheleonk. 

23 Noh Cek«neait 5 lekeneauau wonk ncotn- 


24 Matta ufTe'ds naut j anakaufuonkalh 
matta woh how an afekilh, matta woh htau* 
coug matchdeonk, qut yeuytu nunncgquog;, 
kah ne^ekeneungquog, kah Ncoih h. 

25 i ut yeunnih, onk woh kuttcewonk 
pogkidcheu n nih, «e wafukkuhwhofik wut- r p^-^y^ 
tinnaumatuongan<?t»6nt ,/ nuiTekencungquog 55 , j j; 
wutche monteag. .... , 

26 Qut paontTaphuicnin,nohanoonog, 
wutch Wutoofl/mneat, wunn-^m.wae Nailiau- 
£niito,noh wag Ncoihut, noh ncowauwaonuk 

27 g Kohkenaauwoiik pilh k^owauaum- ^rchap. 
w.o^newutche ktJowaetomimwop nyeche kuh- j^, 2^. 
ko^tomwebteaon. ■ „ ^.,^, 


YEufh kuttinnonnaopalh.onk matta wob 
■ 'z Nag pllh kuilbhwhunukkoudog wutch 
Synarogfut, iiux pilh n nlh , nulhikqueog , 
unnantamwog yeu wunnenehheaonk God. 

7, Kah yeulhpilh kittinhukqun^oalb, ne- 
wutche matia^waheauoog W utt)t>lliinncuh ^^ 

afuhnen. , . . . cr .* ^\,. 

4 Out yf'ulb kuttinnonnaopalli , ottt'cjcbc- 
ycu'-o pcr'umcrcuk onk wob kummebquoan- 
tamumwco nifii kuttinnonn^opalh , & yculn 
matta kiittinnonnoonaopafii waj i&utchiiiik j) 
newwtcbe kooweetomunnumwop. 

5 Out yeuyeunummonchcm en nonan^*- 
fup kah matta howan kenaau nattfvtomung— 



T^ajtjauanit kii^ampfljAnukoH John* ij\ kffp^tmtAfKwa^fiyinnutfm^ 

6 uj^i ncwutche yeu(h kuttinnoniWopaflj, 
ihquinumools nurawohccau kuttahhrcwoaih 

7 Qutonch kuttinnonnumwijtf wuanom- 
iR'aycuonk newunnegen kuhhogkaout , woh 
liummoncheunojnewutche macta moncheon, 
Taphuaenin matta woU kuppeya6nukaum- 
%ioo y qut moncheon, noh piih nuttann(>im en 

8 Kah aoh peyont , noh piiTi pohquetum 
muttaohk wutch matchefeonkj kah papaume 
fampweufTconk & pspiume wulfittamooonk. 

9 Wutch matchefeonk, newutchc matta 

I o Naihpe fampweiifTeonk, ne\yutche nut- 
€om Ntfdhut, kah matta wonk kenaoitiw**?. 

II Nalhpeu wuflittumooonkjnewutchc kc- 
%Z^ool yeu ut muttaohkec wudutnau. 

12 Que nano .ijiofiiitafh woh kuttinnon- 

•umw(;(/, qut afquam kukinnunim<?ouna6afii. 

I a Wunnomwae Nalhauanit peyont, noh 

• lcu(Iampihanukt?a en wamu wunnomwaycu- 
onganit: newutchc matta piih wutchippe— 

. «yin, qut uttdh ancotog, nc wuiHn , kah pi/h 
..ltuhk<f(7tomungkou n'lih paomoougkifh. 

14 Noh piihnuflbhrumyoonok , newutche 
pilh attumunum ne nuttaibe , kah piih ke- 

• Rohcinugquneau. 

15 WameniihahtunkiihNcofh nutteihe- 
. afli : newajeh nocwaamp,Boh pilhneemunufn 

nuttaiheaii] kah piih kenahtinugqunaoaih. 

16 Pafwe're, kah matta piili kenayeum\yotf 
■ «ah wonk palwefc kah piki kenaimWM , 
. eiewutche nuitom NVcihut. 

17 Neitnawhutch ukkodnetuhtaenumoh 
jkenoonittuogj yeu teaguas anukqueog , pal-- 
wefe kah malia piiJi kenayeumw^^i?^ & wonk, 
|?a{\vcfe kah pilh Kenai-nwcv ;, kah newucche 
nuttom en Nodhut ? 

18 Newutchc nupwdof , Teaj^nas yeu inao- 
Wad t Pafwefe t matta n<>(?wa«mun toh anw- 

'«9 Jefas wahteau ukkodnatootuma6na6nt,& 
wuttinuh. Kf/^weogquttumumieaU, nenuiiu- 
onk, pafwefe, kah matra pifh kenayeu mwco, 
kah wonk pafwefe, kah piih keuaimwca > 

20 Wunnamuhkut wumiamuhkut kuttm- 
ronnumwci), Kenaau pilh kummaumWtfo> kah 
piihkummaumutcamufnwo(7 . qut muttaok 
pid^ weekontamj kah kenaau piih keneuana- 

;tamumWLO , qut kenuanatsm<?jonganpo piih 
quinnuppem(/tf en weekontamot/onganit. 

21 MifCumwoilisnahcnneechadt uhqua- 
num<?5, newutche wutbowerum peyaum^o : 
qut mache neechadt mukkieibh, matta wonk 
mchquo;»ntarnoi)h wutuhquinumdonk , ne- 
wutchc wcekontaiTi wunncetuonk VIoske— 
tomp yeaut muitaohket. 

22 Kah yeuyeu kenaau newAjeh ahtauog 
ihquinumoonk, qut pi<h wonk kcniunnum- 
y^ooi kah kuttahb(?oafli pilh vveckontam<jomt'tf- 
aO), kah kcL'Weekontimooonran*;*. matta how- 
?u k^aectnunuuir.u:ik<;<?m*(H'^ 

a 5 Kahne kefukok matta piih teag b*- 
wehquetumaiyeumwa<?. a Wunnamuhkut u Mat; 
wunnamuhkuckuttinnonnumwtftf , Uttoh an 7;7, 
wehqnetumauog N<»oih utNatfwefuonganit^ 

24 Yea paj eh matta teag koewehquctum* 
<?<jraw<?^ ut Ni?awefuonganit, wehquetumok » 
kah piih kutattumunnumunneau , onlc wohi 
koo weekontamuaonganotf num wohteau • 

25 Yeuih kuttinnonunaoa ih ut-kuhkin-* 
ncafuonganehtu ^uttoocheyeuoo peyaum^ouk 
matta pilh wonk kuttinnonnomwoa ut kuh- 
kinneafuonganit, qut piih piiibfuhth kenah-» 
tinunumwtfi/ Wutwlhin. 

26 Ne kefukok mos kaewchquetumumwc* 
ut N£»£>weTuonganit,kah matu kuttinnoQ* 
mom^ffoo , kuppeantamwaalhinnumw^a n€ 

27 Newutchc nagumWutooihimaukoawo- 
monukou, newutchc k^owomauiimwi)© , kali 
k<;ffnamptamwoo noomiootik Godut. 

28 Hogrn Wutooihinaeat , kah nuppe'am 
mutt3Qhket)Wonk,nunnnkkodtum muttaok* 
kah nuttora Wutc^aihinneat. 

29 Ukkodnetuhtaenumoh unnuk, ICuilcb 
yeuyeu kuppiiihi'ukeu yen , kah matta kuifc- 
en ut kuhkinnea fuonganit: 

50 Yeuyeu nuppatike WAhtaomun, kdA 
wahteoh wamc tcanteuquaihJnim. k*h matta 
kukquenadhukou howan Kcaat*tftomongaun* 
at; ne.yaj wunnamptamoe» koomooonk Godut% 

31 jefui* wunnamptfchamau , Yeuycii ko§^ 

32 b Kuifeh hower peyaumw, nux, raah- i«r,-, 
Che peyaum<;a onk mos kuevnadchapiyeum- '^^-'^ 
wo<?, niihnohpafuknehcnwoncne vvutayeu- ^^'S^' 
onganitj kali piili kenukkofmmwdfj, qutaiat- 
taninnuiHyeu, newutche Wutvuiii imau nca.* 

3? YvUihkuttinnonnaoaih, onk woh ut 
nunhogkat woh kutaht6mwo<> wunobteaonk : 
Ut muctaohkit piih kutahtomwij* m'iheuwut- 
tamanatamcoonk : qut weckoutamtf4>k nea» 
nuiTohkom muttaok, 

VT^ Euihkutti'owongiiih wulTinncaft Jefuj, 

J. fpunnura wuskefukquaih en kciukqui- 
eu, kah noowau, Nc<jlh, hower peyaum^j^jibh- 
fumwih kenaumon, cnk^ woh kenaumon kut- 
iohfumwahug wonk. 

2 a Neancancwc aninnumaiiobp mcnuh- a i^af* 
keiuonku. wame weyaufut , onk woti nah ag. j8; 
wuttinnamauoh michcmc pomantamoonk 
neadtabihe sninnumanadt. 

^ Kah yeu micheme pomantamoonk,onk 
woh kt?£/Wahukquogkcn webe wunnaniuhkuc 
Manit, kah Jefus Chri/1 noh anpt;nat. 

4 Nen kulTobfumwahuih ut muttaohkct, 
nukkcfteauua anakaufuonk ne auumi6ap uf* 
fenat. ^ 

5 Kah yeuyeu , woi Ncoili , fchfumwaheh 
weechekcfly naihpeu nc fohfuraiiojik ahtauo* 


mmemtUikcgkuttMcfi^ John. li. f^da^swfirj^jff^cw.-.n 

leup afquamabkecnJAgk. 

6 Nci>wahtcauwahuwam KooWOWonR ut 
miilinninnatu ne[', ahumai(<ancg wutch muc- 
taohkct, ncgmo kataiheog , kah kittiuna- 
waiinneunk, kah nag nanauwehtcaog kuttin- 

7 yeuyeu wabteauog , wame teantcaquafh- 
inilh niih noh kittiniiun>aiin , niiii wutchai— 
yeumoaaih kuhhogkat. 

8 KewutchenagkuttmnumauoogkuttM- 
Vongalh nifli anumaicaniih ^ kah nag wutat- 
tumunumunaoaft) b kah nag piuhibkeh wah- 

f Chap: teauog nooraooonk kuhhog-kat j kah nag wun- 
|l6. 27* nainptamwog ken kutannaciich. 

9 Nag nuppeantamwanlhaog , matta aup- 
peantamwanlhoh muttaok , que wuLche nag 
anumaieanegj ncwutche nag kutaiheog, 

1 Kah wame nutaiheog , kutaihcog, kan 
iutaiheog nutaiheog, & ucii nuffohrumwahit 
noh ut. 

1 1 Kah ycuyeu matta wonk nutaiyeub mut- 
taohkitj qut yeug ayeuog muttaohkit & nen 
Kuppeyaonih. Wunnectupanatamwe Hooihy 
nag wadchan naflipcu Ka<?wel'uonk,neg aaum- 
aieanegjOnk nag woh pzCukooooo^, neanayeog 

12 Nag weetdmog ut mutcaohkct,ntfowad- 
cfeanopanneg ut Kaoweruonganit : yeug anu - 
iriaieuhpaneg > n<?<?wadciianoog , kah matta 
fai^ak wanne'hheoun jqutwunnaumonuha- 
wakompanoonk, c ne wuiTukwhonk won pa- 
kodche n nih. 

1 3 Kah yeuyeu kuppcyaonfli , kah yeulh 
ruiimneafli ut muttaohket, nci>wcekontamu- 
cnk woh ahtoognnmwohtcau wuhhogkaont. 

14 Nummahdic 3ninnumau6ogkutiinn<?a- 
♦raonk, kah muttaok nah wuiiekeneauoh, ne- 
ivutche nag matta wutomaicog muttaohkit, 
licane nen matta wutomalu muttaohkit, 

15 Matta n^^achepeantamooh woh kutta- 
fnaunoog wutch muttaohket , qut woh ku^" 
l^adchanoog wutch matchitut. 

16 Nag matta wutomafcog muttaohket 3 
Ticanc matta wutomaafeeu muttaohkit. 

17 N.ig wunneetapanatamwah nalhpcu 
lc<>flnamiihkuteyeuoi)onk 9 kuttinnwwaonk 
vunnamu ;kuteyeuc?<». 

18 Ncane an<?ffneaii en muttaohket , ne 
«uttinne anwnoneau en muttaohket. 

19 Kah nag wutche ntfonetupanatamwah 
cuhhog , onk nag wonk woh wunnamuhkut 
^vunneetupanatam wah eoog. 

20 Onk matta yeulh nuiic pcantamwonfh- 
•oonaoaflb qut wutche wonk nag pifii wa- 
nampturikqueaneg, nailipeu ukkuttowonga— 

2 1 Onk nag wame woh pafuk^xjocog, neane 
ken Noolh apehtiean, kah nen kutapehtoulh, 
onk nag wonk woh palukoouoog ut kuhhogKa- 
nonut: onk woh muttaok wunnamptam kut* 

22 Kail iolifumooonkncanumaieup, nag 
tiuttinji«''3^aU4Jaeau,ouku*^S woh paiuWci^<?os 

9 Pfal. 

jieanc pafukoowtof . 
' 2 3 Nag nutapchtaoog, & ken kutape'htah^ 
onk nag woh pannuppe pahkheooi^ p.iLukoo* 
imneat;>kah muttaok woh wahtco3kuiaivp.<;y- 
neh, kafck kuttimwowomonoog, ntani;oWjmu- 

24 <i Nocfli, naganiimaieaneg, nukkodtan- ^Chap; 
tarn nouweetonaukqunntau utl6h apeh , onk I2;2*; 
woh naumwog nulfoht'umoonk ne anumaiean j 
aewutchelcoawaoKiaulip, aiquam kodlhinua- 
n<;f)k muttaok. 

2$ Woi fampwcuflcaen Noofii, muttaok 
matta koowahukcoh, kah nen koowahuih, kan 
ycug wahteauog kutannoonuonk. 

26 Kah nuppahKetcauoogKoowefuonk, Sc 
piih nuppahketeauoneau : onkne wornoait- 
tuonkj ne anouwomauiean, nag woh wutap— 
chtunkqunneau, kah nen nutapehtauoog. 

JEfus yeulh and>cwadt , # fohham wcecbe « j^^^^ 
wunnetuhtuaenumoh , qulhkodteau lep- ^g. % « 
wefut Cedr on , ne ohtag tanohketeaonk , 
ne petukontog nagum, & ukkoduetun laenu- 

2 Kah Judas wonk noh wanaflumont , ne 
wahtcounop ayeuonk inewutchc Jeius noh. 
nompit na wuttonat weeche wunnetuhtuae* 

a h Neit Judas adtumunont chippJn(»(joh , , 
roatw6oh,kah aninnohfuenuog wutch negon- f^« 
ae fepnauiuenuut, kah Pharircfog , na peyon -^^^ ^/^^ 
kenunnumwog wequanantegaili, torche^^kah 

4 Newutche jefuswahteunk wame ne woh 
afhpananit,i"ohham,kah nah wuUinuhjHow- 
aa kenatinnneahw6mW4>i7, 

5 Wunnampo<?honuu6oh. JetusutNazeF- 
cth, Jefus wuttinuh.Nen noh> & wonk J udas 
noh wana{ri;cmont, oaveechekompaujiuh. 

6 Quenau uiinjnCjnennoh^ailumhaogj as 
keplhaog en ahkekoncu. 

7 Neit wonk wunnataotomauoh , Howaa 
ktnatinneahwomwet'i no(?waog , Jeius ut Na- 

8 Jefus wunnamp(Ji>homauoh Kummahche 
unnunnumwoa, neen noh , nevvutche natm— 
neahwheog, yeug moncbe'hettich. 

9 Onk woh ne n nih neant^cjwop , c neg a- ^ Chafic 
numaidhpanaeg matta pa ink nocwanheuh. i^, j 2^ 

10 Ncit SifBon Peter ahtou togkodreg 
wulfohwhunnumun , kah togkomau negonne 
iephaufuucn wurtinnumoh, kah wuttamaht- 
hiraauoh wuttinnohkdc wutcadog, wuttm- 
namun uiP)welu Malcus . 

1 1 Neit Jcfus unnau Peteroh,petaulh KUt- 
torkodteg pechehquogquoankanit , wuttit:- 
tamwaitch ne Nwih anumaiyeup, matta won 
nootattamooun > o t r- 

12 Neit matwaog, kah keenomp & JewU 
aninnebfuendog J tohquniog jeiufoh, kaii 

21 Ki^i ummonchanouh , negooi-.e ut 

TPcter ^um4!4aH Chrijlob 

Jobn. i^ PiUtmdtn/imUAH/mwAtchefemk^ 

' Annas ( newuuhe yeuob wuTcnnmuk Cai— 
phssoh ) uoh neroune lephamwaen nc kcd- 
rfChap 14 d K3h Caiphas Boh katifr.ont Jewfoh , 
11:50: n - vvuiinegep pa fyk woiketomp wuinnupsowo- 
iiaonk miilinninnuh 
15 s Kjih Simon Peter ncofiiksuau Jefufoh, 
# Mat. kah ne wonkvvutiuiien onkatuk netuhtuac— 
t^.jS. nin;, riQli netuhiadcn, pcwaheun regonnc fcp- 
■ laiiruaeiiinkah vteclepctutteaiTiau Jefusoh 
utvveekitnegonne Sepbanluaenin. 

3^ Qut Peter neepcu Tqu^pt-niut poqnod- 
cbik : neit ibhham onkiituk nehtuhtuenin neb 
wabecnchch ne£'Or,nelcpl-ai;iuh.cninj kah nah 
likkeiiccruh mriuv/ehlcauunutchth Iquant & 
fcLkuunni^u. Pcteroh. 

17 Ntit uuBkiq n^namvehteunk fquoant, 
unnau l-etcroh iunrunmisttakenpafuk yeu- 
oh wcbketorop \=tunneLuhtauaenurr.oh> nao- 
v;au rratta nen. 

18 Kali Vvuttinniimun.r!eunkjkr,fi aninnoh- 
i fu{.MioL''r)a.\vunntp«uwunr)e*;u,.jieg,;n(otah— 

Ccatrei' .ne.uuche tohkoi , kab auvvMuog, 
•5 kah reter ccweechekompsumco auwofu. 

1 9 Ntit negonnc rephauiu en natc^jf smau- 
au jeluibhpapaiirrt ukkodnttuhtaenuniUt , 
kc^-i^umeu iikkulikotftoinvvehteaonganit. 
2(^ JcTus vtt nampt^chamaii.-^Nen piuhtuk- 
eb kcnt'on muttack, narv^aiteae nukkuhkci?-- 
tonmhtesin Synsr,ogrui,ksh ut tcmplcjUttoh 
Jcvvfog n^gwutteae maie'h^uit » kah kcmeu, 
aiatta toh nulleu. 

2 1 Tobvvutch natflotomau'vveanjnatcotom- 
au neg npotiyeupanneg utt(h atiogkup , kuC 
ichy WiJbteauog utt 6h anyewaohaip. 

22 Kah yeu ano.vvadt , paluk aninnohCu-, 
en 11a noh ncepr^uut, togkomau J.etqiqli wun- 
tiuichep nc.WiU -, nekittln nampijohamadon 
ncgonr.e fephaufnenin ? 

^0, jeius vvunnampooliamaunhjmatchendc- 
*vaaU wauvvalh machukj qut wuuacyon tph- 
wutch togkomrri€U2ii. 
f Mat. 24 N?h Annas vvebwep.^pinae wntanof/- 

26. 5 7! teaiTiuneah en CaiphiLtut negonne lephamwa- 


2$ Kah S/imon Peter neepau auw&iui; re- 
/ M.-t. wajeh unnahettk ruan?nim3tia ken {.afuk 
2^.56. wunnerul:tur,enuraoh> nkqaenauv/ontamun 

■26 Paluk wuttinnurr.oh n??oane fephau- 
fuacn (^ nch wuLtinui]kun;oh> Veicr tArretAh- 
h*rriauun(bth wuttauotO Yoo\'r..\\ . Sunnum- 
n-ana ken ken .unnjopjUt tanobkctcaonganit 
nt'h weeche ; 

27 Neit I'eter w^nk ukqiienauwontamun, 
V'J^ ttrnvik monfh kuttrrwuu, 
> M«t. 28 h Neit momharaogJeil'S wutch Oi- 

27. 2. phas, en \veekit Pilate r ah nonip \?eu> i kah 
i KCxs,: nr:n natta pifutteauof g \vuli>tram<7^cngai'C 
lo.aS. weeriu>n-i]t,i(hkont nifiikeneunkhcoog , qut 

wch inrtrbwo? pjwnriUkiuutci'iopk. 
59 Ncic Pi Lie ibhhamia en^kahBydWau? 

Toh unnc'u rnauhcf conk k^cchc ycaoh paftrtf- 

tvan 5 

5') Wunn«mpflobamauofi kah wuttinuh , 
maita,raatckefcaf nucgkjmatta woh kuppad* 
tauuiu'cunnan anaquabtan. 

51 Neitpilatenah wuttinuh , nctrounok 
kah tip wufiunriok ncanomateog , newajoH 
Icwibg m^naliettit , niatta wunnegenninriM 
ho wan Vtn^ilicnnan®nut. 

0,2 k^ Onk woh ne wulfuonk Jefus pakod— l^Mat: 
cKe u nih, negonne miliohhogkup , toh pi(h 20.19. 
ane nyppuk. 

33/ Neit Pilate pctutreau wonk wuflit- ^ ^^^t. 
tumoe weetuorr.utjkah wehkonTiau JefuCoh, 27. II« 
kail wuttinuhj kt n ketafiijot ut t 

:;4 Jefus wunnan ptohairau.Yeu kuiiln ne* 
henwonthe 5 aiuh cnkatogig kuttugcunaous 
papaujnencen t 

35 Piiate \vunnamp£>t;haiT!au , reen Jew? 
nei^enwoncbe kuuhti/rom, kah negonne fep*^ 
- haufuenuog, nag kuppaftiLkquog nuhhot,kat » 
toh kutuiien 

^ 9^ jefus wunnarnptohamauchj Nutjf&o— 
tisnocnk mattaohtano yeu muttaohket.nut- 
aifffftamoonk ohtag yeu n uttaohket,nuttin— 
numog wobayeuwutteaogjonk matta nup- 
pafo4)wutieat)h Jewiut: qut yeuyeu nutaff(?#- 
tamornk matta ytu cytri-ounoh. 

^7 ISew^ieb unnont Pilate , neit ken ke— 
t2f]i?t;t ? Jefus wunnampct/bannauoh, ken kul^ 
llm necn ketalGot : ncwajeh neekeomp > yeu 
Wijehpeyoomp yeu muttaohkut : onk woh 
noDwauwam v\ unamuhkuteyeuo^oi>kj ni(h noh 
how^n (jfctaumalin vvuianomwayeuonganit j. 
noh ncotam r^c wadrsuatongquiTuonk. 

:58 Pilate wuttinuh, teaguas wanamuh— 
kutcyeuccuk ? kah yeu mahche no*wadt>foh- 
bom wonk en Jewfut^ kah wuttinuh , Matta 

nintiamteaiiau matcher^onk. 


:59 w Kut:.h:6mw()ci udecnk woh pafuk 27;!^ 
kuppobquanun-.auonuoiWcJo , ut paumukau- '' 
Uttuoneanit: newut.'bc unnrnat.amog woh 
kuppohqaanumauonunnw«7o Jewic ketaifoct? „ /^^^^ 

40 t Neit wame milhcntcv'waogjniJtJwaog a-ZiA, 
matta Yeuoh, qut Barahbas, kah Barabba* 

CHAP, xm^ :J Pil-tenew;^) neer«unau Jefus 3 <jMat, 
kah wuiiafamctjhwhoh, 27. 2^i 

2 Kah matvvjog ayimwog afinnekaufe 
cbetul^qurib, kah upf onamauoneau uppoh- 
kukqut 5 kih wutho^qunheoali mfque pctaf- 

; K^:k nonwaocTj katnaquompfunun Jewfe 
kttaliiotjkoh wuttogkomouh wusnutcheg— 

4 Newajeh Pilate wonk fohhog, kah nah 
wuttinuh, kafTch kuppaudiauwunneau ^ onk 
woh ki?£)wahteomw*a matta camteauoh^ ■ 

«; Neit Jefus fohh,->m,fhetuHqu3bc{u aGft- 
ntko : t ^ be luhquab, kah hogW mfque p^taf- 

movc(^og pHmmetmk^^mok^ lohn. if. u^.TtauJohtk^hkinmAukok^ 

fufhionk J kah Pilate wuttinuh, kuhkinncok 

6 Newutche negonne fcpliaufudcnungjkah 
tninn^hfuenuognauahettit, millionioewaogj 
i3i)<;waog i^ummetutikuppunok pummcrun— 
kuppunok, Pilatt? nah wuttinuh , Ncemunok 
kati pummetunkuppunok , newutche matta 
liimetcauoh macckelconk. 

7 Jewlbg wunnampijohamauouh, ntf#tniu 
Riituonganknun^kah iiaihpc nuttiiinaumatu- 
onganun tummubbooau nuppouonkj wunnaii-- 
inon;jhtcau wuhhogkuhutGodut. ^ . 

8 Newutche Pilate yc« n^utog, naBO wa- 

9 Kah wonk an wuiTittumwdckommuK- 
^utjkah unnau Jclufoh tunoh k<>oth ontfem } 
qut Jefus rtiaita wunnampootiamaiioh, 

10 Ncic Pilate wuttinuh , Matti kukkcn- 
•oicoh ? funnummatta kiJowahteauuoh, nuiah- 
tdn fntnuhkeonk kuppummcttuhkuppuiiau- 
ivununatj kah natahtoh meiiUiikciuoiiK Kup- 

n Jcfus wunnanapi^ohatiau matta wo'i 
kutahtotftfh mcnuhkctuonk a^euuhkone necn, 
kuttuma aninnumau.unamuk wutchkefuk-^ 
qut : ncw^jeh nah paudcunkqucan nuhhog , 
4n c ummatcherconk. 

12 Kah neit noochc i>ihte uKkod pohquoh- 
wliunob : qut Jewlbg milh6nt<;awaog:, n^owa- 
og Yeuorj wosketomp pohqu jhwauaaiL^matca 
k^owcetimpoou Caefar : tiowan koat^i il-a- 
tamvvehcjntwunhogkuh a^cuurionittue kc- 
n^cam Caefar. 

- I '^ Newaj Pilate yeu n(7*tog, fohhcowunau 
Jefuioh^ kaa nuinraatapvu wuAitt'^nnoe ap— 
puonginii, aeaytuofik uiro%veetaraaii pavre- 
Bientj qut Hebrewonrt?cwaonKGabbatna. 

14 .H.ahmoqiK-.gwoih'A'ee..tamoe pau.T.u.'C- 
auatu&nkkah nahen puhlhiquai ; kah unniU 
jewioh kuhkinneok kukketai!otftain£>i»mwaa 

15 C^tnig miihontoowaog , Monchanok 
nionchan ^k. , pummetonkuppunok , Filai-e 
nah wuttinuhj woh Ruppummetunkuppun u 
kukk^taifytftam^umwoo > negonae leph.iuiu- 
aenuog wunna npffhamau^uh, Maii* rwt/kj- 
taifc;£>t.'im Ufiii cmun webe Cael'ar , 


adt Jelus pummccunkuppui)6uut,kinikcyeQ- 
tfiJOiJtaiiat, kali tanuali'ukkuhwhfif'j Hebrew, 
Greek Kah Latinc ^ 

2 r Neit jcwle ncjonnc fephaufuenuog un- 
niog Pilateoh : Ahque wuiluhkouh JewLe ke- 
tailoot,qut nc wulfiionkjnccn jewfe keta \ojU 

22 i-'ilate nampo(7hom , t6h anfuhkhunn, 

2:j c Neit matwaog, mabchc pummetun- eMaf. 
kapnnauahcttit jclufoh, neemuiinunwog aj*^** 
wuthogfeotfongaih^kah wjyaiiut chippunnum- 
anaoaih, nilh noh matw^u noh wut^ihtauun, 
kah wonk uppctauwolhqulhionk : k:.h ne 
patauwo.l^qulliaonk; raatta ufqu^fioooh, nc- 

24 Newutche hcttuog, Ahque fohqun— 
nummuttuhj qut tmnahtaadtitteuh , lidw- 
an vvoh ahtunk , d wudukwhotik wah pok- 
kodche n nih.^ nohanycvvadtjNegchippui. 23 
numoadtuw )g nuthogkoi^ongaihjkah ne nap- 
pe tjUWjfqulhaonk wuttittaiiriohtaadiiii— 
iieau, newAJ m^itwaog yeuiii uifehectit. 

25 Neit nakiihke pu,n,netahkuppanoiig« 
anit neepao^j Jefu > ohkafjh, & ohkaf )h u n- 
miifef )h, :viary Cieopbas ummiaamwadbhj 
ka.i M try Magdalene. 

26 New.tche Jefu3naont ohkifoh, 8c noh 
ukkodiicfubtauwieniii noh kuhke neepjia 
ne wornmo-ionchc -jUinau ohkaiob,MittuiTi- 
woJis kuhkiniieau Ke.iaU non. 

27 NeJc unaau ukxodiietahtaaae'numoh ^ 
Ku jkiiineau kokas, Kah neit noocbc h _^wer, 
noh k vdneatuhiauaen wuanwcmunoh era 
weekit. , , ' 

38 Yeu mahchc nn^g, Jefuswahttunk wa- 
me leanteaqua iinilh kezteaufuaih , e noh 
wuJukwhonk woh po-kodche n nibantJowau, 

29 Ka!i ne poaamun wunnonganit vineg- 
er, vvunnurnwohtineau ipuiigut vin^^ger, kah 
ponaman leaa ut hyiop , kah uppotiama«6a*» 
cau wuitocnuc. 

y^ JeUis <JttUTiunMk vincger , noow^u^ 
Kctcadiu kah na^uanum uppuhkuk, kati 
21 Newai ]«wrog,ntwyi:che m6 quoquufh- 

e VM 
69. 2rt 

fcrew onttfjwaonganit Goigotha. 

£8 Newuttit 'pummetonkuppimawoneau, 
kah weei-hcneefuoh J aecntaeu pafuk , kah 
Jefus nalhauwe. , , ^ 

19 Kah Pilate wufluKhomwa] waha^ont , 
kah upponan:\un pummeton .apunonganlt, 8c 
tvulfukwhoiUc rr.o. jESUy\^ ilCH NAZA- 
• 20 Ytu wu^iikwhonk neit raonao?, Jewfj? 
wuto£ket;^ ,Haer>u , ncft^HLche a^eu@iik ut 

kah noh onkatog neh Wcechcpanmctjakap- 
unachch. . , _ - , - , 

:55 Qut paondhettit Jcfuroh , Kah naua^* 
hettit rnanche nuppotfi nvatta uppobqattah- 

hamauouh wuhkbntaih* 

^\ t ut pafuk matwau ukkosiukkebtsh- 
whoh ukquamihtugk , kjh teanuk ntwatcfe 
fobhaii'0(?nioci wfquebeunk, kah nippc 

j^ Kah uob nag, wiuWaUjBc ci)v^auwion% 
C c 4 wuaa#j«' 

ff/Vx ctKolk? 


12. 4^. 
^ PfaJ. 

c;4. 20. 
p. 10. 




4 Chap 
Si', 211 

onk v.oli ktonarr.ptarrivvctj. 

^6 Kevutche ytulh rnlb'^ei^: (li , j noh 
v'li* iikubf nk ;\oh pakodthennih , ^ n atia 
p':lh pof.H\=noch p:Uuk wuskon. - 

37 /; Kah wonk onkatcg wufTukwhcnk 
nrov^u N-p f ifh ummoninauooh Kehk6nuh' 

;8 7 K;h yeu n ahchenna^, jofeph Wut- 
ar?niatba, (noli ukkodnttiiht.Tenumoh jefus 
<jut kemtu quQ^.oau Jewfoh ) ncncmpaflum- 
su Pil;tob woh wutaniauronat wubh'-gkuh 
Jcfus;, kah Pilate ^(^nampisuoh, ncwajehpe— 
yofit nc cmunau vvu hhogkuk Jefus 

39 Na wonk uppeyanNicoderraS:, noone- 
gonne paohonup JefuToh nukoT]acu3& paud- 
jokenukkenaufu rny rre kah Aloes, papaume 
requt pali^kkeoe poundtuo. 

40 Neit necmunnaog wuhhcgkuhjefus, 
%-ch ctwcinagkinouh hall"iabponakinit,.nalh- 
pe fpicesj neahuilehettet Jewfog pofekir.ut- 

41 Neayeuonganit adtpiimiTietnnkapun- 
^uut ne abteau tancibketeaonk, kah ut tan- 
©hktteaonpanit wuske weenohkeyeuc^j ne- 
afquajm howan pofekincont. 

4 2 Newajeh na.pofekeRahettit Jefufob ne- 
vutcbe Jewfog ukquaqualhvveongane kefuk- 
kod, newutche weenobKe paTwobteau. 

NE week ntgorne kelukok peyau Mary 
Magdalen Bompoaeu , alh papefukokj 
en weenohkeetj kah kuhkinneam qufTuk am-^ wutcbe wccnobkeeto , 

2 Neit quogqueu peyacneau Simon Pc- 
terob, b kah onkato^efi kodnehtuhtauaenin 
neh Jefus wcmononcheh, kah nab vvuttinuh, 
Amaunaog Lord , wutch weenphkect > kah 
tatu rob ponahetiit. 

% Kev.'ajeh Peter fohhog kah noh onkatcg 
kodnetuhiauwiien, kah peyaog weencbkce, 

4 Kal^ neefwe quogque'og, kafi nob onka- 
tog kodnetubtaen nukkomauP-eterob, kah 
Cegonne peyau wcncbkeet. 

5. Kan naaufit, kah poufamit^ naum ha— 
fiabponagkenafl^ nefeeprin,qut matti up- 

6 Neit Simon Peter arukauont peyau , 
kab petuttesu vveenohket kah naumbdhab- 
IJon^gkenafl-i ne feeplln. 

7/Kah chill.kenitcbahhcu ne ohtagkr.p 
faP[:ubkukqut3 matta wectlLinnj/oh haihab- 
poriai^anit , vvee'fquanaufu (bifpeohteau. . 

8. Kelt pctutteau nob onkatuk kodnetub- 
tauaenlns noh negonnc peyomp wecnahkeek 
Ji:ah>nn aarnun, kah wunnarpptam. 

q. Newutche asquam wahteauog wufTuk-- 
^v'/ong..rn 3 nob mos wutch ompb keu wee- 
?• hkcct. 

ifi. Ncit kodnetubtauitenuGg monchc- 
au w nk en wcekuout. 

f olin, IQ Thomas chmanatamufl 

keetj mau, kah n-aug nauwofeu, kahfolkm-^ 

I pu weencl'ket. 

12. Kiih naau Vjeefioh angelfob wcmpe'— 
fucb ,appiic-g, paluk nppuJ-kiikqut , kah 
cnkaiuk wuflciit ne Tupfkup jelbs wubbcg. 

1 5 . Kah nrg wuttinouh, miituiuwofis, toh 
\vutcb mauan? Noh wuttinuh , newutche 
aroauijac g Nullordum-kah tatta ponabettit. 

14. Kah yeM zv.ovV!z6.t^ quafl^keii, kah na- 
auJtfusBcepokjkah matta wahteaucph nob 

15. Jefus wuttinuh mittumwoflTs toh— 
wutch rrauan? bcwan natinrieawhadt^ un* 
ncntog noh nanaweteunk tanohketeaonk , 
wutiinuh. Sir, amaunafah miifohhaniah tolv 
panas kah vvoh nutamaun. 

16 Jelus wuttinuhj Mary^ qulnnuppe— 
kompau kah wuttinubj Rabbynia ne.nauwutf 
tamun, Naliontimon. 

17. Jefus wuttinuh abque- muffunehj ne-* 
vvurche afquam nukkuhkukcoh en . noolhuc 
qut uhih neemat lit, kah nag us lien nukkuh- 
kukquem en Nwlh ut, koh^kenaau Kotlhoo- 
wout, kah enNummanittcsmut^kahKuinjna- 

18 Mary Magdalin peyau & wuttinnon kod- 
nebtuhtae'nuh wunnauaonk Sontimoh, kah 
yeulli wuttinnon ,fh. ^ Mark 

IQ. c Kah ne kefukok wanonkoocck , se j^ ,. 
weeke ncgonnekefukok, fquontama fl; kop * "*' 
haullk, kodnetuhtae'naog adt miae'nettit , 
qu4haongani)o Jewfob , Jefus peyau, kah na~ 
Ihaiic neepau, & nab wuttinuh, Wunoht/eagk 

20 Kahyeuanccwadc J nab wunnobtinuh ,, 
wunnutchegdh^kah uppeteagunit. Neit kod- 
netuhtaeuuog weej^ntamwog nauahetti? 

2 r Neit Jefas wonk wu ttinuh , Wunnoh- 
teagk, neane ann^Kjfit N^joil^^ne kuttinne dXioo" . - 

22 Kah yeu An^Jtjwadt, wunnaflianittauoh, \ 
Sc wutttnnh,attumunt(pk wunnee tupanatam- , 
weNalhaaanit. , 

29 (^.Howanigummatcbefe'onkanoafli ah- t/ Mafe 
quoantamaiiogjnagahquoantamauoneau.Kah i3; ig, 
.howanigummatchefe'onganodan^. matta ah — 
quoantamauff(?6g, nag njatta ribquoantamau— 

24 Q^ut Thomas nob pafuk nabo nt^^ao-< 
wutcbeg, ullbwcfu Dydamus , matta weet6? 
mub Jefus paont. 

25 Onkatog'gkodnetuhtauae'nuognewai 
unnahettit, nnramabcbt nauomun Lord; qut , 
wutfi/)uh , kuttumma naumon . kobkinnea-^ 
fimuk wultkohfit 5 wunnutclieganit , kah pe'- . 
"tauwon nuttimyhunitch ne adt kubkinnea-^ 
.linmk vvuhk(>biit,kah petauon nunnutch pe- - 

tcoganit, matta n^i)na'nptam(;,:)h.. 
26 Kah mahch^ niihiliwdfuk tabfliikquin- 
tiVok, wonk ukkodnetuht«enuinob moie'oh % 

, k^h. Thomas coweetoniuh 5 jefuc peyau ^ . 
I. (^u^ m^ry poquadcbc nepau iivccpoh- . f'^uoaiitami'lh l^obuauuk j kab. iwAiaiiwe nee- 

" " "^ ' ■ ^^^ 

Thomas xv^nmmptan^ John. aj« 

©an, kahnawau, wunnohteagk. 

27 Neit unnau llwmasohj paudtuniai 
kutiinwhunitch, kah naili nunnuuheeal]), 
kah pacltuniih kcnmcheg, k^h [etauulh imh- 
.peteaeuHitj.h^uc thananiluJhjqui wuhairp- 

talh. .,11 

2h Kuh Thomas wunnampoohamriuch kali 

ivutt inuh, NuUoi)lin»oi-n ^. Numn)i>nittcuni. 

29 JcUis wuitiriuh, 1 hv inas, iitwutvhe 

ktnach , ka n.imptam , vrunnanumoo? ivg 

matianaun.oogig, Kah one h wdi ampc..n Wog 

#iCbap: ^ <r Kah w.nkaiwganii), nonatiflikuh- 

ai-25* kinntaluongkniiih Jelus utiu nt an.-<|uabcnit 

ukkodneruhtacnunx-h, matta >eu adt wui- 

iukv^hoi.nogilh yeu wuUukvM onganit. 

31 >euiij wuuukvvholusllj , won koo- 
naiiii'tamwa jetus noh Chiift wui aumonuh 
Cod, kah uatlipe K<xnan.pLan oocngana. woh 
k«aahtaaunneau pomsntrtmoooiik uaiiipcoy- 

Ahche yeuiji n nag, jeius wonk naen- 
tauau ukiodiieiuntaenumohjOh^.uori- 
1 ehtahbaniaet 1 ibciiasakab )eu wuttinne 
©ahtuhkon \^uhhogkMh. 

2 Nag nrcc aj pupanneg Simon Peter , kah 
Thomas ulfowtiu byiiamns , kah Nathaniel 
llkCat a enG J le, ^ wunnaumonui Ztbidej 
& onkatogig n-eeiuob ukkodijcti hiiicnun<oh. 
^ Sinion . etei nib wutiii u 5 nooumog- 
quam : n^g wuttinouh jNeenan wouk Ka-- 
\veccbauniiun:un : iohhan.w-^g, kat. [ociuv^g 
teanuk kuhta nog^ut , kan ne m-hko^ wann^ 
teag nehcauooog... 

fohkcmwrn f^mfleffurKcg 


halhabpuh, WQnnumwapinricau mogkomml* 
qut.4'5 uequtpaiukoowog ts napanna tai (hin- 
ch^^g *< nilijuog , & Cwnau moac jj qutmatt* 

i/ Jciub nah v-utiinnh jPejok jneetfcek. 
Kah matta howan ukkodnetuhiaiiaenumoh 
tv.penumoo \vunnatonomcU(jni.t howan kcn^ 
wahteauhettit ytuoh l.of d. 

13 Neil jeiub] tyaUjkah ncemunnum pct- 
ukqunnunk k.h nah wntthmumauon ^ kab 
woiik namohlbh. 

14 Ncnafliwuniiook Jefus wuBaeebtafinat 
ukkodnetuht^enumoh > mahcbc omohkit 
ViUtch nuppunai. 

15 Neit mahcbcpoohettit, Jefus unnaii 
Sim»n i^eterobj Simon wunnaunionuh Jonas 
keowomauleh anue onk^eug * uuitihuh5nus 
Lordj koowahieoh koowomonooonk : wuitin- 
nuh, ibhkomma's nutU-tpfdmer.^g. 

16 "Wonk wuttinuh n hohtoeu , Simon 
wnnnaun^onuh Junas> koowomaurcb > wut- 
tinuh, mix Lord) kocwahtto;; ka wom^nih ^ 
wuttinan, iitbkommoos, nut-iheepfunjog. 

17 \\ uiLiuuhlhWudt nompc Simon wun» 
naunioimh jonss> koowom.auieh 5 Peter wut« 
tamantam iicwuicbe wutinnof; i/.wudf nom° 
pe, hcjuwoiiiauieh i kah wuttinu 'j Lord^kx). 
w*hic<?h warre teanteaqualhinilhjkc<?wabtLob 
koovvoiiionlhj jClus wuttinuh 5 lohkoramoftS 

lb Wunnamuhkut wiifiamuhkut kuttinfii, 
alii nunkompaean, kupputtukquob.^us, kah 
katton tct^ kod oan, qut kutchif; ezn , pilh 
Ku.lufnmbgkeijum kuppiaen ihjkab onkatuk 

4 C,ut non pubkifik 5 Jefus neepau kech- pilh kupputtukqubbpunuk, kah piih kuttil- 

cbippani, qutkodnttuhtaenaogniatta wab 
Ccaucxognoh Jeius. 

5 Ntit jeius nah wuttinnubj A^ukkiefog, 
kconiecch umimwoo ? wuniic^n.poDiiamo uoh ^ 

iv Uiiuk Ut ifehrr.o unnanatamoc* 

19 Yeu wutih eyinnauwuttamoooo uttSh 
pifii ane nup^uk, Ibhfumooenat Goduhj kah 
yeuana-wudtj witilnu'^jafunkah. 

20 Ncit Peter qu'-nuppekompauut, raau ^cftapa 
VXah nab vuttinub, llf« f} anuck boftabp hob kodnetuhtaenu a jeias womononcbeh, j ^^ l^-. 

»nninnobk6unnieu kubtoonoequt, kab woh afukaufu, noh ompatutTukup w )hpan gunit g^'^g.^ 
kensmpteatrw cx). N vvajeh ndilhaiuhettit,5t wuiinonkque mcetlinneat/kah ncxiwau. Lord 
mutu I. pcnumoOR ukknhpunnor.aoont 3 ne- bowan nob wanat'oonnakqite.^n ? 

I 21 Peter. naont unnaii ]eiusoh;>Lord,k:h 

tob yiuoh'pif]) uiien vvoskctomp ? 
I ■ 22" jefus v;utt2nuh/.iinnantGg il'-^b appit 
'■ na en nui^peyoiiiit woak^nc'tohkittinliukqun 

afuhk h KCxO. 
. ■' 23 Neit yeu noowionk hootunkquot ut 
j ooweemattincat, nob kodHctuhCau^eii matta 
pilh nuppoo, qut jefus muta v;urtinub5niat- 

«viUcberT!Utraanoc:og namobiog, 

7 Newajeh neb kcdnetvihiauwatSj Jefus 
H'omenontheh . unnau Leteroh nob Lord. 
Jveit - irRon Peter noctog neb Lord, pultuk- 
fiu bpuiiu wunnoo.tamogquaeu bcfkoornkj 
(newuttbc poskiifup) kah quebfhau. «n keh- 
liibhannet , . , , 

S Kah ^^nkatogig kodnetubtacnuog peya- 

o^ ur Vubtoono^ querns' fur ^newuttbe n aita ta pilh kenuppd'k \ qut, uraiitoena wutap- 
rioc fuko'Taoe , qut papaume pineat na en "wonk nuppeycn- tne toh Kittm 
rte^'traiukooiiliqua ookod^ wut.,atrameog hukqun. ' 24 Yeuoh nob kodnetubtau:lr* 
lia/I I'Dob raibpevUctnob fob, - noh w..uwodt yculhob^Sc yeuln oofukkunhum 

V Neit que nau p^abettit nur.'chkoTrtik 5 im (n.kah ncowal^teomun oowauwsonk wun- 
raomWQ2 nocbtau mobkaa^afn. & nari^hfog n mwom-o. '\ 25 h K--h onkstcg;^nilh ^Cbap. 
ji^-wut/pBi5i"nneau^kab petukqunncc!. !ra>n3taih Jefus ni^ afecbnb, n^fo wu 'uk 20. 3J. 

T- •efusni.b wuttinuh^ Psfcc^k nawbutch ^ -wbAhk niih noU pafuk, nuUenant.3m mutta - 
3ia cHcp;iKgpadtubwb^?jg. o' kit. nntta wob worrult nooi^lb n^fj] ^uf- 

M^i^ou Vsiey kBbkfebqicVJ; & kul pm\i:- lukwogan«ib wob -v^ 

V d ■■■' ^? 

'1 ,J I 

^ Chap. 

(^hriU v^i^hti en'(^fHk^*M ' The A&S0 f/^ias p^ftfur^ M^ttthUs pepgjfa^ 


timunatj kaH mittamwudiTog ooweechaiyc*- 
mouhj orik Mary oka i'oh Jelu>, kab wceche 
vveeoiiitoh . 

J5 Neit Peter neepau nde'u ut ukkodnc— 
tuhtaenumut, k«th noowau , ( ogkemon na^ 
moiepanne' neijut pafukcwoDOg nab ncelm— 
nehchag } 

16 Wosketompaog 5 kah ncematog , ycu 
wmlukwhontc moochc mos uii'enj d utti^eu *. Pfa?» 
wunnetupanatamwe NaOuuanit nalhpewut- 4^* 9* 
toonit David Aaoowop negoniie papaume ju- 
dasjuttiyeuwohmsncliauont nahoh tohaua. 

17 Newutche ra6 kooweetogkcemuttesn^- 
nap kah wutahtaunap yeia noutompeantamo- 
onk weeche kenaau. 

18 Neit ycuoh woskctomp taphum ohkc '^^ttj^ 
na/hpe matchefeac onkquatHnk onk panulh- ^7* ?» 
ont, paiUs/hau^ kah wame wunnoskafToti 

19 ^ Kah wame wadohkutcheg Jerufalern 
vvahteaunnneaa^ yowutche hcttamun neohke 
wuttmnontowionkaaooout Akeldama , yc« 
nauwuttamiin, mfqueheo ngaiie ohke. ^_^ , 

20 / Newutche wuOukwhdfu ut annooH- /Pi«'» 
hammaonganHe wairuhwaon^anit. Week o9:35» 
touulitchjkah mat howan weekittaraooutch> & ^^^ 
g hah onkatog aeemunitch wunnohtompean- i09'*' 

?/,,/y^^^"^^^e wutchc yeu23 weechogqucoa 
niiahke Lord jefus weecoraukqueogkup. 

22 Kutcheu wutch kutciiefTumrHuop John, 
no pajeh nc nan kefukok neemunnumontea- 
og paiuk mos pepenauon koowecche wauwu^ 
enuiinnanonuc wutomohkeonk. 

25 Kahpepenoowaogneefuoh, Jofeph uf- 
lowenah Bariahas , nahohtSeu oowdnov^ 
Juftus, k-ih Matthias. 

24 Kah nah peantamwog , kah noowaog , 
Ken Jenovah , koowahteoh wuttahhowsafii 
wame wosketompgjg , miilbhho.iiaiinnean 
uttoh en yeug neeiwe pepenoowadt. 

25 Onk woh neemunum yen nohtompean- 
togoontc, mcyea Juaas wanceunk newutche 
ummatchc'ieoak 3 onk woh au nehenwonchc 

^6 Kah wuttiLtanoht6uttinneau , kah pe* 
pc'naau ivUtchias kah .no weetogkemau nabo 
nequctiiooog Apoftlefocr. 

CHA p. ir. 

KAH paaumooui: kefukok Pentekol^,nag 
wamemoappuo^ paiukqunnuoo uiit- 

2 Kahtaiatje peyaumx) milhontoowomA) 
wutch kefukqutj on tuh ma':)l-.ccahlhik, kaU 
nunnvohceau %f ime wet uomut na aphettit. 

2 ^*k4>iliawoknclmeyii mecnanalh 6g^ 

6 tuke. 
24- 51- 


Ukkeztcoh negonne noofuk- 
kiihwhonk (woi Thcophilus) 
papaume wame Jefus kut- 
cheu naiitefwe uifeaeat kah 

2 No pajch kefukohkncadc 
mo tohihmatj mahctieu kc— 
■oonont ukkodnetuhtaenumoh pep^naon— 
cheh nalhpe naihauanictooh. 

15 Yen wonk nacihtauumpoh keteacu mah- 
che nupuk, nalhpe moBatalh wunamuhkutee 
kukkinneafuonganafl^ 3 wunnaouh yadnchag 
tikqarinu, kah vruttinndnafh wadcheayeii— 
©bgiih watafootamooonganitGod. 

4 Kah oovveecheniooomoh, wutatinoanuh 
naho?, ahquc oomoogk Jerufalern , qut pah- 
tucogkukquofhomuwaonkoolhoh, a uttiyea 

5 h Newutche wunnamuhkut John kut- 
chelluma!) nippe ? qut kenaau pifh kukke t— 
fiimumwoQ nalhpe wunnetupanatamwe Nalh- 
auanit, pafwcfe. 

6 Yowutche moe paahettit, wunnatootom- 
audoh, noowaogXord, yeuyeu wonk kenom- 
peenninaumau wutafotamoonk IfracI ^ 

7 Kah wattinuh nahog, Woh mo koowah- 
teaurawoo aquompak, kah tohuttoochcjUtti- 
yeu Wutoofhimaa adtahtunk nehenwonche 

8 Qut pilh kutactamunumiimwoo mcnuh- 
kcfuonkjm^hchu wunetupanatamwe NaiJuu- 
ank nukkuhkongqueogj & kenaau pifii noo- 
wau waenumog^naaeefwe ut Jcrufaiem , kah 
Judea, k;h Samaria, onk aongkouohkomuk. 

9 c Kah yeufliog anoowodr, moneauahet- 
titj tohlhinau kahmatokqs wulattamonohj 
mat wonk wunnaouh. 

10 Kah afpuhquac'hettit en kefukqaiug , 
afhpeitjkuTehjneluog wosketompaog c»wee- 
ehekompaumaoh womphogkouunaog. 

11 Keg wonk anoowacheg, Kenaau woske- 
tompaog Gafiiejtoh wutch nuhquae'og'kefuk- 
^uiea > Youoh nan Jeftu utttiyeu nemun— 
num'TionteAogkupen keiukqut, ne piih wut- 
tiniie peyoa, neane nauog au kefukq ic. 

12 Neicqulhkeog en jcrufaiem, wutche 
wadchuut hettamun Olivet , uttiyeu wuteh 
Jerufaicin f/ob-^t.': diyeu pomuiiiaonk. 

i^ Kah PL- urteahettic, auo;rwohqut, na 
wutagpimeau Peter, kah Jaaies, kah John,& 
Andre.v, PhilPp, &T; omas, BarthoIomevT, 
Se. Matth-w, James wunn^umonuh Alpheus, 
&Simon*Zelotesj 8c Juda^, weechaiofa Ja:>ie5 

14 Wa n • ye ig ne wuttaiinneau , p*fuk- 
1« ■; ttp;*ua.nmur^ |«h s^equc« 

fefiowe unnontoovfMg 

Chap: 1. ' Tcterukhhkootsrjimhtedonk^ 

quneunH^talh ncx)bt ut, & ukqtienipmneuh ^^^^'''^^ cowefuonk Jehovah pi^^ ^^d. 

4 Onk na?hog wame numw bctonkquog 
KanvuanitLooh,kah kurchc kutto wogpcno- 
wonc'^vvaongatialh , neaiie aiimnumauont 
halhauanit wunnontoowaonk. 

< Kah nna wudohkuteheg ut Jerufalem, 
Icwfog womontogi? peantamoonk , wutcti 
Kiihnoh wutoltimoin agwu keiukqut. 

6 Yeu nootunkwok, monichcg mocu pe- 
rau')^, moncham c.^.mvvog^newiuche nilb noh 
how.?,M wunnoot.ioiieau kekuttu nchcn- 
wonche wuttinnbtitcwwaongkancx). 

7 K:V(. wame naghog qucbquenauwantam- 


2 2 Kenaau woskctompao-g Tlrael, Hootam- 
ook yeufli kottoowoMf.aiulh. Jeius ut Naza- 
reth, woskcetomp,God oowowtenomuh kc- 
Hiigke kcnaauj nalhpo mifhanakauluonkufli j> 
monchanatamowonganafhj kah kahkinncal'u- 
oiiganafh, uttiyeulli God afcchilh kenugkc. 
kenaau neanc wahteauog. 

23 /\(«)wanut Fie^ne quolnawenanta^'i^o- 
vvonk 5 natwontamoonk kah negonne oowah- 
tcauoak God 5 kenaau kutohq'.innooop, kum- 

1 jnatchctowae kenutcheganooaih uppumme-*' 

* tohkuppunnae'ubj kahkcnuftau. 

*7 K\h wamenaphoe qucbquenauwaniam- _ lou^ui^i^uuim^uu, .^^ .^x.wv..,a-... 
J. l^h moTcl^^nat.mwog, eauug, KuHeh, I 24 God wutomohkinub wonk ompen^ 
?^^K^". ,, " ,„.n.^k^kM rtookonches uk- • wuttapimepunmoneaaib nuppooonk,newut-' 

iunnm tta yeug wame kekuttookontheg uk- 

^SKah to%hen nootauo^kut n*ifli noh pafuk 1 
Mt kutinlontoowaonganun uttohad nekeog i 

9 Parthimog, kah Medl'eg, & Elamitlog, 
Kah wudohkuti-heg ut Metopotamia^ & ju- . 
«iea . kah Cnppadocia, ut i^ontus kah Aha. ' 

I?. i'hrigia,kahPamphvlia,utEgipt, & 
Mt ohket L) bia nahen Cyrens, Kah penuwoh- 
jcaog wuUh Rome, Jewfogkah ^^rofelytsog. 

II Cretfo? Arabianlog, kenootaunnonog 

che nuppooonk woh mo ukkogk6unoh. 

25 Newutcbc David ooweadtimuh, d n?- d pfej^ 
gonainunnau Jehovah ngwutteaeu utana-- 16. g, 
quabeh, newutche noh nuttihohkounitj neii 

woh mitta nutontahteabu. 

26 Yowutchenuttah weekontamup, kah 
necnan weekontamup y kah wonk nco weyaus 
anwohfun utannoowounneat. 

27 Newutche m^tta kenugkonoh nukke» 
teahogkou chepiohkomuk ^ kah matta kut- 

rt Cretio"' Arabianloe, Kcnooiaunnouuij icaMUj,n.vju ci.cpxv»u.^v>i..uri , «.*ii .^^-v^ -"•- 
kekuttu ^2 kuitinnontoowaongnun mon- " tinanumoh kconeetupaiUtamwu naumun a« 
^y ,^m.«;nMnnkautuon2anaihGod. 1 ninnooonk. 


23 Ken kukkuhkootamaiap ketca?)nkane ' 
m?yadi5 ken kenurawohtah weekontamoonk, 

29 Woskctoropaogk'hneematog, puih- 
fuke ketookonti papaume « Patriark David, ^ ^ «^f> 
nuppooi, kah pofuhkinnQi ^ kah oDweenohkc ^' ^o* 
yeu ohteau yeu kefukok. ^ „|. - 

1^0 Yowutche / nohtompcarttogkawut, J ^ *^fc 
wahtcunkGod »«utchadchekeurB6©nk,wutch i^*'** 
ummeechummuonk wufTekanohtog neSunak 
weyausj piA^ HUtonakin Chriti:, appiri kutap- 

9 £ "Wunnaiimunadt yeu negonne wuffin— 
ner.pp.?paun[ie vvutomohkconk Chrift^ g uk- ^^"^» 
keteahogkonuh mfitta nukkoiinon^inahche- iO» l^* 
piohkomuk, kah ooweyaus matta naamcxjuh 
aninnoDWonk v 

0,1 Yeuoh JeTusGod wutoiTxOhKmopuh » 
yc'u w-me koowauwonan. ■ 

0,0, Yowutche tah&inat ut wuttinnohko- 
unitGod^kah aitumunon ukquftaumuwa- 
onkNafnauini.t, yeu wuffokanumun uttiyca 
naumog kah niDO tamos?. , 

7,\ Ntvvutcbe David matta uS^iptiunauke- 
fukqut, qut noowau, fc jehov^h wnrtinnoii t Vi^U^ 
Nurnmanittoom-, Aplb. ken mittinaobkoumt,^ no. i* 

^5 Kah nutaiieu kummttwomogj kutah- 

pamie'htuonk. •. ^ , , . , 

^6 yowutche wame Ifrael wahteaubetticfe 

ivunnamuhkutjunnoh jelus unnoh nohfliogi 

God wutaiytuob Lord kchChrift. 

. - 97 Noota^'mohettit yeu , konnukketau- 

- - woogwutahhrowout^unnadg Peter- &onka- 

chana tamwc wutanakauiuongauaih God. 

12 Onk nag wamu quehquen Bwantam- j 
vog,kah wutchannaantamupncau , uttuog, | 
tou nauwuttamomau yeu t 

12 Onkatogig mbmontauouh ,noowaogj 
fcus wnsketompaog kogkeeufl]ppamvvog. j 
14 Qut Peter neepauweechc nab onequt- ; 
tuoowoh,niilhontowau wu.tinuh nahogv K.e- 
naaa wosketompaog Judea, kah kenaau wa- 
nie wodohkeogUh Jerufalem^yeu wahteau- 
«x)k. k^' nootamcok nukkuttoowonganalh. 

i< Newutcbeyeugraattakogkeeulkppa- 
rooog nean anatamog , newutche webe qut 
Wi 16 rtQut ye'une anoowopquoniddtum- 
^i-S' ""^K^ift^ " n^h«a]ifh kefukkodtoTh , i 
!? : (nc^waulebovah^nAi'.rokanumauNunn.fha- ^ 
^^•^^ 6nkuhutwameweyaufut,&kenaumonaaog, . 
kah. kuttonncwr.ogpilh kuhKooromubtcaog, 
,kenunkomp6moowoog pid. naumwog- mona- 
tnaniuon-alb, kah kukkehtompamxoog pta. 

i8 Kamuffbkanuma^inaQ^auonguh^nut- 
tinnumut,kah nunkfquomog , ytu^i^ "t ke- 
fukodtalh ; kah pHh kuhkootomu.teaog. 

1 Kab nunnabtitteammoncbanat^jmoo- 

oroanalb^ ut ongkouwe kefukqut, kab kub- 

k hrneafuon^cnalh yeu muttaobket agwu^- 

Se^eunk kah r.cibtau, & pu -n^tau. 

20 fcNepaur p'llb ayeuo^ pobkenum,kah 

h JqeL pifh rfr'}';'t'"5,'T,hri 
l\i. gon.leu na mohfag kefukod Jehovah uppe-« 


a'msltoimtamwag monaog TheAdsJ 

og, toh woh kuctntrenin > 

38 NeitPeter wuttiaub nahog Aiuskoia- 
nacaiTKTokjkah kucchiiiumookniihiioh pafuk, 
oowefuonkanlt Jefus Chrill, ncwutdie aquo- 
antamwoak kummatcheieonganooiih^ & ke- 
nauiaios kut3Ctuinunumumvv>x> ummagoo- 
Oiik Nalhauanit. 

39 N.wucche qujfiuudtuonk , kut.ihu« 
Unneau, kah keneecnaaoowoogj & w^me mg 
liauappitchegjiieadcanihe wcchkomont Jeho- 
vah KummAiiittoomun. 

40 Kahnaflipj monatalh kiittoowongaft 
oovvauouah, kah waiFohkouh, noowau , Poh- 
quohwhuiicwk k.uhbf:>gka6og yeu wucch mat- 
checrtawe pocnetuonk. 

41 Neitnagaog vveKontamwu Attamiinum- 
^hettit -ikkutoowonganaih, k.itchiiTumoogj 
kah nekeiukok Ihwut muttartnunganogtvuira- 
eg mi iinnitinuog wcediaiyeiituog. 

4^ Kah u/nmcnjhkenununneau ukkuh- 
kootomiihtea ^n^^.n<x^ A^-oftlesoSj kah wuc- 
teahm !yeaun.,eau$ ibiiqunndmwog petui- 
^untieg mofcu, k ,h rnoeu peanta.iivvog. 

4:5 Aah niliinoh pafuk w<imc wabefuog: 
«ali Ai^oftlesog wututreneau monatfii iion- 
chanatAmwonganaih, ka n Kuhkinneaiuonga/h 

44 Kah wanne wanamptogig moiapp'iog,^ 
Wame teanreaqu-iiiniih aninaumau dtuog. 

45 Kah magooivogncadcahlhekhettitjkah 
tnaunachiafh kah watchadchapenumoatin- 
naoa[hniihnoh wuttin quena'-hikqanneau. 

4^ Katiaa^^wutteaeumoeog askefukoki/h 
peantamwaki)mukqut. kah foqunnuoiwo? 
pecokquunegonkye n wewetudmut. mecht 
wog mccbum laihpe wckoncamdonk , kah 
weechetahho^dcuonk. * 

4-7 Tabattantumauim God , kah Wame 
muintiiiiuogowdmuaouh. Kah Jehovah up- 
paioooh nano monaoh moiyeuwekomonffanit 
askeiuziokilhj niitg woh wodchanuc. hel. 
CH '^ P. I I I 

NE I T Peter kah John moncheog mo* 
eu en pe^ntimwakomukquta ut »e- 

2 Kah vvosketoaip , wehwepe'tu wutc'i 
j;^""^^^tHi^"?anit,tatiihinau,naoh ponit as- 
keiukokifli fquontamut peaatamvfakoimuk- 
qut, uroweumuri wunneetu, wenfhau ne- 
teaguaili nahog petuttaanutchch at temple. 
9 N.uon Peter k h John, pctuttcaog ut 
temple, cowenihamuh nctcaguas. 

4 Out P ter ummonneauoh,& Jolin, wut- 

«ntJ^^^^"''"°^"^^'^^^ "'^^^g» unnantam 
fiutattumunuTi nete guas 

tMiutihtaouun^qut ne ^htou, kittmniman. 
un.utooweluoagaait lefu.Chriftut Naza- 
reth neep u/h,kah^. 

kail wMfo^''""u "^",""'' ^^ ^^'i^t'nn'^hkounit, 
Kah wuta[hinu^,kih reinuk wufetilh kuh 


P^f^r k^hkootommh^m 

8 Kah quehfliau, necpau, pomnihau , dnk 
uppecnu wccliAauh ut temple , pomuihaa, 
4uehlhaUj tabaciancamauun God. 

9 Kati wa.n e miUinninnuo g , wunnauouh* 
pomuiiioa ka:: wwaiiuitioaGod. 

1 o Kati nnag 'wwaiieati yeuoh apeup wun- 
iieeiu fquontamm temple wenlh.u nctcug- » 
u«s 5 Kah nu.riwohtaog moiicnaaataaiooak, 
kan quenquenonc.natamounk neanbeic. 

2 1 Aah noochuinvvel'eLip necbkchitap wee- 
\ tomoau^cter kan jonn , \nmc miainnuog 

fnouih:<uog, uaoweramun. Soiomunsi 
upporchutn miiii monciianataJnwog. 
' 12 Kah Peter aagj, nam^oO:,aniauau mif— 
tmninnuh,iCcaauu liracl woskctompaog , 
toiiwutch munchanatamog yeu > aia toh- 
vvuich raonntciycog, uanaiiUiiiOji naihpe nc-. 
nenwonchc liUiiimeiiUhkeiuonganun , af* 
wunncpeaataaiuu.jii nutaium^nonan ycu^ii 
woikeiomp punmliiAOiik.'' 

13 ummaniaoonjoh Abraham^ & liaak,^ 
]f^oby Ummanit ^ moti kooihinnonoj quch— 
tianumau wunaaum jnun jclutuh, utayeuob 
kcnaau aioowunogRup,it^u kukohkoaaoowo- 
naup anaquabic i^iiate, ^naimmont noh a 

^4 ^ <:^t kenaau kukkolkonnooorawop 
wunncLupanatamweairt, kail UrapwcuUeae- <iMat& 
ni|ijkaijkuKkodtantaiiJunujcaunua:iliieaieaca 27. 2<^ 
^ 15 ii^iihkenuiiiawmwtomagukpoinantam* 
oonk, nnoh God omohkinoncheh wutch nup- 
punat, yeu w«tuwaog. 

16 Kill oowciu jnkj conamptamog cowe* 
iuonka wutaiumauoh yeub woskecou.pofi 
menuijkeluonk , «aoh keiw uucUog kalj 
waneog. nux, oonarap lamoonk uctiyeu anin- 
mimonkiUeog^anijinamauon yeu panauppu 
necskcnhe .nk-naqu^Deyog .^ wame. 

17 Kahyeuyeunecmatog , nutcinanaian^ 
Kutulienaous ^utch al'ootuonk , kah neafe- 
hecreup kenana nuaenumoodog. 

18 Qut ycu/ii God kuhkoocomunkqueo-' 
lit wutti7o:!0ow- ut wameukquoihodtuinwae- 
numoh, niih Ciiriil: woh arechiflii niih watufe 

r9 yowutckcaiuskoianatamook, & aum- 
uppekoinpaaooK, kommatcbefeonganalh'wof* 
jisknomunaflj , uttohadtcc-che peyau'BXug 
weekontam«>(?onk, wutch anaquabi jeh ..vah. 

2a Onk an^^nau Jefus Chri/t uttiyeuwoii 
ncgonne kohkc^t^romunkqueokup. 

y-i N noh kelukquafli woh attumunukqut 
nopajeh wu/hkehteauimk wame tcxjntea- 
qua/inui(h , uttiycu anjowop God tialhpe 
vtnttoonoooMt uame wuheetupanatamwe uk- 
quolhodtumwacnumoh wutch wuske kut- 
chijfik muttaok. 

22 6 Newutche Mofes wunnamuhkut uri- v Deift 
njukoofhJntionoh ,, Jehovah Kumm mtoom i8.t5„ 
P»m neepauufiau nohtompeantoe; wutch kee- chap. 
mstt<>^©nt niilTii ncdiiuifce, uofa pUh kenc/^-a- -7.37. ' 
au wan^c 


^fpetfikpnoHhFeteY&John Chap: 4^ 

woc;i peantamwog 


RU Watnc teanccaqu.^lin liii toll dnukqueog, 

2:5 Rah i'iih n nib;, u lii nob paiuK rnatCA 
noytctuonk yeuho'.j uohiompcaiiloych , pUh 
nuli^au vvuich keinK',£vC miilinuinnuut. 
24 I\ux , vvaiiie quolhodtumwucnuog wutcil 
S^muelj kaij yetui, auiaK6hlurchcii;5ne.idtah- 
ihuwartiukup , iiecacuppc iicgounc wuiliiiii- 
neauii yculhkeiukodt^iiJi. 

25 Kenaauwumieecnanoooh nohtompc-;iii- 
togigjk-4ii oonoo\\^AVJ,2inoO) uttiyeuayiniauun 
Gud KooUaiiinonog , c unnon Abraham j ut 

♦Gene. ittf<,sKiinnem wanjc iiiiwonioncneh ut ohkit 
I7r^%» wuniianumoog. 

26 uod umohkinont wunnaumonuh JeAis, 
negoanc wutano^uah en kuhhogkaout , woh 
kounaiiUtiiuiikoUj qumiuppiuont niih uuh pa- 
Juktfiin wuuh UinmaUheleonganit. 

C H A i^. llil. 
A H kdnccndhettitmiuinninnub, fep- 
h<iuruaenuojJ5& iiana*nu,ieni»i ut tem- 
I^ac, ixaii buddaces ukqueniauouh. 

2 ,„uiqu^ntaniiiettU;,ncvvauhe kuhko?-. 
tomauoog miiiniunuulijkah kuhkpotomauoog 
naiii^ejefus, wuiomonkeonR wuuh nup— 

3 KaH d nag wutohqunouh , kah wkkup- 
Ihagkinuuh lu wonk keldkok, ncwuuhc ycu- 
yeu vvuiiriOhkpcojk. 

4 Qitm-'naoi^nt^(;to£ig wuttinutxjwaonk 
^namptamuucauj kan ugkcmut woskctom— 
paog ino napanni ulhit nauttaftnunk. ^ 

5 oiih nnin nanompiinfc J nanaanuachek ^ 
kah Elderswg, Kah bcriosog. 

6 Kan Annas aegonne iepbaufuaen, kah 
Caiptias, kah John afi Aicx^Jider^kabncad- 
tafhauaa»gneg'>nac iephautuaen , moeog 
«t jefufalem. 

■/-- iva(= ponahettii naghog anaquabhettit, 
!iat<)t/tomauouh, Icagua menuhkefuonk, aia 
teagua wei'uonK. naihpe yen afeog. 

b NeliPettr narawoh(hau Naihauanitto , 
V'uttinuh, Kenaau nanaanuaog miiliiiainnu- 
OB> ^^ piihquttuinwo^ ut lir.-el. 

9 Nati)otomaieog yeu kcfukok notjwuna- 
fiakauiujngau neanhcitnotfchumweiit^ uttoh 
-en netakeheoii. 

I > Wanteauo(?kkenaau warnu, kah wame 

-Ifraei walateauhectich> naU:ipe oj wefuonk jc- 

fusChriftut I\az reth , n noh nofhogkup , 

11 nah God omc^hkinoncheh wutch nuppinat, 

naihpe n auh , ^euoh wosketomp neepauut 

_ ^ ncetskefu. 

Pla* n ^ Yeu qaiTuk rriifhanantamogkup , ke- 

I lb :2 2 jj^^y x^ekitteaenuof* uppuhkuk adnafliik oh- 

Matth. teau. 

ai,42, £2 K^hmatta woh toh wonk wcdchanit- 
tu^nganinno, n^wutche matta onk tuk we 
iuonk yeu it agwu kefukqut , rinitinv.mmon- 
teaog, uttiyeuwoh wadchanukque'cg. 

13 Naumohettitmatt3 qaflieeteLgeyenun 
Peter kah John , ksh wahtauahettit m.itta 

chaiiaiannvoj, wal.tcauog wceton-.aog Jefu* 
J 4 Rail iiauahcttiL vvobketompulv utiiycu 
neetsKehcuL o^wcechckompauinukoouh, ivnt- 
ta toh v*uttictamrnci.»unncau. 

15 j<.ah 6nahettit monchtk wutch moiC' 
ODi^iinii 3 n«tg keno^jnittuog moeu. 

16 iN(;ovvaog, 1 oh woh kUitiiihcuiinonog 
yeug vvosketomptog ? newutche vvauic v^oa- 
obkkchcg jeruialcni (^fWuhccuauaiieau^wut- 
uiieueau miin moachaniiiuonf^ 3 kah raacu 
woh uukohkohno(?wai:nnan. 

17 tiut iiliKont wuttmtamunnciu miiliii- 
ninuuog : menuhkeu qmLiiin^ntuhj auuta 
toh unnahhettit howan yeu ui weiuonKaaic, 

iS Onk nag ooweek-omonh , ukipai .chiouii 
nahog> loh uanot>on 3 aia kuhki;^ cpmulikon 
ciiwtiiionk Jelus. 

19 Quti^eter kak John Wunuamp^oham- 
ocuh 5 kati wuttinuhn*nog, tohhen tumpo! 
anaquabit God, kukkutikuttonteaneau mu^> 
chcke ncitGodjV^uiiittumcjuk Kenaau. 

20 Newutche n<»(?naiiumumun moacohein^ 
qut nuilinne .nunaih yeuih nanamagiih , kah 

2r Ncrachkuhonkquohtinahettit , wut- 
tinnanufnouhnoh nuthogK , reacta nameh— 
tca^jcog uttoh wohalpiananahetcit ni^wut- 
che ini annmnuog, newutche warae quttia- neonakup. 
22 iSewutche w:)skecomp m ^ yauunchagu=- 
kodtuwohko/nj& pura u^uctoh aat ncct^kcU 
haWae yeufuonchanacameounk iieniuimp. 

2 :j ' Kah ponunahettitj wonk moncheog e.i 
weciatcajnunganuvfoutj, kah wuttinnoneaM 
wane neanahcttic negonne fephauiuenuog 

24 Kah npotamohcttit weechetahheatue 
mifhont£?owaog en God, ka- noc^waog , Lord^ 
ken Manit, kclteunkup s-cfak kan niuttaok, 
k;h kehtoh kr.n wame neg noh apitcheg. , p.^ . 

23 ii Etwutt^onitkuttinuinOavidjkaili-Pj ^ ^ ^^"^^ 
To- i wutch heathen mutquantamohettis kah ^•*' 
miiinninnaog unnantamohcttis tahntJ^che. 

26 Santinidogycuutmattaonkit neepo-* 
ogj kah nanaa'nuenaog moeo;^ ayeuh)?.6aon 
Lord;, k h ayeu •kiJnon Ukchrirtimoa. 

27 Newutche wunnamuhkut ayeukondft 
wuiinettupanatamwu kenaumon jefus, I'aie- 
qunop, Herod , kah Poaiius l^ilate wceche 
GetK\ls5 kah woskeetompaog Ifraei moeog. 

28 Uflen uttoh "keiiutcheg kah lugonne 
kukkodteaqutteamowonk unnantamap yea 
pilh n nih. 

2 9 Kah yeuyeu Lord naifli _ iikquogqu.ih- 
toaongan6uih} kah aninumau kictinnuraog , 
woh ummenutikeunneau kuttinnoi/W.ionk, 

:5o Samogkinnurran kenutcheg neetskeha 
womcHmk-onk kukkinncaruonganalh & moa-> 
chaiitanT^wongaacfb woh nnaiyeuaibj oowc-- 
fron2;ault VvUnaeetupaaata;Tiwa kcmmnos 


'^ i K.^V'' paantamohettit,- ohke nir.iRukke 

Jn^fiUsc^r^Sdphirafat^mmci ^ The Afls. '^<ppk{vgfdquh\vhtirMii 

m .idtunnoebettit, ksh wrmenumwa- 
tttuiikquog uunnLCtufanaL^rriwe Nslliiua- 
nit, onk umn-enuhke uimesu wuttiniio.wa- 

22 OnkmonachciT Wiu-namptogig pafuk— 
qur uc;^ wutt.ibhou & pduka-t^t^ kcteahogkou, 
onk tnarc.jpuru- ii^jwau, ne teaguas ne oh- 
tunkj ytu nuLahfiiuonk;, qut w.memaumat- 
cl.ijciuiih nanwohtfaiilh. 

5'j -^ah merubke Apofrlesog wauwonau 
XvuiomohkuongLord jefus, kah mifli wnn- 
liectupanatamcwoLk wutappetunkqunneau. 
94 ^i^ghogmattapiircktiettaguasquena- 
iiukou newuuhe wame neg ohtunkig ohke , 
iioi u'ctuomaih n sr.unaoa/h , kah p, udtdog 
nc anoadtig nill^ n:aghcttichii%. 

55 Onk upponun.unaoall^ Apoftlcs wuf- 
iceiowout kah vvutiinnu-moatinnaoalli ho-- 

?6 Kah Joies, yeiioh A^o9i\ts uffowcnau 
fi^rnabas^ ^ne aRauiitiami,'4?mwuk , wunnau- 
rionuh vvuDnaiytuo.nk ) Levite , wiitohket 

57 ^btunkoh'kej nmmcgsn, kabpaudtoa 
teaugi J.S;, onk upponamuoaiii. Apofties wuf- 


C H A p. V, 

UT nob ivo.4ftoiiip ufTowefu Annanl^ 
^as, k..h Saphira L'mmittj?<riWu(Ioh, 
n ^,,"a iieadiar^aachafuadt, 

2 Kah nawhutch audtuhliaongano wad-, | 
cbanumuneau, kahummittamwuifoh cowah- 
te^iiuuurij onk nawbiitch uppaudtaunnati , : 
kah upponamunneau Apoiiles wuireetowout . 

3 i^}l teter wuttiniih, Ananias tohwutch < 
Hiartanit numwabit kutrahhut, panncowa- 
bcun vyunneetupanatannvu nafhauanit ,■ onk 
kw'wadchanum nawhutch ne an65dtik ohke 

4 NeabiGuan, rsatta iiootihe'inas? ©nk 
rabcbe magouon 5 kc^ribein > tohwhutch 
^ cu unnanatan-im Kurtahbut^ matta kuppan- 
i:!?o\\v.bcuh v.o:^Velcnipaog, qut IVlanit. 

5 Kab-Ananias no^jiog^'yeufh kuttct/wong- 
tmil'.^ kepfiau^ kah nuppt)C3 kah mill! wabc- 
iuonk wunuhkubkongqunau neg yeu^j Hi'e- 

d^ Kah. nunkcmpaognefpahctiit, vuttit- 
tuppa^Unouh^ unuroncbincuh uppofckinouh 

7 Onk 5 houres on petak , ummittam- 
VkTj(icb-p::6n5t; marta wcbteoig' tob 6n?g, 

8 Ieier\vurTiniih3 ii;iilphbcmab n^.agcjrcg 
<^'bkc )eu tcWi.cuj kah wuttii.uhj nux, nc 

S' NcitFetcrwuttinuh, .tbbwbutch wun- 
ricnijrcmu^g ..quubehhcitn Kalhaurn^t ? 
kul;Vh,vui:ectowcali) ne poiekins.cbcg ka- 
iiikob, appiirk TqicntaAiut, onk nie n.os 
KullcbwbunnqkcjiKg. - 

ro Kcit tcanuk kcpfbnuut vufTcetit-iah 
»>inT<t^Aab vniktniug pc^aiicg. >vunnam- 

kinoiih kiskc wafnkit. 
i II Kah mull wabcfkionk wunubkuhkoncr- 
qunau wame moeuweekomonganit, &nili% 
nc h pafuk nat;tog yenihcg. 

12 Kah wunniuchegaiT;ouf Apofllcs mo- 
natalii montbanatamoovvonganalh ke/leaii— 
iincfhut mid-nninnntii , onk w^eche- 
tahteoadtuog neg i'.pitcheg Solomon utup- 

. 13 Onkraatta onkatogig o^weetonouh, 
qut miilinninnuog nmiriC/nJianiimuiih. 

14 Onkmonaog c?i;namptoo jp cowecroma- 
uh, rnon:iog woskeetompaog k^.h mittam- 

15 Onk paGcwacg mabcbinanutcheb ma« 
lit, onk npponcub .^ppinncat, uttoh Peter 
pomufl-adt, onk woh wutchitchnhkomoh 
woh vmnnobkuhkongk(7,?6h nav/utche. 

I 16 Onk monacheg peyaog wutch o'otana- 
tu quinnuppcj nt JerufaKm, paijow.- gma- 
chinanutcheh, k^h neg wodtammehikqat- 
chegmatt4.-initto(?3 onk ntctskebeog wame. 

• 17 Kelt negonne fephaufuen reepan, k?h 
wame neg iveechaoncheg iirtiyeug Sadduces 
numwabetiinkqnograulqu.^nat^moonk ; 

18 WutohqunouhApoilks.kahkupihas. 

19 Qwt wutang.iriimoh.God. nukonaeii , 
wabll^.inum iquont.kah wuHohhor^wimob , 

■ wutnnuh, ' 
] 20 Moncbekj neepok peantamwakomiik- 

qut, kenconuk niiiiinninnuog, wame yculJi 
fomantamwae kutto^wonganiti'h. 
.21 Kah nwtamoh^ttit ne, petiitteao* ^ 
peantamwakomukqut nomp6aeu : onk kuh- 

■ Kcctomuhte^og, qutnegoisne lephaufuen, 
kah neg weccaonchcg, peyaog, kah webqut- 
tuog wame kenoonutteiiog, & waweneeon- 

-nc nananur-cheg IlVael, onk anp^tcammvo^ 
en kuppiihagkinnetuonkanit, nohben paudt 

22 Qut anlnnobfuaenuog paabettit, mat- 
U wunnainbeuh kuppifl.apkinnktuonoanit. 
qufJikeog wuttinnoneau nnbcg. , 

23 N'f^t)vaog,kuppifhi1-agkinr:uwai!pkom« 
uk menuiiku keppiiiiijagkinaiifu, kak^'nana- 
arnkcg kuppiirfi.agkinnuwangkomnk, nee- 
poog iqnontarrut , qut w*ohihi(rinumcg 
Iquontair.alh, mattanamhc^aumua howan a- 
nomuk kcmuk. 

24 Neit negonne repbaufutn, kah n-iik- 
quon-putpeantaniwakonr.ukqut, ka!, matik- 
Kenuog iephauluennog nc*t.,mobettit, cha- 
nant;::n,v.og uttoh a!e:n,t>oycu(7]. 

25 Ise;t pey.u pafuk wuctinnon n hho<>, 
iifi^vvai!, kiiirdi kupibagkinobpaf eg vvo^kc?! 
tomp:iog, nce^oog pe.n.t?n wakCn.Ckqut , 
kubk(otorrauoog mui.nniinu. 

26 Ntit nuirn i)Pquon-p, k haninnohfu- .< 
?^nucg n nrchcog, onk uppafuou^- manunU , 

.ncwi;t€U.quiJ.rc^> maiiKiiijinu^ilLi^orAqiif- ■. 

i 54i{ i \'< • 

f^attaitagummb ApoflUlo^ ■ Chap: 


27 Onkpilc»0waahettit> upponouh ana- 

quabiiciLit Koduaquttcam wcnuo^ , kali ne - 

goiuieiephauiucn wuiiiutyytom^uoli n.ihot^. 

3:$ Wutimutinaliug, n Suiiimiii-mitLa 

« Chap. kutninenuhKC mjectmmanihkduanoomuniioii- 

4; 18. us won matiA kuhkootomolucaucau ycu ut 

wcrauiikanic, k:ui kuileh^ KcnumwohLAomou 

Jerut-ilcm KukKuiikdotomuhteaoiii^kanooj oi>k 

kuctiuauaumwuoycu auppaudtouunaaii ycu- 

•n ycu Oi^iqhcouk. . 

29 Neit Peter kah onkaiogig Apoltles 
nampi^owholuog kiih iitfowaog, yeu none nut- 
tullenan utLoti*TiDowodtGod,nukkum matta 
uttoa anouwodt wosketomp. 

^o .vianittc?ijmoh kot-lhinnonuk wutomoh- 
k'muh jefus imnoh uiUhogkup , kah ktjywaoh- 
irtianoumetugquc. ,, . • 

j£ God wutohihinubutwuttninohkdnit, 
wuiiuntimohkonuhj pohquohwutluaen^anui- 
■umauon auskoianatimmtfoonk ut Ilraei , 8f, 
aquoncammoadtin matcheieonganalh. 

3'i Onk neenan oowauwae'numoh, & wonk 
Hamauauitj n noh anuaiaont God neh nod— 
wchcunkqutcheh. • 
5^ Ne notftainotiettitjtannogkuaimun wut- 
taahflewoaih, 5c Kukkinn«ynittaog nahunilu- 
ea t. 

g4 Neit pafuk neegau ukklnnoomttuong- 
anit. Pharife, ulFowelu Gamaleei. Naumatu-- 
ongane kuhkoacomuhteaeneuf?* uttiyeuoh 
iohwhunninnage Apoftlefog ohguirefe, 

35, wuttinuh natiog, Kenaau wosketom- 
papg liraeJ, iiunnukqailek kuhhogkaoog, toU 
snheog yeug woskeetompaog. 

36 Newutche negonaeu^ f heudas neepauj 
kali miiheheau aogkuh, imonaog ooweeehai— 
yeumduh , yauwudt pafuko^ijijwogjrno nuih- 
feu, kah wame weechaiyeumohpoh ^ nauwa— 
yeuog, oiik entuppayeog.* 
37 Ompetak;, Jadas ut Galile neepaujOmpe- 
teahettit , raonaoh cheeiimau ooweechdg- 
^tioti . yeuoh wonk nuihau j kah ne waoie 
WeeCiiogqutche nanwayeavvoh. , 

38 K^ea tiuttinnonnumwoo weogk^heaun- 
teog <3c anqhuk yeug vvosketompAa^) newut- 
^he yeu K:en<j(?nitLUonk afa anakauiumoiJUK oo- 
mooecwg woiKeiompauttu, woh matchaog- 

;59 i^it?t^m{Jc.'imkGodut5Wohmoh kup- 
f>iaiiuhceaunneaa 3 iikoni woh Kummiskora- 
itineauj kutayeuukonnaonkanoi? Q<36.* 
• 40 iCahooiii^awonnaoh.onk weekomahettit 
ApoitlttSj kah tatcogkoniahettiL ^ wuctinouh 
nahogjA'nque wonk raiilonuomook £l<JweiuaI;^ 
. Jeius, onk Wuttinnsnuint an noh nuihag, 

41 Onk nionciieog wutch keafȣ>nittnong- 
afiiCj muskouariat&rav/og 3 ncwutche wutta-- 
■ tupanunouh chequnehtamunat akodchuonk 
wuccU(?jvvceiuonk jefu 

que, kah .wctu<!'?'niit ?n»;cca wut.di-iuttcAmc^o- 
unncau kuhkootoiauhkonat, ^^kogkahkc^o/vu- 
nan papaume Jelus Chrut. 

* ' Chap. VI. 

ON K yeuih ut kelakodtalh monihettit 
KOdiKlulitacnuog , Grecians m^u- 
u...k.i4i^eunnaog Hebrews. Newucche wuao- 
kouiquiimiJtjoUj aiekefukokilh anuinaahetit , 
malta ooiamiinuinouh . 

■2 Neit nabo ne«Gt;'.vutcheg 3 weckomouh 
nahoh monanutcnt KodncLuhtacaumuh ^ kali 
wuttinuh ndhoh. Matta lapen.uakquttinnt^c;, 
nupponunaamauanwuuuia£>i;;va6nKGodj bl 

3 YowutcLe nceraatog j pepenok nefiufulc 
taliiuog wo5ketompat>g 3 wahwacenomat- 
wcNaihauanittoh, kah waantamuonk^yeug 
woh wunnanaunouh yeuhhog. 

4 c mt nummagumun nuhhogkanonog nag- 
vvutteaeupeantamunat, onk KuhkfftfCumuh— 
konat Vi'uttinijowaonk. 

5 Onk yeu n«>osvaonk vvuttapeneann«uneau 
wame munacheg, kah pepenowaog Stepienj, 
wosketomp nuniwabetunk wunnamptamoc?- 
\fonk kahwunneetupanatanRWu Nafhauanitj 
kah Phiilipj kah Prochorus^kahNicanor^kah 
Timon^ kah Pcrmenasj kah Nicolas^ eom An- 

6 Yeug upponouh anaqu3bh«<tit Apoltles 
kah paancan[iohettit.upponamauduh wunuuE- 

chegaaoaihe - -a- ^ 

7 Kah wuttimi^tjwaonk God nano mirn^St 
monacheg ukkodnccubLae'nurnoh nsno mo- 
naog, ut jerufalem^kah mcochequiliauog lep* 
tiauluenuogj nwiVcetogig <?enaiBpCuroo*'onK, 

8 Ovk Steven numwabetitunk £?(?namptarR0" 
onkj Kah menuhkefuonk, ulicu ^ mogkieuaih 
monchanataraowoaganaih et mUlianinaeuh- 

4 2 ^^U S5ktiuk<i?kiiu 3 pca.'itamw akds^uk^ j iaatu<^ak-. 

9 Neit neepauog nav/hutcbe ut Tyuagogj 
uuoweiu fyncigog ut Libertines, kah Cyrcm- 
ans/kan Aiexandrians;, k^hCyiicia^kaU Alia^ 
kc-kece£?hkauaog Stephen. ^ 

I o Kah matta wuccapeMumoaunncau nun- 
hen aiitUinehtamunat^iJi'Waans.amoonk j iCah 
NaihauanittcJfc'hj animiuiTiutjkqucche keu's?.!- 

I I Neit nag moolzimoo\vo% Vv^o^sk e torn pa - 
og, uccohant;..'v'/acheKjncotaUiia6nup kcif^n- 
Aau jiatphemac kuLtoowanganalh ayeauhkO' 
ae Molesj kah ayeuuiikone God. 

12 OnkkukKUttinaog muimainneUi, kali 
liidei-ij kar. Scnbs > kan wanuhka.%auo..ri 3 
.-vah wui:ohquiioun;,onkuppalt'tfouti kentft?aut- 

I :^ Onk pafcowaog pansioowacu vrauw^- 
nutche ucciy-^ug anoijwacheg, yeuoh wuiKe- 
tomp maitu aliqueteaoa n;;i)Wonac blai'^he— 
mac kuLteuWun-aiuihj ay euuhkone yeu pe- 
aniamWcikom-tiKqatp uiUi ayeuuhkoiie tiau-- 


1-4 Ntw^' 

Steven ks^f-jkcoiomuhteau 

14 Ncwutche noctaounncnup n^owop^yeu- 
5 iiK pi/i: cjoowunnum uhiuaongansiii, Moies 

^ 15 Onkwame pitcbegutkenfjonittuono- 
.ru rrorner.ualicttit, ncumw. g wuskefuk 
era uh wuskcluR Argel. ** 

Nc H A P. vir. 
i^it no.wa'u negonnc fephaufue'n. Sun 
yeuL. nni;ycu5L. ? 
2 Oi k n..vvau, wosketorrpaog, nemitog, 

cn ^,. nit^ n cer.i-;,.u koi>(i innonuh Abrrm , 

«» Gere: 

apit ut i\'.eiopQumi.^,neg<-naeu wadohkit 

z Nsh vvutJiniifi, ^ Sohhafii wutch kut- 
chKet k.h wutche kutt-nnorgkoni6btu, onk 
rc}aafhohketit,urtiyeu k.oi:ko.torr:auon. 
„r/r'-;f' v-'-^fohtuout Chaldeans , onk 
v^QtabiU Chr rr.inj onk na wutth, a>(j-.oh na- 
pULu, wutonialhDhen ne wedohkeup. 

5 Orkwiittii.nunnumsumaua ctfiohkee- 1. {anobkr^mrk, ;.f iratt- tob vv(.h po- 
m.kvviiileet, qm vkquofb.^umoh tvo; wut- 
tii:nunr:uiTi2un ns vvuttin wiitoLkeen i onk 
©I'll ncKit^ ?fqu,irn wanech nnui.neg. 

r u sol tc.uwng peruwct kc , onk 
jpnh hppzUowo't. niiinninnuunncat . onk 
UTn^waeu^'^''''''"'"^ ^^^"^ pa/uk.t^wii kod- 
7 Onk w'utobtTrroin adt rrifliiinifiubettk, 
n^ f "/f^'-^mocg-, noow; u God , kah oirpetak 

S\h u" . ' ^ ^- '^^^^ 4b/^ra wunnaumo. 
r i i}. M- i^l Uiiquoiquifi; h ihwoluk ad- 

. n^ciVoh ; r ,^f ^'^"^^ wunnaurronuh nabo 
., . .6: "^ Jii:Oh c6i]:tob wiuohtemocneunk. 

,,, 31. ^:' ^^'^;J'^^^^^f^'-^g--gJefephuhen 4ipt, 

■'37-2S: J^' ^-"^qTobquoFwhcnuhwutch wame 
^^Gcne. ',,'';J;„'-''!T"'^^'g'^"'f ^ onk wuttinnunnum- 

I fht V "■'''^' -^^-^ "^Jii* cnkapunn.onk, .^ .( Mc 
[^;- V;'^ ^''"^"^S ^atta mhkomc^cg meet- ' ^^ ^* 

/; Out r..->ror> Jakob, v/eatcbmiinnaoi, 

bu'? v,^ ';^''?obtoeu Jofeph wakeauwi- 

J Gene: 
17; 9. 

1 Geiie; 


17 out qwoihodtuonkpafwohtacj uttjveu 
quofh.unio God Abrrr. Job , n.i| n'Jog 
nanomona'prnne^urEgipt. *^ 

tamul. "^"^^^^^^^= > ukquihtinouh |omaS.. 

20 ;;; Utrob Ut Mofcs neek-s , k- h ;? nb^ « Ex»* 
cbe wunneecu, k^h t.nnetu co{h.h we.Mt , 2. 2. ^ 
niftnob nepauzoh. » Hcb- 

21 Onk Fgkenit, Pb^roh wutt^unoh 11:2^1 

^2 Kah MofeswunnetuhtPun w mc w.i, ut Egipt , • krh rrenuhkel« 
kutt..wong.'^nn,krfj wutuffeonpanit. 

23 Kah yaunehchagu koritumwobkoa, pe- 

wunnaumonub Ifr. el, ^ ^^ccjna^ua , 

24 *» Nauontpafukf^woskebeonneat uk- 
^^^^hj^koHuh«: neh ^ ^^^^^ 
waskheomukeh oak nuihau Egipte woske- 2:11;, 

25 Newutdie unnantamup weemztuh cc^ 
wahtamunin God wob.uppobquohwhunuh, 
n.lhpe wunnutcheganu. qut matta wahtam* 

f^ p Q\xt nawonk Vefukok wunnaertauh ,P^^^^ 
mekonetinir, kah kodtantam -womoneteh- '^' ^^' 
heun nahog, n^owau, Cbuh kmveemattitim- 
Weo tpi.wutch matchenebitieoo. 

27 C.utnQh machencheunr'^v/eetatteam- 
ungu, wunnebpohkounoh , nc^^wau , Howan 
kutayeug kenanaunneandnut 5 kih kcjafumin- - 
neanpnui > .. ♦ , 

28 Woh kenufl^h, neanheap Eo.iptian 
wannonkou ? ^ ^ - *=» ^ ' 

29 Neir Mofcs wufTeemo ycu anojwodt, 
onk penuwo; teaop ut Midian, onk naut nc- 
luoh wunn umonub. 

g Onk yaancbagu krydtumm.cuk, ts aExod 
(bnn.og, WnfangeHlimoh God wun- la 

::.Un, UttOUoh'^nmntnuf ,,► c:^-t _-rt 5* »• 

4 ..■ I : 
3 Gtr.c« 

pafnii/ajuii^y- , wucangeiinmoh God wun- 
naeihpmb, uttouohkomukqvit ut SinaKnaih- 
ne n.o' tail ut nepeunkquamir, 

3 f Mofc nag, Umnionchanat^mun.onk pa. 
iooiukog nau, utrin vvunna!i.TU:nc , t'owod- 
tiuwat Jnkqoifuouk Jehovab wunn^otamun. 

9 2 Ngov.^au, Ne«n arnmini ttoo nwo^ kooiTj* 
og, 'Jm iian!tC(j.).T,oh Abrara, onk Ujn-mnit- 
t(;c'moh Ci ak-, Ummmhtoomoh Jakob. Neif 
Mof-s nunnukfluu, onk matta po.^uhouaeu. 
^9 tveu J.-h wab wuttinuh,..n:ann(b kurxi- 

Kc i:.- ;n uv.-can wu,;,ii,.ctupa-acarr.;ve ohke. 
•^ 3-1 ^^»^ii4,u:njnu;iGa«i;aiJ4?tamaieunpiinni- 


4^ii$fhodtUfni»aennetAU4p i^sfei Chip. S* 

n h^uffi4^:^nonul\vloH% ^tevtH 

onkanou nummifllnn'mnumog aitcheg Eg'ipi: 
nunnt?<7tam wutahhaohhomtfowongancx? , onk 
nookem nuppohquohliunoogjyeuyeu peyauih, 
Icuttannoonfh en t'gipt. 

55 Veuoh Mofes dhquftnumahettkbe, a— 
n^owahettit, Howan kutayimonk nanaunae- 
fiiiun, Scwullittumwaenuun. YeuohGod ati- 
cc>n6nrhch nanaannuon kah pohquobwuiroo- 
on, nalbpewunnutcheganit Angel naeihta— 
un nepeuhquamut. 

^lExod 36 r Wuirohh(7owunub,mahchenahtitteadt 

7:9* monchanatamowonganafli 5 kah kuhkinnea- 
fuonganaih etohkeit Egipt.kah et mfque ke- 

/Exod tahhanet, /kahet touohkomuk yaunchagu 

1^:1 kodtumwaeu. 

37 Yeu n noh Mofes , an^^owop wunnau- 
monuhlfrael, t Jehovah piflikeneepaunum- 

1^ Deutt unkou quolhodtumwaen, keemattt^oout, iic- 
18; 15* aninneunkquiim, pifhkenootaau. 

38 « Yeuoh nagum ayup moyeuwcekom- 
u Exod onganit ut towohkomuk w.eeche Angel k^- 
19; 3: noonukqiuftie ut wad^huut Synai & weeche 

noolWnndnog, attumunum pomantamweu 
v^ulTuoBganalh God, Hittinnumontcanano- 

99. Ktfcfiiin watta wunotffweetauh , qut 

vfu(16wh6konaQh kah wuttahhouh quilhkcuh 


_ 40, C») tJnnaogi Aron ayimaincah ma- 

M?Exo. nittpog nunnegonukononkqunnanonut, nc- 

$*• ^* wutfhc yeuoh Mofes fohhoowu nukqueog 

wutSie Egypt matta n^wdaunnanonup ton 


41. Onk ayeaaog calfe yeu aquompakkah 
WufTephamauouh unncukontunkoh J 
onk wekontamwogwutanakaufuongano ct 
nehcmvoBche wunnut£hegan6ut* 
/ ft rt 42. NeitGod wutamaeibtluh, kah wun- 
m Aipo jiu^5nuh w6uhfumun wame anokqfoh x ne- 
5» *5? anfukwhofik oofukkuhwhonganooh quolhod- 
riimwaenuog. Woi kenaau Ifraele \yetU5fup 
kittinnumaiimwoo nohnfl^it pinafhim , kah 
fepheaufiiongafli yaonchage kodtumwaeu 
et touohkomukqut > 

4:5 Nuxj kuttittamiinumumwoo weetu 

Moledi 5 &anokqskummanittomoRemph- 

arl, nanneukontonkanog ayeuogig koowo— 

wuflumapog. onk kuttifibwunnumwoo ong- 

kouwe Babilon. 

44 Koo/hinnonog ahtoog wauwaongane_ 

-J , weetu, ut touohkomuk, neanoi)wop, kenf?a- 

^T^^^ non Mofes. \ ne pi(h wnttinteauun * uea- 

«5,40. finok. ^ "^ 

4f Uttiyeu (weetu) ntfofhinnonog naboh- 
t&e'kitcbegjpafwwaog weeche Jefus, wutoh- 
tn6utGentils, uttiyeuh God amaohhkobh- 
puh anaquabbett!t noofbunnanog no pajeh 
pomontog David. 

46 N noh masko? kitteamonteanatamo- 
wonk anaquabitGod, kodtantam namehteuii 
% iChr wtk Ummanittijomoh Jakob, 
27.i»i 47 aQutSQiomwffiWfifkcbkojwIlt i • 

48 et Out nob anuc qu?nunkquapit matta 
wutappein wetuomututtiyca ?.umug wutcn 
menutcheganic , neana>wop quolhudtum- 

(i Cbsp*^ 
17. 2V 

h Ifay. 

49 Kefuk h nutapappuonk , ianohkomuk 
nutobpann€htuonk,uttiyeu r/etu aiyiinaieog - , 

nojwau jehovjh,aiautiiycu ahhutanwohtm tC.ij*. 

5 f) Sunnum matta nunnutcbeg ukkcfteoo- 
unasycuih wame? , ^ , ,, 

<i Keaaau chetouwi kiiHittipukuncoo)- 
alh, kah matta qu6rquHeog<(h utketahhoo- 
wout, kah kuttauogkouwout , nagwuteacu 
kutaycuwfibkdnau wiinneetupanatamwu Na- 
ihauanit, koofiieuoogneafchcttit, nekuttuf- 

fenau. ^ , 

52 Uttiyeugquofbodtumwaenuog matta 
vyolk-heunkuppanneg koo(]nmnonoh,onk yeuh 
wunnulhouh negonaeu kohkoutvomuhteacheg 
piih wunnomwaeu uiTeaenin peyau. uttiyeu- 
wob winaffoomog, kah nafhog. 

55 Kutattumunnomwop naumatuonk 
Angels anumungqucog. qut mat kenannah- 

54* Yeu noDtamobettit konnu£kuttabwh6- 

; ogjkah wunnifhkonnebtoub. 

'' «55 Qut numwabetunk nafbauanittoh me- 
nuhkefpubquaeu en kefukqut , kah naum 
wulfobfomowonk God, kah Jefus neepau 
wuttinno bk6 uni t Go d . 

56 Kah ncowau kuffeh nunnaum kcfuk 
w6ihweemoo, onk wunaumonuh wofketomp 
neepau wuttinnohk6unit Gad. 

57 Neit wodtauwatongqiiiruo&, onkkup- 
pinnumwog wchtauogki?ceoaihiOiik ukqueen- 
tauoub moeu. 

$8 Wuflbhwobkonaoh wutch otanit, onk 
ukqufTukquantabwh&uh. onk wauwachik po- 
namwog hogkoDWonganafh wufleetit wulken 
ulFowefu Saule. 

59 Onk ukqu(Tukquontab\¥h&uh , paan-« 
tamauont God, kah anoowadt , Lord jtfus 
attumun »ukketcahogkou. 

60 Onk wunnumohkulTun, kah mifliantO'. 
wau,Lord abqucmebquoantafhyeu ummat- 
chefeonkano) j onk yeu mabche nojwadt. 

XZ' A H Saule oonoDWUnnaoh nobb^n nup- 
V^ puHat. Kah na aquomp^k miili wofke- 
Bttaonk ayuuhkonittue moyeuwehkom- 
ongank aphettit Jerufalem, kah wame nan^ 
wayenwog pannuppu ohkic Judea, tail Sa- 
maria, nont webe Apoftlefon^. 
2 Kah wnnamubkut paantogig-pSfiikkmaog 
Stephen & mocbeke wunneuanatamiinaoh, 

% Qiit Saule woll'i.ehc^au moj^euwebkom- 
onk, petutteau wetuomjib, kah wodt^ncbe- 
mont wnfketompuh , kah rrjttamwuiliiloh ^ 
ukkupfliagkinuh. • ' 

4 Yowutcbe nag nanwaccheg , nanoning, 
kah kuhkootom.whteaog. 

«i MeiC PliiUip aa otanit S a mar ia^ kah nk- 

Sifn:n ^^^hnlnmmm tt^i^^^f^ The Afla. • f^i% ukki^ff^m$h iunnA 


kuhk.x>tomauoh Chriitoh. 

6 Kaa ini-iiaiiiiiiiaog iiequttoowaog kcih- 
t^mua i^hillip toll anoowaacjwooumohcctic, j 
kail n.iu.iioneuit monchinacaraowjng-iiuUi 

7 Newatchc niihkeneunkcjutfitcheg mat- 
lanittowoj wodcauttungqullehcttitj wul- 
fohwhcetoagkcowjh kppecunkqaebetcictle j 
kah monaog'iunankliCLt;cgkih pohpcoquc-* 
ticcheg nceuikciicoog. 

8 Oat ru miai mUikiOuanaUmowonk na ut 

9 ^t na md pafuk wofkctomp uOowcfu 
Simon, uttiyeuoh nagonacu nc ouiiit, pau- 
wauup, onk pauw*nuiMau miilimuaauQ Sa- 
Biaria, ancx>wodc numniiiiu^kca. 

I o Uttiyiuli wame ioHtimaog kah woikc- 
tompaog Lonainp'taaouh , noowaog yeuoh 
miiugkea UtnmeuaUkeruoiiganit G id* 

II Oiik ooaampcaaoub newutche uppaua^ 
Runoa nauatic wuceh. 

12 Qut wanimptauahettit Phillip koh- 
kootumuhteanic w^idchicuugiih wucaflbo- 
tansooonganitGDd, & oowciuonganic Curift, 
ukkutfumoh nahoa woiketomp©h kah mit« 

15 Neit Simon wunnamptam wecchijonk 
kodch^flurriit, wcetomau i^hiUip , kah moa- 
chanatam, nag monchanatamowonganarh & 

14 Neitnojcaaiohettit Jcruraiefn Apof- 
tklog , Samaria attumuauoi wutcinnajwa- 
onk ood > anoonaog riah Peter kah John. 

15 Kah paahettit, uppcanta nwanii-.ouh 
nahoh, woh attumunaog N.^(hauanitto. 

16 Newutche afquam wunnuhkuhk^uoh , 
^fcbe kutchelFumoog ouwefuanganit Lord 

17 Neit upponaraau6uh wunnutchegan— 
till, onk attUiiiunaog Naiiiauanitto. 

18 Kah .Simon naoni newutche Apoftlet 
upponamauduh wuntiutcheganooafh , wun- 
neetupanatamwe Nalhauanit wutinnumma- 
uh; ukkodaninnumauoh teauguafh. 

19 Noowauaninnuinaicgk yeu menuhke- 
Tuonk liowan ponamauog nunnutchgalh 
wohattumunau Nalhiuanitto. 

20 Qut Peter wutcinuli.kuttcaugum koo- 
Weechs awakompanon , newutche kuttena- 
Qatam nmma?a};vonk God woh taphumon 

21 Matta nuhkootattauouuti ycu aunak 
newutche kuttab autta fampwelu ct anaqua- 

22 Yowatcheaiuikoiantafh ytu'kummat- 
fh^'leonk, kah pcantamau God , kittinnan- 
tamowonk utkuttahut, woh kutahqudan- 

23 Newutche nuanaumun koDW^(bgkln » 
kah kutahtagkupis matchcfeonk. 

24 Neit Simon wunnampooharaauoh kah 
' wuttiimh^Pcaatamwanii)«k|OQkwoh matta 

yeu^anoowacgiihwdh nunuhkon^koounaOi. 

25 Kah wauWdhectit^ k.h KubKouiamau* 
wahettit wuctinaouwiOiikGadjqaihkcog ca 
JcrBiaieraj kah pwrRukkuhkootomuhtcaog 
wunauach^oiaukaoak cutanamclit Samaria. 

26 Kaa wataageUvimoh God kcncunauli 
PhillipjOaiohkilhjaulh Sotnaieu^maiut wad» 
ihik JcjruValcn en G^za, louohkomukq .t. 

27 Onk oniohkcuKabmonchu, kail kuiTeh 
woiketomp watch Ethiopia, eunuch miifug* 
ken kccaaoutjwuttinnamoti Candacc Son^qs 
wucch Ethiopia w^dchiuuk wame wunnom* 
pakouunalb, pcyop ut jtruralem, waluman. 

28 Qjj<ihKeii,apit ut wuchariotlutBUt^ 
ogtietamap Kuya» quihodtumviacn* 

29 Neit nalhauanit uanau i^niilipoh pa(oo» 
fukau wecch-kicum yea u; tacuppe^uaiaum^ 


50 Kah Phillip ^unnontfliiu'i onk wun— 
nautauoh ogkeetamwoh isiayas nohtompean* 
tog) kah wuccinuh kjuwaut^-ima ae ag^ee* 
tamanh } 

91 Kah ncowau toh woh nutti n u(ftn,kit« 
tu ami howan Kuhkaotomaiit. Kah weh- 
^uetdmaatt Phillip aoa wactu ooweeiap- 

32 Wu lukwhonk uttoh igkee to3?, ycu, tt a iCilfu 
ragtcorapaguniu onatuh ihecpi mhlhic , kah 5 j;^ , 
cnatuh wuihttolhimo.a il.cp, maauni:fu . na • 
quabit amaunun;iun.;qat wutiiogkoowonk » 
raacta wo/hinnumoo wuttojn. 

53 Wutahhohpooonganit ,tuiittuniQOWOiik 
n;;emuimuinAdn : kah ii^waa Wv>h wahtJiad- 
tunk uppomc'cuwonk, nswucchc uppoyaiaa- 
t*;ii6Wonk ncsmuanuaiui wutche oukeit. 

34 Kah Kunuchnampa>hamauauPhiilip8 
kah njowau , Koowcehqueiu noulh , howtne 
kenoonau quoihodtumwacn, wuhhogkuh ? 
at a onk; toga nc ? 

95 Neit Phillip wafliinnumwuttoon, onk 
ukkutchc kuhkajtomiinkon yeu wuifuk— 
wnonk, onk ukkuhkoLjtomaaoh Jeiufoh> 

96 Onkneaahettit,peyaantta]Wognippe, 
kah Eunuch wuttinuh , If eu nippe, tcaguas 
nootcmmehik onk woh nukkuttumit. 

37 Kah wuttinuh, Phillip wunnamptama« 
wame kutahut, woh n nih. Onk wunnampoo- 
hani3U;h, ncuwau noonamptam, nnoh ]efu« 
Chriil wunnaumonuh God 

^i Onk unnau (wuttinnumoh)chcqunoh» 
tag tatupequSnumuk. Kah noukeog en nip« 
pckontu, Phillip kahEuaurh > oak ukket--* 

^9 Onk wamohcttitnippekontu, Naihau* 
tnit nulhpiihau PhiUipoh > Eunuch mart* 
wonk wunnauohjonkmonchu muikouantanj 

40 Qut Pniliip namehhcaa ut Azotu$,onk 
panupwufhadt^kuhkoDtomuhceau ut vfgme^ 
otanalh toh paje paont Ccl'area. 

ON K Saul quogquoht6adc kih nahim- 
ih^aaU ukkodiietiihtacttumoh Chrtil , 

S^atqnnnit^^tksf^f^H eed»t Ct*p : p. 4«i^«f<i>«w*"£/M««f I)^»f4;i« 

2 Ukkodtantamauoh wu;rukwho«gan.ilH 
iruttiniiinuUtrunat en DamalkuLut,ut Syna- 
*og, namchhcont howane ycuhoC , wolKe- 
tomp^hikfamittamwuiliUoh, onkwoh up- 
pafoooh tattogkupp!ttuoh,ut jeruUlcm. 

2 Onk aont, pakoiuKom DamrJKus , onk 
tiatchcwofuoiowonk wuich kcfukqut qj- 

4 Kah punifhaucn oKkcit, k.h noDtam 
WadtauatongqucK, noowau Saulc Saulc, toft- 
wutch woikencWcii). 

< Kab wutiip«h^Howan kcnNummanit- 
tcum ? Kah God nooWau, Necn jeius uttoh 
frolkhcidt, fiohkod Kuilogki«hkon.un uttoh 

^rOnknSnukkrfiiont, kah mondanatcg 
%ruttJnuH, Lord> lob Kutinanureh uflilh,k^h 
wuttim li Manit, ( mohkilh ufli outanit, onk 
iuttJtttpn tohwob aftan- 

7 OnkwoflietOTpaog wcechsuorcfieg n^- 
rauoe Kuppshham uoog,n<jotam6hettit;Wut- 
tauatoi gquiTiionk , qut nistta n^uabcttcg 

8 Onk Sc 111 orobku wutch ohkeit , rrk 

iruik.erwkqu? ih vi ihwemocuk, mstta nasoii ^ 
lidvane, qut vunifkcrrpanouh , kah wppa- 
fouw6i:h Dairalku'lut. 

9 Onk nUi.fhikquinnc pcgkemw > fratta 
Bicctfu afuh wtirtt'.iroL- 
in Onk n. rokodncl tubtaenumcnutDsm- 
silius uffawciu / n;inias: onk wutti »b Ma- 
rit ut n-oRan-anfrncat^/'.nanissj Kth wut- 
ftinuh necn ycu Maoir. 

II Kth N'^anii vfutt iiiub Omobkifh , aulh 
«ai.rjyog uflRuWetsmun StrcUgbi^kah natoo- 
tomubtean. ut weeUt Juda» ptfuk uCfcwe- 
elu Sau'cv^utchlarfws^ newuteric Kulicfa 

f2 K b riuont fronamanfinnc t voiV- 
tompuh, uiiowefu Ananias, pe uteauoh , 
©nk ttpponamunkquoh wunnutchegrnafh , 
«nk woh fttumurum wunnaumowonk.^ 

I a Ncit Ananias wunnampoDbaTrauob , 
t^anitv nsrCDtamunip yeHoh wolk.etomp , 
moodickut toS v/uttin nukkuhcjue u ren 
^voik^b i: vr oitk KounciuppanatawmoLmog ^ 
ait Jerufaicm. 

Id Onk yeuut snnDte'mooonk ^mabt^iin 
Hutch ncgonne Seph^ufuenuut, tatt?gkup- 
pinHQri wame wecqnttuMg kooWefuonk. 

1$ Out Manit wuttinub, monrhifb, ne— 
^utch yeu penerarrowe ou#'ibteAonk UiTon- 
twcta^'un necwcfuonkanaqn.bhertit Gcntil- 
fog onk kctaflcDtamwog, onk wunnaumonuh 
Ifrael, . , . 

1 6 Newutche ni^kVubkoDtrtmau toh mo- 
gag-(]T^uttammcbpnnnion^a(h piih attuno- 
anukilh, wutche nGOwefnonik. 

17 Onk Ananias monchu , petutreau we^ 
a«inttmt, kah poaaaui«Al ^wwiaittdi^»J»ih 

Bcx)waa ntcmat ?aule ^ Vanit , ( ncanc 
Jcfus nacbtunkqucan ut mryut, v.t w- n?,n ) 
niuannoonuk, onk wob Kuiktumunum kc— 
naumowonk, onk woh kcnum^»2bchtl.nk 
Nalhaiianit. ,. , , 

rR Kab tcanuk onatuh wubliogkunk pa- 
nuthabettitv^utch wuikdukqut, kab (canuk 
attumunum naun.owonk, onk ofoohku, onk 
kutchiiiumau. , 

1 9 Onk nK^ctfit, menubkcru^neit paiwiflu 
wcetomau kcdnctuhtaenuok , apiichcg ut 
Damaikus, , ^. .- 

20 Onk tcanuk kul kcotumubteau Chrift- 
ob, ut SynagogSj unnoh wunnauinonuh God, 

21 Qut wame noutaondiCg nvondara— 
tamwog, kab nouwaop;, funnummatra ytu ih 
pguafnupnabhog weequtukop ycu wtiuonk 
wt Jerufalem, ksb newutdie pcyaU; W(.h up- 
palJOLcub tattabkupinoub en ncgonne i'cp- 

22. Qut SjuIc nano wenubkefu jkah wo- 
V'unomwabcuh Jexvfoh aichcg ut Diir-aftHJ, 
wauwdn ycuob Chrift.f 

2CJ Crrpetakjewrog kcnooriUtfiOg ntwut 
lin|hon?ont. , i » T ii 2 t«t 

24 tf aut Saul wabtcou aikubw^ork, kab " 
alkuhwlontan wof fqHrantaff.ilh heiukcdi- ' * 
cu kab r.ukonaeu nulkoiiat. 

'25 Ncit kodnctubtaenueg wurneiruncuh 
rubkonaeu, kab uppunncmpanowh ut pum— 
mcntiJtUttkinit, ut nranoLtat. 

16 Kah Saul paont Jerufalemj qutd ch» 
teau wctchaiyeun-on kodnefphtj^e'nucgj qu« 
wamc ukquibcub, kab m? tta wunwannptami- 
eg nob kodnctubtacnin, 

27 CutBatrtb2S wunntTUnob uppafw 
oh ut Aponielut onk wutlinub nrhog ^ toh- 
aben nr.uont Cbril ob ut msyut. onk ukkin« 
roLnoh, 01k. rrenubkekoutomwehteau taS 
D?rraf<us. ocweefuonk Jcfu«* 

29, Ork ooweechaiyeumob petutte^hcttxi* 
kah fobamohettitot Jerufalcnu 

29 Kab menubkc ku'^cLtomwebteau 00 
wefuonk 1 ord Jcfusjonk wowUnnonr.wahcuk 
Oreciansj.rut^Uod .ulirub. 

30 Wecmstoh wahtc. uunit, nppafcoouk 
ut Cefaria, onk wutaraniub utTarfus. 

51 Neit mryrUWceko!> cnk anwohfin paft» 
nuppu warrc judea^ ka'- Galite,S tTiat4ii,kak 
nano -r<D"hckc vunnc1?tupanatsmvfog , k^b 
parruilnaontamohettit qull-.sonkanit Manit^ 
Ish Taphuaeu wunrictnppanatamwe Kall^a- 
U nir, miib.cbhfaog. 

:52 Onk nnih, Pettr pSmuHiadt, w^p^e 
oMcit,peyaiinau warectupanatogig wodoh* 
kitdieS lit Lydda. 

^7, Kah raut nimrbcsn woll^eton pub uP 

fbwefu Eneas, ftcpHn wutapinneat ihwofiik 

tah/liit kodtumwaei hab nanunkqiiHu. 

24 Kah Peter wuttinub, Fheas, jefus C'rifk 

^ kcactlA^cbik ©Hi^hkifh wunnchtcaih kuttap- 


Teur ketfA^eau Dork^^fols The Adse ^eter ut monemanfirnHM 

piiij kah tcaouk omohkcu. 

35 Kahvvame wodohkitchsg Lydda kah 
Saroii, wunnauouh , kah qninnuppeog en 

36 Na mo kodnetuhta^nin ut Joppa, uf- 
fowefuTabithaj toh anatamoomaoug Uorkas 
yeuoh mictamwuifis ahtou monaaih wunna- 
nakaufuonganaih, kah nanouwc ma'^oowoii- 
ganaih wucuiieaafh. ** 

^ 37 Onk nnih na aquompak mahchiaaus 
kah nuppco : kah kodchilTumahcttic, uppo- 
couh wohqut weccuomut. 

38 Onk LyddapaiTwohteau Joppa , kah 
kodnetuhtaeiiuog naotamdhcttit Peter na 
wutappen^ anoDnaog nceiooQh wolkctompuh 
nain: kodutitamwog n^wuttb peyonat 
teatiuk. ^ ^ 

39 Neit Peter neepaukah oowecchauoh, 
kati paonitj uppafoDwouh wohqut wcetuo- 
mutj kah wame iekaufquaog ooweechekom- 
paviouhj mauog ;, wunnahtuhkonaoalh hog- 
kaoonganalh, aukupafh ne pamontog. 

40 Qut Peter wufrohhoDkauoh wamu 5 
wunamukuhffin, peancam, kah quanukikkom- 
paut eti muhhogkadt, noowauTabitha om- 
ohkifh, onk wohflVmum vvuOicrukquaflj , kah 
nauontPeteroh nummatappu, 

41 Kah wutrogkeneciianoh 5 wutafliinuh 
kah weekomont waneetupaaatamunutclieb' 
kah iekaulquohj wunahtuhkonuh keteau. 

42 Kah wahteaunpannuppu ut joppajkah 
fiionaog wunnamptamwog Chriftoh. 

43 Onk n nih na wuttaiin raoochctikqun- 
Hu ut Joppa, wcetomau Simon poanckoowc- 


NA mo wollicronp ut Cefarea ufTowcfu 
Cornelius, nequtparukoooj ut Italian 

2 Ahchewunneetou,qufhau GodjWecche 
¥ramc weekitjinumaont moodleke milllnnin- 
nuhj peantaraauau God nagwutteaeu. 

3 Pahke naau ut monaraanfinneat nSma- 
tiahquodt, vvutangelumoh God uppeyaonuk- 
quohj kah wuttinukquoh, Cornelius. 

4 K.vh monneauonr, wabefu, kah noowau, 
Teaguas Lord. Kah wuttinuh , kup- 
peantamowongan^fh &nanauwemaga^aniih | 

5 Teuycu annaos wolkctompaog en Joppa, 
kah weehkom Simon ulibweru Pater. 

6 Appu Symon weekit poanekoowcninnu, 
*veek ohteau ki/ke ketahhannet , n n^h woh 
Kuttugqun toh woh afean, 

7 Kah Angcl k6n(X)nont Cornelms,ama)it, 
wefkon'au ncefuoh wutayeuvvutteomuh ut 
weekit, kah mcnubke peantamwacnuog , naj 
Wcetomoncheg nagwutteaeu. 

8 Kah inont wamc yeufhoh^vvutannoonuh 
en Joppa. 

9 NanoB^pulcp neftahettit, Iwb pirgDfuk- 

omhettit a tan,Petcr all wolUechc wcetuom* 
ut peantam puhihaquodt* 

10 OnkwulTaumekodtuppacx, onk kod- 
taiitara meetfin,qut nag nanalhwunnumhettic 
pcnuihau ut monamanfinneat^ 

1 1 Naum kcfuk woihwccmo « kah awoh- 
tcaonk wunncDketonkqun , onatuh mohfag 
monak, allipiffik neadt nahnaag, onk nouke- 
ma> «t ohkeir, 

12 Uttiycu aphcttit yiogkontonchcg mnt 
taohkc'e puppinnalhimwog > onk touohkom- 
ukwe puppinaihim,kah pohpomSmpakcchegj 
kah raamahchekelukauc papinfhaog. 

1 3 Kah wuttauatonkquifuonk uppcyoqu*. 
Omohkifii Peter, nufh, mcetfiih. 

14 Qut Peter wuttinuh, Matta ne Hano, 
NummanittGom ncwutcha afquam nummc€« 
chu ne quahtinnittimuk. 

15 Onk wadtauatonkqufluonk nahohtoew 
konoonont, uttiyeu God pahketunkup,ahqu« 
weehqutufh quahtinnittimuk. 

16 Yeu n nih nilhwudt nompff, onk oh— 
wohteaonk wonk afpinnuraun en kofukqut. 

17 Aunnantog Peter uttiyeu anatamcomoa 
yeu monamanfuonk , kulTeh nag waiketom', 
paog anconutcheg wutch Cornelius, natoo— 
tamuhteahpanneg wck Simon, kah neepoog 

18 Kah wcequttcamoDwog, kah narootam* 
6hteaog Simoa uiToweu Ptterycu wutappin? 

19 Peter natwontog monamanfuonk Na- 
ihauanit wuttinuh, Kuffeh, niihihuog wos- 
ketompaog kenatinneahukquog. 

20 Omohkilh yowutchenokiih »weechati 
naghok, ahque chanantaih newutchenutan- 

21 Neit Peter wumiookehtlluh itioonut- 
die en wuhhogket wutch Cornelius, kati 
wuttinuh,Kuffeh nen Hatinneahwheyog,toh- 
wutch peyaok. 

22 Noawaog, Cornelias ncqutpafukooao 
wunnomwuufTeaeH, kah qulhau God , waee- 
noraou wame wutahtuout Jewfog , wutam- 
omah God na/hpe Angel, keneemlkonteanit 
en wcckit, kah nootamunat kuttinnouwaonk* 

23 Neit nah oowchkomuh, nekouenetu,li: 
mohtompog ooweechauh nahog Peter , kah 
nawhutch ajweematiuneunk oyweechsiouh 
wutch Joppa. 

24 Kah nanompuk peyauog Ccfarea, k^h 
Cornelius uppaheuh, onk marcahrhe we^h- 
ko.-nop aniinkomondie, kah weetompuh. 

25 Kah Peter petutteadt, Cornelius wun- 
nogi.kouohj onk keplhau ut wudetit ^ oowo- 

26 Qiit Peter Wnnneemuhuh , WHttintih 
Neepaufh, ncen Webewoikctomp. 

27 Kah keketa'kahettit petucteau , na- 
mchheau monaoh neg moeu paoncheg. 

28 Kah wuttinuh nahog, kdjwahteauiin- 
neau,matta wuunegcnninno wnlkeromp Jew 
wectomuon^ara peya^uon cnkatogane? wuc- 



ihtemonc6nk: qut God nukkuhkootomunk , 
i»atta howan weekomonat quahtinnittimuk 

29 Nc wajch teaiiuk pcyaonnun, matia 
nukkiniioatamooun, anouttcamwean, newut- 
Che kciutootomauwonumwcDjtohwutcn an- 
outeamwcyog en nuhhogkct ? . 

ao Kah Cornelius aiiGOwadt yaoquinog- 
kodtjiiutahquemectfiponk yeu loh padche 
howcr,kahno6hquodt nuppeancam utnekit, 
kali kuileh woikctomp neepau anaquabeh> 
wutogkouunaih wohrumootncD. 
- ai Kah nouwaUjCorncliuss kuppcantam- 
4 wonk nootamun, kah kcnnannouwc reasoo- 
wonganaib ummchquantamuuaih anaquaUit 

%* Annootcamlh en ]oppa,weckoin Simoa 
uffowefu Pcur> wutappia wcekit Simon po- 
anc'kuwcninnu, wccku kifhkc kctahhanut , 
uttiycttwoh pa«nukqucan , pilli kukkeno; 

li Yowutchc teanuk nutannaohtcam en 
kukhogket,kah kcDneiem nckuppean,yowut- 
Chcnoowamc yeu aiirincananaquabit God , 
roDtamuB wamc KuttoywongaQalh uttoh a- 
fiuKQuean God* . 

a^Neit Pct»r w6h/hinum wuttoDn onk 
kuttoo. a Wunnamuhkat ncn noowahtcoun 
« Deut wamc wolketompaog wuttatupanumuh God 
10. 17. ^"5 QUtniih noh wutohtimojiit » qufliont 
God, ka& uifeit wunnomwauireonk , wutta- 
* .^^.Lv* "^ -6 Xuttouwonk, uttiyea ancDteamwut ct 
i- 17* wunnaumonat irraeLkubkootomuhkon wun^ j 
ohtcaonknalhpu Jelusj KetalaoUmoou wa» 

'"aV Nekuttoo^onkjnuOin, koowakteaa- 
uniicau, uttiyeu an(X)W.imuk paimappu wa- 
me ludea ; Onk wutch kutchifhin ut Galile, 

*%"8 God rafcqunup Jcfufob ut Kas^teth 5 
■ naa;pc Nalhauanitto, kali naflipu menuhlce- 
fuonk, noh papomnfhau kodwunnefu, ncet- 
ikehheun wame appctunkqutcheg matanitio, 
'tevvutdieGod ODWectomou. 

ag Onk ncenaun wair.c na)^tf5«wonano. 
tiaft nilh wame afechiih ut wutohtuout 
Jewfog, kah ut Jerufalem^nneh nohfiiabetti- 

40 God wutomohkinuh naihukqumukoK, 
. kah wunnatuhk&nuh pohquacu. 

41 Mattawareemithnnmnuut,qnt \^au- 
' ^rnutche uttWea God ncgonnu pepenouh- 

nnLup^kah koaweeche wuitattamoDoun- 
- nonuo, mahchc oijiohket. 1 v^,^„^ 

T^Onk kittinnukqunnonup kubkmtom- 

mimpohGod vvurittumwacnulh ketcache- 

ramptog , pithattumunum aquoantamoad- 

44 Peter anoiwodt ycua^ kuttcowongan- 
afh, Naihauanitwutiohkukkouoh wame nah- 
oh ncDtamunutche kir^t^DWonk. 

45 Kah nag, wanamptog- 
i?,weechauonchegPetcroh moiichanitam- 
wog, ncwut<-l^e wonk ut Gcntils, ummagoo- 
wonk Nall^uank ibkanumaaaeau. 

46 Nflwutche wunncDtauouh ianantoowi- 
oh, kah tabuttantumauonGod. Iseit wun« 
nampohhamauoh Peter. ^ 

47 Woh howan quht^hteau nippe , on» 
wohycugmo kutcheffumoog , attumunon- 
chegNaihauanicco neaneneenaim? 

48 Onk wuttinuh nahog , woh kutchet- 
fumoog, ut oDweluonganit Lord Jefus. Nat 
wuiinangmpafumoh ndhappmneat obguti* 

^''" cHAP.xr. 

KA H Apoftleskah \ve«m Utoooh apm- 
nutchcjudcajnoDtamwog, onkGerv- 
tils atiumunumwog wuttinncowaonk God. 

2 Kah Peter paont ut jerufalem , quof-* 
qulTuutcheg wutcl'inoowonAoh. 

% NoDwaog, nakutompenkkummattakuk* 
quofquflfwutteoh, kah koowee-pmopanncg. 

4 out Peter wuttinnon Dahog, wame ne* 
waj kutche'irikj kah wuttinnou nahoh hoh* 
t6eu noDWau. 

5 Nuttaliip otanat Joppa , nuppeantint* 
up, kah chepwuiTue nunnaumun monaman- 
fuonl^onatuh mi&onak, nookemo wutch k?- 
fukquiouj onk nuppeyaonnukqun. 

6 Ne nauog natwontamon. naau yaokon- 
tontmutaohkc puppinaihim, & touobkom-. 
ukque puppinaihim j & pohpomompakccticg 
mamahchckefukqut pupinibaog. 

7 Onk Bunnoatam watts uatonkquliuonk 
nuttuk Omohkifli nulh kah mectfifii. 

8 Qut nuttinnowam Ahque nenajNum- 
maniltODm , newutche afquam nummechw 
uttoh quibtinnittimuk 5 aiuh niitkeneung- 

^^^Q^Qut wuttauatoiikqniTuonk namp obam- 
xxm wutch kcfukqut, NeGod pahketuakup 
ahqnchettafii quahtinmttimuk. 

in Kahniibws^d noraps nnia. onkuflpec- 

fcodchc pevaos; wetuomut ne apee , a moo- 

I 12 Kah Nair^uiaic nuttmnu:^ weecHats 

nagbok, ahque chanmntalh, ka-n wonk ycug 


pao? en Joppa onk wc.:kom bimo 
i ^'TxV-ih kuttujjqunanikuttoawon^^antbjt- 
'■ toh adC wadchanui^uk ken kao v^^i^^ ^^ ^ 

"Sarfjah^i au Anrmh 

15 Crtk kidcbc tcroDhfelon jNafhaiianit 
^ Ci-ap wunni krLkauoh, « neane nukkuhKongquc- 

16 Neit nocjwssnitira wutt?nroow2onk 
Cluift; i;roLvodt i> John kutdiiilurr«o nip- 

h JoSn pe, qvt f iff kukkiiIi:nnvvoo>sa(}.au; nit. 
€, s6. , 17 Ntwutclie God iniiipmaont mapaonk 
'nepncnegortie ann'nnumvnpqufSgkup, tioc- 

nsmpt^ucnan lord JeiusCferi/t;, howin ncu, 

Vc dtrrn rr cl heog Gcd. 

17 Kootarrokitru yeuO^. d fpfhaof, fob- 
fun a inacg God, \o w.iOg3 Keu God wonk 
vrtiiinnun aooh Centilfoh, aiuikoisnatarwo- 
v;cnk en pon r:uramuv.onkcRit. 

39 c Kih nag n nwa^l;d*eg , ncwudlc 
(jClsp. ^^ikeheacnkanoo p.-p^une Stt ven , w^h. 

Tbc A As. neY9dttf:fbau James. teh^mjAH ntn 

whutfh ut mnycviwcekomonfcanit. 

2 Kihnuthliu Jamcioh weematob Jobn » 
nsihpe togk^ dreg. 

^ Kah nauont wudikketeahhcon Jcwfe , ft 
wonk re wuttuiif n, tohqunau Peter«h (ncit 
inccchbetiit matta fean petukqunncg) 

4 Kah (ohqunnont , ukkuplhsgkin ohjkah 
Upp&udtaoriuh y uudt chippinunnutcheli 
mitwioh naneibrcouh,anant"oc lohvrhunno- 
cat rTiiilinnijrinuiu rr^fichc E/>C! emit. 

5 Ncwaj Peter kuppiftiagkintiut , qut m©- 
yeuwcckomool^ mat j. ahquc peanUiViWan— 

6 OnkHcrodkodpafeowont, ne nohkoj 
Peter kouwcUB^ilau we maiwatu , tohtog- 

, , , kuppii.u neefunail^moal-lhrgqucbtogquoft, 

Qvil aog; Ph^n cexah i yprus , Vih i*ntioch ? ^^^ n.>nahbeoRcheg ut r^^uoantiriUi, nanai' 
kuhkootonuuon wrUttinnoowaonk^webc nont I teniog kuppidiagkinijuaopkomuk. 
Jewrog. -. . . ^ . ... 

20 Nawhutcfi Cyprus otik Tyrere wofke- 
ttompaog, piabtttit iXntiodi, kenoononOrc^ 
cianfop kul i«r>tomuhkciiLord Jeius. 

21 kah G<d minnutcref trveetcmuh, 
©ckjnoon.cgivunnjniptair.v^og k.ii qunnup- 
pcngcn Coriiit. 

22 Kcit ycu wunnancherrCPkspnk peyatt* 
flrcouK^un uogir moyeuwcekomunk apit- 
dicg jemialcm, kh anOBu;.og BiUiaUioh , 
woh -u'etki (J.UU Aniicch. 


7 Kahkuffeh wutangtUumoh Grd wun* 
ohkuhkauobjookoowt hiu -. un ktpp C.agkin- 
nuwaogkoirukjkah Kkkclkctshwhfeh wut— 
tinriufi t.m hkifi. tcanuk, onk rroili agquoh* 
tojquoih penuihaiifli wutdi wunnutchega* 

8 Onk /npd WHttinuh , FettakqtirbbuA 
ifli,ww(hpunnrih kuirmoxiinalh ^ onk wut- 
tuUcn, on.» wuitinth KUnnchtaalh kuthog- 

9 Onk fohbam, wutaffukauoh, kah matt« 

25 Faont^r^g uklitteanonffsnitte^rnk lirniaot m f ohqufc nnih ncaiU Angel, qat 

Nnoantsm nunni-Mmun mooorrmfuonk. 

10 PiirakiiiWahcttit nrgon^pinnutchc ^ 
kah naboht6 appinnutdie ajkuhivfcciiioh ^ 

feriA, w^clontam , cowcebqueturt^aoh wa- 
fne wohmenu} kenoog Chriftoh mcnuhketea- 
fcde kodtant-mowcnganit. ,^ . ^_ 

24 K(wutchefn6 wurneeron;k?!)m!mwa- pcy^og m^Lfl.ogquc kuppch-houiinit an^« 
l)ehtunk NsfliiU..n;tiO ^ kah wunnarrptzn-.o- rogok otinit, uittiyeu wol. vieenaoug nehen- 
woiikj k; h monaog mitlii.niKnupi wccdiai- , wonche, onk ibhhonrwog,- onk pamukkora* 
3fcumacg lord. wcg pafuk taurraogqnebiu, ccit tcanuk 

2$ Ncit E^arnabs amaiit wutch Tarfui wunnukkomih /mgcl. 
lijtinnf^^hown.'aulc. j ii KnhPetcr wiant?mwui}:ontj noowao 

26 Kah nairhcont vppafcroh /«tiodi,cik ,eyeu nupp;,hke wahtesun , n noh Klanit a- 
wnih necut kodtun Wi-i n oecg , wieche mo- nanau v,uunge)rumob , onk nuppohqroh- 
yeuweekcmcnk, kah kuf4a ton^aucog mo- wbunuk wutd* wcnnutch^ganit Herod^Ofik 
rsoh f- iinnninnuh, kah uVUdrttubt^erum-] WiiJd.Balipneahhami>bcttit Jewfoff. 
oh nc|:oiane uduwcfuph Chriftiancg ut hVL^ \ la Onk natwontog n nch , peyaa wekft 
^iocl^' K^ary, obkaiajobn J utfowcfu Mark, neadC 

27 Kah nahaquoiTpak m oon-unnau quob- monaog moc\i pcahettU, pe;rfitamwGg. 
«|nolhauw:diik; wutch Jerufakm j onk in 1 : I3 Onk Peter chuhchunkqvutabhog iqaonC 


28 Onk psfuk r^ecpru ulfcv'cfu /fabus , 
WiUtinKon rr ji feKallaupnittcnapiih mif- 
fi msn.iPqiodt w.^nic nruttaobkit, Uttoij 
f n.if up pan;^ Claudius Celsr. 

29 K'eit ko(inetuhtacnu('g5 neanof qur>-' 
Sie'trit, wunnoov/aog acBof 

ftuk% kohkerauontjUirowcfuRVoda, 
14 Onk wolitog pettT wuttinnontowi» 

cnk, Hijtt^ wcfjanurroD fqtioant newutche 

wcekontamoonk, q*t petutteahihnu , boo— 

wau, Peter necpau fquoafltatrut. 

15* Onk wuttinouh kukkogkcrtn, qiSt urn* 

te.m un purnmjn- iTiUnnuhkeu unno won^n nih, neit noowaog* 
fuinoccng.lh, ooweeniattinricunk wcdoh— 'wutc<ngeIfunnoh. 
kutd eg Judca. f ' 

Ne afehettit wuttinannoote^rruFeatt 
F.lder^ut nafl pe wunnutdiejjc-nit Barnabas 
kah Saule. 

C H A P : X T I, 

A 3qno;v.pak,Kerod KetafToot fumraa* 


16 CW:i Peter nsg'A'utteaeu chuhchunk- 

qutta'nham onk WohlhinHumohctiil, &:nall« 
ahettit; mcnrtianararriwog* 
17 W6hwhotif.nHmaont noh vuttinobkoo* 
Wonaoout wuttinnon ralioh neanc fobhoo* 
wunont Chrift, onk wutiinuh n hog , Mon- 
ch«5s wabuauwahwk jtuii.^i Ji^wcs kah kcc- 

ff.*.«4«// m,Km4. Harn^iMS & Sm.I Chip i H- ^^.tiuhhotmU'^u utfyn-ig^g 

mattou, oflkamacH, Kah onttcu. 
iS M'jluompog , (*iaita pcaannuanflo OD^ 

JO Kill Herod nvtinnciliwhDatjkah nm- j 
t» lumacuuk, nAt<»caiiiaa,iu a.Kvwdunnicchc ; 
onk wuctiiiu.i kcniiihittcamwoo. unit '^a 
Judea en Ctlarea, kah ac wutwiin. 
ao Oak Herod ummnl(iuaiiu.nv>h wadoliiin- 
BUtchc ryrc kah Sydoii ^qut uppcyaooouU- 
Wimc, klh oovteetompoUkaoh biaitununa 
aihtcunk kctair^Mt wrutappincatjkoduutam-- 
woh wuaohteaonk,nevrucchc wucohke ketat- 
ioJt paudtaun meti'-^ok wutch wu.olauvVoiit 

31 Kuhkoowraonganu^'ikaquompak, He- 
rod wai>hogkoounarkodttAquuuuiikayim. 

22 Kah a)r.oo.xi6uh kah nojwaog , UkK. >d; 
telquttcamtow^nk Manic, qut maiuwol- 

"T^ah tcanok wutangel fumoh God wut. 

Go^d ukquhtianaiuonk, onk ancuhkcaunka- 
io% urn noohwduh, Kah nuppoo. 
24 ICah wuctinnoowaottk nekun, « m!Bi« 

%s"Kih Barnabas kah Saul qufiikeog wut- 

;P*P- nikaufuongano, kah johnullowcltt Markw- 
II. *9» wcccilauuii nabob. 

•» CHAP. xin» 

N' Eitnam^,na ut moycuwcckornonk- 
aait ut Antioch, nawautchc nohcom- 
peantogig kah kuhkootomuh.eacnuog, Bar- 
nabas k^h^Sime.ii ulloweCa Niger, OHkLU,!. 
«s«t Gyrene , onk Mmaim kclakkchheuii* 
cheh Herod, kah Saulc. . . ^^, ^^^t 

a Paanta nowahetlic God, ^a»^. '^*jjffi\'^r 

Burnaba, kah Saule,wttcche nc aaakaufuoiik 

wai noowcehkomoog: ... ^..„-..^^u 

i Kah mU meetfehettit, kah P^ntsmoh- 

bettit, kah ponamowahcuit wunnutchega. 

Sefeaci/,^iknawhutch nabhamwog Cyp-» 

'^'s Kahiphettlt SaUmis, kuhk«tomuh. 
teaog wutcinnacviaonkGod,ut JewU Syaa- 
gogiut, onk John wuttinnamoDuh. 
^ 6 Onk pinopwulhihettitmuanobhtnn , 

enPaphos, n^ehheaog 9*^?^*^^°^^;?^?'^^^ 
noowacukuhkcptomuhteacnm , woiRetomp 

Jew, aObWefu BarjeCus. „,i,nht6tu 

7 Uttiyeuh weeCha\y<?uniont "^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
keLdbotimwoh watohket, u^^^/^^^^^^^^^^^ 
Paulus,Waafitam: weckomau Barnabas jun 
Lule, kah kodcanum na>tamun wuttmno.. 

Tou?F Umas piuwau,Cncwutchcnu na«. 
neahhxmauont P*""^""""^'^"'' ""^u^^^^^^ 

9 nut Saulc iwonkuiTowcturaulc} num- 
wab^iunk Naihauaniuou , ukkoekclim- 

^^7Tizh wuttinuh, Woi kcntmwabchtunk 
afOikckodteamowonk, kah vfoiKchuwaonk , 
ken wunneechanohmattanmt , Ken pannco- 
1 waulfca^nin wame ct wunnomwaulleonganit 
* matta kut^ahqutccauuh uyimuii woonKi, 
1 lampwuihikilnumniaialhGoii^ „rK.;A 
; u KahycuycaWuireh,wunnatchegCh lii ^ 

kenuhkekongqun, m6s i'»fP!;^Sk<^'»7> ";i;tt* 
kenauahncp?uzp:Xwu,kah tcanuk^mUike^ 
non,kah pohkenai w^nuhkuhkonsqun kab 
pofarihau, natinnewhou howane,iioh wuU 
tin fagkompaeunnukqun, 

1 2 Neit nahohtoctt kctaffaJt^ "*S .","?: 

nmk, con ^mptlmun, m .nchan.tog ukkuh-o 

koocomuhteaoak Chrut. , , „ ,, ^^^ 

I 1 2 Paule, kah wcechsonchch w*dhawmo» 

' hettit Piphos, pcyiuog Perga en i;^'»P.^J^;^^ 

kahJol.«n6§kon nt,q Ihkcu en J^^ulalem. 

U C ut wa r^ohettit Perga, pey^uog An- 

I tioch enPiiidi t,pctuctcaog Synt^og bal^otfe 

i daycu, hummatappiiog. ; 

15 Mahchc agke:mihettit naumatuoak , 

' k%h quolhodtu»T^wicnU3g nan anuacnuog 

I utSynagog^watanaoutcamonlhoh^oowaog 

■ wolkctompaog kah weematnnneu .k, ahtau-= 

6g kuttouwonk nanampairumon miamnin 

jiutchcg, nouwau, Wo:ketompaogIlrael, « 
quolhogilh God kuhkiht . m lok. , .' 
^ 17 UmmanittoDrfloh yeug ^^'^^'''^'^^ ^ ^ 
lfrael,pepeaon6uh kooihoowoog, kah mi^ - ^ Exod 
ehheau miirinninauh a penuwohtcahetttt ,. j 
<ihkeit Egipt, b onk qunnebpuLtenaeu ion- ^ Exod 

^ "s^^c kahpapaumeyaonch^fkekodtum- ^ Exod 
wacuummanunnuwatuliuaonganoaoalh at 

touohkomiikqut. ^ - , . 

10 Kihmah:hcpagtiSnr>ntncrauruktah- 

ft&lLmmukfuohetohkeitCanan , i wut- ^^eut 

tittoiioht6adtuionganc wutchippcaunuon. j ^i; 

eau wuto'ifckecu. .i Mac: 

20 Nahdmpetak, c vfuttinnumaon ri lOg ^, ^y, 
wu:Iittuma>ae'nu,yaad pafukkcDWe nabo na- ^ jofhj 
pannata(binch3gkadtumwaeu,no p.jc ^^- 14; i; 
rauclqnolhodtumw en. . . - 

21 Oampetak kodtantamopanncg kctal- /j^d^gs 
foat, /onk God v/uttlnnumsih Sauie wun- 5. 9, 
„TamonuhCis,woiUetocnp, wuueah^O). 
wonkBeniamin, yar^ncb^^^e kodmmwacu. 

22 Kah^ a^aunont t "vvutabOiinnumaoh ^ x^an* 
Davidoh wa:rontimoniUtth , utttycuvroh 8:5: 

woil^ctompuh, woh wutulfcn wair.c uUoti 

""Tr^uoh wunnaumonuh God, nea^e ; pfal, 
quofhaurmoQWop , oDvrlapcnuiT^uh Ifrael 89;2o. 

> pohquoh waffaaenin IcCus . ^ ^^ ^g ^ 

{^hrifl matUMHtrnd mmowonk^ The hStsl 6Milfogf(ikfHmooant4~mw\ Vf^Jfuon^ 

54 k Negonnc kuhkoatomuhtcadt Johw , I 
^Ifai: afqaam paont , aiulko'innatanowe kutchir- j 
t'\ : r : furnconk ut w? ra ? miiianiaiiuog Ifrael. 
iMatt: 2> Kah John viTime .lilt wucanakaufuc 

.7;i John 




r Ifaja: 

/ qio/hodtumwaenuog. 

Ai Naumook, maminowantamogiffi mon- 
chanatamook, kah paguan63;k , newutche : 
nutayimunanakaafuonk, ut kukkcfakodta- 
moowout :' an kaufuonk uttiyeu woh mat. 

42 Kah Jewfog fohha.nobettit wutcb'sy- 
nagog . Gentilfog wunHanamparum6uh,yeu(h 
kuttoowonkin^ih woh kuhkootomaaoaa/h 
wonk Sabothdayk. 
. 45 Sofwaelhhettit wutch moieon7anit> 
monaog Jew fog, & f^mpwe weechayeumon-. 
cheg, afuhkouwdog Paulc kah Barn^basut- 
tiycug otiahettic nahog , nanumpafum6ul» 

44 Wonk faboth dayk , &mog mamuOe 
otan peyaog nootamun vvuttinnoowaankGod 

45 Q^t Jewfog nauAhetcit motianutcheb, 
ncDwahra jouh uttoh anajwodc Paul/panW 
wohtauahcttitkahblafphemahettit. " 

46 Neit Paul kah Barnabas menuhkcOio?, 
kah nco\vaog,Biwhonk negonne ku ttinnuh- 
teaneau wuitianoowaonk God , qut amau- 

s Pfals 

Johnv/ime .liit wucanakaufuonk;, 
ncsjvfmy / Toh kuctinan-'taaivya) howan 
ne^n ? matta neen nnoh, que ku feh , n nob 
^fukei-t-m itta nuttapermmx)h ompencimua 
n noh n r.rnoximealh. 

26 Wolketompaog kah neematog , wun- 
raumonuh Abraham, & howan I^enugke keni- 
a_u quoihont Godoh yen waddjanetue kut- 
'Jina'.inchemajkonkqunneau kuttoawonk. 

27 Newutche n nag wodohkitcheg Jcru- 
falem , kah n^nnaanuwaeriuog , newutche 
matra ajwiheouh, t^s. mat wuttinnoowaonk 
quofnadtumwaenuog , uttiyeu ogkeetimo- 
l.etcit niil] Hoh .*vaboth dayeu , wutuifeneais 
toh ancDw^shettit, naihahettit Chriftoh. 

2-^ ;;j Kah ma<tanimteau6heCteg toh woh 
waj na.iahhcttit kodtaacaniwOg Pilat^nufii- 
onch. , 

29 Kah afchett't wameuttoh infukhom- 
suutup 3 wunnoakincuh wutch piimmctuh- 
kuppuinaonganir, kah uppoftkinduh. 

90 n Onk neit God wut jm6hkinuh wutch 
nnpptDWonganit. ^ numog, icah wulTittamokmatU Wtipenu-^- 

j;£ Knnw.chauohpanneg wutch Gal ile , unneau micheme pomantam6onkrS 
en JcruGlem wunnauouh moochetikqunnu, kukquinnuppemun en GcRtilfut 
nah ^gawauwaenumoh «t miflinninnutu. 47 Newutche ne anukqueogGod, t knp- 

52 Kah muilioaanatamwc kuttinaunche- ponfli oowequayeumooout Gcntilfoc woh ^^^''^ 
moolc unnumun : ne quofhaumuwaonk 3ium« towodchan pakodchecu muttaohke '•*• ^o- 

nukob, newutche wutomohkirmh Jefufoh ^uttinpoowio^kGod, k»hn^*h?hu Th- 
wonk, neanfukwh6r,k a nahoht6eH ketoo- ; koowal^ettitenmichsmepimantamongMk 

oonamptamunncaii. " * 

49 Kah wuttinnpwaonk God wunaitn* 

chcmqokdadtin pannuppu wamc wutohtim- 


honionganit, ken nunnaiimon, yeukcfukok, 
nouniinonacn ken. 

^4 Kah yeu papauroc wutdmohkinuh 
watch nuppcoonganit, matta wonko&n an- 
ninnownnganitjyeuwaXin, jp kuttinnuma- 
omh wunnamuhkuteyeuc urainonaneteaong- 
analh David. 

o,> Newutche wudiin wonk onkatog ke- 
toohhomaong^nit, q matta piih kuttinanum- 
oh kooneetupanatamwen naucnun aninno- 

C56 Newutche David mahcheafit wuttin- 
anataniGOwonk God ut uppome'tuonganit God , r kouweu , pofckinau u^ 
CDihitkah naum aninnowonk, 

^7 (^ut n noh GoA. omohkinont , matta 
naumoo aninnowonk. 

^8 YowHtche wahteauc^k woiltetompaof 
kah n^ematog, ahquoantamoadtin matche- 
feong.inafh yeuoh naflipeu wol^ftomp koh- 

ciQ Kah nafli'peu yenoh , wame waiamp- 
t')f ip, fampwanumoop' u'Utche wame,wutc:}ic 
yeufh matta woh kiiirampwanuraogkooog 
liafhpeu wuttim^urr.ntuoiikanit Mofc's. 

40 Yowutcho ahquet.auock: ifiikont kc- 
HftUkohkongf^uruieau uuoh ancuwahctttup 

50 Qut Jewfog oowogkouutinouh peart- 
tam\fu, kah quttianamwu mittamwufljffog, 
kah piahquttukig nt ootanit , & wollieheaog 
paulc kah Barnabas onk wuifohhaokaouh 
wutch wuto|itimoneat.. 

5 1 Qut tatcawohkauouh pupplffai wutch 
wu(feetoow6utj kah peyauog Iconium. 

5 2 Kah kodnetuhiaenuogr nurawohtoog 
muikou3inat3m6onk, kah Nafhmanittooh. 

C H A p. XIIII. 
/^ N K nnlh ut Iconium , neefwe auog 
V/ ut Jewfe Synagog , kah chekewe kuh- 
kootomuhteahettft , monacheg Jewfog, kab 
Greekfog wunn4mptamwog. 

2 Qut matta v/anampt^m6g-g Jewfo? 
wogkouunaog Geiitihoh , kah wut^aiumauoh 
mattapeneauoun oowecmattinneunk, ut mc- 
tahut. • 

5, Newntchefepohteaog, menyhkckuh- 
kajtomuhkonutjelufut, uttiyeuh wauwa- 
onk anumaont wuttinnowaonganit ukkut- 
teartionteanirfeae, kah wurtinnum:?oh uffea 
mortchaRatamowonisnafn kah kukkinneafu^ 

]^oh mochumwe^it fomti[haH ChtJp. If. ' ftnmmtuonh^ ut Antioch 

onanr.fii nafhpe vvunnutcheg.ina3\v6ut, 

4 Qiit nv..naclkg ut xttanit ch.xcliape'og, 
Sc I -al I V. h u r: h a wt cc ha.uniiTi u^k'X»uh J e wi- 
ch, kah nahvvhuch Apoftleibh. 

5 Kah ayumobtttit nyeiiwuttuonk Gen- 
t\h kah Jeivicweecheiiananiuenuh^oowoik- 
lieouh, kah ukqullukquantohwhouh. 

6 Wahtesuhettit , wuirenwcg. uc Llftra 
kah Deibc, L^kjonie otanalh ^ "kali ohkit 

7 Kah iiAwuttitkuhkoutomuhkoneiU wun- 

8 Onk na wutappen woflietomp ut Liftrd, 
nouchiimwefu ut vvutfeetit , wehwhcepctu 
wutch vvunneetuonganitjmattama pepom- 

9 NoutauauP^ulekctoohkaUj n noh k6g- 
kutforapomontikah wahteunk wunnamptam- 
cuoiik vvoh neetlkehhuwamou. 

10 M I/hont(Xj\vau 3 nccpaulh kufTectit , 
onk qucqucb(hau,onk pomiilhau. 

11 Kah milHnninnuog naumuhettit utt&li 
i^\t Paul, reifhantcDowaog, iioowaog, Lyca- 
oniae iinnonttowaonganitj manittooog ke- 
tio»kctunkqunonogj cnatuh wofketompaog. 

12 KihNvccckomoog Barnabas Jupiter, & : 
i>aulc Mekurius, ncwutchc moochekc kc- 

13 Ncit wufTephaufuenumoh Jupiter . 
kiikootanit, pafooau oxinoh fquoantamut, 
kah 08wauwui>nauw6mun6uh , kah kod Xe- 
phaufuogj wecche niiilinninnaog, 

54 Apoftlt-^jPaul kah Barnabas yen Haota- 
tr6hcttit> tattannogkianumwog wuthog- 
koQwonganooaaih J fakihaog nviiiinninnutu 

15 Kah najwaogiKulfch^tohwutch ycu uC- 

feog, neenami woikeetompaog) nuttahhun- 

tionafh netatupe ketahhoowoafi), kah kuk- 

kuhkootomauunnunaan jonk woh kukquin- 

nuppcmcD yculh wutche tahnooche ud'eonga- 

<sGene: naih,cn pomanumwacGodut^jJ uttiyeuke- 

i:i:Pfa fteunk keiuk, ohke, kchtoh, kahwamctcaa- 

146.6: teaquadiinilli niflinoh ohtagilh- 

Re:i4.' ^^ ^Uttiyeu noowodt ananumont wame 

-/ wutohtimoinneuh sppotnporauihcm neheri- 

i'pfal: wonche ummaiut. 

8 1 -.12: ^7 0.*^^ matta ponau -Wuhbagoh matta 
wauwonuhtewunat, newutchekoDnenehuk- 
cjun, kuttinnumuHgqun fokanon wutche ke» 
riikqatonk mift-vummeecbumcu kittinuum- 
ungqun, niimwohtaun ut metahhut meetfu- 
onkkah mulkouanataracowonk. 

18 Kah yeuil-i naihpe rrOawaont^ananisawa- 
k6n:^]<ea)Umchhukqunaai(h nniii^nhinnuog 
matta wudephatnauaonganoo. 

1 9 Onk na uppe'an navvutche Jewfe wutch 
A^itioctikah Iconium, uttiyeu fobkouont 

c2Cor miiiinniniiuh, .<: kah quaTukquantuhwahet- 
AJ:£5 . tit Paul, v/uflTohwhontonchimouh wutch 00- 
ctanit^ Unnantamwog nUppoDwi. 
.50 Cvut-Kodnetuhta'enuog wfenekomp^- 

eihtaahcttitomohkeuj kah petutteau «ota- 
nitj kah \voi;k mohtompog , nagum kah Bar- 
nabas morichifog en Derhe. 

21 Kah >aihkootomuhteahettit wunaun- 
chcm'jokaonk ncitootanic , kah kuhkootom- 
auoog monaoh, wonk quikeog en Lyftra, kah 
en Iconium, kah en Antioch. 
22 Mcnuhkheon ukketeahogk6un6uh kod- 
nctuhtae'nuog, kak weehquetumjon, nag- 
vvutteanumua Wunnamptamowonk, kah na- 
whonk kutAmunketafcDtamowonganit God 
na/hpeu monataih wuctamepunnaonganalh. 

a 3 Kah aouahettit Elderibg fpinuhchac'- 
og niih noh ut moyeuweekomonganit kah pa- 
aatamohettiCj kah mat meetfehettitjWutah- 
tulbonaohGoduh , n nih wanamptauahetti- 

24 Pamuhkomohcttit PiEdia , peyauog 

25 Kah kohkxtomuhteahettitkuttoowonk 
ut Perga:, auog Atalia. 

26 Onk ne oothamunneau en Antioch^ut- 
toh waj ahtuhihahettit God 5 newutche ne 
anakayfuonk mahche kezteauhettit. 

27 Onkpaahettitjkahmoiehettit moyeu- 
Wetkomonkj wuttinonchemookaeneau wame 
ne anheaont God y onk uitoh an wofliinug 
fquont ut wuniwmptammowonganit,newuc- 

»8 Oak na wufTepohkonneau weeche-kod» 

/^ N K iiawhutche woikctompaog utti- 
\J yeug wagjg Judea, kuhkootoraoog oa- 
v.'cematinneuh 5 a matquolkufTohfeog nea- ^ ^ 
nak Mofes , matta woh koowadchanitteau- 5'2s 

a Newutche Paule kah Barnabas matta 
peamefanninncok chadcheketuongauoo, kah 
chadchekemaonganoo 5 wunnoowaog Paule 
kah Barnabasjkah nawhutcheonkatogigjwofe 
-wutonaujerufalera, en Apoftleskah Elderf- 
og, yeu papaume natootommuhteaonk. 
g Onk moyeuweekprnonk noorukauahettit, 
pamukkomwog Phenice, kah Samaria , wut- 
aunchemooka^uh ukquinnuppeonganoo Gen- 
til$ 5 onk ayimoudog weeoaattcouh mitll 
mikou anatamracDdnk. 

4 Onk paabettit Jerufalem, wutattum^s- 
uh moyeuweckomoak, kah Apoi'tles , kah na- 
eanuacheg, onk wutaunchemookaouhjwamc 

5 Qut neepoog nawhutche wadchaiechik 
Phariiesit, uttiyeug vvauampcogigjnoowaog, 
Nawhonk quoikqufwoog, kah wutannoonouh 
UfTen wuttinnoowaonk Mofes. 

6 Kah Apoftleskah nananuicheg moieog 
yea wunnatwoantamunneau. 

7 Gnk BioDcheke diadchekeyeuihettit^j j^chaji^ 
Pcterneepaukahwuttinuh, b woiketompa- 10.20? 
Gg kah neematog^ kxwahteauunneau paiwe, S(. \ lo 
kea^|k« keaasan , God nuppepc'nuk, woh i--. 

■F^ GeiitiU 


Kenoonittu&g Ap^fiUfog. 

The A<5s, 




Gentils nautanuvog wunauncherrookawonk 
vvutch nurtoonut, kjh v/unnairpti.^iv/og . 

S RahGod, uttijeuoli w.^hteuiik mctah- 
i^aihj a>vvau\v6nu!i 5 anumaont Nafkaiunit- 
looh 5 ne anhukquea|kup. 

9 Kah matta kuppoaamuakocun pcnovro- 
mai)ken?iinkahnaghok pahketeunk wuttah- 
heowviih nalhpeu wunnamptamoowonk. 

10 Yowutche tohwulch qutchs'hlieog 
e-C^ap; God, c psnamog tuhkckoow^n.^onk uppuf- 
i'^-43: C;UanRODWc.ut kcdnetuhtaenuog , uttiyeu 
1 Cor: rriittanoofhunnonog, afuh ncenawun, matta 
1^ 2 woh tahfhinurrcDog. 

Mjtt: II Gutnoonamptamun, newutche ukkit- 
^y» 4 : tcmonteancteionk nuppohquohwunnuwae- 
num Jefus Chrirt^pifli ncuwadchanittearaun, 
neAne naghok. 

12 Neit wame monachegchequnappuog, 
kah kehtau-6og Barnabafobj kah Paulohjan- 
£uuche;iiookahettituttoh anheont God mon- 
amth kenugke Gentils. 

1:5 Kan chepapehcttit, Jarrcs wunnam- 
f ooh3raauoh n-oQwau, Wonictoaopao^ &,nee.- 
maiog ncotaeg: . ' 

14. Simon wuttinaunchemookaonap, ut- 
toh i :ie negonne liatouwoh 1 on t God Gen- 
tils nce^ unnumaon nahhog mi^^nHi^lauh 
newutche oowefuonk. 

1 5 Onk Qetatuppe yeu, ukkuttoowongan- 

eHj nohcompeantogig, nean vju lukwholik. 

^Aitios j,-^ ^ N^hohtoeu piih nukqulhkem , kah 

^.fi, •' vvonknutayum oowcekDavidj uttiyca nook- 

'' * ' iheankuP, k'h wonk nutanaquehtaiinalh po- 

pohqne uppaieafli, onkpiih neepataudn. 

17 Newutche onkitogig mcllinninnuog 
■woh natiniiewboog Lord, kah wame Gentils 
afojwelnettit ODwefuonk Godjooowiu Lord, 
uohafeit vr'ameyeudi, 

ig God rDW^teaauasft wame wu tan- kau- 
fuonganafh adt wafde kutchiilik mutaok. 

1 9 Yowutche noofittAmowonk yeu, matti 
woh koot?.mehiie6nan, nag quanuppcchcg 
en Godut kenugkc Gentils. 

io Qutwob noofukkdhhumauounnonog ) 
naniheahcttifh wuhbogkauh, wutche nilli- 
kenunkafuonganit nallipeu anunneuhkont- 
enk^nnhmanit ,kah wwtche nanwuncodt- 
ii^aaonkanit , kah wutch weyaus woikwbc- 
UnganeuQDg, onk wutche wf-jueheunganit. 

21 Newutche Mofes noadt nawnutche 
wut htaun niflin^hntoutanit J uttoh kbh- 
kootomuhtcicheg oofukkubwhong^nalh og- 
kcetamohettt ut Synagogsnilh nob faboth- 

22 Neit Apoftlcskah Eldcrfog Vah wame , 
rroyeuweekomork wurtapeneomunncau , na,| 
tinanoonon pepenoutcheg wofKcto-^^paog J 
wcetonn '^ettiche en Antlo'-h , Mee-rhe] aul 
k.^h Ba-nabas ^ ]u(^as ufrowefu Bsrlaba$,kah , 
Siias wuttoiwofkctompaog ktnug(haog cx>- j 
WceiDaUianeat. 1 

2% Kib neronn-ibciog wuiTu'rWhongsn^f^ 
yeu neanc, Apoftles, kah naiwiiuachcj , kab 
ooweemattinneunk, ncgonihhe^iGg wrni-Lcuc- 
fuwongcn^fii tn anvcenistcinneunk ut Gen- 
tils ut Antioch kah Syria, kah Ciikia. 
24 Newutche nojtami m'Ki> nawhuch yeug 
yeu auagig, kaotamir-.eb^iukkouwong n^l:-.pc 
kuttoowonganalh:, ukkoDfkonouh kukkctea-^- 
hogkonoowoub noovvaog, nawhonkkukqaol- 
qulhlotiniwco kah ufTeneau nauraatuonk, 
matta nuttinn6unnin6nap. 

35 NuttapeneaKmurn-ian^weechctahhoad- 
tue moecg anoonon pcpenovitcheg en kub- 
hogkadut, weeche noDWomondunnonog Bar- ' 
nibas kah Paul. 

26 W6ik.etomp3og kefontogkeguppom- 
antamowonkano) newutche oowefuonk Lord 
Jefus Chrift. . 

27 Yowutche nut? nnaonomunnonup Ju- 
das kah Silas uttiyeuoh piih anugqueog wa- 
me yeuftog nalhpc muttoonut. 

28 Newutche CDweckeneaumun NafhaHanit . 
kah nenawun, kuppanunF.auuBnunnaiJ, m^tta 
milbiuwanaunjqur yeufh nawhonkafemukliii 

29 Matta maetchuunv/eyaus aninanum— 
auun anunnukontunkanu manit. kah wuf- 
queheunkj kah vrai'kwheunkaniioug, kah mat- 
ta kenanwunoodtlquaomwoo 5 nsanahheog 
kuhhogkadog yeuih wutchukooncfemwoD ^ 

90 AnnoDnihettit peyauog Antiocl), onk 
moehettit monachsg^magooogwuiTukwhonk 

31 Nag agketamshettit mik^oaanatasi- 
wog newutche weequetumowonk. 

;2 Kah Judas kah Silas, nohtowpeantog- 
ig, weehquetumauSog ojweemattjnneuh j 
weeche monat?[h kuttoowonganaih^kah un»- 
mufkouanatan heduh. 

53 Kan nc iiaim aphettit wuttinanumouh 
nanufhagk roanunnujcn Apof^iefut 

94 Qut Silis weckoatam na wuttaiin. 

35 Kah wonk Paul kah Barnabas appuog 
Antioch, kah onkatogig monaog, 

?^ Kah onk pafwefe, Paul unnau Birna- 
bafoh Monchetuh wonk natauwohhen kee- 
mattinnonog, nifh nohootanit uttobutkuh- 
kootomuhteagup wuttinnoowaonkGod , kah 
kukkinne6ntuh toh dunnaihettit. 

7,'] Kah BarnabAs unn.intam noowescho"- 
wun John iiirowefu Mark. 

^^8 f^ut Paulunnantam matta wunnegen- 
ninno nojweechogwunnan, uttiyeuoh nag- 
konont watch Pamp'dlia, kjh matta ouwee- 
chaauh en tnakau'lnneat. 

39 Kih pe.iuanatuonk mi li , onk nuk- 
konittuog, nc/t Barnabas neemunau Mark , 
kah unnahharrwogCyprus. 

40 Kah Paule pcpcnoau Silas,onk amaeog 
weematoaoh ajtuhfoowiog en ukkittean-.on- . 
teanuttaongauitGod- ^ 

4 1 Onk paumukoe Syria, kah Cihcia, 
mtnuhketeau moyeuweekouiongarn. 

'TalmmmTm,!,,,,: Clap.iS. T.mlk;*Sili'h'pMH'""f"!: 


C H A P. XVI. 

Elt peyauDcrbe kah Lylb'a, kahknf- 
_ , iehruiV.d :;odiiCiu taen, a uflbwtfu 
<tll^m 1 la'ovfatuj , wunnaumonah mitturawolJis, 
j6; 21. uttiycuoh Jcwfuooutjkah wannamptamjqut 
colh'^h 0\ cekoucjDV^oh. 

2 WuancP^en waecnomaonkut wemat- 
.tintiCitjW -dblikutchegLyitra, kah Iconinm 
; PjuIc unnaniam n j; wecchau yeuoh, 
wiinnce /.imiUi, kih ukqnolhkufjh^ncwuirhe 
jewibe; yt u wodolikutcliea;, newutdic wa- 
me wahtcauu ineAU oulhoh Greekoh. 

4 Kah fumukkomohetcit cotatKilh , wut- 
tinnumaouh kuhkoowjongafii , woh wunna- 
naihtiniieaoaih i? neanoowaiietieao ApolHel- 

<l>Chap: Qo kah naniauat-naog, ut inoie'ch-^g Jerufa- 
.15:28: km. 

5 Onkaeit raenuhketeauunafhmoyeuwc- 
komonganafh en wunaami)tamunat. 

6 Pamukomohectit Phri.Jia , kah ohkit 
Galatia, kali Nafiiauanit quohtiiiont kwhkoo- 
tomuhkon kuttoowonk ut Afia. 

7 PaahetcitMyr>a,qutchehteauog6n By- 
thynia, qutNalhauanic mitta wuttuiaimm- 

8 Kah kiflikekomohettit Myfia , pcyaiaog 

9 Naum rooHamanfuonk mikkonacu , ni 
nwniie'paunMacedoniae woiketomp , wun- 
nanampafumoh noowau > Peyauih Maccdo- 
nia, kah aninnumaiinncan, 

10 Kah mahchc nag monamanOionk, tea- 
nuk nukqutchteauiinan 6n Macedonia, wun- 
namuhkut waii^.mptamog, Jehovah koowee - 

^omdkonkqun kuhkootoaiauun naghog wan- 

I r Newutche Kodhammpg wutch Troas, 
auirampohamumuii en Samothracia y kah na 
nampulv enNeapoIi?. 

12 Onk Ra wucch en Phillipi,uttiyeu ne- 
gonnaeu otanayeua>k j nogque wutchc Ma- 
ccdoneak^u, kah Colonic: kah nc nucaimnan 
ohgahfequnne. _ 

13 Onk laboth-daycu nUiTohamumnn-^^utch 
otanit, en kiHiketugk uttolmt ayimug pean- 
tannoonk , kah num'mattapplmua , nukkia- 
ncDmnn miLcatnwolTiiTog na paoncheg. 

14 Onk pafuk mlttan^woiVis ulFoweru Ly- 
d^a, mahma^v^k miquonag , ut otanic JhiA- 
tyri, wowu^Tiimont Godub, kenootunkqun, 
God (uwohihlnunaoh wuttah, kuhkehtam 
uUohanoovvodt Paul: 

15 OnkkaddniTirmit-kahneadtafiiinne- 
hett'it, k^nanampafrumukqun, noowau, wuf- niippibubtannmiikqunnat en 
Lord nt^peyunk liekic onk na appeK.onk hrc- 
che'LiruViqim, ^^ 

r6 OnkMnihpaantarr.og, pafatt^'mnkiq 
appelnnwk n'-artannurcDwe nnananittuotik, 
■Wi^ fonfin^su oh wutche pa:nukkonnat. 

17 All^kkauui Pi^k, kah kenaan^ k^b 

millifliantowau noow.iu,Ycui; vvr-ikctorr,pao-^ 
viKunnuiT^ob onc-kouwe apitC-od, utttyeu^ 
kohkootomucgqueoi^ig , nv.y Widchanatu- 
onganit. ^ . 

18 Kah ycu wuttutfcn majchetiqunne;, 
qut Paul neuantog, qunnuppu, unnau nalh- 
auaniuo kuttinlli.ooweiuoginit JeLus Cnriit 
fohweehtau. Onk fohh^m ve;'.nuk. 

1 9 Kail walijiitimonnuh nagqutjwutannu- 
uauoupgnna>6ai3i tohtumuhhouaunihikquh-. 
hcnipuaau. aniae"i,toh qunooh Pail kah Sil- 
as, wultinnontonchimouh ahutkodtuiwom- 
panmuk, en nana.<nnuaenutu. 

20 Onk nat', uppai(i.>wouh magiftratlutu , 
noowao?, Yeug vvolket(^nipar.g Jtwiuoog , 
moocheke wutcamheteoog l<ut0otanan. 

2[ Kah nn .5:knkkuhkootomangqu!monog 
uhfunongynalh, raatta w:=negeiiiiinnQOgii{i 
nob kittin attamannttrrvunnan 3 newutcfti 
neenan Romans. . . 1 ^ ' c 2 Cor 

21 Onk monacheg moicu wannepaiehteo- ^^, 
uhonk magiftrafuog tattannogkuhkorr.wog ^^.^^^^ 
wuttogkoouBnooGoaih, c onk unnoowaog tat- ^,^^,^ 
toqkomunach. , . , , 

2% Kah moochekahkomahettit , ukkup- 
ftagkinouh jmeechumehtaaog kuppin^fliag^ 
kinnuaeninntJj nah wuttin nanahheunatjme- 
nuhku. , , , , , , . 

24 Attumunuk nemmeediiima.konittu- 
onkj ukkukkitaihamianeuh efi anomukkom- 
muk kuppiihagkinnuwakomukqut. onk utc- 
kupfiiagkianumaouh wtddeetGDoelb. 

25 Onkn6uttipukok,Pdulkah Silas pe- 
antamwogkah kecoohhomaog tabuttantam- 
auonganaih God. ' Kah kuptkagkianuach&g 
wunnoDtaSuh. , i ' 

26 Kah tlatchemliFi quequan, 6nobtea- 
fhik kuppilhagkinnuaugkomuk nunukkemoj, 
onk teanukwame fquoantamafii w6{hwerao- 
alb, kah ni(h noh wutaijipaiilnneau ompe- 

^27 onk nanaannuk kuppHhagkmhuauk- 
komuk toDklhont,kah nafj kuppiM^agkiiw 
nuwaeu fquoantamaili wdihwohtaaih : toh- 
wun'num wuttogkodteg , onk kodnufnatt 
wuhhogkuh , nnnantog kuplTiagkinutchcg; 

28 Out P^ul wattauatongqullu , noowiu^ 
Ahque tahenne kuhhof , newutclic warae yeti 
nutappinnean. _ 

29 Onk wceqaetum wequananteg, onk 
petutealhsu, kah na paont nunnuklnau, onfe 

' kcepfowut anaquabit Paul & Silas. 

ro Onk wufTohhouwunuh , kan noowau , 
Woi toh wohnutuirenync woh noowodcm« 

netean. _ 

ai Kahficowaogwunnamptau Lord Jelus 
Chrift, kah woh koowadchaaitteamwaj , Sc 

nei^dtaibinne'og. • 

:;2 Onk wuttinnoneaii wut.i^nfpwaonk 
God 5 kah wame neh api nn tche'^ .^ek'tt. .^ 
^■5^ Onk wunacmunuh nahog'^ifeU waddhiC 

■ 1 1" 2 "■'^' ■ 



'J;j^ 7^epilonic4 i- 

Tie nohR<ig^-kah ukkutfLittaftuh ane"nt:h\v6- 
oncanalh, onk kutchiiiurr-au.nafum;, kah wa- 
ai£ wceciienir.niirsonchc teanuk. 

■^4 Onk p.^rojOHtwekit. ummectfchcuh., 
kah weiconram, w.\y.2!r;ptauoj]t Goduh ^ iah 
v.a.uc weecheo in aUiTOnche. 

3^ Kih mohtonip g,_rai-gulrafucg.^nnQD- 
naoc vvuttinnumdj n-x^wacg^ mcnchchcttich 

;6 Kah narsaihtcunk kuppifhfliagkinnuwa- 
ugkcmuk wuttinnonPiiuloh yeu "ncDvvaonk 
<ma?i/lrafnog anajtcamoDwop noh kittin foh- 
bami:nnaonnt, yowutche monchck ;, & wun- 
c-htCe'c arKaiek. 

, 37,QiitPa"lwuttinuhnahog5 nuttattog- 
sconiukqunnonog monaog nagumun , matca 
Jioofumugkoounnonogjnuttin Romanfumunj 
onknukkuplhsgkiimukqunroriogj onk yeii- 
yeu nukkemc lohvvhunnukqiinnonog > mat- 
chcog wunnamuhkut , qut peyahettich ne- 
henvvonchcj kah fohhoowunukqutteuh. 
38 Kah farjanog wuttinnoneau yeufh kut- 
toy wonganaft] rragiftrafU;, onk wabefuog nao- 
tamohcttit Romanfog. 

39 C'nknaa^bog peyaog^kah wunnanam- 
paiumouh, kah wufTohhouwunbuh;, kahuk- 
kodtanta>-pau6uh nukkodtumun ot3n. 
dc^^nri' ^''^^ Onkibhhamwog wutch kuppiih{hag- 
, I'j , .' Kinnuakomukqut^ d cnk petutteaog ut we- 
^ [ *^'" tup.-nutLydeajonknauahettit wcemattauuhj 
nukoui^iatamheouh onk monche'oe:. 
Lit pamukkoraohettit Amphipolisj, & 
_ . Apollonia, peyauogThcfaionica , na 
H16 Jewiefynagog. 

2 Kah Paul neafic , a)W<"eche petuttco- 
moo, oak m/hwudt fabeth-dayeu, chadche- 
kcrtuog wutch wudukvvhonganit. 

9. Wormviinugkah cDwauwahuwon, wun- 
namuhkut mahche nuppoo Chrift kah omoh- 
KU:WOnk wutch nuppiuinst: onk yeu oh Je- 
■ ius uttoh kohk(X)tomauuiio?f, Chri/leuoo. 
- 4 Onknawhutch wunnamptamwcg , kah 
wecchsauog Paul kah Silas, kah monacheg 
paantogigGrcekrogjkah fonkfquao? mjtta 

5 Q^ut Jewfof matta wanamptarnogigjiil;- 
liuoihettic, matchetowog kah nirke'kitche? 
weediaiittuog , moeog 5 kah chadchepoh- 
teahuwaogutwime ot^nat, kih rhekeeu 
petutteaog wekit Jaibri; onk ukkodparooouh 

6 Kah matta nimheahcttcg , wuttonche- 
moog Jafonoh^ kah onkatoge ODwecmattin- 
neul), utotanat nanaanuaenutu, mohOioH- 
t<jowahcttit yeug quanuppinukcg muttaok 
peyau-^g wonk. 

7 Jafoaattumunonrhe, onk yeug wamc 
pmncuilcogut quagquetamadch^jh C^far 
noowaog na onkatuk ketailbu-tj noh jefus. 

8 Onknnagwuttamhcaog miOinniiinuh , 
k'?.h nanaanuacnw ut atanac , acLtatnehettit 

The A5s. amg Berea k^h Athens. 



9 Onk nelt iyimsuaheitit nahwuttia 
quoihaumukqunnaout jaibnoh^kah onkacog- 
sflCj wuttinanumouh nohrrufnagk. 

10 Kah teanuk oowesmactinneank unna- 
og Pauloh k3h Silafoh, mcnji.eknukkonaeu 
ea Berea 5 kah na paahettit pctutieaog uc 
Jewfe fynagog. 

iiJTe-ug maochekc wnnnefeog onk nag 
Therialonica , newutche attuirunnumwo«r 
kuttowongna/hperaifli wtekontaraoonk ct 
wuttahhoDWou t, onk nftnatinneakontamwcp 
wu{rukwhonganai>.,uttoh en nnaih afuh mat- 

12 Newutche monaog wunnamptamwog , 
onk quttianumwH.mittamwulIKTog kah wof-- 
ketompaog matta ohguhfooooog. 

19 Qut ThefTalonicac Jewfog wahtamo. 
hettitPauI kuhkooton:;uhteau wuttinnoowa- 
onk God ut Berea unna peyonau y onk wo«?- 
kouunnaog miilinninnuh. 

14 Ncit teanuk ODweematin unnau Paul- 
oh, Monchifii uhQi onatuh ketahhanit , qut 
Silas kah Timotbeus na appuog, 

15 Onk nnag monchanoncheg Psuloh, 
uppafooouh ut Athens;, kah attumunuir.ohet- 
t!t v/utannoDteamoonk ( Paul ) Silas kah Ti- 
motbeus peyaaunukquttei teanuk , moache- 

16 OnkPaulpaheont ut Athens, wun- 
nafl^auanittoomoh umamontinuh , nag wame 
otan peantamauua nunauhkontunkanu ma- 

17 Newutche chadchekeumau Jewfch at 
Synagog,kahpaflntamunutche5 k^h nogf- 
kunkqut<he ahhut kodtauwompafimuk. 

18 Neicnawhutch Philoibphers Fplcure- . 
anfog kah Stoikfeog wutchadchckaumonh , 
nahwhutch nouwaog , Ycuoh kogkecitamo? , 
wen, toh ounnoDwau i onkacog^ig , Kuhkoo- 
tomuhteau pcaowe manittouoh , newutche 
ukkuhkootomauoh nahog jefuroh kih omoh- 

19 Onk wunneemunsuh kah uppafooouh 
ut Areopagus, noowaog j won noowihteau- 
unnan uttiyeu wuilie ikuhkootomuhteaonk 
6nag, yeu anoowaanh. 

20 Newutche kuppaudtomoopenov/ekut- 
tflowonganaflj nuttaiiogkinnonut , nukkod- 
wahteaumun uttiyeulb anatamocraooug. 

21 (Kewutch-wame ALhenienfog"^ kah , 
penuohteaognoh apitchsg, webe ne wutuf- 
ieneau, anunchimwun afuh ncotaniun aun- 

2 2"-N:eit Paul neepau n6eu wadchuut 
Mars^ kah luxjwru 5 kenaau ivoikrt'^rnpa')g 
Athcn.-;, nunnauai kcDfaumunaufiiwa; penQ^ 
we manittcowcg, nilb noh tea£; 

23 Newutche pamufhaou kih monnecu- 
n'.oi! kuppeanrarnou/ongan/D , nu.nmiikoai 
Altar, yeu tannnilowhofb, wutche N NOH 
MAITA WAH£QG:iUT G jc- , ycvutciie, 

n vxyJt- 

Kukkcotcf^^wcfjff^^ f^t Aiherjs Cbap* 1 8. 

kcketooh^fi ut Corinth^ 

2:4 I ha 

h rrti; 

39: B: 

40. iS 

x6. 3. 

n Roh msnit wafumc'g rratta Wiheouhog^ ' 

24 rt God ukkeztcauun muttaok, Ualiwa- 
me lea^^rcagqulltnilh nch ohtagifl-i , ohtunk 
Lord keiiik^iut kali nnittackit, matta ayeu 
peancamvynkonuikqut wutdi me- 

25 Aiili matta wauillttumo) nsll^pe wun- 
nutcheganaKD;'.!!: h woikctompaog , waj 
quenaaihhukqut ne teaguas, nevvutche wut- 
linnumuun wame, i.cteaonk, kah nanall^au- 
onkj ,kah wamc tcanteaguailinilh. 

16 Onkayumpafuk n^fqiieheiink , wame 
wiitohtimoinoe woiketomp^og , wodobkut- 
che? w:.nne wofkeche ohkeit.luih kuhqiittiim 
aquompiyeu:Jb., nancgonne kohquttukupafli 
onkkukkuhhunkgsnalli uttoh pilh wodohkd- 

27 Nn:g woh natinnewh&ogGoduh:, woh 
vruiinadtoonouhjduh woh unnrnui'k66uli5t6- 
konogque matta kenaourukkongkoDun nifh 
noh pafuk iienaun. 

2S Ncwutclieil^oochekekonnin, .kcDche- 
mamonchenan , ka)chn wutclikina^in^ na- 
v/hutclie kaowa?.nt3rT5Gorr,oL>w6og nc anoowa- 
iicttir, newutche koochekinnean, 

29 Neitnev7utche k'nochetimnn God, c 
matta. kiitiinnonLukquahwiitreaunnan un- 
•nantamun Manittowonk onatuh filverr afuh 
"gold, afiih ware rdfikquiluk nafl^.pe wolke- 
tomp vviwinehtuhtoonk. 

^o Neadcooche aGxjkehettit , wuTofipe- 
^Junehtamunjqut yeuyeu unnau wame mliiin- 
ninnirh quinupohke aiui]ioi,-n?tama,'k- 

^^i KewutchemiiTohhamkefuk utt^ofer.dt 
pilli wu'iittuk muttaok ut f-mpweuTeong- naA^.pe neh wonvetompub anonche, yeu 
warf e wolkctompaog woh wunnamulikut co- 
WHhreour.neia 5 newutche wutomukkuiuh 
vvutch nuppannat. 

32 Kah ncoramobettit wutomohkeonk 
niippooog, nawhuchu'nm?.rr,onrarr.unerAi, & 
nrArhuch nxnv::o^3 \Jc>ViS<^ kukkodnoQtsun- 

% 5" ^s^eic Pauk" wunnnkkoniib. 

34 rutnawhu:h woiketompaoj^ anvee- 
tomouh, knh wunnaT-ptsmv&'og , ]>kenug:ke 
n^which,^iyfius Areooagite , Ush rrit- 
t3Two.fT:s uiTovveru Damaris, kah onb.togig 

■{\ /f Abdie y(u npap-.Pauk oom Athens, 
i'V i^onk peyc" 11 Corinth. 
. 2 N?.rr:ehnei^u Jtw uiTa^wcTu a Aquila •> 
ne;u >itpcntus /pa {we ^jfrnp Italy , kah 
wcechuva nmmittsT'Vvu'Toh PriuiHa , ( ne- 
wutcheChudius unnsu wamelewToh^ ama- 
ck wutrli B.crne^ iiDpr-yaiionnh' nahog. 

'^ JC'.b tnnvnrcl.e ner^n nompu U(5sni- • 
k-ii'uwonk vvrerorpiii , kah WfetanakanHi , ' 

4 K.ih wutfliadchtkcimuh ut fynagog nifh 
noh {aboth-daycu 3 kah weehqutumauwau 
Jcwfoh kah GrcekfoH. 

5 Kah Silas kah Tlmotheus wam^hettit 
Macedonia, P?ul kefAantam jOnK vvauvvaa 
ut Jevvfut, jefui Cbrifttn'ujj. 

6 Kah pann(juvvchtaihtttit5kahbkirphe- /J^^:=^ 
mahettit , h t.ttauunum wuthogkcjjwonk , io:iA« 
kah wuriinuh nahog, Koofqheunkan^Dohtaj 
kuppi'hkukkajwouk, necn nuppahkeis jycu- 
wutch onk yeaeii ongkouve pilh nutorn 

7 Onknaa)mun, kah au weekit woflte- 
tomp uIFoweru jufhis/, wauiTumau God^week 
wutchiyeuoumau fyniago^. c I COjf 

8 c Kah Crifpus negonne nanaanuacnin 1:14 
ut fynagog, wunnamptaiiau Chriftoh , kah 
wame ut weekit, ksh rr.onaog Corinthean* 
feog, noot^.mochhettit oonamptamwog, i^li 

9 Neit Chril} ikcnoDnau Pauloh 3 nukoni- 
eu, unnukquomrr.oowonganit , abque wabe- 
iiin 5 ketajhkafh, ah<5ue ahkoaall^. 

10 Newutche ioDwecomfli, kah m?tta 
pifh howan kukkutchinanukooh afuh mat 
piih .;l^oovvoikhukk CD , newutche monaog 
ijummiilinninnumog yeu ur otanit. ' 

11 Onkna ootohkinnequt kodtumwaeli, 
kah nepubfhaij kuhko-'tomuhkon ukkuttco- 
wonk God naur. 

12 OnkGaJJTO nahobt6eu nana^nuwodc 
Acbaia, Jewfog moaeneepoog woikehcua 
Paule, onk upplfuwouh wuilittumwaenuog 

\% NoLwaog, yeuoh we'quetamauaU wof- 
ketompoh, wauflummiGod pann^it nauma- 

14 OnkPaule kadketookont, Gallio un- jewfch, woi Jew{bg,tohneiS wopKe'rhet- 
tuonganeiag, afa mjtn nnatchefeonk,neit woh 
Vv'unnegen, noh kittinabqbenaSut. 

15 Qutvvebe kntta.'Wongane onk wefu- 
ongene'hatcotomtruhteaonganuU'^ ut .kut- 
tinnaumatuonganooout, nanaireaKX)k , tie-, 
wutche matta noolitturroo yeufli yeu ;n"jgfth " 

16 Onko^toohkaujuh wutch wollittum.- 
moeappuonganlt. - 

17 Neit.vvameGreekfogVtohqunaogSon. 
tbenes,negon!ie naan.^nuaenin ut fynagog, " . 
w.ittattagkomouh ut fnaqiiabhettit- v/n ifr- 
tumwaenucg, kahGallio nnitta tohwuttin 

18 OnkPaule nl ut fepihteaw neit u-'naii 
weematuh n-ah6niiujliagk,neit na wutch n.ib- 
bomun Syri^, onk weechauDg Frifcilla kah 
Aqui!.^ rcajfun-ont lit Qzr.zxf^^^ newutche 
qUolhomop Goduh. 

^ 9 Onk pcyau "£ pbefas , kab na ' wunnuk- 
onun n-hogi qut ingim webe p-tuttesu Sy- 
fi,?{:Co?^ oi'i^ chadrh,ekerniau Jev/foh. 

20 Ko(:tantnn^?bettitnohwut!]n fepuh- 
koH; mntt^ a;na::-pr-uoh. 


^yfpoHos l^ihkodtmvpm^cm ; The Afts> pa'^wnuwog^iuskplantamw^lc 


<M Cor 

2 1 QiJt wutdnuh nahog nahanufnti^kjiKD- 
* wvj, Hawhonknunn^Lnaniilitaun ycu rclhad- 

tuppaonk ut Jxirufi le n qut pi(h wonk kup- 
filCor pey.iaunumw(i) t/ uanantog God, Uah wuc- 
4.19. ahhom Ephefui. 

22 Kah kopho^ ut Cefaret, kih aontota- 
nit, kill wonkonionciTiOyeiuvee kooiunguh, 
au Antio^h.- 

.23 Kah na ohgufeapit moncheu kah pan- 
nupuhom wam^. ohkeit Galatia kah Phrigia 
a{riihk6eii , menuhkheau wame kodnetuhta- 

24 e Kah pariik Jew iifTowefu Apollos , 
nctii lit Alexandria 3 vviinnanto.vae\vo:kee- 
tomp , kah menuhku uc wniVukwhoiiganit * 
peyaii fiphefus. 

2$ Yeuoh wcfketO!r.p kuh^fX)tamau6p 
nmmay God, onk ahOiue ufct, ketoohkaii 
kah kuhkootomiihteaii menuhkeii wuttin- 
niyeiiongalh God 5 wahteaii webe kutfiim- 
miuv>onk John 

26 Onk n^Toche raeniihe ketookont ut Sy- 
^^o'^^y nootaahertitAquila kih PrifciUa , 
%\^innemiin6iihj iikkuhhooto^nauoh nahog 
moo^heke kah pannuppu ummayutGod. 

27 Onk kadtantog en Acliau , w.eemat- 
tinneunk wuffukwhefuog wehquetiinauaog 
Icodnetuhtaenuo, ^noh wuttin adtumuniik— 
qunit, kah paont , wutanumaoh moo^cke 
wanamptaaiunutcbe, nalhpe kitteamontea- 

25 Newiitche tikkiippiittoonawhiu Jew- 
loh menuhku, ut anaQiiabhettit moeoak, 
.kuhkootomuhttiau wuflukwhonganit, Jefui 

C H A P: XIX. 

ONK nnih, Ap-^ftles apit Corinth , 
Paul paumuhkog kUiDhkoiyeiiwe 
o.i. uJh, pcyau Fphcfns, "i^ah namheoiit na- 
whntr-h kodiietuhtuena. 

2 Wurtuuih nahog, -kiitatciimuna'irrAV«TO 
naihaiiinit m.ihflie wunninptamoL^'^kahwut- 
tinouh, ariuam, waruieiTjjtaraomun utt6h 

3 Kch ^V.'uctiniih nahog, n€it to'uvhiuch 
kiitfhirum:tteioog,ncowa025nii\vut8ie Jehn 
ukku t c h i (rumuwaonk . 

4 Neit Paule noow.iu , a John wuntia— 
mihkut Icutcheflummoau naihpe auiilioia- 
natamoe kutHiifTumowonk , unnau railHa- 
ninnuhj wunnamptoDk nnoharukiit, nnoh 

$ Yeu noo-tamohettlt, neltkutchiiTumo- 
og ut ooweruonganit Lord 

6 Onk Paule ponamauont wannutchgan-. 
, afli, Naihauanit wurichkukauoh nahog , onk 

ianantoowaog, .kah kuhkatomuhteaog. 

7 Ksh vvamewoikcrompnor; nahoneiuop:. 

8 Kah pcfutteiu fyna^o,^ , kih n-.enuhku 
/i;ulikatonju!iteau , nifhuoii nepauzfaurjh , 
d)ac.rI;ekcimont kah wcehquttum: uont , 
U'Uil' vvadtoir.agilh wuca lajtamov.'Jnj^anit 

p Out monaoo; manuhkchtaahcttit , k.^h 
mavta"wunampt«moheaouc, kah maclieaoj- 
wahectit nc'njgque en, anaquabhettit mona- 
chek, amaeu, Kah chadchacenau ukkodne- 
tuaiaenuaioh, chadchekeeuwadtarekefuk- 
oki|h;kodnetur:taekomukqut woiketomp uC- 
ibwetu f yranuus, 

10 unU yeu nagwutteanumun mrefekod- 
tumw3:U , ne;r>ehkiih wame wodoiikuccheg 
Alia, noutamwog wutlinnowaonkLofd Jeius 
Jewtbj^ ikah Grceklbg. 

1 1 Onk God uiieu miflt monchanatamo- 
wonganalh ut wunnutcheganit Paule. 

12 Newutche paudcaahetiit chilhkonhe- 
I quohhdunJh, aruh\vomphogkx)uniii^ wut- 
I che wuhhogkadt,en raah.henanut:cneh,mah- 
' ch.n. oaganaih imceinoalh, kah mataniitoo- 

vvog wuii'dhwcehtauouh. 

i^ Neitnawhutdi kogke'ompauog Jewi- 
og, pauw-iuo^:, i.utche weehquerumwogcxj- 
weciuunkL'jrd jeius napenahettitnah apc- 
tunkqunuc he mattanittoo, noDWaog, kum- 
i-neevhiiinuhKouch nailipe jeius uttiyeu Koh- 
kcx>tcmuhLeache Paule. 

14 onii. nelaufuk tahfuoh wunnaumonuh 
Wuirccva Jew, kah negoane fephiufuaenuog 
yeu wucuilenau. 

1 5 Kah raattannit nampoowhdfu, i<ah noo- 
wau, Jefus ncjowaeh, k^h Paul na>w jeh , quE 
J^enau howanig ? 

16 Kah noh wo/ketomp apehtunkqut mat- 
tanitto , ukque'nutauwoh , wutanuwunuh, 
wuttogheuh, nemebkuh fohwuihaog poiku, 
kah woikeheoog. 

17 Kah yeu wahtcauunneau warFC Jewfog, 
kah Greekfog wadohkutcheg Fphelus , kih 

wame wabefuog, kah ooweluoiik Lord Jci'ui 

18 Kah monaog wanannptogig, peyaog, 
kah Tamp^jowaog wutulleonganjucf^ilh. 

f9 Kail monao:^ pauauccheg, paudtoog 
QorukuhwhoiigancDcoalh moae, ..kah vvut- 
chikohhrnunaoafli ut anaquabbcLtit woil^e 
tompaog , iuh oonumunaoalh toh an6atik> 
onknapanna tafliinchagit maitanuuganm 

20 Yeu en milPegen wuttlnnoowaonkGod, 
ikah Vfutoghikquneau. 

21 Yeu mahchennag, Paul unnantam ut 
wuttahut, pimuhkog Maccd^nii/^kih A- 
clliia, au Jcrufalem, nrowau, mahche ai pe- 
yaon, nawlionk nukkchkeiicau Rome.^ 

22 Nemehkuh anjDnau en tv'afcdo;ii 
fuohnt weetomukqutcheh , TirMOthtU^ kah - 
Eraftus, qut nagiv.i appu Afia oliguhCc. 

25 Onk neitwadchit matta peafinao ch-d- 
chepohtc-onk papaurr.e nemay. 

2 '.^ wo ketonip u3pvveru Deiretr-as , (1!- 
V€r fmlth, utrivcuwohavcuontr.lvcrcancij- 
kontuokavoh wutche Diana: kah matt •. og- 
";iin nno;ong njo, ncvvutclu aai- 
" uruat'nuof»- 

"" .25 Nnoh 


2*^ N noh trocu vvce'.'oaioHcIieh , \'.-3^.\ 
ficai hunau'uki-.ufiiiuiflieh 3 o.ik wuttinub, 
J<u.Lh, h<x>v/ihu'auunnaa yen nailipe kuta- 
na.^.lu^llwotl^•,clnutl kaibe wccnaee'kinncan. 

26 Wonk ii-jum6?;ilh iuh ncwtamogilh, 
rracra vvebc ut Kpheiu,^, qut oinog pannuppe 
W.H1H' A.ia.yeuoh Paul wc^iqnccumaont^ kali 
qu.iiuppinont monaoh miliinninnuh , anoo- 
wadc, matta manittowunncx) uttiyeu^ ktz- 
iet^bcp; wutfli menutcheganit. 

27 Nemc;;kuh matta v;epe yeu kutanakaa- 
i"aonij-:uun pilh marchehtaun5qut vvonk wee- 
ku malukkenug manit Diana pHh matta ta- 
he'iuupanumou , kah ummiliugkenaowonk 
pilh mat^hehtaun, iittiyeuh waulVumatiettic 
wame^'Mla, kahmuttaok. 

28 Kah n<jL)tam6hettit yeufh najwaon- 
ganalhj mufqiiantamwog, kahmilhantowa- 
o?j noDvvaog mafugkeniig Diana ut tphefians 

' 2 9 Kah wame otanat rmmwohta wogkou- 
eonk^ kah tohquna heitit Gaiufoh kah Arii- 
tarchulbh, Macedoneaeog, Paul vveediaii- 
on:hcj moeu quenuttamwog ahuttanemuk 

30 OnkPaule kodpetutteadt miifinnin- 
nutu, kodneiuhtaenuog matta wuttmanum- 

31 Kahnawutch negonamvAOg ut Aha , 
weetompuh, anoateamoov^og naen , ukkod- 
tantinouh ahque on^h en adtanne'muk. 

30 Naw^ utche yeuwutSi milhautowone- 
suj^nawhutchonkatogilh, onk miihoeonk 
Avogkoueog ornog kukkeeu matta wahteau- 
ouunneau tohwutchpeyahettit. 

33 Onk amaoakaoog Alexanderoh na- 
wutch lit monaumuk Jewfog k?:kutalnune- 
hettit, kah Alexander wohwomunum wun- 
fiutch, kodkenahhamau wuhhogkut utmii- 

34 Qut wahteauhettit yeuoh J ew, paluk- 
ouc wame mifjiantowa^g neellt hqwerruao, 
Mafukkenuk Diana ut Epheuans. ^ 

3=5 Kah aiiinnohrucnin quohtinont mil- 
iiiininnubj HiJL^wau, Kensau wolKetompaog 
tit Ephefus, uttiyeu woiliecoanp matta wah- 
teaiiug, otan n noh wahrumont miiiugken- 
woh mJttacnwoililfe manittooh Duna, kah 
n noh nunneukontunk naklhont wutch Ju- 
piter ? 

56 Yeull-v matta k6nootarmog,woh kutche- 
qun apiiMV^tDjOnk matta woh teag kutmTum- 
"IV(]D ti.dchu. ^ 

^7 Newutche yeug woflietompacg yeu 
kuppaf^jooneauj matta mukookinnumwjaa- 
tamuojT peantarawakcmukqujfh, kah matta 
blr.rphea.auong mittamwoiiiiTe kuiumanic- 

5S Yowutche DcT.etrius, kah ooweecne 

anikaiiLucfiuh t'5hnGhteahettithow.ane5nau- 
jBstuonk w-.bfinvu, kah keketa)hkaenlhua- 
euu:g \-u wataiinneau wuwiKXjwa'iCttich.^ ;• 
39 t 'utnjt<i,i;^muhtea.ijg noh wodto.nA- 
£?'iih oidi nar.-ipoL>hbarnun4 iampohiac moe- 

Ekfychus k^ucvfi* 

40 N'ewiitchd nufapimun nunrinkquodtit;^ 
newutclu' ytu vvogkoueonk yeuyeu kel'uk- 
ok, ncwutclicwoh moh nammag.jjmun u6- 
tohonumaig yeiuit wogkoueonga-tiit. 

4 1 iCah muhche ki.nijjnont,wuttiiiuh nah- 


KAH muhche wogkouconganoDgk, Paul 
oowekoruuh nahug, kah cjuwonkomuhj 
v^uiiiiukkonuh, au Macedonia. 

•2 Kah pannuppuhkog ne olike, kah mcx)- 
chcke wchquetiiaiaon peyau Gieecut. 

5 Kah Ha wutapen nifndoh nepaufohjkah 
Jewibg aikwhoniihettit, kod nohhug Syria, 
uuHantam nukquihkem wonk uogque ea 

4 Onk Sopater wutohtu Berca, Arillar- 
clius kah Secundus wutohtuTheHaloniajGai- 
us wutohtu Derbe kah Timotbeus, Tichicus 
kahTrophimus wutohtuog Afia, nehcovvee- 

5'Yeug negonihahettit 5 Kuppahukqun- 

6 Onk kcifthamumun Philippi , mahche 
aquompak naut mcechhetteup weekon pet- 
ukqunneg, kah knppeyaaunonunnonog ut 
Troasnapanna tafhikqunncj ne kutappiune- 
an nelauiuk tsfiiikquiniie. 

7 Negonne kefukok week, kodnetuhtae- ^^..p„ 
nuog moeu paahettit, a lohqunniimwog pet- ^^y 
ukqunneg, Paul ukkuhk(JLtamauun nahcg, '' 
kodnukonont nanompuhj nagwutteaeu kuh- 
k'Jjtamuhteau toh nohuntipuhkcd. 

8 Kah monat^fliwequanauteganarh woh- 
qut ut v/eetuomutjneadtannwehettit. 

9 Kahwulken na wutdopen kenogkene'g-. 
anit, uiToweiu F.utychus^ kofukicouit, kah . 
Paul rep'ekuhk(30tomuhteadtjkepuhquohhain . 
kah penufiiau wutch wohquc weetuomut , 
kah neemuiiahettit nuppcjuoh. 

10 KahPauleiiouikeu, wunnuhkukauoiihj . , 
kah niremunootjuoowau, ahque wuttamheais 
kuhhegkaoogj, newutche ukketeaonk appeh- 

11 Yowutche, wonk v/ohaut sont, kah 
fohqutiug petukquniieg, kah meechhettir, 
kah fepappoahettit tohmohtomp..nj nelt 

12 Kah pa^x,'6og wufliennuh keteau 5 
wonk matta peafmntju weekontamwog. 

1 3 Kah negonuhkpmurnun kuht^xinog^nut- 
tinhamun Alios,, iiuttinanatpmun nanut- 
ut neemumonan Paul, ne v^utche wmlinne- 
ahj kodtantog ohkeiihorj, : 

14 Kah namehukqueog ut AfTos, huppo- 
ihcaun, onk ituppeyaumun Mytelene. 

15 Onk ni n,x)tb6mun;in 5 na nompu-jk 
' nuppiyaufukuhkomiiaiun Chios, kah nanom- 

punk nuppeyaumun •'^areos^ kah naiappim.un- ■ 
Trogylliumj onk napompunk. nuppeyaumun i 
Miletus. .,. 

16 Ncwutcl^s Paul kadtantam en noh- .^ 




NmtmPtacheg m Mile turn The Ads. 

hamim Ep. eias, newutche matta kod wuf- 
iepohce.^.un Ana, newiitcliekenupthau^ roh 
wuttktojtuanumun , peyon Jerufalem ke- 
fukqut Petueco "t. 

17 Kah vvutch Miletus anoDhteamco en 
Ephefus, weehkomau r^aaaanuanche mo- 
y eu weekoniongani c. 

18 -Kah paauonahettit, wuttinuh nahoh 
koowahteauunneau , wittch weilie peyaun 
Alia, ne onnehhennos; nilhnoh uttooche. 

1 9 N uppeantamau God nafLpeu hohpaeu 
metah., kah nafhpcu monatalh muirupptgu- 
- alh, kah qutchehuaongalh newuLche Jewfbg 

2 3 Mattateag kummaiKinumunnomwoo 
ne woh wannehukqueog^ qut kenatitinnun- 
iiiinneau, kah kukkuhkuDtoFnauunnunneau 
paaliiifeLeu,, kah woiikn-.en'^vetiiomut. 
' 21 Ncjowauwohhcunneau jewlbg , kah 
GreekCog , aiuikoianatamoonk nogquein 
Godutj'kah oLinjimptatnowonk nogquein 
KumiTianittoornunnonut Jefus Chrift. 

22 Kah yeuyeu kuifehj, nummonchem en 
Jeriiralcmnutchetiniiik nafhauanit , matta 
wahteauooun utiooh nlhpinai, 

23 C^t naihauauit oDwauwon nifh noli 
otanit, noowauj NukkifpiiTuonganatk kah 
v/uttamepunnaongalh nuppahukquog. 

24 (^uc yeulh wame matta n-aotammchuk- 
. k'jounallij afTa matta mittinnantamoh nup- 

pomantamoonk mifhSadtu, pakodgteauon 
nii-pporaafitamoonk weeche wekontamo- 
woakjkah nohtompeantogovvonkjUttoh waj 
arturnun3g Lord Jefiis^wauwon wunaunchc- 
niojk.onk ukkitteamonteanutteaonganit 
• God« 

-■2^ Ksh yeuyeu ku^eh, k^naan wame, ne 
kc^Lkootomaaogig tahfcotarnoonkGcd, mat- 
ta vvonkpilh kenaamoomwoom-Ukeruk. 

26 Yowutche- kenaau n Dwauwaenumog 
yeii k-^fokok, neen nu-ppakes wutche wufk- 
whconganoo waine wo;ketompaog. 

27 .N evvutche matta kummananumunnoo- 
unneau kubkootomo^dtin wame kuhk^x)to- 

•28 Yowut^he nunirAkqufTek l-:uhhogkao.- 
og;,kah wame neadtahlooc'og nananukqueo^ 
iiafhiuanu woh kumrreetruwontamunnaout 
irioy'euweekomonk God, -tTttiyeu manohook 
wutc.h ncli'erivvonche wufqhe'onk. 

29 Nevvutche yeu noowahteanun, ompe- 
tsk moncheon ahque mukquolhihimwog 
piih kuppeyogkdjwoogj matta toh ahqhe- 
aupO{7 chepaiKDwoh. 

'50 Kah koovvutche kenaau nawlwtch 
wojktrompaog pjih neep6og3pannvX)wekuh- 
kajtomuhkon.j woh wuuiiamptunk kodnc- 

91 Newntche ark-uhwhdteagk, kah meh-, 
^tffjrnramfjjk, niihwudt kodtumvvae, matta 
nnt^.lique air.auir.oh nilh noh pafuk k^fuk-' 
©d :. i, kah nukkpnaca ma aoH. 

Vanl k^od nionchu Jemfakn:. 

of Kah yeuyeu neematog, nuttohtauih 
God kuhhogkaoaih, kah nuttohtauih wut- 
dnaJwao!ig.uiit ukkitteamonteanucteaon:^a- 
nitj uctiyeu tapenummtjQuk kukkezhukqiiu- 
aaouC; kail anumungqueog, vvunaegen ahto- 
onk kODWutche warn; wunneetupanatogig. 

33 Ai"quamnukkodtancam(X)h howan -vvut- 
teauquaih, iilver afuh gold, afuh wuthog- 

34NUX, kenaau koowahteammnesujtyeufli b iCor. 
nutcheganalh quolhaiehtamwog ne que- 4.12. 
nauahiikque, kah nnag vveetomukqueoneg. i Thcf. 

35 KukkuhkootomauonumwoD wame te- 2. p. 
anteaqualinilh^ neananakaufeog.woh kena- 2 TheG 
naann6na6ont noochum.welitcheg kah woh 3.S. 
kummequantamumwoa wuttiiinoowaongalh 

Lord jefusj unnoowau;, moocheke wunana- 
tarawe uireonk raagunat onk attumunumun* 

36 Kah yeu anoovvodt uppefetukquffun, 
kah ooweechepeantumog, kah pogkulimwog 

38 Omog wame neuanatamwog5newutche 
ne kuttoowonk ne anoowadt, noh wulkefuk- 
quaih matta piih naumoounanonaav wonk. 
Kah aowechauouh en kuhtoonogqut. 

NK n mh^ nagonnogkut nagoh kah 
wanighomdog ^ padufukkshkomog 
Ctiuos y onk nanompunk Rhodes , onk na 
wutch ut Patara. 

2 Kah namehteauog kuhtoDnog nohhomua nuppolinneanonup^kah nummon- 

3 KahnagCyprus^nuttinnohteahkorhun- 
naii^ nutcinhamun Syria, kah nukkuhpham- 
umun ut Tyre, newutche na Upponamunnau 
ooweannino; kuhtoonog, 

4 Kahnamheogkut kodnetuhtaenuog, na 
ut nuppaheanan nefaufuk talhikqunnu : un- 
naogPaul naihpeu metahhannet matta woh 
auou Jerufalem. 

5 Kah yeufli kerukkodtafh ma^che n 
nagiih nukkodtummunnan^ksh nuramonche- 
mun, kah nsg wame kupparaoqunnonog ma- 
ohkontu, kafa mittamwoilinneunk, kah wun- 
neechanneunk, onk pannupJhaog otan , kah 
nutappeSttukquffunnumun kilhketug, kah 

6 Kah wonkquttehliettit , nuppofimun 
kuhtounogqut, kah wonk quihkohhamwog. 

7 Onk mahche uflTeog nuttiiifhaon^anun^ 
wutchTyre inuppeyaumun Ptole.nais", nou- 
wonkkumomunneematt'nndnogj nouwetom- 
oog pafuk keiuk. ' 

S Kah nanompunk neenanwee^iauogkut- 
jifh Paul ntinmondientunnonup, nuppeyau- - 
mun Ccfarea , nuppetutteamnnn wcekJt 
Philip Kvingcli ti (i? n noh pifak ncfaulak iiCbjp, 
auJtalooutchcg'^ kih n.X'Weeromoun. .6.5. 

9 Kah noh wiiketomp nenuiru'riafiioh 
vvu:taatnh;penompaoj, quoiiuceiioow tch :3 

■^iUsl'f^ejiiU '^erf/fdcin 

Chap. 21. 

tohquniti tattagHmddo 

10 Kail m aieog mooch?tikqiimi , quoflj- 
6dta.'inv.ien a)!i> Jiidea nlibwcl'u Aggabus. 

1 1 Kah pAaonukqueog , neemunuai uk- 
i^ilhpuriu Paulc 3 tohtogkuppinnaii n(.h;n- 
tvonch-'AViinnuttheganalh, K.ih waileetalh, 

kill iKi)W.Hi, Ycu wuKin Nallviuanit , Jewf- 
osj; lit jerul-ile.n yen pill: wuttinheoneau 
^' i"ketuPTpuh ycu wabctukquobpuiVHanit , 
oak na-;); pilh upponouh wunnutciicganout 

12 Ycuth noot.imog, nenaan kah nnag na 
tj^'adr-hkutcbegnaaomparamouh matta 6c n 

13 NeifPaule nampoolumungqun. Toh 
w tch mauog , kah pohquenumbg nuttah ? 
newiit^hc nupp.ikod^he naricilhwem , mitts 
%vebe wewheppapunniuteJ'n , qut nuppun ur 

^ JeruGlem newutche ouwefuonganit Lord Je- 

14 Onkmatti fohkauoont, niuahlcoowa- 
mun nuttianouwamun ^ wuttinanataraaoonii 
God n na]. 

15 Ompetagyeulhkerukodtalhjneemun- 
'niirnurnita nooweanuniionaib; iiah nucomuii- 
nonup JeruLlem. 

16 K«ih nawhut^ kodnetuhtae'tiuog Cefa- 
*rca nooweechogHmun, pa(auwouh paiuk uf- 
fowefu Mnoion wuiciprusj kutebiruckodne- 
liihtaenin noh woh kaeehtauwogkut._ 

17 pao6v3 Jerui-ili-m, weemattin wee- 
kontamwu itutattumunuKqan. 

i3 K>ih nanompunk J i^.ul nooweechog- 
"ijun en Jeamiit kah wame nananuacheg na 

1 9 Onk wonkomogkHtjWuttinRoneau nifh 
noh wuttinan.ikauiia God ut Geiitiuut^nalh- 
'peu ukkuhkootomiihteaunganii. 

2) Onk ncuiamohettit 3 quhtianumoog 
Gcdj kah wuttiriouh J neem'Utm keiiauoog 
neadcalhe metaaonganogKuifeheLtii: Jewfog 
wunnamptaiiAvog, Kah wame menuhke vvo- 
monaog naumatuonguh. 

21 Kah nag KenootUiikquog , kukkuhkoD- 
tomau -waiTte Jcvvf^g ,- weeiacccamoncheg 
Geatils^ahquoanumon Moies , kuain, raatta 
wimnegenninnfx; quoiqullwonmukkeies^ afa 
ulleii uiifuaoFigaaaih. 

22 Yowuiche teaugU'S ? monarheg mos 
mccu peyaog, newui^be wohnootamw-'g ken 


2.5 Newutche yeu H'^jih 3'eu arfunog,yau- 
og woiketompaog yeu vvutappinneau^quolh- 
auiT.OBcheg Goduh.' 

2.4. Nnag ncc-nun, kah pahkeh kuhhog nag 
Wj.^cliejaninnnn^au teangu^ih weedie naghck 
4 Num. cr.kwjh b noutuiroog, onk warne wo!i (jy- 
6;i8. wai:ne::'iLiurjeau ,yculhruXjtanog!Pa papaunie 
Chap: ken ;;ivatteLgun6alh, qut ken wonk kuia- 
18. r8: rampvvuiiL^iiT, k.'h kenanaeihnaumatuoiik. 
•rChjip; ■?k Nevratche Geniils \vaa-imptf~»g!g , c 
15. 20. iiGoruk^-.:!::iU!Tunnu!in6n'^p-kiih ojnojwonah, 
n.g'^'iU: woh wuLUilciaueau -^wcbe n.nai- 

he;iog wuhhogkiob, wutcli sninnuniauaong- 
anic nui!nuhkoniunKjnun:anit , kah wutch 
wuCqucongr.nit, ivih wurct; nafhitcheg Uah 
vvutcii nanvvaanootfquaaonk 

26 Neit Paul vvunncmuuoh wofketompoh, 
kah nanomnunk , pahkheont wuhhogkuh ^ 
wceche nnan 5 petutieaulempleut d un- c^utIo 
nonat nnag patikhciiongane kcfukodtalhmah-- 6.1 3, 
ciie n nii'jOiik naut magojonk woh aninnum- 

auon mfh noh paiuk. 

27 heCiuiuk tshfiiikquinogkut naheti 
mahnhunkj Jewlbg uctiyeugayitcheg Aha , 
nauahettit lit Temple, wogkoueog wame 
miiiinninnuog, kah wut6hqun6uh. 

28 Wcidtauatonkqullehettit, Ifrrele'og 
aninnuniaiinean, yeuuh vvoikecompj kahkco- 
totnauont wame miiiinninnuh ni(h noh ut a- 
yeuhkonau-raiilmninnuh , kah naumatuonk ^ 
Kah yeu ut temple, & wonk palbuau Greek- 
oh ut temple kah ailhketeaimn yeu wunnee- 
tupanatamwe temple. 

29 iNevvutche wunnan^hnauopub weeche 
ut otanat 1 rophimus wutephelian, uttiyeu 
unnaniogig Paul uppafoDoh femple. 

30 Kan wame o. an vvogkouvvemaO) kafj 
miiiinninuuog m >cihaog. onk tohqunj.og 
i^auioh, Kah w-u ibhwhoKonaoh wutdi Tem- 
ple, kaU te^nuii rquoantamaii^ kuppdhholu- 

31 Kah*it5 nehtamoonk pe- 
yaumo keiich"um!niigqcompiut, wame jeru* 
iaicm wogkoueog. 

32 Uttiyeuoh teanuk neemunont wuta- 
yeuteomun kah nequt pafukooiucheg, uk- 
qu^nucjuoh uahoh, kah nauahettit negorine 
mugquojipuh kah raatv/aoh, wutahqutab 

3 '4 Neit kitchummugquomp pafoDiukauoFi 
kah neaiujiau kuh narw^ii tattagkupphlidl 
neefunalh rtioaihlh gquoiitagquofh naLoato- 
miiiitem howan ycuohjkah toh ulfeu. 

34 Yeug raonenae nouv^ooQog kah onkato- 
gig chippe Rcovvaog ut monacheg, kah mat- 
ta wahEeauoguttddhag, newutche wogkou- 
eonk; noowaUp'UiroDWununaj wonkonoofun- 

35 Kah paont tohkootaonganlt, ayeutea- 
chegwuttui-hpunbuihj, newutche wogkoiie- 
ougano) mrilinninnuog. 

36 Newutche monacheg wutafukauouh 
wuttauatongquiiiiGg monchanouk. 

37 Onk Paul afoDwnnut wonkoHoofintit , 
unnau negonemuFqnornooh wohkekunnoo- 
nulh? ntuwaUjWoh kictiunontoowam Gree- 

38 Ken um mitta Egiptianjnegonaeu aig' e Clfapc 
wogkouconkj kah fohhouwunop yau ut niA- 5. a^s. 
tannukanog kuduo g wo.4etompaog en tou- 
ohkomuk nulhehteaenuog. 

39 Que Paul r(x>-.vau,ncen Jew wuttarfu- 
rai^otanapplnCii:cia,nen wo ketcmp mat- 

1 ta pealinnumicnuc otan ksh/lvL'V/requetub- 



'VKVi'tnmkp^p<^$ichk^T^.ul The Ads# mi^joutooe VffHtayeuPihkomih., 

« Cliap. 

I Chap, 

ouili, unnanum eh kenounon miliinninnuog. 

40 Kali ananumpnt, i>aul neepau tohkcD- 
taonranit , kah wogkauunnum wunnutch 
miiiinninnuhj kah ahkoDabettitjUkkiniioonuh 
Hebrew wonrtjuwuonk- nouwau^ 

oriaorr.paoG;,necmatog,kah Gomim- 
oog^nooLamook nukkenoutamwaniha- 
onk nul'hogj 

'2 Kah nooramoehettit kctoohkaii Hebrewe 
anontowaonk, onk rauucheke chequnappuog 

9 aWunnamuhkutneen Jew wolketomp, 

, neetip ut Tarius, utCilicia, qutnuituttan- 

' neetip yeu ptank ut wulleetit Gamaleel kah 

nukkuhkootomoteap neane pahkeneunkquok 

iiauwatue uhiiuonk koolhunnonog , kah 

nutahchoowe womon God, ne afcog Uenaau 

wame, yeu keiukok. 

. 4 /? Kah nGuwoiTthe'oog yeu nogqucu- 

yeuitcheg en nuppoowonganit , tahtagkup- 

pinnugquean , kah kopfhasquinnukquean 

wolketompaog kah mitiamwoiliiibg. 

5 Kah wonk negonne (ephaufuaen noo- 
wauwonuk, kah rnoyeuonkamo wame.nanan- 
nuaenuogj kah nutattumuniim wulfukwhon- 
ganalli nag wutch. en neematit, onk nutomp 
Damafcus^niippafoowdog wehwhepappiifuQg 
nag noh apitci^ieg, en jerufalem, onk woh fa- 

6 Onk n nih moncheon , pafa-'fukomon 
Damarcus.puhi^-aquodtj teanukmiifi wequai 
wutch keibkqut, noDweenohkonk. 

7 Onkmikkeplhorn, kah nunnootam Icut- 
toowonk nutthinuk, Saul, Saul^ towhutch 
wofke^hean > 

8 Kah nuniiampcx)haniau5 howan ken? woi 
lord, onk nutMnnuk, neen jefus UL Nazareth 
wttiycuwoh wai"kheac. 

9 Kah nag weechaTyormukqrearnpanneg, 
naumvvog weqaai, onk wabefuog, qutmatta 
v/anncotamoounnfau wuttauaionkquiTuonk 

10 Onk nuiITm, uttoh woh nutuflemjnum^ 
iranittnom } kah nummanittoom nuttinnuk, 
omohkifh, onk uhlh Damarcus, onk na pifh 
kuttitunnirtean wame uttunkodtulican. 

11 Onkmattaijaiimooon newutche wuf- 
fohfumowonk ne wohfumoomcDUg , nag 
weechogqueoneg fagkompaguneheuit, nup- 
pcyam Damafcus. 

12 Kch Ananias ahchewu wom6nontn-Ur. 
matuonk.ivacenomut ut Jewfohtu ntgnoh 

_ 13 Nuppeyacnuk, kah neeppu, kah nut- 
tinnuk, neemat Saul, attumunufh kenaumco- 
onk, k^'h neitwadchst nummonneau. 

14 Xah na,>wau n-uinift!X.m(X)oh kooH^in- 
iJ6no7, .Uuppcpenunk,onkv/oh k(Dwahteauun. 
wutlin nat.m^ooonk, kah woh kcnau noh 
wunnornwautifaetiiri, onk woh kenootamun 
«»wohtauaionkqu:ru3nk wutch wutfounit. 

1$ Newutche ken pilh cowauwaenumoh 
ut wame wolketoa pauhtu, uttiyeufli nau- 
moniih kah mjutamonilh. 

16 Kah kudeh tohwutch pahtufTe'an ? o- 
mohkiih 5 kutcheiTumwiih, amaupattaiiih 
kummatchefeonganaih , vv^ehqutufloauh cx)- 

17 Onkn nihjonkpdaon Jerufalem^paan-,- 
tamon ut Temple, nuinmaun-imanus. 

18 Kah rinau, ouk nittinnuk, kenupfhafh, 
tcanuk nukkodj Jerufalcm, newutche matta 
attumunumoogkoDwauwaaiiruonk papauoie 

19 Kah nuflipHummanittoom ODwahteaa- 
unneaujuukkupfhagkinnittesp, i.ah nuttat- 
tagkomuttcap, niih noh pafukut lynagog,, 
nag wanamptunXqueahpanneg. 

20 c Qnk wiqheonk-vStevcnkajwmwae'- cCb?p. 
neam rohwutchiiog,noh nunnecpop^kah n<x>- 7*58- 
weetowonap wunnufliaonk, noowadchknum-. 

up wuthogkauunafn nafhteacheg. 

21 K^h nuttinnuk amaiiL, newutche kut- 
annoonfh nSadtit en Gentiilut. 

22 Kah wunnootaouh yeu anoowodt yeu, 
kuttODWonk, neic miiiaa oowaog, HvDwaog, 
aminuk neadtuk. wpiketomp yeu wutch 
murtaohket, newutche mat wunnegenninuo 
noh wuttii) pomintarKUn. 

25 K hnialhintow.-.hettit, kah amaaute- 

aog hog'^oounaihj puppitrai anohteahettit ke- 


j 24 Kitchimmugquonap noowau, pafoo- 

[ wunaj wonkonoDiinut 5 onk noDwau natoo- 

! torriauunaj nailipcu tattagkomaonk,onk woh 

I wanteaun uttoh waj wattauwatonkqu:Iu»: 


25 Kah tahtagkuppinahettit peraeneah- 
tanafli, Paul unnau noqut pafukouunutcha 
noh neepaut , fun wunnegen tatragkomun.., 
woiketomp uttiyeu woh Romanuwet , aC- 

26 Noqut pafukoowudt yeu nootog, wun- 
aunEbeiinnon Ue'hcheinugquompuhjnoowau, . 
ahque tohenne, newutche yeu. woilietomp 

27 Neif ke'hchemugquoT) peyau kah wut-,r 
tinnuh, utieh, ken kit RoBiaUnu ? noowaii 

28 Neit negonne mugquomp nampxh- 
homauoh, nummiftoadie'hteam yeu chepai- 
ycuonk, kah noowau Paul, qut nurchippc 

29 Neit teanukwunnu-Conou'i negn.UTO- 
terpauoncheg, kah KCp;onne rriU^qno'-np wa- 
bc{u5Wahteank yeuoh iiomanniia);,ncwutclie 

^50 NanorTipunkncwutrheukkodwabtpan, 
un uttoh w^i nehher.bettit ]cw(og, wuto n- 
pinrje6i.ih.k,,h unn-jii nec~<nM.' loj h. u'u.'.eau'?, 
kah wame ka;i jjnuttitcheg,ne;Unk .^n qua- ^ 
be'i, onk pafanvau i^auioh, onk uppoauh 


Tugkonina ut mttoonit 


CHAP. X.illL 

'jiNkPaui wuLahchuwckukkiiiricdii ka- 

^ ajunuciinutche, nouwau, woiketoni- 

paog t ah nccmatog, nu.mjdipcu pomaiitam 
wunnegen metali uc aiLicjuabicG^a, o^nkycu 
pajch yeu kcrukok. 

2 Ontc ncgonne nohtompeantog Ananias, 
unnau wecch-kompaumonciicg tagkomook 
ut vvuuoonit. 

:$ Ncit Puul wuttinuli , G^d pHh kut- 
tigkomuk, ken wompeteauiueekommak , 
rewutchcj ne kucappen kojlumch neanelit 
nauniatiionk , onK kutuireli tagksmunaj 
ttyeuukkone neancfit tuumaiiionk > 

4 Kah ncg iioh neepautchegyWUttinouh, 
kummaumatchecn ncgonne wulfephaufuc- 
numoh God I 

5 Neit noc>wau Paul, necmatog matta nut- 
tianantanaiX) yeuoh negonne rephauluen iie- 

^«Kxod. wutdie wufVukwhufu , a matta woh kum- 
32* 28. matchenoh nan.iunaoat kunmiiiinninnumob 

6 CiUt Paul wahctunk ncqnt jbippiiiuog, 
, yeug Sadducefogjkah onkatogigPharifcfog, 

miihaiitoowau ut kcnuDiiutimuk, woiketom- 

paog Hah neei«atog, h neen Pharifeywuiinau- 
h Phil, monuh i^harhis ; c newutche ancudfiionk, 
9.5. kah wutomohKeonk nuppou, neen nat»Lo- 
«Ckap, moiityeu keiukok. 
24.21. 7 Kdh ne aiioowadt, neit waapemo penu- 

: anuttuonkuc SadducentkahPharileiic, kah 

monaciheg chippeog. 

8 d rsewutciie Sadducefog noDwaog, 
^Mat. matta omohkeonganinno, aluh mat angel- 

22.23. iinno , aUh raai n^fliauanittoounnoo, <jut 
irhariiefog iampooAOg nceCwe. 

9 Oiik naut waapemo miifi mifliantowa- 
onk, kan Scibfog ayeuuhkonittue Pharife- 
fittu, neepauog5ahchuwekeketcx>kaag, n«- 
waog) matta nummilltotricmomun matchefe- 
OKk yeuoh woiketomp, que nafhauanit^ sfa 
Angel kenaonont;, ahque mckdnontuh God. 

10 Onk \7aape'mtjuuk milli penuaimttuonk, 
kehchenugquomp w-ibcut ilhkontiaul woh 
f»kihanau, uanau wutayt uteorauh, na ong, 
mukktjLikinnuapk, paiook wohkdnnoofinit. 

11 Nawonk wanonkaooukj oowcechckom- 
puimuh, Manit, noowau, wcekontrtfhPauI, 
Bcwufchi tieanewauw26rcan ut Jerufalem, 
lie rnos kittinns wauwon ut Rome. • 

12 Kc^b raohtompog navvhutche Jew^:!? 
■rnat^hein \vunnouwaop^:,quolhawtuog5kod- , 

tantainvog auwakompanoowonk meecCeh- 
b^ttit aCuh w^ttatammohettit afquam nan- , 
ihahettekupPauloh. ^ \ 

15 Kih moDcheke onk yauunchigottog ; 
mat r he wannoowacheg. 

14 Onk peyau5un)Og negonne fephaufua- \ 
rf^^j kabnjnaanvawaenuh, kah nxnvaognuTi- 
niihche wunnoovonun, kodtantamog avva- ; 
xompanoowoiik; meetfeog af^uam naiiiha- . 
-i^kutup Paul. 

i5 Newutchcj kgnaau^ahkanoonittecgiih 

ken'janoDkkchcbcmugquoiTip, onk woh kup- 
piiudtunkqunnaouli iatip, on lun woh pahKe 
naccwtomuhtcaog ne te.g papaume ycuoh, 
onk neenaan, alquam paiuoiuiiUnkcoo^ un- 
nu(h6un. , 

16 Onk Paulummiuccfoh wunnaumonuti 
nootog wutaikwhououh, petutieau wonkon- 
dliHit, wuiiiniionPauloh. 

17 Neit Paul wcehkomau nequtpafukoo- 
unucchehj kah m.uwau, patbu yeuoh wuikcii 
xehchimugquompautj ncwutchc wuuunche- 

18 Onk wuimemunoh, i.ppafooohkehche- 
mugquompaut, kah nouwau, Paul kobihag- 
kinic , ntoweekofuuk , nunnanampaiiumuk 
kuppaudiaunnunnadt yeuoh wuikea, utti-» 
yeuoh aunchemookunkquean. 

19 Neit kehchemug4uomp wuHagkenit- 
chanuh, onk cDWeechauoh keemeu, wun- 
nata>tomauohj ne teaguas ne atean. 

20 Kah noowau, Jewlog mahche wunnoo- 
waogjkukkodtiihkanr.ukquogjnoh kutin pa- 
roL>wan«t Paul ken-jonictuonganit faup. ona- 
tuh pahkodtootomauui. 

21 .^t ah|ue innchnag, newutche nag 
wutaikwhonouh moocheke onk yauunchag- 
kodtog woikecompa-g, nag chadchekeyeue 
quolhaudtutcheg. Maaa woh rneeireog kab 
macca woo wuttdttaraoog, afquam nanlha- 
hettekup, onk yeuyeu nanalhwe'og, pahtoog 

22 Neit kehchimumugquomp wufkennuFi 
unnanuma^ iiohnufla ,kah ummeechimuh* 
konuh, howan unniilakun ytUlh afeaniih. 

23 Onk weekoinau neeluoh noqut pafuk- 
koouniitcheh , wuttinnuh nanafhwunnoofe 
neefitpalukooog ayeuteacheg woh aucg Cefa- 
rea 5 onk ncfaufuktafhinchagodtog vrod- 
horfefunmtcheg , onk neeht pafukkoooDOg 
qunnunktugquath kdianukeg, nahen pahihit- 

24 Onk quolhaunaog horfefoh wannai- 
yeumukqiinnat Paul, onk nanaihhuk, kaU 
nionchanook, paudDm Felix ketaTcot. 

2$ Kah yeu wuttin wuiTukhomun. 

26 Claudius Lylias oowonkomuh wUnnec- 
towoh ketaiToDtoh Felixoh. 

27 Jcwfog wutto qunnouh yeuh vvolke- 
tompub kah ukkodnuihouh, nt'ii nuppafoo 
ayeuteacheg, kah nupponquohwhon, noDta- 
mon yeuoh Romaneuoo. 

28 Onk kodwa teaiion toh wwtch petako- 
nihettit, nuppafoovop ukkinnaonlttuonga- 

29 Wahteauon uppetakonolih papSume 
matta teag wutch petukonau, ut toh w(5h 
wodchinnanut, afuh Wuh waj kuppiHiag- 

30 Onk afumuk, Jewfog wutafkwbonbuh 
wo.ketompuh, rcanuk nutmncoteamun en 
ktthhogkadt, onknut'cln pe'takorunchegj^t 

-G.g 2 aiJt,- 


Tmuriuimntaunchen:on'an^.f^ Tke A&?i 

anaquabean^ noDwagk tohwutdi petakonog 

31 l\eic ayeuteaop^ neanittup- neemunaog 
Pauloji^ onk pciloudog Pauloh;,.'ui: Antipa- 
trisj liukkonaeu. 

32 Nanompunk , uunniikkodtumaouh 
v,-oJhorieliirnunnutche cjDweechauGiih^, onk 
nag qullikeog en wonkonajfiniU. 

33 Paahettit Cer^rea^aninnumau^ogwuf- 
fuk whonk k etallbotuhp ouk pafouoog Pauloh 
anaquabruiit. . 

34 <^>n''i ketalToDtcgketop^ vvuffukvvhonk,. 
%vun!iatoc-tariiauoh tunkuotohkin ? onk wah- 
tog yeuohwufkilicia. 

35 NoDwau, paahettit petukcnukquea^ 
reg,, neitpilh Kencotauili : onk nouwaii- wad- 
ch£:nu nnaj Herod octittuma)waukk.omukqut, 

XT. Ah^mahche . nspanna u/iiikquinukok, 
XV Ananias ncgonne iephauiuwaenj naaiL 
k^hAvecchau nananuaenuh, kah wunnontoo- 
waeninuiiov/efu Tertullus, yeuohmatami- 
diqnoivon^u i'aiiliih. 

2 Kah weehkonmtj Tertullus, noDche- 
mataunchtmovvoncKtj nocwau, wajeh miihe 
wunnohteaog nafiipe ken, kah ahche wunne- 
Heongclh niahche n iiihyenut wutohtimoneat 
cegonnc naumaniU:,, 

3 Nouwoni6^.me atturnunmnua^nonalli 
mgwuueaeuj kahniflinohut ahcbe miifug- 
ken Felix mojchtke tab'iuantumauunog. ^ \ 

4 Qut iflikont nuflepanakoow^m^ kocwe'h- ' 
quetuinoufh kuhkebuinnean ohguhie-fe, 
wutciie kiikkittcamonteanutte'aonk. 1 

5 Newutche yeuoh >voiketomp noowih- ! 
beiin woikebhuwaenmj v?ogkcuwthwwaenin \ 
iojwutche ut wame Jewfut. wame mutta- '■ 
ohket, kafi negonliiae'niii, neg chaupiihcca- 
chegNazarens. 1 

6 Yeuoh wonk ko4,niihkete«nk Temple^,. ' 
nutohqiinoiihjkah nukkod en wuifumeun ne- ■ 
anuilitquaukihityeaur, ! 

^ 7 Cut ncgonne mugquompLyfias nukque- \ 
nittongqun;, chekee necmunnumungqueog. , 

8 Axojwsdt yeug petukohtecenuogpeya-j 
hetticL anaquabeanjna^cDtomauodt naghok, ; 
mt s koo;vai)teaiinai]] vvarae yeuih wajeh pe- j 
tukanunogk. | 

9 Kcih jewfog wectoGv.praahtttitnqowa-., 

iQ Neit PauljketafToot anoni: ketool.kas, 
wuttnampajhhan-aiioh , nev.utche nouwah-' 
tesun k'3G>;ittum nraochtke kodtumw. e, yen-., 
Ill wutohtimoneat^mcochekc n joweekonram 
mn poohamwanlhon nuhhog. 

11 Newutciie woh iujuwahtcaun , webe 
Kot t nab'neefequinukok nutoinp JerufaJem, 

12 Kah rh:.tta n^mhukoor.g et temple 
npwafi, afuli liiatta wpgkouurujoun .niiiin- 
ninnuog, fliih ut iynagog A\\h ut • .t..n'i-. 

13 0i]kmatta woh uppyli-iUtLU-ccunacan 

Felix mimdiiha'^ 

new.^dche pe'tako/Iiettlt. 

14 Que ycu kuirampuir.unnun, nenGrrnug 
en nnowaog ne, nenu-iinne wavif. 
iumon ummanittODnrioooh najjio^- wan^mo- 
tanjon wamcvvafukkuhuhoi-uki/ir ct nau.Ta- 
tuonganit,kah ut quoihcdciimwaenutu. 

15 Kah nutannous en Godut , ne wonk 
wunamptamohettit, na piih ut omohkeo-r 
napukeg, fampweuirecheg kah matta famp- 

16 Kah yeu nutte'hu&n , nagwatteaetr 
matta noutamehheuh God;, afuh wolketompv 
rnetah wateunkiih. '^ 

17 Neit , inouchtke kodcumcck miope- 
orrp , nuppaudtop pumnr.cnumwwcnt'anaih 

: waxch nuLohamojnneat, kah m.^fjjQngm- 
. aih. ^ 

18 a Neit nawhutch Jewfog wutch Alk, aCh^p. 
namhukquog pahheog nuhhog ut Temple, 21.27. 
mai-w aic:,achtg,aii,ia wogkcue'onk. 

.9 Nag Woh ^eyi^g anaquabean, kahke- 
tcxi.ukaog ^j wiudiippeiakoFiheltit ne te?- 

20 Ala yeug na^wahettlch , nnmehtea- 
hettiL nummatcheieonK. neepaeiyca ana- 
quabhettitKei.fx>nittnog. . . *' 

21 Iiiiko.^t nevvurche yeu.milhontccwa- 
onk, wee&ekorfip6n:og, num;nilh«ntGL>\va.i).> 

up, b newutche wutomohkeon^.^noo nu - h Ch^n^. 
poowog nuppetukonit yeu yeu keTukok. ' 23.6," 

22 Felix ncoto.^ yeuihj.pinnuppu wahte- 
unk ne nogqueinwutuntublhaht^uh,: kali 
uaowauj Lyiiasre_'onne niugqu.,iiip pey^au. 
fitj, nuKkod.wahteauun waine kuitinn dyeu- 

. 23 Kah uanau nequt pafukoounutcheh na- 
naen Paul nanouaidg, kah peyaanukqutch 
weetompuii,, afuh aninnumugqutch netea- 

24 Kah ompetikquinukkok, Felix p^ont 
Weechau u.-nmittaniwuirohDrufiUa, JewCa- 
oowoh , we'komau Paul, onk ukkeihketauoh" 
papaume.vvunnamptaiiun Cbrirt. 

25 Onk kahkootomohteadL prpaume T'ihd-. 
weuilconk kah quiTehteaonk inuhhogkamo, ■ 
kahwuiiitturpoonk peyaumoous:, FeLx nun-* 
nukihauj kah]uhanuuoi] monciulffc 
ycuyeu^ tapener umon koo'^eckomuih. 

26 Onk unnantam Paul wx>h nurtinnun* 
nu.Turik ttaagunUb onk Wuh iippohquoih-' 
fhagkinuh , newuicbe mochciiit nompe oo-^ 
wthko.xub, kail ukkckei^juri-auh. 

27 ,ut umptrUik nJi^bchene.Xekodtiimak, 
Fortius Fdius appu Felix wacannv.h.uojraEU, 
it :.auk. Felix kodtaincg wuiiukkae^heuu 
Jew'iog;, nukkonau Paul kuppiihaekjuouh. 

' . • ■ CHAP; XXV., 

ONK Feilus P^cnt wutohtim6neut,om- . 
- pachc ciniikquinukck woum Ctlirea 
wucclr Jeiuia'.rm.. ■ ' ' ., 

2 Neit n'.gonne ■ epbaufuacn, kah negon- , 
ne ^endc-2 j c-ivlb^ nutr. uucixenu-wpn a >g 

Anaqtiahit Fejfmme^afi 

Ghap. 2(J. 

n)at uh m^'chefu 7^hU 

Paulobjkah lunampalumoube • 

3 Kodcantamwo^Mia wuctin wcctomuk- 
quonaout jycuuhkoiie l^aul, woh ouwcKom- 
2ubutJeriUakm aikwhoiiahettit lu m.yut 
ukkodnuilouh. , 

4 ; ut Fatus vvunnampooliaiTtauoh n^hjg, 
Paul I'iih n>n aihheaii lit Cciarea^ onk lur 
gum wth icinuf naau. . 

, 5 Kahnouwau, >ovvutche weeclV^hettiCh 
iitto.h tapcnuke^jkah f cukoiiahettich uL- 
toliwiutin matcliclein. 

6 Kah puontpiukkukqunnukab pompQ- 
nieu, au Cel'a rta^ kah iianompunk, apit co- 
lli tam(uonganit,,nauwau, Paul paiujwunna; 

7 Kah paontj. Jewicg paahetiit vvutch 
JeruUlcm quiniiuppekcimpauogj cocbippe- 
rakur.oah p.ionatalh kah maumactiuhkiih ut- 
tob woh mat pohqutiummchetteg. 

. 8 NaT-pcubQirauont^matta nootamebtcau 
sfuh jewi'enaumatuonk, aiuh Temple, aluh 

9 Qu t FeA us ko d wuffikkete aheau J ew fofa 
DampcDhamauau, Pauloh keh nojwau, lun 
woh kutcm Jerufalem > naut wiaiiiitumoog 
yeulbag utanaquabeh? 

10 Neit iioDwauPauIj nunnepoh anaqua- 
bit wuiiittuiiiowonk Celar, uttuh woh adt 
vvuiiuraimakj matta noD\voili.heuh ]ewiog 5 

1 1 Ncwutche vvuttamhuaenueanjaiuh uile 
an tohwutch woh uuih'i.ttimuk, matia woh 
nulekenaumo nuppun qut matta ulieon 
yeulh waj petakorhetfiit, matta woh how an 
uouiiarroumukcD nsg wt^che, nukkodtantam 
noonaiToomukcunat CelaK 

1 2 Neit Feftus kcnoonittuaenu 
og, namp(Xjhaiii2Uoh> liadtantaraaii koy- 
naUoDmukqunat Celar pilii KutoraCefar- 

19 Kah ompeiikquinukok ketaflbot A- 
grippa kah Bernice peyauog Ccfarea wonku- 
Qiiat Fedus. 

14 Kah racDchetikqaf.ohteahettitjFeltus 
wuttinnaunchevookaun kettilTaotoh Paul 
wuttinrhdytnonk nuuvvau , na wollietomp 
Kelix wannukoiiuh kuppiihagkiiinuakQrnuK-^,- 

1$ Ayon Jerufalem negonne repnauiua.- 
tnuog kah Jewie nan';na.Kheg mataunche- 
mcjuonaopuli , kodt antamwpg .ncjuiumonat 

J 6 Nairpoohamauog , matta Romaic 
\yu..u;iu-vvacnk. wunaiiCLm-.n woni&tomp 
en iiupp.inaL, cut nc?onne n^ wajch. 
pctakoVilt;, petakor.ukquiche mos peyaoh 
rnaq'-abir, onk uoh ms.s'tapinimi nanipcjoh- 
whoiuvv..i]!h.u] wuhhogkuh p^paume niit- 
chvrfe.nk Wc?} pet'cikonaheitit, 

17 Ycwutchcyeu pcahcttit;,teamik, n.i- 
nortvmiik niita.T wuilittittraonccji- appuou- 
?^ii!uk;.h !;L:iiip wcA^aonp p^fbjwui^aj. 

ta oochippetakounonai i.ih ncana.ari.mop. 
19 i^utuuwuutch liUicjuuniahLe-iigc^np.ih 

papauiiic iich^iiWoiich^ uuimaLCi;cpcaotaft.i- 

oWuiigaiiuojUn pupaumc ()«.gum jciui.; utti- 
i yeuwout JijpuKi ji^aui ai.ouvvajch pomou- 

j 2.1 Kah newutchc matla panuppe noo*. 
' wihLeauouii.>lli ytuiii nai<JUlamuhteaougcn- 

iiih^nuniuLUutauiwU uiLohvvuttin 6n Jcru*^ 

iaknij ouk lia ui wuuitiumiin yeulbog^ 
I 21 i^tPaule kodtantog a.iumukqunat 
; AuiiUliUb5nullim iiiinaihbma;, onK wou ul'- 

£(X»w.unau Ceiar. 
22 i\cic A^rippa unnau Feftas ut, nuk- 

kodiKJutaU v^oii^ccomp, iicuwauiaup woh 


2^ is ohtompof ? paont Agrippa^ Lh Ber- 
I niee Hall ptu iiiiiiu^Cuiik peau.c. netuL iid*- 

tauaeniuk, wetCi at, giicv.tvjnen.u^quomp 
' i\ah ntgoneo'enuo^ ojt^ nat Ftitus aiiouwodc 
1 palQuuna) Paul. 

I 24 Kah ttitujnQLwau^Kutalioct Agrippa^ 
kah wcna..u vvaiiit ycu apeoj^iliij yeuoh Ke- 

naoU waaiem^UdCiicg jewiog mataunche- 

mouunout J ut jerLiaitiTia^an yeu, mohlhan* 
^ tcjLVvanetLit 3 iiouwaog mat wuiuiegeninn® 

noh vvuitia pumantamurirtt. 

25 L^utnamuhtfcauc.n matta^fen £oh- 
wuh waj auuiitiimuk-kc-hiaagamkudcaiitam 
QuluraiiKqunat Ceiar, pi£h nuianncwnp 

26 N*i.gU;n papaunie, matteaii, ut tohwoh 
anfukhuauuglietaiicot newadctie padtaua- 
oganaqurtbeog 5 kah negouuc anaquabeant 
ketailujt A rippa^ nat(.3ui.umuUogut ^ ntii 
woh noovvameaua f ohwoh aiiiukwhoie. • 

27 Nevvutche nuttenanetam wuiiaumene- 
ungquodt ariQDteaaiUu kupinPaagkinnua-e^- 
nuuc & matta nahiiaoun totivvaj peiakoniu 


NEit Agrip[>a:urirjauPaululi,woh kuk- 
)cena>tam wans, neit Paul Fummagun^ 
um wunnuiclu'g, nsiiiipaj.vhuiu. 

2 M(X)Sieke ncuvveekontam ketatrcD^^ A» 
grippa, newucche woh nunnampcDwhos ur 
an*iquabean yeu kelukok , pap.ume yeuih 
waj netukonukqueaniih JewiLg. 

5 Nahnaunne wahteauort kuppahke wah- 
teauunaih wame wuriatootornuhreaOHganaih^ 
Kah wuiushuaonganoDcpalh Jewlb^ > uewut- 
cfle kcnanarnpa turau^h wiilhk-^i na>teh. 

4 Warne jt^vrio^^ wahteauunne.iu uttoh 
anuppomgnram wuich na^lkennur.fineat ut- 
tiyeug WclK.-: n^oweetateamoog ut Jerufale^ri 
. 5 Ncg-?nacu niuw^hnkquog ( wauwahet- 
tit) ncDncpoii-antair.wu harifeyeurjDpjnea- 
uehct; ic-iadipwearecheg cliapiitjhcg nenog- 
que cnepeantariiugo'- . . 
' 6 Kv.h yeuyeu ncepoh kah noofumit n?- 
v/utche. niuannoaufuc-nk ut iikquoihsui'sa- 
onkanit God ayirrauomp lujjilnnnonoh, 

7 In jbo nccle tabihic nuiinuuatuoiigarur^, 
na^^v.vttck p^antamauoun G&d- 5 kel1^k- 
G g g €«lit1J 

^Mqtiah'it Ainppdnmpooyml The KQn- ^gri^pamhen mmmptaml 

<!5 chap 


odaeu kah nukonieu , anrioauluog ahtauun- 
at yeu quolhaudtuonk , yeu waj nucaanoo- 
auiiionk, ketafRjut Agrippa, Jewibg nouche- 

8 TohwhuLch unnintamog > matta woh 
WUHfiamptamoun^'God w^h o.nuhkinaii na- 
punnutcheh t 

9 Nutienantamup ut nuttahut, nawhonk 
ncDWOShettedhmonatalhj ayeujikone cuwe- 
fuonk Jcius wutch NaZc^reth. 

10 <J Kahyeuaieop ut Jerufalem , Uah 
monaog >vunneetupanatamwog;>nukkupihag- 
kun,at.umdnuinon m^nuhkefuonk wutch ne- 
gonne fephaiafucienuut , onk nalhit ayeuuti- 
Kone nukkin«'X)nopanneg. 

11 Kah nagwucteaeu {afamakuhwhoog 
nilhnohut Synagogutj kah nutayim»u6og 
matchcnon Chi iit, onk mcDthe kogkeohkod- 
cauont, noowol^heoog naghoJk ut pcncuoo- 

12 6 Neit a66a Damafcus negonne fep- 
haufuaen anumait menuhkefuonk j Uah wuf- 

1 7i Puhlkaquodt woi ketallbotj nunnaum 
maiit wpquai wutch kefu-kqut , raoocheke 
wofumcDa) onk nepaaz, noowoibmuHgqun 
waetiu kah neg wechogqueaneg. 

14 Kah wame keeplhaog obkekontUj niin- 
nootam kutioowonk nukkencwnukqun , ncu- 
waU;,Hebrew unnontoowaonganitj - a.uleSauIe 
tohvvhutch woikchean i tiogkod kutogikau- 
on ahniiekauibg, 

15 Onk rmiiim , Hovvan ken Nummanit- 
tcum ? onk.unuoowuU neeii jeius uttdh woh 

19 Qutomohki/hj kah neepauf-hj newut- 
che Kcruihtaafh, newuiche kutayemfh noh- 
tompeantog, kah wauwon yeufhog naumon- 
alh 5 iuh yeulhog nahtinunonifii. 

17 Poquohwhunnon wutch miiiinninnu- 
tuj kah wutch GentiljCehtu yeuycu kutan- 
nounuih nacn. 

18 W6hiiiwunnumau^n3t wudiefukkoooo- 
afh- quianuppunn6na6ont wut-h pokenaoh- 
tu onk y an wequaaiint, wutche uppiahqut- 
tumijoonganit mattanit, en Godutj onk woh 
nnag attumunnumwog ahquoantamoadtin 
ummatchefeonpanafli, onk ohtaoHk kcnugkc 
at nnag vvaneetLpanat gigjnafhpcuoonarap- 
tau6onk5Uttiy- u apetunkqueh. 

19 Yow tchewo!ketafrcDtAgrippa,mat- 
ta nuppannculFup n onamanfuonk wutch ke- 

2 ) Qut nec(onne nuttinnon^op wodoh- 
kutchegDamaflus Kah Jerufalem , pjFinup- 
pu wame ohket Jodea, nc't Gentilfog , woh 
aiuikoianara,T:WOF |^ah woh quinnupeoj; en 
Godaeu . kah woh uTeog anakau-nncat ^^t- 
■loh aiulkoianatani'.; wonkanit. 

21 Newitche yrum , nutohqunnukquo? 
Jcwfog ut temple, kah nukkodnu/Imkquojf. 

^2,l>iewut.he God aninnuauingqueoii , 

n:gwutteaeu nouwauwon yeu p^tjch yeu ke- 
iukok, kooche papeaiekilh kah mdgagilh : 
uiiuoowon mat onkatogkanilhj qut ycuih ut- 
toh anoowahettit quolhodtumwacuuog Uad 
Mofes nag piili paaumoDUgi^. 

25 Chriit woh nuppd), onk woh negonne 
ompku wutch nuppunat , onk woh nontinin 
wequai nriiiiinninnuh, onk Gentils. 

24 Kah yeu anoowodt , Fe/lus naifhanto^ 
woh kah nouwau, Paule Uukkogkei, mcuche- 
ke kooBetuhtauonk kuuaiyumungqun kos- 

25 Qut noowau mnta nukkogkeoh ket^f- 
foot Feftus , que nuttinnowam , wunnamuh- 
kuteyeue & manunniilue kuttoowonpanalh. 

26 Newutche ketaifoot oowahteaiiunalh 
yeufl-i, uttiyeu waj week<i>ntamwe noDWai uc 
anaquabit, newutche nuttenantam, yeuih 
matta adtuhta{l^innQoa(h>newatche yeu mat- 
ta unnano kcmeu« 

27 Ketaflbot Agrippa koonamptau quofh- 
oxltumwaenuog>nat)wahteaaun koonaniptam 

28 Neit Agrippa unnau Pauluh , Nahe'n 
kuflohkah Chriftannowunneat 

29 KahPault wuttinuh. Nutahchuekod- 
tantam matta webe keH,qut neg wame nao- 
taitcheg yeu keliikok, marta wcbe nahen^qut 
pannuppuogqunneungqu feog nuhhogkad , 
qut matca yeufli tahtagkuppiiruongaiuih. 

go Yeu aaoDwodt , ketalibot nepau 3 kab 
Ranaanuaenin 5 kah BerniGc, kah neg wcet- 

31 Onk amsihettit , kekctookauttuog , 
noDwaog,yeuwoh wolketomp matta uiiu toti 
w®h wad-henan t,afuh kuplhagkiiinonat. 

32 Neit unnau Agrippa Feituioh , Yeuoh 
woh nanauayeujmatta kodtatitamog Ctfaroh 


NK wanoowahettitnoh wuttin noh- 
ho wunna6cnt Italy , ahtuhlhauog 
i'auloh, ka[in:iwhutche onkatogigkoplhag- 
kmolut-heg, Juliufoh nogwQt paCukkcDO/- 
wunutche wutayeuutteaumoh Auguflus^ 

2 Kah pofe'og kuhtoono^qat watch Adra- 
myttum, H'X)naghjmunnan, nakodnohham- 
umunnojrque.Afia, -^riftarchus Maccdoni- 
anne wutch Theiralcnica , ncovvcechogqun. 

3 Nsno-npunknrkkopaii -unSidon, kali 
JuhuswomenauPauI, wuttinanumuh uhfh 
kcetatteamonganit anw6hiumauunat wuh- 

4. Kah nauwodhamog nuttinhamumun 
Cyprus, newMtrhe p mne wuttin. 

S KahqiiGaikodteaf-.hamogkehtohCilicia, 
^ah Pamphilia, nuppeyaumun Myra Otan ut 

6 Kah nogqnt parukka)oout na wunname- 
teauun alevandre kuhtdjnogjUilflliauIt Jy, 
kah ne nupposhnkq'innan. 

7 Kah ma>r|-|et;j^qunnem?'nunnoi]h'^mo!j;, 

kah matta pidhamouogKnidus^waban wod- 


XHhtccn„ei^><tpeWttem The Ads. p,ip>JhohtahJhikmttmhe^^g 

tamehhinog, nintinhaniumun Greet j tatup- 
ogkuhtcaeu Salmon. 

8 Kah awakonchc pamohkomog^nuppad- 
h.^matr.un atovyelik wunnegen kobpaonk , 
kiikeotan.^t Lalca. 

9 MtDchctikquaogkok , riniikquok po- 
mohhumiin, newutci.c niahchc ktiukoK mat- 
ta meetluniuk, Paul kodieatimch. 

It) Kali vvuttinua Rutleh nuiienanatam 
pomohtiamoonk vvulkehhuwomoj kah mcu- 
chekc vvanaebtcaonganuQDjinatta wcbe raau- 
madiiulh kuhtoanogqut , qut kuppomaata- 

11 ^ut noqutpafukkoocQWUt rroocnckc 
wunnamptauaii yeufijog anouwadclieh pub- 
qiutukisi utkuhtounogqut, kah wdgkuhioo- 
liogqunutch^, onk yeulh anoowohpalh t^aul. 

12 Kah newutche kiahponhamowonkmat- 
ta wunneiienninncjut 
nacres; ktrdcantamwog naoumun wnnk: toh- 
woh aire kohpohhettit Phenice , kah na po- 
pQDniinneau, ahhut kohpomuk ut Creet^onk 
annulhinennopadtkayeu, kah wutchek- 

19 Onk ncDWog wutch loannaieuj nat- 
WoniAmohettit kodtantamohetteup, wauag- 
hfimmohetuc k'lke pomahhamwog Crcet. 

14 C<ui o.ripetamciik , nawuttit waabin 
tRiiM^iehti.ih, uiiovvcfu Euroclydoa. 

15 Kah kuhtoonogqut padchuv/abog^kah 
roonumunncumouug nohhen pomuiluut , 

16 Onk paumufhaumooiig kiiKe ahqued- 
Eet hettamunClauda, auwohkon8?ie nutoh- 
cunniimumun noDmiliODnun. 

17 1 ahftiinnummohettit, u(le'og tohwoh 
afchetdt, kukkcpunwog kuhtoDnog, kah wa- 
befewontamohettit pagwomukquaihjnouka- 
kinnumwog, onk nomlhaog. 

18 Oak papam;nobhukquehhcttit^ na- 
nompunk fohwohteAog maumachiaflv 

1 9 Onk nafliikqunukokjnullohwohteamun 
nafl-ipe nuniautchegonunnonut, wame nead- 
tahlhuun nauwomuolik kuhtGunog. 

20 Onk mat ta naubogkut nepauaz afluh 
ano^qfog moodietikqunne, onk nummilh- 
Ihittablhinneamumun wame anoauruoak 
m^ihtlhunk, nob nutt'm pohquohhomunnan. 

21 QUt moochetikqunnemat mectfehet- 
tk,PauI ntepau nooeu, kah noov/au, Kuffch 
woh koc^iaT.pcaiimwop , onk matta nohhen 
v/utahbamoounat Greet , woh moh koowan- 
teauxunnanonupaih nilh wanteauogilh. 

22 Rah yeuyeu kumrn'Oibennumwoo wec- 
kontamook, newutche matta woiketomp 
pWh w hmebteaaou uppcnnantamov/onkjWe- 
be kuhtconor'. 

2:5 Newutcl-e wutar.gclfumob God ycu 
V', \eu iiohhog , NummaDittODm , 
ka'i nvXWc^ulan-.o^. 

24"Koowrii -j! que Wdbeffh Paule?, mps 
kuppafoDWudc anacUcbit Cefar, hshii^ilsh 

God kitannuiiiunkqunoh wame neadtah- 

25 Newutche nuttonkqfog , weekontam- 
a)k,new. /d\c ua>nanoptuuOud nepuhnaiu, 
ncanugkcuop. . , , . 

26 QutnawhonK kukKuhpemun. utmcn- 

nohhaiinit. , , . .,„„^u 

27 Qutnab^yr^uquinukuk, neanunnoh- 
bugqueog ut Ad> ia, nouilupukok , uK.^eh- 
tGunogkoDOg unnaniaftiViog nupi^aiooiuK- 

komiimun ohke. i u.u r, 

28 Ukquhtamunncau jonk neelneehcag- 
unauiujonk aeele padh^moheua wonk uk- 
quhtamunneau , onk nabu napaaiia uilim- 

^''2'*9 Neit wabefehettit miiTeefunun chip- 
pipiqut, tohobpunomprqujog 
nompiquabeoh wutchehchii, v.^i^ kodtaa- 

qo Onk ukkehioonogkooog kodiobhamoh- 
hettit watch kuhtounogqut , ponuaiohectic 
muihoon nippckoncu, onatub nojkunit Ke- 
nunkquabcog, negounuina yeu.^ 

21 i^aule linuau noquLparukoooowunut- 
cbe, onk aycuteuh y^ug matta appehetieg 
kuhta;nog,flut3 matta woh pobqu.hhamoogo 

5 2 Neit matWaog palbkitfumwog pcnun- 
ne^htonafli wutche muli.ounut,oBk penulh- 

^ ^3 Qjik kefukod paoomooug, Paul wun- 
nanomoalumoh n nen wamu meilin,noowau, 
Yeu yaunch^dtikciuiuukod matta KU^nm-ct- 
feinneau. .^ 

24 Newutche kooweequetumaunumwcp 
mcetfek, newu.che yeu kuppomantamwa- 
hukqunneauj newutche matta palUiC kap- 
puhkukkou penuihinoD. 

35 Kah yea anoowodt , neesnunnuin pe- 
tukqunnank, anaquabheltit w^me , kah ta- 
buttantumauauGod,kah foqunuk, wunncxv. 
chemeechin. . t „ .^ 

36 Neit w me fookuffuog , kah nag wonk 
neemunumwog meechum. 

27 K&k wame neenawun nutapimmuri , 
kuhta)nogqut,neereparukn nequtta tahllini. 
chag, kab nabo nequtta tohluog iieteaaog- 
kdunog. ^ 

^2 Kahwamepwdbettit, nonkoonahtoo^ 
kuhtoonogj kah unnohteaog wheatulh i^eh- 
t abba n nit. 

;9 Kah mohtompog, matta wtVtcauog 
ohke : qut naumwog fepuwusjunnohkomuk, 
nckodtantamwehettit uiVubaut .Kuhtounog, 
tapenumohettit ufTcn. 

40 Kah tamuifamohettit kenonkquape* 
sfliunnohhamwo^ kchtohbunnit, kah om- 
penurHwo-^ kebkeahonkj Vah uihpuunumwcg ' 
kehchere fep^ghunk en wabanit^, kah nogque 
kuhpr-hkomuk unnobbamw'g. 

41 Ktfb anba-Dmobettitn:VrwubkocoDkl<e:?s 
tob ai wGudjilb.unk., nQ-t miirefhin kuhtoo- 
nogj i,ab negoLUm mtSVihiR; k^ b rr:> ta ma^:- 


"^skook^ vpunriHtcheganlt Tanl. The 

Hionchemunoh, que wutfliehch lukquoaiianj 
wutche menu Keiuoiig uvjd tUaKoDuy 

42 Kail ayeiiieaog ukksnouniLtuonganoD 
.faCiU.{n<3nat miiiiuoog, ilh^oac- n wiiiitch 
kuc.uiiuweag, onk Wtjh ponquubhamwog. 

45 que noqdcpaiukoQwit KoduuLog 00- 
wad^ii.aonat. auloh^ uKk!nh.\mauh ne kod- 
mrciiii , kalimindii.johceainija j, neg.wa.i oj- 
uiloowcchfg, aegonncr uKkuLtoitXJweaaoui: , 
onk wonkuiipe jg. 

44 Kah onkutoi^ig nawhucche pahfouncg- 
quc, kah nawhiitche koc-iiNodchukeu kuhcou- 
nog, kah a nih wame poihque Kunpc?>g. 

KAH pohqiiohhamwehh^tcit, neit xx)- 
wahteauun»aeaa muiiaoh mlbweetamun 

2 Kahbarbaraemiifinnlnuog, mattanun- 
nohiinUj^kjijUi'inonog pealiii wornonittuonk 
newuiche noL^uhteaogj Uahnunnohcinnug- 
ijunaonugjUcvj^mQi- liiiikianon^ Rah newiic- , 
thetohkoi. ' 

3 Kail PauLmagkunukwuttuhgunani.l^ah 
. poiiuki^Oitaut- lefekq gotn noutauE^-kaa ^i- 

quomoaoh. wunnutche c. 

4 Kahbarbarianaog nauahjttit wohwof- 
kdhiiadt ogquomoj wunnatcheganit, un- 
nitLuog;, matta kanlhe yeuoh nuiijhehLeaen^ 
uttoUkonogqmeu u^pohquohhammi vvutch 
kchtaaannec 5 fa£-iaiatahwhuttaonk matta 
v/u uiiir^aniimoh paman cafii. 

■ ^ Cajt wuttinaohkunua wahwoike'huwa- 
BUtche.iiQOiauc^kah maica ouwOiknukkju- 

6 Ohnch ailiabhumwogrimmogqncnnneat 
kah teanuk ukkeplhonat nuppoD , qiit iepe 
aikuhhumwdhhettitj Kai naumwog iriacta 
«) woik lukjowo h, neU p enue unnan ta.nwog 
k3.h n{X).waog yeuoh Mink. 

7 Ne ^'hkeit wur.oUDi3n*andoo neh adt 
piohquttuk niunnohhan'u, u'Joiveiu Publius 
liutiUUix uimkqun ,' kah _ nukkoucahukqua 
n: ihfha^cfukquse, y/O0?.6n"utuwae. 

■ 8 Kah fl nib, .-xjliwh pubiius fee'phn msh- 
Ciiinau kuiiiiiohihau, kah fadchoDwuihau 
mfqaeheonk, Pauie uppc'tukauoh, peant . m > 
kah upp'-^namauoh wunmucht^gaih? kah wim- 

9 Yeu mahche n nag, onkatogig mahchin- 
acheg ne munnahhaniiitj peyaog kah neec- 

£o Kah nukqutiianunmkqunonog moo- 
•ch ke in , kaij am^^eo?;, nciowearfe'hhukqun- 
nonog ne :ui quenahukque og. 

11 feah mlnclhabettit niflviog nepSuzaog 
nu nmonchennun kuhtoonogque Alexandria, 
iiepspdjnlhlk nc niunnahhannic, ukkukin- 
nealuonk Ca lor kah i^ollux. 

12 Kah Udpaflb6og .ut Syracufe, niihik» 

13 Kah newutch nukquinnupufhaiimun, 
Uh niq/pcy^v^nwn ]S.b?gium j kab a2Ahchc 

nequttukquinukokj foanlfliin, .kah nanoin- 
puuK nuppeyaumun Put.eoli. 

14 Nenamiiconun -neemattinnonog, A^ah 
nukkodumtamangqunhonogj ne appin ne- 
lauruk tahlhikquinuaj neit nutaamua nog- 

15 Kah na wutchj, neemattinnoncg noo- 
tc:m\'vehhettit nuhiiogkanonalh: pey^tog nun- 
nogikUiiK^una-^ncg unnoohqueu Apij lOruai 
kail- aiihwinafli ahhiir atcoirnukirh : Paul 
nah uauoni;> - tabutcancamadau manittooh , 
kah WLUtouanatam. 

16 Kah pa6og Rome, noqutparakkoowit 
aninnu;jiauau miiiinoh alkunwiiollie mug- 
quompoh ; qut namimaog Fauloh nuilmiu- 
itchp paiuk a^euteaen wuaanaw hheuh. 

17 Kah n nih, mahche nilliikquinogok., 
Paule m6ea wehkomau kehtauvvae Jevvfoh, 
Xahmoiehettit, vvuttinah, wuiketomp.ogS? 
neematog, matca toh nuLiiiiu miiiinninautu, 
afuh wuttinnaiyeuonganooaoafh noythunno- 
nogjohach nupponukquog miilinndinneat , 
vvutchjerufalera, wunnutcheganuoont Ro- 
man log, 

. lb Nag natODtomungquean, nukkodmon- 
cheahukquogj ntwutche matta nutulfu vvoh 
wutch nupurauk, 

19 Q^ut Jewfog quobtutteahettit 3 nut- 
chitkeene:-itaun weh4UctumauoQ Cefar,mat- 
la newutchenukkod uipunnaon ut aeetat- 

2 3 Yeu w^-jeh weehkomiinog , kenaduti- ' 
nua'-oont, kah kukkinncDnnunndjont ne- 
vviu^he, vvuich wutt;inno-auruonk Ili-ael_j , 
yeuimt.ditagkupiin farafagkinnictumooug. 

21 Kah wuctinouh, afquam nuppaj actum- 
unnuirioounnan wuiFukwhong-alh wuc^.h Ju- 
dea, p^.pa'umeken,. afa matia weematmrnoog 
paoncheg, koowolk.^ rrakk.juog. 

22 C>uc nukkodtantamumun kenoDtaatin- 
nan-jnut, uttoh unnaciataman 1 newutchc 
yeut^ chippeyaiog, nouwahteauunnan, nilii 
nob ut matchevvuttittamunncau. 

23 Kah k^hkenumauahettit kefukod.^ 
monaog uppeyaonouh ne kait, neh koh- 
kcDtomauoncheh , kah wauwaontamauoHt 
vvuCL (hlbotamoonk God, wunnupweelhonoh 
papaume jeiusjnalhpe ounaumatuonk Mofes 
kah nalhpe nagonne milfohh.imwaenuog , 
wutch nompoac pajeh wunnonkquie. 

24 Kah nawhutch vvunnampt-imwog ne 
anoowamuk, kah nawhutch mat wunnamp-. ^xfaiah 
tamoDog. 6.9. 

,2$ Kah matta WanoovAihcttcg, moncheog A/j^p, 
mcihche nequt annkkooadt Pule, faaipweij^.r^i, 
ncjowau nalh^uanit, nailipenegonne rai/foh- M^irk 
ham w.icn 1(^1 ias, ut niulliunnonut. ^ 4.12. 

26, a rdh ycu rniiilnnlnnuut, kah luLc.^. 
noowaih, ncJOtamogkenoDta-rAVcr*, qut m;5CU ^, J^hr. 
woh koovvohtamoaiwcx), naumog kenaumws)^- j 2. 4'?. 
qut rraatta woh kaowahteauunneau. R :m, 

27 n.wutche wattahhou yeug nlii iinnia- u^g. 

'KoAmmchcfiat "T^mc 

niK-p^ vvnnnogkoDin^D, Ic Ii wutrauofrr^oo.trn 
k!i})piiU g, ^ iu\\ vvupAciukkcudh io;pwoli- 
ta:i(i)3 il-.kv nc uuiairpaH^i^ wuik.iuk^uwo- 
ciit, iu.hiKjutumvV'jg vvutcl wuLtauo^ooaih, 
kah wihtamwog ut wutuchheuwoont, knh 
wohquinnuppekonipjnog, kah v/ohaectJke- 

28 Ncwutche wahtesu(X)k afWadchanu- 
\v5rnk QoA^ wutatKL-timun GcnUlfut;, kah 
ii.i<^ wiiLnO/taiTiUnne-u. 

Chap, I ^ mcmikkj ^tinn^mchepwokfUnk^ o 

29 Kah yeuQiancowacit kuttavwonpafh, 
Jewibgarraeor, kahmiro.e kena-nittucg. 

30 Kah Paul ne oov;ckin neelc kodtumv/ie 
weetu nehenwonchc nar^ohkuiik^ k*h attum- 
unc:ui wan-e nch paogqut^iie. 

51 KuhkcDtomuhkon wuttahfoatamconk 
God, kah kuhk(XiromnhrciU ycuih wajeh 
ayeuugifii Lord Jcfus Chrif]:, nafhpc wamc 
menuhkefuonk , matta howan ukqueihim- 

Wutcpiftkuiii FAVL en XpMANtVT. 



e H A p. I. 

PAuI vvuttinnamoh Jcfus Chri/l ,"weeh- 
komau Apoftleiiuneat, a chippunau en 
wunnauncheiTKDkaonganit God. 

2 Ne quoOiauop negonnacu , nafLpe «k- 
quofiiodiumwacneumohj ut wunncctupana- 
lamvvc wiiliukwhonganit. 

3 Papaiimc wunnjumonat JefusChriftoh 
KnlIordum5n6h ayeuomukup wutchcDlkan- 
iicm David neannag wevaus 

4 Kah noh mcnuhkemeu wahteauwahuo- 
mukiip oonaumonainncatGodaneaunag wun- 
ncetupanatamwcNaihauanitjnafhpcu omoh- 
kenat wutch nuppunat. 

5 Nagum nalhpcii nutattumdniimumun 
kitteamonteanittuonkj kah Apo.^lcuoDonk , 
v/utch noRveetamunat wunnamptamoonk , 
kcnugke wamc wutohtimoneat , wiitche CD- 

6 Kenugke n?ghok, k«uau wonk wech- 
korr.onche jefus Chrift. 

7 Wamc ncg ayitcheg ut Roorne j womo- 
ronchcgGod, wcckomutcheg wunneetupa- 
siptogis: idtteonionteaniteaonk sppetunk- 
ock/kah wnnnohteaonk , wutch Godut Ucx)- 
fliinnotiut, kah vvi^tch Lord Jcfiis Chriftut. 

8 NeoonRe nuttabattantamau Nummanit- 
tOL.m, naihpeu Jcfus Chrift , wutchekenaau 
wame, nevvutche koonamptarrooonganoo ke- 
kctouhkontamun pannuppu wamemuttaoh- 

9 Newutche God neowauwac'neum , noh 
wauffuoaog utnunnafhauonfanit, ut wun- 
aimctitraookaonganit wunnaumonat , matta 
kntahqueu peantam\»anlbinoomwao nagwut- 
tcacu ut nuppeantamooonganit 

I o Weehquetumon,(tohneit yeuyeu noo- 
DamouHionat maumadiilhj nafhpe wuttinna- 
Ratamcxjonk God ) kuppcyaonwnaout. 

II NewutchekuKkodnaHnnumwoo , onk 
woh kictinnutrauunnunnwoo nawhutchNa- 
(hauanittue magooonkiOnk woh kuramenuh- 

12 Nne. onk woh nuttaphit^kenaau wonk;) 
Rafhpe p ifukcuinnu wunnamptamwuat^kena- 
z.% kah p-ecniwonk. 

1 5 M^tta kuttinanumunoomwia matclnog 
wahteaucDok 3 necmatog 5 mcDchiknt nompe 
kukkod peyadnnunnaout (qut ne pajeh wut- 
tame nnih)woh nutahta'iunnat nawhucch 
meechumuonk ut kuhhogkaout wonkj neanc 
kenugkeonkatogig GentilCbg. 

14 Nunnanau^numoog Greekfog kah Bar- 
barianfog, nancefwu waantamwoglcah afcu- 

15 Newutche, anoohqunum ;, nukqnail:- 
wcm kttkkuhkootomaiiunnunnaout wunauii- 
chcmookaonk kcnaau wonk apeogifh Rome* 

16 Newutche matta nutakoddiuwontam- . 
oohooaaunchemoDkJioMk Chrift : newutche 
ncum.-nenuhkefuonkGod 3 en v/adchanua- 
onganit, en niOi noh pafuk noh v/anamptog , 
negonne en Jew^ neit wonk en Greek. 

17 Newut:hene ut wuifaupweuireonkGod 
Wahteauwakuau wutch ODnamptamaoongaRit 
^>nk yean oonamptamoDonganit^neanfuk who- ^ -». 
fik, waHnomwaufTecheg h nsfnpc poman-'"' "*'*'"^ 
tamwogwumiamptamGoonk. ^* ^^ 

18 Newutche ummufquantamcsoonk God 
nahtuhkon wutch kefukqut5ayeuuhkonc w*. 
me ummatchefeonganoo kah panneufTccn^- 
anoo wofketompaog, ncg tobqunukcg wuii- 
nomwayeuonkj ut panncuffeonganit. 

. 19 Newutche, ncwoh wahteaumuk pa- 
paume God^ nah wahteauwaheon, newutche 
Godnah wunnohtinnonah. 

20 Newutche nifh wutafampamukqu©d- 
toomaih, wutSi wcflie kutchiifik mnttaok,- 
nifn pahkc ndgquodtafli, wahtcaunna/h nafh- 
pe nifh kefteaufikilh 5 raachemohtag umrne- 
nuhkefaonk, kah Umnianittooooonk, nemeh- 
kuh nag matta tohnomauncoh. 

2 1 Newutche wiheakettit Goduh, matta 
oowowufiTumouh neane Godut, kah mattas 
tabuttantamooog, qut tahnoacheyeuooog ut 
wuttenmatamooonganoout, kah ummattam- 
magwc wuttahhou, pohkenai. 

22 Gowaantamwanumwunneaowt , nag 

23 Kah 6fo0wuniiumwogwufr®hfum6onL^ 
matra aunnunnoog c God^en nunneukontonk c Pfal^ 
mil o|qqcht;ce«ru anunnuk wui^etomp" xo6,2^ 


Vmmatdefecng^.rico Gmiijog Rcinan«. x^f^Jfc^.TJipU£V^ufsiituni€Cchl^GvcU 

& pfukrcT3g,& yiuogkontont puppina{him>. 
kw.n papiirnDiTpake'cheg. 

24 NcwajebGjdnah \vonkaninnum?Hont 
en na'.rvvunnnodfqaadonkjnalhpc nawunajd- 
jqu-.donk nebenvvonche wuttihhoowout , 
niillunaiiiftUGg neheftwonftie wuhhogkauh. 

25 Neg qunnuppirinumwo^Ounomwayeu- 
onkGDd,eii pAmxDWconganit 5 kah wauiFit- 
tumwog kah qntiiAnr.tarrivvog ne kefleaufik, 
anueonknoh keftcunkupj noh watunumic 
micheme. Amen. 

. 26 Yeu wnjeh O^d aninnumauont cn nifh- 
kencunkque womcnittuonk , newutche um- 
mittarr.wolToDoh dfoovvunnumwog wufTamp- 
wc^-iiwohreaonk, na en ayeuuhkonittue ahcc- 

.27Kah nctitupe vvonk woiketompaog,nog- 
kodtumoherric wuframpvvcauwohtcaonganoD 
nit tuunganoD woikc:ompaog cn woik-ctomp- 
*utj uii'eog ne ni^ikeneunkquok^kah attum- 
unittuog nc wucunkquatunk ummatcheCe- 

28 Kah neine rratta tolibcntupanatamo- 
og wadch:.n6nah God ut ODwahteaHOnganit, 
God vvuttinnuniaiioh en mattarrsmague un- 
BantamoDongsnit, ulTcnat yeufii matta wane'- 

29^ Nomwameechumme'hettic wame pin- 
BumwohtoGg iilikauanittiionk, Ihehteaonk, 
pcnnanittuonk, arcDkckodteimoowonk^mat- 
anittuonk, ke'hkemwae matche'hcheg. 

50 Sakepwuttcgig m^ippuik 5 fekeneau- 
onchcg God, matchendncteachtg , pektiii- 
numoog, maikoacheg , ogkeniantogig m*>- 
n.ahchihkiih panneiehtaoncheg Qu8ietuong- 

5 I Matta wohwohtarrcugig 5 pohq«enuk- 
ig wunnouwaonk, maneanctcacheg, konte- 
teautrcau(itcheg matta monancteagig. 

32 'lol!k6nogqu? wahteauunneau cofit-: 
tumoQonk God (neg afecheg niih raatchefc- 
cngath^tummuhhajwaog nuppun)qut ohnch 
Riatta webe watuireinneiu, qut tapeneaya- 

C H A P. II, ^ 

NEwutche matta toh kittinnaurrifu , 
woi wolkctomp howan kc« wafittum- 
an T ncwutcheonkatuk wuffumatj koofum 
kuhhog, nevvutcheksn kooiiitum , nilh nan 
kcnompc uiTecnalh, 

2 Q^ut nupp..^hkontamunan oolittummoo- 
opkGod vvnnnamuhkuteycuooj papaujie n.ig 
ne a^e'chcg. 

% Kah kiittcnantcim^woi wofkctomp/vVa- 
furrat neg niih afecheg , kah kenompc ulfe- 
naflijwoh kutomwectam oollttumcDonkGt d 

4 Afuh kumrr.iihanontara wcena-eckea)- 
ncnehhuwaonk, kah upp3ht{'nonk , kah wuf- 
(Vpc pahtfuorik , Tun mat kajwihtcoajh ; 

oonenehhu^vaonk God arcx)wuhteium\vaD cn 

5 CmU ne£nemenuhka.g, kahmataiuiltoi- 
an itamx);-nunoo kuttih a kutawanum muf- ^ Jana.: 
qu'inicuonk^ na en mulqu.snittuonganak kd.-, 5.3. 
tukokj kah p'hke nsurug wuiTimpu-vvu.ut- 

6 b Noh aniinkquodrauont nilL noh he- h pfal. 
wane neafeinit. 62.12. 

7 Neg mdnaane n^gwntfep'trhtg famp- M^tc. 
weuflenit natiiiuehamvvog Ibnf: moonk^ kak 16.27. 
quttianittuonk, kah michemappaonk, ne;i R-v. 
wuttinndmauoh micheme poma;uamQOuk. 

8 Q^utnag penuanitteicheg 3 kah matta 
noDrwcetamoDgJg wannomwasyeuonk, qut 
noofweetamwog panneufTeonk , neh wut- 
tinnuraauoh, jiflianittuonkkah mufqudait:- 

9 UnkquanummcDonk , kah wuttaT.aie- 
punnaonk , nilh noh howan uhketeahcgko- 
unuh noh matcheicitj negonne Jew , kak 
wonk nahohi6^cu Greek. 

10 Qut fohrumoouk quttianittuonkjkaU. 
wunnohteaonk en niQinch howan ooaeTen, 
HCgonne JeWj kah nahohtdeu Greek. 

ir Newutche God matta tohhentupi- 
numaupu woiketompuh. 

12 Newutche negmat-hefecheg ?.fquara 
anadmatuonganunnaog, pilh c.u-.vakompana-' 
og, afqusm anaumaiuonganogkup : kah 
matchefechcg ut agwe naumatuonganltjnag 
pi/h wuiTumor^g ut naumatuonganit. 

13 Newutche matta neg nootogig nau- 
matiionk, fampwcogquanumoog anaquabit 
God, qut neg afecheg naumatdonk famp- 

14 Newutche gentilfog, matta wad- 
tinn.iumatuonganegig : "ahenniyeuonga- 
iic afehettit nilh vvadtaumAugiih ijauma- 
tuonganit: yeug matta wuttinnaumatuon- 
gane'og, nehenwonchc unnaumatuog. 

15 Yeug nahtitteiog wuttuTeonk na«- 
matuonk wunrukwh6fu utwuttahhcowout , 
ummctahhinittoomoooh wauwaU;, kah vvut- 
tenanatamcDonganooooalh mattamanittam- 
oaafh ifuh wunnomanictiimooafli. 

16 NckefukokGod wuflittuk ukkemeuC 
fcongaHooalh woiketompaog naihpc Jefu* 
Chrijil:, neaunag nconaunchemoDkaonk. 

17 KufTeh kuttehbenit JcWjkahkuppad- 
batantam naumatuonk, kak muikoag GoduSa 

18 Kah k(Dwahte6h wuttenanatamiDOcnK* 
kah kukgutchreoh yeu(h penoowo:Viaug|ift 
kukkubkrDromont wutch naumatuonganit. 

19 Kah wunnamuhkuc kuttesantam nuf- 
fampoowun noh pagkenuk, kaU nODWequi- 
fumau neg pohkenanamucchcg. 

20 Kahnukkodteahtim aGukitcheg, kah 
kohkootomauont mukkiefoh, kenkuppiuh- , 
fukkohroh w htcauonk, kah nau; «>> 

21 NewHtchekca kobkootomaJit onla- 

'Metdhhoomepcmtog fiwpoi Chap.;, mnn^trnptamooefampogquammoonk: 

tuk, funnummntta kul.kuhkrotomauoh kuh- 
liug t ivukkixiuniauadtj woikct^mp kuuioo- 
tuMtcii J or.k ken kukkommoui ? 

12 Njowa.ui vvuikeioinp maaTjfukitch , 
onk kc'iikumm.lmus, kih [Mgken.;dt nuiiaa- 
kontu'gitiog, kukkomaivjjtu;!! God ? 

■2->, \c<\ miiikowian naumatnouk , p6b- 

qr.uadc naum.ntuon\, kii:iin'[iiatiinumG^d? 

24 Ncwatche oovvcfuonk God blalplx- 

moi-.ta viun ut kcnugkc pcnuwohtu ut lulh- 

« fXiia. pekc.ia.-.u, c ncantakvvhDUk. 

^-J-^- 2$ N-.'\vucche quolhquuufuonk, wumia- 

Ezc^. muhkut: wanncnehuomwau n^nauvvehhcadc 

^^^•20j naumatuo.ik, qut ken Povqunnuman nanma- 

2 3 . tuonk, kukquolhquraiifuo.ik, mokquoQ-iqur- 


26 Newutch: jreug matu qaoihqufaiifc- 
kig uTe'-icttic waiUm^vveu;iconlc namatuonk, 
fuanLimrmtta uifiitquoihqiirAufdonk yanon- 
tanaDun qu )iliquUurinneat?^ 

27 Kah iiiatta qaolhqufaufeonk neanal- 
yeunjuuk, ullcit naumaruonk, funummatta 
kx)ru r.ukkoDun, n.ilhpe wulTukwhonk, kah 
quofliquiaufiioiik, panaeufle'an naumatiionk? 

28 Newiitchs matta no'i'Jew noh webe 
woikeche, aiuh matta nc qaolbqufaafuonk , 
wcbe woikcche, wey^ufut. 

29 Qut noh jew noh anomat sdtaneufTelt 
kah ne quolhqidiauruonk ne ohtag metahut 
ut nalh.iUonginic, kah matta webe vvuiTuk- 
whonginitj noh wjeenomionk mat wutch 
woikccompatUj qut God. 

rEitteagootahtauun Jew > afuhtohhcn 
J wunne2"cnquoniquraaruonk > 
Monat nifbnoh hen : negcmnc ncwutSie 
nag ahtohihonaopaih manittoe yeuongafh. 

3 Nevvucdie toh woh hennawhutche mat 
wuanamptamohette'gis > uppann»»wohtam- 
CD^igi 1 D fjn woh matchchtcacomoo wun- 
nampr?.m5DonkGod > 

4 God quhtciceajjnuxjwunnomwaenuutch 

God, kah niih noh wofketomp pannoowacmi- 

f. plal. atch a neanfukwhdfik, onk woh kuiramp- 

51.4. weunnehhuk kuTuwongalh, ©nk. woh kuf- 

fohkos wuiTumunnumuk. 

5 Out nurarnpvveUiTeonginun, wieenotuk 
wuTaTpweufTeonk God, toh wohnu;fim«n, 
fun God matta fampweuiTen, fafamatohhuk- 
que'og ? CnutogquontauwgTi woiketompauO 

6 God quhteiteaj, ncwutche toh hen pi/h 
wu llttura muttaok ? 

7 Ncwutchcconomwionk Godmoochcke 
ane'ukog nslhpeu nuppannaowayeuwonk en 
wu Tohf ^mmooor^jjanit 5 ncit tohwhutch en 
wuTuTiiinuk rHntchcTcaenuut .? 

8 Kah matta neane nukkekommue un- 
ti^un'he-stcDwounkkoQunnonog , kah neane 
n^^.^'Turrh noowdog, wulTinneau, matcheuf- 
fchruhonk woh wunne'genmoDg, nag wut- 
on!<.inunnaon2?pcD famp.ii. 

9 Tck^K kh n nih ? kcnaiU naglaitanue wun- 


neetomounnonog > matchiug , newutchc 
kummahche wahJlianhteamuH) na ncefwc 
Jewfog kahGentilfcg, nag wameapcuogaj- 
wtu matchetojonganic. 

10 Ncaniukwhaiik, matta howau wuf- 
fampwcu ulfen, mactapafuk. 

11 Matta howanoDwohtamaD; matta ho- 
\yan natinncahwhoju Godah. 

12 Wamepanneauog, nag moaett wannc 
teag wunncjcninncx), matta howan ooiiclu, 
rcaita pafuk. . 

1 5 ukquttunkaMoo pohquamin wenohkcct 
ut wcenannuout araukekodteu.Tiooog, wutuh 
quolhquehteum Afps, agwu '^ulHilitcoonu- 
wcut. . 

14 Wuttoan numwohtcau mamatcnc 
ycuonk,kah vvccfogkinuoowonk. 

15 wulTctoDWoalh kenupdiomCDaih nu(l\- 

16 Paguanuonk kah •nkquommonaooonk 

17 Kah wunohtcaonganc may wannc 
wahteauoDOg. , ^ , . . . 

iS WannequmaonkGodontano ftnaqwon 
tag wuntefukkootnoaa^. 

19 Yeuyeo ncowohteomun , nifh nob bs 
ancowadt nadnnatuonk, uunau nah agwu 
naumatuonganit apiimtchc, onk woh nifh 
noh muttoonkuppaholukah wamc muct;?- 
ok woh agwu appc^g oLiinttumcDonganit 

20 NcwajehnafhpeufTenat toh anawuc- 
tog niumatuoiik wanne weyaas faupwcog- 
quanuraooun ut anaquabit newutche "*"}' 
pe naumatuonk noawahteomun matchefe- 

21 Qnt yeuycu wuffampweufTeonk Qo^ 
matta Riumatuonsan'mnoDUt nahtuhkon > 
wauwon nalhpenaumatuouk;& quofhodtum- 
waenuog. ^ , t n 

22 Ne wuffampwcudeonk God, nafhpe 
wunnamptamoQOnk Jcfus Chnft, en wamc, 
kahut wame neg wanamptogig, newutcht 
na matta penoawomaunncDh. 

2 :^ Ncwutche wame matchefeog, luh nou- 
nuhkomwog wufTohfumoonkGod. 

24 Nannouwe (ampwenehlt nadipe uk- 
kitteamontcinitteaonk naflipeu wuttdadt- 
uhk6ruwadnk Jefus Chrift. 

2$ Neh God kahtiraonchc pafoDtfhau't- 
tuonk nalhpe wu!inamptamo©onk ut ourq- 
heonganit, wahteauwAhuonah wufTampwe- 
uTe'onk, uppaiimukomunat matchefeongafli 
nlfl^ mahche n nagifh, naflipe cfJpahtfinneat 

26 Wahteauv^ihuwonat, nuUim, yeu ah- 
quompak wuilampweulTeonkjonk w^h famp- 
weuHeaenrioa, kah noh fampweneh^ont wa- 
nsmptog^ lefui. 

?.-] llttiyeu mith'-io-onkneit? pogkeetam- 

uai, teagwu naU^peenaumatuonk? anakau- 

fiiOBgaih? mat:haog, qitna%eu?inaumft- 

H'h ^ tuons^Rc 


^Jhr^hnm wupim^mogi}tiamimit Roman?,. 


tuingane wunnamptamojonk. 

28 Ncw^jch wall/had tuog, wolketorap 
lampvfcncher.u nafl^.pe wunnamptamcoonk, 
roattaufTenah toh inawuttog naumatiionk. 

29 Xoh UTimanittcDmooph vvebe Jewibh ? 
funiuim mattawcnk penoowohtcaog ? nux, 
pcnoo^vohtcdog woiik. 

90 Kcwutche pafuk nont God, noh famp- 
^enehuadt quoihouraufuonk nafhpe wun- 
fiarrptamoonk, kah matu qulbquUdfuonk 
n:.ihpe wunnamptarn conk. 

31 Ncwaj rr.atta tohkentuppdhheogkut 
naumatuonk naihpe wunnamptamoonk ? God 
quijtcitcaj, nux, nummenuhkehtcomua nsu- 

C H A P. IV, 

NEit toh vvoh nuliimun, nc»(hiin Abra- 
ham nallipca weyaus mifiikomin ^ 
2i Newutche farnpvveaehettis Abraham 
siaihpe aiukaufuoDga/h^qhtau nc woh ma/hko- 
fedt: qutmattautanaquabicGod. 

3 Newutche toh noDWomOD wufTikwhonk? 
Abraham wiuinamptauau God, kah ogquoan- 
t*mun wunnomwayfTconganU. 

4 Yeuyeu aoh anakaiiiit, wutonkquatunk . 
matu ogquoantamooua kittcamonteanum- 
cuonganitj qut wmtumhouon. 

5 Qut noh matta anakaiilig qut wunnamp- 
tanonr nob fampweunoehhconutSieh mat- 
ch e'toooh, ocnamptamoDonk ogquoantamuu 

6 Neanewonk David nafctitteop wuiiin- 
iunaonk wofkctompj God agquoantamationt 
iampweiifTconkinlt, matta anakJiufcnat. 

7 Wunnaniimoog ncg, ummatchcfeonga- 
noaih ehquoantamauyt , i«h wuttiihkeie- 
oBganalh unkwhofik. 

8 , Wunnaflumau wofketomp torA matta 
igquoantamauonk matchefeorik* 

4? Ncit ycu wunanittiionkwcbcpeyaumoo. 
^uofliqufaufuongsnit .? afuh wonk matta 
^uofiiqufauregig/ ncwutdie nuriimuB, wun- 
namptamoDonk ogquoantamauun Abraham 

10 Uttoh ogquoantamuaas ncit ? mahche 
quofliqufaiilit, ixfuh sTquam quolLqufaufig ? 
roatta mahche quo/hqufaufinneat , qut al- 
qnam quofhqufaiiiit. 

11 Kah attumunum kukkinnesfuonkane 
qno/hqufaufuonk, fampwenthittue kukkiii- 
ticafuonk nafiipe wunnamptamoonk, re ah- 
tunkup afq quefiiqufaufegjonk vvoh mh wut- 
<To(liinncaiih wjime wuHnarcptogig, tohko- 
iiogque matra quofhqufaufeianeau : vtun- 
ComwaufTeonk wch ogquoantamauoog wonk. 

.12 Kah woh v^ut(X>ihinneiuhquollAqur- 
anfuonk , matta webe rag quorqufaiiritcheg, 
qut ncpaonclieg v/utPnt:htuong;init.onamp- 
tnmouonk noofiiiri Abraham 5 ne afatuiikup 
afquam quolhaufiuief . 

15 Ncuutclie ne "ukquofhaumaor.k,, pifii. 
Lutav;>k':dluhiin jr.utiaok:, matta wut:-hta- 

oo[l:ioocH V ^ mawptftgig^ 

\ oaim Abraham kih ooik^nnemuneoh.nalhoeu 
naumatuonk, qut nslhpe wunnamptamwe 

14 Newutche neg a pitche? agwc naum^- 
tuon^anit, ahtaiihettit, wunnamptamcjDonk 
tahnooch^yeuoo, kah quoihauwionk mucca. 
tohnentuppano. . 

1$ Nev-^utchc naumatuonk uiTeu muf^ 
quanittuonk, newutche na matta adt naii- 
matuonganinnoDgjna wanne panneufieongan- 

16 Newutche naffcpe wunnamptamoonk- 
anuQo, onk woh naihpcu kitteamcnresnic- ~ 
tuonkanuooj onkwoh quolhauwaonk papa- 
ncyeuoo ut wamc mukkiefit : m2tta \Nebe 
nag wadtnaumatuonganitcheg : qut neo- 
wonk ahtunkig wunnamptaraoaonk Abra° 

ham, Roh wad tobfliS ig wamc. a Gen. 

17 (Ncanfukwhoilk a kummahche aye'u- i7->' 
unup wutcDlhimau raonataa-i wutohtimone- 

afh ) nch wutogqunnounkquilliineuh wa- 
namptauonaeh5God neh pamont^rnwahcuiit 
nuppoooh :, kah wefuonganukontam n Ih 
matta ohtanoDgifh, onatuh ne ohtaf^. 

18 Noh ayeuuhkonc annoaufuonganit , 
wunnamptarn ut annoaufuonganit, onk noh 
woh wutajfhiu ut monatafh wutahtimone- , 

alh, ncaunagneanoDWomukup, b nepiih vane ^ ^^^'' 
keneechanog. i5.5» 

19 Kah matta noochunawsnoog wd^nnamp- 
tamooonk^ matta natwanumoou nchenwon^- 
che wuhhoFkuh mahflie nuppuk, nogqut pa- 
fukoowc kodtumwohkog, afuh matca noh 
napdoraoouk wutohsppimukx-moh S^rai. 

20 Matta papannum woo ukquoiliaumuwa- 
onk Godp naflipe pannoowohtamooonk : qut 
mcnuhkc wunnamptarn , fohrumwaheont - 

21 Kah pakodche vrunnamptog , utt6h 
anukquoihauop wuctapenumun wonk 

22 Kab ncwajch ogquoantariiadut wun- 
nom wau fleongan i t. , 

23 Kah matta wuTukwhofup wutchcna- 
gum nufleUj ne.ogquoantamauonat. 

24 Qutkenaua wonk, noh piflih'wanog- 
quoantamauut , wunnampt^uogkut neh- 
omohkinutchc Jefns KelordB;iiU!i watch 

25 Noh pafoowutup wutch nunmatchen?-'. 
ongauaih, k:h wonk omohkcu wut.:h kuf-.- 

C H A P. V. 

NEv/a;c\'] fampwenehhun^? nalTipe wun- 
namptamoonk , ncD'iohteaLinorr.un : 
God,naftpc nupp'ahquetumuL>m jeiUsChiiil: 

2 Nigum nilhpe wonk nuppeyramuH;, 
nifl^.pe wunn2rF;ptnm6oQk,y<!u e-i kicfe.^mon-. 
tc^nitteaonk uttch apcc^T, kab ncuv/jckon- 
tamunnunanDolnmeat wm'robru:Tconk G.'d. 

'^ \i\h\r^2itxiiQ \y ch e., ^ i\t wo n k n a;^v c e- 
kontanjumuii vt Y^utuimnrscpunnionpanel-.tu^ 
wabteaucg, Avuu,.i:iiiiw'p: aiOiiK ii>inunnuf- 
hak-iua-u. 4 K-:h 


Jl^tch£fwsk^(:^iw^foonkn4^peAdam Chap.6. dqHQtitmochkji^T ^^'^'f' 

snanunniiTiionk nuppahkontam- wunnomwaufTconkj nagnanawiinurwwog 
n, k:hpahkonumaonk, riutun- ponmUmooon^aiuc , nalhpc paluk jc 

4 Ksh 


5 Xahamioauruonkmatta nutakodcnuwi- 
Ijukkoounan , newutchc Gowomoaufuonk 
God \vuire.^hhamun ut nuttahunonut, nalhpc 
wunnectupanatamwc nailiauanit^noh anum- 

6 Nevvutche afquam manuhkcfc'of? kuh- 
ioowac aquompi^euiitj Chrifl niippow<>nau 

7 Ncwutchematta wah howan nuppowo- 
noh UmpweuiTeacoj ohnchikdh paguodch? 
Buppowonau huwanc waneienitchcb. • 

8 QutGodwacenodium kcowomonukoo- 
vcn^aniin, licwsiche raatchcfcacnueog , 
Clitiil kermppowonukqun. 

9 NeiL anue mojcheke, mahchc larcpwc- 1 
uenhunog ndhpc cofqhe'Oiik, noowadcha- 
wittemiun wutch mufquanittuonganit ? 
Haiiipe nagum. I 

10 Newutchc ayeuwchteaniicog, cconoh- | 
tcaunncmun God , nalhpe wunnuppoDonk 
wunnaumonuh, anue mcocheke , mahcfae ! 
vv'unnohteicg, noDwadchanitteamuii na/hpc 
li^pomanramoonk. { _ - . 

' II Kah nutta ne webc qutwonk noowce- nionLcanktuoiik w6h naao miili ? 
koiuamoounnomuii God, na£hpe nuppiah- 2. God quttittaj , neenawun napcoogiHi 
quttumaDmunJefusGhrill, nohnail^pc uut- j ut matchekonganit, tub woh nuttinne po- 
attuiiianui-numun nanauanittuongainin. | mantamunan ncut ? 

12 Newutchc, ncanc nafhpe paiuk wo(kc- 
tomp matchefeonk petukodtwwk muttaoh- 
kit, kah nuppoDonk nalhpc matchefeonk , 
k.ih neme'hkuh nuppcoonk nuhkuhkauau wa- 
me miifinnimvaogj newutd"ic vrarnc raatche- 

1% Newutchc, nopajch ut nsu,T2atuoT2g- 
anuuk, matchefeonk ohtcau mutEaohkitjqut 
matchefeonk matta nutufpuiiainukoounan> 
afquam anaumatuonganunnogkup. 

14 Q^utnuppooonk wutch Adarawlat onk 



18 Ncwajch, Kalhpe pafuk matchefeonk, 
nuhkuhkom wame awakompanaonk : nctatnp 
nflthpe pafuk v\unnomwau(lconk kitteamon- 
teanitteaonk nuhkuhkauau wame miilinnin- 
iiiih en iampwenehettuonganc pomantamo- 

19 Newutchc, ncyane naflipe pafuk wofl 
kctomp uppanncttdeonk, monaog matchc- 
fcahheog ; nctatupcnai-hpe paiuk \vol"kccomp 

20 Kah wonk naumatuonk petutteau, 
matchefeonk woh n: no mini 5 qutmatche- 
leonknano mehfag : kiitcaraontcanittaonk 

21 Onk woh, ncyanc matchefeonk nana- 
vAinuk wutch nuppGUonk: netatuppe vvoh 
kit teamonteanitiuoak nana wunnuwoincuonk 
nailipe fampweuffc'onk, en micheme poman- 
tamoonk , nafhpe Jelus Chriii nuppiahque- 


NEIT toh woh nulhmun ? fun woh iiuta- 
piman ut naatchcfeonganic j kittea- 

:5 Matta koawaiiteauomwcDjneadtahfuog 
kedchellumweo^^fnuc Jefus Chrifl ut, nu.^.- 
kurfumittesmunen wunnuppoawonganit } 

4 Newajeh koDweechepofekinnutteanan,- 
naihpe kutcheilumaonk ut wunnuppcDong- 
anit, o»k woh neyane Chriil omohkcahhout 
wutch nupptinat , nafjjpe wuifohfumoonk 
wntODlhimau, nctatupc neenawun wonk woh 
nuppomulhomun wullie pomantamrxong- 

5 Newutchc moen ohke'htcaogkus ne a'g. 
lib pajeh Mofc5 Ktjnah wunnanauwunuh nag j queneungquok wunnuppooonk , Bceiia^u 

matta matchcfc^i* ncanaskup umatchefconk 
Adam, noh oukukkinncafdmunuh noh woh 

15 Qnt matta neane matchefeonk^newonk 
yane nanov/e magcoonk ^ newiitche, wutch 
UTiPnatchfcfeonk pafuk, monsog nupv/ehet- 
til . anue onk ycu, kitteamontcjnittesonk 
God^ kanmagooonk n?ihpe kiLteamonceanic- 
Usonk, nalhpc p^Uik \vo:kecomp3 jefa^ 
Ccirii, u.-nmiiiiteaauii en monachcg. 

16 Kah matta neane nafiipe p^Tfuk mat- 
chciit, nc magooork : newutchc, mo \Tuf- 
(ittu.nconk naihpe pafuk wutch avvakoitipa- 
Siionk : que nanov/e ahquoantamoonk nioira- 
faQvmatchefeongiili wuLch fiimpweriehit- 

17 Kcwutelie, wutch pafuk umniatclic- 
feonk, nu;)pooonknanavvunuk nnfiipe pafak. 

wonknutogqunneongquaimua wutomohkc- 

6 Ycu wahtcomuk, nunukkonneayeiim- 
an weech pumriietunkuppanauonufe,' or^k . 
woh wirhhcgkuh matchetaonk wnnnehtou- wutch ncuche maita woh kencofwee- 
, tamojmun matchefeonk. 
; 7 Newutchc ngh napuk^chippcu wutch 
matchefeong.ini c. 

8 Yeiiycu weeche nuppoowcnogutChri'Tj, 
pifli w^nk koDwcechc pomantamcDmcDoun 1 

9 Wahteauog, Chriit omohkcahic wutch' 
nuppvT)onk, macta w ^nk ma nappcD , nup- 
pvX'onk matta wonk wunnanawiinuh. 

10 Newu:che ncTiapuk, nu pp-x) ut mat- 
chcfconganic pafukqut, qutpomantcgj po- 
n a .tamgowonaa Gcdih. 

I r Nei?atuj>pe. ogquanamook kuhhogkac,-" 

nue onk yai nag mojcheke atiuTiUnfikeg j o? wutuianuhkut napumuk u: macchelenar!, 
Uiie^mQiitcaiJ.taCfck .kah raago^jukanel qut pr.aioiitamuk uc Goduc^ nafhpe lefuf 

Hh 3 .* chiifs 


Wfitonk^fiatonk^matchfmk^ ' ' Eomans. tsaumfAuonk, kj^upi^k^m:^ 

Chri;i r,upp'uhqut:tiitna>mu!i. 

12 Mich^^leuuknewaj iiiiquenaia^tiouch 
«t nuppQOC kuhhoj.-iaouc, onK woh kcooot- 
weehumumvAD nc lunwcKodtAntarBtuonga- 

1:5 Kah ahqae nogqucnumook kupp«m- 
pcjochuyeUiTsuoalh panneuXeongane au^oh- 
tcaongaik en maccheicnat, qat nogqucgk 
. G^deiyeu, onatuh yeug pomonco^ig wucch 
nuppuniiat: kah kuppjmp(i>:haiycuiraa^aiii 
onatuh fampwcutrcongc siivyjhte^jngalh ea 

14 Ncwutche matchcrconk maita woh 
kenanawinuk i3m\Tv-Djnewat^- maica kup- 
appui"n^aja*v7e naumatuonganit, que agvve 

.15 TohKocu ? woh nummatcheuTdmun 
' aewutctie mattvinutappemun agvve naumatu- 
onganit, qut a^we Kiccean;iofitcanittcaong- 
anit? Godqahteihtcaj. 

16 Siinnumrso koDV/ahtcaiimwoj, a nob 
anogqueonjg wuttinninnumoh vvunnourwee- 
tunkqunac •■, kcnaaia noh vvuttinumoh noh 
noofweeh tauog : uttoh en matSiefconganch- 
tu en. nuppowongaaitj afuh fampwcuileonga- 
RchtU;) en fasipwenehettuonganit ? 

17 Ojit God tabuttantainanunffi kcnaau 
aJtinniniiumuaneat match^'feonk, qut ycu- 
ycu kcn^DTwech tans woo wutch kuttahhoo- 
woutj neahhennukkuhkootiimwuhteamukj nc 

18 Ncit knichippenitteanacut wutch 
Biatchcc'eonganit 5 n}it kcnaau ootinninnii- 
Eiuneuh ra_rnpwtuTcor«k. 

1 9 ^ Nu Toim ncahettit miLlinninn-'iogj nc- 
wutr'ne vvuncodiumwe'ru^nk keyan i*;x> :' He- 
wjt^ie neane nogqunnumogkup kuppom- 
p(X)chdycurnooaih coilnninnimunHeat nif- 
keneunkqu(Iuonk5kah.Riatcliereonk, en rast- 
chefcong^nit : necatupp* yeiiyeu nogqun- 
nu'na;k kuppompochaiyeiimajafli oot'innin- 
B'iii'^unneat fa^iipweuriconk es fampweulie- 

20 Newutchc kenaau wadtincnumit mat- 
thefeonk. kutchippemv/cu wut9i fampwc- 

21 Toh kittinnummcc^chumimoous yeuHi 
wiitrhe, niili yeuycu v/aj akodchuogiil\? ne- 
WUtSie yeulli adtwohkukquofhik nu'ppvjoonk 

22 Qut ycuyeu chapinnitteaog wutch 
matrhefcongfinit, kah wadtinninnumit God 
kutahtomwoD knmmcechummnon^tnoo ea 
fampweuifeonganit, kah naut wohkukquofli- 
ik michcmc pomintumooonganuoo. 

23 Ncwutche wutonkquatunk natcbcfe- 
onknuppxonk;, qut unim; gooouk God , ne 
mrhcme pomantamoonk , nsihpcu Jefus 
Chi ifr nuppi ihquttumoomun. 

SITnnum matta koDwahteaunwoo necmat- 
00 (ncwutche nag Rukkinnoonoo?; wak- 
tcuiikJa; ttiunatttoak) luvjnatuoak h^i&M- 

wunau w©.1(Letompuh nuhdbcepomantog ? 

2 Newutche rractamwoiiib woh afukiit , 
noh keneiiplu waTukut naPape naumatdonk 
nllhiihk'paraauoT ; qut cuwaiukie nupuk, 
njc> ompeneau wutch wuttinnaunTiatuonga- 
nit vveilukeh. 

3 Newaj wafukeh pomantamunit weetatii - 
criuc onkatogke woik^Lompuh, piih hen- 
nau manurquaaulucniii : que Wcifukc nup- 
pinit, neit chipappu wutch ne naurr.aiuong 
anit, ncwaj n-atta manurqu.aufuenucg Lo.i 
Koaogquc wecLauemoat onkatogke. 

4 iMewutSi,; necmatog, Ucnaau wonkke- 
naprnwaj ut naumatuonganit, nafhpcu wuh- 
ho ',kuh Chriiljonk woh iijoweetauamomwcii 
onkatok, n noh omohkeahettup wutch nup- 
punnae , woh kuppaudtunnaunnonut mtc- 
chummuonk ut Godut. 

5 Ncwutche wayaufuwcog, oDwogkouwc- 
ongafo matchePeonk nafiipcu naumntdonk 
anakaufumooalli ut kuppompahchafuonga- 
nonutpaudtturnoout meechumuonk en nup- 

6 Q^ut yeuycu nuppohquohwhunnitteamuu 
wutch naumatuonganit 3 kenuppenanonut 
ne kaHipiiieog, noowowuiTumonanonut wuf. 
ke naftiauaonganit, kah matta nekonne chah- 

7 Neit toh k6 piih nufUmun f fun nauma- 
tuonk raatchefconganuaj ? God quohtei- 
tcaj : Nux, raatta noowc.htecoop matchelc- 
Gnk webe naihpe naumatiionk ; newutchc. 
matta ncDwahteooop nanwckodtantamoonk, 
matta naywogus naumatdoukahquc nanwc- 

8 emt mat^cctupifsatamoGonk t6h ut 
tapcneog nafhpcu naumatuonk , noowog- 
kouwe'htUHk niih noh nanwekodtantamcD- 
onk, newutche wanne nadmatuonganunaoos 
matchectupanatamcDonk nuppx-moD. 

9 Ncwutche n'Jppomantamup wanne nau- 
matuongandnaoog pafukqut, qut naumatu- 
onk paadmoouk, raatchefeonk pomantamoo- 
moo, kah nen nupup. 

10 Kah nauTiatdonk waj poraantamcDong- 
anuook, namteup waj nuppdmuk. 

1 1 Newnt6hc matchrf? onk tapeneog wutch 
nau'Tiatuonk;, nutafcokekomukquiij kah na 

12 Ncwajeh nsumatuonk wunnetupana- 
tamweycuit, kah wuttirinajwaonk wunnee- 
tuppanatamweycuo) 5 fampoi kah wunne'- 

13 Neit, nc wancgik nuppooonk nutayim- 
unkqun f' God quDhteiteai, qut matrhefe'- 
onk woh Pahkencunkquodt mjtchcfeonk, 
ayimdnkqdcon nuppooonk nafhpeu nc wane- 
gik : onk woh matchereonk^nifl;pcu nauma- 
tuonk ahchcmat'Theet'Dmxj. 

i-t Newutche na)wahtc6mur,, naum-'tiio-ik 
m(hadanittx>oo, qnt nooweyaiiTu, newucchs 
magun nuhhog agwa matchelfoniranit. 


€ '.rl/i l^hfpiyhqHohwhHnpikqun Chap. 8 . Tt.'.jhamnii koweetomukqufiv 

15 Ncwutche ne Jifeh matta nutrapcne- 
cmun, newutclie utt6h kodulie; matta nut- 
Uiiei.bqiU to h It ken earn 5 nenutuilen. 

16 Nc!t uileon toh woh matta afeu, nut- 
tape'ieni nrium. taonk, nc in wunnegcn. 

17 NeU niiiita rctn ne nutufleinj^i^t mac- 
che-vLiipanutaiT.6onk ne appchtunkqueh, 

18 Newutchc ncDWahicob matta wane- 
geninncog nutpehtunk ( mittsuwuttam ne- 
yauiut ) newutche kodtantamoonk niitn- 
pe'.KUiik, qur ulie'nat nc wanegik^matta num- . 

19 Ncwutclie nc Vv-anegikkoduUeh, matta 
Butuilcn, qiat ne machuk matta kod ufTeu , 
nc nutuiicn. 

20 YcuyeuuTeon matta ne kod u.TeC; rrat:- 
ta uen nutulieioj qut mat^nefconk , ne a- 

pehtiir, . , , , 

21 Kelt nummifkau naumatuonk , kod- 
wunncfeon, machuknntape'htur.k. 

'22 Newutche nrx)V7cekon tarn wuttinnau- 
sutuonk God, nuttinnaaniunniiinaut. 

2 5 Ctyt onkatuk nunnaum naumutuonk ut 
nuppompuhchdiyeumut ayeuuhkon^iU wut- 
tinnaumatiionknuttah, Uah nuppifook mif- 
iiiKMinneat en wuttinnaumatuonganitmat- 
cheft'onk, ne olitag nuppompuhchaiyeumut. 

24 Woi necn ni{hkeneungc woik«tomp, 
howan nuppohquohwliunuk , yeu wutch 
wa:;bogkat nuppuoonk ^ 

25 Kuttabiactantamau God, nalhpe Jefus 
Chri c nuppiahquttumoDmun : neit, nafnpe 
nuttinanatamoDonk noofweetam vviittinn lu- 
mat^jonk God: qut nafb.pc neyaus wuttia^ 
rjcuixiatuonk matchefeonk. 


NEwutSicyeiiyeu matta nag awaVom- 
pan"<ogape'htau6nchcgChrift Jefus : 
matta nag aiukombgig weyaus, qut afukaUr 

2 Newutche wuttinaumatuonk poman- 
t;mdeNaa-.auanittout Chrifl Jefus, nup- 
pohquohhunuk wutch wuttinnrnmatuong- 
snif matchefeonk kah nuppa)onk. 

3 Newutche ne nauratuonk mstta afeik, 
Bewutche ncochumwi n:i{hpe weyaus : God 
anoonont nehenwonche wunnauraonuh ; ut 
ogquneongqulluonganlt matcheetupana— 
taiTiv/e weyaufut , kah nalhpe' fephaufiionk 
ivutche matchefeonk , awakompanau mat- 
chefeonk ut weyaufut. 

4 Naumatue wunnomway^uonk onk woh 
pakodch- nnih ut kuhhogkanonut. Matta 
sfuhkomooog weyaUs qut afuhkauogkut 

5 Newutche neg anogqwiitcheg weynTst- 
yeu, n gmKfantamwogn Ih w.\dt:omaogHh 
wtyanfut, q?at neg anogquiyeiiutchegNaih- 
ru^r.utOLiUt nifn wadtcimaogill'. Nalhauanit- 

^ Newntch" triTr^nt^n-unst wryau5 , ne 
xappoDonkj qutii2i.i2.nura:iiat NwUiauan't j 

I ncp^vmatitamoonkkah wunobtcaonk. 

7 Newutche wcyaufuemilfantamoonk ne" 
wutaytuuhkonukqunGod , newutche irstta 
agwehtamoomunoo wutlinnaumatuoi^kOcdi 
kati wunn^muhkut matta woh n;uio. 

8 Neit nag apitchcg weyaufutjmatta woh 
wuilikketcauouoog Goduh. 

9 Q^utkcnaau matta apeog'lli weyaufut, 
qut utNdihaiiaBicr(X)Ut, wunnalhdujnittco- 
mohGodappeh[unkque6g. Yeuyeu , ryiatta' 
howin apLhtunkook wunnaibauanittoChri.l,- 
matta nth wutiaihcuh. 

If) Kah Chriit appchtunkqueog , muhhcg 
nuppOD,newutrhe matchefeonk : qut Nafh- 
auanit pomantam^onganuoo, newutche v;un- 

11 Wunnalhauanittoomoh nch omohkin- 
ukqutche Jefus wutch nuppunat, appeh- 
tunkqueog . noh omobkinont Chriit wutch' 
nuppunat, nohpifh poraantamwahcau nup- 
poL'ekuhhegkauh, nalhpe Nalliauanit ne^ 

1 2 Newutche neematdg , kenawun kcnoo- 
namontuhquahwhutteamua , matta eti- we- 
yaufut , ne pomantamunnat Bcyaunag we- 

13 Newutche ne ennuppomaHtamog ne-' 
yaunag weyaus, piihkenupma), qut ndlhps 
NaO.ausnit, nehtauog wuttutreongafii muh- 
hog pilh kuppomantarnumwoo. 

15 Newutche naedtahlne fagkorapanit^ 
nallipe Wunnalhaunitoomoh God , nah wun- 
naurnonuh God. 

15 Newutche matta kutattumunnomwoo 
miflinn6eu Naihauanit wonk wabehnne.'.t : 
qut kutattumunnomwoD wunnaum6nak6nit- 
tuc Nslhauanit, noh naflipe nuppeantamun- 
nan Abba na;^un. 

16 Nafhauanit nagum v/eechewauwaii 
NafhauanittQOMiuanon;'.h 3 neniv^^^un oDnee- 

17 Kafe mukkiefuv/ecg, neit kenompcnu- 
omunjwunnorapeouacnumoh God, kah kcD- 
weech nompenumwomoraun Cbrift , weech 
wuttam.m.cpunomogat , onk woh kcuwcecii^ 

18 Newutche nutogquoantam wuttsra- 
mepunnaongaih yeuyeu, mattaneyanantam- 
counafh ne rohfumouonk , nc pilh naeetunk- 

■ queog. 

I 19 Newutche menuhklukkodtantamoonk 

; ne kefteaumukup^ pahtau nahtuhkonat wun- 

, nauraonub God! 

; 20 Newutche ne keHeanmukup aylmun 

I wutogwetunkqunat tahn xjcheyeuoout, mat- 

\ ta kciltantamwacu , qut newutche yeuofe 

ogwehtauenten gnnow6hiinneat 
i 21 Newutche noh kesbeamnkup pilh wonk 
' pobquohwuttj'iun wutch miilinnainneat en-^ 
I aninnowonganit : en fohfumt we watchip*- 

piyeuonganit wunnauronah God. 
1 . 2 2 Newutche r.a^wahtcomun jihh neh 6a~ 

» ail 

K,ihT^j7psMt4mv^^hrik^'m . Romans. hoi^Anlgwrninuchdndh Ahrahanu 

as owjfikontowau , VaC^. ohnkquonummoowe 
neechau moieu^ onk yeu piijth. 

27, Kail nutta wcbe luh , qut kenavvui 

wo.iKjniih ahto!rioougill\ nf£;onne u nmee- 

chummuongi^lh NaihauaniCj Kenjwua wouk 

LucsavTohkoiitoovvamun utkuhhogkanonut , 

^Luke pahtauGg wuRnaumonuhuwaunk/^ uepoh- 

21.28. quohbuiiitoiik kubhogkan. 

24 Nevvatchenajw:.dchanitteamun n:.(h- 
pe aniioaufuoiik : qut annouuluonk i;e nog- 
t^uokj mate), annoaiiruongiinunnoh , newut- 
che woAietoinp ne nap? tohvvutchannoauiit. 
..25 Qut amoaufevg ne mat naumoog, ne- 
it kummaaunnc pahtauwunnan. 

26 NeyanejNafhauanit wonk aninnum- 
wontos nunnoocliumweiuonganuii ^ newut- 
chc mat noDWcihteauomun tcaguas woh pa- 
anramwontamog, ne woh afeog : qut n^guin 
ngihauanit kappeantamwanfhhukqun nalhpe 
auwchhaa-ioDogaftjnilh mattawoh aoomugiiJi 

27 Kah noh natinneakoMtog mctahhaih , 
wahteoh ne ahhiinanatag nalhauanit 5 ncwut- 
dle peantamwanfiuu waneetupanatamunut- 
cl:eh> neyaanag wutiinaiiatamooonk God. 

28 Kah noowahteomun , wamc teantea- 
qualiiiiilhmos anakaufumocalhwuidie wane- 
gik, neg womononchcg Goduhjnag weekom- 
utcheg, ncyaunag wutahchewefeonk. 

29 Ncwutche ycuhhog ucgorjne waheum- 
pub, kah wonk negonne nah ukkchtimuhjun- 
nchhconaout neanullmit wunnaurnonuhj'noh 
woh molitammeginneat ut kenugke mona- 
c\\tg weeraattinneunk. 

30 Ongkouwc wonk, yeuh negonne kah- 
tirriumpoi;! jne'h wonk ooweehkomnh : kah 
iieh weehkuracnchehpneh wonk wnffampwe- 
ne'hcuh ^ kah neh fampwene-hheonchch ^ n€h 
wonk vfUilbhrumivaheuh. 

0^1 Neit tohwohnuI'munyeLifh wutchc? 
Ccd weechoDhumogkut , ho wan aycuhkon- 
sikquecg ? 

, 52- Koh n-atta wohquanumunk nehen- 
wonche wunnaumonuh, qut nppononat wut- 
che ke'fiawun wamc : uttoh woh wuttin mo 
i.ninnumunkqiman wame teanteaqua Lniih 
weeche n.5gU:Ti. 

3 ? Howan woh adtaflipunahreadt ne teag 
God pepenogifh ? noh God famwenehteimk. 
, 34 Ho wan noh awakompaaanukquepg ? 
noh Chrirt: napukup, nux, moocheke omohku 
wonk, noh apit wuttinnohkouoit God, noh 

35 Howan pifh kutchippununkqim wutdi 
Womononat Ciiriil wuttamanatamoonk , 
q.uehqu.vBauanum6onk, afuh wolkehuwionk, 
afiih mahftiagquodt , afuh polkifTuonk , 
afhh ttt nukquodtut, afuh togkodtcg ? 
JPfal. 5^ (Nc*nfukwh6rik; h ncwutchc ken nun- 
44.23. nufhittcamun qunnckefuk, kutogquanumit- 
tcamunneyane (hcep woh nulhit.) 

37 Mar^haog, veuQi ut wamc, nccnawun 
^nue onk f6hkaufuacnuog nafiipe nagum wo- 

8 Newutche moDhche nuttinnantam , 
ma'tta nupp(JOonk >ifah ketcaonk, afui cn- 
%c\(Gg^ afuh kc'hchu piahquttumwae.iuog, 
afuh mcnuhkofuongaih, afuhiuihyeuytu oh- 
tagilhj afuh nilh paaumoogilh. 

39 Afuh qusquonohquoKifo, afuh mamoD- 
n(''i;gifnpfuh onkatukoaas^matta t^psnumaj- 
munooafh Uutchippunnukqunnanonut, wut- 
chc kcowomunnukajongfinunnonlit G'">dj ne 
naUipeu Jefus Chrifr nuppiabquttumouin. 
C K A i-. IX. 
ocnomwam ut Chrifrut, matta nup- 
_ panrjorrvam, nummetahhannittoo noo- 
vvanwaonuk , "nafhpe wunncctupanatamvvc 

2 Nummifl^.etuhkc'qun , kah nagwutte^t 
nutuhquanum^ ut nuttahhut. 

^Newutchc woh nukkodchipaiyeu wutch 
Chriftutj wutche neemattog, nuttinonkum- 
oog neyaunagweyaiis. 

4 Neg Ifraelitfogj ncg wadcheaycuutchcg 
wunnaumonahkonaout, kah fohfamoonkjonk 
wonnoDwaongdh; kah wuttinnumanwaoak 
naumatuonk, kah wauiFumaojik God, kah 

5 Neg wuto6(hlnneunk, kah wHt'che na/h- 
pc wcyausChiifleiiOD, noh aneukaiiat wamc, 
Manitmichcrae wunnieu. Amen. 

6 Matta anantamooon, wuttinnoowaonk 
God matta nag oonene'hukkoounneau : ne- 
wutche rsatta nag wamc Ifraelitfog, ncg . 
aitcheg Ifracl. 

7 Afuh newutchc noh ooncechaneuh A- 
braharn, matta nag 'wame neechanog : qut 
r?ur iHakutpifh hennaog keneecfianog. 

8 Unne.neg necchSnnutcheg ut weyaufut^ 
noh matta ooncechanne'inuh God : qut wun- 
necctjaneunkut quolhauaonganit, ycqg og- 
quanumoog neechiinit. 

9 Kiewutche yeu quofhfiumuac kuttoo- 
wonk h yeu ahquompak pUh nuppe'yam, kah 
Sara pilh wunnaumonaeu. 

10 Kah matta ae wcbc^qutRebckah worn* 
poquait nalhpcpafuk> na(hpcn»lhun Ifaak. 

11 ( Ncwutche mukkiog afli rickeekig, 
kih afli wanefckig, afuh matchcfcki?, moah- 
che wutuffe'onkGod, neyancnoh miilantog, 
woh mcHuhkohteau, matta wutche anakau- 
fuoBgalh, qut newutchc noh weehkomont. 

12 Nah wuttinuh, c mohtomaacgit pi(h 
(Dtinnumunneuh pciffifut. 

15 NeanfukoQwb6fik, (^ Jakob ttoowornun, diAzl. 
Efau nuTe'keneaa. 1.2, 

14 Toh koh pilh nuffiniin .? fun mat faxp- 
wc'uileu God ? God quhteahteaj. 

15 Newutchc unnop Mofcfoh e nummo- fExod. 
nanamnoh woh monanumog, kah nukkittea-- 39. i^- 
montcanum M6h vVv:h kodtumonteanumog. 

16 Neit, matta noh nafl-ipeanantog, afu'i 
matta noh niflipc quogquit, qutnaihpcGod 
noh rr.onantcadt. 

17 N«WUt;che Wtiffukwaonk unnm Phi. 

' robuha 

21. £2. 

18. ro. 

c GcH. 


VkkJffeamfstcaf:!tt€aot)l^ C/jriJl u.trmMus PimpwenchiS'x.ionk* 

rohnh f new^iiii.^ yeu wjj onojUiiiun, .jiik 
/ Fxcdwoh nunniLtahkoiKU niKnmcnu.^kcIu jnk ut 
•9.16. kahhogkatjonknouweUDnk wuh wibLcau- 

wihiion pannuppu wume muttuo/ikec. 

18 N-vvaii?h ••noncinum!>!u n! vv )h mon.i- 
nu-non :hchj kah ne woh ajijntoiich u^iinc- 

19 Ncrirvvoh kutt'fleli , n-it tehwhutrh 
v/'Uchcn^.uk-^ucoj^^ ? nev;uid\? howaii woli 
vv.dca'nehccunl: wutrenantamcojiik !* 

2;'» M^tchiog que vjS\ wo.iu'tompjhowati 

ken nahtinne"ah.^onai Go(^ , nc katikeuaii- 

Wehtaumui: vvoh wuttukqwu noh kcztcunbj, 

^Tfabi^j tohwutch yen ne!ibcan .«' 

45.9. 21 AhkookuhrcAenin iunnummatta ^ na- 

h jerc: nav/unooumancjorilkuh, ncwajtcunk, syim 

i^'6: pafuk vviik qiutiantamunat, U*h onkacog 

miJhandntanauancat ? 

22 Godanancog wunna!jtuk6natumrauf- 
qu^iiiiftamijoonk, wahte*uw<<huonat ummc- 
nuhkefuonk, uttob nc niukkoonaont nafhpc 
tn^Dchckefepepahtfaonk, ne woh attumun- 
iimuniu^hehuniiiurquantaiiiaonk neg anhit- 
cheg wutchc paguaauonk. 

2 5 Onk woh wahtcauwahuau wccnace'tac 
WuflTohiuinconk ut attumunukeg monane- 
teaonk, nth negonnc quoihauwehtauohpoh 
en fohrumooonganit. 

24 Ncenawun wcekomunagifh^matta we- 
bejewfojg, qutgentilf g. 

iHofea 25 Ne wonkanoovvopOfce,? nagpifhnut- , ^ _, 

2. 25. tehenoog nummiilifiniiinumog, neg mat wa- kucrcDwoagane wanna npEamcounk, tic k'oh- 
I Fcier Kiiuinnumeonegj kah noowomoneg, noh mic kuotomwehteaog. 

quiiif! wiittamhuwAcu , kJh hawan v/un- 1 Pcfcr 
n.imptaujnt, muicaikodchJ. 2: 6; 

C H A P. X. 

NEematog , ne niiLtahhc kodtantamo- 
o!ik , nuppcantamr^uaonk God 
wullIi: iLr i I;, onk won wadchinoog. 

2 Ncwutchc naC; nfjjvvauwaoiua nauoog ^ 
ahtoog zealewut.ti Godut, que rnatta nc- 

5 Niwucchc nag matta wahteaiihetteg 
WU i;impwcncjuw:ionkGod;, kah wco^kch- 
teauwaneLcii neheawonch-- rampweuiieoug- 
anooaiCiiuhk-teaimnat J matta agwch.amj. 
og wa!iampv/enL*huw^onk God. 

4 NcwutditChrift ufcquecycua) ut nau- 
matuonganit , wutchc lampwenthcttuonk , 
en Tiiih noh pafuk Vt/anamptog, 

5 Newutche Moies wufhwunum nauma- 
tiiefampwenehuwionk a woikecomp yeuih ^ levf: 
aiechi/]], piih nilli wunnaihpe pjmantamun- 18.5.* 
^^\' ' Ezck. 

6 Qnt fam^wenchcttuonk naHipc wun- 20:^1, 
nsmpiaraoonk, ^ ycu wuilin, ahqucnoowalh Gal; 3: 
ut kuttahhut, howaa Uohkuhqucit en iie- 12 
fukqut > nncj wunncDiuwunnonatChriitoh ^Deuc 
wuichongkoue. 50.12 

7 Ai'uh howan wAmufTut en mODnoiyeti- 
ut ? n ne 5 fdhaoowimndnat woak Gnriicoh 
wutch nappunnit. 

8 O^uttohnoowau? c kuttoowonk pafoo- cDeue 
uiKJnk, u£ kuctjoniu , kah ut iiiutabuc^ne 30:14; 

/^Hofe. 26 /^Kab pifl-innih , na ut nutup matta 
It 10. kca.^au nummiiiinninnumog, na'utpiih hen- 

noneau wunnaumonuh pomantamoe God, 

27 Efayaswonk nnilliontaowau papaumc 
/ Ifa'a. Ifrael, / onk obnch neadtahiehcttit wun- 
10.22, naua.onuh IfraeloHatuhkehtahhanne nage- 

23 auj oht^uhfuog pi/li wadchanoog. 

28 Newutcfe noh pbh pakodchetcau ufTc- 
onk kabwiittiukquiTumun en fampweulfeong- 
snitjnewutdic tidljque uiiconk pith uifu God 

wlfaia 29 Kshncana>wop Efayas v\ negonaeu, 
i-9« ^ontim ut Sabboth/matta nukkodtumoogis 
walliannem , woh kcyaneycuoomun Sodom , 
kah woh kuiogquchettcanunGomorraut. 

50 Ncit t©h k6 piih nuilimun } Gcntilfog 
matta afukamoogig wunnomwauficonk , nag 
tohqunnwmwog Mrunnomwaufrconk, r^t w«n- 
nomwaulTeonk naflipc wunnamptamoonk. 

0,1 Qut Ifracl neg afukogig wunnomwte 
naumataonk,matti mafkomoog naumitu- 
onganc wrinnorawauffeonk. 

32 Tohwctdi? newutche matta niflipc 
wutinaTipt^amjonk : qutneyane nailipcnaM- 
itatue wutufTe^falh.newutdic togkullittaf- 
nifi-.S funwo^^togkii utaaCrumooonganequ^uk. 

9 Sanipoowjan ut Icuttaonut piahquttum- 
We J Cius, wunnamptaman ut kuttahut, God 
wutomohkinaonk wutch nuppunnat, woh 

10 Newutche nafhpe metah vvofketomp 
wiinnamptog cnfampwenekuonganit 5 kah 
nafhpe mctoon fampoowaonk ayimun en wad- 

11 Ncwut^hc wufTukwhonk ntiowomao d ^I^ais 
wuttinnaiin howan wonnamptauontj matta 2^- ■^^^ 

12 Newutche matta penoowomaunooh 
naftsuwe ut Jew kah Greek , newutche aoh 
paohqnttuk wa we, weenaeekhuau wame neh 

13^ Newutche wuttinnaiin howan we'h- ^ J^*^' 
quctuk cDwcfuonkpiafequttuk, noh wad- ^Jp* 
ciunaH. Acts 2: 

14 Toh woh wuttinnc wehquetu!saau6- ^* 
neau, matta wunnamptauahetteg? kah toh 
woh wuttiHiae wunnamptauoneau , neh mat 
naotamwehhcctegeh> kah toh woh wuttin 
ttootamunneaa matta kuhkoDtuaiwehteae- 

15 Kah toh woh hen liahkoDtomuhkon , 

mattaamJonitteumuk>neaBfukwho(ik:f ut- flfaia' 
f t6h P'^*"'"""'*^''" ""■•^^-•■— --^* ' '• 

14: &, %% Neaiuukwh >nk, n Uullf b, nHpponum tumuhteacheg wunnohteae wunnufTetong- Nahum 
2S.i6.uti^ioat0§kttriitta(runoe<iuiluk;kahqu[ruk- quot, kahpiudtunkegwcckontamoe wun- i-iy 



aunchcrtiookaongaf]! nifh wancguki(h. 
1 6 Our rnatta wame n'x»rweetumaog wun- 

nurfctongquot-, nevvutche Ifayas noowau , g 
<7iraia: NuppiahqutiHmocmun , howati wanampcog 

Gmtilfoi wohpttuttea&g 

Job: 12 

nukkuhk-Docomwehtcaonganun ? 
17 Ncit, vvunnampumuuonk nafhpeu nco- 


tarroonk, I ah nootamoonk naflipc wuttin- 

18 Qic nen nufllm 5 Sunnum matta noD- 
fePfal. tarroog > Nux wunnjimukut , h newadtau- 
13 "\' atoHkquliuonk wamullauixKi) ohkeit, kah 

ui.kutt'»woEga(h wohkukquohfl^ik mutaok. 

19 Out nun im, Sunnum matti Ifracl 00- 
wzhceauoounncau > ncgonne Mofcs noowaui 

aDeut: j kittcunkoowahunnumwaUjntJhpenag mat- 
32; 21; ta roaiinninnuckcg, kah naihpcmattaainna^- 
wc wutohtimoin kooch mcDfqhcnnuncau. 

20 Qut Ifayas menuhkciu, kth roovrau, 
3?^iraia: J^Ni?g namhukquog , mat natinncahwegig , 
65:1. nrgwahteauwahcopannegj ncg mat natOD- 

ilfa-a: 21 Qiit unnau Ifracloh, / Qunnukkefuk 
^5^2: nuiTumogkinRum nunnutchega(h nogque 
pannouwohtcpigjkafe panneitcheg miilinoin- 
nuog. ^- ' ~ 

Eit iiuffimj fun God pogkenau ummif- 
^ , finninnumoh ? God qahteiteaj,>ncwut- 
cliu'necn wonk Ifralitc wunnecchanotiAbra-\ 
ham, wutci.ippaccuwonk Benjamin. 

2 Gcd matta pogkenau ummifllnninnu- 
moh neh negonne Vfahcumpoh , fun matta 
koQwahteaucpmwoa toh anoDwomoDOog OD- 
fukkuhwhonk Elias ? uttoh Jin aycuuhkonc 
. pcantogch Ifracl>noDwau. 
fljiltin: ^ ^ ]Sluppiahqutturaa)m5^2gnulhao?ke- 
^9ii4• nohtompeantogoraoh, nag kutahwhoog kut- 
akarumoh, kah nuiinuifc nukk6ait;,kah nuk- 

4 Q^iit toh wHttinnampoDliamauohGbd > 
. b noowadchannuhhogncLaufuktahfhitmut- 
#1 Km tannongaBogkuiruogwoiketompaogynagmat 
«^; 18: jipefittukqrinoL>gigBaaI, 

5'Neitncanc wonk yeu ahq«®mpak na- 
whutche aihpumappucg,neaunag kittcapion- 
teanitteac ukquofhaepepenamoonk. 

6 Kah nailipe kitteamonteanitteaonjanu- 
cokj neit matta n^fhpe aiukaafuonganinnoo: 
Bcwutdie ncit kitteamonteanittuonk matta 
WttcamonteinitteaonganlnnO) 5 qut.nafr.pc 
an-kaufaongaiiuookj neit matta Ralhpc kit- 
teamonteanitteaougininna.), ncwutche ncit 
anakaufuonk matta an^kaufuongsninnoo , 

7 Toh koh neit >lfrael matta nimehtca- 
00 ne natinnealiog , qut ncg quofliile ^pcpe- 
fi2uwutcheg nag vvunnampteauunncau, lab 
onkatogif munnuhkhcaog. 

8 Neanfukwhofik, c God nah wutttnnum- 
« Ifaia auob kodtukquomcoc naibaaonk 3 d wuike- fukquan^ wohm ftta naum'umunaooaih, kah 
d: fal. mcht-juogquafh wob matta nQL)Ul»>JJ.»WUn<».-. 

i^:2i. afli ycu pajch ycu Ucfukoji^ _ 

9 Kah David nouwaUj e Wnttabicummoo 
alspehannuudj, Uiih puttahbumrauonganu- e Ffal: 
\\d) j kah togkuuittailurT.rKquunnnudj kah 69: ^2; 
ne wutongquatunkanu>xoowehhetticli. 

1 /"W uiKefuk.xaualh pohkeneaj,onk woh / pfa,!;^ 
mat naumoog 5 kah nauAanumwuhhettich 69:25. 
uppufquanoD nagwutteaeu. 

11 Neit nuHuii, nag togkuifittaflunwog 
woh ukk'-prbonaoont>God quhtcihtcaj: que 
nafl^pe uppialbaonganoo wadchanittuong- 
anuo) ut Gentilfat, onk woh mcjohmoulkom-.. 
oogcti teonka\wonkariit. 

12 Yeuycu ukkepihaonganoD weenacctu- 
onganuoDk muttaohkit , kah oowawoBUong- 
anoo weenauweetuonganuooouk Gcntilfut ? 
uttoh pilh n ne mguctieke numwameechum- 

13 Newutche kukkcnamumwoDGcntils, 
ncwutdie neen Uppoltleunnajoh Gcntiliog 
nummiihttoh nutannohiuonk. 

14 Tohneit toh uiTean woh nummcomoul- 
qkeo.og neyanc ulTenat, ncg awamogig, kali 
woh nawhutch ncDwadchanoog. 

1 5 Newutche nag pogkenaonganoo , wun-. 
nohteakuwomop mutcashkic : toh pifh n nib , 
wutattumunnumooonganoD ? pift^ pomaii- 
tarcoDonganuoD wutch nuppanat. 

16 Newutche kakenumunncalh wunnee- 
tupanatamweycuoDuk, kah muircu wonk, 
kah wadchabuk wunncctupanatamweyeur, 
ouk, neit wonk wuttuhqunafli. 

17 Kah nawhutch wuttuhqunalh poh- 
fiiunk, kah ken touohkomukquc olivcohtug, 
ne kupponittean neobtagkup , luh kcnugkc" 
nagnahkcDtahtohwsdc.habuk, kah ounog-. 
kooonk oliveehtug. 

18 Mifhkomuhkon wuttuhqunog , qut 
mifhkomat, matta kutalhinnumoD wadcha- 
buk, qut koowadchaubukin. 

19 Neit woh kuOimj'Wuttuhqunalh pohq- 
fliopafli, onk woh nunnupponit. 

20 Nenaj , ncwutche ttppannoDWohtam- 
on2;anQD nag. poklhiog, & Kcnslhpekompau 
wunnamptanjooBk, ahque mattcanlieaaijquc. 
wabciiOi. - , 

21 Newutche God matta qullehteaua>g 
nehenwontctnhqunalhjwabcUih iihkont mat- 
ta kukqufnukou. 

22 Kuhkinncalh yeuwutche oDneetoowonK 
kah wutonkquenchuwapnkGod 5 nag kep- 
ihuhpanneg,mat quflehcaongauvX) , qut nog- 
que kuhhogkacicu wupnctuonk, nagwuttea- 
numan ODnectuonk: matta ncnanocg, piik 

2$ Kah nag wonk, matt.i nagwutteanuti- 
ohettcg uppanufuwehtam-joongant), nag 
piih ne pononcau : newutche Gcd tapeauna 
wonk ni uppononat. 

24 Newutche tummehtahwhunnurauk tcu- 
ohkoirukquc.olivcohtugqui; , kah kupponif, 
panncin ney inieaniWunucoIiveej'itugqutjUt- 
tohPirkcniBachckc ycug iiehenwontcf.h^ 

Ahj^i Bic'jHch:Hkjnfittaohkit 

tth^kedHdotok ki^hhoghrifiog 

1 1 fata: 

quiini'iutcheg, piihponoiicau nchcnvvonche 
\vutoliv:r6htugquc> , 

25 NcwutclK ncrmatog, matta «}ittina. 
numurinrx):r.,» arijotuoiu.<in,t>k ycu liohkok, 
liihKo'u kcowowecaanaanmontiwoo kuhliog- 
k^oulOii^eiehKctciihluonk chippcu pcyau- 
m«jD IlVacl, n.i pijch wunnumwameccnum- 
nuiontrinvC griuillog p,:tatteaincD. 

10 Ka'M iicU vvdmclirael pifji wadchanaw, 

,- . I -1. ' A _!it. ,^.»i . liUi. 'ii nil '^irin 

noh pafiikoQ ukqathummcDC wunnamptamo- 

"A*Ncwutchc ncyane nummaochikc nuf- 
fimun paluk muhhogkat , kah nilbnoh nalla- 
onk m.-.tta ne naii atunnobfuonk, 

< Netatupe necnaxvun m(unaog,paluKa)0O 
nuhhogkdnutChriil^kaliniihnoh pafuk nup- 
6 Ncitoht6o?neht6ntauonga(li3 puhp6- 

;aS!Sss"sS :«£E5^.,s^;==s; 

uminatchefconk Jakob. 

27 Kah ycu n.Duoowaonk nag wutcnu , 
tmaiinumon uniTiatchcleongaino. 

28 Papaume wunnifetongquot , ncgmat- 
• waog wutche kciiaau ^ que pApaumcquolhac 
; pcpciiaraoonk, nag womonoog wutche eoin- 

2 9 'Mc wutche ummagoo-^ngafh Uah koo- 
^ WcckomakiSoo jnganun Godjmatta aiulkoi- 
anatamoo. 1^ ^,.«.« 

2 o Ncwutche ncyan* kcnaau noadt matta 
koonampiauomwoD God, onVcohch yeuycu 
keiicemunnumwo) monancteaonkjnalhpc nag 
• lippinnGDWohtamcXiOngano). 

21 Netatupe ycug wonk Matta wunnamp- 
tamoog nilhpe kofumonanetcaonkjnag wonk 
woh necmunnumwog monanctcaoiik. 

^2 NewutcheGjd u-nmoac kuppahwhSh 
ut pannoowoht.irr.unac, onk woh nah ummo- 
ninuinoh wamc. 

^5 Woimoon6i ooweenauwettuc waan- 
tamoonk k^h wohwolitamoaonkGod 1 uttoh 
lie fiohkohteau oofittumooongaih ! kahum- 
mayalh matta n»mchteaaoDttnafii ! 
h irai» :54.^Newutchebowanwahtcunk wutte- 
40:15; nsntamooonk Jehovah , afuh howanckohkc 
I Cor. taiiont> . . , 

3:16. 55 Afah howanc ncgonne amnnuma^ut , 
kah pifl^ wonkwmonkquottau«bnuh. 

7,6 Ncwutche noh wutchu , kah nalKpe 
nagum, kah wutche na^uti nUh wamc tcan- 
^ teaquaillniai ; neh rohiumooononchch n^i- 
chcmc. Amen. 

CHAP. xn. 

NE wutche ko) Wf equetumonumwoo ■ftcc- 
matog 3 naihpe ummonaneteaongaih 
God, magofk kuhhogkseog , ne pomantam- 
wae (cphaufuonk , wunneetupanatamwe , 
tipeneungquot ut Godut , kconomac wauf- 

2 Kahahque ogqueheukkuhhogkaoog ycu 
muttaohklt,qut pc'nooweneungqunck naftpe . 
wuikehteongane koowahtamaoonganao, woh ; 
kukqutchteomwoo uttdh en Wtiiacgenjtapc- 
ncungquot, kah pannuppc pohkoi wuttcn. 

3 Ncwutche nuttin^naflipe kitteamantea- 
nlttaonk ne anumiimuk^nifh nohwolketorap 
k^nugke kcnaau,ahque ogquanu-Tionch how- 
aisa wunhogkuk anuc ne aniit , qut manunne 
aanaata;. ncyane God aninnumauont mlh 

kuhkdJtomwehLeadfun neyane quttutiwho- 

7 Aninnohfe'og, aninnohfittuh, atuh kun« 
kootomwehteadt, kuhkoDtomwchteaj. 

8 Wu'likkcteamaowadtj wuaikkercamcD- 
wai, noh maguk , quohquaquc uiTitch : no[i 
nananiiwadt, menuhke uOctch . noh mona- 
netcadt, weekohtamweuOitch. ^ . 

9 KoDWomonittuonk , ahque ciontogka; : 
5iriiontam(Dk ne machuk, m6rogquchtamoofe 

I o ■Wom6aufue womonitteg,nampc wee- 

mattue womoaufuonk : quttianittmncat 


1 1 Ahque lafegeneamook anakaufuongamt, 


12 Weekontamojk ut annoaurinneatjraa- 
nannttflekut wuttammepunnaongawu , nag- 
wuttcic menuhke peantamook. 

15 Caactiipenumook quenauhakqutchcg 
w^neetupanatpg^g : weckontamwc keahtco- 

14 Wdnnifiiumdk nag wofkhikqueogig, 
\Vunnanum6k kah ahque mamatcheunok. 

15 Weckontaramoounook neg wcekontog- 
ig, & mauunnitteaunfiiook neg maugig. 

16 TatupanatamODUttegk, ahque milion- 
tamookmftgagifh, qut tapanatamook nith 
papeatiklih , ahque waantamook ut nchen- 
wonche kuttenanatamcooBSanit. 

17 Ahque onkquatok howan macilUig 
wutch machuk : q«of1iaeitama*k farapwig- 
illi, ut anaquabhettit wamc miflTmnmnuog. 

18 Woh unnag , n«an6h tapepcnumwog 
wunnohtcac wecchtycumo^JC wamc millin- 

19 WomdnQgifiijahquc inaotokkahhog- 
kaoog^qut ainaeihtamok mufquamttamoonk, ^ j^^ut 
newutche wulTukwhofu, a annootaonk nut- .j. 35 
tfiihe, kahncennutahnootau, noowau^ Jcho- 

uih. . , 

2Kh Ncwutche kummatwoom kodtup- j, prov 

wut, aflTam, kohkuttoog, wuttattamweh. 25. 21^ 

Newutche ne uffean , kukkittonkquttoh 

mohkohfaalh uppahkukqut. 
21 Ahque fohkongqufhrnicnuk, qut loh- 

kafli machuk na(hp« wane'gik. 

Nlfli noh kcteahogkou agwchtauoncfs 
matikk^nutcheh : newutche matta 




Offipetenohk^ taufKcoh^ 

' Rom 

Godiit : nt maukkeRowongkfl.utkuhkcnum. 

2 Ncwutche howan ioDhkmi*og matikke- 
nouwonk, ayeuuhiiontam ounohcoonkGod 
k«h rie? aycuhkoncogig, pilh attumunDum* 
vvjg cnkapuHionk. 

3 Nswur&e r.ananuachcg matta vvabe- 
weiitciuoog wucch ne wantgik, qut vvutch 
n; machuk. funnummatta koowabeluon- 
tano) inHfugkcnoowonk i uffiih nc wancgik^ 
ki-h ncnankaoch waceni.nittesn. 

4 Ncwucche nch vuttinnumoh wutdle 
kcM/AutSie \?anegik : qur uflcan nemachuk, 
wabeli/Lj ncwutchemactatahnooa-ic tohlbin- 
nuraijo togkodteg : newutche nch wuttm- 
numoh God : anoutoaRfhuhkcaeniFijWufToka- 
pumauua murquaiiiucicnk iwh machetc- 

5 Ncwajeh mohche ogwchtamog, rratta 
webe v.utch mufquanitrdoDk, que wonk 
\%utch mctshhannit. 

6 KewutcLe , ycu wa; kutompeteamwoo 
wonk 3 newutche noh v?uttinnumoh Gea, 
nagvvutteae weogkehtcauun yeu nan. 

7 Newutche eninurnok nifi noh pafuk ne 
Irimpwohtunk : cmj?wun6k noh woh omp- 
v?un6g :^ niounnnmok noh woh nncunnumiU' 
og : quiLukiioh woh quoaiog, quttianumok 
noh woh quohiianumic. 

8 Ariquc toh umiontukquawuttcg webc 
womonit.ucnk, newutche noh womononi 
cnkatGgane, PinnuppcufTu unnanmatuonk. ] 

9 Newutche yeu, ©amuftekonj nuihchte- ' 
abK0n;,i.omm(jui:uhkoB, pscnnoowae wadwa- 
chkon, ahisuwoncogkon 3 afuh onkatog un- 
naBrnatuoiikj yeuut wamohteau yeu unnoo- 
waonk, womoaus keetaitcamong neyane 
*uh--og. ^ 

ic Womoauruonk matta raatdiencbheacu 
wectatteamonguh : newutche womoaufu- 
onk pannuppe naumatucnk. 

'^!r^^^ yt^:5 vvabceau6g neahquompak 
piuhlukeyeuoD nc woh rdtouhkemuk : ne- 
^^y^l yeuyeu kGDvvadchinltteaongaUii 
paiwchieau, ouk nik wunn2n:pr2mog. 

12 Nuhkon noufhin , kefukod p^iwoh- 
te^H, newutcLu pogketa.xfr.uttuh oobkenai 
fln^kauiuon^aai, k^-h ho;qittcuh' w^rquae 

15 i^omuihidtuj famawcu-Tenat, onatuh 
rc.ukodaeu, ahquenanw^nnuauirtcub, afuh 
kogkculippinuitteuh, ahquc weeto.nontuli 
mittamwo<n{ro|,afiih nanwunwadfqua idtuh, 
ahquepcnuwinitdttcuh af^uh miannanictit- 

14 Qut hogkook Lord JeGs Chrh^, liah 
tbque quoihwcchtamoDk wcyaui, uTenat Uin- 

Oh nrjoch'Jm^verjoniog wunnamptam- 
;.'onk, atti ,un(jL>k, webe matta en 

2 NcrViitch? pifuk ne wiinnamntam;, v/'ih 
wameunnc mectlu, oiikacog noh ncjochum-" 
wcjic, meech wunnepogqualh. 

2 Noh mectiic, ahque miiliononumonch 
nch mat mee'tiincfjeh : i;ah noh nieetfe?, 
shque wuiuimonch neh mcctiiautch-h • nl- 
wutchc Gcd v/ULatruaianiih. 

4 Howan ken wafumadt: orikatog wuttin* 
num:-h ? ncepau uc nel.enwonche wujTon- 
timomut,aluhkepih:u: nux, piih nccpau^ 
wunau^newutch- God tapcnum warnecpau- 
we:;c6neat. -^ 

5 Psiuk worketompwaLtoDwsntam pafuk 
KeiuiCanue Sc onkatuk, onkateg wuctatupDc' 
wuttoDVVositamunara nilh noh kefukod 5 
niil-1 Hoh wGiketomp tapantaj ut nthtnwon-' 
cHe wuttcnanatair.QDwonganir. 

6 Noh wadroL'Wontog kciukcd^oot 00 won- 
tamauun Jehovahuc : kah noh matta w'ad- 
tojwont amauonk keiukod, Jehovah ut mat- 
ta CJDtoowontamooun. Noh mcetfit mcetiu nf 
Jehovah ut , newutche tabuttantamauau 
God 5 kah noh matmectfekj ut Jehovah uc 
m«t snecLlUj kah tai^uttant^msuau Godub. 

7 Newutche matta hjwan neenawun p.)- 
mantamcfcwoiioou wuhkogku'i, kah matta 
howan Euppa;won6::u wunhogkuh. 

8 Newutche pomantamog nuppomantim- 
oc^wounomun jehowahj kah nupprDog, nup- 
Pv>Jwon6.TiUn Jehovah , newutche poman- 
tamog afuh nuppauog neen«wun wuttaihcuh 

9 Newutche yeu nogque ut,Chrift nuppTt>, 
& oraohkeuj & wonk ketcau, noh woh piah- 
timau na necfwe napunutche kah paman- 

10 Qut tohwhuchdWulTuiBadt keernat ? ^ 2Cor. 
afuh tohwutch matta toh en tapaoumoadt 5.10. 
keemat? pifhwar.ic keneepomun anaquoh- 
tag Qofittumoowae sppuonk. 

11 Newutche wullukwhofu h ncan nup- fc Ifaiah 
pomintam noDW?.u jehovahj niih noh muk- 45. 2j« 
kittugk pifli nauwa«ihtunk: kah nilh noh 
meenan pilh iamptjowau utGodut. 

12 Neic n'-ih noh howan kenawun, pi.l\ 
n;mpouhamwan(huh wuhhogkuh ut Goduc. 

15 Newutche ?hque wonk wu.Tumutiic- 
teuh : qut m^Dcheke yeu unnuntaTcok : ah- 
que how.n ponitch togkujIura^IuncGnk, 
sfuh uttoh woh adt mulhkauuilhiit ummay- 
ut wecT.atoh. 

14 KcDwahteohj kah moo.-heke nutten.m- 
tamnaihpjLord j.'ius, matta teatu.H ni/h- 
keneunkquod;l;in.3£> nufTeu : qut noli xvad- 
toow&ntog teaguas nilhkencunkquokj nifh- 
kcneunkqucdtirkna> wuhhof.kat'. 

15 Qut keemat wuttaTiteunk ku'nmeer- 
fuonk^'-natta koowarnoaufue poTU|/;oh : ab- 
qu;noh awak6mpiaujj ne Chriil nipoDWO^ 

16 Neit kcDne'tx>onk ahque iratchctam* 
uaa:h. . 

17 Nca 

7J)[lK7inhrK?j^cadt £f4 k^ kso\veamim(f) Gh^p-^y* 

kpd peyaaucmt 

4 Titus 

e iCor. 



i; Ntwutchc wuttahfoDtamoonk God , 
muitd> kah wutuu.'mooon- 
g;:r-ii:(jj»j v^^ui lianii-'wcuilcoiikjl^ah wunnohtca- 
ciik, k;h wfckojuamoonK ut wunncctupana- 
lan.we ni^-lhauanittOL-ut. 

18 Ncwutclic noh yeufliut waulTumont 
G.hrilloli3 nch wrttipcncJuohGod, lah la- 
pcntauau wolkctompachtu. 

ic; Ncvvutche afluhkomuttuh ycufli wa- 
nohicahuwomigilb;, kahniljiwoh waneune- 

20 Newutchemcetfuonk matta reatchch- 
tcaiiau wutanakauruonkGod : warne c tcan- 
tcag\v2(hi»iili pohkcycuafn) qut nohmat- 
chciU wuitamhuwacn-iecilit. 

21 Ne wunncgen matta mccchooun d 
weysus, ai'uh mi.t:ta \NUttattumQuun wmc , 
slun matta cnkatog, ultoh adt wohkccmat 
togkuflUt'aiiuk, afun adt vvattamhit, atuli 
adc nouchunr.wehit. 

■ 22 Sun koonamptsm? ohtauuili ken ne- 
hemvonche utanavuabitGod; vvunanumau 
n- h matta a\vakoiijpananu«k wuhhogkuh , 
n:.fhpc 11c wsdtouvvontog. 

■ 2 3 Kah noh chananiog, noh awakompan- 
aii mectfitjnewutchc matta wunnamptamoo- 

■ v/ongiRinnoo; ncwiitH:ie niili aoh iTiat wncch 
ayeuiiiutinouh wunnamptamoowsnganit 3 ne 


NEitneenawun manuhkefeagHh , woh 
iuoiiga(h noQChumweiitcheg-kah matta keo- 
fekitteaheomun dvuhhogkanonog. 

2 Kenawun nillv noii paiak wuifikketea- 
hconch weetatteamunguh , wutche cx)netu- 
onk koonenehhe6n?.t^. 

3 NewutcheChriil matta wulTikkctahu- 
woouqutneanfukwhofuk: a ukkekomuwa- 
ongaih neg kekomukqneancg 5 nukquenic- 

4 Nevvutcheni0inoh teaguallintgonfuk- 
wbtSfa, wu Jukwbofu wutch kcnehtontaong- 
anu-Hj onk woh manunnitFuonk , Uah 
vvuilukwhongane taphuwaonk nutaunoohm- 

5 b Yeuyeu rraniiamshuwae, kah weckon- 
tamwahuwac God aninnumanunungqutch 
onk woh kuttatupjntar.^outimwoi;, iieanuh- 

6 Onk woh nalhpc pafok annantarrcDonV, 
kah paiukm^ittoan, kocwoiumGOenaumwoo 
^^d, oofhoh kuppiahquttumcjomun jerus 

7 Nfwurche uttumunuttfgk , netatupc 
Chrifl attnmunukqueog eh wuiiohfumooor.g- 

8 Yeuyeu nudlm, J^^ns Chri;t wunnoh- 
torrpcantogomoh quciliquiannnitche, wut- 
che ounuai'muhkutry euaonkGod •. menc! 

9 Onk woh Gentilfog fohfummajnaorg 
Guduh, watctic ummonanetcao: g, ntanluk- 
wnolik J c Ycu wutchc Uuirampuuwvjnch c PGf, 
ut Ucnugke Gentillut , kih ketouiiamwon- 18. ^9. 
tarn kouv^eluonk. 

10 Kahwonk nojwau, d WcekontamoDk ^Deiit 
kenaau gcntilfog wccchc ummilfinninnumoh :;2. 4 3. 

U K.:hwoni^, e wauiiumouk Jehovah ke- fi^fal. 
naau wameGenulibg, kiih waiiliumcok kc- 117.1, 
naau waine miiiiniiinnuGg. 

1 2 Kah wonk Ilayas nouwauj / Na p'uh oo- fliab.h 
wacichaubuk jelTcj Iwhnoh waapit NMinnan- n, 1 5*. 
auwunnonat gentilfoh , |entillog nah woh 

1 5 YcHycu annooluwahuwac Manitjnum- 
woitUEkojk wame wctkontamoDonk ^ kali 
wunnohtcaonk wunnamptamog , onk woh 
kurjiimoochekoht6mwoD annooiuonk, naihpc 
ummenuhkefuo nk wunnctupaoatamweNall> 

14 KahHccn wonkmohchu kuttinnanum- 
unnu.nwoujneematogj i^cnaau wonk kcnum- 
wabehtunkumwoD wunnctuonk, kenumwa- 
behtunkumwoL) wame wahtcaiionk, kah kut- 
tapeiiumumwcD kutaufhkontinneaout 

15 Qut ncematog 3 dvociukkdhiiumauun- , ; 
nUi-nwQD nand m(X)Ciieke, noh wutchu^ .kuin- 
mehqu^.ntamwahunnuuaaout 5 ncwucciic . 
kittcamonteanittuonk nuttinnumontean 

16 Nen woh wunnohtompcantogomin 
Cbriil: en gentilfut kuhkoutomuhkoiiuc OD- 
nonchemijuKaonk God. ne aninnumaiiaonga- 
noo gentiifcg woh tapencungqwot,wunnec- 
anatamwe nafliauanit. 

17 Nutahtoh newaj woh W2eenbij nail^pe 
Jcfus Chrift , yealli uc waddiiyeuroojugiilx- 
God ut. 

18 Newutche matta woh naih noowccg- 
quttumoounalh Chrill: matta afe'gith naihpc 
neen^ onk woh gentilfog noofweetamunnao-: 
ont nalLpe kuctajonk kah ufTeonk. 

1 9 Naihpc moo agiih kuhkiaafiiuonganv 
kah monchanatamouwongaft, naihpc ummc- 
nuhkeiuonk wufialhac«guh God: ncit wurch- 
jerufilem, kah wae'enu^weehqueulllyricum 
pannuppe nukkuhkoL?tamuhtesm wuaaua— . 
chemookaonk Chriil-. 

20 Nux, yeu nukkodkoc'tomu'nkon vvun-? 
udetocgquot : matta nttoh Chrift ?dt cd- 
weiuonganuhkauut lAikcnt nuttittannikit- 
team penowc wotketQmp vit uKkuttanuh- 
kanlkonganlt. glf&i2\ 

21 Qi t neanrukwhfefik, g nah matta ad d^ -5. 15*. . 
mhiiahhukquiiegeh, nag pilh n^umwog ^ kah 

nag. mat n»X)tamoogigpilh wahtan.wog. 

22 Ntwutche yeu nummoocliekit wu^t- 
tamniec'tum wutche kuppcyuonunnao^ti 

23 Qut yeuyeu matta wonk ay;uv/cng- 

keteauim quoibaiim.,oncano6alb wutoolhin- aniuoog yeu tanohteaeu j kah mcccheke kod- 
acoak.. tantamon ;, nroicheke kodtumwae, kup* 

j ^e^ ionunniout. . I i 3 24 ?•»,-* 

Wo^h^ moadtffongap^ 


w^n kf^mGaditiongkffU 

24 Po-nufliAon Spiin, pi{|j 'kujlpeyao:!- 
uniiainwcu: newiituh-" uuKkjdcaticaai Ke- 
Rauinu'iiis'iu ne<iy6i, Kah na:a:ina)akteAii- 
at naihpe K^aid^u > ne^j;iau upanata.nua 
u.i(hpj ksiiau. 

25 Qut yeuyiu nutt3m Jerufalem, maj- 
uiiat en wu iiie.Hupanatam.v.^htu. 

26 Newucch;i ujiiKlieceaheaonganoo ne'i 
aiinitch;^ Miccdotiia k.ih Ach lia, ayimuiiat jntc watch- kuctu;nu:igi: wua- 
neetupanatamwoj uc Jerulakm. 

27 Ne ooiikkicteahakquiineau , kih nag 
wuit'montukqujhlial-iqannsau : ncvvuc:hi 
Geacilfog ncenu.iniLnoheait chlppai niih 
keteahogkoutme ccanteaquaiiniih , wjnk ne 
wattinaaiyeuorigatKD wuctintriaiauoua nith 
hogkcDWoiiijane tean»:eaquaiiniili. 

2 ] N'ewucch:^ yea manch- keileauon^ kah 
yeu maau'ikentc:iU)g meechu.nmaonkj pilh 
kuppamulhaundmwoo en Spain. 

29 Kah pannuppe noowahteauun, peyaft- 
unog, piih nuppeyam nu'-nwieu wunnanetu- 
oiikj nalhpc waniiufTerongquotChrift. 

30 Kah krjoweehquetumonamwoo neemat 
tog newutche nuppiahquttiimajm jelus 
Cnri.i, kah nalhpc womonittuongane natiiaii- 
atiit, onk woh kummenuhke peantamwanlh- 
imwa) weeche neeri; pean}:am.mok God. 

3E Onk woh nuppohquohwhunic noh 
wutch neg panncx)wohtogeg ut Judea, kah 
nuiumagcDonkj neohtau wutchcjcrufilem, 
woh wuttapeneaiimunneau wunneetupana 

7,2 Onk woh weekontamoe kippeya&un- 
umw,x) nafepevvuttenantam.Donk God^ onk 
woh weeche keiiaau nuttaphit. 

5 ^ Ye u yea oonohteaeu God weetomiikouk 
wamu. Amen. 

p^ oowoweenotumauoniimwo Phebc kum- 
kX muTeim;, noh wiittinnumt>h moyeuwee- 
komonk ne obtag CcHchrea. 

2 Onk woh kutittumunau ut nuppiah- 
quttiircDitiut 5 neyane wunneetupanatam- 
wuhhit, onk woh wattanmimauaU; niih nob 
wuttimanaramjoonk ne quenauwe'hukqut 
wutchc kenaau, newutche noh aninnumauau 
moaaoh, kah neen wonk, 

^ Wonkomook Prifcilla kah Aquila , 
nutann&hfueniimog ut Chrhl Jefus. 
4 (Nag wnt :!ie nuppomantamoonk fepfliit- 
teiQog nehenwonche wulfictippukunooadi : 
matt! webe neen nutc^buttantamaunog, qut 
wonk wame raoyeuwj^ekomorigafii ut Gcix- 

«; Wonk naoyeuweekomonk weekuwout. 
Wonkomflok wAmonog Epeaetus, noh kake- 
neun^ utAchaiaenChriftut. 

6 Wonko Ttcx)k Mary , tiak mcDdiekana- 

7 Wonko-nook Andronicu5 , kah JunU 
Buttiiiauakumoou, k«h nouwccche kup- 


plihagk'nnuwienuog : b^ waenomaog ke- 
nu^Ke Apoftieibh, wank njg ayeuogLanlt- 
uc negoane onk neen. 

8 vVonkornajk Arnplias noh wombnog ut 

9 VVonkonicDk Urbane,nuttannoh£u;nu:w 
utOhrii^uc, kah Stachis womonog. 

"WonkomcDk Ap<;iL's ukqutchieouh ut 
hriicat 5 Wonkoraoyk: naghog wceComon- 
cfl.^g Ariitobuius. 

11 W Jiikomook H-'rodian nuttinnonku.n 
Wi^nkom-x)k neg wcetOiironcheg NarciXai , 
neg aitcheg Lordut. 

1 2 WonkacT.X)k Tryphcni -kah Tryphofa, 
neg anakadiitch^gut Jehovah uc , wonkom- 
00k womonog Perils^ noh ma;chckanakauiit 
ut Lordut. 

19 Wonkom®kR.ufus5 noh wodtinit ut 
Lordut, kah ookafoh kih nokas. 

14 Wonkoni(i>kAlincritus5phIcgon,Her- 
mas, Patrobas, Hermes, kah wecmattinnc- 
unk neh weechaiycumahetticheh. 

15 Wonkomouk Philologus kah Julia, 
Ncraus kah ummiiliiroh, Kah Olimpas, kali 
wamc wuncetupanatamwog weeche naghog. 

16 Wonkquitcgk naflipe wunncctupana- 
tamwe chiputtojnipwuttuonk , ummoyea- 
weekomongalli Chriit koDWonkomukoooog, 

17 WonK kooweequetumaunumwo) nee- 
matog, kuhkinncafek nagog, penuwanittea- 
ayeukone kuikootomuhtcaonk nc nuhtun- 
t.mog, kah chippc'htok. 

1 8 N cwutehe neg ncaniitchcg,matdl Mra- 
uflumauoog nuppiahquttumoamunoh Jefus 
Chrif>5qutrnehcwonchc wuanogkurfu, ka^ 
naOipe wunonuhkoDwaongafl-j, kah wunnap- 
waongafh pohchutoog wuttahhou noochum- 

19 Newutche kenooTwectamojoDganQO 
fcpake'moo en wamc wofkeetOTipaehtu, ne- 
wutche koowcekontamwanihinnumWQO : qut 
tamunneau ne waneglk, kah afoDkckodtum- 
CDun ne machuk. 

20 Kah wunnohteacuG'^d, pifii hihpan- 
^htu Satanoh pafwea , ukkitteamontcanit- 
tcaouk nuppiahquttumoomun jefiis Chri/i , 
wcetomukook Amen. 

21 Timotheus wcetanakaufumogjkah Lii- 
cias, kah Jafon, luh SoUpater, nuttinnun- 
komoog, nag kcDWonkomukcooog. 

22 Neen Tertius.ycu wsfukkahhook wnf- 
fukwonk koowoHkomunu nwoo nuppiahqut^ 

2? Gaius thlttamunukqueh , kah wame 
moycuweekomonk, noh k oowonkomukou , 
Eraftus wut("tiamhcrlin cwtonit , noh kao- 
vronkomukou. kahQ^«artus oowccmattia. 

24 Ukkittcamonteanitteaonk nuppiah- 
quttumcx)mun Jcius Chrift Wcetonukook 
wamu Amea. 

25 Weak 

25 Wonk^noh tapcnuk kutnmcnulikehuk- 

Qftnnaoiit, ncaunay Rounlittongquottoom, & 

^vcih^vuu^umuknchohkok , "^ .^^^%^ .^.f ' 
chanumukup \vutuhfhit muttaob.kc k^dlhik. 
26 Out veu)cu wihtcauwahuwon, nafhqc 
vvullukkuhNvhoruonganaoafli ncgonnc mil- 
jTchhamwaenuc g, ncanaiiootcamwit macne- 
Kiapit God.wahicauwahuivon ut wame wut- 



27 God ncnt waant^m fohiumooonaj 
nallipc jefus Chrift, michcmc. Amen. 

% WuiTukwhofu ut Romanfut v»utdic 
Corinthus, naflipc thebc, wuttinnu- 
nioh moycuwcckomoiik ut Ccnihrea. 

Me<yon4ea wuteplftleum ^ AVL en 


BAul wcbkomit oupoftlcumunat Jefus 
Chrift, nalhpe wuttenanUmcowonganit 
God: kahSoilhencsncemat.^ 
2 Kb uromoycuvvehkomorigfinit God,«c 
. n ohtae nag fl wancetupanatogig uc 
*^*^5 Chriit lefus, vvehkomutchcg wuiictupana- 
?\;9- tamvvacnuunneat, |p wecche warr.cnegnifti 
^^^^'^ noh Pifuk ftycuongamt we'hquetukeg odvvc- 
^"7' fuonk Jetus Chrift NuUordumun 3 wutiaihc- 

2 Kitteamontcanktuonk apehtunkouk, & 
wunnohteaonk, wucaiGodut kcoiV.unonut, 
kahvvutch Lord jcCus Chrift. 

4 Naewuttcae nuttabuttantarrau God, 
iiewutdfe keaaau; ntwutche ukkitteamou- 
teanittc^onkGod, nc anumontcaog naihpeu 

S^Ncwmche niili noh teag koowccnaik- 
hikamwoo na(hp,c naguai : ut warre wunona- 
kouaonoznitj kahiit wanoe wahteauonganit. 

6 Ncyane wauwaunaoak Chrift Kummc- 

7 NcmebKuh ir.acta wuitat tomwcD nailipe 
wame anmnumoadtuonk , pahtaucg uppc- 
yaonk Nullordumun jefus Chnli. 

8 Noh vvcnk piih manubkehukquecg ad 
WohiuKquoaiik, onk woh matta ho wan Kut- 
Bfpunanukoomwcx) ut uJfeikcfakodtunnut nul- 
lordum jefus Cbrift. 
UKhtC 9 b God pabubtanumnkqufia, nafbpe na- 
5.24. gum KODV^chkoiritteair.woj en ummoappii- 
cnganic wuaaumonuh jcfus Chrift NuUord- 

10 Yeiiyeu Koowehqttctumonurnwcx) nec- 
matog, nalr pe awcfuonkNxillotdumun je- 
fus Ciuift; onk wch wame kuiUmvoo pafwk 

12 Yeuyfn, yeu nuCTim 5 niA nfch pafuk 
kenaiu no^wau, noochai Paulc ut, i;ah nco- 
chai c Apollout, luh nouchai CephiS ut , cAa$ 
nachai CLri(^ut. , r t. 1 ^^-^^i' 

13 SunChriftchachaubappu? fun Paulc 
funkukkutfuroittearoausut cjuwcfuonganit 

14 NuttabuttantimauGcd, matta kuk- 
kutfummiomwop howae kcnaau qut wcbc 

d Critpus kah Gaius : dha% 

15 Ifhkontwoh howan noow^u, ncn nuJC- 18.8,, 
kutfumup ut ncDwefuongaoit. 

16 Kah uonk nukkuiiumowp ncaritah- 
fhinnehcttit bterh^;nas : kah wonk, wanne 
nouwaoh howan kodfunnogkus. 

17 Ncwutdie Chriit nuttannoonuk matta 
kutcheifummu6nat,qut kuhka:tomuhkonat 
wunaunchcnsuDkaonk, e roatta naihpe wa- e 2Pct» 
antamwc kuttoowor.galh/ifhkont uppimmc- i.i^. 
tunkapunonk Chriit matta toh en nompa- 

18 Newutche kuhkcctomuhtcamuit po- 
metftiin, nc niattammagweufleonk , ne mg 
woh awakompanacheg : c,ut kenawunwad- 
chanitteaagift^,/ neurr.mcnuhkciucnkGod. jRcm. 

19 Newutche wqffukwhofu , iiunnehtoh 1.16. 
ODwaantamoDongancD waanta^rswog ; kah 
matta toh nuttijituppchtcaoh g cowohtam- g Xiax. 
a>onknupw6u. , '^,%'-}.^' 

20 /?. Uttiyeuoh w?,antam ? uttiycuoh blviu 
Scribe ? uttiycuoh wantetuppooadx v^w 33.1S. 
muttaobket ? funnummatta God matta.r.- 
magwehteiow^antarcoonkyeu ut muttaoh- 

ij -zi I Qut nabohtoeu , naihpe oowaan- 
- tambonk God, muttaok nafbpe^ waantarao 

i Roni, 


k^h woh mo chachaubctfiadtuojicaninnoJ onk, roatta waheaou Gcd - oDbU'tte.huK- 
kenuX kenaau cut woh pannuppe kum/^qi^nGod, ummammmago^onk i^uhkcD^m- 


Matchekf'Og tvmne peama?n\Y(> LCoriathians. 

vvuttogkuirittaiTunnoawonganOD , Uah eu 
Grcckiehiu, mattamenagwci'eongancD, 

24 Qutnzgenwchkormuchcg, ni necfwe 
Jewlog kah Grcekiog, Chrift, utnmcnuhkc- 
iwonk God, kjli ai'i^aantamoonk God. 
-2^ ^itmiiih: ummattamrnagooonic Godj 
- anus vraancamoomoo Oiik ncg wojkecompaofj' . 
kjih wunaoDcharinvcluonk God^anue ni'tnun- 
ki onkncg woiUccompaog. 

26 Newutche kenuuniwoo koowehkornit- 
■tcioagincu ncmato^, mattn monaog vvcyau- 
le waantarawog , macta monacg nianuhkc- 
litcheg, maita monacg paponk^mpaog wsh- 
Komoog. • 

27 Qat Godpepenam msttammagueaigifli 
yeu muttaohkct , akodchuwahconat waan- 
lamwog, \?3h God pepenam nunoochum- 
W3gifh yen muttiohket:, mat toh hen tupaii- 
tamooun-nrfh mogagiih. 

28 Kah maumatchuiik'lh yn\ muttaohket;, 
KahaiOimiiJuri&ntamogifh, uHh God uppe- 
penamunalb, Uah niih maUa eenegiih^ akod- 

^buwontamuuat nifh nob ohiagifh. 

29 Onk woh waaiie wey-aiis waeenoomua- 
coh utanaquabit. 

50 Qut nafhpe nagum , kenaau anomut 
Chrifl Jefus, noh riA'ihpeGod;, ayiraunkque- 
og waantamoonk, kah fampwcogquanumo- 
onk, kah wunnetupanatameonk^kah raanjoh- ^ 

51 Neanfukwhofiknoh waecn®adt, i wae- 
ncxj utLordut. 


KAhnennematog, p.i66nog;, matta noo- 
che peyoh naLhpe, wiunnonukoowaonkj 
■aliih waantarnonkjwahteauwahunnog ti>wau- 
\v jcnk God. 

2 Newutche nukkefontamcnap matta noo- 
wahteauouunat teag keaugke kenaau, webe 
Jefiis Chriil, kah noh pamttunkapunadt. 

:5 Kah ko.'WeChayeu'Punurriv/ap lU ncD- 
SiumwefmReat 5 kdh wabcruonganit , kah 
nioocheke nnnnuklLaonganit. 
. 4 Kah nukkcketojkionk, kah nukkogkoh- 
ariPet. koow^onk a matta nafhpe nupweihohtea- 
i.lw, ongane kuttowongsfh wolketompao^ oowa- 
antsma onganooj qut naftpc ukkogkahkin- 
nv^mooonk nafliauanit, kah menuhkcfuonk. 

5 KoDnsmptamoDonk onk woh matta oh - 
tano ajwaantamooongalioowout woiTietom- 
■paog, qut ut ummenahkcfuonganit God. 

6 Qut nuflimun waantamoonk kenugke 
nagpinnuppc wanetukcg, qut matta oowa- 
antamoonk yeu muttaobket^ afuh fontim- 
irofog yeu muttadhkctjncg mat toh hen tup- 

7 Qut nukkeketoohkontamumun cowaan- 
tamoonk God, ut nupp6w<2onganit, puttog- 
^fSofii waantamoonk, God ne kohquttukup 
■jircjuam ahkcnog, en kuribhrummoL/OHganun- 

^ Uttiye u matta fdntinKSfjis jeu mutti- 


psnu.^ni t it che-gnooch^rmvsj ^01 

ohket wa!ite.!uhertcg , newutche wahteaii- 
hettis matta woh pummctaakapuniuooanne-' 
r«htumde Lord. ^ ^ 

9 Q_ic ne.iriiukwhof]k, t matta mufkefuk hlC^, 
waaaauTiCOun, aiuh mchtiwog wunaoDliiin- 64.4.* 
Qoun, alah matta pcLUtfeacnu:i.x>h wnttaut 
woikecomp, niiLQod quoliu^wcht£^onch^h 

neh womonukqutcheh. 

10 Qiit God k uwahtesoiwahukqunn'no- 
nUh I v^unna(h.iiunitCiX;mol],nc;wut^e 
naliiauanit natinneakontara v/ame te&ntca- 
QuaL'iiiiiib, nux, uniaioonayennuihGod. 

11 Newutchi howae woiketomp wahte- 
u ik toh nnurameechumit woiketomf, qut 
webe wannc-ihauonguh woiketornp,neh apch- 
tunkqutcheh ? netntupe Wknne howan vvah- 
teoou toh anummcechiamit God^ qut wtbe 
wuni-,-a(hauaiiIt-to God. 

12 Kah niitattumunomun, matta mutta- 
ohke na/hauonk, qut wunna/liauanitto God, 
onk woh noowabteomun yeuih nanowe ania- 

13 c Kahytu/h wonk keketoohkontamag- c2?et. 
liiij matta nalhpe kuttoowongslhjnifh koh- i-.iS. 
■kcutamungqutche oowaantamoonk woike- 
tomp 5 qutnilhwuimetufjanatamwe nalhau- 

anit kuhkootomwchtcachifh,yanunnumunat 
nafijauwonittowe tcagwalhiniih kah nafhau- 
anittowe teagualliinil]]. 

14 Qut Weyaufc woiketomp, matta at- 
tumunumoo ^'utteaDUcihinoomaih wunn^fh- 
auanittoomoh God, newutche weyanontam- 
unafii raattamm^gue teagwaffinit, kah woh 
mo wahteauGQunalh, newutche nafl^auanit- 

15 (^ Qut noh wanafliauanittoom t^ wuf- dVrov^. 
(ittnrn w^me leanteagualWnifbj qut nagum 27.19. 
matta wnifumaau howiine. 

16 e Newutche hcwan wabiteunk wutte- eRom. 
nsnta-noonk God , onk woh ukkuhkcptom- 11-34^ 
atioh ? qutncnawun nutahromun wuttcnan- ira.40, 
t^mooOiikChrift. 13. 

KG H A P. in. 
AH nennematog, noonanujn kukkc- 
n.T)nunna6oi)t neyane wannaihaua- 
nittaon-.itcheg, qut neyane weyaufuutcheg, 
onatun mogkieiiiitchtg ut C^:■rill ut, 

2 KuaohkuramooniinnumwoD fogkodtunk 
kah mitta meechum, newutche yeu pajeh . 
matta kuttapenummoouneau , ai'uh matta 
yeuyeu kuttapcnumnouneau. 

3 Newutche z^\ koDwreyaufuoDrnwoo, ne- 
wutctie kenaau ifkauan teog penuanitteog 
chadchabetoaadteog, fannum matta koDWc- 
y^ufucDomwoo, kahkutogqufhomw.j> woik-- 

4 Ncwutcli? pjfak asoowadt nen ncuaVl 
Pciulut,kah onkatuk nennocchi Apollo, fun- 
nummatt* kaoweyaufuoomwoo ? 

5 Ncit howaa Paul kah ho wan Apo1!o > 
qut webe nohtompeantogig,nag nalhpe koo- 
namptamwop, ncytnc Lord aninnumiuont 
mih noh pafukooh. 6 Ncn 

Ar '^n^tti wnttcmrkhm Cod Chap. 4. w.vt!e imttaihcc-ifli nutattHmTTiunmi'm f^Jufj 

62. 12. 

c Job: 

d Piai. 

6 Nen nurohkctcip:, Apollo ajUttippat- 
tfcuunah, qut Gc/d niioo uainiifhcuiagun. 

7 Neiixhknh ncic, noh ahUctCAclc matta 
toiihcn tup.ciu J aUUi noh waduUtippad- 
iLUik. quiGed noh nduu mubemaguk. 

'8 KcJi noh ar.kc!:c\.dt3k;i!i noh wadtattip- 
.padtunk p.diikocooj<: kuli nilli noh p^luk pith 
atrumunam nehenvvonchc wuconkquatunk, 
ney i^. n ^^ g w i; ta 11 iika u fuo n k. 

9 Ncwutclienenawun na)vvcetanakaurca- 
m6nmnGod3 kcnaau God wuiohkeieaoiik , 
kenanuGod cowckittcaonk. 

1 Neyane ukkictcamonteanitceaonkGod 
aninnuir.aiitjonatuh waantamwepiahquttuk 
v'ckiiteaonk) nennounahtoh ne que'nahtag , 
>kah onkattik vvuttit wekuhkon, qutnilh noii 
pafnk nunimkquilitch 5 uttoh ane noh ut 

11 N€wutche onkatuk ne quequenohtag 
•fnatta woh howaii oonahtoouun , qut ne 
inahche noh poiiamuk ^ noh JefusChrift. 

12 Kahhowcmtannikitteadtyeu quetjue- 
nobtag, goldjfilverjfnafhSadtikilh hafiunafli, 
inehtugti, meikehtuafh lequOTonkafh. 

15 Nifiinoh pafuk wutanakaufuonk pi/li 
^vahteauwahuwon, newutche kelukod pifli 
wahteauwahuwon, newutche pifh wahteau- 
wabuwon nalhpe nootau, & nootaa piih qut- 
chebteaunillinoh pafuk wutanakaufuonk , 
uttoh ctunag 

14 Hovvan wutanalcaufuonk anohtagkup , 
ne nob adt tannehteunk ^ noh pUhattumuQ- 
uni ujvkqu^tunk. 

15 How-n wutanakaufuonk chikohtag 3 
piili a)wantcoun, qut nsgum pilh wadchan- 
a'Dj qut ncrrehkuh, neyane nalhpe noDtau. 

16 ifSunnummatta koowahteomwcx) kenaau 
wuttempleum God3& wunnalhauanktODmoh 
G?d, koowetonukcu? 

17 Howdn niiliketeunk wuttempleum God 
God neh pilh wunnufliohjuewutche wuttcm- 

-tempkuin God wuntietupanatamweyeuao ^ 
UG temple kenaau. 

18 Howan alfekekomuhkitch wuhhog- 
kah;>iOwan kenugke kenaau onatuh waantam 
yeu muttaohketjouttammagooitch onkwoh 

19 Newutd.e a'waantamoonk muttaok ; 
n^attamrn2,gco(X;onkanaquabit God, newut- 
che wufTukwhofu, c tobqunnau waantamwoh 
nchenu ondie watonnpuwuiTuonganit 

20 Kah wonls , d Lord, wahteou wutte- 
nanramowongalhwaantamwog, nijh tahncD- 

21 Newutche ahque howan wae'enomont 
ut woikecompnutjncvvutSie wame teanteag- 
uaQiini ih kut ta ih 6 a a (l\. 

22 ACuh Psulj afuh Apollo, afuh Cephas, 
afubmuttaok, afah -pomantamoonk , afuh 
nuppoor^uk, afuh yeulh yeu ohtagilh, afuh 
•sifl.i afq ananogilh, wame kutaiheoafli. 

23 Kah k-naau koochiyirawoo Ghrllut, 

kah Ciuii wutciieiycu Godut. 
C H A F. W. 

WOlkctomp ne nogkemnnigqutch 3 
neyane wunnobLO.-npancofv/jmoh 
Cn I iiijkah piahquttukeg wunnupwolongxih 

2 Wonk, natinnehamv.uwon pialiquttiik 
nameheoriat uppabuhtanumukquilinncct. 

3 QjLit ut nen, ne peaiin kociuiniuinaoontj 
afuh naihpe woikctompae v;uifitcu,'n6onk ^ 
nux, matta nen nchenwunclie nooiiiLtumoj. 

4 NewMtchcmat teag na;wahteau6hnuh- 
hog, qut ohnch nen raatca nial'ampwanura- 
ukquUcUh yell naikpe^qut noh wafumitLord ^ i/^^,xy 

5 a Nevvutclie ahque wui'fittumook teag- ' p^. 
uas aih aunnanogup, nob pajeh Lord uppc- o'"j'' 
yonat, noh pilhwahceauwahuadtj onkwho- "* '' 
likiih ut pohkenaouut, kah pilh wahteauwa- 

huati metahhuwae kena)tamma)Wofiganna"»- 
a lift : kah neit nifji noh pafukojh piih 00 wg:- 
weenomuh God. 

6 K'ah yeuih nematog nutogkooonjfli nuh- 
hogkat kah ut Apollo, wutchc kenaau 5 oilk 
wonkenetuhtomwoo ut nuhhogkanour, woh 
mo kutanueogquanumomwoD wolketompa- 
og, ne wohfukkuhvvhoiik, Oiik woh matta ke- 
naau pafuk pookehtamwanfhaau pafukoola 
ayeuuhkonittue onkatogge. 

7 Newutche howan kuppenuwanittc'hik- 
umm.30 ? kah teaguas kutahtoh ne matta a- 
tumunuiuoDas ; ,Kah attumunumafahj toh- 
wutch vvaeenowaanpneyane mo attunmaun*- 

B Eyen l=^enum\vamechHm![r;wa) , ey^ii 
koowenae'tirnW'Do, kenaminitteamwa) ona- 
tuh kehtaORx>tanawog 5 ne toh ut neeauv^^an. 
kah nukkodtantam kenanawunnudnat^nena- 
wun onk woh koaweechc nanawunneu6mun- 

9 Newutche nuttenantam God nufTohhoo- 
wunukqun Apoillefuinneat maumachilh^ne-^ 
yane kuhkcDv/omuk en Ruppunat: newutche 
nutayeuwutteaiuun nogquifinneanonut ut 
muttaohket^kah Angelfehtu^kah wolK^tom- 

10 Ncnawun mattammagooog wiitche 
Chrjftj qut kenzau kcowaantareamwa) ut 
Chrirtut, neiiawun noochuniwe(imun,qut ke- 
a.iau kummenuhkelimWQo : keiiaau kukqutti- 
anumukquflimv/a;, qut nenawun nutjifha- 

11 Yeu pajeh yeu hower, nukkodtupum- 
nn, kah nukkuhkutcoDnum.un ,. kah nuppof- 
Kiffimun, kah nuttatagomitteamun^ kah rro 
nutahtaomun uttoh wo!i ayeog. 

12 Kah nutanakaufimua , anakaufeo?. 
nafhpe nehenwonche nufch^-ganunnonafli''^ ^ A-'t^ 
Kekomitteaognoonanumouanonog) idchl- 20. ^i. 
nitteaog nutchequnehtamu un. j fheu 

15/7 Mamefhannumitteaog noowehquc- 2.Q. ^ 
tUTiumu;i, nutoghetteamun nenlfiiquene- 2 f h^-C* 
uokquokut fliUCtaohket, lah nc;uwan ne 5.80 
K 15 ahannag- 


Z^'ppogk!%iQ}ik n^twpfm^fq^fii^tn LCcririJ^.:aBS« fett:kJi(hliff:rrij9f4tciii 


9: 21. 

3huiT!a^v;u?mi;k vVutch vvsire teanteaguifh- 

;,,../ , i.{ Vcuh :Tj.i\kiuhl:u:iiunaIh>mattaknrr 
.r«kodci:er:U:r/xi'.n;doQi;t5 quLcnatuh \vo- 
■iL,om-^.ii nuauwUiik-'iiug kulvkefunauobqun- 

15 Ncvv'aiche£T)c gqiie wadcbanog 
|>':iikqut nriULtanncnL^sncgr.iiflucg kuhkoj,- 
' torcwtbt. iicn>Jog ut Chiiii.ut,qut oncli mat- 
la kunr.ircuciiekeil.orowa) wutoiihinncunk , 
*' 'icvvurchc uc Chriil JeTus ut koota/hinumwo* 
n iihi)e vviinaunchtrr>vX.kac nganit. 

1^ Newutchc kouwehquetumonumwOD 

17 Kewajch aDoonogTimotheus cnkuh- 
bogKaiiutj iioh \vGmonognunnaurnon3 &pa- 
bahtanuniukquiTu en Lordut,iioh piih pafcp- 
cucog raeqiiaiiiamunat ntimmayafii utChrift 
ut , neyanc iiiih noh ut kuhkoDtomwehtei. 
sijfh nc'b moyeuvfcbkotrionganit. 

iS Yeu^tu nav.utche fookewof, onatuh 
mo Kodpeyadnunnojog. 

J 9 ^ Qj^^ P^^^ kuppeyaonnumvvoD. paf- 
wcu, unnaiitcg Lord;, kah piih ncDwatcoh 
i^'4v*5 matta webe ukkutta.wongalh ^ qut umriie- 
LUhkefuonk ncg pojkechcg. 

20 Nsv^/utche wuttalibotammoonkGod, 
isarta kuttouwcnganit, qut mcuuHkefuong- 

21 Toh kuttcnsntamwoo ? fun piih ke- 
aacihpe peyaunnumwcu fafaraahtuhiittuwa- 
ontug^ aiuh nafiipe womoauruonk, kah naih- 
peNaihauanittoemanunniiruonk i* 

C H A P. V. 

AOhhon^tunkquodmp ne nanwun>¥udt- 
rqiiaunnetuQuk kcnugke^ kenaau , kah 
jie ^anag nanwunwudtlquaCnittuonk j, he 
tnatta wto^qiutumcxjun kenugkeGentilfutj 
howan neeluk CLiiioh urr.mittumwuflbb. 

2 Kahkcnaaii ..uppa;kemwa> 3 kahmatta 
snue maiiraouk, onk noh yen aiit j vvoh kui- 
amaunumonteancdu wutch kenugke kenaau. 
^Col. 3 a NewutchcnenU'unQarauhkut , matta 
2:5. ivetomunooog ut nuhiiogkat 5 qiit kcow,?to- 
iiiukurr:V>?oo nunualhavionk.hummahche wuf- 
iittum, onatuh vvcton.uncgj pcipaumenohne 

4. Ut (Dwei'jonganit Nullordii.-n Jefusi 
Chrift;, moappeog, kah nunnaiiiaaonk naihpe 
ummenuhkeluonkKuilordumun lelusChrift| 
h iTim 5 b Pononat noh ne< ut Satan , onk 
i:2u. woh paguinu OL>wcyaus, onk woh kereiihog- 
kt-u wadchanau, ut ukkel'tikodtUHiut Lord 

6 Kummllkauaonganoo matta wunnegen- 
c Gal. ninnooj c Tunnummatta kpowahtesuomwoO:, 
5; 5, . chgvvhfe fcogonkwutchiileaa wcBicne an- 

oohkuk > 

7 Ntwutche }iQ^kham.mooH nukonrte fcog 
onk wob ken.iau wufkcu ncanoDhkuk^neyane 
Jcena^u feannunnfi^gk, licwiitche diri'tnup- 
p.umukonteaong aaua kuirepliAufuwan ih- 

8 Ncwutche- m!iUhc,diupvvutteuh;,n!.iita 
n:ihpen«kkoneiccg; aiuh matu n;;Uipc U- 
anc iiVkauanittti^fiK. 3 luh rfiatci.etov^oi i: 3 
qut mUipe n.aua Icc'ijc upptiLkruiii.unii 
pahkecci-Lahhuvxaonkj i%ah v. Lrinon-V/c^tviL nk 

9 Kcolukkuhi.umaucuun/v cu vvui.Uf.\;i.crik 
matta vvcicnionat n^nwunv^adlqu. 
10 Qut matta nagwi^tttatu nuLkonn.un- 
at nanwuBiia drquauackcg yeumuttaohkel, 
aiuh iahchcwcntogig , aiuti mogkoukinnu^- 
chug, afuh wauirumonchegnunneukontunk- 
uh .■ newutche neit nrios iiuiiohhamumwaj 
wutch muttaohket. 

1 f Qut eyeu kcDfukktthhumauonumtvQO , 
ahquc vvctoincok, howan ulTowelk vvematin , 
qut nanwunwudtCquauacnjafub iihchewon- .. 
tamwenjafuh wauiiumont nunneukoiitunkob, 
afuh.kchkomuwaen 3 afuhi-iogkeuiiippamvjD- . 
wacHj ai uh mukkcpkinnuwaenih^noh ne anS- ^ 
yitjiihque wehpumuk. 

12 Ncwutche tohwutch woh wufTHmog 
fieg vvonk poquodchik apitcheg? luanam- 
matta UoDiumomwou ncg anomuk> 

15 Qut nag poquadchit apitcheg Qad ; 
ourumuh ; nev/utche pcgkcncuk wutch ke- 
nugke kenaau nob matchefeacn. . 

HOvpahe kenaau penu-nitteog , Panjsoh 
kuppe:ukoniLtimw(X> anaquabhettic 
mac iampv/eiej^ig kah nuttaanaqualniett'^t - 
wanetupanatogii' ? 

2 Sun matta koowahteomoo > wanetupa- 
natogig piih \vu.littUfii\v^_^uttaok ? ksh 
muttadkpilh wuiltttumuk* nafhpe kenaau , 
fuB mat kuttapenumoomwaj wuilitturBunaC 

5 Sunnura mat koowabteauomwo) pl/li . 
koofumoneau .Angelfog ? utt®h unnc mou- 
cheke niih wodtamaugifh yeu pomantam(3D- 
onganit ? 

4 Neit ahtauog woh nid^ waffittumugifli, 
nifriwodtamaugiih yea pomaiitamooonganit> 
nag ponoDk wuiiittumunat, neg peanumuk- 
qulfitcheg ut moeu^vekomonganit. 

5 KuttianonnumwoD kucakodcheonga- 
noo, tohen, moh mat wasntamvrenuunnoo 
kenugke kenaau ? m.atta pafuknob woh wa- 
{i 1 1 n k na fl^. a u we u i w em a r u t: > 

6 i^ut oowemattin petukoiiout wematoh 
&:.n^anaquftbbcttit matta wiinamptr:majgig» 

7 Ncwutche yauyeu vvunnamuhk'jt ntut- 
uhfudonk kenugke kenaau, newutclie kuppe- 

'tukonittumr/a), tohwutch anc mo mukkuj- 
namoogj tohwutch ane m<5 mukkvjonamot-g^ 
kutailajkekonitteancai^ ? 

8 Matchaog, kummatchenehtwcvrawoD ^ 
kutavQDkekodicamumwoo, kah nt kemattoj- 

9 Sunnummat^a koowahteauoravvcojrrat- 
ta rampwelVg'g, mst nilh ahtauaogukkeh- 
tihf Jii()OtanifionkGod > ahque ai.jokcfe*d~ 
tc.5f;^k^ lunwuiiwgdrqu^u'AckVg^ aiaii w.^ui^- 

{jcj!icll::j"'\vu;ih;)g^a6iih , a'Ui.i uilh^iivioa- 
ch:J, vvuiiiinijkaouii nilhpc •vvo,k'.no.Uj)U:-i. 

w c)ii no J, i 3 , a i u h ko gkc i ; It pa ;n .v a i.m uog , at u li 
KehkJiV.uw-itnujg 3" aihi n[Ui!\K'Ukimiww.\- 
cfivj )g marti pilh ohtauouo^ wutall'ouia no- 

OJlKOOvi. .. 

1 1 Uah iKiwIiutclie ncyanutcheg kenaau, 
qut kiikkatiumitteamwa>5 qut kcDticetup- 
anicanvvvihctteamwoj , que kuiramweos- 
ouanu^nltteamwoo, ut oDweiuoriganit Lord 
Jcfui 5 kah nalhpe wuanaihauaaitcGOitiOii 

God* n. , /U 

12 Wamc tcantcagualhin.ilh wunncgenaih 
ut nwhhogkat, qut wame tcaiitcagualhinj.lh 
matw taj>eneU!ikquodLinncoafli : wame te- 
aiiteagu.uhiniih wumicgcnalh ut uuhhogkatj 
qut maccanupponitteon agwe ummcnuhke- 
fjongaaic ne te:iguas. , ^ , u 

13 Mctluongaihwutchmcnogkudlt, Kah 
wenogkur wutche meiluongaiib qut God 
upp.^ganuh na neefwe, kah rauhhog ne matta 
wutche nanwunwjydfquauonk;, qut wutchs 

- loFd, kah Lord wutche muhhog. 

14 Kah God mahdnc omohkitiop Lordoh, 
kah wonk pith katomohkinukqiin nalhpc 
nthcnwonC'hc ummenuhkefuonk. 

15 Sua matta kouwahtcomwoo kuhhog- 
ka6og lie upponip«kchaijeum Chrift, neit 

. fun woh nuanemunutn uppompuhdlaiycum- 
?.ih Ci'.rift, kah ayimunat uppompahchai- 
ycu.njih naiivvunwaodrquaaulaen > ndwuf- 

16 I oh un neri/unmktkoowaliteoumwa), 
fioh mSfogquit nanwunwoodrquauoru^nuh, 
iioh pafuk wubhogkuh ? ne vutchc nefuog 
Ciioh niDWaa") pia^ pzfukcD v^eyaufuoo. 

17 Qut noh mohfogquehiauont Lord, ne 

18 Panne ufiTuhafh wutch ntnwunwood- 
fquauonk, nlih noh matchefeonk ne afit 
wolkctomp, ne woikeche muhhogkat, qut 
noh a (it wanwwavy..udrquauonk:, rnatchene- 
heau nehenwanBic wuhhog. 

19 Toh an neu, fun mat koowahteaum- 
WjOj kuhhog wuctcmpleum wuanetupaiu- 
taoiwe, nafha-janiuoh, noh wetorfiukqucog, 
ne attumunuiiwoo wutch Godut, kah matta 
ken .1 as nehenwonche. 

20 Newutch- kummanouwhutteamwop 
wutche ne a-n&adcik , newutche fohfum- 
tnxmnaokOod ut kahhogka6ut, kah ut ke- 
niihauongaamt, neg w. dchaiitchegGod. 

YEayeu p pitu:-ne mih wafahkuhfeum- 
imukupafh , iie \yaane5rn wolkctoiTip 
macta muTannounat miti:aniwo,liiroh. 

2 Qut wattammehteauunit n?.nwunwudt- 
fqaau'vvonk, nilh noh woiUetomp nehenWDU- 
che u nmictu iiwa utch , kah nilh noh mit- 
^aiawoiis nihenwoncU: fflweTukiitch. 

7 vVciTukiirt anhinamiuonch uorr.Utam- 
' wuVui piaiilukch wo;nonitiuonkika.i ncyane 
Nvoak mittamwuiliaui cu vvfilukit. 

4 lUiiiiittaaiwuiUa niiua ahcuou mcnuh. 
kcru'iuk ui nthetiwonchy wuhhcsfcat, qui 
(ijvvetriAkiin,, Uah ncyanewonkj (pweilukuu 
i-nVtta ahtouu menuukcfuonkut nchcnsiroa- 

cli • vvu'iiiUgkatj qut u.nmitcamwaiiia. 

5 Ahque cheketoattegk, que weechittuh- 
teadteog, ahguhiell' , onk woh kenanafh- 
wcnio mac mectfcinat, kah penntamunito kali 
wonkpeyaonittegk, onk woh mDmattanniC 
kukqiuciihikvJD nalhpe^'anne kechithaun. 

6 out yeu nuilm nalhpe kommugkoDna- 
unnunaoofltjqut matta nalhpe naumatuonk. 

7 Newiitchc napelmont wame woike- 

tompaogunnihhettitneyaniye, qut nilh noh 

wollietomp ahtou ne^ienwonch^ u,nmagoo- 

onk God, ptiuk yeu wuttiuaiin^ onkatog-tic 

I wuttinniin. 

) 8 Newutche nuttiti matta wetauadtcafj- 
: igj kah fekoufquaog, Re wuniiegen wutche 
■ nagumau, unnaihheait neyaniye. 
\ 9 Qut matta keh^bitaahettegkjWetauad- 
I tcahettich, newutche an wunnegik wetaa- 
I akononknechtkohUmuk. 

10 Kah neg wetauadceacheg, naumatuwae' 

\ nuttinnoneau, kah matta nen ^ut God, urn- 

I Hiittarawulfiii amaeitauakitch welfuke. 

li Qut amait, wetaaadteakitch, aun 

wonk wu'iohkoaanch weflbkch, kah weU 

Tuiiim pogkemihkkch urnmittamwu'Xoh. 

12 Qut onkatogig nen nadlmjmatta Lor^i 
howae vvcmaiin ummittamv/uiroh matta 
wunnamptamuneg , k\h wekontog ODwe» 
tomdnat, ahque pojkenonch. 

1 3 Kuh mittamwoilis welTuke matta wuii- 
namptamuneg, kah wekontog cah oowe- 
tomonat, ahque nukonotich. 

14 Newutch matta wanaraptamoog wei- 
Tukiiti wunnctupanasamwaheau naihpe um- 
raittamwuiToh;, kah matta wanamptamODg 
ummittamwalTm wunnetHpanatamv^aheau 
nalhpe weifukch, matnc nanoog, iiummak-' 
kiyeumooog nUhkeneunkquffiiog, qus yeuyeii 

1 5 Qut noh pannoowohtog amayit^ amay- 
it8i, (Dwcnatln afuh weetomparaia matta 
a? we appeog ketiepi.Iinneatjnifh ne Snagiiii? 
qut God kcJOwehkomukqiKi ut wumiohtea- 


i^ Newutche toh kittm noowahteob} vroi 
mittam wo'fis ,qiit woh k-oo wad chan kafefuk > 
aiuh toh kitcin RODWahteoh woi wofketompj, 
qut woh koowadchan kuaimittamwus? 

17 Qutneyane GodSiachaubeiumaiiOBt 
nilh noli woiketompuh, neyane Lord weh- 
komont niHi noh pafukci>h5 ne pomuihaj, ne 
nuttin kuhquttumun wamemoyeuWs;hkom-. 
ongafli. . ^ f r X 

18 Howin wehkomut, quSinqulauht ? 
ahxjue apit^h m5 qnolUqufautemat, howaa 

/ Kk 2 wchkoiRit 


sMuOihr 'JiL;i;iiich. 

. " } 9 Q.'--olhcuraurj!:cnk matreagwunnimoj 
!wh mo, qi.tri:cuikuieofik mattcagwunninr.o^ 
qui. uiieiict wr.tiinnaunialuonk \^<^A. 

'2o N ilh iK> h t:oui;,n apiich r.eyin^hhourfep 
vjr-oh adt wehkcr/iiutis. 

2 1 WehkoiTiit vvuttinneuniuk ? ahque 
^-oi;hci3iupontc.ib; qutwoh chippinnuwean;. 
an nercunulh. 

22_Ne\vutch.nch Wthkomut en Lordut, 

v;iirtinneun-iirauk 5 noh Lord wutchippin- 

• riinneumob, ne3ane wonk noh vvehkomic, 

chapeniFinumit, ncji Chriit vvuttinneumoh. 
.; 2_5 Kutapwhuttecmwop vvutch neano- 
-idtik ahque Kenacu wuttinneumhettich 

24 Neematag';, nifli noh wolketomp uttoh 
«dt wthkoniit;, naui vvetorrjonch.Gocluh. 

25 Ycuyeu pspaunie penonipaog , matta 
ca^tinnaurnatuonganu wiitch Lordut, qut ne tapencam, cnatuh noh 
aaunrantik mouaneteaonk vvutch Godutj 

26 Newucclie nuttcnantam yeu wunnegen, 
c r.ewutcheyeuyeuquequenauanumooonkj ne 
wunnegen unnaiinneat. - 
_ 27 Kenepfinnc^t wctauakonat, ahque na- 
t'mnehafli kiitoropdnatj ompe'an wutch rait- 
lamwcffiiiinneatj^ ahque nalinnehalli ummil;^- 

28 Qut wetauadteaau n:atta kummat- 
chefeup, kah penomp wetawadteadt, matt^ 
fiiatchefu: qut pifh njeg wuttama natamwog 
lit weyaufutj qut kummukcwnanumwou. 

29 Que yeu nuflm nematog, uttguchcycuoo 
tiohquij yeuyeu n nih;, neg \v6mittumwoaif- 
fitcheg onatuh pifli mat worn it tarn woflif- 
femuk. ; 

30 Kah neg miugeg onatuh mat mau- 
oamnk : kah neg mafkouanatogig onatuh 
mat markonanatamoomuk, kah neg adtoad- 
cheg onatuh matteag ahtouhetteg, 

31 Kah ne^ auwohteacheg yeu muttaok, 
onatuh mat matauwohtcomuk : newutche 
neaunag ycu nnutaok matteagwunfiinno. 

32 Qut kukkodtphtunmuuF-woo wanne. 
wuttamanatamtDunat : noh matta wetau- 
"wateog, wuttooantam. niih vvadtornaogiih 
Lord 5 kah uttohvvoh an wull^kkittcaheunt 

53 Qut noh wetauadtecidt,wuttoDan tarn 
Mifliohyeu rauttaohket, uttohwohan wur- 
likkitteaheunt ummittamwudbh. 

34. Ne penev/omai nafnawe ummittam- 
wullin kah pcuamp , matta wetauadtcadt 
JTaiuamwoflls wutt^joantam nilh wadtoma- , 
'dvMh Lordut, onk woh wuniietupanra-n na 
nefwemuhhog kahnnfiwuonk: qiu noh we- 
eauwndteadt, v/,attooantam niili v^uut mut- 
taohkct ; uctoh wdh aa wu,TikkiUeaiicunt 

IXormtbians. fjknn^ksf^tftr:h 


55, ^-vah yeu nuilln wutch nebe^jw-ncl"^- 
Ka.i-]>cuorgana-, matta v;<^hobvpcU k-,u 
unohkouunm^QUt y out ncvvutche wu' n- 
icULk, onk woh kenaau vvuttinnnmeun'oh 
Lora, netoh utwutt;i!T.anata.Tocnk. 

J6 Out howan unn:uitcg raa;ta wunne- 
nehcunk uppenompomoh painui! konirn^-t 
vvunnunklquauQnk, quenauvvehikquic , ui-' 
fitch uttch kod uiieit, maita matchtiu we. 
tauaaicahettich. ' 

Z7 Qut noh manuhtikkompauut ut wut- 
tahuh matta quenauvvthikkouk, qut anuQ 
menuhkefut^m wuttenanatamoLonk/kah uk- 

kdontaminm wuttahhob.wunnanaeihtaiinat 
uppcnonapoooonk^ vvunneiu. 

38 Nemehkiih neit, noh wetaUwadi-e-'Fe- 
unt vvunnefu, qut noh matta vvetauvv.dtea- 
heunk^ anue wunnefu. 

39 Ummittamwudin kencpiOli mBvs 
naumatucnk n^eahkepomantSminit "wci! 
iuKch: qut uefluke Eupinit.chippappu oowe. 
tau^nona t uttiyeu anantogeh, qut weba u t 

40 Qut noh anue wunniyeu n nihit neyane 
tapeneam : kah wonk nuttenantam nutapeh- 
tunkwunafhauanittamoh God. 
V/ Euyeu pi^paume nifh fepFamauntche 
4. niinnetikontunkancg , 
ncnawun vvame nutahtomun wahte.unrk- 
wahteaoonk pa;kl uwabuau, -qut woamonit- 
tuouk koc-we kykkonukqun. 

2 Kah howan unnantog noDWahteoh n^ 
teagiias; afquan tesg wahteocu ne won wah- ^ 

3 Qu^how5nwomonontGoduh,noh\vah-' 
heaunaftpenagum. ' ' ' 

4 Newutche papaunr.emeciiinat yeufli fe- 
pham.uutche nunneukcntunkancp, nawah- 
teomun nunneukontunk wanne ttz9xx) yeu 
muttaohket, kah,matia onkatuk manit web§ 

5 Tohkoncgque n^g ahennutche^ manir- 
too^, afuh kei'ukquc, afuh ohkeit (.newutche 
nianittocjGg monaog, kah fontimoog mona- 

^\Qut kenawunj pafuk nont God, wnt* 
cjomij-n^u^ wutch nagu;n wame teantea'-'-u- 
albijiilh ne ohteau , kah pafuk Lord JeTus 
Chrii}, t2 ndhpe nagum wame teanreaguadi- ^vt^^ 
inimneohteau.kahnenawun naihpe naguni. jr .?* 

7 O^ut, riih noh woiketomp, ne wahreo- ^''* tta wucahtaoun : newutche nawhut- 
cnewHttahha oh qutt!:inum:nit nunneukon- 
tunkuh.ycu .pr, jeh hour, UT.mecliineiiu, on*a- * ' 
tub teag Icphaa^auuf nun.neukjMt-ink, S: um- 
nietabhafWMtta^;r,iXo.h no^chumweliuit niiK- 

8 Qutmctfuonk m.Uta SvTjiihkitteahuk- 
oowanfhik.TOunan. Godut , newutcL^e aiuh 
rnetfcog, matta majcheke, aiuh matra mec- 
Icog. fiiatta ongifhiiiminii-% 

9 Qut 



9 Qjit ahqucteoa)k utt6h ahhiinnukkuk- 
quni'ttcocg/ilhkoiit yeu kuttapcntauiiujuonk 

. wuilGi^kiuiif talTumukqunncau ycug noD- 

10 Newutci.e howan nogqueanjkenahtoan 
wahtcauonk, appcan metfinneat ut nunncu- 
kDiuunkane tempkut : iuiinummatta piili 
iimmctahliannittoonioh noh iicuchumwclit, 
mcnehkhcQU rr.eechinat, yeulh lephamauut- 
cij('h nuriBcukontunkancg? 

Kah nalhpe kouwahteauonk noDchum- 
wcllie kemat pilh awakompanau , ne noli 
Cbrill: napooworiompoh ? 

1 i Qut ne ne matchenebeog kemattoooog, 
](ah lioochumwehteauog noocliumwe uma^.e- 
tahhannittocmoDoh, diUmmatcheneheomwGD 

13 Ncwutchenummetfuonk matcheDhe- 
ont ncmatohj matta r.ummeeci.O) weyaus 
tohfahke ohkeouk: iibkont nummatchdeah 


Sllnnum matta nen Apoitle ? funnum 
matta nutchippinninnucD ? lun_ maita 
luucmus Jefus Chrilt nullordumun? iunnum 
mstta kena:.u nutanakaufuonk ut Lordut i- 

2 Matta Apoftleuweon en onkatoganeg, 
qttg-.wunnamuhkut nt kuhhogkacut : ne- 
wutche kenaau menuhketeac kuhkinneaiu- 
onk iK^opolHeuunncatut Lordur. 

3 Nunnanipa4iamfJOwaonk ncg natoc^to- 
maiisichegyeu : 

4 Sunnummatta riUmmenuhKeiumun met- 
(:n.u kah wuttattau-iunat? 

5 Sunnummatta numraenuhkelamun we- 
chauonct wetompafuin unnnaittamwufiin , 
raeyane onkatoi^anigApoftk-rog.kcih naeyane 
wcmatuh nuUordumun, kah Cephas ? 

6 Afuhneenwebe kah Barnabas Iunnum- 
matta nnmmenuhkemn^un ahquanakaufinat ? 

7 KowaMaontaveuwuttmneatjmat wut- 
onkquatunkantg >^howanahktteadt wenom- 
im-jhteuk, kanmo mecchu nc medium na 
ha tannegik > afuh howan aiiamoat nokion, 
kah matmcechoDgrogkodturvkne nob oh- 

la^ ? ,. > 

8 Yeulh nuflTnaQ-i neyane wolketompaut t 
^fuh iunnummatta naumatuonk wonic ne 
vvulTcin > ^ . ^^ 

9 Nev/utchewafHiknvhGru wuttainauma- 
^Deut. riion-snk Mofes, a kupputtc3onapunohkon 
25.4. ox t~:-.\rir.kukog vi^eatchiminneafi. : lunuoa 

nanauanurnoh oxenoh ? • 

10 Afuh funnumniatta wurfem webe ne- 
wutchekenawun ? rewutchekenawuii wun- 
narr.uhkut yeu \vuTukwh5ru: noh anauiah 

fjanorct k^hk^etomwchtc^M 

iiog onk 

Lit yeu 

malkhom anw6u;iinneat : 

I? Rom. 

noh po^hcgutanwoufmneat, woh nemunun 

'neann65i\r. ; j i,--^ 

; II /^Orketeacgutkubhof'kcUtw^dcnJig- 
ilk naihauanitta'ut , fan mkri, 
kx wcyaufe c tr..nteaquauniili I 


12 Onk^togig nemunniimohettit yeu 
uhkduonk kenugkc kenoaujiunnumu-alta r.e- 
navvun mfucbckc.^ qut mat nutauvvobicanaii 
yeu menuhktliK'nk^ qut nutcl!e(}Ui-.eluam- 
umun wame, ilnkout ncuramchleomun cxi- 
na u n cb e m (.l 1<. ;.c n k C li r i :1. 

13 c Sunnuiimacta koowabteau-xmwaj, c Deist, 
neg nanawunukeg rcphauluwae tcantea- 18.1. 
qua/Iiinalh , mcectiucg nifb wadtairaug'ih 
temple > Rah n&g pahtiuikeg ut Altar ut wut- 
chippuog Altarut. 

14 Ixcyane kuhquttuk Lord, nag kohkco- 
tomwchte;ichcg wunaunchemcDukaonk^ wob 
wuttompafuog vvunaunchemoukaonk. 

15 Q^it matta nen nutauwohteaunafl-i 
yeuih; aiuh matta nutLinrukham(juun yculh, 
woh nuttinhetteonat , newutcl><c^ ne^onne 
wunncgen ut nubhogkatj nunnuppunnatjonk 
milkanehteunk noowawenomitteaonk. 

16 Ncwutciie tohkonnogque nukka^- 
kootoniuhkon vvunaunchemookaonk, wanne 
teag nutahto mjache waenomitteanat ; ne^ 
w'utche moochckc uiieonk nupponimiout, 
nux milli nutoukapunaonk .matta kubkoo^ 
tomwehteaon wunaunchemQukaonk. 

17 Newutche yeu wekontamAve uHeon, 
noorunkquatunken: qutmatta wekontaraoue, 
aninnohfuenuin nuppaubuhtanumit. 

18 Neit teaguas nutunkquatunk, wuru 
namuhkut V.uhkODtomwehtelan . wunnaun- 
chemaikaonk, woh mitayim ounaunchemoo- 
kaonk Chrifi mo tohunn0adtinna;udty. onk 
woh mat nummatchteaoh numnaenubkefa- 
onkut wunaunchemoukaongank. 

19 Newutche tohkonogquemitchippinm- 
nuin wutch wamewofketompaut, ohch nut- 
.ayeu nuhhog a>tinninneumuiineaoont wamej, 
onk woh Kutaneuhomont moaaog, 

,. 20 I£ah ut Jev^fut. nutogqunHeunkqus 
Jewfut 5 cuk woh nutaneuhumont Jewfog : 
en nagagwe naumatuongasit, oaatuh nen 
a<^wenaumatuonganicj onk woh nag nutane- 
uhbumontte^nunK agwe nauuiatuonganit. 

21 En nag matta wadtinnaumatiiongsneg- 
ig,neyanenennrat[a wadtinnaumaiuonganea . 
(matta mo mat nojtinnomatuonganeu en 
Godut, qut agwenaumatuonganii utChTiii 
ut) onk woh" nag nutanenhb^-nonttauunkj) 
mat wadtinnaumattuonga>negig. 

22 NouHTimWefitcheg neyane jie nuttin- 
noochumweiiujonk woh ijufiohkau noochum- 
wcfitcheg 3 nutayim v/ame teanteaguai.inii'h 
en wame wofketcmp^ut, & won noowadcha- 
noiuu nawutcte, nailipe ne ahhunnukkuis- 

:;^3 Kah .yeij riitufTeo newutche wunaurj- 
ciiemcLkSonkjonk won nunnoDtahtch vvti^be 
kenaau, . 

.24 Sun matta kcD\va!:teoTiWoo , m% 
quagcuecheg wutch ahtdadtjcnk ? wame 
■qupgquecg. qut pafuk attumunum ne ano- 
! adtik > ne ngmshihunk onk woh kuttumhpa- . 


XiuhyraUtu$ b.tptix..tonk, LCorincbia&s* . /^-'^/w^^/^^^^^^^^^^^ V9tittnhUmHi Cod 


h Num. 


•A' 37 

2) KiH nllii noil wo;ketomr> ummsnuh- 
lieaac wucch ib.i.iqhujaai:, ioa^aa.r^pj uc 

au cunnulMJUuiiat aiiiccuc cneturi'^.iab; 
qatneiiawun mac aiiicawti. 

26 Newuc:h; Usjn ne nuttiaaequogqueti 
matu chadch :paiica noojaat: kih ne.inac- 
timi;? ayeahko:!, matca neyAHc noh cohco^- 
k^dtog ma.nih'diekefuk. : 

^27 cuit 1100 Wad ;li ill nuhhog uc agwe, kah 
DOUvtt^iBvfahcia : imiionc to.i kcii henk.iih- 


W" Oskn^.-nacQgjrnai nactcnltamoo wch 
kucailboicinacaaat, watne tolhia- 
nonogagwi matokqlat , kah wame pannup- 
-wuiluo? kehtahhaanit. 

•2 Kcih waQuKaccheifumoanncgut Mofes 
ut^ matokqiuc, kah ut kedtahhanner. 

9 Kahwame mechippamieg ne ncmpcu 
n^ii^iauanittoe meeckum. 
. 4 Kah, wuctattamuppanneg ne nompe na^ 
Ciauaniitoe wuttattam'oonkyiewutche wnt- 
tatcaaiuppanneg nalhiiianictoe qalTuk~ne a- 
iuhkuakqhetcit;, ;kahne qm}iik,mo Cirifl. 

5 C5UC monaohGod matca wuiTikklttei- 
fcikoj : QewutciienagpagUdnoogHL touou- 

6 Yeuyeu ycuflj kukkuhklane^facn^anin- 
oaih oak vvohmat kacahchew'ontama&-rnun 
ni.m.rahchukii^5 neyane nag ahchevvc-ntaTi- 

'7 Afuh a'jque wa«{!umook nunneukor- 
tunk?.nog: nc^anenawhui-chenagoh, neyaiv- 
fukwhcsiik;, ^ miiti'nnuog au:Bniart3ppucg 
metiinaeat kah wattattauiBnat^ kah nepo- 

8 Aluh ahque nanwunwiDdtfqanttuh , ' 
nfyanenryniuchenagiiirehctritjkih h kep- 
fl^cg piluk kefuk neef'iectiagu muttannoiig- 
anog kuruiog nabo ni/h. 

9 Aiuh anqiie qutcheuntuh Chriil, ne- 
yane n-wutcJj? riak qutrhtheahettlt , kaa 
c pagaanoog nafhpe a-kookquog. 

10 Afahahqae moahm;Bi"k'nDagk, neyane 
ravvhutche n^g «onk ma^majriooihettecp 

' kah d p:gu?noog na[hpc paguahteae'nin. 
I r Kah svame veufh n nihyeuaTn ut nigoh 
wutfn kuhkinncfiiongani, kah niih wafTuk- 
wh6ra3iii wntch nukkogahkur.mitteioriL^a- 
n>'n , en kenaun wohkukquafnik muttaok 

12 N>-.7utrhe noh unnantog nunncpoh^ 
cunimkquritch ifi^kont kepfiiau. 

19 Wanne qiitSiehuwaonk kutohqojtuk- 
flomwoo 5 out m^ nr.gwutteaycuoogilh ut 
w Jlketompautj qut God farrpwanumukquf- 
lu.noh matta aninumukoDo,^ qutchehhun- 
Mnkqutch anuc onk ne tapenunaog, qut pi/h 
weche qiitchhuwaonk ayimoomcu kuppoh- 

.-•'^Qbim.cuarvayoat i e^l^woh kuttapenniU' 

una^au tohihinnumuaat. 

14 Nc\»iicchea!3cii^\¥amonogjg ar»ieih- 
ta ujjk waudanaonat nunneukout^iik, 

15 iNaiii;n onatali «vaim'.unv¥fcnuuc : wuf- 
iitcu:nuuK uctoh aiioov/ai, 

i() VVaii:i3nca:inuuvvae wuttattamaitch 3 
fannaiij inaLCa yea mojjhkoma^nk oulqic- 
OiijtXnriit ? pe.ukqutinunk ne i'a)hqunnura- 
og, fuaiiumniittta, nioojhkomaonk wutihog 
Cfiri.t ? 

17 Nevvatchikcnawuakumonamun, onk 
paiu-ipv^Lukqunnuak, kse'a paiuk munfaog^ 
ncwutche kenaau wame kuaimoojbkufnua- 
ncau ne paiuk petukqunnunk. 

iS NoK;, liVael weyauleyeuGOOg, funnuai- 
raatta n^g me^'hikeg iephautuongalh mjooh- 
komouDgut Altar i 

19 Neit toh nudiiTi? nanneukontunk nc 
teag.jjoo ? afah ne iepharaouut nanneuKoa- 
tuiikanog ne teagoxx) i 

2 3 Qut nilh Gent-lfog e fephaulhettiSi- f Deut. 
thy nag i'epbamauaog nzattannittooh 5 h,ih 32. 17, 
matta G^dufi , kah matLa nuiteBautamoo Pfal. 
kuriii-nocDhkouwonaoont mattaaiiittouog. 106.37, 

21 Matiawon kcDcatiam^wnuvtD ootac- 
tamwaicdi Lordj ikah uD^atcanriwaecclm 
mattanniccoocg: matLa wohkurarnojohkora- 
oonjivOD •vVucu.cleurnLcrdj ksh wuttabie- 
umoo raittannictocGg, 

22 San kuriiina;dic'tean:ioheoon Lord; fua 
kutanaemecahkeUuTiCOun ? 

2.3 Wame tej;j]Le.;gaf.irJnini naumatu- 
waeyeaoiatb ut uuhnogkat, qwt aiatta tape- 
neukquotdanooaiiij v-arre teanteaguann'th 
HnnauT'StuwseycuQbalh , qut wame matta 

24 Ahqiie he wan natinnehaj'nehenwonchc 
wutf aihe^ qut nilh noh, oskatak-\voh wutah- 

25 Niiii noh te?g magun adt kodtsu- 
wo.Tpafimuk, meerick; matta" natCDtDmuh- 

26 Newurchc /ohke wuitaiheLcrd; kah ^^ 
wane ne adtahfheT.echumik. ■ J ^^"^' 

.27-Howanegnag rrattawanamptamocgisr, l^' ^^* 
wehkomuk en milhadtupwunncat, kah kod- ^^^•'4' 
mon6heog, tohnetcag ponumuk anaquabeog, ^* 
raetchook niatta natxtomuhteaonganinnou- 
urch wutche mctahhannit. 

28 Qut howannukqeeog, yen fepbamau- 
onah nunneukontunkinog.ahauf meechook, 
newutche veuoh anukqucog, r.ah newutche 
rretahhnnnit. ,^ Muttaok wuttaihcLord^kah p. j, 
wame neartahfhimmechumcgk. jc 1 ^ 

29 MctahhannitnuJim, mittanehcnwon- ^r\ .'^* 
che, qut onkstog : newutchc tob.vutch j^^" '^' 
nuttspeneaunojonk wullitUvTuk «ailipe 
onkatuk ummerahhannicroDmoh? 

':>,o Ncwut'-h? nen weeche n^ono'-komon 
n3fhpewmnetupjn-!tarrooonk,tohwutrh ne^i 
nntchca.%nuk wucch nc wa)eh taubut- 
taiita^i } 

Moifi^mcck^ ^fimuhqtionfifh Cl^p^^i 

$:iitmfl:^.dtt^\cca\ Ch'ift' 

51 NevMitchcafuh metfr/.g nfuh wuttat- 
tarr 6?5 filiih uttoh ai'coCj uilck w.'!r.c en vui- 

:;2 /.hque'TUttp.n^.hiisijkjrrattaut Jcwfut, 
iiuli irstia ut Gcmiltut; aiuh watu rcct- 
\Nti kcinoi ganit God. 

35 Ney«iie vviUi.kkitteshccg wamtutwa- 
irc tejiitea^ualinit^ matta naiiiincb?.raouunat 
t]ehein\ciKi enojniyeuwonk, qut a^neiyeu- 
cnganou monicheg; onk wob nag, wadchano- 

C H A P. XI. 

ASukiek, neyane nen wonk afuhkaiiog 
Chrift. j 

z i'euycu nemator kuttapencauunumwoo, 
ncwutcljc Lummchquknvimimvroo nilh nch 
ut 3 kih i.uLniwor.teari.v\a> wame anin- 
nuiEoadtucrgafl^ yeilh i^uhkootomaunog- j 
iih. ^ • 

3 Qut kiittinaniimunumwoD wMitcara^kj 
vamc vvciketompaeg uppubkukoDoh Ghriit- ' 
oil 3 Jwli nr.iitatv;uuiiilicg iippul»kiikcof.h 
wcikttorrpuh , kah Cbr.ft uppuhKukoj 

4 Nifh noh v/cfketon p paantcgHh sfuh 
• v-^dtt gkoLt (JLkiILup- 
f uhiojk, m-fl;: nantam uppuiikuk. 

5 Q^bt mih noh rFitc^mwoilis pa?.ntcg'{li 
aluh takoutcmuhteadchthjUppiihKuk rr.atta 
puttagTorr.CL'gjti^.ilhon^ntam uppuhkukj ne- 

6 Ncvv'iitchc mutamwoiiis ir.atta puttc'g- ! 
Wcnk wuhhc^kuh wehwepufklnj : qut roic- \ 
ttmwofits akcdchik vvchwej uSKhcnniin aluli 
diequcdtueohwhut puttagwhonch wuhhog- 

7 Ne\vutc>!e wclketcmp ahque puttsg- 
vvudch uppuhkuk, newutchc yeuoh wutcg- 
qncneunkqiiliuonk kah v.udohiuiroonkGod; 
qut mittaniwoilis v^uirohfurnoork wolke- 

8 NtwctCiie t^cilietomp rratta wutch^- 
hfau. mittamvvmiiilit^qutrriittannvuiiis wut- 
cl^cheau woiketcn-paut. 

9 Kah wonk vvclkttoirp rratta wutch kez- 
beru rritt^mwiiiiirut, qut mitiamwiiilis 
wutch l'te2hesu worketGnipuh. 

10 N-ewutcl.e ^oh mittarrwudis puttag- 
tum uppubkuk nevvutche Angelfog. 

11 Qut woiltetorrp trjSrta woh wollie- 
t':'mp6oU5 matta niittarrwofl!hn(yjg,ksb mit- 
t ' rr vvc fii s m2 1 1 a wo h ra i 1 1 a m wc ili ifu, n^i 1 1 a 
wcl'kctcmpsnFOck ut Lordut. 

12 Ncvvutche neyane rritt^nsv/ofUs viit- 
diehciu vvofKeioEspjuitj netatup wofi^ctcrr.p 
wutci^ehe^u rriittaiT'.wofliiTut ^ qut wame 

15 Wuffurrak i likhoglOocg, fun ^vun- 
Tiecen rrittsmuolOs pcantam^uciit Godnh 

14. }• uu n a m rr a 1 1 a k li hk a ton urJ: on wc f- 
Veton-p.iin.wtfx'.ctcivp qunuh^acT^Tnt ne wijt- 

15 Cut'mittarnwollis qur.uhqucant , ne 
wuliohiumoorK, ntv.uKl.e up pulkuK iniii- 
numauonan ivnicli woh upp uttaii,<x!;uniUii- 

16 Quthowan ay^naadt, mttta nutaul-, al'uh umnhjyeLwcKcmorg.ihGod. 

17 Qut nc wahtc^iuwahenog inaiia. Kui- 
wav^ccnomunrjomvcij mceog HiUitu v»uulj 
wanegikj qutncrcadiuk. 

lb Ncv^utchene^oiir.ej mceupeyiogrnO' 
yeuv^chkoniongsnitj nunna^tum penuuhit- 
lucngiilh i^cnugke i.ena^Uj Kah nohnooava 

19 Ncv\utchcn'.ouche rros panneyeuorg- 
afli i^enugkc Ucnaiu, ntg pannuppe w^^'ii- 
nekitcl (g woh wahteau\sauuv/ouuhX /l.c- 
nugke kcnaau. 

■zo Ncvvuichemccupeyoog utpafukquin- 
nu iiyeuorganitj rnatu yeu meccijinat milh- 
adtupcLGiiik Cur:£l. 

20 Ncwutchc inecch6g5n]lh noh pafuk ce- 
rr^ununi ncgcnac ncbenwonche raetluoiik, 
kah pafiik kodiuppoD, kah onkatuk keg- 

22 •ichhcn.mattakoewckQOOQnivvoDahhut 
iT.eetfirBuk krhwuttattamukj atuh fun kum- 
maianumumvvix> ■ummoyeu\vehk&munk God, 
Kah Lutakcdchchhcornwuu ivi^ttaahtcogig t 
tub woh kuttJinHnnomv.00 / yeu vvoti 
kocch Wi:eeiiominunnta.u ? matta te'Wa- 

2'>, NewutcLc nutattuiruncrrp Lord ne 
kol.kaitcmai-unog 5 1-crd jeius re nohkog 
w.Uiaira:mit5ncmunum petukqunnunk. 
24Kahtfma[ichet2buttaatogiobquLunr,un3 a Mat, 
kab narvvau, nenr.unnumoukj meechoukj ytu 26.^26, 
nuhhog rohquanumauv/uncg, yeu uliek jvlark 
wutch kummequa-numuoiigaF.a). 14. 22. 

25 Ntyane wonk ncmunum wuttattam- Luke 
waitch, mahche meetlit, noovvju, yeu wut- 22.19. 
tatt8mw<;itch , wufucu Teftament najfqhe- 
onganit, yeu uireknoh h6 uttocchc wuttat- 
tair.6gi&, wutche i.umircquinumrDUOnjj- 


26 KewHtche noh ho utt(X)che meci.ogiih 
yeu petukqunnunkj kah wuctactamogjfliyeu 
vvuttattamaitch, kenatitteamvvuj ?»unriup- . ; 
p(]LonkLord5nohpa)ch peycngt. ^ ^ . 

27 Newutche^uttinniinhowan, rrechik 
yeu petukqunmik kah wuttsttf g yeu ootat- 
ram wa'tcli Lord, matta quolkcerarr.wu, noh 
\f uflumau imikut kcnat wuhhcg k.;h afqhe- 

28 Qut wcfketomp pj?rnuppe n^tootora- 
auouch wuhhf gkuh, kafc neit rrcrchitcFi ng 
petukqunnuiik, kah wut^tattaj r/e wut^tat- 
taruwiitch. . , 

29 Ne wutche i5oh mcchiik kah wsdtst- 
togrrilt quofi-.stitamwce, ifechu kah wut- 
tattam aw^.kcmpaniiGnk ut viihbopat ,. 
frat wahtfauagwubh^gLcrd. 

go K£'*uic Lfe i eu; fr-u;i a f g kthP^ke* Ke- > 

naau noochuaiweruogkah mach'ndo**, kah 
snonaog kovveog, ^ 

51 NevvucchcwufTumogkut kuhhoj^kana- 
nog, matta woh koDiumiueoiiun. 

^2 Q^m wuiTumltteAog, Lord kuffafama- 
tahhiikquii^oiik woh mo Kutav/akoiripanoman 

33 NewutclienemaLogmoeupeyaogme^- 

54 Kah k-.nvan kodtupw-t, metijtch ut 
wekic, onk v/oh mo kunirnoeii peyaumoD un 
awakofiipanaongauit 5 kah onkatoglfh pifh 
noon©htauuaa!h pey&on. 

NK papaumc WJdchiikifh Nafliaiunlt- 
tojuc, nematog , matta kuctinanurn- 
liii'jomvvCD kiuaifookinneaont. 

2 fCajwahteaiimwoo kutgenliifuomwop , 
kui-nmonchaimkkumvvop ut yeiig mokikit- 
tookig nunaeukontunkajiog, neyaiie iagkom- 

^Ncwajeh wahteauwahunogj wanne ho- 
wan ketoDhkont nafhpe vvunaftauauicroonnoh 
God;, unnoou Jcfufohjkummatchenanumuk, 
kah Wdnne howati woh noowau^Jefus Lordeu, 
q.ut naflipe wunetupanatarawe nafhaiianictco 
.4 Onk moocheke chippu vviinaetupana- 
tamccwongadi) q lit noli pafuk lufliauaiiit: 

$ Kah moocheke chippen unaunimoad- 
tuongalh, qut noh pafuk Lord, 

"6 Kahm^x>cheke chippeu an^mnt tana- 
m-kauruongilli/qutnohpaiuk God noh afit 
.wa:r,e nt w-irne. 

7 Qrat wahteawahuw3onk Nalhsuanit, 
aninnumauon nilh noh pafuk oonaiyeuon- 

8 Nevvutcbe pafak aninniimanan safl^pe 

heueamiia ut pafuk nafhauanic. 
j 14 Newutche rauhhog matta pafuk pom- 

puhchaij qut rnonatalL. 
I 15 Muflcet n'Oivvadt; newutcbe Kutta ncn 
j menutcheg, matta iicn muhhcgkar ncochi- 
I cx)h : luiinummatta newutche wutd;ciyeu 


16 K\h raehtauog noDwadt, newutche 
matta neii muikefuk, raatta neen noDciiioob 
muhhogkat : funnummatta newutche wut- 
ciyeumuhhogkat -? 

17 Wame muhhog mufkcfakoout , utti- 
yeiioh noytamooonl< 5 wame nootcmDonga- 
nuoot, uttiyeuoh munnontamoonk. 

18 Qut yeuyeuGod upponuraun ni/hnoh 
pompuhchai ut muhhogkat^ neyane wekon- 

19 Kali wame pafukquinneuQOQok pam- 
puhchai, uttiyeuwoh muhhog. 

20 Qut ycuyeu monatalh pompuhch'ai- 
ycuaih, qut paiuknont muhhog. 

21 Kah mufkefuk matta woh unnaiioo 
menutchegoh, matta kukquenauweheah, 
afuh wonk muppuhkuk itiufletoh^matta kuk- 
quenau we heii m woo, 

22 Matchaog, anue wonk, yeufliuppom- 
puhchaiycuma/h muhhog, niih moocheke 
na)chumwiycuafi.i, niQi auwohtf=aon2:anuQ0- ' 
alh. ° 

25 Kah yeu/b uppompuhchiyeuraai muk- 
hog,^niih auantamogirh peanumukquodtaffi^ 
yeufh acnupponamunananue moocheke qut- 
tianatj.munat, k^h kukkaufuongane pom- 
puiichaiyeamunnonaihj mooche:.e anuc rape- 

24 Newutche wanegugiili kupnompuh- 
chaiyeamunnon^.fii,, macca quenauhikkoo- 

o iNcwue.uu |.v..u^ c-nuimiiii^uau Kampc cfUiiyeamunnon^.iii , macca quenauhikkoo- 
nailia-aanit, wMa-ca:ii6e kaitojwangaib.onk- ^ rnirha h, qut God kukenauwehteop muHhoff- 

ihteunveae kuttoowo?jg'.ilh 5 nalb; 
rich pa fa k N ili^usnirto. 

Onkitcg wunnamptamoDank 5 nafhpe 
«oh pafuk NaQ^iiu-jiit, onkitog wnttape- 
. Kurnunat ncetjkchawa6nk,iialhoe noh oafuk 

Dnkatoc^ wutuXenat mOiic!ianatama>- 

Kuhjumnntlicrieke aninnumwont-amun qutti- 
antamunat, ne quenauhikkoomoouk. 

'25 fink woh w'anne peniiaftittuonganoo 
ut muhhogkat, qut pompuhch-ifin woh na- 

2-6 Kah pafuk pompuhchai onkquammat- 
tog wame pompuhchafm coweche onkquam- 

i^ v^.H.aLu- wa^u^Lu^i muM'.Hanaum^x)- tog vfame pompunctiaim oowef he onkquam- 
Ongalh.anKatGg quolhaemiiTohh«m,onkatog mattamuneau , "afuh pafuk pompuh-ha'a 
ODwahteauunat namauongaih,onkatog ianoii- '; qattianu nit, wame pompuhclialmneunk 00- 
tojwsongalk, onkatog ukquaquofiikinnum- I w?rr.n«-cimrY^mAn{n 
-iijiat unaontajwaongafh. 

I r Out wame yealh wutufrenalli noli pafuk 
DcntNadia-janit, 'fliachaiibenumauont nilh 

noh p 'fako:) nanafujieh anantogeh. 

T2 Nciwutche neyane muhhog pafukoooo , 
kah rooonaafi-i uppompuhchaiyeunalh, kah 
wame uppompuhchaiyenmafh noh pafuk 
rr-uhhog, monik, paiiik nont muhhog, neya- 
ne wonk Chri;!'. 

r:j Newutche naflipe pafuk na(l-i^uaHit 
wame kukkutfumitteamilnj ut pafuk muh- 
hogkat, uttoh unnc kut-Jew{uunneau, afuh 
Gc'itil, uttoh unnekukkc'iicpiilinneau, afuh 
kut3iippiinneae, kah wame kcx)tattammeh- 


27 yeuyenkena^'awulihogkuhChriil, kah 
nill-i noh-upporapah:h.iiyeu:ii. 

28 Kah God nawhutcheupponuh utmo- 
yeuwehkomonganit,negonne Apoillef:>g5 na- 
hoht6eu quolhodtunw.^enaog, niHnve kuh- 
kootomwc'htcaenuogjmahche'ne nsgjmon'ch- 
anatamooongaih , neic ntetlke^uwae ania- 
nummoadtuongafh, anin.iuhtchcg, nanihu' 
waemicg, mcDchcke unnont(X)waonga0i. 

29 Suti wame Apofllef'jg ? fun wime 
quolhodtumwaetiiiog.'? fun wane kuh.k.x)- 
tomwehteien'iog ? fun wa^e monchana* 

30 Sun wame ahtooj ne?tikehu>vne aoin- 

iitt u? 


W»w0mfucnk^Ahche v^umegeu Chap. 14. kfikkoctcr^fo^uitfmk^tvfifJHfmk 

nurnmoadtuongafl^ .? funwameisnontajwa- 
cg ? iun wamc quaquanuppinnuauvog > 

3 1 Qut menuhke ahchtwontamook waun- 
negigifli aninnummoadtuongaih : luh cnch 
kuKkuhkoDtomauonamwaj aiuie wunncgcn 


TOkonnogquc nuttinnontoowon wutun- 
nontouwaongano) woiketompaog, Uah 
aii^clfog, wannc abtouoon vvomoaufuonk, 
nutogquencunkqus neanontoowag wompuh- 
ii-iog, hah iahfauagemelut fahfauag. 

2 Kali tohkonuogque natahtauun anin- 
nutnmoadtuonk quoihae milfohharnunat,kah 
wohtamon wame uupvvdaongafh 5 kahwame 
wahteunteaonk, iwh tokkounogquc nutah- 
tauun wame wunaamptamoaonk , onk woh 
cutontahtohwadchualh, matta ahwuooon 
Tivomoautuonk;, wanne tcagnea. 

3 Kah tohkonnogque nummaguii wamc 
numm&umachialh nuUdhkommaononat mat- 
chekuog: kah tohkonogquc nummagun nuh- 
fcog chikkofwonat , kah mo nutahcauooun 
Komoaufuonka wanne nconcnchikkoDun. 

4 Womoaufuonk TepepahMau, kah womo- 
ftulu^womoaiifuonk matta ilhkauouflfumunco 
womoaufuonk matta miflikftdnaunao, matta 

5 Matta kuhkenauffcu, matta natimiekom 
ma> nehenwonche wuttaihc> matta tcanuk 
inoohmooikumoo^matta matchcnanatammco* 

6 Matta wckontamcD ut matcficfconganit, 
qnt wckontam ut wannomwaycuonganit. 

7 tohlhinum wamc, wunnamptam wame^ 
annooofu w*mc, chequnnehtam wamc. 

8 Womoaufuong matta mahtfiiino, que 
afuh quofliac miifohhammcoongalb pilh 
ipiahtlhaafli , afuh unnontoDwaongalh , pifh 
dicqunohtaalh afuh wahtcuntcaonk pilh 

9 Newutche noh noodle wahteauunnan 
kah nukquoihadtumwaenunnean vtrcbe na- 

10 Qut nc paanuppe wuTtnegik pcyaumoo* 
»k,ncit nc noh wajeycuoakpiaimohtlkau. 

1 1 Mogkicfdeon^nutogkoowop mukkiefut, 
autsgque wahteaHOp mukkiefut^ nutogque 
ainnantamup mukkierut, qut anineeuwcan, 
Butamanum mukkicfuooongafb. 

12 Ncwutdhe ycuyeu nuppannupompit- 
timnmun glalTcjpohkinae, qut neit papiuh- 
lukeh mulkefukquafh : yeuycu noh noDch^- 
wahtcoh, qut nclt pith naowahteoh ncyanc 
nyonk wahimuk. 

1 5 Kah ycuyeu ohtaafii wunnamptamobnk 
annSuiiuonk, womoaufuonk, yealli nil^weu 
que anuwe milTi womoaufuonk onk ycuffi. 

Suhkomook womoaufuonk,kah kodtflin- 
tamook nafnauanittue aninnumoadtu- 
oflgaihi qut anuc woh kuhkootamwchteaog, 
2 Newutche noh f en^w^ntuwae m^)- 

wodtjmatta kcnoonauou wolkctompuh, qut 
Goduhj newutche wannc howan a>wot.uuoti 
qut ut n^lhauaiiittouut iiouwau nupwcju-aon- 

3 Qut noh kohkootamwchtcadt, kcna^nau 
woikeiunipuh CDwcktkononat, wcbquctwm- 
auonatj wckontamwahconat. 

4 Noh penouwontouwac anxwadt, wekc- 
konau wuhilogkuh, qut noh kohkoutaiviwch- 
tcadt wckitteauwahcau moycuwchktmuuk- 

5 Nukkodtantamkoowame pcnoDwontcjo- 
wonaoont, qut anuc kukkuhkootomuhkonao- 
ont, aewutche noh kohkootomwchtcadu 
anuc millugkcn, onknoh ma;chcke unnon- 
tooadt , kuttumma quohquofhkinuk , onfe 
woh moycuwebkomonk atturaunum wcisc- 

6 Ycuyeu nematog,pcya6nun 6g irGQ^bckg 
unnontOLJwaon, toh kittinnc wunnaihcnnum- 
ViCU) kuttumma unnuan 6g ifuh nalhpe 00° 
wahteauwahuwaonk, af uh nafhpc wahtcun- 
tcaonkj aiuh naflipe kohkcutamwchtcaorik 
afuh naihpc quolhoatamaoonk. 

7 Kah mat pamantamnaGumuaogifii ma- 
(honta>w6moo6gilh,afuh puhpegq afuh harp 
kuttumma piuhfukoawomooug uttoh pilb ne 
wahteaun uttoh cq puhpequon^afuh harpou- 

8 Newutche moRopuhpeg matta piuhfuk^ 
kontoowomunoog, howaii woh quoihauweh- 
tog aycttwuttuoRk. 

9 Neyaaekenaau wonkakuttummakctcoh- 
koog wut^h kgnaauwout kuttoowongaih niih 
wohwohtamugilh, uttoh pilh in wanteauun 
uttoh anoowomuk ? newutche, kukkuttum- 
WGO utmamatchckefukqut. 

10 Pagodche monaafii wuttamattonkquC^ 
fuongaih raut^ohket 3 k^h wanmc tahn(^^ 

11 Newutdie matta wahtcauoua «t tob 
nduwuttamojmaoug wadtauatonkqufluonk j, 
pith ncyaney ac» ut noh anoowad, penODWon- 
toowaenin, kah noh sncDwadc pilh pcnaowca 
tODwaeyeuo) ut nuhhogkat, 

12 Keaaau nctatupe,ncwutche kutahchue 
kodtantamumwcx) naihauanittoDouugiih, na 
tinnehamook onk woh kummifl^anufHukqur- 
limwooj wekckonuttinneat moyeuwekomon- 

1 3 Newutche noh ke'ketODkohtunk penau- 
wontGowaonkppeancajonk woh ukqulhkia-^ 

14 Newutche penowontoowae peantamoa 
nunnafhauonk peancam qut neowohwohta- 
mooonk wannc mcchumunoQ. 

15 neititoh n nih ? nunnaihpe peantam 
nalhauankykah wonk nun nalhpe peantarn 
wohwohtamoonk: nunnalbpajliomatsi naihau 

, anit, kah wonk nuanaihpoohamom ncDwoK- 
I V/ohtaracx)0!!k. 

I 1 1 g« 

kcn.itnkk, Afnhks^ k^ahkoctomo^tdt&hctilch I.Corintbians«.^;^/ 7nittamv(iHjsipg mt^Jci^cg 

3nn?.fh?.uatnic, iioh neepauut kenugke afo)- 
kiaitcheh, uttoh woh wutcin unncjuwon A- 
»cn,rnahche tabutuntaman , matta v/ahte- 
auug toh anoowasn. 

17 Ncwutchc wunnamuhkiU koone tabut- 
tantam : qut onkatog matta wckekonau. 

18 Nuttabattantamau fiurr.manittcom , 
Rurr.mGDclicke uiaaontvDwam onk kcnaau wa- 

19 Qut ut moeuwekomonganit, anvvoh 
ficDv/i napanna tahfjiinalh kuttartvongafti 
ffiiQ^pc noDV/ohwohtaraooonk, onk woh wonk 
nukkuhk(i)tomau onkatogig,onkneit unnoa- 
wsion.piogquc muttannonganogkodtaili kut- 
toowongalh peaowonroDwaongafh. 

20 Nematog ahque mukkieiiie wohwoh- 
tamook > qut mukkicruc iihkaudfegk ^ qut 
wolketompae wohwobtamcok. 

^Iia. 21 Ut unnaumatuongaiiit ^ v/uOrukvvh6ru: 

^§.i If Bafhpc penoowontoowse meenanalh, kah pe- 

noowontcDwac rruilifretoonaili, nuttinnonna- 

oafh yeiig miifinninnuogjqui: oach yeaih wa j 

mumc, raatta noDtankooog, noowau Lord. 

22 Nevvutchc penoowontcowa^ngalh kuh- 
kinneafuonganuaoaUb matta canag wanamp- 
togigj qut en nag raatta wanamptamogig : 
iqut kuhkootomwchteionk:, matra oochie'in- 
acaupannoowohtogig, qut nag wtnamptog- 

2g Yowstdufi mamufTu moeuwekomonk 
moeupeyaumcDUg pafukqujnnu aycuong- 
anit, k\h wame penowontoowahettit^ kak 
fetutteahcttit afookitchegikah afq wanamp- 
tsmoogig, fun woh mat nobwowog kukkog- 
keamwo) ? 

24 Qut wame kuhkootomuhtcihettit, kah 
petutteadt pafuk raatta wanamptaBioog.afuh 
pafnk afookit, uppahtimouh wamc;» cofuia- 
ouh Wame. 

25 Kah nemehkuh kemeoogifh ut wutrahut 
wahteauwahuon^ihj Hcitkeplhont ut wuike- 
fukqut, wowuflumau Goduh, kah wuttin- 
noncfeimun , wuanamuhkut kutappetunk- 
limwQO God. 

26 Tok unneu ncit nematog, moeu pcyi- 
o?5 niih noh pafuk ahtau ketoohamaonk, ah- 
tau kubkeotomuhteaonkjahtau pcnovrontoo- 
wionk , ahtau wahtcauwahuwaonk , ahtau 
quinnnppinnumooonk : wame uITcnaj wutdl 

27 Howan penoowontooadt , necfoohet- 
ticti, nfuh webenifheohcttich, kth hthfuk«- 
cuj kah pafuk quianupinitch. 

28 Qut wannc quiquanuppinnumwe'iiun- 
enunoog, chequDapitch ut moeuvr ekomong- 
anit, kah ketODhkonch ut wuhhogkatjkah en 

2 9 KuhkoDtomukteieH'iog ketookibettich 
jefuo?. aftth flmog, onkatogig wuilittumo- 

^o Toh ne wafiteauwahet noh m kill)ke 
ipitj Dcjonncyciiit cilcquiiapitcU. 

^i Ncvvntciie wohwame kukkuhkoDtora- 
vvenreafr.w<:D nonafuj onk woh wame wunne^ 
tuhtaanncauj kah woh wame wekontam- 

32 Wunnafiiauaonganoooa/h kahkootom- 
vvcrhttaenuog, nofwcetauwaog kohkootom- 

29 Nevvutchc God matta nanwonyeum- 
wohbcowooUj qut wriniiohteahuwoou, nc- 
yane utwaaic raoeuwekomongonehtu. 
^ 34 Kummittamwafluwoog ctiequnsphct- 
tichut kummoeuwekomGnganehtu6ut3 ne- 
wutche matta unnanumoos ketoohkunk; qut 
agwe ut noCwetamohetticho ne wonk anoo- 
W2dt t vnnaumatuonk. bGcwJ 

35 Kih kodnetuhtsuabcttit ne teaguas, 3'^6» 
natGOtomau';hcttich weSTukouhut wekuwo- 
ut: newutche ne akodchuonk ketoahkont 
ut moeuwekomonganit. 

56 Teaguas ? fun wuttinn.xswaonk God 
fohhamoomwoo wutch kuhhogkaoont afuh 
iun webekuppeonukquneau ? " 

97 Hdwan unnantog , nen quoflicdtum- 
wae'nin, afuh nalhauanittoe'nin, fampoDa- 
ontaj yeull^i wafukkuhhumaiunogiih, nilh 
(Dnaumatuongafli God. 

38 Qut howan arQDkit5afc]Dkitch. 

sq Newutche nematog ah die won tamook 
kuhkaotomuhkoB, kah ahque quihtchtcaglg 

40 Wame wunneaa}, kah kuhkoowac. 

NAno wonk nematog , koowahteauwit- 
kunnumwoD wunaunchemoakaonk^ ne 
kohkQotomauun6g, kah wonk attumunum- 
ogkup, kah ne nepauweog. 

2 Kah EC naQipe wadchan'ittctog, raeh- 
quontamog uttok anc kunkoDtomauundg, 
kuttumm* tahnoodie wunnamptamog. 
ne wonk attumunumwomp ; Chriil huppoo- 
_wontamup kummatchefeonganuionalh ne* 
lunag wufTukwiiongtnaai. 

4 Kah noh mo pofekinaUj kah omohkeii 
wonk nafiiikqiifnogok ncaunag wuflukwong^ 

5 Kah wunatuopuh Cephas^ neitnabone* 

6 Nemahchennagnogkup Jinueonkni- 
panna tah(hit pafukdbcBoh wcmatoh pafuk- 
qut : n nag anue pohllic afh poManttmMrof , 
qut ntwkutcfee koueog. 

7 Kah ne mahchc nogkup Jamcfofc, ncift 
wame Apoftlefoh. 

8 Kah maumajirti nunntuop wonk onatuil 
noh kofhkomeu nekit. 

9 Newutche nen nuppeifTcsut Apo/llefbg, 
matta nuttapcnumo nutufTowefinHeat Apo- 
ftle, newutche nen noowoikchtcoh ummoeu- 

10 Qut nafhpe ukkitteamonteinitteaonU 
Gpd; aca n aoh rcB; kah uk^ittcamontea- 


nittcaonknc anurHmlimukup m*tt» mo tah- 
n(Dchcintiou,qut ncn nutanakaus anue moo- 
ihckconknag wame, qut matta nen , webc 
ukkitteamonttaii itteaonk nc wcchiyeumuk- 

11 Ncwutche, afuh ncn afuh n^goh, n« 
Hiutiiinc kuhkeutomuhkonan, kahnc kictinc 
wunnampt amunaop. 

1 2 Kah kuhkootomwchteaog Chrift omoh- 
Iccu wutch WLinnuppunatj tohvvutch nouw^- 
hcttitiuwtttchckcnugkekcnaau, wannt o- 
jiiohkcongaHOO wutch nuppunat? 

15 Qut matti omohkconganoo wutch 
nuppunnat, ncit Chrift matta omohkcu. 

14 Kah Chrift matta omohkcg,ncic nuk- 
kuhkootarauhtcaonganun tahnoucheycucD , 
kih wonk kojntmptannooongunQO tahnoochc- 

15 Nux, kah n«mmirhkou«mun pannoD- 
v/ac waawadhcg paptumc Godut, newutchc 
naowauwoma papaurr-c GodiHoh omohkitioiit 
Chriftoh : noh matta wutoraohkinaufuhhoh 
nuppooog matt* omohkehettcg. 

16 Ncwutche nuppooog matta omohke- 
bettcg, ncit Jefus Chrift matta omohkinous. 

1 7 Kah Chrift matta omohkinontus , ncit 
kaonamptaxTiooonginoo tahnoochcycuoo, aft> 
kutapiihwoci kummatdiefconganoowout. 

18 Ncit wonk nag kaddieg at Chrift ut 

19 Wcbcyeuut pomantamooongariit kut- 
tanno61imun ut Chriftut 3 ncit kutanucu 
kutamungehpunoman milfininnuog, 

20 Qut yeuyeu Chrift omohkeu wutch 
nuppunatjkah noh kakencumuaeuoo ncg kae- 

21 Ncwutche neyane nifiipe wolketomp 
nuppoowoHganuao, nalhpe woikctomp wonk 
omohkcwonfaHUCD wutch aupunat. 

22 Newutchc, onatvih at Adamwout Wa- 
me nuppcDor, nctatup ut Chriftut piik wa- 
fne pomantamwahcog. 

25 Qnt niik noh woflLctomp nehcnwoR- 
chc ukkuhkoowaonganit, Chrift kakcHCum, 
ompctak nag wad&iitdieg Chriftm, pey- 

24 Ncit wohkukquoihin , mahche ponit 
AfTootamooongan ut Godwt, wutooftimau^ 
mahche nookinuk wamc nananuwaonk, kah 
fyamc iirootamoonk kah mcnuhkcfuonk. 

2$ Ncwutche noh mos nanawunnuau 
nob pajeh uppononat wamc matw6oh ut 

26 Maunaachifh nob matwau woh pagmnit, 
DC nuppoocnk- 

27 Ncwutche, mthche wamc ponaraagwe 
WHflctut, qut noowadt, wamc ponam agwe 
wuOTetut ; ne wahteauwahuwon, ycuoh chip- 
pinau , noh ponamauut wamc Ht agwe 
nagum . 

: 28 Kah wame tcanteaquaGniih rohkog> 
ncit pi&wuniaauuonain t^wapcUtiu^u nsh 

fiap^pe xvf^^tcr/:ohl::^iovk^Chrifl 



agwe ponjn-ungqiUcllc wamc, onk woh 
God ;¥a:i)C)cm.u uc wamc 

29 Matta nanoQg n?g toh woh uTco^; 
kodiumutchc^ wuicll n;if)«kfg, RttpjXXjc.g 
matta omohkehcttcp;, ncit toliwutcii Kui- 
chclfumoog wutch napukrg. 

50 Kah lohwutch ncpaieog nunnukquodt- 
ut niih noh hour ? 

31 Nutchadchekcycuwam nafl^pc koDwc- 
kontamooonganun, nc chtau ut Chrift Jeiu» 
Mtke-Lordumun, afckcrukokilli nunnup. 

92 Tohncit ncanuirehcttit miiliniiinnuog 
nutaycHobkon puppinailiimwog ut Ephefus, 
toh nuttinnc wunnenchuk, nuppooog matta 
omohkchettcg ; mctfittcuh kah wuttittim- 
uttuh^ ncwutche faup wohkenupmun. 

39 Ahque afookekomukook, matchckeke- 
tookaonk aniftcau wunnetuppeongalh. 

34 T(L>kekut rampwefeoBganit,kah ahqug 
matchcfek: newutchc nawhutch wanneah- 
toouog wahconk God, y eu nuilin wuiSi kuc- 

35 Qut nawbutdic ncDWaog, toh unne 
omohkinflrohhanaeg nuppooog ? kah ceagaa 
muhhog paahcttit. 

36 KummattamagCD, ne ahkcteaop matta 
nekinninno;, kuttumma nuppa>maj. 

97 Kah nc ahkcteaop, matta noh kutoh- 
ketcaun muhhog noh piih apit,qsit poikegin^ 
psgodche wheat, afuh onkatuk. 

38 Qut God oohogaiyuhkentamunjneyane 
wckontog, Uah nifti noa wulkcuuem nehca- 
wondic wuhhogkuh. 

99 Wame weyaus matta nequtchippano, 
qut pafukcDweyaufoo wolketompaog, onka- 
tcg ooweyaufoo puppiaaftiimwog , onkatog 
namohfog, onkatog pfukrcfog. 

40 Navvonk kefukque muhhogkunk, kab 
ohke'cu muhhogkunk, qut kefukque wuiloh- 
fumoonk jpafukoDoo, kah ohke'eu onkatog. 

41 Paluk wuffohfumoonk nepauz,onkatog 
nancpauhffikdt, kah onkatog wuirohrumoo- 
ongancD anogqtog, ncwutche anogqf peno- 
winneungquSumau anogqfoh ut Ibtifumoi- 

42 Neyane wonk wutomohkeonganoo nap- 
lakeg, ohteuhkaufacg ut anitut, omohkcog 
matti aninnoDunat. 

43 OhtcohkoHut mijhonontan:^ooongnnit, 
omohkinaifa in fohfufrooonganit, ohceub^ 
kaufu ut Roochumwiycuut, omohkinauiu ut 

44 Ohteuhkaufa ut neahcnnufTcup muh- 
hog, nc omohkinnumun naChauan] ttoc muh- 
hogkadt, ni wcyaufe muhhog kah ni nafti- 
auanittee muhhog. 

45 Ksh nc nuaukuhwhifu : negonae wof- 
ketomp Adam ««o aycttau pomantamwae kc- 
tc^hoghou, kah maumachifii Adam mo aycis 
au quaquakqhcau naOiauanit. 

46 i^utmattanc mo negonnc, ne ngfhaua- 
nittoooo^; qutnc wavaufeycua^gjkah onspe- 

M^ji(h n$ ksfakok^toh n nlh 

, tak ne naliiauanittoooD. 

47 Megonne wolltctomp wutchiyeu oh- 
fccicohkeyeuoo, nahohtoeu vvojl^ctomp noh 
Lord wutch kefiikqut, 

I.Connthians, mnkomitttAongafl) mon^ajh 

wufhaon Macedonia : ncwutchcnuppannup- 

Vfufiiam Macedonia. 
6 Kah pagodchenen nutappin, nux, kab 

•"o \,r p~T', ! nuppuj)pQOi%inonweechekenaaUj onk wob 

48 Neyane noh ^oakeyeuut, neyane nag kenoolvvaeu weechamwoo: utcoh avoi. 
.nkeyeuutQicg^kanneyane aoh keiukqut, | 7 Nevvutche matta kenauunnomwoc veu- 
-vane kefakbu.a.^nnr.n^x. . yeu neayoi , qut nuttanno^s towechayeu- 

iieyane kclukqueayeuouog. 

4.9 Kah neyane vvutogquaneunkquiTuonk 
al'.tauog noh ohkeyeuut^nenaan vvonk nutah- 
tauunan wutogquencankqulfuonk aoh kc- 
fuliqut wadSiiit. 

50 Kah yeu nuHln nematog, weyjus kah 
wufqueheurik matta pilh ahtoou wutaiToo- 
tomooak Godj kah aneuk matta woh ahtano 
matta anittinoo? 

*"""" -Yy^,*5 - ^ m^tia wauciue «ouwctomukooh , newut 

5 1 liuiieh, kukkoDtomauonnmwcD afam- anakauiu wutanakaufuonk Lord, neafee 

mununnaoont ogguhie. Lord unnanumlt. 

8 Qut pi/h nutap ut Ephefus noh paieh 

9 Newutchemime fquoanti^ah wunana^ 
kaufue noowofliweetuqkqun^ kahna monaoe 
pannoowohtii tehee. 

10 KahTimotheuspeyont,naiiniODk wort 
matta wabefue kouwctomukooh , newutch* 

f am'akquokjUiatta pi fit wame kukkouoorsui 
qtit pilh warae kupper/owmneangqmlimun. 

52 TeaRuk, qusnau ruppikquolhamuk , 
maamachiih monopiihpcgquamukjnewutche 
TTionopuhpeg pifli kutoomoD^ kah nuppc©og 
|)ilh5raat wonk aninnuwejdmohkeogj 8c pilh 

5 ^ Newutche yeu woh aneuk mos hof qu«- 
heau mat woh anlttinoog , kah yeu woh na- 
fKDmcovik; mos hogquehcau mo nanuppou- 

54 Neitjyeii woh aneuk pifh hogquehtcaa 
«e woh mat anittinoog, kah yeu wohnapoo- 
ni'xuk pi/li hogquchtean ne woh mat napoo- 

_ munoDg-. neit pill) nnih, ne noov/aonk wafuk- 
& HOiea uhwh6Hk, a nuppaK)nk miiheafquoneau ut 
33.14. fohkauaonganit. 

55 Woi nuppooonk uttiycu kutchohk- 
hoDwaonk ? Woi weenohke; uttiycu kuffbh- 
kSfuonk ? 

$6 WutdiohkkcDWionk nuppa3onk mat- 
dicfeonk;, kah ummenahkcfuonk mat^hefc- 
cnk unnaumatuonk. 

57 Qut God tabattantamauunajsHoh anin- 
Kumungqueog fohkdfuonk , naflipe Jcius 
Chrift Nullordumun. 

58 Newutche womonogig nematog 5 me- 
fjubkekompiuooki mamontiniteate'ok , nag- 
ivutteae mifheuflfegk wutanakaufuonk Lord, 
newutche koowahteauunciu, kutanakaufu- 
©nganoD matta tahnoocheinoo, utLordut. 


YEnyeu papaume pnminnumooonkwut9f 
©p rrtoeuweknmonga/h ut Galatia 5 neyane 

2 Negonne kefukok ne week, nilhnoh pa- 
fiik kenaau chipohtai puminnumooonganit, 
tJcyancGodwunncneheoHt , na woh matta 
puniinnumoowonganinnoo pey66n. 

3 Kah pcyoon.howanv^auweeaomok nafh- 
|) Uoorukkuhhoowonganooafhjnsg pi/hnut- 
iinax)n6og, kuppaudtauunnaont kummag^ 
CDongancD ut JcrHfalem. 

4 K.ih tapcncungquok nen wonk nummon- 
fhenat, nag pift noowecchegquog. 

^ Y«;jrr.5 i>u[»pa\tonuriiW'3[> ., pannup- 

1 1 Newutche hovvan railhaninumunkitch, 
qut wunohtcaenoDfwae wechok, onk wob 
nuppeyog, newutchenooweeche afitauwom- 
pam weemsttinneat. 

12 Papaume nemat Apollos, nummi/he- 
wehquetumauop .kuppeyaonukqunnaoont 
weeche wemattinneuh , qwt matta unnan- 
tamo kuppeyaonukqunnaoont yeu aquom- 
pak,qut pilh peyauwunogkohteafhunkah- 

I a Alkuhwheteagk , mcnuhkekompauoDk 
ut wunnamptamooonganit.mcnuhkolketorn- 
poODk, raenuhkefegk. 

14 Wame kuttaiheyeuoafh uOena; ea 

15 SoovfehquetumaunumwcG) nematog, 
( koowah teaum woo wek Stephanas , ne ki- 
keneumunncu Achaia, kah nag magooog 
wuhhogkauh wuttannummaonaoont wun- 
netupanatamunutcheh) ' 

16 M6rohqueht6k neSnuilrtchcg , & nifu 
noh- howan nuttannumunkquntn weeche* 
kah aaakaMiit. 

17 Noowekontam uppeyaonk Stephana* 
kah Fortunatus , kah Achaicus . newutche 
ne woh are6gkup, ne wutuflTcHeau. 

18 Newutche tapheaognafhauonguh kab 
kenaou,newutdic waheuk negneonufitcheg 

19 Moewekomongaft ut Afia koowonko- 
mukou6og. Aquila, kak Prifcilla kummoo* 
cnekewonkomukouoogut Lordut, weedic 
raoeuwekomonk ut wckuoont. 

30 Wame wemattinncunk koowonkum- 
ukoHWeog wonkquttegk nafiipe wunnetup- 
anatamwe chipwuttooniputtcaonk. 

I li NGowonkquttcamooonk nen Paul naUi* 
pc nuKHutcheg, 

22 Howan mat womonunk Lord Jcfui 
Chriftj anathama maranathayeuooutSi. 

17. Ukkitteamonteanitteaonk Lord Tefui 
Chrift wcetomukook. 

24 Noowomoaufuonk wetomukook wame 
utjcfas Chrift: Amen. 

Negonfukwhonk ut Corinthianfut, wut- * 
tuflukkuhhumunah wutch Philljppl 
naa^pe Stephanas, kah Fortunatus* 
kihAchaicus; KUiTimothcus. 


Onkfi^Hmmnimlt rnhntamoonk. It Corinthian J. ^^«/ koduppepoi^ 

Nahohtocu Wutepiftlciim T AV L 


CHAP* !• 

P^ul Uppoltleumoh jefus Chrifl, naDipe 
wuttenantamaoonkGod, k.ih Timothe- 
us kenutin, en niocuwckomonganit 
apitcheg Corinth, weche wamc wunnctapa- 
catogig ut wame Achaia. , , » 

2 Kittcanionteanittcaonk apehtntiKook, 
kah wunohteaonk wutcheGod ui kcolhinno- 
nut, kah wutch Lord Jcius Chfifiut. 

a Wunnanumunaj God, aj(i\o\\ Kclord- 
umun JefusChrift, oofhoDoh monanete;iong- 
alh , God wai-ne ayig wekontamwahuaonK. 

4 Noh wekontamwahikqucog ut wame 
kcDtimehpufionganonut, onk woh kuttape- 
pumumun nag wekontamwahconat, toh ane 
jvuttamcbpunacheG:, nalhpc ne wekontam- 
w^hcttuonk ne adt wekontamwahikqueog 
God- ,. 

5 Newutche neyane ootamehpunnaong- 
alh Chrift monak ut kuhhogkanonut , nc- 
tatupeh noowekontamooongan wonk monak 
tiaihpe Chrifl* 

6 K*h oakapunaog, nc wutcne ne Koowe- 
kontamowoaganoo., kah k(x>viradchanittea- 
onganoojnc ayimukqueog chequnehtamunat 
nilhjianwuttarasnepunnaongaib, nifh nena- 
wun wonk diequnehtamagiih, afuh wekon- 
tamwahetteaog, newutche ne koDwekon- 
tamoconganoo & ka)wadchanitteaongancx>. 

7 NuttannSufiliongan papaume kenaau 
fneauhkij wahteauog , neyane kenaau clia- 
chaube attumuaumog ootamehpunnaong- 
sHi, kah piib wook netatuppeyeuGD kcpwe- 

8 NewutSie matta kuttenanumunnooroun 
neeraatog matta koowahteacDunnaGont noo- 
tamehpunnaofiganunnonafh , nifh piaonuk- 
qticogirh ut Alia, nenawurs nukkinncquoh- 
liukumunnonHp anue onk nifii quttuhhuraoj- 
ongaft, anue ouk ne nnenuhkeruonk , neJt 
wannchkont nutann&uiTeamun pon:saatam6- 

9 Qut nutahtomunnoniip n'Jppooe wuiiit- 
tumoonk ut nutihogkanonut , onk woh 
iTidt nupaubahtSmumomun nuhhogkanonog, 
^utGod nohosnohkinont nuppoqoh. 

10 Noh pohquohwhunukqucogkup ne 
wutch mohfag nuppojonk, kah noh poh- 
cjuohwuiTcDadt, kah noh pabuhtanumogkut, 

1 1 Moeu aninnum6adteog na{bpc kup- 
peantamwanfhhuonganu neyane ahtauogkup 
nionanete'aong nalipe wutawnumoadtuong- 
anoo monacheg, onk woh tabuttar.tumoonk 
magun naflipu monacheg wutche nenawun : 

12 Newutche yeu nojwekontamcoongan. 

fukquttc^hhuongane, kah mamittoe pahke* 
teahahuongane, tratta nafhpe weyaulue wa- 
ontamoonk, qutnaft^pe ukkitteamonteanit- 
teaonk God, ncoch pomaiinnean yeu mutta- 
ohket, kah wonk moodieke nogquclnkuh- 

1 3 Newutche wanne onkatcgifh koofukuh- 
humauunnomun, qut niih agketamogifii kah 
wetcoodtamogiih, kah nuttannous woh koo- 
wctcDadtamunnaoafh pajeh wohkukquolhik. 

14 Kah wonk nenawun koowetcDomimun 
nawbutch,neiiawun koowekontamcDw6finan> 
neyane kenaau wonk kcowekontamounnum- 
un, utukkerukkodtumutLord Jefus. 

15 Kah yeu ananatamon, kukkodpeyau* 
aunumwop negornie, onk woh kutattumua- 
umwo) nahoht^jeu kitteamonteanittuonk. 

16 Kah kupaumakauununnaoont en Ma- 
cedonia) kah wonk kuppeyauounnunnaoortt 
wutfh Macedonia, kah nafcpe kenaau kenuo- 
fekiinneaoont nogquc en Judea. 

17 Newutche yeu ananatamon, funnut- 
toh elyanocv7am ? afuh ne anantam , fua 
nuttenantamunneygunag weyaus, woh ke- 
naumuneau ut nuhhogkat nux, nux, mat- 
chaog, matchaog. 

i8 QutGod wunnamuhkuteyeucBit, nuk- 
kuttajwoiiganuniionafli nogquc en kuhhog- 
kaout, matta mo nuK kah march^og. 

19 Ne\?mtche wunnaumonuh God , Jefus 
eferift noh kuhkootomungqueogkup naflipe 
nenswun, nalhpe nen, kah Silvanus, kah Ti- 
motheus^s matta wo nux kah matchaog, qut 
utnagum, mo nux. 

-20 Newutche wame ukquofl^auwaongafh 
God, ut wuhhogkat ^uxeuoo, kah ut wuH- 
hogkat amenttoo,ut wuilbhfurBoooganit Gad 
iialhpe nenawun. 

21 Yeuyeu Roh mamihkehlkqueog, weche 
kfnaau, ut €hriftut,kah fafequnukqueogkup^ 
nob God. 

22 Noh wonk kukkinneafue msnuhkehilc- 
queog, & kitche kktinnumnauukqun na(ha!i- 
ahitto ut kuttahhunnonut. 

25 Wonk noowehkom God wauwonat 
nukketeahogkounoh,w utSie kummukkoDnQ- 
qutiaobnt aSi nuppcyoh Corinth. 

24 Matta newutche nanawannan kconarap- 

tomoDonganoo , qat kuttannumauunnumun 

wutch koDv/ekontamooongaDOO, newutchfl 

naflipe wunnamptamooonk keneepoDmoo. 

G H A p. II. 

QUt yeu nukkefantamun ut nuhhogkat 5 
^ matta wonk nenantarr.we, kuppeyau- 

2 Newutche noohcnnop 5 howan nci;t 
B^k w«koaUmw«iijt^<|at vmntwmiu^^to^,. 

3 K^fei 



W4Mmpog Chrijl ^uskche4H lhCoxlnthkm.4fjU4mpeantogigahpp metmadttHk^ 




4 Tfa. 

nomun wonk, qut kittinumauunamun toh 
vioh. wa} waeenoa6g papaume ncnawun, onk. 
wrohtok-kittinnc nampoofaamauonaont ncg 
wacfloaSieg ut woikedie 3 matta metafaut. 

13 Newutche kogkeaog, ne wutchaycu 
God, afuh manunniflcogjne wutchaycu iiuh- 

14 Ncwutche ODwomaufuaonk Chrift 
kutchekeifhanukqun^ncwutche yeu kittinne 
\^'ullittumunnan; paiuknuppoowonus wan^.e, 
iteit warne imppooog. 

15 K&h vvunnuppoowonauiak wamcjonk 
neg poinantogig woh mat chippe poma»num~ 
fcogj ^ut wiitche noh napojwanup^ Kah om- 
ohliea wonk. 

16 Ne\ivasche yeiiwutdie onk yean ong- 
koue waflnencDwahcemiin howan "'neyaunig 
weyaus^nux;, tohkonogque noowaheonanuti 
Chrift ncyaunag weyaus^qut yeuyeu onkyean 
ongkouwejmatta ncuwaheoun wonk. 

17 Newutche hovian apk Chrifliit, noh 
wuikebteaufu a nukkonnewhiaih mahtiha- 
aihj kuireh wamc teante^gualliiniih wuAie- 

^ 18 Kali wame teantesguadiinilli wutcha- 
y-ct3m(3L.aihGodutj ooh wonohteahikqueog 
ut wuhhogkatj nalhpe Jefus Chriil, kali kit- 
tinnumunkqun noiitornpeantogae wtmnoh- 

19 Neyeu, Goi^ ut Chrifiut wuiiaobtea- 
heau ut wiihhogkat muttaokj matta toh og- 
qysnittaaiaijunk ummatchefeongaih, kah 
kuppabuhtsniimukqun wiinnohteahQwae 

20 Kah nenawun kitche anoDnondie 
Chri/l, fleyane God nanarnpaffumukqueog , 
fecnanompaffumunumuii wutdie Chrifti , 
%winnohtcahetteagk enGodst. 

2 1 Newutch^ wutayimsuoh matchefeonk 
wutdhe kenawun, tioh matta wahteouiik 
matchefeoisk, ©uk woh nenawmi nutayeu- 
wuttcamun wuflampweogquanumaonk God, 
ixt nagum. 


NEit n^nawun ncyane wcdianakaufu- 
mogkut kenanampaflumunnurnun 
vvonfc, matta woh kutattumunumoounaoont 
ukkittcaraonteanitteaonk God tahnc»chc. 

2 Ncwutche n(»wati, a benootoufh ut 
urtooehe tapcnceauunumuk , kah ut wad- 
chanktuac kcfukodut kutannumauunup , 
kufTeh ycuyeu tapencadtue uttoocheyeuoOj 
yeuycu wadchanittuac kcfukod. 

5 Ahque woh toh ponamcok toglCuflittar- 
fiinoonk ut itcaguafinit, onk woh nohtompe- 
antogoonk matta mataundicmoowontamoo- 

4 Qut wame ut noowowcnomomon nuh- 
MhGodjUt moDchckc manunnehtamoonkanit, 
ut oikapunnaonganitjUt quenauanum^wn^- 

*y^i »itq'*6qu?owAnuAic^ns«uit. 

4 Ut tattogkodtuonganit^ ut kuppifhag- 
kinittuonganit, ut wogkouetunkquodtut, 
ut anakaulUonganit, ut afliuhwhsteaonganit 

j ut matmetrcinat. • 

6 Nafhpe pahkefuonk , naflipe wahteun* 
j teaonk, nalhpelepe chequnehtamoonkjnaih- 
I pe womoaufuonk, nalhpe wunnetupanatara- 
\ we Naftiaiuanit, nalhpe matta mamiiihku wo- 


7 Nainpe . wunnomwae wiittinnowaonk^ 
nalhpe imimenuhkeiuonk God^nad-ipe lamp- 
wsuii'uwie kef^uwameonk, en rauLtinnuii>= 
Kounltj kah en rrenadcheanit. 

5 Naflipe quttianittuonk kah jnifhananjt- 
tuonkj nalhpe matrdnchimojwonittuonk 5^ 
wunauochinKDWonittuonk, neyane ^loDke- 
kodtcamwutcheg ^qutnuffampv^'eulTc'mun. 

I 9 Onatuh mac Wahhettsumuk , qut nup» 
pankcowahetcesmun , onatuh napumuk kab 

''■ kuileh nupporaantamumun : onatuh fafama- 
tahwhuttimuk^ kah matta nunnulhitteau- 

10' Onatuh ntuanatamog j qut nagwut- 
teaenoowekontaiBUimm, onatuh matc'fteke- 
og, qut moaaog na>wenaikheamun : onatub 
mattcagohtauGDogjqiat nutahcomun wamc 
teanteaquaiEnifli. " 

ir WoikenaauCorinthianfog, nuttoni- 
un6nafii kajwolhwetunkqunnaoaii); auttah- 
hunonaih miihehteauunailj. 

12 Matta kenaau kukkuphaurumwoo ut 
nuhhogkanonut , qut kukkuphaulimwoj ut 
nehenwunche kenogkufleoont. 

13 Yeuyeuwutdi 6adtuhk6adtuonk ne- 
neihimagj ( nutogquekctajhkomnummuk- 
klerumui) kcnnau W0nk mi/hehteauajk. 

14 Ahqse ehiffienipphTt^k matta wi- - 
natriptamoog%5 newutdie tcagwewctubtu- 
onk iampweuilronk kah panneuiTeonk ? kah 
tcaguc wetuodtuofik v/equai kah pohkqa- 

15 Kahtohunne wannoowaogChrift isab 
Belial, kah toh wuttinne noh wutafetomcD 
wanamptog wceclic mo wanaroptamunc- 
geh } 

16 Kah toh unne wctuodtuog wuttcm- 
pleumGod wccchcnunneukontunkoh ? nc- 
wutche kenaau wuttemplcum pomantam- 
waeGod>neyanGOWopGod, (t) nag pUh f?^^'^^ 
nutapchtauoog, kah nuppomulhaudunoog ^v. I3.» 
kah ncn pifh ummanittoomaooh^kah pilh nag 
nuujmiflinninneumog. _ 

17 ( c) Ncwutche fobhamookwutch kc- ^^^^' 
nugkenagoh, chipappckq, noowau Lord, 5 2. lis 
muflunnumoohtcogk aifhkcncunkquok, kah 

pifli kutattumunumwoo. . - 

18 d Kafe nett pifh wutaoftimau watchc ^ J*'^* 
kenaau, kah kenaau pifb nunnaumonuuk,kah 5** *' 
nuttaunoj noowau Lord wame manuhkcilt- 


AHtauog yeufti quofl^odtuoHgaihCmaihe- 
WQWOUOgiaO P^ilsitfaCttatWn kuhhog- 

San)mi amksiant^>n}ochk, Cbap. 8. wmoat^fue^umffienumoo^figaPi 

kan6nog,wuith wsmc nifl^kencunkqiinucng- 
anit wcyaufut kah nrihauon[',anit, panu^)- 
hcttincai wunnclupanataa oonk ut quiiia- 
onganit God. 

2 Attumuninncan, rnattahowan mattchc- 
tidhcomun, wannc howan nutanlehhcoinuii, 
wanne howan nutadGukckomomun. 

3 Malta yeu ncDchc cyin iiuttitaflipun- 

on^anoowout, nux, anuc mcuciickc noowc- 
kujitarimaiunonup , wuichc ODWckontaxno-. 
onk i itusj ncvvutchc wunnaliauonguh tap- 
heaupoh naihpe Kcnaau wamc. 

14 Ncwutciie , wa^nodtamauogkus ne 
teaguas wutchc kcnaau matu nuiaitod* 
chooh, qut ncy^ne Unipwcnunnog wamc, nc- 
tatuppe noowiv^ccnowaonk ul anaquabic 
Titusj n^mchtcauun wuimomw-ycuoniianu- 

kcnaau kutappcmwcx> nuttahhunnonut koj- j Guwut. 

wcdie nuppoowonunnanoRUt, kah kuppo- i 15 Kah ukkitteamontcanittcac womauiu^ 

mantamounTiUnnanonut. f onk ir.ouchemonat ncgquc en i^uhhogkaout, 

4 Milli mat nukkukqufbc kuttooun cn mchquoutog kenoiwcntamoLougaiiOC) Wame 
nogque kuhhogkaoont , mifli noowowccno- kenaau: wabciuckahnunnukliiae«aumun6g, 
waonk wutchc kcnaauj numwabchtunk tap- ^ i6Ncwutchen<»wckont.'mncwutai kup- 
hcttuonk, ncn nummilhe wckontam ut fvanne pabuhtanumunnaoont uilh noh ut. 
nootamebpunnaongannunnonur. CHAP. Vlil. 

5 Ncwutctie padog Macedoniaj ne'yaufun T yiy" Onk ncm-tog koutaundicmaoka^ 

roatta anwoiiBnaumunoDjqut nootamchpuna- 
mun nifli noh ut, poquodchit ayeuwuttu- 
ongafti, wctuomut wabcruongaft. 

6 Qut God noh tapfecunt yeub tatuppuh- 
tcamukchnuttaphikqun naihpe peyaonk Ti- 

7 Kah matta webe nafhpe uppcyaonk, qut 
tiafhpe taphettuonk nc tapheogkup, anunnog 
kummcnuhkc kodtantamouonganou, kum- 
mauongano) , kwflapwffnc ic.a>womoauru- 
ongana>5 neitnumracochtke wckontam. 

b Ncwutch tunk6nogque kcnoohcnnaoont 
nalhpc wullukwhonk, raaita nutaiulkoic:na- 
tamcx>, tunk6nogque naiulkoianatamunap, 
ncwutchc ncDWahtcok nenan wulfukwhonk 
kencuhikquncau , tuukonogquc numchciic- 

9 YtuytM noDwekontam, matta wutch 
kcnuuhetteaonganoo , qut nev\utche ke- 
neuanatamwoj cn aiuikoianatamunat, nc- 
wut^tic kummanittooe neuanaiannvop, woh 
mat kucaiiumunumoDunnadont wannehteo' 
onk wanne teaguas nall-^pe nen. 

10 Ncwutchc manittoe ntuanatamcconk 
ayimoomooaiuikoianatanaonk en wadchanit- 
tuonganit, matta woh waj aiuikoianaiamcx?- 
og, qut muttadhkeneuanataniOLOnkayimoo- 
BiOD nuppouonk. 

11 Ncwutchc kufTch, ne teaguas kum- 
manittoDe aiufkoianatamooonk j toh unnc 
oanauwanittuonk kutayimunkquneau) nux 
toh UHncliuppahkhconnaoontkuhhogkaoog, 
Bux, 6hquontam6onk, nux wabcfuonk, nux 
incauhkc kodtantamoonk, nux fthkookomoo- 
onk, nux anootaonk ! nifl>nob ut kuppah- 
tinaomwop kuppahkhconnaoont kuhhogkao- 
•g yeu ut. 

12 Ncwutchc tunk6 nogque koofukkuh- 
liumauununcau, matta noochcyeu ulTeinjnoh 
niatchenehuwadt , afuh matta noochc noh 
matflienchitiqut ncwutdic kcnanauanumun- 
nooon^anun anaquabitGod woh koowahtc- 

13 N^waJ<jh tiiphi^tciiog ut; kwttJtphCttca- 

numun ukkittcamonteanitreaonk 
God , nc maguk ut mocuwekomongdnehLW 

2 Uitohunncmafticqutchchic^monakoo- 
wekontaHioooiigiincx), kah miliradchekuong-. 
anoDniili mutta'anteauunaliien v^enauwetue 
nanouwe aninnummoadtuonganit 

5 Ncwutchc neanukutiquc tapcnumohct- 
tit, Cno)wauwv.n) nux, iuh ongkouwe ne 
ana>hquc tapcnummohettit, nehcnwonche 

4 Moucheke menuhkc wehquctumunkque- 
og woh nuuttumunumunnanonut umma- 
gooonganoL) , kah noowcchayeumunnanonut 
ncg chachaubenuinauonciiCg pummcnumoo-* 
ongafti wutch wunneiupanttamunutchch. 

5 Kah yeu wutuifcncau , matta nean an- 
nouffeogjquL negonne magooog wuhhogkauh 
en Lot dut, kah en hogkanoneau, nafhpe wut-* 
tcnantamouonk God. 

6 Ncwajch nanompaffumogkut Titus, ne- 
yanenooci.e uffip, nckodtatupe wonk kef- 
teunkquncau ut^uhhogkaout ncnan wun- 
netupanatamoonk wonk 

7 Ncwutche(ncyanc moochckohtauognifft 
Koh teag , wunnamptamoonk , kah wunana- 
kGDwaonk, kah wahteuntcaonk , kah warns 
mcnubktfconk, kah koowomaufuonganan ) 
moochekohuuQDk yeu wunnetupanatamoo- 
onk wonk* 

8 Matta katannoDteamwenunnoounneai?, 
qut ncwutchc onkatogig oowckontamwe uU 
leneau, kah qutchehtcauunneat kuppahkc- 
tcahae womoaufuonk. 

9 Ncwutchc koowahtcomwoD ukkitteao 
montcanittcaonk nulLordumun Jcfus Chri/^, 
tunk6nogquc Gowenaiekinneah, onkmatch- 
tciap wutdhe kcnaau , onk kcnaau nafhpe 
ummatdiekuonk woh k<X>chenaeckinneau. 

10 Kah yeu ut kukkinnoonumwoo, newut* 
che yeu wunncgen wutchc kcnaau , noodle 
matta webe ufTenat, qut wckontam unnaoont 

11 l^cwutcllc yeuyeu pakoddlf^ ufTck ns 


mmmmm\»9l uppHmmmumooongaP) ll.ComXh.fUff>mlnnumoonkj^mohk!te49nl^ 

u^conk,/kah neyane wekonUmogkup , neU- 
tupc v¥Onk woh ufTeonganiiQU wutch ne ah- 

12 Ncwutch e ncgonne wckontog kuttah, 
ne tapeneaumun neaiinag ne ahtunk, kah 
matta ncaunag ne matta noh ahtunk. 

1% Newutche matta nukkodcantamooh 
onkatogig upponuhwhunKeauj kah Iccnaau 

Z4 Qut tatupptyeUQDUt, ycuyeu yeuah- 
qnompak 4iummoL>cheke magaoonganau woh 
tatuppeycucD rwg ogguhruhtunkcg,onk woh 
oag umma»chckohtaongen» woh tatuppe- 
yeucD kutohguhruhcaoaganaj> onk woh kut« 
^'Exod 15 Ncinfukwholik , a noh mooditkiauk 
i6, 18. wanncanuwohtoou , kah noh ohguhnnuk, 
wanne qucnauwahikoa. 

x6 C^Ht tabuttantamauunaj God, noh po- 
nukup nenan menuhke nanauwontamoonk 
«t wuttahut Titus wutch.e kcnaau. 

17 Newutchcvfunnjmuhkut tapeneamup 
wcla<jii2tum6onk, qut ahche wckontog^chip- 
pinnittea^ kuppeyaonukoDoh. 

18 K ah noo wccchoht inoun noh wematin> 
ftoh waccnomaoRk ut wunaunche.Tiaukaong- 
•nit pannuppe wamemocuwckomunganchtu 

19 Rahmatranewcbe, qut mo pcpcau- 
*rau wonk uCmoeuw«komuganchtu,na>wee- 
chogqunnandnut wunnaihpenat yc« magoo- 
onknechachaubjnumuk naflipe ncnawun, 
ot wuflbhfumoDonganit nobnin Lord , kah 
wahteauv/thuwonat temik kcowckcatamoo^ 

-io Amaunumnnoat yeu 9 matta howan 
KUttitafpunn MuKojunnandnut, ncwutche 
3^cu monahk Sidch^ubenunuk nalhpe kcna- 

at Quodintiwehtamunat fampweufileong- 
a(h> matta wcbe anaquabit Lord ^ qut aaa- 
^uabhettit miilinninnuog. 

22 Kahn;'gn(X>wecha1htinnd«nnonog ne- 
inatinnonuh, noh nagwuttcae quadjheogkut 
ummenuhkefc'nat monatafh 5 qut yeuvea 
raoochcke menuhkcfcu, newutche nummiHi- 
anncDaufuonk ne ohtag kuhhogkadut. 

29 Howan nataomont Titufoh, noh no- 
weechcwtttohtomog, kah wcche aninnohfa- 
tC(^ papaume kcnaau. Kah ncmattinnonog, 
kah wufTohfuTidonkChrift 

24 Newutche nah n6htinok,kah an,iq«ab- 
fcettit mocuwchkomonganog pohquttunnao- 
onk koowomonaongsnoD , kah nauwawcend- 
onganuii wutche kena^u. 

TEwiitche p paume kuppumminnumau- 
_ I waongani»wutchewanetupanatogjg, 
vrufTaumcvtfuco kjufukuhhumauununadont. 

a Ncwvuch- noowahteoh koowekontamoe 
tinnantamooonginx) , newutche ne waeeno- 
tumittunognjg apcichcg Mi^edQAU $ pag 


apptchcg Achaia quaquolhappupanneg ne- 
yiunag, Uah kummenuhkchteauongana> mo- 
naog wutushukqaneau. 

3 Qut onch nutannoonomp neeniatog,ifti» 
kont koowowecnomunnouonganun tahnoo- 
cheyeucD papaume yeu,qut neanuuwaon^wob 

4 Ilhkont paguodcfie oeg apitcheg Ma- 
cedonia pajeh wechogqucan , k^h namchuk- 
queog matta kukquo(hwoppeonaont_, ncaa- 
wun (matta niifim keaawun) woh nutakod- 
chimun, wutch ycu annoaufuc waecnowi- 

5 Newutche nuttcnantamup, ne wunneg- 
en, nanompaifumdnat wematcinneunk^ nsg 
woh ktnegonne peyaonukqimnaoont, kah ne- 
gonne quolhauwehtam»nat kummoDchekoh* 
tauongan«Oj ne Wihtejuogkup negonnacu > 
Ben^n woh quoftwohteau, neyane wunncnc- 
huwae uffeonk Sr matta iahchewontamwacu. 

6 Qut yeu nudin, noh ogguhfobkchtcadt^ 
piih ogguhfe kcpenum. kah noh nioiLohkeh- 
te^dt, piih nr cochekc kepenum. 

7 Niih noh pafuk uttoh fn ntog ncin* 
gUch mattuttumwae, afuh newutche moo- - 
fhcuifenat, newutche a God womonau we- ''^ror. 
kontamwerra^unutche. r^'^^» 

8 Kah God tapenuT) ummiftteauunat wa- iv^^i*** 
me ukktteamontean!tte2on?2lh ncgque en 
kuhhogkaoontjOnk n^gwutteae n.immilhk- 
hlkqueog wame teanteaqu liinilh, woh kum* 
moDchekohtomwa) niih noh wunanakauCa- 

onk. I, t>rf 

9 Neyanfukwhofik V ^ fcpageoum, anin- *' *^»*»* 
nurr»2Uaa mstchekuoh , wunnoiUWiUiTeonk 112. 9. 

xo Yeuyeu noh anummaout c wuilianne- »^ . 
muneafhohkehteaenih, aninnuT.unkook pe- ^^'**** 
tukqunnunk wutchkummetfuouganou; kah '*• *•* 
midiehteungook koQikannemunncDODant niih 
ahketeamukupafh, Uah muttaanteungkiok 

1 1 Wenaeekeog nijli noh teagwas en wame 
mlHiemagunat, neayi.TxUR tabuttantamaua* 
ongart\ God, nalhpe nenawun. 

12 Newutche ufTenat yeu pumminumcoa* 
cnk matta webe wuttfnnumau6un ne que- 
oaubukquehettit wunetupanatogig , que 
milhumineechuinu wonk naihpe monata^ 
tabuttantumooongafh Godut. 

1% Na(hpe kukqutchhetteaonganoo yea 
pumminnumcDonk, r^hrttmctonahettit Gody 
newutche kumraenuhke nofwectamooongan- 
00 wunnaundiemcDkaonk Chri;^, kah newut- 
che kummiflie chachaubenumaaonganoo* 
kah wame in midinninnuh. 

14 Kah nalhpe kuper^ntamwanniVukoo^. 
ongajiioo ne ahchewonumukqueog, ncwutche 
monfag wHnneetupanatamooonk wutch God« 
ut en kul'hofikaduc. 

15 Tabuttantamauuntch God ♦ newut«» 
che nutU mok JkoAflOPtanomik ommagflDo 
woiilb CttAF» 


I nonttt,onituli mat mifunnunooog, ncwut- 

C H A P. X. 

YEUyca nen Paul koDwchquetumauBn- 
UrawQO naihpc ummanunnifluonk » kah 
fruananauuiTuonk Clirid, ncn wectomunog 
nuppcanumuk^us, qat nogkonuaog nummU 
fiiatium en kuhhogkaout. 

2 qut ka)vrehquetumaunnutnw(X>) matca 
woh nummilhanumoDunat , wrccooiMnog^ 
naibpe ne kuppahkcwauhinnumwcU) uttuh 
adt unnantam ouinmiilidnumcDunonat lu- 
ivhutche, nagjogquanumukqucagig) onatuh 
pimufhiog ncyanc wcyaufut. 

} Ncwutchctunkonogquc nupponauQio- 
nan wcyaufut) macta nuuyeuwchtcamun nc- 
yane wewaulut. 

4 Ncwutche nutauwohtcaongaOi ut nuta- 
yeuwehtcaoiiganuan6nur, matta weyauiin- 
ncDalb, qut mogklycuafli iiafhpcu Cod^ na>- 
kinnumunat mamonobkobta|i(h. 

5 Ncukohkonat weadceanittamcDonga(h, 
kah nifh noh qunnukquodt, ne waa pcinoouk 
nehcnwonchc aycuuhkone wahcogaiiit God 
kah miilinnohkonac niih noh unnanatamoo- 
onk noofwctauonat Chri/l* 

6 Kah quolhwchtamwac aiina)t6nat wame 
matnajrwehcatndoBk^ kcna>rw€tafnaDonga- 
noj mah^hc nag. 

7 Sun kittin natauwompatamunaoafli 
woikccheadt nokquog? howan pabuhtanum- 
ont wuhhhogkuh ncowadSftiit Chrhtut , 
ycuoh nehcnwonchc ycu wonk unnantaj, ne- 
yanc wutchaiyHChr!itut,ncutupc ncnawun 
nojchipimun Chriitut. 

8 Ncwutehe tunk6nogquc moochekc 
Runnoiiut (nc Lord aninnumungqueog wut- 
che wcckekonittuonk,kah matta wutch pa- 
guanuonk ) matia woh nutakodchu. 

9 Woh nutogqucneuakquifinncat, kuttoo- 
wclhaniinunaoont na(l:ipc wufiukwhongalh. 

to Ncwutche aofukuhwhongana>alh(nQO- 
waog) tuhk^qunalh kah menuhkiyeua(h) qut 
Wunho|kac a>wctomewaonk noDchumwi > 
& wutcinnontoowaonk miihananumukquodc 

11 Ycuoh ne unnantaj, ne cnuffcagiih at 
kuttoowonganit, na(kpe wulTukwongafh mo 
apeog, ne nuttmnuflinncaa ut kuttcDWong- 
anit wetomunog. 

12 Ncwutche nukquehtamumun noDWce- 
togkcmonanoniit kcnugkc nag, afuh ncyati 
tinan6nutnuhhogk?6og wccbcnawhutcli nag 
%raenomonche^ wuhhogkaub, qut nag quad- 
whihcttitwuhhogkluh nailnpc wuhhogk&uh, 
kah yayanihcttit wuhhogkauh naftipewuh- 
bogkauh, matta waantamcDOg. 

i^ Qut matta ncnawun noowoweenoo- 
mun nifti matta ohtanoDgllh nukqutwhcga- 
Bunnonut, qut ncaunag quttuhwheg ne anin- 
numungqucog God, quttuhwheg ne mafuk- 

14 Ncwutche matta nukqunhoehtamco- 
iRQOj ongkoue ne ohcag nut^qutwhcganun- 

chc nummahche peyauraun ne ipcog wonk 
kuhkautomuhkonat wtinaunchemwkaonk 

i^ Matta nummiibkouantam6mun nidi 
opgkoue ohtagiih nukqutwheganunnonut $ 
onkatogfg wutanakauiuong^nauoaHi > que 
nutannoblinun, koDnamptamouonganco na- 
no mohfagjncnawun woh nummiihhctteamun 
na(hpe kcnaau, neyaunig nukqutwhcganun» 

16 KukkoDtomuhkonat wunaunchemcD- 
kaonk wutobtimoneat ongkoue ohtag , kah 
matta ut mulkouounatonkatog ukqutwhe- 
ganit, nilh quagualhwehtamukiOx wutch 

17 a Qut noh m2(\kttdt ^ miihkdaj uC a Je. 9^ 
Lordut. 24. 

18 Ncwutche matta noh waeenomunk i cofo 
wuhhogkuh, tapcncauau, qut neh waccno- t* ^u 
monchch Lord. 

C H A P. XI. 

NUkkodtantam kummukkooniunncna- 
lionut oggukfefe ut nutafaotuotiganiC 
k*ii wannamuhkui mukkoonaek. 

2 Ncwutche ncn nummaoiittcamoeniniili 
papaumc kcnaau , naflhpe manittoe moofit- 
leamoDonk, ncwutche kukquoftjomunnum- 
woo pafuk ouwelFukiin, onk wob kuppafou- 
unumwco,ncyane pahkc pcnomp ut Chriftut 

5 QutnaL>wabisifiikont woh toh ut, ne- 
yaue zikcok wutirioflnpeukouomp Eveoh nalh» 
pc ounompuwufluonk , aetatupc kuttenan« 
tamcDonganoD woh aninncuc amachtoun pa* 
fukqunncDoouk ne ohtag Chrift ut. 

4 Ncwutche noh paont kubkcDtomuh- 
tcadtonkatogc jefusob, noh matta kohkoo- 
tomwehteaog , afuh attumunog onkatog 
nalbauanit noh ifquara attumun66g : afuu 
onkatog wunauncticmookaonk ne afquam ta- 
pcncamaoog 5 woh koone mukkODnominncau 

5 Ncwutche nuttenantam matta wuttat 
noDfukauoh kuhcheu Apoftlcfcg 

6 Qut tunkfinogque numnr.attantoowon , 
qut matta ut wahteunteaon ganit. qut kup- 
pannuppc wahteauwahunumun ut kcnugkc 
kcnaau nifli noh ut. 

7 Sun nutufTcn togkuflittaffummuwaonk 
nuppcchconat nuhhog, onk woh kummifii- 
teamwGD, newutchc kukkuhkootomauonum- 
woo wunaunchemookaonk God nannouwc } 

8 NummukkoakinnumoDWontam onkatog- 
iih mocuwekomongaih , nemunnumon onk- 
quatunkaih nag wutche> kutannummaiinun- 

9 Kahtretomiinog, kah quenahukquean, 
wannc hoWan nutunkquatunkoo , nevvutche 
nc quenauwchikqucj oowcmattinncunk wag- 
ig Macedonia, nag nuttinnumunkquog , kah 
nilh noh ut nuDWadchan nuhhog wutchiE 
kocweafTuhhunnunnaoont, kah ne nuttihae 
wadSiaaun nuhhog. 

M m 2 to Ne« 

wetcmitk(Dk wame. Anient 

ffc watdiipwuttcDnapwuttuonk. 

li Wamcwaaetupanatogig kooifonkum- 


14 Ukkitteamontcanittcaonk Nul- 
lordumun Jcfii Chrift, kah a>womoau. 
fuonk God , kah cuwetomuwaonk nalhau- 

Kabohtocu wuiTukwhonk ut Corriathi 
anfut , mo wuttuiTukwhdfu Phi- 
lippos ut Macedonia naihpe Tims 
kah Lucat. 

Wutcplftleura T^VL at GALATIANS. 


-r^/lal Apoftlcumoh Jcfus Chrift , matta 
■^ wrolkct6mpa6g,afuh matta nafhpe wof- 

*• ketompaog, qar aaftipe Jefus Chrirt.kah 

God wutoofhimau, noh omohkinomp wutch 

2 Kah wame wemattlnncunk ncg wctomuk- 

■qweancg, en niocuwekomonganehtu ut Ga- 


3 Kitteamontcanittuonk appehtunkook 
4ah wunohteaonkjwutai wutoorfjinneac God, 
•k*h wutch Nullordumun Jefus Chrift. 

4 Noh maguk wuhhogkuh wutch nummat- 
&creonganunon;fi33 onk" woh kuppohquoU- 
whunukqunnanonut yea wutch matchcmut- 
taohkit, neyauiiag wuttenantamoDonk God, 
kah nooihun. 

5 Nch fohfumoowosonchc micheme kah 
Biichemc. AmetK 

6 Nummoncmnatam teanuk kutontfa- 
pinneau wu tche naguni;, noh wehkomukquc- 
og en ukkitteamonteanittcaonganit Chriii, 
en wonkatog wunaunchemookaonganit. 

7 Nc matta oHkatoganunnoog^qut nawhut- 
chc kQDtainehikqunneau5kah kodpanne anin- 
tiumunat wunaunchcmobkaonk Chriil. 

8 Qut tuk6nogque nenawun afuh Angel 
Wutch kcfukqut^kuhkoDtomungqucog onka- 
tuk wunaunchcmoL^kaonk , onk ne kohkoo- 
tamauunog, n-iaraatchetamunach. 

9 Ncanxwaop ncgonnC;, ncwonkyeuycu 
RUidn:, feowan kuhkootomungqucog onkatog 
«¥unauncheniookaonk,onk ne attumunumog, 

10 Newutche fun noowehquctumau wof- 
ketompaog, afuh God.' afuh fun nunnatin- 
fieaham wulfikketeahe'onat woiketompaog ? 
newutche afh kodwudikketeahog wolketom- 
paogj ncit matta nen wuttinncumoh Chriii* 

11 Qut kutauncbemaokaunumwoo nee- 
iBitog, ne vvunaunchemcDokdonk kohkoo- 
tomwektei, matta oomoounoo wofketompa- 

12 Newutche matta nooSi attunnunumoo- 
fin wolkctompaut, afuh matta nukkuhkoo- 
Jomungkaoun , qut nalhpc oowalhadtoonk 
Jefus Chrift. 

13 Newutche kummahche naotamumwoCi 
ruttinaycuongifhnegonohtagift, ut Jewfch 
peantamooonganit , noofaume wolkehteoh 
2™2!?^^wcli^9ni9ak Q^d^Uk nuppaguad- 

14 Kah nino nuramifhteop ut Jewfeh pf- 
antarooDonganit, anuconk monaog ncg ta- 
tuppcycuweoneg ut nehcnwonchc nutobkct, 
anuc maocheke manahkinncteaon ukkuhkoo- 
tomwehteaongalh koofhunnonog. 

15 Qut tapeneog God, noh chabcnukco 
wutch nookas wutooppumuka^Hiohjkah weh- 
komit naihpe ukkitieamontcanitteaouk. 

16 WahtcAUwahuwonat wunasumonuh ut 
nuhhogkatj onk woh nukkuhkoDtomuhkonat 
kcnugkc pannaowohtamweinndut , teanuk 
mat nooweetODWomoo wcyaus kah wfquchc- 

17 Afuh matta nukkuhkukoo en Jerufa- 
lem, en nagoh ncgonne onk ncn Apoftlcyeu- 
wutchcg, qut nuttomp Arabia, kahnuLOtn- 
ponchep en Damaikus. 

18 Neit maliche nilliwe kodtumflok, nuk- 
uhkukquep>n Jerufalsm, nauonat Petcrjkah 
noowetapemop nabo napanna tahifiikquinne. 

19 Qut onkat'Ogig Apoftlefo^ mattanau- 
6og 5 wcbe James Lord weerr.atuh. 

20 Ycuyeu nifh wifukahhumauunogi/h, 
kulTeh , anaquabit God matta nuppannoo- 

2r Cmpetak nuppcyomp wutohtuongaih 
Syria kah Cilicia. 

22 Kah nen matta ncDWahettcoh ut icurke- 
fukqut ut moeuwehkomonganehtu Judej;, 

23 Qut nag webc nootamwog, nohwafk- 
nikquefigkup negonae, cyeu kahkootomwch- 
teau vvunnamptamooonk ne paguatunkup ne- 

24 Kah nag fohfumooaunoog Goduh ufi 


NEit mahche nabo yauwekodtumoog, 
wonk nutogquodchuop en Jerufalcm, 
wecche Barnabas^ kah nunnemunomp litus 
wonk weed;e nen. 

2 Kahnutog(^uadchuop nafhpe wahfliad- 
toonk;, kah nuttinaunchemookauonioh wua- 
Baunchemcukaonk ne kohkoutomwehteaop 
kenugke Gentilfut, qut kemcu, en naguh 
malTanumukquflitchcg, iftkont wohtoh ut 
woh nukquogqucm, afuh mahche quogquc 
as tahnoochc. 

% Out matta Titus, nofewetomit, Greek- 
fuit, Oleke'eu quolhqufau. 

4 Kabnt Rcwatchcp^naoowae wemattiri' 

f4ul 4f4jhkfmu7^ir0b ' Chafi 

iicunk pehchcu petukonou , nag pctuttca- 
panneg kcmeu kemuhkommohettit nutchip- 
BJiminuuonganun, ncahtauog ut Chriltjc- 
iusut, woh i^uppafouqunnaiionut kcnepiC- 

5 Noh matta ?gwappehtauo6gkut pafuk- 
howcr,ne wunnamulikuteyeuo) wunn^uriche- 
Hiookaoiik woh koowetomukqunnan. 

6 Qut neg nacihtogig milhanumiikquflln 
(howanig ntg nowccta, God matta tapene- 
auoou hjwae wolketompuli) newutche nag 
malho.rpamukqutiiccheg , weogquttumog, 
wanne nukkootenunkoog teag. 

7 Qut paanelnjUamohettitoanaunchemoo- 
kaougunoa matta q^uoHiqufaufegig nutahtnh- 
ftiittean, neyanc ajnauncheinoukaoiiganeo 
qujUiqufaufitcheg uc Pecerur, 

8 (Newutche noh manuhkanakaufeup ut 
peterut Apoltleuhkononct wutch <juofqwf- 
aufitcheg , noh nad mi.lugken ut nuhhog- 
kat nogque en Gcntiirut) 

9 Kah J mes, Cephas kah John nacihtog- 
ig ncpatunkquonkanuln, wahteauhettitkit- 
teamontc.inittuonk ne aiilmpniimuk , nag 
nuitinnumungquog kah Barnabas vvuttinoh- 
kduim^u weetanakaufoutinneat, nuppeyafin- 
nanonut panooywobtogig, kah nag quolliqui- 

10 Webe kodtantarr.wog nummeauo- 
numonanonut matcbekuog;, nc wonk koduf- 

1 1 Qut Peter paont Antioch, nutaycuubr. 
kone nepauwehtau ut anaquabit, newutche 
woh wutchiraau. 

12 Newutche afquamuawhutch paihet- 
teg wutch James ut, wchpumop Gcntilfoh, 
qut nag paahettit, amai, i«h chippeu, nah 
quolhunt quofiiqufiufinitcheh. 

13 Kah onkatoganeg Jewfog ooweeche 
«iantukciyeumukqiioh, kah wonK Barnabas 
amaunuh naihpe wutciantukciyeuonk. 

14 Qiit naarpon matta fampwc pomufhaur 
ODog, neyaunag viunaunchemaDkae wunna- 
niuhkuteyeuQoonk , nuttin Peter ut ana- 
quabhetlit wame, ken Jew pomantaraan 
nayane pomantamwahhettit Gentilfog, kah 
matta ncyane Jewfog, tohwutch chctimadt 
Gentilfog unnijppomantamunat neyanc 
Jcwfut f^ 

15 Neaawun Jewfuweagifh neyanc neeke- 
rgi kah matta matdicfeacnuog wutch Gen- 

16 Wahteauog wofketomp matta famp- 
weoj»quanumau n>(hpe niumatu^ wutapa- 
kaufuongalh, qut nafhpe wunnamptamooonk 
Jefus Chriilut : nenawun wonk pountrrjp- 
tamunun en Jefus Chrift, onk woh nulT^mp- 
fveogquanumittsmun naflipe wniinamptamo- 
onkChrift, kah matta nafhpe unnaumatue 
anakaufuongafli, ncwurihe naifcpe nanmatue 
fvutanakaufuong^fh , waimc weyaus pilh 

17 Qut natinneabhamog fampwcogqui^ 
nittuonk naihpe Chrill, nenawun wonk ni- 
mehhitteaog matchtfcchcg : fun Chrift ne- 
wutche wuttineumoh matcbcfeonk?n6oh,t(iij 

18 Newutche wonk ayimon ne mahcht 
paguodtau, nummatcheftaenueh nuhhog, 

19 Newutche nen naihpe naumatuonk 
nunnup ut naumatuonganit, onk woh nup- 
pomancam ut Godut. 

qut nukketeam : ohnch matta nen,qut Chrift 
pomantam ut nuhhogkat, kah ne poman- 
lamooiik yeuyeu pamontamon ut wcyaufut, 
nupporaantam nalbpc wunnamptamoonk 
wunnaumonuh God , noh womaulit, iub 
roaguk wuhhogkuh wutch nen. 

21 Malta nuppanihatoou ukkitteamon- 
teinitteaonk God, newutche fampweog- 
quoantamdonk nalhpc pcyont naunaatuonk^ 
Kcit Chtill tabnouche nuppoui. 

WOI mattammagweGalathians, hor 
wan kuppauwanunukkumwcu onk 
iiiatta woh kencufwchtampumwcu wunamnhr 
kutc) cuoDg, ut anaquabeog kulkcfukouooot 
Jerus Chrift wahteauwahuwon,paroetunkup- 
punadtut kenugkc kenaau > 

2 Yeu webe kukkodnetompbcnncau, fua 
kutattumunnumwous nalbauaait, naihpe 
naumiitue kutanakaufuongsfti , afuh naihpe 
ncxjtamoe wunnamptamoonk ? 

5 Sun ne kittin mattammagODunncau ? 
nooch? wunnalhauanittoome6g, fun ycayci 
ku^pahkhetteamwa> ntfiipe weyaufut? 

4 Sun ne ketealheu chequnchtamunneaa 
tafenooche / tohncit a(h tahncDcheyeuci>k. 

5 Newutche noh aKumungqucog nafhau- 
anitto, kah monchanatamx)ongalh allt ut 
kcnugke kcnaau;, fun wuiuilen naihpe nau- 
matue anakaufuongaibjafub naihpe noptampe 

6 Neyanc Abraham w.unnampta^op God* 
uh, Uah wutch ogquonamon fampwcttlfe? 

7 Newut5hc wahtcauoL>k,nag wanamptog^ 
ig, nch wunncchanoh Abraham, 

8 Kah wuflfukwhonk negOKC nag God wok 
fjmpweogquanumau pannauwohtannweenub 
nafhpe wunnamptamcuonkjnegonne kohkGD- 
tomvfehteamuk wunnaunchemoDkaonk ut 
Abraham, anont a ut kuhhogkat pilh wame aCm^ 
wutohtimoneafli wunanatamunalli.^ 12.^9 

9 Nemehkuh nag wanamptogig , naj 
wunnanumoog wceche wunampcamwe Abra» 

10 fNc.vutchc ncj» p? unVitcheg nafhpe 
unnaumatUe ^nakauiuongaIh5n3g agwc n^at- 
Hienittu-mgaiiit , iiewvitche wuflukwhpfw 

b mamatchenunaj niih noh pi£uk,matta noh ^ D^^j, 
nagwutteanum*x)g nilh wane wafukiirbAnkiih ^, 3|^ 
ut naumatuonganit, nifli uffcnaf . 

11 Qui wahikiR94{ Vftna^ hpwia im^- 

^anAmptcg^mnantHenuh Abraham Galatians. ksonaHmomkJnpik^^unuiChrifi^^^ 



numitteamun nafbpc wunnamptamoonk. 

25 Qut rr.ahche peyaurocuuk wunnariip- 
tamoaonkj matta wonk nutagwchuuoraun 
SchooIoDwae fontim. 

26 Newutchekenaau wunnecchaHohGod 
Baihpe wunnamptamoDonk vt Joius Chrht. 

27 Newutche nc adtahiouweeg kenaati 
kodrumweogiib utChriftut, kutcgkumwGO 

28 Na matta Jewunnoo afnh Greekunnoc;, 
na nratta tohtogkuppiiicnuunnoOjafah chip- 
pinniiunnougj na rea'cta wolketomp kah mic- 
tarawoiiis , ntwutche wame kuppai'ukou- 
Gomvsoo utChriilJei'us. 

29 Kah wutchaiyfigCliriftutjneitkenaau 
Abraham wuikannemunneohj kah norrpia- 
ukegneyaunag quofhodtuonk. 


NAno nUiFim, noh nompinont mogkle- 
fuitj matta penoQunnumcx) wutdl 
vvuctinncumunneat tukonogquc piahquttuk 

2 Qut agwappu kuhkoDtomwehteaenuut, 
kah nananuwaenuut 5 noh pajeh uttouche- 
yeuook ooilioh unnoDwanii. 

9 Ncyane nenawun , mogkiefaeog 5 nut- 
agwappemunonup muttaohkeeu waj kut- 

4 Qut pakodcheuttODcheyeuauk , God 
announau wunnauraon.h, waj hit mittum- 
\ woii'ilTitj tannehheau agwe n^umatuongr 
I an it. 

i 5 Pohquohwhunnonat negagwenaumatu- 
I onganitjonk woh nutattumunumumun wun- 
' naumonuhkonittuonk. 
( 6 Kah newutche kenaau wunnaumoniin- 
I neunk, God anoonau wunnajhauanittoomoh 
' wunnaumonuh en kutrahhouwout, wchque- 
j tumunat Abba no/fh. 

( 7 Newutche ken matta wonK wuttinneu- 
' mtin 5 qut wunsaumoniin ; kah loh neit 
; ken wunnaunnoniifcuk , neit ken wunnom- 
1 pinnumwjeneumohGod nafhpe Chrill. 

_ ^ . i 8 Qut matta waheauog God 5 neit koo- 

fukoo wurinohteah^cou , qut God pafukcLoo , wowuiiumomwao neg aniitcheg matta woh 

21 Sun naumatuonk neit penncin uk- manittoomegig. 
quofiiaumuwaongafli God? noohta) 1 newut- ! 9 Qut ycuyeu mahche wabhe6gGod:,aruh 
Che naumatuonk aninnamonteaogkui), noh ayn God wahukqueog, tohwaj omponcheog 
woh maguk pomantamoonk , wunnamuhkut wonk en nouchumweiue & wenlbie waj kut- 
fampweogquanittuonkn'nagkusnafhpcnau- dichteomukiih , uttoh ad koduntamog 
matuonk. \ wonk kukkcneplinneaoont. 

12 Qut wufTukwhonk upponumun v/amc I 10 Kuhkehkinneafimwoo kcfukodtaflij kah 
agwe matchefeonganit , nc quafliodtuonk nepauzfaog, kah aquompiyeuaih? kah kod- 
tiaftipewunnamptamcDonk Jefus Chrift woh tummooalh. 
aninnumauoneau ncgwanamptogig. 11 KobwabcrucnihinnumwcD ifhkont tah- 

23 Qut as papeyunkup wunnamptamoD- j noodle kupponamauonumwo) nutanakau- 
onk^nanauwehhcttearcunagweut naomatu- 1 fuonk. 

onganit,kuppuh6fmwutdi wunnamptamoD- ( 12 Neematog, koowehquctumonumwflo, 
onk, ne woh ompetak wahteauwahuwomuk. , unniyegk neyaniye , newutche nen ncyane 

24 NewSjeh naumaioonk, nd mo ncD- kenaau, matta kuramatchcnehumwa> 

wco^quanumoun nalhpc naumatuonk sna- 
eHab. quabit God , newutche c lampweogqua- 
«.4. numutflicg pilh nalhpe poraantamwog wun- 
Rom. namptamooonk. 

1 . 1 7. 12 Kah nautoatuonk niatta ut wunamptam- 
d Lev. CDonganit, qut d woiketomp niih uireit,pi(h 
18.5 • wunnalhpc pomantamunaih. 

1 5 Chriil kuppohquohwhunukqun wutfli 

, ummatanummuaonganit naumatuonk, noh 

matanlttuwahikoQwanflnkqueog , neyanfuk- 

ipDent. whoiik, e niih noh paluk mataiumau nch 

SI. 23. w6olliau ut mehtugqut. 

. 14 Ne wunnaniLteaonk Abrsliam, woh 
v/unuhkukkongquneau Gcntilfog na/]:ipe 
jei'us Chrift , onk voh nutauiimunomiim 
. quciLbdtue na(l:iauanit n^fhpe wunaamp- 

15 Neematogj nutogkcDWam wofketom- 
paut^tukonogque webe oonoowaonk woike- 
lomp 5 ohnch, matta ho- 
wan uppohqunnumouunp aluh ukkautnebtea- 

16 Yeuyeu, quoihodtuongaflj ayimauau 
Abraham kah ooi'kannemuneoh, matta noo- 
^au, ooikannemunneog, onatuh raonahettit, 
qutor-atuhpafuk, Kah en koolkanneraunit, 
noh Chrift. 

17 Kah yeu nulliro, ccnoowaonk God ut 
Chriftut, nemianuhkehteomukup negonae: 
naumatuonk mahche yauut pafukouC kod- 
tumook kah fliwinchag paaumoouk 5 matta 
woh toh hcntuppeheauj onk woh quofliau- 

• muwaonk matceagwehteauouun. 

18 Newutche ahtdonk ohtag nalhpe nauma- 
tuonganit^neit matta nalhpe qucihodtuong- 
iininno : qut God aninnumaDau Abrahamoh 
nsfhpe quolhodtuonk. 

19 Tohk6 waj neit naumatuonganiiook ? 
' ponamup wutch matchefeoHgalh, noh pajeh 

peyaumwoLit wuikannem 3 n. hayimauutup 
quofhoadtuonk : kah kukquitumunapnafh- 
pe angels ut wunnutcheganit wunnohteahu- 

20 Yeuycu wunnohtcahuwae'nin matta pa- 

fchoDloDwae fantimomun kuppafooqunnab- 

1% Kouwahteomwoo naftpe Rcxjdiumwc- 

^Jig0 & Sdrahmfinechaneooi 

ivunaunchemeukaonk , negonicu. 

14 Kahnukquidihitieaouk ncohtAgne- 
yauruijrratta ummilhananumuhjaruh pogke- 
Buh 5 qtit i\UtatiumLHin)W(U ntyanc wuc- 
AngelUimohGod ne\ ane Chrift Jtlus. 

1$ Ncit utiiyeu wunnanittqonk wcogqut- 
tumog } ncwuLihekaiWauwounumwa,woh 
nn.igkisj woh kukkadtniticamwou nehtn- 
woHche kuikefuKquaihj Uah nuttinnumon- 
teanafli. ^ 

16 Sun lien kummatwaciyeum, ncwutcnc 
koonomwahunnumwa.' ? 

17 Menuhkc ka;woir6nukquog,qut mat- 
ta wuniicu, nux > tvodloihuukunkqueagig, 
nag Kouwomonottaoont. 

18 Q«t ne wunegen menuhke weogquoan- 
tamunat en ne waaegik, kah matta webe 
wctomunog. . . , , 

19 NummukkieTumog ncg kodnekhcogcg 
vonk, noh pajeh thrift i^akcncunungqullit en 

ao N ukk( dfantaro koowetcmununnaoont 
«yeu, kah nukquinuppinnun unat nutlin- 
nontouwaonk ^ newutche kuiciiananumun- , 

.21 Uirekq, kodtantamogifl^ agwc nauma- . 
tuonganit, iun mat ktnuuiamcomwou nau- \ 
iratuonk? », l i 

22 Newutche wu(rukwh6ru , Abraham \ 
reeiinnaumoniyau, paiuk nafiipc millmnoe \ 
sttiuumwoiiiriohj onkau g Baihpc chippin- 
«uc mittumwoiiillbh. 

23 Qut noh wachckit miiTmnoc mittani- 
woiiilit, wcyauiue neetu, qutnohwutch 
^hippinnue mitwrnwoUiint , nafl'ipe quoHi- 

24 Niih a'gqueneung^uokifh, newutche 
ycuih hetirtalli wunnoDwaong^fli , p^i uk 
>vutch AMdchuut Sinai , noh necchadt Ue- 
cepluon^anii, noh Agar. 

2$ Newutche ycu Agar, wadSiu Sinai ut 
Arabia, kah piuhl kohfag Jerufakmj yeuyeu 
Jieohug, k^h ohteau kenepfinncat weechc 

i 26 t^K Jcriiialam ne ongkouobxsg 5 ne 
^ippoMeau, ne wadtoukafeog wame;, 
alfaia. 27 Newutche wulVukwhofu , a.weckon- 
54.1, tafli kenmah^t:eyanm«itta w >neech: neyan, 
jjohquai.ih kahmaufh Kenm«uta neecfeaan ) 
newutdle noii nonuit mODcheke nechanau 
onk nohwafukiic. 

Ch^p.i.ChriJiUne chipfmnuoHk.d' v^ofnonittmi 

neechanoh kenepfuc mittarawolTis , qut 

C H A P. V. 
Ewutche mcnchtekompoouk ut chip- 

NEwutc I 
pinnaunneat uttd id Chrid chi]>pia- 
nu^aliikqueog^kah ah^uc wonk puhtahham* 
og nalhpe rtiiinnnae yoak. 

2 Kufleh nen . auU^uttinnonnumwoo j 
quoihquf^Eieog, Chriltmatu toh iuttinnts 

3 Newutche wohk noowauwon en nilhnok 
woiketump noh quofhqufaurit , noh unnoa- 
tuhquohwhon ulienat wame naumatuonk. 

4 Chrift vv^nneioh kittinne wufenehikoOj 
howari kerfaau fampweogquanuiViit wall^pc 
naumatuonk : kcnukkodtumwo; kiiteamon- 

5 Ne'wutche nenawun riafl^pc nafiiauanit ^ 
nuppahtomun annijuofue ftfnpW^og^iuanit- 
tuonk nalhpe wunnamptar?iauonk. 

6 Newucthe ut jcfus Ch riftut qofliqufau- 
fuonk matts wunnoichuon unoo, aiuh mattx 
quoil^quiaufeonkjqut wunnamptamouonk nc 

, anakauHimouuknaihpe v^omoauiuonk. 

7 KdDnequogqucmwophowahkajtamme- 
l hikuKiW(JD>maita woh l^ounofwehtamaoun^ 
' naoent wanummuhkuteyeuuk. 
j ' 8 Yeu nupweaiioDwaonk matta,q:>racx)un<» 
I noh wehkon ukqiieog. . / 
\ y Ogglihfemctefeog avirriOoa>\^atlt^'reanit 
'■ 10 KtippaubuhtanumunumwoD naihpe Lord, 
I pilh mactakuppenpwe unnantama^unaoont, 
I qut noh wadtamehikqueog,piili ukklnnumuii 
^ tieheiiwpncLe wulidmaoiikj howan ariiit. 

In Rah neunematog, Ifi-^Purrime kuhktxj-. 
tomehteaon q«o(hquia»ruonk^Qhwutdl a£h- 
pummechequnehiaiii wo&ehuwabiiK >? ncit 
tagkalBttaiiuHoe ' '"purnractunkuppuiionH 
1 maitaworiknana*^ -- ■ 

I 12 Napehnontnagtummchtahwhutwad- 
■' tamehikqueogig. ; ^ . 

15 -Newutche nematog kummabche weh- 
komitteamwoo en ibippiniiuunneat , webc 
i ahqueauw-ohteagkchippinnaoionk vvunub- 
1 kofiiunat weyaiis, qut nallnpe womonlttuonk 
j wadtinneumuhkdadtegknijb noh pafuk. , 
I 14 Newutche wame nau.nacuonk pikod- 
8ieni]ihutparak kuttoowqn??;anic3yeu <3 un- ^Levlt 
nouwomus ietatteamung neyanoDWOinotiat 19.183 
/'kuhhog. ^ ^ Matth^ 

15 Qutfogkepwutteog/Kahmahchipwut- 22. :j9o 

quofiioadtue neechariog, 

29 ^,utneyan&-naut,noh weyajirue,nqekit5 

wojkeheau n^'N^fiiauiinittiie nekimtche^ 

neyane 3 euyeu. 

h Gene. - '"5'^ Qut loh noowau wuilukwhdak? h pog- 

31.10. Kes kenepfue mitt.^mwotlis, kah wynnau- 

moniilij newutche wuimaumonuh kenepfue 

rnittamwoliis matta pilh nompinauau vvun- 

tmu nonoh chippinnde mittumwollis. , 

3 1 N'fic ncpiatog j m^tta penawftft WUfl- 

^ -Onk w\in neematogj neyane Ifaa.kj teog, abqueteaucQk jMj^^^ 

" ° " " 1 1 ill woi. /"","'''"'"''"'*"' "'*'" 

16 NcitiiilI{n^pom^.fbagkut Nafhauanit- 
Jtooutf iwh^ah^ue-piloidch^fulick ukkodtan- 

tamoDongaft vveyaus. 

17 Newutche weyaus kodnuihiu NsfhcV 
uanittOj kah nafiiauanit kocnuihau wey;uf- 
ohj & yeug penuinictuog, newaj matta woh 
ulTeog nilh anantamogith. . 

18 Qut nafjipe fagkompaganitteaGg naQi- 
smaait^matta kytagwappurawoo naun atuonk 

^ ~ ' ' Hn 19 Onk 

kurtehhcttcamwopmatta quo|hquraureklg, , odtumwacnuut ^ nafhpe naftjuanir. 

lufiipe ahennitcheg quopiqulauiitcheg ut 
weyaurut, meiiutch ganic nailipeafcmukill''.. 

12 Na ahciuompak wannc kou-Chiiiteu.Ti- 
tx>mwop, penawohteapjog vvutch v/unnan- 
anictuo.sig;inU Ifrael, Kah penuwohieapeog 
wutclj v\ UiinQDwaongaiie quoihodtuonganitj 

• wanne annoduryog k-->h vvanne wsi-JViaiiittcu- 
nieyogut muttaohket. 

13 Qutyeuyeu ut Ch rill Jcfu silt, Venaaii 
negonae ken6apicnv/09 , Kuppafpochhet- 
teamwot) nsihpe GofqheonkChriil. 

14 Newutche noh noonohteaonganun, noh 
iieiiiAve pafukqunhetteaog, kah foohkuppun- 
211 nafliauvveneutunk nenafhauohkunkqueog- 

. kcp. •' 

'15 Mahtdiadtbink ut weyaufut penuanlt- 
tuonk, nau.natue wutannvX>teamcx)ongailij ut 
kubkoowaongadehiiu , onk woh ayimun ut 
^viahhogkatj ncefuog, pafuk wufkojlketompj 
iiemehkuh wunohtcihuwon. 

16 Onk woh na neefwe wunphteahuau 
utGodut ucparukooinneatmuhhog, nalhpe 
piJrnmctunkuppunonkj nehtunk penuanit- 
nionk ut wuhnogkat, 
" 17 Kah peyau , kah kukkaotomwehteau 
wmiohtcaonk kenaaun6appeyogilh;> kah neg 

; 18 Newutche nafiipe nap;um nenawuti 
n'ecfwe iiaJhpe pafuk nafliauanit nuppeyauii- 
nomun wutcofhimau. 

19. NewutSie yeuyen matta wonk kuppe- 
^Uwohteaoumwau kah kuttoaohkomnkqun- 
!3aa)mw<X)j qut koDWcetaatonniyeuinoDmwoo 
waneetupanatogig, kah weechianeuraoiiche 

20 Kah koDweekckonitteamwco ut uk- 
^uenohtomoDwdont Apoftlefog kah quofli- 

. bdtumwaenuog, nagum Jefus Chrift kehche 
^guiFukquanuit sdt nafliik. 

21 Noh adt wame wekitteaonk piubmke 
n^oehteorauk, nekin wunetapanat^iHiwe tem- 
,J)leut Lordiu, 

6 Onk woh Gcntilfog weechenompinnua- 
chegjkah pafnkaJ'h wuhliogkaoh, kah vveechc 
chippunniim iTioadtehetticheh ukquoflio* 
muwaonkut Chriitutj nafhpc wunnaunchc* 

, niQukaonk. 

7 Nc nohtompeantogohukqueh , neyanag 
ummagoDonk iikkitteamontcanitteaonk God 
ne anummiyimuk, naihpe mtnuhkanakauruc 

8 En nuhhogkatj ncn peiiiKTe ne papeilliilit- 
chegwame waneetupanatogig, yeu kittca- 
monteanittuonk magun, onk woh nukkuhkoo 
tomuhkonat ut kcnugke gentilfut, matta 
woh natinnchamoomuk cowenauwetuongafb 

9 Kah wahteauwaheonat wame wolke- 
torapjogj tenguas mochtamoonk faogok, nc 
na waj kutchidik mutaok adtuhtdiik ut God 
ut, noh ke-leuak wame tcanteagualinillj 
nalhpe jefus Chriil . 

10- Ycu nogque in yeuyeu, mcDcheke tah- 
fhit oowaantamcDonk God \^o 1 wahteauwa- 
huwoib en negonneyeucjoukid^ kah meauh- 
kefuongaih, ut kefukque aycuonganchtu, 
nafhpe moeuwckkomon k. 

11 NeySnag machemohtag ukkefontarao- 
onk ne keiontog ut Chrift Jefus nul uOrdu- 

12 Noh ut nutahtcmunnanauoRtamooonk 
kah peyaonaonk weeche annoofuonk naihp-C 

15 Newutche nukkodtantam matta kuf- 
{auunumoouRnaoont newutche nootamth- 
punnaongalh wutclie kenaau^ ne kuflbhfuai-. 

14 Newutche yeu nutapeiittukqufTunnoo- 
vrehtau cx)ftoh nul-Lordumun jefus Chriit, 

1$ noh nagum waj miirahhamuk warat 
ddtaihiyeuoouk kefuk kah ohke. 

16 Woh koQwetuwomukqunnaout, neya- 
newenauwetumcuuk wuficbfumoonk, m«- 
nehkhettinnatnafhpe menuhkefuonk, nafl^- 

22 Ut nagumunneh kcnaau wonk wcckc- { pcwunnaiiiaHanittoomohjUtanomenin, 

Sonitteaogwutchcwutayeuonk God naihpe, 17 onk woh Chrift ayeu kuttahboowo«t 

nad^auanitto. | nafhpe wunnampt^mmoDonk wadchabufe- 

C H A P. III. kuhkonitteaog kah ahkehettcaog ut wornci- 

NEwutchc yeu, nen Paule ukkobflia-| nittinncat. 

ginu-nadclich jefus Chrift wutchc ke- j iS Onk woh kuttapcnumumwoo wohtam- 
naau ocntiifog. ^ ' 
2 NcDtamogus ummagODonk ukkittcamon- 
tcanitteaonk God, ansmmiimukup nogque 

en kuhhogkaoout. 

% Nejnalhpemonomanrupnknoowabte^u- 
vabikqun Hogok ( neyanfukhumomp ogguh- 

4 Ne agketamo^, rie woh ut koowohtam- 
W0L>, riQOwahtcaonknefipgokut Chrift ut ). 

5 Ne, wohkatogilh pometuongafti, matta 
, wahteajawaheoncau \yq(kctompaog wunnau- 

iTionaobj ncyane yeuyeu wahiciuwahuadt ep 
Qunctupanjitumwe Apoftlcfvunutjluh q\*oih- 

unat, weeche wame wanetupanatog;gcha» 
guas kuthkefuonk, kah fohtcaonk kah mou- 
noi kah fobkunkquodt. 

19 Kah wahicauunat cDwomoaufuonk 
Chrift nc matta woh wahtcomuk, onk wob 
kenumwabctunkumwoD nafhpe wame WUH- 
nu mwohtoonk God. 

20 NcitnohtapenukufTcn ahchemildta- 
ancuk anue wame ne wehquetumog afuh m*. 
fantamog neyiuag menuhkefuonk ne anakaii« 
fumoDuk ut kittinnomiyeumunnonut. 

:, 2.i,£nwttbhogk<^tr0hrumajonk ohtaj ut 

Hiocuwcbk^rnQnganit, naihpe Jefus Chrift 


' pannuppe wame pomctcongani, muttiok 
inatta woh kuKquofiiininoDc amen* 

Nliwutchc, neii kobihagkinnumadche 
Jefus Chrift k.TowchqiictuniauiiumvrtD 
viOh kuttapeneungqwc pomuihaiiaout nc weh- 

2 Naihpe waiiiepeanumoonKjKah man«n- 
nllluonk, wcechc fcpe aiegqunchtamdonk, 
niakounaitteog ut womonittunnganit. 

a Mcinukanakauieog wadchan6nat uppa- 
fukoLiQoonK nailiaiunit ut wunnohteae kcnep 

"4 Pafukmuhhogkah pafuk na{liauanit,ne. 
yanc wehkomittcaog uc pafukquinuu nanno- 
diiuneat, ut kookcukojnittcaonganout. 

5 Pafuk Lord, pafuk wunnamptamooonic, 
pafuk kutchilTumoonk. 

6 jfafik God kah wutood^in wame, noh 
aneuhkauont wame, kah pannuppu wamcj 
kahut ixubhogkaoutwame. 

7 Qut a'-iih noh pafuk kennwun kittm- 
numonteanan kittcanionteanittuonk , ne- 
yanukqutwhofik hmmagcuonk Chrift. 

a Pfal. SNewajehniXWadt^aihpuwunut^miilmoh- 
68. 18. tcop miffinnoowonk, kah magoop magO)- 

on?2fh en woiketompaut. 
-9 Kahaihpuwuait, te guasne,qut negon- 

nc no^koop en ne tiuhquonkquok ©hkc .^ 

10 Noh no^kit 5 noh nan wonk alhp?it 
aongkouwe wame kefukquaih , onk^ woh 
Wunnumwohtinat wametcanteaqualhiniih. 

11 KahaninnumauaunawhutcheApoltlc- 
, foh, kah nawhutche manittowompoh, kah 

nawfiutche Ev-angeliftfoh, kah nawliutche 
Paftorfob, kah nawhutche Teacherfoh. 

12 Wutch pannupfeeonat wanetupanatog- 
15^ wutche nohtompeantogae anakaafuonk, 
wutche wekekononatwuhhoguh Chrift. 

13 Noh pajeh wame kuppeyonanonutut 
pafukquinauoDut wunnaraptamoaonkj kah 
koDwaheongan wunnaumonuh God, ut pan- 
nuppe wolketomp oonectinat , ca ^"'^J"!j: 
hamooonganit pafhanc keiukinneat ut Chrilt 

14 Yeuwutch onk yean matta wobvvonk 
kab wawamuwunukqunat naOipe niai iroh 
wabanc kuhkootomuhteaonk , nafhpc wut- 
afookekodtGairowQJi^anoDoalh woflLetompa- 
o?, luh afoDkekodteamooe wonnompeufa- 
kohtcaonk, uttoh adl alkuhhamwchhcttit 

1$ qut wdmoaufue wunnamubkutcycne- 
hettit, nag woh noh wuttinne ncckiiineau 
m(h noh ut,noh wohuhkuhquhkont Chnlt. 
16 c Noh wutchnmamufTe i uhhog wunne 
pmhfukehtunk, k^h nohfhamwehteunk-,niilv 
pcnenifiinoh anaqucCuonk ncaunak, neyaiie 
' menu .kanakaufit, neyane quttuhwhbfjk ni(i, 
noh rhippi, nano ockheau muhhogkunk, CD- 
, ^ekekontol wtthliogkvihjut w^momttuong- 1 

Chtfl4* r. nafhaHamttoewHfkhetteahaont^ 

1 1 Cor. 


t Col. 

17 Newajeh ycu noDwi, kah noQWauwon 
ut Lorduc ^ yeuwutche onk yean matta wob 
kuppumafliauunaout ncyanc pomuil-iahcttit 
onkatogig Geniilfog, ut tahncDcheyeuo^ut 

18 ouwohwohtamoDongano) pohkenagjpC" 
nuwohteahettit wutch uppomantamooong- 
anit God, nalhpc af x;tuonk ut wuhhogkaout, 
newQtchc d pohkcnumoonk ut wuttahhoo- dKom* 
w6ut, 1»24* 

19 Neg mat amattamoDgig, nag magooog 
wuhhogkauh en nanwunnoodfquaonganit , 
neh nehteac uffenat wame nilhkcneunkqulfu- 
ongafh. . , 

20 Qut matta nc Auttisnc netuhtauoj- 
uneau ut Chriftut. 

2 £ Noh ncDtacnogus, kah kuhkootomUnf- 
queogkus neyane wunnamuhkuteyeucp Ml 

22 Onk woh iiutamaunomwoo, papaurae 
negonne kupporaulhaonganoj , ncgonaikc- 
tomp, noh anunnuk neyane afoykekodteamoc 

23 Kah woh koDWUiUhetteamwoi ut 
naftiauanittoe kuttenantamGOonganoDWouc. 

24. Onk woh kutogqunncau wuikoiUe- 
tomp, noh agqueneungqudit God, kuhke'- 
nauweheau en fampwefeonganit Uah wunna- 
muhkuteyeue wunnctupanatamopoaganit, 

25 N^wutche pogketarog panncDwayeu- 
wonk, nifn noh wotketomp lampwennnonch 
weetatteamungoh : newutche nena\yun nup- 
pompachsfuvvoni ttimun. 

26 MuCqnanatamojk kah ahque matches 
fck, ahque waoach ut kuiTiin«fquanittamgu- 

27 ACah ahque aninni^ok niattannit 
teb woh a pit. 

28 Nob kumootog ahque wonk kommco- 
tich, qut aynwoh anakaufitch, anakaufu- 
wohtauutch nafhpe wunnutcfeegalh ut nc 
wanegik, onk woh ohtau toh anumauontjUeh 

29 Ahque anneekeketoobkaonk fohham- 
OBCOutch wutch kuttoonut 5 qut w«be ne 
wanegik, ne wanegik wekekonittinneat, c^ilK. 
woh wunne tupanatamwah^au neh ncutuak^ 

^o Kah ahque nooheuk wunnetupanatam- 
we wunnafliauam:t<]umuh God, nohnarnpe 
kuhkinneafue sienc^khetteapg ut pohquoh- 
whunittue kefukkodut. 

51 Wame wefogkinnaowonk, kah che- 
nauawfuonk, kah mufqH /nittttr^nkjkah railh- 
ontoowaonk, kah raamatcheycuonk, amau- 
numunschwiitdi knhhogkaout, weech wa- 
me iihkauanittuonk. 

32 e Kah womonittcgk, nookitteahunkj e aCofi 
ahquoantamoadtcpk) neyane God abquaan- ^.iso 
t.mungqucog, newutchc Chrift. 



C A A p. V. 

NEirueche itouau aCahkoak God, neya* 
n e wromonitchf g mukki efog. 
a Hik womoaufuc puraujhagis , ncytne 
Chrift wonk vromonukqucog , Vuh magoop 
^uhhogkuh wutche kenawun, magODonk & 
ftphaufuunk ca Godut, wutdi wectemung- 
^ ^ Out nanwunncDdfquauonk kah wame 
mlhkeneiingquifuouk, siuh iahchcwor.tamd- 
i^ki ah^ue milibhhamunach ketiugke Kcnaau 
neyane tapeneungquok watch wunnctupa- 

-^4 Aluh nifl^keneungqufTuonk afuh mat- 
'^mmagwc iieket<jukaonk , aluh wahwiau- 
waonk ne tnatta wanegenninnauk, qut ayu- 
'Iwob tabAittanttmconii* 

5 Newutche yeu i;aDwahtcauunReau y 
wannehowan nanwunnoodrquacuin. afuh 
©ilhtetlcuflkqairuwaenm, afuh iahdicwon- 
J^mwaeniiij ( noh nunnciikootunkoh waul- 
latnont) ahtoou ahtoonk ut ukketairoDtam- 
taoonganit Chrift kah God. 
-6 Ahquehowanafookckomukook naJhpe 
^^iioocnc kuttoDwongsih, ncwajch newut^ 
<«e yeufh ummufquanittamc]o©nk God fiuk- 
- *ahkauau mac nofwetaciGe raukkiefoh. 
3^ 7 Newutrhc ahque nag wceche chippin- 

S Newutche kenaau momanch kuppoh- 
HenaiyeuoamwQo , qut yeuyeu kcx)weouai- 
!jcUopmwa> ut Lordut, og<|uihagk wcqaac 

V 9 Newutche ummcchummuonkNsihaua- 
■m ohtean ut wamc waacgik kah fampwc ul- 
fconkj kah wunnamuhkuteycuouk. 
.;io Qatchebtauog uttoh en tapcncKnquok 

-II Anque wediaiycamook m?.tt* mee- 
WiUmmuc pohkcnac anakauruougafh , q»t 
-aynwoh auikomoDk. 

12 Newutche, ne akod'^huonkweogqut- 
Cumufiat ycufhafchcttitchllh kcmeu. ° 

1 5 Qut wgjTiei?i/h nogquokiJh j wahteiu- 

%ahuw^nalli naihpc wcquai , newatchcnoh 

irahteauwahuwadt noh wequai. 

^^14 Newutche noowau, a touhkiih kac'aii, 

^ Ifal. kah omohkifh wutch nuppuniiatj kah Cbrift 


piihkittinumunk wequai 

15 b Kuhkinneafek kcninaworapatamwc 
pomulhunaout, matta onatuh matt^mmag- 
'f^g fl"t waantogi^, 

' i ^'Tabhttmook Uutah<juonnpiyeutncD, ne- 
•Wutche keftikodtalhmatchitifli. 

'ti Newutche ahquc afoukegk , qut woh 
^o'htamcx>k ttttoh dnag wuttenanUmooonk 

-^1 '"^^^ ^Nwe kogkciinppamGck wine, fte- 
^Wifaumoorufonk^qut immwabetunkook ntft. 
pc Nafliauanit. 
^9 Itenaonopk kuhhogkaoognafiipcketoo. 

Nalh3Utnft|<^ M?tQMii?maonf ;^ ketqpiln^nj^ok 
kahayimopk wui|a?it(j>i^apak lit kiit^ahtgr* 
woutenLordut ' j 

2Q Hagwutteae tabuttantamook wut^h 
waroe ie-«Ucaqualfinilh, God kah wutoo^- 
iroau, ut gpvNcfuonganit Lord Jelus Chrilh . 
31 A^wapcbto«dtcgk m quihaooganie 

22 Umroittamwuinncunk agw: pcbtok nc* 

htnwi>nche t.fehlukowoogjncyiiie utLcrdur. 

2;j Ncwuicbc ouwcirukkiinuppuhkukquoli 

mitiumwoUif^ neyane uppuhkukkouic ut ma^ 

cuwehkomonganit, kah noh wadchanaenin 


34 Newutche, neyane moeuwehkomcnk 

: agwapehtauont Chriitoh^ncurtimittimwui- 

j (inncunk unnchheahertich nct^cnwonciie wa- 

[ fukkoouh niih nofe ut. 

25 OOwellukkiinneunk vvomonoDk kum- 
j mitumwuircooogj neyane Chriii wonk wo- 

Imontog moeuwcnKomuukj Kah ooche magua 
wuhhi gkuh. 
26 unk wok wnnnctupanatamwaheau kah 
. pahkheau n&lhpc nippccliutcheifumocnk, 

na/hpe wuttinnoLjwaonk. 
' 27 Onk woh kcnecpauwchukquB ut wuii- 
j no^k^t, ibhfumoe moenvvehkomonk 3 matta 
I fhohkanoDUt afuti wuikiekflunoDut 5 afuh 
) nenc ahunag, qut woh wunnctupanatamwc- 
; yeuoo, kah maita toh unnanuuut. 
I 28 V\ oiXetQnjpaog nc woh wuttinHoowo- 
munnineau fUmmittamwuflouoh neyane ne- 
: henwonthe wuhhogkauh:noh Womononi um^ 
mittamwollbh womonau wuhhogkuh. 

29 Newutche afquam kowan iekeneamwoD 
nchenwonChe ccwtyaus. qut wuiiohkonirecx)- ' 
tiiuun, kah wunnanciWebieau-UH^ncyaneLordl 
ut m^euwchkomonganit. 

;o Newutche nenawun uppompuhchi- 
luonkut wuhhogkat, wutchwcyauuit, kab 
wutch wuikoRut. * " 

^ 3 J Newutche yeu, wolketomp piili nuk- 
koniuouihoh kahokafok, kah piih pafuk- 
quehbeau ummittamwuiibb, kah nag nccfwe 
pilh pafukwc^yfius.. 

^L^.i ^^? "^'^^ ijogok, qut nuppapamoowanB 
Chnft luh moeuwchkomonk. 

35 Qu^o nifh nob pafuk kenaau nannahfii 
^^ L?^^^"^*^"""^ ummittainwuflbh^ncyane 
wuhhogkuhj kah ummittamwuilia quttian- 
umondl weflukchi 

C H A P. VI. 

Makkiefog noufwehtok koochftuonaa* 
noooogiitLordut:. newutche veu fam* 

I 2 '^^uttianum koofh kah kokas, ne negon- 
, neu naumatuonk naiiipe quoti^odtuonk; 

3 Onk woh kooHiyeuwontamun , kah wob 
ICBflepepomantam utobkeit. 

4 Kah kenaau wutaofliinneonfc, ahqu« 
moohmixjfqheuk kef>ee-hann<juoQg en mut- 

'^ihiincX^aK .^^^^^^ moohma,rqh€uk ker>ecrhann<juoQg en muf- 

W^ffnfim^s vp^neftonga^ 03^p#tf 

SMfitme hemw^mWi 

tummaoonganitp kah wutauiiipmiiwaouganit 

;: 5 WuttmncurDUtincunk, noofwehtok ncg 
"kuirontimomoo6og ney5nag vreyaus, nafiipc 
wabcfuonkkah nannukihaonk, pafukqun- 
Uurpyc kuctahhojwoaihj neyaneChriftut.: 
6 Miitta nafiipc naadtue wuttinncnmunnc- 
tink, neyane Wdtfekitteahonchcg woiketomp- 
uh, qat onamh wutcinneumoh Chrirt,u(rcog 
wuitenantamoonk God wutch kuttafahcD- 

7 W«ekontamwe wuttinneumubkonittin- 
ijcat, neyane ut Lor dut 3 Hah matU wolUc- 

8 Wahteauog, uttoh an watJeguk wofke 
'tomp ne alit , noh iuh pifh wutattutnunuh 
•lord;, afiih keneepfit, afuh chippininn^it. 

9 Kah kenaau vvuitontimommncunk, nifli 
panunnehcuk nagoh, ogguhfeneheuk iiuk- 
quogquohtoaiuaonganaucuaih : wahte:^ua'k 
kunTontimomwoDWonk kefukqutjkAh matU 
p*pcaowanam6ou wnlkctompuh. 

" lo Maumichilhnei-natog racnuhkefck ut 
Lordut, kah.ut UrtimcnuhkeAic miifui^enu- 

II Hogkojk wame vfUttTrjnauwameonk 
God} onk woh kuttapcnumumwoo ayeuuh- 
Iconitcwe ncepauwehtamuti wutaraukekodre- 
araowongath mattannit. 

12 Ncwutchc matta nukquogquodtinnft- 
teaumiiii weyaus kah wfquehconk, 'qui aycu- 
Kicnuhkefuon^aiji, ayeuu'konrttue nananu- 
*rache?ut pohkcnatu yen muttaohkct,ayeu- 
uhkomttuc nalh^enittuemntchefcongalh, ut 
quogqaonuhquogkilb aycuorgath. 

15 Nswutchc ncmunqumoDk mamijflc 
wattjnnauwameonk God, onk woh kuttapc- 
numumwfX) ayenuhkowittue nepauwehtam- 
unatj ut machuk kciukod, kah rahkompg 

14 Newutcher necp&ook kuffekancDoaih , 
patukquobfumoouk naihpe wunnamuhkute-l 
ycaonk, kah h^gkooog n^llipe caahpanneganc 

abbot agl^^fimpweoiTconk. ■ 

15 Kah kufleetoooaihmoxinnuoDUgnaMjp^ 
ukquagwoihwehtamoonk wunnohtcac wuri- 

16 Anue onk watijc, nccmwnumog ogqun-. 
Hegaoc wunnamptamponk, ne naihpeu pifli 
tapenumog onthamuntt wame wunndutaf 
annaofafh "machituk. 

17 Kah nemunnumok, widfhanittue up^ 
pnhkukqut ahhohtag , kah wwttogkodfcg 
oalliauanit, ne vvuttmnoowaonk God* "; 

18 N^gwuttcac peant«m6kj naft^pe wainc 
peantamoonk kah wehquemmoaonk ut |ia» 
ihauanktoDut 5 kah na lit alkuhwbeteaglt^^ 
Hafhpe wame nagwutteaeyeu(X>onk,kah weh^ 
quctumooonk wutclt wair.c wunnetupana- 
togig. ^1. 

19 Kah wutchenen, onk wunontoDWaoi* 
woh nuttinnumontean, onk woh nunoanoa^ 
we wolhwnnum nuttoun, wahtcauwafeuonat 
nefiogkok wuuaunchcmoDkaonkr J 

20 Newuccheyeu, nen kchdieu anoQna«T 
nin ut kcnepfuonganit : onk na,woh nanou- 
wcnuttit ketoobkon,newoh ancDwam- 

21 Qut onk woh koDwahteomwoo Ijot*- 
tiimiyeuonga(h} kah uttoh adtoo, 'I'ycliiku* 
vvoraonog cu.weematinj kah pabuhtaniimoic 
nohtorapeantog ut Lordut, noh pilh koor 
wahteauwahikooh wame. 

22 Noh anoonogkup en kuhhogka-oiitne- 
nan aunag, onk w 'fe koDW ;hteomwoo mw;- 
tinniyeuonganunnonadij onk woh weekon* 
tamwaht6ou kuttahhouwoaQir v" 

2; Wunnohteaonk ahtauhettich oowei 
mattinneunk,& womonittuonk weeche-wua-* 
namptamoDonk, wutch'Manit,wutopllji|ieat> 
kah Lord JefusChrift. ^"^ 

24 Kitteamonteanittuonk \yeton1ukq4je- 
hettich wame pahketeahae .womononkheg: 
nul-LordumunJcfusChri/l. Amen. ' *^ 

-WiittufTukoh-.whfcfa Rome ut -e»€f bo- 

/ianrutn#pcTychiku8. * ' 

IWiitcpiftleum T^Z;Z ut "PHJLIPTIANS. 

C H A.P. T. 

PK\x\ kah Timot'jciis wu^ tinneu moh ]t^m 
Chrift, en wame aoneetup^natamcDmiu 
ut Chrift jefus ut, neg apjtcheg Phi- 
jUppU weecJie Elderfog kah Dcakonfog. 

2 Kitteamonteanittuonk apehtunkook.kah 
.Aieunohtcaqnk wutch Oodut Hooiliunndnutj 
«skahwut9i Lord Jefus Chrift. 

a Nuttabutt^ntamau num-ManittgDm miB 
jmh kummequanumunune^iu. 
' 4 Nag'Wutr aeu ut niihnoh kvippeantam- 
^anfliinni nn eau wai«CrW«liq^^¥ii^«?ia&pe 

5 Wutche koDWeecfiayeunrnc/wpn^i^^iBj 
«t wunna^nchema)kaoIlgaI;lit.^ wfitch n?^^- 
ne kefakokyeu pajeh. 

^ Manubkannooreog^ yen nc te^goas, j^h 
noochc uiTcit w^ananakaufupok.ut .kuib^t- 
kaoutj pi(h uppakodche ufTen 5 nqh f ajen 
iikkefukpdtumut Jefus Chrift.^ 

7 Neyane tapeneunkqaok yep kutti/ini- 
numunnunnaout p^paume Uenaaii wame;^nc- 
wutche kootahhcDWounnuniwoo, newutcl^e, 
ut kenepiiliiwonganit 5 ,kah l|L^,na^ian^,wbi>-; 
t* mon, ' kah mairuhlicbti^auori ..^un^ibncfce-' 
racokaonltj warac Mecastt Uoywcedie cHxp- 


fe0famwanfljafio6gafikeffikskjjh Philipiansi nk^auanitut mmmitfuon^ 

punumcxjmimwoL* ne naa kitteamonteanit:- 

8 NewutcheGodnoowauwaencum, kiim- 

mcuchcke kodtanut-nunumwou wame , ut 

v?uniiogk.uilit J Au6 Chrii!:. 

^ 9 Kah yen ncochi peant^mun, koDV/o- 

-moaufuonk nano vvoh mcxjchekeyeuaj , ut 

wahteauonganit kah wahteamooonganit. 
lo Onk woh kukqutchteomwou nilh wa- 

©negigiihj onk woh Kuppahkcremwo)} kah 

matta woh liuttogkuilittaffummawofiiwa) 

nob p^;eh ukkeiukkodtuniut Chri;r. 

Cbrift, oe anuc wunnegik. 

24 Qut appinueat weyaufut ne anue wun- 
ncgcn wuLChc kenaau , 

25 K <h yea ahtoonk znxmt^xxovk^^nojvizh" 
teoh pifh Kouwetoraunnurawaj, kah koL/Vvet?" 
appemunumwoo wame, wutch uummoncha- 
nununiiaout, kah wekontamoe koonamp- 

26" Ne koDWckontamaoongano) woh ml(h- 
ehtcaunn ut jelus ChriftjWut^bc nciijnuihpc 
wonk kuppeyaonunnaoUt 

27 We be kuitinnaiyeuonk 11 m] ncystti 

II Namwameechumeog n.Tilipe umme- | tapeneunkquok QDnaunciiemoukaonk Chrii^ 

chummuongalh fampweuiieonk^ nidi 
Jclus Chrilt, en wu!rohiumcx)ongank kah 
waullumaong .nit God. 

12 Qut nukkodtantam koowohtamunnap- 
utneemitog, ni(h amyeumpalli nano vvun- 
nenehteamwoo wunaunchemookaonk. 

i^ Neit iiukkenipfuong^lh wahukqiiotafii, 
Bifh wutch Chrift paimuppe wame Pretori- 
um, kah nilh noh ut ayeUongank. 

14 Kah monaog wemutinneunk ut Lordut 

nano menehketeauhettit nalhpe nukkencpfu- 

©ngafli, nano mojcheke nano we keketooh- 

c kouiamwog wuttinnouwaonkp waune wabe- 


15 Nawbutche wonnamuhkut kuhkoD- 
tomwehteaog Chriftohj watch iilikauanittu- 
onk, kah wutch penuanittuonk , kah na- 
whutchewonk tupeneamwe. 
, 16 NawiiUtrhe penuanittue kubkootom- 
wehteaogChriifoh, matta pakeu^ snantogig 
kootnehteauunach wutohkapuiiaonk ut kc- 

17 \x^t ongktogigfWomaonittuC:>wahteau- 
©g nen nupponit keketoahkoiitaraunat wun- 

18 Neit teaguas? qutnlihnohut uttoh ua- 
Mc wolkcche nogqiiodtut , afuh wunnamuh- 
kuteyeUvjDUt, Chrift kunkootoiriuhkon 5 kah 
^ea naut noowekontamj nux^kah plflinoowc- 

19 Newutche ndDwaHteoh yeu pifii pad- 
tauomoo noowadcbanitteaonk , nallipc kup- 
|>eantamoDongana) , kah nafhpc wucannofu- 
bnk wunn lliauanittoumoh Jelus ChrlA:. 

20 Ncyaunag nummenuhkc nutalkouwom- 
pattara.xonk, kah nutannofifuonk, matta 
«e.gnutakodchehikk(]uunneat, qut nalhpe 

' Wame nanouwefiionk, kah nogwutteae, yeu- 
vcu wonk Chrift pilh miftiebte m ut nuhhog- 
kat, afuh nafhpc pomantamoonkjafuh nafiipe 

21 Newutcheponi?>nUmort,n«)-Chrifteum, 
' kah nuppon ne aneuhamoadtuonk. 

22 c.\ut pomantamon ut weyaufut, ycu 
ummechummuonk nutan kauAionk : qut 
tcaguas woh pcpenam, wannc noDWahtcoou- 

2^ Ncwutrhenanohkontapnanafbaaene- 

onk, ?fahpeyaon kah naUog,afuh matta ap- 
peon woh nunncutana kuctinniycuongunoD', 
ne kummenehtikkorhpaunnaout ut pafuk 
nalliauauit, ut pafuk unnantamof ngint, 
moaeu menuhkinitceaog wutch vvunaunflie* 
ma kae wuDnamptamouonk. 

18 Ahque tcag chepihanuKook ut agwe 
ayeubkonukqueogig , ne pahkcneunkquok 
kahkinncafuonkpapaume nagoh paguaniti- 
ne3J,qut papaume kenaau wadchanittincae^ 
kah yeu wutch G®dut. 

29 Newutche kenaau nanowekittinnum- 
onteancau, newutche Chrift, matta wcbe 
wunn'amptauunat, qut wonk chequnehtam- 
unat newutche nagum, ahiauog nenan me- 
nchkinn'utcaonk ne naumiyeogkup, kah ycu- 
yeu kenootsmune^u ut nuhhogkat. 

NEwutche, tohneit na vvekontsmooong- 
anuuk Chriftut , tohKcit tapeneung- 
quok nouwomo^ufuonganun , tohneit toh 
unne wecomuadt naftiauanit, tohneit toh 
unne, wunnogkulTeyeuuk kah monanetea- 

3 Numwohtauoak noowekontameonk,wect« 
anatamoadtcgk, ahtoonk nenan womonittu- 
onk,wcecheketeahogkonuuttegk, pafuk mif- 

4 Toh n nahkitch naflipe penuanittuonk, 
afuhtahnooche waeenowaonk, qut peaniie- 
og, nifh noh onkatogigch miflianumahettich 
onk n^'gumau. 

4 Niihnoh pafuk kenompatajnaiohett^- 
kitrh nebenwonche wuttaiheafli , qut ni/h 
noh pafuk wnttaiheoaih onkatogi^. 

$ Nenan unhaiitamaukj neyaaantogkup 
Chrift J cfus. 

6 Noh neanu(Tft God, matta unnantamoDp 
mukkookinnouwaonk tatuppeyeuQ'uhk God. 

7 Qut miihananumweh'eau wuhhogkuh, 
kah nemun en wuhhogkat neyaneyeuun^ac 
wuttinncumuneat, kah ogquehcau ncanuilit 

8 Kah namhet netatuppe wo(ketom|)aut, 
hohpaheau wuhhogkuh , kah nofwctamwic 
nuppummetonkuppunnc nuppooonk. 

9 Newaleh- wonk God qunnunkqueti rtiifli- 
eheop 5 kah CDWcfuonganubkaqopuh ne 

ifncwK<?mepm iflfawe w&fuongaih. 

10 Oak 


lo Onk vrob iiilhnoh mukkuttuk nauwa- I ch'riaUj nahcn nuppoOj qut God ummonlu 

1 1 nuinuh, kah raatta wcbc nagunij qot nd* 

tUjUtoowcruonganit Jeius, nilh kciVikqui 
kafaohkcit, kahagwcohkcit. 

11 Onkwohnifhnoh meenan fampoownu 
Jefus Chrift noh LordeucD> ut wuiibhlumou- 
onganitGod wutoDlhimau. 

12 Newutche womonogij, neyane nag- 
Wutteac noDlwehtamog, roaita wcbe ncy^iue 
ut anaqaabch, qut yeuycu nano niattaapean, 
pannupanakaulek nehenwonctlc kouwaddia- 
nitteaongancDnaihpe wabefuonk Uah nun- 

* 19 Newutche noh God tnakaufit kittin- 
•omiyeucnoowcut, neefwc iinaantamunat & 
Biienat, wutch wunne wuttapcneama>ong- 

14 Wamcuflekmattanaflipe rrouhmoof- 
kcowaongafh krfh wcogquttumoDongain 

X5 Onkwoh montcig Koochimitteaum- 
woo, Uahmatta kuDWoikhittaumwoo , wun- 
naumonuh God, wanne kutauikomittcaa^- 
wooj ut nailiaue woonki & p^nnoDWohtamoe 
wutohtimoin, kenugx.c nag f^hiumook neya- 
nc wequanantegaih m- ttaohket. 

16 Natititteagk pomantamoe wuttinno- 
vaonk, onk woh noowekontara ut ukkefuk- 
odtumut Chrift^ inatta tahnooche nukquog- 
qucinat, afuh tthnoodic anakciufeinat. 

17 Nux, fephaufue magcoon wutrh auin- 
numwontamunat koonamptamooongaucD , 
noowcekontara kab koDWcectic \f amc muf- 

1 8 Nenaa wutflie wonk wekontamook , 
kah wecciiC-wckontamoomck 

19 t;U€nutann6us Lord Jefus , pafwcfc 
Woh anounau Timotheus en kuhhogkaout , 
onk woh nen nounctabantanij wahieauon toh 

^20 Newutche wanne howan nuttatupa- 
nitamaumukooh noh i^uttinnonkumoe nana- 
wontog kuttuppiyeuonganoDooalli. 

ai Newutche wame natinnchamwog ne- 
lienwoiiche wutttiheaih , >kak matta niih 
fvadtammaugiih Jefus Chrift. 

22 Qut kttjwahtcomwu ukqutchtcau- 
onkj onatuh wunnaurroniin weeche ouflioh, 
flj wcechcwatrinneuann ut 

23 Newajeh annoofre nagum nutanncD- 
aonat teanuk, quenau nag, toh anhimuk. 

24 Qut nutannoun Lord, nen nuppeyonat 

25 Qut nuttenantam wunnegen nutan- 
noDHonat en kuhhogkaout, Epapbroditus 
nemat kah neetanakuufu^nin, kah neeU- 
ycuvvchteacnin, qut kutannooHaencuFnwciC), 
kah nok aninnumwontog nukquenauhikkoo- 

. 26 Newutche kuk<fuenumukou wame- 
Kah moocheke neuantam, newutche kenoo 
ftamumwoo noh mahchinau. 
27 Ncwtitchf wurniamuhkwc mo mah.- 

w tnk, iinkontwoh nunflcuantamiat ncuan- 

28 Newajeh nanawontamwc anconog ^ 
nauog woh Kauwcekontaniumwa) wonk^ kab 
nen woh nuppec neuanatam. 

29 Newutche attumunuk ut Lordut nafli- 
pe waaic wekontaiDoonk^ kah quttianumouk 

50 Newutche waj wutanakaufuonlg 

ChriiV nahcn nuppcup* matta wohquoaniam* 

oog uppomantamoonk pakodjteauunat,anm-« 

nonluonk cnnuhhogkat, ne matta afeeg. ^ 


MAumaaiifh, ncematog, wcekontamoolc 
ut Lordiitjkcofukknhnuraauwunnaout 
niiii n,in, matta (iogkodtinno wutchc ncn^' 
qatwutchc kcnaau wanne nukquodtinno. * 

2 Wabefuonook anumwog, nunnukqulia- 
<noDk mat anakauhtchcg ^ ahqueteaucok 

5 Newutche necnawun quofliquQuruonk, 
Wauifumogk&itGodutNafi.auanit, kah wc- 
kontamagkifh ut jcftis Chrift> -kah matt* 
nutannoontamomun wcyaus, 

4 1 ukonogquc nen wonk woh nutannoon* 
tamua weyauf , howan onkatog unnantog 
nutahtoh iittoh woh vvaj annodntarn weyaus, 
nen moochckei 

5 Nukquodiqufwutteap fwofukadtahiliik- 
quinogkok, wucch wmtauadtamoonk lira- 
el, wuch wiicchippa'HX)onganit Benjamin, 
Hebrew wutch Hebrcwfog, papaume nauma- 
tuonk nen Pharifee. 

6 Papaumereal, Boowofketeohraoeuweh- 
komonk,papau nc naumatuc fampweuifconk, 
mon teag noochumitteoh. . 

7 Qut yeu(hneuhhamugki(h wutchencn, 
nifli nutogquoantamunaih wanrcautik wut-^ 
che Chrift. 

8 Nux wunnamuhkut, k«h nutogquoan^ 
tam wame teawteaqualinifh webc wanneh- 
teauonk, newutche wanegik wahhc-;uonk 
Chrift Jefus iiul Lordum, noh waj chequn- 
ehtam noDwanteauonk wsme temttaquaiin;^ 
i(hy kahnucogqu-nt^^munafh wcbeanohkcti 
onk woh nuttumhouai-n Chrift. 

9 Onk wohnamhit ut nagum, matta ak^ 
tauooon ne'enwon'-henufrarnpweufrconk, pc 
aaihpe naumatuonk , qut n; na/hpe wun* 
namptauwionkci niftj ne fampweogquanit^" 
tuonk wutch Godut nafhpe wunnamptam^* 

TO Onk woh na)wa^h, kah ummenuhke- 
fuonk wutomobkuonk, kih noowcrhcxhe-^ 
q u n • h t a mcDmonat^agquencunkqu (Icon wun* 
nuppoDonk. ;, 

ir Toh neit ne teag wutchet! woh nup- 
peyontamunat wutomohkeonganoo Jiapuk* 

. i3i.Matia a.ewiitche numm:'MAe,p?ya6ii^:-: 


'jfuhk^ooJ^fampwu^echeg Philipiansi i»44ntHmmuJfchtHg^& ifmuitfuf 

tamooj aCuh mahchs paiiniippe nooncetum, 
qut iiuufukaumuajwoh niattohc^umiumunat 
nc, ncwaj ncn wonk nattohqununuk naftpc 

1 7, Necmatof 5 micta n(jDWCtogkemo nuh- 
hog mahchc tohqunog, qut webe ycu pafuk, 
wannantamon yeufia wodcat ohtagill)^ kah 
{(owehtamon nilh negonohtagifh. 

14 Chekeufiiom nogque nc iuikkinnea- 
tunkanit v/utche ne aimoadtue qununkquc 
flDWchkomoDwaonk Godut, Chrii^ Jei'usuc. 

15 NewuicSiencadtahihepannuppe wun- 
ocethettit, yeu hennantamuttuh , kah toh- 
neic ne ceag penoowe unuantamog, God plih 
kojwahteauwahikqunneau yen. 

16 Qut ne wehque peyaontamog pomuQi- 
liidluh nenan quttuhwheganitj^iifoneainut- 
tuh'nenan teag, 

17 Neematog nsoeu afiihkiegk , kahiiuh- 
klnneafek yeu ane pomuftiachcg , neyane 
Hshennog nenawun. 

18 ( Newutche n:onaog pomulMog jneg 
inunnogkuppanneg hohtoejkah yeuyeu kut- 
tinnunnumwoa ut mauunat, nag ayewuhkon- 
togig pummetonkapun^onk Chrift. 

19 Nag oohquaiyeumcDout na pagiianuonk: 
^unnogkus ne umrr,anitt(Dm500wawecnowa- 
onganoo ne wutakodchuwonk , nag miflan- 
tamwog ohkce teaguafini Ih) 

20 Kewutchc nuppUinufhaonganun 4^e- 
iukqut, newa j alkc la vompamogkut wadcha- 
Buwaenj Lord ]e(us Chrift. 

21 Noh piih ahioowunont kuttamungc 
kiihhogkanonub , onk woh ogqueheau foh- 
fumoe wuhhogkat, neyanene anakaufuonk , 
ne naf^ipe tapcnuk wuObbkornunat wame 
teanteaguafiniih en wuhhogkat. 


NEwutche ncmatog mcD^ekc womo- 
nogilh Uah qucniimunogifli , noawc- 
' itontamoonkkahnutchetukquab, ncnc me- 
uehtekompiuook ut Lordut, naoocheke wo- 

2 NcuwchquctumauEuodiaSj kah noowch- 
quetumau Syntichc nag wetanattmoothet- 
tich ut Lordut. 

0, Kah ken wonk kcnanompafTumni wun- 
fiAmuhkutenefepiireoganinnmnau yeug mijf:- 
tamwulfiirog wrctanakaufuTiutcheg ut wun- 
aun8iei5noDkaonganit,wceche Clement wonk^ 
kah onkatogig wci-anak^ufurrut^hc^.neg oo- 
wefuonganoDalh ohtagilli ut pomantamoe 

4 Nagwutteae wckontamook ut Lordut > 
kah wonk nuiTim wekontamook. 

5 Kukquufliowonganoo wahteauuna} ut 
woiUctompahtu, Lord pcfwoppu 

6 Ahque teag wulTaume wohquoantamook, 
qut niilmoh ut , na(hpe peantamoonk kah 
wehquetumoonk , weeche tabantamoonk , 
w ihteauwahcuk kuppcaritjmajoaganQDCXJafli 

7 Kah wuaobteaonkOod, ne aeiihkomoD- 
moouk wanie wohwohtamoonk piih nanau- 
wchteaucomoo kuttahhoooalh, kah kttttcnaa* 
taraooonganncDalt, nafbpc J efus Chrift. 

8 Maumadiiih nematog 5 uttohanc wub» 
naniuhkuteyeuooug,uttoh ane wuttooanuuk- 
quohjUttoh inc fampweycuooug, uttoh ane 
pohkag,uttoh ane womantamugiLh, uttoh ane 
v/iinutretunkquok : toh neit wunnetupana- 
tamooonganuoouk 5 toh neit waendtumnico- 
onganuouuk, yeulh natwontamauk. 

9 Yeuili nahtulitauogifli , kah attumun* 
um«gifli kah nootamogifh kah namiye'ogifii, 
nifliufrck; kah wunnohteaonganc God pilh 

10 Qut nurnmiflie wekontam ut Lordut , 
yeuyeu wonk manmachilh koowohquanum- 
muonganoo wonk wunne nekin : yeu wonk 
koowohquoantamunnaoh, qut kukquenahik- 
kumwGO wunohkomoconk. 

11 Matta ncoweogquttumoo papaume 
quenauhikkoDWonganit: newutchc nummah- 
che netuhtop uttqh aniych, ne ncx)n6nia6n- 

12 Noowahteoh uttch an Atuttamungeyeu- 
oomuk, kah noowahteoh uttoh an roooche-. 
kohtomukj nifli noh ut kah wame tcanteag- 
uafinut nukkubkootomontean , wamepwun- 
ncat kah kodtupwunneat^moachckohtauun- 
at, kah quenauhikqundt. 

1 7, Woh noowamc ulfenaUi nafiipc Chri/I 
noh rpanuhkehit. 

14 Qut koonefe'mwcD kooweechc noh 
wuttinnumoomunneau nootarrmepunaonk. 

15 Yeuytu kenaaUi^hilippianlog wahteau- 
ook wonk welke wunauncnemoDkaonganuoo- 
uk, wimon JVUcedonia , wanne moeuweh- 
komonk noowceche noh wuttinnufnoomuk- 
ODk, papaume magooonk kah attumunum- 
unatj qut webe kenaau. 

16 Newutche ut ThefTalonica, kenaaa 
kcncgonihhuwamwop pafukqut kah wonk ea 

17 Matta newutche nukkoitantam ma- 
gooonk, qut nukkodtantam mecchummuonk 
woh monatic ^ ut ne adt wiiiruhkhumau- 

18 Qwt noowameartumunum , kah nuna* 
maochckohtoh, numwamecliura,inahchc at- 
tumunurr.on wutch Epaphroditus,nilh wut- 
che kenaau, wetimungquodtue afumung- 
quok, tapeneuHgque fcphaufuonk, wafikkit- 

19 C ut num-Manittoom piflimagoo nif}i'» 
noh quenauwahikqueog neyaunagoowenau- 
wetuonk ut fohrummojonganit , nafhpc ]•« 
fus Chrift. 

20 Kah en Godut, kah noofhunnonut foh- 
fummooonganuutSi micheme kah micheme 

21 Wonkumook ni&noh wunnctupanatana- 

waca ut Chrift Jcftt8Ut;Q0WcmaUinBeunk nq 


wccchaycumntchfg koowonkumukoDWeog. -a- 

22 Wame wu»ncciipanatamwacnaog koo. 
wonkumukoDwoogj uahnauniie neh weccbm- 
ftinneumonchc Ccf^r* 

ontcaniiicaonkJefusCbrift | 

2 % Ukkitteamontcaniiicaonk J efusCbr ift 

f WutiuiTukkah^hdfu Ronac en Phi- 
lippianfui, nalhpc Epaphroditas. 

Wutepiftleura "PAVl ut COLOSSIANS. 

C H A p. I 

P'^ ul uppoftleumoh jefus Chrift , . nalnpe 
wuttcnantamaK)nk God, i^afe Timothe- 
us neemattin. 
2 En wannetupanatamwa^BUUt , si pau- 
buhtanumwe wcerrjattiniieunk ut Chrift ut , 
»cg apitchcg CololTe5kittcamonteanittuoriK 
aplhtunkook iuh \vunohtcaonk,watch Gcd- 
lit no^fbunnonut, kah Lord Jefus Chrift. 

a Nuttabuttantamuio vmn God5kah ooth- 
oli nul-Lorduoiun jefus Chrift , nagwutteac 

4 Nadceuh na)tamogkoonatnptam(lOong- 
ana) ut Jefas Chrift, i^ah koowomonaong- 

5 Wutfrbeannaofaonkne wadchanumon- 
tcadg ut kefukqut, ne negonae noDtamogkup 
■Bt wuttinnoowaonganit wunnamuhkutcyeue 

6 Ne paaonukqucog, neyane wame mut- 
taohkct, kahmecchummuojk, ncyanc wonK 
Btkenaau, nadteuh nc kefukok nojtamog, 
kah wahtcauog ukkitteatnonteanittcaonk 
God ut wunnamuhkuteyeuuk. 

7 Neyane wonk netuhtauog wutch Epa- 
t)bras womonogkut nouweeche unninneum- 
wn, noh wut-hc kenaau paubuhtanumac 
wunnohtompcantogomoh Chrift. 

8 Noh wonk wahteauwihikqueog koDWO- 

o Ncwutcheyeunenawun w?nk5 tiidteuti 
Bc kefukok nootamog, matta kutahquepe- 
antamwanlhinnoDmun, kah nukkodtantam- 
Mmun, woh kcnumwal3ehtunkqunnaout,naLh- 
pswahteaonkwuttennitamooonk, ut wame 
waantamooonganit, kah nalhau:nitt6e wah- 

lo Onkwoh kuppoTiufiiiumwo) nc taps- 
neungquok ut Lordut, ut wame wu likKit- 
teahaonganit, mahil^emeerhamcog uc mih- 
noh wunanakaufuonganicjkah nano,wahheog 

^ii' Mcnchkheog nafiipe wame mcnuhkefu- 
©nk, neyaAnag wulTohrumoemenuhkeluonK, 
enwame f'p^pahuwaonganu, kah tepetne- 
fiunchtamoonk wcechc wekoMtamoonk. ^ 

12 Tabuttantamau6og wataj'lnimeiia, 
aoh taphikqueog kucrhippmnummoadtm- 
■eananut wutohtaongapo9 waniietupanatftm- 
wacmiogut wequaiyeuut. 

12 Noh pohiKohwhunukqueog wutcn 
ummcnuhkefuongranit pobketiai, kah paloo- 
^ueog ut wutta-foatanswanganit wamonon- 
die wunnaumonuh. 

14 Noll adt ahtaaog pohquohwbunittuonk 
nafhpe ODfqhconk, ahquoant^moonk roat- 

^^^5^S^'anunkqutaic matta nogqufTue 
Manit^mohtammetuonont nifiinoh oaalinnc. 

i6 Ncwutche nafhpe nagum kcftcauunafe 
wame tcanteaJ^uafinish, nisu keiukqut, katx 
nilliohkcut,nogquokirh kah mat nogquod- 
tinogillbiruh wSlTittummoe app«on§aih,aruh 
tahi»tamma)WongaIh , negonneyeuoogi Ih, 
afuh meftuhkefuongalb, wame kcftcAUunafli 

17 a Kah noh negonohkom wanaetcanrca- ^^qq^^ 
qualinilh, kah na^pe nagum wame moohta- g ^^ 


i8 Hihnohuppubkukqur^hmuhnog, mo 
cuwckomunk : nob waj kutchiilik, moh- 
tomegic wutch napukegjonk woh wuuneuh- 
komunat nilh noh ut. 

19 Nc wuttapeneaumun wutooinin^ wa- 
me nc aatahihimmc^ woh ayeumoaai 

^^20 Kah (ayik wunnobteaonk Haftipe pum- 
raetonkaounac cDfqhconk ) rafhpc nagum 
waiioblcihtunk teanteaquarinirh ut 
wuhhogkat, nafhpenagump afuh nifhohkcit 
afah nilh kelukqut. , 

21 Kb kcna^u momanm pencowohtca- 
vbRilh, kah ayeuwthteaycgiih ut kutttnan- 
umooongancoout , na^pc matchcieac aria« 
kaufuongalh, qut yeuyeu koonohtcahikooh. 

22 Utweyaufue wuhhogkat, nalhpenup- 
pooonk, kenccpauwthikqunnaout vvunnc- 
tupanatamwcinnnunncat, kzh matta aunche^ 
mionitteinat, kah matta auluontuorganmi-- 

OU"' ut anaquabit. - 

22 NsgwutuannmogwunnsmptamooonS 
ohkeukkbnUteaog kah menu'nkappeog, kais 
matta ontapebta:-na^unat vvutch atincLc- 
m<ijkae annoofuonganic, ne nat^mojkup, 
kah ne kohka^tomauAiJup t/ifn caas noh agwe 
kc{ukqut,ne wa) nen Paul noh torn pea ntog- 

kahimuk. , ^ „„.*-u v»t 

2 1 Nenyeuveunoowekontsmwvt h Kut. 

cbeqnnehtkuongnnoo, ih, k.h nunnumwoh» 

toh ne quenauwebikcTorroDuk wutonkapan- 

naong.fti Chrift, ut nfyaufut , revTUtciic 

wu-hoe, neroeuwebkomonk. ^^ ^ 

2^ Uti-ob adc nobtorrpeantoganimuk, ne^ 

yaneOod m.i-ak nynummijmuls 

wutche kenaau , poh(hane ulTcnat wuttm- 


teonganit kah ontfconaanlt , out veuven t^ Tr.t. n4«^*«... .. . 'Z . S^^^r^p 

i teonganit kah ontfcon^anlt , qut ycuycu 

K -^ Wihtcauwahconesu waiictupanatogig: 

27 Negoh God Gowahtcauwaheuh ccaoruas i Ketcshukou moaeu u,.^^' — **" «v«^jr*u.(ju , 

,Or|ana,.anaoorfin.wutch fXmSont Tuctu' kSwa^^T^""^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

. ««5rv^ v^tucuiujj, lie v.-iri/tiiiX)WCtOmiikcD. 

-onganoojanaooruonkwutch fo hlummaoong. 

28 Nok kohkaotomwchteaog , nutchad- 

- ch-pifliomun mill noh ho wan, kahnukkuh- 

- kootomauomun nifh uoh howan , «t wame 
•waantammooonganit , onk woh nccpauwc- 
heomun nuh non woiketomp pannuppe wun- 
nctOH ut Chrift Jefus ut. ^ 

29 Ne wai ncn wonk anakaufe, manuhke- 
t Miieon, ncyanewutanakaufuonk.noh mahih- 



Ewutche nukkodtsntam koowafeteau- 
unnaout ne mokfag nootamanaramoonk 
: wutchekcnaau, kah wutche nag apitcheg 
Laodicca, kahneadtahlhc mat Ismohetteg 
:. tmlkefuk ut ney^iufut. 
, 2 OnkTvofa wuttahhoowoafhweekontarn- 
watinne^rD, m6ayehettit ut womonittuonz- 
4 anit, Uahut wamc wecnauwetuc ivah pan- 
-Buppc pahkontamunat ut wohwohtamo)- 
.; Pnganit, wahtcauunat wu(fiogkodta>rn God, 
kah wutoofliinj kah Chrif^. ' 

^ En noh ad adtahtlfik wime nornpakoo- 
unnc waantamoonk kah wohwohtamoonk. 

4 Kah yeu nuifin, iihkont hewan kutafcQ- 
, ; JCekomukou naOipc wunanakoowaongaih. 

5 Newutche tuk6nogque mat njtappem 
, ncyaufut, qut k'-JDwetomunu?nwcx> ut nafii- 

auonganit, wekontamwenaumon kooniyeu- 
onganoD:, Hah menuhkohtae tonamptama>- 
onganoo ut Chriii. 

6 Ncwutcheneyane attumunog Chriil: Je- 
. fus;, nok Lordj nene pomufliaunok. 

7 Wadchabeteuhkonitciiog, dcah wckikd- 
Eittcaogutwuhhogkat, kah manuhkehct- 

; teaog ut wunnamptaraooonganit 5 ncyane 
kuhkootomontcaog, nc ut manag weech ta- 

.8 Ahqueteakiftkont howan kummakao- 
kmukumv/oo n^fhpc Philofophie , kah tah- 
rcDcheafcDkekodcuonk neyan» ahontfc wof- 
ketorapaog, neyaiie muttaohkee waj kut- 
chchtcomuki/h , hah matta neyane Chrift 

9 Newutchcut wuhhogkat, appehtunk 
«f ame numwac manittoowonk, wuhhogkae. 

10 Kah kenaau kummifli/imwoD ut wuh- 
,liogkat, noh wobuhkuhkoocDut wamencgon- 
ncyeuoouk kah mcnuhkefuonk. 

1 1 En noh adt wonk quorhqufaufTeogjnafh- 
f>e mat menutftegane quo/hqufaufuonk , a- 
maunumog muhhogkae weyJiuruematchefe- 
©ngalh, naflipd ukquorhqufaufuonk Chrift. 
12 NoDweeaie pofckinaufinnean ut kut- 
chdfummooonganit, uttoh ~adt wonk wcc- 
.aic ojiohkfDmogr^naftpe wiinnamptamdonk, 

nc ke'^civtik Godj noh omohfcinoat wuuJl 
aiippuaat , : .. ,; ^ 

"ucSotneutf^ cawctonumcoonon ,- 
16 Newutche ,hque howan wufTumukaok 

wume ncpauz, afuh wutche faboth 

18 Ahqueteaucok howan kutafookekod- 
n^hcnwonche kuttenaiLmcoonga^^e hoh- 
paonk, kah wauffumonat angel fog" nppctuk 
ontamunat yeuih matta na naumlgifhS 
n^^chepoDkitna(hpca>weyaure u!.nantam: 

n>.l?„f^K^ ^^^^^ ^anuhkinunkrauhpuhkuk. 
onga(hkah mib kanepfikilh , nckitceauonk 

chcncS:t"'r"'' kah^moehtSr^t- 

o^ 1 '''^^^^"""^'^^tteauonkOod. 
un^rh^r'"'"' ^^°^*« nuppaomogchrii^, 

Lhw^tc^'i "l"^taohkce i;utchchf^ 
murtaoM^.?^''"^ ^^"^^« pomantamog yj 
muttaohkct, agwopchtamog knhkoDwaong- 

nkl^ ^'^ ^'"^^ mahdhunkilh auwohteam- 
nnrn^l^f"".? woiltetompae anGoteamoo- 
ongalli kah iiubkootomuhterongaft ^ 

amL.i?, ^^"""^'^"hkut ogqunnfunkquot- 
tamooo igane wauiTumoonk, kah hohpooonk 
^..J^^l /""^^."^"""^^""^^ muhhog , af»h 
nit tta kcdquttianumounat taphconat wc- 

•K Tr-. CHAP. III. 

r u ' ^^''^.'"^^k yeufh ongkoue ohtagi/h, ut- 
toh apit Chrifl, wuttinobkounit God ' 
n'^^"^T^^"^"^L'"^"8^°^a/h ponamook 
oh?agi)h ""^"Sifl^.QUt matu niih ohkcit 

J^ Ncwutche kenuiimwoo,kah kuppoman- 
Umooo«2anou adtahtaufa wccchc cLift « 

qiiJTt neit p,/Ii kenaau wonk ki)wecchc 
nogquiflnneau ut rohfumooonpranit. 
5 Newutchcnehtauoak kuppompuhchaJ 


■ ^ : 

^i^l^okyHnntttfipAliilitAmoocngalti Chap^^ mmmfehdadtetikj^Amk 

wiiiiia>dfqua\iwonk3 nifhkeneunkqufTuonk , 
mat kubkcnuc womonittuonk, matchekod- 
tantam«io«k j kah iahchev/ontsmoonk, nc 
tiuoneukontunkane \»auiluniaonk. 

6 Newutche yeufh, ttrBmufquantamooonk 
God peyaumcD ut mat noufvYechtamfioc muk- 

7 Nish paamufiiaogifh moomanch , niih 
Rafhpe pomantamogifh. 

8 Qut yeHyeukeruauwonkkutamaunufn- 
unnaoalh warae yeu/h, mufqiiintamooenk^ 
lii/]ikeycuongalh, wuich kuttconouwout. 

9 AhquepannQDwa!>ettehteogk5newutche 
kummahche amaunumumwcD nukkonaflke- 
tomp wecche watanakauftiongalli. 

10 Kah kummahche hogkumwco wuiliofii- 
ketomp, noh welkhit neanuifit noh iiczhe- 

11 Na ut matta GreekfuHtioc-g afuh Jewfu- 
unoDg 3 adt quefiiquiaufuonganucr^g , afuh 
matta quofiiquraufuonganunocg, Barbariaa- 
ttnoDgj ScythianunoDgj keneepitUtchegjaruh 
matta kaneepfegeg, qut Chrift noh wamc, 
kah ut wame. 

12 Newutche hogkook (neyane neb pepc- 
■auonchc God, wanctupanatogig , kah wo- 
womoaufuonkj hohpaetahhaonk, manuimif- 
fuoiik, fepepaht^Uonk. 

.i:j Mukkooamaumuttegk, kah ahquoan- 
tammoadtegk, kowan mufquanumout ho- 
wancj neyane ahquontamutikqueog Chriit, 
kemau wonkufTck. 

14 Kah anue onk wame jreulh , hogkook 
womoaufuonk, ne pahke nceiepiffuunk. 

15 KahoonohtcaonkGod, nanauwiinitch 
Ut kuttahhoowout : en yea kouwehkomit- 
teamwoo wonk apj^afukounnneat muhhog: 
kah tabattantamweinnuook. 

16 Wuttinnowaonk Chrift wenr.uwetire 
apchtunkook, ut wame waantamcoonganit^ 
kuhkootomoidtegk, kah iuHiontegk, naihpe 
ketoDharwaongafh, kah annoDhummaongalh, 
kah nafhauanhtooe ketcDhamaongafh^wunnc- 
tupanatamwehteahhae ketocJbamaiik ut Lord 

17 KshnlftnohkutufTeireaukuttoowong- 
tnit afuh ufleonganit, wame ulTck utcpwe- 
fuonganitLord Jefus, tabuttantamook God^ 
kah wutQDfhiinau nafhpe nagum. { 

18 Ummittarawaninneunk agwapehtook 
rehenwonche kafukoowoogj neyane tapenc- 
unkquok utLordut. 

19 GDwe^uklinneunk womoncok kummft- 
tamwuffoDoo^, kah ahquc wecfoggeneheuk. 

20 Mukki^fognoofwehtok kaodietuGn^- 
anoowoog nilh noh ut, newutche yeu oofe- 
kittahukqun Lord. 

2 1 WutoDihhmeunk ahque jrcomcofqheuk 
kunamttkki«fa©o§ , i^Q^\ mg mifliaach- 

22 Wuttinncumunncunk noofwetok wc* 

I yaufue kudbntimomoDoog nifh noh ut^mattii 

nafupewcbe nauttuc wuttinneomunneunkj 

t neyane waickittcahandieg wolketompoh ^ 

qut nalhpc nequtahteahao.nk, quihoskGod. 

2-^ Kabnifh noh kutulfeneau wuttooe uC- 
fek, neyane God«t,kah matta wolketompaut. 

24 Wahteaudg, wutch Lordut piihkut- 
attumunumamwoo ahtoe onkquatuak, ne- 
wutche kcotininncumuhkauomwoo Lord 

25 Qiitnohmatchenehuadt, pifliwutche 
attumunum raatchcnehittuonk neafit : kab 
raatta papenowe unnehhe'ooa miifmninni- 


Ujiontimominneunkj aninnumok.kit" 
tmneomoog wanegik kah nefamp- 
waok, wahteaog, k<x>fonti;Ti6mwG0 wonk u£ 

2 NagwutteanumcDk peantamcaonk, kab 
ne Mt aikuhwhetsagk, weeche tabuttantaia- 

3 Kah peantamwanlbi-nnean wonk , woh 
God noowalhwunumunkqunnanonut wiin- 
nontODwaefquoant, linneat wuiriogkodtaom 
Chn/t, ne waj nea wonk kenecpfeh. 

4 Onk woh nQuwahtcauwanuwdBat> nc 
won anouwai. 

^ ^^u"*^"^^^ pomu^rhagk wutch c nag 
poquadchit apitchcg, PohquohwuttauoDk 

6 KtiKkikctaokaonganao nagwutteae wun* 
netupuiatamweyeuaoutch , falcanuooutch 
nilhpeialt, onk woh koDwahtcomwoo uttob 
woh SQ. nampoohamauog niih noh woikc- 

7 WamenuttinniyeuongafiiTychicuspifIt 
kut nematin,& pabahtanamwenolitompean" 
tog, kah n.jDweeche wuttinneumutteanan ut 

8 Noh anoonogkup en kuhhogkaout ne 
nan wutch , woh oowahteauunat kuttinnl- 
yeoonganoy, Uah woh ku ttapeteunkoo isut- 

9 Weccfiau Onefimus paubuhtpnumwc, 
kah womonogkut cx;wcemattin, noh pafuk 
kenaau, nag pi(h kaDwahteauwakikkajw6oar 
wame mm aunagiih yeu ut. 

10 Ariiiarchus noDweechc kappifhagkin- 
nitteacncum koQwonkumukou, kah Markns, 
we^tohtu Barnabas wunnaumonuh (papiumc 
wag""^ *^^t3ttumunu5iiumwoo anooteamoo- 
wongalh, peyaonukque'og attumunook^ 

11 Kahjefusuiloiycfit Juftus; ncg Guoj(h- 
gufauiitchcg yeugwehe westanakaufdmog- 
igjcn wutaflajtamcDonganit God, ycug nou- 

r2 Epaphras, noh psfuk kcnaiu, wuttifi» 
j»umoh Chrift kccwank^mukou, nafwut- 
tcae ^»t^iuk?urBwanfliikottut upptaritam- 


MtH^^kf wanmpto^i I.Thcffalonltti$. mtatummmwog wuttlHnmmk 


anat^woh UuflTampwckompauuneau kah kup- 
pannuppchteauwunnaoonc wame wuttenaa- 
famauwonganit God. 

15 Newutche naowauwon y kummifiie 
ziaUiuwanihhukkouj kah ncg apitcheg Lao- 
diceij kah neg spitcheg Bierapoiis. 

14 Luke wofT.onit ponaikehtuwdrnuciilnj 
kah Demas kcDWonkiimukkouwoog. 

15 Wonkuma^k Guweraattinneunk neg 
ipicchegLaodiceaj kshNimphas^kah Moeu- 
vsehkomonk ne ohcag wekit. 

16 Kah yen wullukwhonk mahche ogkc 
tumuk kenugke kcnaau, c gketamwahcouk 

wonk ut Moeuwchkomonjanit, neut Uodi- 
cca kah ogkettmoDk wonk oorukkuhwhong^^ 
ancoUodiceanfog. ^ 

17 Kah unnok Araiippnsnanauwompatalh 
kenohtompeantogoowonk 3 ne adtumuu- 
umau ut Lordut, onk wohkuppaihaneien. 

18 Wonkumaonk nalhpe nehcnwonchc 
nunniucheg nen PaulpmehquontamoDknuk- 
kUhpiffuongalh, kittearaontcanittuonk kO)- 
wcteom^koj. Amen. 

WutulTukkuhwhofu Rome en ColoOianrog 
nalbpc Tydiitus kah OueiimMS. 

NegonaeiiEpiaie wutch FJVL twTH ESS ALON IAN S. 

C H A p. I. 

PAuI kahSylvanus, kah Timotheus;, en 
Thelfaloniae moetiwehkomonganit , ne 
en Godut v/utoo(himau , kah en Lord 
Jefus Chrift, kktearnonteanitteaonk apeh- 
tunkoDk, kah wunnohteaonk wiuch God 
koolhinndnut, kah Lord Jeius Chrift. 
, 2 NagwutteaentJttabuttantamdmunGod 
^wutche kenaau wame, ka^wesdtiraununija- 
: Bonut peantamagllh. 

3 Matta ahqueteaU/Og nummebquon- 

Umunnanonut ir.oonamptaravve anakaufu- 

- onganoo, kouwomoaiirue ani^-kduruonganouj 

■Jcah raanunniduc annoatifuonk utnui-Lotd- 

uraurinonut Jeius ChriAp ut anaquabit God, 

-jkah nooihun. 

-^^_ 4 Wahteauog nemattinncnog womonit- 
tca«gi(h, kuppepenunkqunau God. 

5 Newutche nconaunchemajkaon^snun 
'ituppeyci6nukqucneau matta webe \\t kut- 
toQWonganit, qut wonk roenuhkeraonganitj 

• kah ut wunnetupaHatamweNafeuanitiODUt:, 
kah utmiihe p hkontamouwonganitj neyane 
wahteauog uttoh ine^eog ut 

-kenugke kenaau^wutche kenaau. 

6 KutafukkiyeuenuoomwoD, kahLordut, 
mahche attumunumog wuttinnovvaonk nalh- 
pc moochekc wuttarnehpun^onk , naihpe 
wunnetupanacamwe nalhauanittoc wekon- 

7 Nemehkuh , kutufheimwoo wame neg 
wanamptogig ut Macedonia kah Achaia. 

8 Newutche wuttinnowaOnk God miihon- 
toowau wuta^ kuhhogkaoutj matta webe ut 
Macedonia koh Achaia, qut wonk nilh noh 
ut ayf uone^mit, koonamptamCDonganoo noji- 
wc en Godut rcaemw, ne waj matta woh 
loh ^yog. 

9 Newutche nag iiagumCD nahtiunum- 
wanfhikqunnonog, uttoh anc peturteaog ut 
kuhhogkaout^ kah uttoh anc quinnuppeog 
en Godut wutch nunneykontunkanehtU; 
If iuCTumonat pomantamwac God. 

^ xo ]^hpahhc6iut wiiaiuunionuh uvutch 

kefukqut, neh omobkitimpoh wutch nup- 
punat, jefus noh pohquahwhunHukquceg 
watch mufquantamojonk ncpaomoiug. 
C H A P. II. 

NEwutche kenam nehenwonche koo- 
wahteomwfio, kuppetutteaonooon^a- 
iiun, ne matta talinouBieyeuunno). 

2 Qut mahche citequnehtamog negonac> 
ScnutaKodchenchetttamun, newahteaucg, , 
ut Phiiippij nafhpe num-Manirtoomun matta 
nukquife l.ekeroobko.Tiun oonaunchcmou- 
kaonk God liailipcmiihepenuanittuonk. 

5 NewuiOie nvuwe quetummGUWongaRun, 
mat afttjkoriteamoyeuoup afuh nilhkencung- 
quedtincop, afuh pohchoDteaycyeuunoDp. 

4 Qut neyane tapeneamunkqueog nup- 
p .ubuhcanumukqunnan6nut wnnaunchemcw- 
kaonk, ue nuttin eyinnean, mar wuflikkete*- 
heoneat wofkefompaog, qut God, noh qua]- 
teunk Murtahlninnonaih. 

5 Newutche matta toh vsttoDche nutau- 
wohtcomun aluh wanonktxjwaongafh, neyan« 
wahtcifuog , afuh onkwh6rae iahchcwon- 
tamoonk, God wauwaenin- 

6 Afuh m^ttanunnatinncahonaoomunfoh- 
fumcDonk wutch wosketompaut, afuh wut- 
che kenaau, afuh wutche onkatogig, woh 
weaTehhenog neyane Uppoftlefumoh Chr jft. 

7 Qut nuaimanunniffiraun kenugke kena- 
au, neyane nouchachuus fohkommcouHont 

8 Netatuppe menubke kodtanumunog, 
n X. wekonta r u -nun kitti mumma ununnaao- 
nut matta webe wunaunchemouktonk God , 
qut wonk nehenwonche nukketeahogkoun- 
nonog , newutche kummoochekc womoau- 

9 Newutche kummehquontamuTjWCX) n€C» 
mafog nutanakaufuonganun , kah numme- 
nuhkin-'itreaonganun : newutcfie nutana- 
kauiimun kefukod-^e kah nnkkonac , matta 
woh kut6adtehrcaheonan howan^RC kukkuh- 
kootomsuunimun wunaunchemookaonkGoi 

19 Kcnjau wauwicnuog kah OoJ; uttoh 


an wunnctupanttamwac kahfampwCtt^Tcac, 
kah matta aunchemooonittcic, anniycogKe- 
flugke kcnaau winamptamoglft^* 

rf I NeyaflOCjwahteauog uttoh ane wehque- 
tamauogkut, kah tapheogkut, .kah mechum- 
whkonopik'^t ni/hnoh pafuk keaaau Cneyatic 
wutoofhirnau wimnechaiioh) 

12 Kuttapensungque ponuflionaoutGod- 
ut5iioii wehUomukqueog en wuttahfoDtatTiao- 
onganit kih wufTohrumooongaait. 

I ^ Newiitche yeu matta ahque wonk ta- 
buttantamauooogkutGodj newutche artum 

mmktk$nijfmo\ tit torid 

Chap. 5,4. 

ncgonaeu Uutitinuhn^sonupj pi& nutdtc-* 
quiiebtamumun wuttjiffimehpunaongailij n^ 
yanagkup kah kcQwahteauUneaia. 

5 Newutch: yeu 5 ahqufe kehchitnaonj 
nutannCDteamnp wahtcauunat kojnamptam- 
Goongancx) , ill^kont toh hen Qutchuaehiia , 
qutdifaikkumwo) , kah nqtanakaufuwong-, 
anim woh tahnoocheyeuoo. , , , , 

6 Qut yeuycuTimotheuswagkuhhogkao-, 
ut, ea hogkanonut, kah anaunchcmcuKong- 
queog koonaraptsraoDong^nao 5 kah koc-wo- 
maufuongano) , i«h koone mchquanumao^ 
onganun nagwuttcacu, mahihe kodtantamog 


unumog wuttirrnoow^ankGod, ne nootami- 1 pnsauuu u^^vvucuvciv.., T«'"nVnawun 'wonk 
cog, kutattumunumuneau matta neyane I k^'^^^^^i^f.^.ll^J^l^^^, "^y""^ nenawun wo^^ 
wuttinn 5owaonk woiketomp , qut neyane «--^".^ 

tie mailianakaufumeouk wouk uc kcnaau wa- 


14 Newutche kenaau nematog kutahik- \ 
cmumwoo ur-nmocuwehkomungalliGod ^ neg i 
apitchcg Judea, neg ut JefusChrift ut , ne- | 
watche iienaau wonk kutchequne'htamum- . 
wa>,neyaneoogi{l-i wutch ketAtceamunganog, ] 
neyane nag wutch Jew fog. I 

15 NagnufliaognaneefweLord ]eru5,k?h , 
nehenwonche ummanktODWompoora(Xjob & 
noofwuttohukqwnnonog: kah nag matta wjT- | 
likketeahouooog G"»dub , kah panncu.Teog 
wame woiketompahtu. 

16 Nukquitinukqunnonog unnoosonat 
Gcntilfoh woh widchanonnaout, nunnwoh- 
tinat ummatcliGfeongadi nagwatteaeu, ne- 
wutche mufquanittuonk nubkuhkungquog 

17 Qut nenawuT nemutimonog, anariit- 
teaog wutche kenaau ogguhfefe 5 wo(k.echc 
wlatta mehtahut, nano nummoodieke meneh- 
kinitteamun naununat kulkcfuk, nalbpe 
numifhc kodtatamoonk. 

r8 Ncwajeh kodpeya6nunog ren Paulej 
pafukqut kah wonk, qut mattanmt ncota- 

T 9 Newutche teaguas nutaroufTuon^anun, 
afuh na^wckontamcDonganun, a£uh wacno- 
macnut6hetuhquabein> funnum matta kc- 
niau ut anaquabit nuI-Lordumun Jefus 
Cbriil peyont ? 

20 Newutche kenaau naiTohfumnfiaooq- 
eanun, kah noowekontamoaonganun. 

NEwutche, abque kebchtthaog, nutte- 
nantamumun nunnu'lmeat ut Athens. 

2 Kahnut-nncDnomp Timotheu? neiaat- 
tin 5 kah wunnohtompeantogoomoh God , 
neetanakaufueniiin ut'oonauchemoekaonga- 
rsitChrif^, kmimcnuhkebikqunnaout , kah 
kuttaphikqunnaoutpapauine kODnamptam- 

^ Matta woh howan wutontape'iniit nafh- 
ft yeufh onk punnaongalli : newutche koo- 
wahteauunneau 5 nenuttit kehtimitteanan. 

4 N^Rtchc wunaamubkut wetomunog , 


7 Newutche nematog , nuttapbctteamuti 
papaume kenaau^ uc vvame nuttunkapunna- 
onganunnenutj kah nukqucque'nauanumgo^ 
onganuaonut nalhpe kconamptamouong^ 

8 Newutche yeuyen 7J nuppomantamum- yz^J^ 
\xn^ ir.enehtckompauweogutLordut. ^ ■ ^'^* 

9 Newutche league tabuttantamoonk 
woh wonk anumauogkut God wutche kena- 
au, newut6ie wame wekontanaoonk newc- 
koiitamog newutche kenaau anaquabit nurtt- 
Manittajnr.un. . , 

10 Nukonaeu kah kcfukodaeu nummilhe 
peantamumun, woh nunnaumumun kufke- 
fukoo 3 kah woh nuppannupehteomUii iie 
quenauwebikoumoDuk kcDnamptarndDongaa- 

1 1 Qnt nsgum God kah noafliun kah nul- 
LcrduP-un jefus Chrift, monchanukqutteuh 
enkubhogkaout. ^ ' 

12 Kah Lord nano miIlie'hbiko®k katt 
muttaanhikoDkenwonipnittinncat, kah wa- 
me wclketompaog, neyanhenog kenaau. 

1 3 Onk woh menehketeau kuttahhcuwoam 
monteag kcochumitjeaunnaout ut wunnc- 
tupanatammaoonganit anaquabit God nxin- 
un, utuppeyonat Lord jeCus Chf ill wcecUC 
wame conectupanatamoDmoh. 

NAno neit nematog koowebquetumaw- 
numwQo kah kenanompatTunnunun:\WiX> 
nallipe Lord jefus, neyane attumununrjieog 
ne woh panmufhaog, kah ^^oh koufekittea- 
he^'TiwooGod, newoh netatups nanokubs- 
m!n:ib etteamwoD. 

2 Newutche noDwahtcornun cnaguaancDn- 
teamowoiigaih anumauwunagkupafli nallipe 

Lord Jefus. , 

3 Newutche yeu wuttcnantamCX5onKGoc^ 
koDncetupanatamwabetteaongainoo, onK won 
kukqueihtamumwo) nanwunoDdfquauwonk- 

4 NiiTinoh pafuk woh ooxsahteauun wut- 
abtauunat oowifqiUt pahkcteahahuwaonganic 
kah qutiianatuonganit. 

$ Matta nanwailnoDdrquae ahchewon- 

tamooonganltj-jieyane Geatiifog neg matta 

|w.heunkigGodufe ^^^ 

»apuke£'mol>ku9JweHi I.Theffklonwns; ukkemuwammgafh Gtd 


lankit^hwecmatokmatuwohtohuttcaguas, ' teaonk kak nanauwaycuonk " nc it Tcanuk 

newutchc Lord wutannoDtauoh wame n« ' - '^' ''■ • ' L^-inuK 

aatiiinitche, ncyanc nenawuiij mahchc un- 
Bunnogkah noowauwonanonuc. 
7Ncwutcfae God matta nuttine wchkorauk- 
a>un niffikencuakquffuonganit, qut wunne- 

^ 8 Newutchc Hoh jiriianufflont, matta jilli- 
*rHiitiauiX» woil^.etompui-i, qut Goduh, noh 
wonk anumuakqueog wunnctupanatarawc 

9 Qut papaume CDwemattue womon'ttu- 
^nk matta quenauwahikoomwoo kcDfukkuh- 
humauununnaoutj newatche kenaau nehen- 
vfonche kuRkuhkootomunkumwoo God^koa- 

10 Kail wunnarauiikut kutufTeneau nog- 
que en wamc oawcmattinneat . neg wame 
»picch?g Macedonia, qilt kenanompairum* 
tjnumun ncmattinnonog woh nano kummo- 

ir Kan woh kenatwontamumwrx) chequrt- 
appinneat, kah nehenvvondic kutuireonganoo 
kutulTenaoutj kah kutanakaufutanaoui ke- 
nutcheganooooalh, neyane annoonog. 

12 Onk woh kuifampweuifeae pomufiiaum- 
^flK»j nogquc en nag poquadchh, kah matta 
tcag kukquenauwehikoinaout. 

1:5 Qur matta kuttenanumunncDmwao 
nciaatog kutafookinaeaout , papaume nag 
kawe'chc^, matta kumTiaufounnaouc neyane 
oilcatogi^ matta aht^uogig annbaufuonk. 

14 Newutchc wuunamptamog jefusnup, 
kah omohku wonk, neyane nag wonkkawe- 
chcg ut Jefus uf, God pilh wuanalhpc pa- 

1$ Newutchc yell kuttinnununan na£hpe 
wuttinnoowaonk lord 3 tienawun pamon- 
tamagifh, kah ape^fi^^ n6 pajeh peyonat 
JLordj matta pifii nootamchheomun nag kad- 

16 Newutchc naga-n Lord nookeu wutch 
Iccfukqut nafhpc mifiiontaowaonk, naihpc 
wmmifhontiDuwaonk Ardl-angel, kah nafhpe 
wmmonopuhpeg God, kah neg napukeg ut 
Chriil:ut piihncgonne omolikeog. 

17 Neit nenawun pamontamagi(h kah fe- 
qunneaghhj piili noDWceBie moaefpcmano- 
oog ut mahto2qfut, noek'jftkaujnat Lord 
fliamahche kci Jkqut , kah neit piih num- 
inichemc wetomomun Lord. 

t8 Newutchc taphettcgk naflipe yeuflv 
kuttouwongaih. « 

QC H A P. V. I 

Tt papaume ahquompiyciiaili, kah ut- 

^^ taorheyei'c-ih nn^tta quenauhikkfnm- 
wroi nccmatog woh koufukkuhhumauunund- 

2 Newutchc kenaau pannunpe koowahte 
pmwo), nekefukkod turn Lord paoatonatub 

paguanuonk wunuhkukauoh , neyane uee- 
chaonk ut mittumwuffiirut wompcGuait^kah 
nag matta pirn pohquohhamoog. 

'tt^l ^^^^^^ nematog matta kutapumoo 
pohkcnahtu, nc kefukok woh kammattanuk- 
qunnaout onatuh kommajtowaen. 

5 Kenaau wame wequaiyeue mukkiefog, 
kan kelukodte mukki<^rog , ir.atta kouchi^ 
yeumun nukonit aluh pohkenahtu. 

6 Newutche ahque kouetuh neyane onka^ 
togig : que afliuhvvheteadtuh kah kufl«h« 

7 Newutche nag kaicheg kou^'og iit 
nukonit , kah nag kogkeiffippamwucchcg, 
kogkeiffippamwog ut nukonit. 

8 Qlitntnawunwadchiogkiihkcfukodtut 
quauuwhutteuh : hogqutteh wunnamptam- 
We kah womonittite mahpanoganit ahbohi^g, 
kahwutchc muhpuhkukqutahhohtagannf- 
ofuonk wutch wadchanittuonk. 

S) Newutche God matta nukkehtimukoo- 
unen mufquamttamoDonganit, qutattum- ' 
unamunat wadchanittuonk nul- 
Lordumun JelUs CHrirt-. 

10 Noh napa)w6nukqucegkup, uttoh kit- 
tinnc toohkenan afuh kouenan, woh koowcc- 
Che pomantiracjoraoun nsgum. 

11 Newutche moeu taphcttegk, kah wee- 
kckonittegka neyane Wonk nc aieyog. 

^ 1 2 Kah kcuwehquetumauunumun neemat- 
tmnanog^ wahck naghok anakauljtcheg ke- 
nugke kenaau , kah kenaninakoowoog ut 
Lordutj kah kutauiko:i.hikou5og. 

I % Kah wosnoaufiie miaianumcwkjwutche 
wucanaKaufuong&nfX), kah wnnohkonittegk. 

. 14 Kah ken.nompaiTuinunumun nemat- 
tinnonog/ampweteahahuk neg nanwiitcheg: 
tapheuk nag nooaiumwutteahboncheg, che- 
tanunook noochumwefitchegj manunniiTtgk 
nogque en wame woikf tompauhtu. 

15 NanauwehteauoDk w.;nne howan mat- 
chen^huvvaon wutch ummatrhenehuwaonk 
howan: qut micheme afuhkomook newa- 
negik, na nccfwe kenugke kenaau, kah wame 

16 Micheme weekontamaok. 

17 Nag\*uttcinumapk peantamoonk. 

18 Niflinohut teag tabuttantamauk, ne- 
wutchcyeu wuttenantamooonkGod utChriil 
Jefus ut papaume kenaau. 

19 Ahque ont6h.jukNa{haHnnit. 

20 Ahque f(?ke'nca?n(X)k kuhkaotomuh tea- 

21 Qiitchehteoodk wame teantcaquadni/h. 

menuhkenumook newanegik. 

12 JCutchithontama>k wame ncagquene^ 
ungquok matchefeonganit. 

25 Kah noh nagum wunnohteae Manit 

panuppe wunnetupmatamwahikoak : kah 

mamuifcn jkcnaajauanJ^angpoog; kafa kukkc- 


27 Kummcdliimuh kfiiinurwwoo n^fhpe ',\ 
Lord^yeu wufTukwhcnk cgketamunaj kenug«.r 
ke wame wunnetupanatamwc \ven;atinneunk ' 

28 Ukkitce^monteanitteaonk Lord Jcfus ?' 

Cfariil wetomukouk. Amen. , \, 

teahcgkor.ouccg .ivah kulihokaccg, nonttsg 
wutciiiriuc v^^d:hanurnunc|^n6 pajeh uppe- 
jona I nuJ- Li ] d umii n jefus Chiirt. 

24 Paubui tanumukquflu noh wehkcir-uk- 
i^iieog, noh vvonk pifli afit. 

25 i\eemattinnancg peantamv^anfliinean. 

26 Vvonkumouk wame wemattinneunk 
naflipevvunnetupanatarawe wutchipwuttx»- 

Yeu negon-wufTukwhonk ch Theflaion!*''' 
anibg^wuttuifukuhwhofu Atheasv > 

JMahotdeu Epiftle wucch PAVL en Ttl ESSALON lA^NS^ 


PAUL kah Silvanus kah Timotheus, en 
Tbeflalonienfe moei;WehkGmon8;anit 5 
cii Godut nooihunndnut, kah Loid Je- 

2 Wafietupanatamoonk apehtunkakkah 
v?unohteaonk wutch Gddut nuu£hinnonut , 
kah Lord JefasChrift. 

^ Moohchenagwutte^enuttabuctantam- 
auoniunGod wutchekenaau nematinnonog^ 
neyane lapeneunkquok^ nevvutche koonamp- 
tarhooonganoo miil^egcrij kah kcDWomonit- 
tiio^nganoo wame kenaau mifcehteauun. 

4 Nemehkuh nenawun noowoweenoDcmun 
ncwutche kenaauj ut urrmoeuwehkomung- 
anthtuGod, newutehe kummanehtamouon- 
ganoD skah koDnamptannouonganajj ut wame 
koDWoikhetteaonganit , kah koutamehpan- 
Baonganocooafii, nilh chehqunehtamogith. 

5 Ne wahteauwahuwae ukkuhkifieafuonk 
wufTampwe wuilittumoonk God , onk woh 
kuttape ogkemutteamwo) wutairootamooon- 
ganit Godj «e waje wonk chcqunehramog. 

€ N ewu£ che ne fampweuifeonk u t Godut 
onkquttauonat wuttamehpunaonk^nag wad- 

7 Kah kenaau wadtamehettea6gift5anw6- 
Cnoonk weeche nenawun. Lord Jefus nog- 
qufiit wutch kefukquc, weeche ummi/]ie Aa- 

8 Kuiiinnaut Rooteau, vvutannootauSnat 
nah mat wahe'onegeh Goduh, kah mat nof- 
wetamoonegch (unaunchemcDkaonk nul- 
lordumun Jefus Chrilr. 

9 Neg piili fafanatahwhutcLeg na/lipe 
marhemohtag awakompanaonk, wut^h ana- 
quabitGod, kah wutch wuflohfumoe me- 

16 Peyont wuflbbfummdc^wcunonat ut 
©oneetupanatamoomut , kah roonchanatam- 
oounonat ut wame neg wanamptogig '( ne- 
wut'he noowauwaonganun keaugke kenaau 
wunnampt?munah) uc ne kefukok. 

1 1 Newutehe wonk nagwutteae kuppean- 
tamwanQiinumun, num-Manirtoomuri woh 
kutogquanumukkou tapenumukyeu ooyt^eh- 
kommuwaonk3& pakodch.eulfen" wame (©ne- 

tapeneaumoce ooneetuonk, kah wunnamo^ 
tamooeanakaufu >nk nailipe menuhkefuonW 
12 Ne ojwemonk nul-Lordumun Jefus 
Chrii^woh fohfumoDma. ut kuhhcgkaout, 
kah isenaau ut nagum,neaunag ukkitteamoiii 
teanitteaonkkum-ManittoDmun, kah LOrdi 
Jeius Chrift. 


ONK kefianompafT munumunnemattm- 
nonog naftpe uppeyaonk nuI-Lord- 
urimn JefusChrift, i^h na/hpe kummoeong- 
anunen wuhhogkat. ® 

2 Ahque teanuknunnukAonchkutteiiari- 
t^moonk, afuh wuttamanata..runnad],afuh 
naiiipe na hauanjt, afuh nafhpe wuttinnoo- 
waonk, aluh nalhpc wuffukwhonk, nerane 
wntchenenawua, ne, ukkefukodtum Chrift 
pafwohteau. ^luiu 

3 Howan afoDkekomtikoohteog uttoh ut, 
newutehe matta ne kefukok pi?h peyau^ 
unoo, kuttumma pogketamooonganuuk ne- 
tw.kiJ^ "^^ matchefeae woiketomp 
wahikquTu, pagm.nittuewunflaumcniin. 

4 Chekeulhonont kah ^nue tob/I^inont 
wuhhogKuh vvame ne wehkumonche God 
aluh wau.lamonchcg, nemehkuh, onatuh" 
God, apit wurtempleumut God, nahtitteadt 
wuhhogkuh noh God, ^•■>crfGt 

• 5 Sun matta kummehquontanioomwacj 
afhpame wetomunog y>;uai kuttinnunna- 
opaih ? 

6 Kah eyeu koDwahteomvvr(Tj te^guas " 
wadtamehikquit, woh oowalhonat, ut wlat- 

7 Newutehe fio§ ok matchefeonk mafichg 
anakaufimoo , webe noh yeuyeu wadtara- 
ehit, pilh vv-uttamhuau nd pajeh amauno- 

8 Neitnoh matchetowienplfh watikquC. 
lu.neb pifh Lord ummahtlhano naihpe wun- 
nallianonk wutch wuttionut, Uah plih up^ 
psgu nuh naiiipe wufohfumoe uppeyaonk* ' 

9 Nagum noh iippeyaonk neyan ^ vvut- 
anakaufuonk Satan, ns/lipewamenenuhke- ' 
fuonk, kah kubkinneafuongafliykah paa-- 
Jioowseraonchan£(tamociongaM^i ;^ -v^t -<•>.> 

10 Kaij naA^p© wame afa^kekodteamoe 

/j^^fihik^^p't^ook ^antamoadtfih^ I. Tiraotby* fefegmmwam meeffihkjtci 

paunefeong.-'.fh , ut nag pagUanitcheg , ire 
wutche mair-i at tu-ann ram ooog wcrnctntam- 
linat vyuiinamuhkuceyeuuk onk vvoh wad- 

11 Kah newutcneycUjGod pifh nafe wut- 
annoonuh e^i rnenuhke 'pannaj\vc>hcarf)ajong- 
anitjWoh vvun'tiumptamunnsoiit panoovvaonk. 

12 Nag wohwamemicheme wutaw?koni- 
punnonaoontj neg matta wanampt^mcLgig 
wanamuhkuteyeuukj qutwetkoiiLOgig mas:- 

. jTaiT^pweufTeonganit. 

15 Qut mos m(X)hc}ie nagwutteac niit- 
tabuttaatamauonan God newutciie kenaau 
Bemattinonog 3 womonukqueog Lordj ne- 
■wutcheOod wutch waj iuitciiimk kuppe- 
permnkou en wadchanictuonganit na/hpe oj- 
netu,p?iiatamwahuwaonk Nalbauaiiit , kah 

' JkoenamptamcDonk wanumuhkuteyeuuk. 

; 14 Ne adt wehkomukquedg nalbpe noo- 
" caunchemaokaonganun , attumunurnunat 

fvulTohrunioonk Lord Jefus Cbrift, 
. 15 Ncwutche neraattinbnog^ menehte- 
"kompaiifjuk kah (nenuhkenumouk kubkoo- 
I'tomubteaoiigalb nilh kohkcDtomonteaokiip- 
' :afh, afuh naiiipekuttajoak,afuh noulukkuh- 


16 Neit, nagum nul-lordumun Jefus 
"Cbrift kah God 110c fhun, noh vvomonukque- 
* ©g, kati aninnumungqueog machemohiag 
, wekontafnoonkjiah vvunneaurijcruonknaib- 
t pe kitLeamonteanictuonk. 

17 Wekontamwatauutch kuttahhoowo- 
.afli, kah menefckhikook ut niibnoh kuitoD- 

' fvonganitjkah anakaufuonganit. 

C H n P III. 

MAumachiih nemattinnoraog peantam- 
w^nfliinnean , wuttinnoDwa >nk Gad 
■woh nanouibauinou, kah wuh fohfumoDrnoo 
Rcyane kenuoke kenaau. 

2 Onk woh nuppohquohwhunnitteamun 
wutch mat nahheoncheegig kah matcheto- 
cniiog, newutche waaic woiketomp^og mat- 
ta wunnamptamoog. 

3 Qut Lord paubuhtanusnukqufTu, noh 
Hianuhkehikqueog , kah wadchanukqueog 
wutch match] tut. 

4 Kah nuinmeiuhke annoofimun ut Lord- 
tat papaumckenan, woh na neefwekutuf- 
fenaoaHi, kah pifh wonk kutuiVenaoafli niih 

Kah Lord fampoowutauutch kuttah* 
'iioooclh en vvomon-onat God^kah en manunne 
paheouai Chrift, 

6 Kah kuiLannounumun neemnttinnonog 
ut ouweiKonganit nul-Lordumon Jefus 
Chrift;, woh kutamohkauonaout niih noh 
o^wematin noh nanwiyeue porruihad , kah 
matt neyc-ne kuhkoutomuhteaong ne at- 

7 Newuidiekenasu koowahteomwoo Kt- 
toh woh an afubkiyeog, newutche matta 
nanweniyeum.un kenugke kenaau. 

8 Afuh roatta nummeckojmunhowanup- 
petukqunnunk, netoh utjqut anakaiifue k 
rnenuhktnneteae nutanakaulimun nukonaeu 
kah kefukodtaeuj woh mat nutoadtehteahi- 
unan howan kenaau. 

9 Matta newutche mat nutahtauoouHan 
raenuhkefuonk_, qut nutaimunnanonat kut- 

1© Newutche wetomunog, yeu kuttinn« 
annoonunan, matta kowananakaufegkjmeet- 

11 Newutche nootamumunnawutche ke- 
nugke kenaau nanwiwefeog matta anakaufe-* 
og, qut noonumimaog. 

12 Eyeu nutannoon6un6nop|neyaniitcheg 
kah no. wehquetumau6un6nog naihpc nui- 
Lordumun Jefus Chrift, wunohteaeanakauC- 
hettich Kah mechhtttich nehenwonche up- 

1 3 t nt kenaau nematinnSfiOg ahquefau- 
unnumcok wunnefeonk, 

14 Howan mat nofweetamoog nuttinnoo-- 
waonganUM nalbpe ycu wufTukwhonk, kuh- 
kinneafegknoh wolketomp, kah weetomuh- 
teokjonkwoh ak(&dchu. 

15 Qut ahque ogquanumok matwaut, qut 
aufhkoratDk ncyane weemattinneat. 

16 Onk n?.gum wunnobteae Lord , nag- 
wutteaeu aninnumungkook wunohteaonk 
nifii noh ut, Lord wetomukook wame. 

17 OOwonkummuwaonk Paule, nafbpe 
nehenwonche nunnutchep'j ne kukkinneafu- 
onk wut6he ulihnoh wuifukwhonk : ne nut- 

18 Ukkitteamonteanitteaonk nul-Lordum- 
un Jefus Chrift wetomukook warie Amen. 
Nahoht6eu ut Theifaloniantcg wut* 
tilfukwhofu Athens. 

NegonaeuEplftle wutfli T AV L ut T I M OT fJT. 

C H A p. I. , 

PAule uppoftleumoh Jefus Chriil: nafhpe 
Aut nn jcteamooonk God nup'^ohquoh- 
wii macneum^kah Lord J elus Cbrift nut- ' 
annoofuooganun. ' 

2 Ut i imrjthie nehenwonche nunnaUraon 

nitteaonk, monaicteaonk, kah wunohteaonk 
wutSi God kculbunnonut, kah Jefus Chrift 

3 Neyane kenanompafTumunup aflikup- 
pummeapinneat uc Ephelus, aoon Maccdo- 
nia, woh nawhut'-h kummerhumahkonona- 
oul matta «lj;kwhkgotomwebceiiwms«ut pe- 
so v?& 

aowe kubkootomwebteaonk. 

4 Afuh matra wuimootauounat nanwon- 
chemouoh , iuh matwohkukquoetciongaili , 
nifb ayimoDUgifl^ natoutomuhtedcngariij, tea- 
ogu onk niib Ji aniticjoe wtkeKonuWuongafh, 
ne utwunnamptamoDonguiiit. 

5 Nano auwohtcaonknrium^tuonk ne wo- 
moaufuonk wutcii pahke mctauutjkab wutfti 
wunne metahhannit , kah wutch mat eian- 
tukie wnnnamptarijoonk. 

6 Nifl^ WDtche, nawhutche amaeo? quin- 
nuppeog en tahnooche oioomoolquitoowong- 

7 Kodtantarawehettit ukkuhkoDtomweh- 
teaenuunneaout naumatuonk, mat wohtam- 
ohettegtoh aaoowahettit^aiiih toh anpih- 

8 Qutncxiwahteomun naumatuonk wun- 
negen, howan naumatue auwohteadt. 

9 Yeu noowahceauunanjnaumaiuonk mat- 
ta wutche kezbeau iampweufleaenuh , qut 
MfUtchenanwiyeuogj kah mat norwetamojg- 
ig, wutche !nat af queaeunkqu(iek Godut , 
i^h wutch matchefeinnuog, wutch matta 
WaneetupanatamoDgig , Kah mamifhantara- 
weinniiog, wut^^e naihoncheg oolhooohjkah 
nafhoncheg okarooohjwucche nuOiehteaenu- 

10 Wutche nanv^unnoodfquaenuogjwut- 
chenegnilhkheoncheg wubhogkaoh v/utch 
wolketompuh , wutciie komcxjtukig woike- 
tompuhjWutch panncuwaenuogi wutch pan- 
ncDWae chekeyeuwachcg, lohneit te-^g onk- 
atuk penowcjeuQouk fampwe kubkootom- 

11 Neyane wulTohrumoe wunaiinchemoo- 
"k^onX wunnanumoe God;» ne paubuhranum- 

12 Kah nuttabuttantumau Chrifl Jefus 
flul-Lordunnun nob tapenumwahikquci^, ne- 
wutchc nutogquanumuk paubuhtanumwe- 
nuutj nupponukqunnat nobtompeantogooo- 

13 Negofiae nrn blafpbemaenuweyeumpj 
kah woik^ebuwaenuajp 3 kab numraatchene- 
buwaenucopjqut nutattumiinum monanetea- 
onk, newutche nutalfooke uifenap , ut pan- 

14 Kah ukkitteamonte^nitteaonk nul- 
Lordumun moochekemoDnat, weeche wun- 
namptamoonk, kak womoaufuonk, neohtag 
ut Chri/]: Jefus. 

i^ Yeu wunnamptamoe unncDwaonk, kab 
tapenuTiooraoo wameattumu umunat^Chrift 
Jefus peyau muttoO kitw,drhan6nat mat- 
cheCeae'nuh, ne? nen nogoneyeuweh. 
'f 16 rut, ne^vutche yeu waj attumunum- 
llpmonanete 01k onkut nuhhogkat negon- 
me Tefus€bri{l wob nrhtitteau w^me w'uiTe- 
pepAbuwaonk , wutche neyaneneunkquak 
S32g piQt orrpetak wan r-ptauoncl^eg 3 en 
©akheme pomauraaiooon^anite. 

17 Nano, en ketafiv;^ t mictemaplt, nratta 
won nap cuk; matta wuh nogcufltgpiich vvebe 
waant.mwe Gcd^suitianunHUci;, i,ab foh- 
li^ma.cnaj micherre ka b mi. tn e. / men. 

18 Yeu n.eechumuhkcniiti'cr^k kuppau- 
bubtafaumunun iiunnai firson Timothy j^.eyane 
quolkae miuobhi,mouorgalh negonubkong- 
queanifn^ onk wob kutayeuhteam wunne a- 
yeuteaonk, nafbpe nifhoh. 

19 Meijubkenumon wunnamptamoonk , 
kab wunne metabhannitj nawhutche ne pag- 
keiooig papaume i^unnaniptamcDonkayim* 
wog uolhkoomoDut kmioonog. 

20 Na^ wutche Hymeneus kah AIexaii» 
der^ neb ciuumaucgkeh Mattannit , onk woh 
nebtuhiauog matta bhfphemonat. 

C H A i; II. 

NE wutche noowehquetum , negonneu ^ 
wcbquetuma^ongalh , peantaraooong- 
aihj peantamwanlhehteaongafh, St tabuttan- 
tamooongaili^ayimauoMat wame wolketomp* 

2 Wutche iketa{fct»timwog, kab wutche 
warne neg nananuwachcg, onk wob manun- 
ne kab wunohteae nuppomantamumun/ut 
v^ame manittooonganit kah fampwanumuk- 

7, Newutche yeu wunnegen 5 kah tapene- 
unkquodc ut anaquabit God nuppohquoh- 

4 Nob kodtantog wame wadchanonat 
woiketompaog; kab* peyonat wabteauunat 

5 Newutrhepafuk God, kahpafuk wuii* 
obteahuwaeniii naihauwe ut woiKetompaut 
kah Godutj wofketomp Chrift jefus. 

6 Nob maguk wubhogkub manoohwhaosk 
wutche vvamcj cuwijuvvonat ne woh adtoo- 

7 Ne adt keibtimumuk nukkubkootom- 
webteaenuunneat, kab Apoftle,(noonomwan% 
ut Chriftut 5 kab matta nunpannoowam ) 
kubkoatorawehteaenin Gentiliut ut wun- 
namptamoQonganit kab wunnamuhkuteyeu- 

8 Newutche nukkodt^ntam uppeantai;^- 
unnaout wofketompaog niiii nob utjtahfliiii^ 
nummohettit pahke wunnutchegamoafh ^ 
raatta muiquanittamwe kah cha:}anatamwe 

9 Netatupe W' ^nk, mittamwulliirog anin- 
nauwohaushettich, v/echeakodchuonk ksiii 

' mawumaifTuonk , matta keehtoohquSu, afuh 
nsfiipegoldj afuh ralhpe nompakonunafh ^ 
sfub na/hpe wiinbogkojunaili- 

10 Qut (neyane ne tapeneunkquok mic- 
tamwodifTog attumumimwchbettit peaa- 
tamoonk) nailipe wunanakaufuongafh.. 

' II MittamwuflifTog chequnne'e netuhtay- 

webettich nalhpe wame agwe vvutappinnea- 


12 matta nuttenanumob mittamwof- 

, fis kuIikoDtomubkonat, afuh wuanemanum- 

i ~ ' 'P p- a-' ■ ■ '' mzX- 

BUerfog k,^h Deak^ufQg 

uiiat wunnan^uwunonat woiketompuh, qut 

13 Nu-watci^e Adam kuhlsenauweheop , 
ii€it Eve. 

14 Kah Adam matta aflbokekomop, qut 
iRitcamwoilis airjakekornic noh matchcfu. i 

,15 Qutpiihwadchinau 'JLnieechanianeac, 
nagiiugwicceanuinwcfidtcit wunnainptamo- 
' OiiK, i^aii wumoauruonlij kah vvuanecupa- 
n4taEiia>onkp wee,:he maiiunaiiiuoak. 
CHAP. ill. 

Y''Eu wunnamubkutee yeuwonk, wolke- 
Lo-iip kudcaJKog aniniiohluende noh- - 
to..ipeaiuygaia, wuii*a*kaariijak kodcan- = 

2 NohLompeantog neit v\^oh monteag wut- , 
chimaujaequt 'jukaudU;, aikuhwheteauj qui- 
- iiihiiou , wu.iiie.iiyeiri , wuaneMenuwaenucp | 
Mt week.ic, wu.MCiiU.isoDCornwenceaeauvjo. ' \ 

I. Timothy^ Vpfimohiompeantegoe uffeonl^ 

uttoh woh aniyean ut wekit Qod. ne um- 
moeuwehkanoakpomanta.nwde God, wun- 
nepatuhqu .nk, it^h watapaonk WBanamuii» 

16 Kahmattachanmowaep-mlffiwuiliQff- 
kodta>:Ti maaittoODak, God n6gq^i^e^p ut 
weyauiatj, lampweogquanumop ut Nalhau- 
anitcoout;, nauop naihpe AngeJioh. noh kuh- 
kcoto;mx>hkoaah ut Gentiirut, wunaamp- 
tamunah utmuttaobket^attunvanop eaibh- 


ONkNafhauanit pahke aajwau^ogkomae 
ahquompak piih nav^hutche amae Jg 
wuiicn wunnamptamm.Dw^ngunit , alichu« 
futoowahettit J pannefojhteaenue aa(hau- 
anittcDh, kah ukkuhkuDtomwehteaonganoi- 
oalli mattannittGoog, 

I piMittae maowohlhog, 

1 a Quhteiteaog weetauadtuonk ;, Isah uk- 

i ^^^^"''^^"^^^"^^i^wnnaout raeecfuongafia , 

j ni(h God kel^eunkupash attummunumunac 

! naihpe tabuttantamoonk^ naa\pe nag wua- 

; namptogig, kah wahceunkig wunnamuhkut- 

\ eyeuoouk. 

\ 4 Newutche nilh noh oaas wutdi Godat 

\ wunnetu^ kah matta teag iiil"iontam(X)un, at-. 

\ tumuiuimuk naflipe tabuttantamooak. 

5 Newutche wunnetupanatamwahtia 
1 nafbpe wuttianowaonk God, kah peantaai- 
; ©oake 

I 6 Mehquontamwabeadt i^eematog yeufh, 
ken piih_ wunne wunnohtompeaatogoraoh 
JerusChri!]:5annoohkauwunumuk wuanamp- 
tamwe noowaongaait;, kah wuanckuhkoj- 
tomwehteaongaait, ne attumunuman. 

7 Qut pogketalb naniihkontamoe kut- 
chiCquae nanwonchimmooongaf});, kah uow 
nawohteaih Jiuhhogut manittooonganit. 

8 Newutche mubhogkae auwohteaonk 
oggahfompamukquodt , qut raanittooonk 
mii],omparaukquodt ni/hnoh ut^ ahtoaonicu 
quolliodtucngafh yeuyeu ut pomantamoo- 
ongaait kah ae pa6m(X»ug. 

9 Ke wunnamptamwe unnoowaonk^ kah 
tapcnumoomoo wame attumunumunat. 

10 Newutche, ne wa; aaakaufeog;, k^h 
chequnnehtamog kek^ntuongafli^ newutche 

kpateaeaa^xi, ;a;.-.tia neehaeeteao aiiaksine- 
ung-[ac aacunam.nohcCLaoaK , qut aiaaun- 
niaup aiactaradjhmo^iqae nuuvvoou, maua 

4 Wuaae aanawunurn nchen'wonche week, 
m-nraukkiyeaaioa agwe appehheuh^ naaipe 
wame maaua'aiye„onk« 

5 Newutctic woiketomp matta wahteau» 
Wl toh woh an aaaawuauk aeaeawoache 
nvekj uttoh woh wuctiaac nuaawoaram an 
«maioeuwehkomunk God. 

6 Mattrt wuii^e peaatamwaenjiibkont toh- 
IhinukqutpiLtuaauaiojakj woti peauihau en 
WUiruian:iioagaait raattaaait. 

7 Naaojwuaae waeeaomunaj wutch nag 

foquadchit apitclieg, iihkont peauihau en 
ekoatuoaganit & wucappehanit mattannic 

8 NetatuppewoakDeakonibg maauanai- 
fccttichj matta ncefaatowahetteii^h , mat 
wcekiippamohecteitch wine, mat neehnetea- 
fcetteitch nilhkcneuagque aneuhamohette- 

9 Manuhkinuk wuffiogkodtoam wunnamp- 
fiamounkj ut pahke metahhannittamt. 

10 Kah yeug wonk negonae qutcheh- 
fcenach, neit auwohteahettich wutaanofw- 
onk DeakoH^mon teag wutfliimomuk. 

11 Neyane wonk ummittamwullinneunk 
manunnaihettichj matta kekomuwahctte- 
itch, qufluhwehettich^ paubaht^numukquf- 
fehettich nilh aoh ut, 

nuppaubuhtanumomua pomantamoe God, 
- * noh pohquohwHunont wame miiinninnuh. 

12 Deakonfog nequtookauwahettkhiWun- 
ne naaauwuaahettich wnanechanfoioh kah | nahnauaae yeug waaamptogig. 

II Yeush nag unnanojs kah kuhkootoiji- 

neheawoache wckuwoafli. 

13 Newutche nag waaauwohtcacheg 
Deakoafe aainnohfuoiiK , iiaeuhamauwaog 
ut wuhhogkaout , eiyanukkuhque wuancg- 
enit, kah mifhe .neauhkef aonk ut wunnamp- 
tamouwonganit, ne ut Chrill Jefus ut. 

14 Yeuft) koofukkuhhumauuauaalh 3 an- 
ttoofcon kuppeyaonunat pafwe- 

12 Howan iilhnntogitch koofkenooc-onk 
qut ken uhflmaeneuth ut nag wanamptogig, 
utkuttcx)Woaga.n!t, ur pomnd aoiiganit, u% 
womoaufuonganTtiUt '"( Jhanittmut ut wun- 
namptamooonganitj u'- pahkefuonganit. 

,v.xw- ,.^rt-i "- r . i^N6 pa)eh ni^ppcyonat , menubkeniih 

15 Qutfepobteaop^onkwoh-koowfthtcoh ! ogketsiwvmatj web^uetwmoDonganit, kuh- 

WaanUmm Wtinntfeongajh Chap, y ,tf • Slden f^ alufkoniue ajjecn^f^ 

fe(ptoiTjwehteaonganit» . 

14 Miihanontogon magooorik ne antouan, 
ne anUinaiiUHumuic nashpe qu >shae mLfoh- 
iiamoonkj nashpc ponamoonk wunnutcheg- 
ash Elder fog. 

15 Mifantash yeash, ne nogqwccnin ma- 
jBDulic kuhhog , kuianeuhvirBonteaonk wob 
»ogquodt ut Wamc. 

16 Nunnukquifish kuhhog, kab en kub- 
koDtomwehteaonganitj nish n^gv utte^nsh 3 
newutche nc uHean, pish naneclwe koDwad- 
chan kuhhog, kab ncg nuutunkqueaneg, 

C H A P. V. 

AUfhkomuhkon elder, qut nanompaf- 
fum onatuh wutooihinneat. Kah wuiUe- 
nuug onatuh weemattinneat. 

2 Kuidiirquaog ncyanc wutokafinneat , 
fquaog onatuh cDwetompalfuinncatjUt wame 

3 Quttianum feko u fquaog, wannamuh- 
^Eut fekoufquahett it. 

4 Qut ho wan fekoufq wunnecchanit, afub 
"wutogkomuneedianit , nag ncgonnenetuh- 
tauwehettich nahtutkonat womoaufuonk 
Weku6ut,iiah onKquttauonat ODci.etuong- 
anoouh, nevvutcheyeu vvunnegcn kah tape- 
neunkquot ut anaquabit God. 

5 Qut noh wunnamuhkut fekoufquait, & 
fJohfiit,pabuhtanumauGoduh, kih n3gwut- 
tcanum wehquetumaoongalh kah peantamoo- 
ongalh nukonae kah kefukodae. 

6 Qut noh tapeneaumoe pomontog, nup- 
pooj'alh pomantog. 

7 Kah yeufli ummeechumuhkononulh , 
^nk woh munteog wutchimoog. 

8 Qut how.n matta quofhauwchtamoog 
^unnehcnwonchiyeum 5 qut nahnaunneu 
yeuh ut nehenwonche wek'tjpannoowohtam 
wunnamptamooonk,kah anue matcheta>mau 
pann xjwohtamunutchch. 

9 Ahque fekoufq neemunitch en ogke- 
jnaonganit, afq nequtta tahlhinchage^ kod- 

10 Waeenomon wunanakaufuon»aQi , na- 
aauwunont wunneechanoh , apuquit penu- 
wohteuh, kutcheififleetauont wunneerupa- 
Ijatamwoh, aninnusiasontneh onkuppuni- 
nutchch,menuhke noofwukkog nifhnoh wun- 

11 Qut fekoufquac'fog mukkoonok, ne- 
titayeua^kpneChriftutj nag woh weetauad- 

12 ^ecraenumwogauwakompanaonk, ne- 
^utche pogkecamwog negonne wunnamp- 

13 Kah wonk netubtauog fefegenamoo- 
pnk, 6hontfikk6mukkeo^ , kah msttawebe 
JTcfegenatinvj/ogj qut wonk kogkehtuinooog , 
iaH noonurnirncDog woiketorppuh , yeuog 
|pt(li matta woh anDwahettegi^i. 

■.|4 NewHtcfie nakkodtantana fqusogo^- 

weetauagkanaont , ouneechon nneoont , na» 
nauuunnumchcttich uetu, kahahque wuh- 
nuhkomwehettich jilhaniacaenin j^ekom- 
©nat. . 

15 Newutrhe nawhutch mahche alTaeog 
afuhkaue Mattannittouh. 

16 Howan woiketompafub muttainwuins 
wunnamptogjlek^ui ^uomit, Hanouwunahet- 
tich, kah ahque moeuwebkomonk tadteh- 
teoroooitdi, orik wob nag nanouwundog fe- 
koufquahettii wunnamuhkut. 

^ 17 Elde.f g wunne nanauwunnumwehct- 
tit;, wunne ogquanumunach tapenumuk pa- 
paihke qutii^nittuoiik, nahnaunnu nag sna- 
kauiitcheg ut wuctinnouwaonganitjkabkuh- 

18 Newutche wuffukwhonk ncowau^ 

a Onkquttoonapunohkon ox tahtaftikog we- ^ t^gty^' 
atchimineafh ; kab b anakaufue'nin tumuh- 25.4. 
houau wutonkquatunk. ^ y[zU 

19 Wunnamptamauwohteogk n^g talh- lo. v©*» 
punonnahettit elderoh, qut anaquabhettit 
neefuog afuh nifliuog wauvvacheg. 

20 Ncg matchefecheg auUikomuk wame 
anaqiiiabhettit.onk onkatogig wonk woh wa« 

21 Kumroeechumuhkonlh ut anaqu bit 
God, kali Lord Jefus Ciirift, kah pepenaiti- 
we angelfog, onk woh yeulh kukkehkinnea- 
finalh matta uhquanumauounadt pafuk^mat^ 
ta onkatuk uifehkon wohquanumaonk pa£u^ 
matta onkatuk, 

22 Ahque ponamau tiatche kenutchcgalfe 
howac wolketomp , afuh wceche chippiii» 
numaomuhknn onkatogig ummatehefeong- 
anacjoafh pahkenanauwch kuhbo^;. 

23 Ahque n-no watt^ttafh nippe, qut- 
ompatafh ogguhfe wine wutche avupp(X)chc- 
nau: kah ujgwutteac kenoochumvvefuong- 

24 Nawhutche wolkctompa^^g ummat« 
chefeoeg.inciDafh negonne vvofhwemoafh ne- 
gonohkomowmoDafh wuffitturimooonganit 3 
kah nawhutche wunoofukomunaoafli. 

25 Neyane wonk niwhutche oonanakaa- 
fuonganooooafh, nilh negonaeu wahikquod- 
tafh, kab nag penuwayeuwutcheg matta 

CHAP. vr. 

^T Eadtahfe'hettit wuttiaheumuniieunk 
i.\l agwe kenepfuonganitjOgquanumahet- 
ticb nehenwonche wuffbntimomoooh , tape^ 
nurnunat wame quttianittuonk ; neoowefu- 
onk God , ,kah ukkuhkootomuhteaonk woh 
mat blafphcmaunoo. 

2 Kah nag w'uiTontJmomoouh wunnarnp- 
tamunit, ahque jiilianumahetticli newut^e 
ooweemattittuog , qut aynwoh anunnumau- 
ogjuewutche na'g wUniaamptamwogjkah wo- 
moBoOfj, kah v;eechehahwuttinnumwog ne 
afeanfiiitteaog, yeu/h MhkoQtomV/ehteaiiii 
kah w«bf uetuih. 


^|f^ff^»(?iv^4.^^^<?<?/^<?i^tt?^&/^<^C(&f^ Il/rimothyt msnauwrnog oonefeongap 

3 Howan peuowe kuhkoDtomwehteadt;, & 
mnta. wetuudtamoDg vv negigiih iaictoD- 
wongall., ukkuttouwungall-^ nal-Lordumun 
Jerus <J.':Uil) kah kuhkootomwehteauiiK nc 
yaunag manittooonk. 

, i 4 Noh pictuinumoo, wanne teag wahteo- 
Oiu^qucwuc^hinnau nacaDtoniuhteaOngofii ^ 
kah pcnuaiULtue kiittoowongaih, ne Wumou- 
Kg lU-kauanittiionk, penuanictuorik kekon- 
tuoiikj metcheunnanitmongalh. 

5 Ummuuhmocfqueniituong nooooafli nafh- 
. f>e woiketompaog ancuk wu(tenaiitamcu- 

oiiganooa^alb, kh vvaiine abtauog wunnam- 
onganoune manitt^oonk^ neh aiiiGhkauon- 

6 Qut manittooonk weeclie tapeneaumoo- 
onk ne rnifil aneuh..ra6adtU'^nk, 

7 Nev/utche matteag nuppaudtauomun 
yeu muttaoiiket , kah v/uiina-muhkut raatca 
woh teag nuibhhoDwuttaHixjmuti. 

8 Kahahlaaogmetfuonkkah hogkooonk, 

< 9 Qut nag kodweenauwekitchegjpenulh- 
aog ut qutcbe iuw..onganitj kah ahpeheonit, 
Ikah ut monatuc mattammagwe kah woike- 
huwae ahchewontamcDongalh , nilli quad- 
tafhanoiicheg wofketompuh ut paguanuong- 
anit, kah auvvakompanaonganit. 

10 Newutche woraantaamnat tesguafii , 
ne wadchaubuk wstme machiik, n\ih n'a- 
whutcb ahchewontamwehettiOieh, nag pan 
Keauog wutch wunnamptamn>onganit3 kah 
konnukketahwhaog wuhhogkauh nafhpe 
mcpcheke dhquanumouongash. 

11 Qut ken woi ManittcDe wofketomp : 
ycmh wuiTcennotcafh, kah noofukash famp- 
Woraonittuonk manunayeuank maniinniffu- 

12 Ayeuhteash oonayeuhteaonk wun- 
tiamptamooonk, menuhkenish micheme po- 
monta ^loonk, ne adt wonk wehkomunumuk 
'kah KufTam poo warn wunne fampooaonk ana- 
quabhettit monaog wauwachegj 

15 Kummeechumuhkonsh ut anaquabU 
God noh pomontamwohtunk wame teantea- 
guaiiiiiishjkah Chrift Jelus^ noh ut auaquab- 
it Pontius i^ilat wauwop wunne iampcuwa^ 

14 Matta chohkatiowe,kah matta au(ko'ii« 
tue^ kenanauwebteauwurinat yeu anoutea- 
raouonk, no p^jeh vvunnogquu.nneat nal- 
Loi duiBun Jeius Chr tii. 
15 Noh ut vvut..hqu(.mpiyeun:.ut pish nah- 
titJeadtjDoh webe wananumlt mafugkenuk, 
ukke' taflcjutaiTiQarT (Xjoh kehtafLlotamwog ^ 
Kah wul-LoidumvX>uh Lordog. 

16 Noh webe ohtuok mat na nuppoounk, 
apit wequaiyeuut matca howan paioorukom- 
uk;, noh matta howan mahche nau ngehjafuh 
v.'oh nauonchebj noh qutdanuimunach kah 
michemohtaemsnuhkelit. Amen. 

17 Mechuinubkonuk nag wenauwe'kitfbeg 
yeuutmuctaohket , qunnuhqusnittambette- 
kitch 3 kah paubiihtantamwah ettekitch 
raacta pap^'ne wenauwetuongash 5 qut po- 
mantamwae God , noh wtnauwetue anin- 
numungqseog wame ahtauunat. 

18 Woi wannefenadut, nag woh wenau- 
weetuog nashpc 'wmianakaufuongash5pakod- 
che chachaubenumunatj wekoutamwe msi- 

19 Wadchanummonat ivunnenequenoh- 
tag wutch aquompi ne padmoouk , onk woh 
ummenuhkinnumunnaout micheme pomaa- 

20 Woi Timothiej nanauweliteoush nc 
pabuhtanumunumuk, chippehtash mamisk- 
annittamooe kah tahnooche keketouhkaong- 
asb^ kab netuhtauae penuanittuongash^pan- 
noowae ne uTowetamuu. 

21. Nilh nawbutche nemunnumohetti- 
cheh, pann^auog papaume wuBnamptamd- 
onk. Wunohtcaonk wetomukqush. Amen 

*j[ Negonne ut TimothiewuttifTuk- 
kuhwhofu Laodicea ne negonaC 
keitotan ut Phr^gia Pacaclana. 

Nahohtoeu Epiftle wtitch TJVLcn 7IM0 7 HT. 


P^ul uppoHIeumoh Jefus Chri.1- , naf hpe j 
vvuttenantamouonk God, neyane ponan- j 
tarrioe ukquoihaumuwaonk^ ne ohtag ut I 
Jefus Chriftiit. I 

2 En Ti-tiothy wo'ronog nl^n^^'Umon5kit- ' 
teamonteanittuonk, mcnaneteaonk, & wun- 
«>htea-»nk wutch Manit wutoolhiiuau, kah 
Jefus Chrift nulLordumun. 

Z Nuttabuttantsmau God nohwauflum- 
9g, Witch pcsonae cioushik , msbjpe pahkc 

met^haannit , matti ahque kummequanum- 
ou(h ut nuppeantamunat nukonnaeu kahke-^ 

4 Nurnmishe kodtantam kenauununat <| 
mchquoantamon kulfuppeguosh , onk woh 
nuiinunwohtin it wekontamoonk. 

5 Mchquoantamon mat ei ntukeie wun- 
namptamodonk ne ahtauan, ne oht gkup ka- 
kunmui't Lois 3 kah kokas Eunrcej ka6 
HUftcnairtam ken wonk kutahtanun. 

6 Newajeh mthq^uoaniamwafihen^j x^ob 

ku.-we'adteanittaii'Uiiat u-t^.rnai^oDOnk God ^ 
n^ appci-jt unktiuean, naibpe ponamoonk mc- j 

7 NcwutctieGod matta kittinnuniunka>- j 
»^i wabcfue naihauanitto, qut menuckclue, r 
Womoauluc, kah fampwutteahae. f 

8 Newutche ahqne akodchiih koowaawa- 
onkLor<i;,aiuh nen koblhagkinnurainaiitche, | 
qut weeche chipunain wmraunchemookae j 
©nkapunnaongaihj neyaunag ummenuhkelu- j 
©nk God. \ 

9 Noll wadchanukqueog, kah wehkomuk- ; 
queognalhpe wunnctupanaLamwe wehkom- | 
inuwaonkj matta neyane nutanak. uiuvfong- | 
anunnonaih, qut neyane nehenwoncheukke- ' 
fantamooonk k^h ukkitteamoni:eanicteaonkj ; 
ncanumungqueog ut Chriil JeCus ut, afq 
muttaok kadihinviajg. 

10 Qut yeuyeu wahteauwahuwau naflipe ' 
VunnogqufluonkkOQwadchanueneumun Je- : 
fus Chriftj noh fohkauonc nuppoDonguh, kah 
pomantamoonk kah mat nanuppvx.'rauk qd- 
wahteauwahuwonnaibpe wuimuncheriiODka- j 
OBk. ' 

11 Ne adt kebtimimuk nohtompeantog- 
aiiineat, kah ApOitleuaneat, diah Awhka>- 
tomuhteenin ut Gentilfuc. 

1 2 Nevvaj yeulh nen wonk chequnehtam, 
t^ut matta nutakodchii, newutche nouwaeh 
howan wanamptauog,, kah njunamptam uoh 
tapenum wadch numunat ne paubuhtanum- 
og no pajeh no kefukok. 

15 Menuhkiniih neyaneyeuukilli famp- 
wontoowonat ne noutamdUweop , ut wim- . 
nan-'pta(n(3oonganit kah womonittuonganit, 

14 Ne w^negik ahtuhfhinumukup , wad- 
clianaihjnalhpe wunDctupanatamwe Nalliau- 
anit noh apetunkqueog. 

1$ Yeukoowahteaun, wame neg apitcheg ; 
Afia quihkeog wutch nuhhogkat, nag na- , 
whutche Ph gellus kah Hermogencs. 

16 Lord aninnumaiaonch monanete-^onk ; 
enwekitOnefephoras, newutche m ochekit ! 
aompe nuttaphik, kah matta akodchuwon- j 
tatnoL>nutchainuTi,nukkeneeproD. | 

17 Q^ut apit Ro'ie, nummenuhkodtin- | 
neahuk, kah nunnambuk , i 

18 Lordariinnunauonch wohiimmifkom- i 
unat monaneteaong wiitch Lordut, ut ne i 
kelukok, kah ne adtahfhe aninnunaaiit ut i 
Hphefusj kuppabkewahteoun. 

C H A P. II. I 

fEwutrhe, ken nunnaumon menuhkefifh 


4 Wanne howan ayeuuhteadt, wuttam- 
heaouwuhbogkah naUbpe naiycuongaih yeu 
pomantamouonganitj onkwoh nahuufeKit- 
teaheuh noh pepeiiauonche wutayeuvvthtta-* 

5 Kah howan kodakohdhteadt , mstta 
chetuhquabunau, kuttumma iampwe Kod- 

6 Anakaufuaeniii noh anakaufit, negonne 
pilh chippe nemunum meechunQmuongalli.. 

7 Natwontafli toh anouwij kah Lord aniiv 
nUQunkqulh wchwohtamooonk nilhnoh ut. 

8 Mequontafli JerusChrift (Toikannemune^ 
oh David, noh o/nohkinop wutch nuppunati, 
neyaunag nounaunchemoukaonk. 

9 Uttoh adt chequnehtam onatuh mat- 
diefeaenin, ut kilhpiliinneat, qut wuttin- 
noawaonk God matia kUhpkiinoD. 

10 Ne^vajeh ftiequnehiam wamewutche 
pepenauutcheg^ onk nag woh attumunuin- 
wogwadchanittuonkne ohtag Ghrifl: jefus 
ut, weeche machcmohtag fohlumoonk. 

11 Wunnamptamwe unnouwaonk , ne^ 
wutche weech nuppoomogkut wonk piflB 
kooweech:poraantamooma>un. ^ 

12 Chequnehtamog , wonk piU^ kcnana^ 
wunnudmun, kehkonuuwoaogkut, noh pi(a 
wonk kukkchkona;6nukqun. 

1 3 Matta wunnamptamoQOgnoh paubuh-> 
tanumv;u appu , matta wt)h kohkonoowao 
on6ou wuhh gkuh. 

14 Yeufli mehquontamwahuaa^j nagmee- 
chumuhkus ut anaquabit Lord,matta nioah*' 
moofqutteinnadut papaune kuttcDWongalh, 
wannc toh nonpamukquodtinnoa.'hjqut loh* 
kauonat nootogig* , , , , , 

15 Natwontaai, Uienahtikkonat kuhho$ 
tapeneunkquliu ut Godut , anakaufuenln 
hob macta V;oh akodchuuk,_fampwe chip- 
punuk Wunnamuhkute'e wuttiiTnowaonk. 

16 Qut chippehtaflimamiihanatamuB,kah 
tahnoDche kcgkehteumoDongalh. newutche 
nag piili nano monaog en moocheke matchc" 

17 Kah ukkurtoowonganoDafl^ piin man« 
chepoomcoJh onatuh pidohtcifuonganit, 
nag nawutcht Hymencus kah Philetus. 

18 N?^ papaume wunnamuhkureyeuoouk 
panniDWoHtsmWog, nouwaog Oimohkeongan 
mah:he pamlhai kah ibhkomaawaog na- 
whutche ounampta roowongan d. 

19 l^t ukquenohtagOD-n God menuhkoh- 
tcau, alitunk ycu rrcnuhketeae KUi-kinneafii* 
onk-.Lord waheau wottaiheoh, & niibnoh ho- 

ut wnnnetupanatamoooiiganit, neoli- \ wan mahihog oowefuonk Chriil:, amaeihtaj 


2 Kab niih na»tamauweant^(h ut kenugke 
iBonaog wauwacl'.egine nan ahtuhlli paubuh- 
tanunwe^nnuog, neg wuh tapenukeg kuh- 
koutomauun onk?togic? wonk. 

3 New.utcheken f:h^qunehbni ahkquan- 
nwoonk^neyane ouj^eajeiueoraoh Jefus C^x\i\ 


20 Qut ur. m!ilii'4omukqut, matta webe 
go1de,kah tilvere, wilLqu <ih.qut wonk mah- 
tugoue kah obkec, '.-ah nnvhutche mitl an- 
tamunalh & nawutche mifbanontamun-allu 

21 Newutche howan pabkheont wuhhog- 
kuh wutche yeua^, noh piib miihanuTiak- 

^4^machi^hf4h^odu§fm^tc^^^^ ll.Tmothy.eofukf(hwheH^apj Godx^ummn^h 

qtr.Tu wifliqulyeucD y wunnetupariatarr.we 
fcah tapeneunRquot wutche fontim Wur- 
awohteiorik^ St quapvvofhwuiinumun wuicit: 
Efiiii noh wanaaakaufdonk. 

22 WaiTeemwuntealh wufkenue nanwmi- 
cbdC^jUduangalh, qut afuhkalh' fampweuife- 
Onk 3 wunnamp:am'X>onk , womoaufj ^nk, 
vvunohteaonkj weeche yeug wehkomoiich^g 
Xiordoh, wutche pahke naetahut. 

1% Qatafbotue kah matta netuhtaue na- 
fcooto.uiihteaongarh chepehtafii, w^hteauon 
ajimoamooafh penu mittucngafii. 

24 Kah wuttinrteiimoh Lord matta me- 
Isonteoouoh, qut n^nouwei^.tauau wame wof- 
ketompub, tapeneunkquflui kuhkootoniuh- 
konat, rnukkouomomAU^ 

25 Maimnne kohkootomauont nag che- 
&euifitche^, tohneit pagodche aninnumaU' 

nukkcniDtamoonk, n-.Tonamptamabonk, fepe- 
chequnehtaraooRk;, womoaufuonk. aianmi^^ 

If Wdikehuwaonoafh, onkquariumoorfs- 
aih mill pa onukqueai -f/h ut Antio^h ^ St- 
Iconium, utLyfba J uttiy^uih Wo(k^hetti!- 
ongafii nilli chequfiihtamonifh : qut naiih 
wutche wame nuppobqu^hwhunuk Lord. 

12 Nux, kah wame negmanittoe pomatiw 
toglg ut ChrW Jefe ut, pifli chequnehtanlv^ 
wog wolkehitcuongafli. 

19 C>ut matchetocnuog, kah panneloO- 
teaenuog pifli nano mAtcheroog, afook^ 
kodteamohettit kah afookekorriitf 

14 C^ut ken nagwuttean(h niHi nahtuh- 
tauaniihjkah pahkoatamatthb, waheadt nob 

15 Kahwutdi kummukkiefuinneat to* 

ontGod aiuikoiamtamouoiik, farapoowonat I wahteoliwunnetupanatamwe wuffukwhonff- 
wunnamuhkuteyeuonk. | a(b, nilh tapenumjomoougifh koowaantam^ 

26 Onk woh nag tookeog wutch wutappe- 
lianit mattanit, nag madndhteamukig naih- 
^t nagum unnantog. 

Euwonk wahteoulh, niaumachifli ke- 
rukodtafii, nunnukque aquompiyeuaili 
giUi peyaumooatli. 

2 Newutche wolkctompaog pifh womo- 
•onchegnehenwoffl^c wuhhogkauh, iahche- 
^^^^ogiS^j waeenowacheg 3 pahtuunumut- 

we'hikqunat en wadchanittuonganit, raaa^pe 
wunnamptamooonk ne utChrift Jefus ut. 

16 Wame wuffukwhonk kittinumunkqunf 
nafhpe wunnaa^.anittubfuQnk God , kah ne 
wutcbayeuwaritamun wutche kuhkootom- 
wehteaonk, wutche auflikonruonk, wutche 
raonto-maunnittuonk, wutch kuhkootomeh* 
teaonk fampwefeonganit. 

17 Onk woh manitfoe wofketomp pan* 
rmpheaiu pannuppe kefauwame en nifli nob 

«leg, blafphemacheg , mat noofwetuonkig wananakaufuonk. 
cochetuonganoouh, mat tabuttantamoDgigj ' CHAP. 

asatwaneetupatiatamaogig. ' ~ 

3 Manauwanetcachegjpohquenttkig wun- 
SiQOwaongalh, panncjowae afpinnohteachcg, 
fnat kohchitcuhhagig, cheniuaufitcheg* 
3.iihanumoncheg neh wanetinutcheh. 

4 Wanaiumoaacheg, mat quahfle'gigjma- 
Siianumwutcheg, womontogig matchewee- 
ISontaraooongalh, anue onk womononat God 

5 Wolketahtankig manittoonk^qut que- 
uauontamog ne ummenuhkcfuonk , wutcJi 
Beanuilitf heg chipehtau. 

o Newutche neanuilitcheg neg pethoota- 
Cheg wetuomr.htu >kah milfinaog aflookit- 
tumwulUroh, mafhoDWananutcheb matche- 
arongaflj^ rnonchae fogkompagunahcUichc 
iialhpc monakiih m Jtahchewontamongafh. 

7 N'agwutteae wimnetuhtauunneau, kah 
warta tapenumcxjog peyonat wahteauonga- 
mit vvunnamuhkateyeuuk. 

S Nanoneyme j^nnes kah Jambrcs wut- 
Cne'cetauouh Mofesohjnetatuppeyeug wonk 
chekchtamwog wunnamuhkuteyeuuk : wof^ 
Ketompaog ariit wuttenantama«ongan<Dafh, 
|> nowearxa>^timoJ)cttit papaumewmmampr 
t9. noong. 



<ut nag matta pifii ongkouwe peyaouog 
nevviitchewutafootuonganoo pift wahtcaUr 
waheoncau w<me, neyane na« wonk mo. 

10 Qut kuppannuppe wahteoh nukkuh- 
«^»torawehuaonk,, uime pomantamoonk , 

N E wutche kummechurauhkonlh ut ana- 
quabit God, kah Lord Jefus Cbrift-, 
noh piih wdfumont pamontamunutchch^kali 
napunutcheh, ut wunnogqufGnneat, kafe 

2 Kuhkootomuhteafli wuttinnnwaonkjmc- 
nuhkehlli ut uttoocheyeuut, kah mat attoo- 
che'rino^ut, attfl^k&aihj menu- ke aufhkoalh, 
wehquetulh nafhpe wame fepe pahtfuonk 
kah kuhkoDtomuhteaongalh. 
5 Newutche aquompiyeuafh pifli peyomoo, 
matt:? weekontamwehetteg pahke kuhkoo- 
tomehteaonk, qut neyannag nehcnwonche 
ummptchekodtantamuuongancD , pifli kut- 
onkquodt6og kuhkajtomwehteae'nuh, kut- 

4 Kah nag pifh quinnuppunnumwog wut- 
tauogooafh wutrh wunnamuhkuteyeuukjkali, 
pi/]) qubnuppeog en nanwonchimoaoneaiti- 
ehtu. ^ 

5 Qut ken alkuhwhontadi nilh noh tagues, 
fhequnehtafli onkapunnaongafh, ulilh wut- 
anakaufuonk EvangeliAjpalliaacuiIi^ keaoh^ 
to m pea ntogoo wonk. 

6 Newutche yeuyeu nuppagodche fcphau- 
fin, kah aqu.pmpiycge nutamaveonk pafoo* 

7 Nummahcheayeuteanr wunne^yeuwut-' 
teaonk,nuppogfcodchehteoh nuppummayeu" 
onK> nanawehtcoh wunnamptamooonk . 

8 Veuwutc!!s 

Smpw^hjfeae cheinhqunh t^liUp.i* v^HnmtoHnohompemt^g%o^^ 

8 Yen watch onk yean , farnpwcufleac 
cbetuhquab noovvadciianumontean. Re Lord 
fampwewuifittumwefl, pifl^ nuttinnumunk.- 
qun nekefukok, kah matta webe ncen , <]uc 
nag wonk womontogig wunnogquffuonk. 

9 Ahchue kod peyaaufeh pafwe. 

10 Newutche Demas nutahquanumuk, 
woRiontQggup yeu muttaok, kah aui Thel- 
falonica; Crcfcens en Galatu,Titiisen Dal- 

11 Webe Luke noowetomuk , necmun 
Mark, iiah weeche peyauih : ncJwutche noh 
noochiin wutche nohtompeantogoowonk. 

12 Kah Tychikus nutannoDii en Ephefus. 
1 9 PecwoIhkufiTaonk ne nogkodtumomp 

ut Troasj ut Carpus, peyoan, paudtaulhjkah 
wuflfukwhongalh, qut nahiiiunne afkemunag 

14 Alexander coppere fmith , nummoD- 
cheke matchene'hikj Lord onk<]U2tauonch 
neyane wutanakauiuong^/h. 

1$ Ken wonknoh nunnukqulTnoSj newut- 
che noh mifhe cheke'ehtam nukkutttowong- 

16 Negonne nampoohamon, wannehowan 
na)weecl:ekompaumukoo , qut wame nutoh- 
quanumukquog, ahque ne wutch tohllipun- 
nanunach woi God 

17 Qut Lord nooweechekompounk , kah 
nummeauhkchikj ne naihpe ntn Uuhka^com- 
wehtcaonk woh pakodche wahtcoun^ki-h w«- 
inc Gentilibg woh ncDtamwog : kah nen mo 
mippdiquahwhunit wutch waitoonut qun- 

18 Kah Lord piih mippohqaohvvhunuk 
wutch ni(h noh mattanakaul'uonKo kah pifh 
ncDwadchanuk ut kcfukque wutaifoatanioy- 
onk, noh fohfummouonach micheme kah 
micheme Amen. 

19 WonkumPrifcakah Aquila, kah nc 
adcahfliinunit Onelephorus. 

20 Eraftus appup Corinth, qut Trophl- 
mus nunnukon mahchinau ut Miletum. 

2 1 Menuhkc kod payau(h a/h papoponog- 
kupa Eubulus koowonkomuk kah Pudens,kah 
Linus, Uah Claudia , kah wame weraatiiin- 

22 Lord JefusChriilwectotaj kenafliau- 
onk, kitteaoionteanittcaonk weetomukquili 

% Nahohtoeu wulTukwhonk ut Timo- * 
theus wuttuilik-kuhwholu Rome ,-, Paul 
petukonit anaquabit Nero nahohtdeu 

Wuc-Epiilleuta PAVL ut T I T V S. 


PA.ul wuttinnenmoh God, kahuppoille- 
umoh JeiusChrift, ncyaunagwunnamp- 
tamoQonk neh pcpenao^nche God, kah 
fampoaaonk wunnamuhkuteyeuuk ne wad- 
chiik Manittowompoonk. 

2 Annoofinneat micheme pomantamoonk, 
ne God, matta woh pannoDwou, ukquolhau- 
onah afq ahkc incog. 

3 Qut ne woh adtooche n nag, oowohte- 
• auwahuwonaih wKttinnoowaonk,nafhpekuh- 

kootomwehteaonk, ncpabubtanumimuk, ne- 
yaunag wuttannooteamooonk God nuppoh- 

4 En Titus ut, nehenwonche nunnaumon, 
neyaunag nanwe wunnamptamoonk, Uittea- 
monteanittuonkmonaneteaonk kah wunoh- 
teaonk watch Godut koofliinnonut, kah 
Lord Jefus Chriiinoowadchinuaeneumun. 

f Newajeh yeu nukkonun ut Creetut,woh 
koonohtauunat niai afq anan6giih,kah ayeu- 
onna6tst^Elderrog,niih noh ut keihtootanat, 
nepne kehtimunop. 

6 Howan mst mataunchemooun6nt,nequt^ 
oohkauont, wunnechanoh pabuhtanumuk- 
quilinitjmatta fpunnanomuk nanwonneumo- 
ongaOi, afuh rnatta noofvvnhtamunegk. 

7 Newutche Hohtoaipeantog moochemos 
mit^unchsmoooneau; neyane wunnanawun- 
U'nank>X)moh God : 01a tea ch^peneg utcoh- 

unnantog, matta teanuk mufquanittamcDj 
matta a weekllppamoo wine, matta togkom- j 
muwoou, matta neehnehteao wutch niihke- ^\ 
neungque anuhomoadtuonk. ^ 

8 Que womontam wunnenahuwaeniioout 
wekit, womonaa wunnetCDoh, manunayeuj 
fampweudu, wunnetupanatam, wuiruhhou. 

9 Menuhksnum wunnamptamwe wuttin- 
nowaonk, neyane kuhk^ijtomauat, onk woh 
tapenum , nafl^pe fampwe kuhkaotomweh- 
teaonk, naneefwe oowehquetumunat, kah 
uppohquetumunat ncg cheke' eunncwwachegr 

10 Newutche monaog matta noofweh- 
tamogig, kih tahnooche keketoohkaenaog, 
kah afoDkekodteamGoenuog nanaunne neg 

11 >Jeg ;WuttuL»nooafii mooche woh kob- 
hamuk, nag kepiihteaog mamuileu wetuo- 
ma{h, kuhkoatomwchteaog nilh matta woh 
kohkootomwehteahettegiai , wutche niih- 
keneunge aneuhomoadtuonk. 

12 Nagum;iu pafuk , nehenwonche uk- 
quoH^odtumwaennmcDuhncDwau, Cretian- 
fog nagwutteae pann,DWaog, matche pup- 
pinalhimwog, tuhkekunkqutchaog. 

i^ Yeu wauwaonk wunnamuhkuteyeuoo, 
newutche uhnkque Suihkomjjk, onk woh 
nag fampweyeuooog ut wunnaraptamoDong= 

14 Ahquc kuhkeibtamwehcttich Jewfe 

WmoHtocmk k^^hkoctmJteaehk 'Tltof' 

nanwoncherrcDWongalli , wutanooteamoo- 
wonganu.'jDali-v woiketompaOg, mih acnae- 
mcjDUg'Ih v}\iz:h wuanamuhkuteyeuuk. 

1$ En pabketeahahetcheg wame teantea. 
gU3lbinifh pohkiye'iaih-, qut neg nilL-khct. 
cheg, kih mat wanair.ptama/gig, tnatta teag 
pohicario, qut wuttenairamouonK kah Uiii- 
metahharmixt:i.x:mwob niUiketeaufu, 

1 6 Nxwaog noDwaheomun God, qut at 
wuranakaufuoftganajwout, ukkohkonneowa- 


1% A'^^uwornpattaraunit ne wunuana- 

taaiwe i^iinooilionk , ksh wu'Jbhfumwae 
nogqii4ruonk marukkenuk Gud, kah nuL-Wc d- 
chanuwieneumim jefus Chriir. 

14 Noh inaguk wuhbogkuii wutche kena-, 
wan, woh Uummanuiiiiikquaiianonut wutch 
warae matchefcon^anit, ii^h uppabketeauo- 
nat muhhcgkuh chippe mifiincinnuog zeal- 
oufu^ wur.aiiukaufi tctu g. 

Yeufh noow-alli iiah wehquecufh. kali 

iinoub, dhquanamukquiiuog , kah raatta i aufhkoafh naftipe Wiime tquttianatuoiigank ^ 
naDfvvehtamdog, kah nilh noh w^uainakau- < ahquehowan jirnaimmiikquHi. 
fuonk panncannantamwog. I _ _ . CHAP. III. 


QJt ken noDwafh niih tapeamnkquokifh 
. wufinekub kocjtom webreaonganu u r. 

- ^ iieihcheaaog manuanaihettkh quitia- 
numwaeiiahettich , quiTubhoowenuhettich, 
iampweiuhettich'ut wimnamprarncDongan'tj 
^t wc)rnoaui»ipDgaiiic , ut nvanunnuflfuoBg- 

- 3 Ney?ni wonk keibtictamwuflog, wut- 
iinniyeuongana) onacuh wunnetupanatam- 
We mirturuWUiliHut, matta pannoowae fpin- 
»ohteaendog , matra weeklippamwaenuog, 
kohKoutomwebteacheg wanegigifh. 

• 4 0.nk woh kuhkootomauoog wufkittam- 
svuiTob manunniiunneat 5 ajwomononaont 
'iJrlFiikdowoh, oDwomononaout wunnaecha- 

5 OOwaantamunnaout, kobkonantShmun- 
?iaout, apitcheg wekuout, wuntietuog^ncDf- 
wehcauvvaog nehenwonche weiTukouh , ne 
wattinnowaonk God raatta blafphemaonga- 


6 Neyane wehquetumau wuikcnuog waan* 

•7 Nilh noh ut wam« nahteteafli kuhhog 
ablhuonat en wunanakauruonganit ; ut kiik^ 
kuhkcDtomwehteaongani t matta aninauonk, 
quttianittuonk, kah pahkefuonk. 

8 Sampweyeuonk, ne matca woh mataun- 
chemoowontsmoomuk, noh panneyeuit wut- 
che ken woh akodchu, matta teag machulC 

9 Nanompatlum wuttinneumunneunk . 
wannoofwctauwonaout nehenwonche wuC- 
fontjmomoouh, kah odhc wuffikkittcakona- 
outnifli noh ut 5 matta wonk wunnampou- 

10 Matta VwmmootODunnaout, qut nah- 
tuhkonat wame paubuhtanictuonk^ onk woh 
AVunnehteauog ukkuhkootonnwehteaonk Go4 
koowadchannuwacmimun nidi noh ut. 

11 Newut^he ukkitteamonteanitteaonk 
God, ne patidtauomoouk wadchanittuonk , 
nau wee htanont \^me wolketompuh. 

12 Kukkuhkctitomungqun , onk kohko- 
noowaog mattannittooooonk, kah muttaoh- 
kce rnatchckodtantamgi'ongafh. woh kum- 

MEhquontarawahuafli wulagwappeh- 
^tamunnaout negoiineyeuoQgiih , kah 
quo/hwfchtamunat nifh noh wuHanakaufuonk 

2 Matchenuhteok howae wofketomp 
mcohrr.Gofkfiuhteok, nanouuflek, iiabtinahqx* 
tich wame woiketompaog wamsraanunniifu- 

9 Newutche nenavvun wonk roomanfh 
HunamattammagoDmunnoHup, matta ncjofwe- 
nup, nuturtemunnoiiup moDckeke matche- 
kodtantamouonga^ij kah wekontamcoong- 
^'^ nuppomantamumunonup iibkauiflata- 


kah feke- 

onganit nuffekeneauiimunnonup^ 

4 Qut n^ahche nahtjttead, ukkitteamo.a- 
teanitteaonk, kah ouwomoaufuonk God ko)- 
wadchanuwaeneuraun , nogque en wolko 

5 Matta naibpe fampweUfTeae anakaufia- 
ongjifli, nilh.afeagiflij qutneyauaag uromo- 
nanitteaonk ne wadchanukqueog nailipc- 
wuike wonk wunneechanooe kutcheffumo- 
onk, kah nalhpe liCQwufkhikqunnanonut 
wunnetupana tamwc Naih a u^nit. 

6 Ne moocheke fokanumungqueognafbpe 
JefusGhrift koowadchanuaeneumun. 

7 Onk fampwogquanumitteaog naiJipe 
ukkitteamonteanitteaonk, woh kutayeuwuc- 
teamun nompene.aonat , neyafinag anuoon- 
tamoe micheme pomantaraoonk. 

8 Yeu wunnamptamwe unnoowaonk, kafe 
yeufii nukkodtantam nagwutteae kumme- 
nuhkeihneat , onk nag wanamptauonchcg. 
God, wohahchueuffeog wunanakaufuong- 
afh, ycufh wunnegenafli, kah wutchiyea- 
onganuooafli vvutcn wofketompaog. 

9 Qutchlppehtalh af(i>ke natcjjtoraweh-. 
tcaongalh, kih pometuongaflb kah pentt£- 
nittuongalh, kah moohmtjofquttuongalh pa- 
paume naumatuonk, newutche nifii matta 
wutchAyeuonganunaoonaflj, kah tahnooche- 

10 Woiketomp noh heretikult, mahche 
pafukqut kah neefit auikomog, pogkencx>k, 

11 Wahteaueog noh ne aniyit, noh orn- 

snanunne, kud'ampwcufleae' kah manittooc poouhchikohkon, ka^i roatchefeu, noh fpuR- 
^omiiinaiiiumun; ycu mutt^iohket.. \ nontu wuhhogk^Ou 

12 Annoinoj^. 

12 Anncono^ Artemas en knliHogkat afuh 
Tychikusa nienuhkekodpeyaaufeh ut Nico- 
polis: newutdie nummahche kefantam na 

I ^ ienas wuttmaumatuongancnin 3 kah 
Apollos mcnuhkc nag ogguhfe weechau, ah- 
que teag quenauwehikquehettich. 

14 Kah yeug wadchiitcheg nuhhogkandr 
nut* netuhtauwehettich ulTena^t wunana- 

kauroonga/h^ wutchg wunai3Woht6sppg?.(h, 
wucchmatta woh uniroeechumrHeinnaoiit. / 
15 Wame neg weechiycumutchcg ka)- 
WQnkuirmkquqgjWonkum nag vvomonukque-' 
ag5g ut wunnamptamunat, khtcarr.onteanlt^ 
tuonk wectomukouk wamc. Amen. | 

Wutufrukkuhwhofu Nicopolis ut M<^-; 
ccdoniaj en Titus at< 

Epiftle wutSi TAVL ut PHILEMON. 

PAul Uobfhagkinumad£he Jcfus Chri/l, 
kak Timotheus neemattin, en Philemon 
mcochekc womonogkut, kah w^etana- 

2 Kah en womonogkut Apphia, kah Ar- 
cliippus nectayeuhteaenin , iah en mocu- 
wchkomonganit kekic : 

% Kitteamonteanitteaonk appebtunkook, 
3(ah wunohteaonk vvutch God at noDfiiinno- 
feut, kah Lord Jefus Chrift. 

4 Nuttabuttantamau num-MaBittODm , 
tiagwutteae mafawhunon ut nuppcantamoo- 

5 Nootamon iioowomonitteaoakkah koo- 
ramptamaoonk^Heahtauan nogque iitLord 
Je-fiiSj kah nogque in wame wunnetupana- 

• «agig. 

^ Onk nanwe koonamptamoonk wohme- 
ruhki nafl^pe nulTampooaonganun ni[h noh 
v/aneguk ne apehtunkqueog ut Chrift Jefus 

7 Nevinitche nummifhc wekontamurnun, 
kah nuttaphetteamuH, ut Uoowomonittea- 
onganit, newutche wunnogkuffiioalh wane- 
tupanatogig taphitteauunafli nafhpc kcn^ 

8 Newutclie, tokonogque wohnummoo- 
cheke tapeneatnun ut Chriftut, kuttinunnat 
ne tapcneunkquok. 

9 Qut wutche womonittaonkjayn wutch 
uanompalTumun 3 nen neaniye Paule kut- 
crife, A<ah yeuycu wonk koblliagkinuraad- 
che Jcfus Chrift. 

10 Koowchquetumoufh wutch nunnau- 
raon Onefimus, noh wunnaumonie utnuk- 

11 Noh negonae mo rnatta wutcfiaycu- 
©nganu wutcfie kcn,qut yeuyeu wutchaycu- 
asnganaoo wntchc ken kah nen. 

12 Noh wonk anoonog , newutclie at- 
tumin J noh wutch nehcnwonche nunnog- 

13 Noh kod weetomog, wohnutanaksu- 
^wanHihikttp ut wnnaunchcmoDkae kup- 

pifliagkinnetuonganit. ^ 

14 Qiitmatta weetoowomeetn rnatta tot 

nutu(rcuh5 onk ne koonenchuwaonk m'acta 

woh kutchetimunnoounjqut weekontamwe* 
1$ Newutchc paguodche ne waj ^mi\t 

ogguhfcre , woh michemc Jkutattumano* 


16 Matta yeiaycu neyane wiittinneiimiin, 
qut aauc onk wuttinneumufi, oowemattlit 
womonitj naKnaunnc wuiche nen, qut uttok 
en moocheke wutche Ucn, naneefwe ut we? 
yaufutj kah ut Lordut. 

17 Newutche ogquanume'an weechcnph« 
wuttinnumoomun, cnattumin neyane nen. ' 

18 Matchenehikquea's, afuh toh unno(i" 
tuhquohwhodt, ne ponlh nuttinnontukquar 

19 Nen Paul noofukkuhhumun wutch aqv 
henwonche nuntiuccheganit^pifh kuppayunif 
oufli, t6konogque mat kuttinnonnooua, kc- 
nounummontuhquohwhuUi nchenwonch? 
ken, nsno. 

20 Niix ncemat, wekontamutti wutche 
ken ut Lordut, tuphitteaufli nuanogkus UE 

21 Manuhke flnnoofean ut kcnc»fwctam* 
ooonganit, kaofukkuhhamoufb, wahteauon^ 
pifli kummoDChc wonkufTem onk ne anoo- 

22 Qut nano quofbauwehtamah nen wonfe 
toh woh kaee, newutche noonamptam, nalh-. 
pe kuppeantamoDongalh , nen pilh kittin- 
numonteamGD nuhhog. 

22 Veug koDvvonkomukquog Epaphras> 
nceaiekuppifliagkinnuen ut Chrift Jefus ut. 

24 Marcus, Ariftarchus, Demas, LukaSi> 

25 llkkitteamonteanitteaonk nuI-Lord- 
umun Jefus Chrift kcnafiiaonganoDafii wcqto» 
raj. Amen. 

WuttufTukkoDhwhofu Rome en Phile- 
mon naibpeOnelimns wuttinnemn- 



&njt mnamimH Ange\[&g Hebrews* 

ChYiji mskftPf^po^M 

Epiftle ca HEBREWS. 

C H A p. ' I, , 

O D, noh moochekit nampckah moo- 
cheke chippee kcDiiODnomp wut- 
cofhineuh lufhpc quofliodtumwae- 

:. a Tciifh mauma^Lift kefukodtaflikukkc- 
noonukque Dalhpe Wunnaumonuh^nch kah- 
timoncneh numpenuaonk nilh noh utj neh 
jiaafhpe^ayikupoh wonk muttaokeaOi. 
- : 3 Non .fohfumoooatog wuifohfumooiak, 
liah- piubfukc aununkqutche, iiah quaqun- 
unuk wame teanteaqualinilh, naflipe ummc- 
ntihkefue wutciniiowaonkjnagum nuffe pah- 
keteunk Immmatchefeonganunonaih ? appu 
4VUttmo.hk6unlt q'annunkqucu ketaffcut. 

4 Ne anoohque anuenehic onk angclfb^, 
licyanc naflipe nomptenuaoak , attumunum 
S30odie|wC wunnev/efuonk onk nag. 

5 NewutGheuttiyeiiangclfoh tohnttcoche 
4noathe, Ken hunnaumonj yen kcfukok noo- 
m^mom kulihog > Kafi wonk^ Noli ncn oolh- 
cbjkah noh nunnaumon. 

6 Kah wonk, psfajont wunnegonnau- 
«ionuh en muttaohket, nrjowau, Kah wame 
IBfUtangeirHKioh God waufTumihettich. 

7 Kah papajime anj^elfoh noowau , noh 
m^mlL^minmajmohkmont angelfoh , kah 
^KWttiflneumoh wunnaihqunnanumwahcuh. 

8 Qut en Wunnaumonat noawau, Uutap- 
puonk woi God, niicheme kah micheme oh- 
teaUjlampweuiTcactogkodteg, wuttogkod- 
.teg kukkehtafToDtamoonk. 

. 9 Koowomontara rampwenfTeonk^kah kuC- 
fekeneau matchefeonk, newutcheGod,kum- 
ManiUoom kufferequnuk.naf])?? wckontam- 
wahuwae pummee, anue onk kooweecha- 
^Pfal. ;o Kah a ken Lord ut weilie kitchiilTk 
102.25. kconohtopquenohtagobke: kah kefukquafh 
Ifa. 34.. wutanakaiifupnk kenutchegafli. 
*• '^ ^jmpii]iaw;ikompanomGoani,qntken 

kummicheraap: kahni/h pi/h nukkonneyeu- 
coafh, neyane Iiogkooonk. 
, 12 Kah onatuh hogkooonk pifli kuppapafii- 
kinnurnnnafh, ki h nifli pifli penowinungqut.- 
tcalli, qut noh nan ken, kah kukkodtum- 
oomaih mat p'lfh mahtlhanoafli. 

I? Out uttiyeu wutangelfumoh tohut- 
iPfal. trjoche SHonr, b ap[h ken nuttinohk6unit. 
It o. i.n& pajeh kutohpanehkennat kummatwo- 
Matth. moh > . , I 

a2. 44. 14 Sunnummattn nag wame wuttinneu^oe I 
nafli^iianittooogi annoonoog nah wunnana- , 
^nn^ut, ncg pifli nooipcnukeg wadchaait- ^ 

CH A P. It. 

NEwrutche wob anue moucheke kutah- 
chajwuiilttamumun yeufh noutamag- 
ill], iihkont toh uttooche alitchooanafh. 

2 Newatche ne wuttinaowaonk , nalhpe 
ketoohkahettit. angelfog , menuhkoBtagis^ 
kah nill-i noh panneuiTeonk, kah mat noof- 
wehtamoonk attumunumoDrao) piuhiuke 

5 Uttoh woh kittinne pohquohhamunan^ 
miOianantamog ne mohfag wadchanictuonk, 
nc negonne nooche kodtoakontukup Lord, 
kah kummenuhkehteunkqunnanj nafl^pe neg 
Roots uwonche. 

4 God wonk nah ODwauwaontamauohj 
naftpe kukkinneafuongaai kah raonchana- 
tamooongaib, l<ah naihpe moocheke chippe 
monchanatamwe ufTeongafh, kah ummagoo- 
ongafli wunnetupanatamwe Nafliauanit, ne^ 
yaunagnehenwonche wuttenantamooonk. 

5 Newutche wutangelfumut raatta ag* 
wappehteaou muttaohke ne pa6ma?ug) pa- 
paume ne anoowaog. 

6 Qut pafuk, ut neqiit chippiyeuut waa* 
wau^noDwau^dteaguas wolketomp, ken meh- 
q.uanuniadt;) afuh wolketomp wunnaumonuh 

7 Ogguhfefe kuttiuhquonkqueb onk neg 
anoelfog, kutchetuhquabin narfipefohfumo- 
onk kahquttianittuonk, Isahkupponwun- 
nanauunqmunat kenutchegane anakaufuong- 

8 Kutagwe pbnan^au wame vvuHeetuta ne- 
wutche, wame agwe ponnk, matta teag uf- 
que, ne matta agwe ponamauout, qut ycu- 
yeu, afqurmnsumoomuti wame teanteagua- 
finifh agwe ponamauonafli. 

9 Qutnauomun Jcfus, noh ogguhfe tioh- 
quonkhettup onk angelfbg, nafSpe wutche- 
qunehtamconknuppooonk, kah chetuhqua- 
benau nalhpe fohfumoonk kah quttianatu- 
onk, onk woh noh qut'hehtam nuppooonk, 
naflipe ukkitteamonteanitteaonk God^ wut- 
chenifbnoh woilietomp. 

10 Newutche wuttapeneunkqudin , noli 
wajeh ayeiiug wame teanteaquahnifli, kah. 
naftpe nagum wame teanteaquafinifli obtag- 
ilSi, pafaoont monaoh wunnaumonuninneuh 
en rohfumooonganit , pannuppeheonat no- 
wadchanuae uramugquompomoooh, nalhpe 

11 Newut<:Ke nob waneetupanatamwabti- 
wadt, kah ncg waneetupanatamwahetcheg, 
nag wame pafiikooooog, newutche yeu,matta 
akpdchu wqttinnonat neematog. 

i:Z Na)waii,n(X)wahtisiuwahuwam know^f 

a Pfal^ 


fuonk, en neematut, na naOiaue moeiiweh- 

komengank kuttianoohhomauih tabuttan- 

tamcx>onga(}i. ^ , . 

^Pfal. 13 Kah wonk, b Noh tiiippabuhtaAum : 

18.2. kah wonk, c Kuifeh nen, kah raukkieg neh 

flfa.8. God anummiitcjieh. 



14 J\el,t neWdtche mukkidg^ neg weeche 
nuhwjtdtinukig weyaiis kah wfcpehronk,, 
na^um wbnk ne^enworiche nob wedche nub- 
wiittinnum ne narij onknalbpe nuppooonR 
woh paguanau neh shtouuniicche nuppoo- 
023»3ne menuhkefuorikj nob, mattannlt. 

1*5 Kah woh iiah uppohqohhwhunuh, neh 
wabefaontamunutche nuppojonk, nifahke- 
pomantaiTiUnit;, agwapehtamwog miifinnoo- 

16 Newutche wunnamuhkutj matta wut- 
ogqueuk angelfut, qut oolkannemunit Abra- 

17 Nevvnt che woh ogqueneunkq'neau we- 
matuii ni/h noh utjonk noh won monaneteac 
kah pabuhcanumwe neganne rephaufuaen, 
ut niiliwadchiyeuugirliGodut, wunnohrea- 
taa unat ummatchefeonganaDOoalh mi.finnia- 

18 Newutche nagnm chequnehtog, quaj- 
hit, noh tapenum wuttanniirnauonat neh 


NEwutche, wnnnctupanatamwe nema» 

10 Ncwutche nummoohmoofqhikqunah ne 
pometuonk^kah nulfip nag nagwutteaeupan- 
neunnantan-.wog ut wuttahhoowout^kah mat- 
ta wahteaudgnuimraayalh. ^ 

1 1 Neit nutctiektyeuwam ut nummuiqua- 
tamunat^matta nag pilh petutteaudog nutan- 
WofinnoD >nganit. ^ , t 
■ 12 Nanrtukqaffek neematog, mikbnt ftowa- 
kertaau pahnoDWohtamwe matchitteahhaii, 
amai t wfitch pomantamwaeGodut. 

19 Qjjt afekelukokifh wehquetumaat- 
tegk, ne afbwetamuk yeu keftikok, Hhfcont 
howan kenam menehkheau naii^pe wutarao* 
kekodtearnbe mat Thefeonk. 

14 Newutche huhkootnumwahetteamHa 
Chrift menuhkenumog wa; kutchiflik kum- 
inenuhkannooruonganun^ ea woh kukquoli- 
(h'mit. , ,0 , V ' 

15 Neanoowomuk, yeu kefukok noDtam^ 
01? fDwadtauatonkquiTuonk, ahque meneh*- 
keteauook kutt.^.hhouwoaih^ neyane ut raooh* 

16 Newutche nawbutche nootamwehettit 
moomoofqbu&panneg: qut matta wame foh- 
hogig wutch Egypt naihpeMofes. 

17 Quthowjne irKBbmOulqheukqus ya«^ 
un:h^igckodtUii:iWfte>funnummatta nag mat* 
chefechcg, nag wuhhogkauh panlhonit ut 

18 Kah howane chadchekeimus , matta 
uppetutteaeneinat wuttanwohGnnooonganiC 

tuonk, natwonamaA Apoftle kah ncgonne qut neh matta Winamptamunegeh 

fephaufu^eaj noh fampcDwaonogut , Jefus 

2 Noh wufTampweunnebeubjnoh kahtim- 
onchehj neyane wonk Mofes fampwenehte- 
unk ut wamc wekit. 

3 Newutche yeuob anue ogquanumukquf- 
iix^am. fu wuttapenumunatfobfumoonkj oak^Mo- 
12.6. fes,newiitchenoh ayikwetU;, anuequttian- 

Ur^ukquiTujOnk ne wetu. 

4 Newutche rilfh noli wetu ayimuk naUipe 
howan woilietomp, qut noh ayik wame tcan- 
teaqualfiniib, noh God. 

5 Kah Mofes wunnamuhkut rampweufTu 
ut v/ame wetujmut, neyane wuttinneimiun, 
wutch wauwaoFik nilh kanootamukiihompe' 

6 Qut Chrin- neyane Wunn«um6niin nana- 

19 Neit kenaurr.umun matta woh tapenum"!*- 
'■ ooog petukkon , newutche pann:»wohta* 


NEwutche wabe{elrub nakodtumung'- 
queog quofbodtuonk petukonat wur- 
anvvofinnroonganit, ilhkont howan kcnawuii 
nahtitteau wunn;Dnunnumwinat. 
i 2 Ne-,vut:he wunaunchemookaonk kuk- 
ku!jkootomonteamunn6nup neyane nag r ^ut 
kuttajonknekohkootomauut matta a)chi^« 
1 inneajj newutche matta kenukfliano wun- 
' namptaniooonganitennagnootjDgjg. 

Z Newutche nenawun wanamptamcgifh 
nuppetutteamin anvvfifmnooonganit, neya- 
noowop, neyane chadchekeyeuwaump mu{^ 
quantamon, na^ petutteahettit nutanws- 

wurjuk nehenwonche weli nob weekkenawii finnoDonganit, tokonogquel anakaufuong^ih 
" ' " " • pako;tcaurupafli wutch waj.quenohtagmut^ 


4 Newutche nco v/.iu ut h^qutchippiyeUt?t 
pap3U.r,e nefaufuk tabfbikquinogok, yen.kab 
God anwobfin nefaufuk adtabihikqinogokj 
wiitch wamewutanakauruonganit. 

5 Kabyeu wonkut, petntteahettit nut- 

6 Newutche pobquttumuk nawbutche 
mos petutteaog, kah n^.^ negonne kobkcx)- 
tomauutcheg, matta petutteaua)cg Rtwut" 
che paMDJOWohtamotenk. , 

a.1 5 ^ woHk 

menebklnnumog menuhkannoofue kah wee- 
kontamoeannodfaonkj manuhkag en woh- 

7 Newat>'hene ana6\V2dt wunnetupana- 
h PfaK tamvve nalhauanit, /j yeu kefukok noDtamog 
S5»7» eowadtauatonkquffaonk. 

8 Ahque menebketea uook kiittabhoowoani 
rieyalie lit m(johmajfqu'eabnganit,,ut qutch 
fiuwac kcfukodtut, ut tbubhk'jmuk. 
" 9 KoDiboowoOg qua'jbehettit quaCukaihet- 
tit, kah naumwoh fiutanakaufiiongaib yatf- 
imchagekdd!;iit^Wse*- '-'■■■ ^^ '- - 



Hutmrnhfinmomganit Hebrews^ 

7 Wonk, kehtikqunogketam, noowau, 
iialhpeDavidj yeu kefukok, mahchc ne na>- 
adtutattapcheyeuojk, neyanoowomuk;) yeu 

Ksfukok n.^ta,n6k cjowadcauatonkquiTiionk, 
^enehketeia-hteok kuctahlicoeafi-j. 
.8 Nev/utche Jefus noh anw jbGrnrnGUs^ 
Rck inatia wo.i mitfchwhou o.ripetakj ' onkii- 
liog ivriiikodmt. 

,'.9 Ncvvutch^ neoblhohteau wutanwofia- 
licojngaiu'X) urnir/uiinninneumohGod. 
\ 10 Newutch; noh petutteadt wuctanw6- 
J§.naoDonganit>.jioh wonk ahquetcau nefiea- 
Wpnche wutanakaufuongaih 3 neyane God 

.MI Newanch^ rneaebkenitteontiih kuppe- 
takonanonuJ: ue anw jh[in5onL':, iihkont ho- 
ipfan penulhau^ neyaunag ne iiati panncDWoh- 
lamde uihettuonk. 

^ 12 Newutchc wuttinncowaonk God ke- 
mippeyeuoD, kali menuhki, Uah racDcheke 
keiiai onk ne etaafkequok tcgkodte?, ka- 
-nukkafiiUnk, chepehcauwhonat keteahogkou 
kah nalhauonk, iiah bnohquefaongaili, kah 
wein, kah wunnaumun v^uttensntamojong- 
afh kah ukke(antaraoooiiga|h mstahhut. 

I ^ Kah wanne ovvaas qut wame pahke 
nogquiiuog ut anaquabit, kah wametean- 
teaguafiniih puhflikottaalh kah woihwohta- 
alhj ut wuliLefukquc, noh weogkeheogut. 

14 Neit newutche wadchano^gkut mafuk- 
kenuk negotane fephaufuaen, noh aont ut 
kfnumiittuii kuffampooaonganun. 

15 Newutche m^itta noowadchsnomun 
negonne iephaujTuaenjnokmatta woh mafun- 
nomuk nalhpe amadtamuaat kenoochuFowe- 
fuonganunnonaih, qut ni(h noh ut qutche- 
hcau, neyane nenawuHj, qut raatta matche- 

16 Newutche matta qufliae peyoontuh 
kittcamonteanittuonk wutappuonganit, onk 
Woh kutattumunumumun monaneteaonk , 
kah woh kcnaKipteomun kitteamonteanic- 
tcaonk 3 woh kucannun:iunkqunnaa quenau- 

C H A P. V. 

NEwutche nifianoh kelhchercphaufaaen 
pepenauut wutch woikctompalitUjnoh 
kehtimau en wolkctompahtu, papaume nifh 
wadchiikilh Godut, onk woh teph^ufu na- 
ncefwe magcx)ongaih kah fephaufuongalh 
wutdie matchefeongalh. 

2 Noh woh kitteamonteanumau a(<x)kmi«- 
diejkah nag panneaonchegjnewut<:he nagum 
wonk wee nuhkunk ncochum wduonk. 

5 Kah newutche yeu, woh fephaufu wutfh 
matdiefeonk , neyane wutch miilinninndh, 
netatuppewutch wuhhogkuh. 

4 Kah matta hovvan wiinncmunnumwon- 
taJnauoon wuhhogkuh yeu quttianittuonk, 
qut neh webkomHt tiaihpc God^ Hcy^ne Aa- 


5 Netatupp^ wonkChtiii, matta fohfum- 
ooaunfh6ou wuhhogkuh, ayeuonat negonn© 
f:phauluaen,_ qut noh aiiont, ken n'unnau^ 
mon, yeu ktiukok koonaumbniimfh. 

6 Neyane wonk noowau onkat^k chiopi- 
ycaut, ken fephaufu len mkheuie, neyaunag 
ukkuhkoowaonkMelchiiI'dek. ■ 

I 7 Nohoovreyaufuekefukodtumut^magiik 

I peanta;na)oiigaih, kah vvehaiietumajonga.h, 

vveechemenuhkera^uonkj kah muJippegu- 

alh, en noh tapenuk ODWadchinonat watch 

I nuppmiat , kah wutch nocjtauon ne quoh- 

8 Tok&nogque wunnaiimoniin,qut netuli- 
tau noofwetambonk nafiipe niih chequneh» 

9. Kah pannuppehit, noh waj kutchehte- 
auwahet micheme pomantambonken wame 
neg ncofwectauoncheg. 

10 Wehkom?vi naihpeOod negonne/ep- 
haufuiaen , neyaunag ukkuhkoowaonk McI-. 

11 Noh papaumemonatafhanajwaog, kali 
fiogkodtafi] ketfxjhkontamunat , newutche 
kenaau kukkogkopfam^voo. 

12 Newutche kuttittoDcheaycumoowfiut, 
woh kukkuhkootomwehteaeneumwiB, knk- 
quenauwehikkumwoo howan wonk kukkuh- 
kootomunkqunnaout uttiyeufh negonahtog- 
ifli ukkuhkQDtomuhteaongalhGod,kah kena- 
au keyaneyeumwcD noh quenauvvehikquit 
fogkodtunk, kah matta menuhki meechum. - 

13 NewutHie ni/Ijnoh pafuk auwohterdt 
fogkodtunk, noh matta netuhtauon fampwe^ 
udeac wuttinnoowaonk , newutche noh 

14 Qnt menuhki roechum wutchayeumo 
neg kahcheeiyeuutcheg, neg nalhpe wutsu- 
wohteaonganoo, wutch ODvvahteauonganco- 
ooaft wutauwohkonaoafh, wahteauunat na- 
nccfwe wanegik kah machuk. 

C H A P. VI. 

NEwutche paumuhkomunat negonohta- 
gifli ukkuhk'JOtomuhtcaongaih Chrift 
ongkoue ontuh en pannuphettuonganit , 
matta wonk wuniiliitteauunat ne qncnohtag' 
aiulkoianatamftonk wutch nuppooe anakau- 
fuongafli, bah wunnamptamoDonk nogque 

2 Kutcheflumbe kuhkcotomuhteaonganj, 
kah ponamunatmenutchegafh, kah wutom- 
ohkeonganoc^ napukeg, kah micheme wnf* 

5 Kah ye'u woh nutuirettanjUnnantogGod' 

4 Newutche nSfiikominkquodt, neg mah- 
chc wequaiyeukauutch eg, iiah quodjtogig 
kefukque magooonk, kth wadtinnumwahct- 
cheg wunnetupinatamwe nafhananittooh. 

5 Kahquajtogtg wunnc wuttinnowaonk 
God, i an ummenuhkefuongaih muttaok 

6 Nag jxRufhafccttitj wulkehconat en ai- 

/jfii&^s^ wmmptogtg Cfeap; 

ulkoiaiutamaoonganic : newutche wonk 
pumcnetonkapuiiauwaog ut wuhhogkaouc 
vvunnaumonuhGod , Uili cx)WohfLwc; ulh- 

7 Newutche ohke wadtattog fokanon, 
bohtoeu nohkukkongquit , kah tanneg.ik 
moikehtualh tapeueunkv]ue negwanteunktg, 
attumununumoyoioo wunnamcceaonk wutch 

8 Qutneadtanneghettit alfinnekSuHcg , 
kih kfiullbg, pogketamim, kah pafoukom 
nutchcuittuonk , oowalskukqujiiyeumut 

-9 c^ic womonogl?35nucanno6{iir!Hn negon- 
ne \vanegigi(h papaume keriaau , kah nilh 
weechadt^imtx^miDug'uh wadchanittuonk to- 
koriDgque yeu nudinnean* 

10 Newutche God mtta pannew3iil!eii> 
a^wananatamunat kutanakauiuonganojjkah 
kaovvornoaufue anakauiuonganoDj ncnabtit- 
teaog nogque en, oowefuonganit 5^ mahche 
aninnumauogiih vvunae^tupaaatogig p kah 

11 Kah Qukkodtantamumun niflinah pafuk 
kenaau wunnahtuhkonat nc nan menuhke uf- 
feouk, v/utch pahkontamwe anaodfaonk; en 

1 2 Ahque ft*fegenamook;,qut nag aiubkouk 
neg naHiPe Wiinnampcamoooak , ksh manua- 
nlyeuonk ahtoog quoihodtuongalh. 

13 Newutche Gcdquoiliomont Abrahamj 
newutche matta naihpe chekeyenwaau inm 
magugiib^ ciia^chskeyeQau nalhpe wuhhog- 

i4\ NQT^WJCu^wunnamohkut wunanumunon 
k(i>nanu[Tiulh;» kah rauttaojiheiinQn kumnnut- 

15 Kahneitmabche manunnc cbequneh- 
tog attumunum quoihodtuonk. 

16 Newutche wofketoippaog vvunnamuh- 
kutchadcheyeuwaog nafhpe magigiih, kah 
menuhkeceaue chadchekeyeuapuk ne woh- 
kukquofliik wa;iie penuanittuonk iienugke 

17 Neadt, ^nantog God moochsj^e nah- eu nag aompenukeg .qtioiliadtuong- 
alh, mat penouuneunkquodtin-Dk ukkefaii- 
tamoonk;, unarneauhkehteauunnaliipe chad- 

iB Onknalhpeneefinani matta penooune- 
unkquodtincpgilhj ne w.oh adt nlhihkonunkr 
quokGod uppann-.xjvv6nat, woh nutattu-Ti- 
unurnumun raenuhki wekantam6onk,auii(hd- 
eg fpahliQOwaon^anlt , menuhkinnua:iunat oht.iganaquabeog;. 

19 Yeu annoofuonk noowadchinumuaau 
neyane ukkenuhquab keteahogkou, naneel- 
w^ papanc kah menuhke, kahnepetutteau- 
mojug ne ohtag anomuc onkv/honganir. 

20 titroh en, noh negonlbont nuppetut- 
teaiunlhhikqun^ J^Tus negonne fephaufuae- 
nuhnt^ "neyaUiU?ukkvihka>wion^ 


NEwutche yeuoh Melchifedek ketafTooC 
Salen^wufifephaufuaenuHioh anue qua- 
nunkquapit God noh nogfkauomp Abraha- 
mofi, qualhket wutch wunnufliaonganit lic- 
taflajtamwoh kah v/unndnumomp. 

2 Neh Abraham wonk anumauompuh pi*- 
ukque chippag wame, negonnej nauwuttam- 
ODmcDfanpwe udeae ketadbot, kah nahoh- 
t6cu5 wonkketafToDt ut Salem, ne nauwut- 
tamun wunohtcae- ketalToDt. 

3 Wanne wutoolhejwannewutokare, wan- 
ne ontfeu, matta kutchiflininno kefukodtaiji 
afuh wohkakoe pomantamoonk : qut tatufJ- 
pehheau wunnaum6nat God^ nagwutteac 
rephaufeinnuoo. • 

4 Nano natwontamook toh anoohque mi£- 
fugkeniik yeuoh, en noh kah Patriark Apta- 
hamj wuttiniiumau piukquc chippak feqvit- 

5 Kah wunnamuhkut nch wunnaumoniit- 
chelevij.neg attumunukeg fephaufue anifi- 
aufuonk, ahtoog naumatuonk attumunum- 
unat piukque chipp.igifli wutch miiUnnin- 
nuut, neyannag naumatuonk: n ne wutch 
wemattktuonk, tok6nogqae wutch ontfe- 
neu wutrekonohtogqut Abraham. 

^ Qut noh ontfeet matta chlppogk^mo- 
wutche nahoh, noh attumunum piukque 
cliippagifli wutche Abrahamoh ; kah neh 
a)nanuTiiih , noh ohtunk quoHbodtuongaih. 

7 Kah jiiatta howjn yeu uppanne urtam- 
ooun,per.IiiIit wunninumau naihpe mafugkc- 
nutchsh. ^. 

8 Kah yeuut nuppooe woiltetompaog sst-^ 
tumunumwog piukquc chippag: qut naut 
noh attumunum noh papaume wauwadc> 
keteau. ■ 

9 Kah neyane woh anoowi, Levi v/onk noh 
attutnunuk piukque chippagilh^ dadtehteau 
pmkque chippjg, ut Abrahamut. 

10 Newutche afh appeup ut wuT^koBoh^ 
togqntoolboh, Melchifedek .noglXoHont. 

ij Newutche nag pannuphit nailipe Le- 
v^ticale fephaufuonk (newutche ne agwe 
mi i'lnninniog attumunnumwog naumatu- 
onk ) tohwucch nano qaenahikko^maooote 
onka tog fephaufuonk woh wasbpenouk, ne- 
yaunng nkkwhkaowaonk Melrhifedek, kab 
mitta woh kettamouun neyannag akkahkoo- 
waonk Aaron.? 

12 Newutche fephaufuojik Sfiowunumukj 
moQche mos wonk nnumatuoak ofcDwunnau. 

13 Newutrhe noh nagum papaam^yeQlb 
weogquttumuk, wutchayeu onkacuk chipi 
pan.owonk, ne adt wanne howan nanauwon- 
tam.juk Altar. 

14- Newutch? pahkoowahlkquodt nul- 
Lordumunontfu Judah, ne papaume chip- 
panvDWonk, Mofcs wanne teag ntDWooD:, pl^ 
pau me fephaufuonk. i' 

lylUhvforX iriixz pahkc. wahikquodt^ 
' newntcii^' 

^m miffk^nonk^A4rofu ; Hcbrew^i ^ mkhmokM fipafifuw^ 

newutche neyanuifit Melchifedek , wonka- 
togwaabu fephaufuen., 

16 Nohmatta ahheoxit neyane wumiau- 
matuouk weyauiueancDteannjuonkj qat ne- 
yaunag urnmenuhkefuoak raichemohleac po- 

17 NewLUche w^uvvau , ken fephauCen 
mlcheme^ neyaunag. ukkuhka;waonk Ivlel- 

18 Newutche wunnamuhkut ncncgonllyo- 
mcbuk matchteauun newutche wuniio)- 
chumwefuonk, kah mat ODchaiycoiik. 

19 Newutche naumatuonk mat teagpah- 
Keteaiiooj qut paudtoonk wanegikannobfu- 
onky, ne: uflemgu?, ne nafl^pe paftiutaiaoe in 
Godut. ^ , 

ab Kah newutche matti netohut chad- 
Cliekeyeuwaonk fephaaiueneheau, 

21 (Newutche yeug fepImUuenuog m6 
ayaiwoog ne toh ut chadchckeycuwaonk, 
qut yeuoh naihpe chadchekcyeuwaonk , 

aVhh P^^^'^P^ noh^n'^i^Pj^Lordaiadaiekeyeuwau, 
I IQ. 4, kahmatta aulkoianatamoi , ken fephaufuen 

niichcme, ncyuunag ukkuhkoiwaonk Mel- 

Cililedek) , 

22 Neyanetkuppe, Jefus eadtehtcanfi^eh- 
teaheau wanegik Te/lament 

2 a Kah nag mo wunnamuhkut rr.onao? 
fephauluaenaog, newutche nag matta nag- 
v/utteabtaudqg, newutche nuppoaonk . 

24 Qut yeuoh newutche michemappii ah- 
to matta papenoimnkquodtinn<x)g fephau- 

25 Newajehwonktapenukpannuppe oa- 
wadcbanonat, neg paaononcheg Goduh 
nalbpe nagam, newutche raicheme poman- 
£am;noh uppeantamwanllionat. 

26 Newutche noh neanuillt fepbaufuaen 
kuttapeneunkquflinncan, noh waneetupana- 
tog^raat woilihiiwog,mat ni/khuwog,aiapeh- 
tauont matchefeaenuh, anue quanunkqhit 
onk nifb kcfukqua/h. 

27 Nohmatta querrauhikook, Reyaneyug 
negonnefephaufuendog , afekefukokia/fep- 
fcaufmat, negonnc wutch nehenwonche um- 
matchefeongafli, nekwutch rmiUnninnuh • 
Hewutche paiukqutyeu wutufTenah, fephau- 

28 1^'ewutche naumatuonk noochumwe- 
funutche wofketompuh wurfephaufuenehe- 
newuta]ifhit Baumatuonk , wunnaumonuh 
fephaufeenuheont^ noh pannupeliet miche- 
mc. ■ . 


Anonifh weogquttumagiai , yeu ma- 
olrtag, nohnan koofephaurueneamun- 
ncan,noh apit wuttinobk^unit wutappuong* 
amtiietaiTcututkerukqut. rr & 

2 Nohtompeanjog ut waneetiipanatamwe 
f cuoogifh 5 Uah ut wunnamohkut pummti- 
wuttauwaekomukqut ^ »« Lord kefteimk , 

3 Newutche nillinoh Begonr^ /ephaufua- 
en ayik, woh magunat magooongaft Kah Tep^ .' 
ha^tuongai1}5 uewajehyeuob wouk ma>ciieKC 
mos ahiunk woh fepbatfit ne teagu^s.: 

4 Newutche noh wutch apit ohkeit, mat- 
ta;woh fephaufueneueu, newa:jeb nag rep.- 
haufucauhettit neg magukeg magouopgalh 
neyanuiiit naumacuonk, - 

5 Nag nana wunukuppannegneapgebteo* 
muk kah vvutonkawohiomut i^efukqic teag- 
uaijinlih^neyaiie Molesliehtimomukup nalh'- 
pe God J kodayik pummuwuttauwaekom- 
mukjiiewutche (noiwau) naiiii kktinteau- 
uncat v/ame,neyanteauuk ne kahtiraunum- 
ukuput wadchuut« ■ :,= ,;. 

6 qur yeuyeu yeuoh attumunum mooche* 
ke wanegik nohtofflipeantogain , nevaac ta- 
tuppe noh wunnohteayeuwaenin ut'wancgi?c 
wiwno^waonk, nc maiiubkchteomukup ut 
snue wanfgikiihquoihodtuongaft. 

7 Newutche ne negonnewunnoDwaonk, 
matta tobben matchittenogus, neit matra 
woh nattiimebamofun toh woh ohtagnab- 

8 Newutche machcnauont noowau, kuffeh, 
kefukodtail] peyaumooCnoowau Lord>ayim" 
on wiillie wunnojwaonk ut wekit Ifraeijkak 
wekit Judah. 

9 Malta neyane wunnajwaonk ne ayimaii- 
ogkup CDfijoawouh ne iiefukoh anunog wun- 
wutch Egypt; newutche mat nagwuttean- 
umwog uconoDwaonk, kah matta nunnanau- 
anumocg,(noowau Lord) 

10 Newutchyeuwanncowaonk ne ayim 
ut weklt Ifrael, aiahche yeulh liefukodath 
noowau Lord, a nuppon nuttinnaumatuong-- 
anog wuttenantamooonganooout, kah noo- 
fukkuhhumunalli ut wuttahhou^vout , kah 
nenum-ManittoomcDoh 3 kah nag piUi num- 
miilinninnumog. • ; 

1 1 Kah nag matta pifh kuhkootomauooog 
ni/hnoh howan wetatteiirhunguh kah nilh- 
noh howan wematohj)noowaog,waheuk Lord, 
newutche wame pilli noowahdkqfuog, wut^e 
papeifiiilitcheg, onk yean matikkcnukcg. 

12 Newutche nummonanetam uppannc- 
feonganoc^, kah u.'nmatchefeonganoooanijkah. 
uppamiefeongai}] ,- matta wonk numJneh- 

15 Nev/utcheanajwadt, wulke wunnoo- 

Waobk,ayimup negonne nakkSneyetiUk; kah 

nenano naochumwag; kah negonneayetooekj 

nepakod^hemabtfteau. r ^ 

€ H A P. IX. 

NEit wunnamuhkut negonne wunnoowa- 
onk ahca uorrcop wauiTum wae kuh koo- 
waongalh muttaohkee pumnauwuttauwae- 

2 JSIewutche pummuwuttauwae-komsnuk 
keO-caufeup , negr^nne naobtagkup , wequa- 
nantcganohtugk;, kah table ^ kah dahtitte;^ 

hfqhmk Chrifi antit wuHHtgen Cbap»X©. dHk^puppimJhirHwc oopjhtoH^^f'ml 

petukqunneg> tie arowetimuk wHnneetup;i< 

3 Kah ongkouwe nahohtAc onkwlionk we- 
tM ne irowctamuk anae wanec(upanacam- 

4 Na Aliiop golde cenfer, kah wunncowac 
Ark, ogquodcubfu gold waccmi,nc ut goldic 
wiikq naohteau mati(iu^<k Aaron uppogkom- 
ank ne ncekik ^ Mah necnaih wunnoowae u- 

f Kah wiab^fe fohrumoe cherubimfog 
ongkouohtahhamwog monanetcae wutappa- 
onk, niQi matta woh yeuyeu niitchippemir- 
ibhhamooun a nona ih* 

6 Nano yeulh yeu an kuhquttumuk, fep- 
haufuenuog ycoyatchc pctutteiog negoiine 
iLommuk, ke(tcauunat wauilumaonkGod. 

7 Qut nahohtdohtag, Begonne fephaufua- 
cn wunnuirc petukonvpafuttqut niihnoh kod- 
ttimcx>, matta ne toh ut murquehconk , nc 
icphaunt wutchcnagum, kah wutch um- 

8 Wunnctupanatarawc nalhauanit ycu 
ivuttinnauwuttamunjmay Iflihik o^ncctupa- 
natamoom wunneetupanatamwe-komukqut , 
afquam wjhteauwahdwaan>ncgonnc pummu- 
vuttauwaekomuk alh ohtagi 

9 Ne kuhkinncafaonganuoogkup nc ah- 
^uompaki he adt magheitit magijoongalh & 
icphaufuongaih , nilh matta pannupehikx- 
unaih noh waullumont nc papaumc metah- 

10 Nilh webemccchuongalhikahwuttat- 
tamooongaih, kah ma>chc pummC kutchif- j 
fittauoBgafh, kak wcyaaiue kuhkoowaongafli 
anngotogift nd pa jch wuikehtcauonganit. 

^ 1 1 ^lit Ghrift pcy 'nt ncgonne fephaufu2- 
liin jpapaume wancgigiih paaumojigiih : nalh- 
f c anuc mohiag kati pannuppeyeuuk pum- 
muwuttauwae komuk mat v*}} kcfleaomuk 
ttienutcheganit, nc matta ilallapc yeu wckit- 

I St Afuh matta nallipe goatfe afuh kalfe 
Wufaueheonkjqut naftpe nehenwonchc a)fq. 
Iiconk, pafukqut petutteaup ut wunnetu^a- 

i6 Ncwutche toh ohtag Teftauicnt, na 
mos wunnamutikut wunnuppcuonk noh ayik 

17 NewutcheTeftamcnt mcnuhki maliche 
nuppehettit woiketompaog, qut wannc ruc- 
nuhkanonoh'ayikTefUment pomoiuog. 

i8 Ncwatche wonk negonne Teftament 
matta aninnumau6uhGod ne.toh ui^wuf- 

19 Newutcltc Mofcs Uddtoakontog ni(h 
noh anoDteamojonk ut wamemuhnninnuut, 
neyanuUit nawmatuouk, neemunum wulquc- 
heunkancD kalfsog He goat£og, weeche nippe 
kah purple wcwil, kah hyfop, -kah wulfeauh- 
kon na rieelwc wulfukwhonk, kah wame mif- 

20 Ncuwau, ycu oofqhconkTcftamcnt ne 
God anumunkqucog. 

21 Nano feaahtcau wufqucheonk nanceP 
we pummuwnttauwaekomukj kan wamc 
waUiTumuwae auwohteaongaih. 

i2 Kah omcgwamc neyanuilit naumatu- 
onk, pahkcteauunaih n.ilhpe wufquebconk ^ 
kah matta ieahhamoumuk wufqucheonk ^ 
wannc ahquoantamoadtuonganunnoo. 

23 Ncwutche mcochc mos «iikncagwut- 
tcomukilh niih wadcheciyeaugiih kcfukqut , 
woh pahketcauunafli nafbpe yeulh 5 qutnifh 
wadcheeiyeugilh kefukqut, naihpe anue 
wunnegugilh fcphaufuongalh onk yeulh. 

24 Ncwutche Chrift matta pecutteaoiE 
wunnctupanatamwe ayeuonganehtu waj- 
kc/lcomnkiJli raenutcheganit,niih ukkehkin* 
neifuongafh wanummuhKutcycuaugilh , qut 
ut kefukqat nchenwonchc, yeuyeu kenaci-* 
tarn wanlhikqun ut anaauabit God. 

25 Afuh matta won moochekit nompe 
fephaufu wuhhogkuh, neyane ncgonne fep» 
baufuaea petattcadc wunnsetupanntamwe 
aycuonganit nilh nah kodtummo^ nafhpe pc« 
now^ ODfqheongancD. 

%6 Ncwutche nek mooclukit nompe wob 
chcqunif htam , wutuhQi alhquenohtanoog 
muttaok : qut yeuycu pafukqut, wohkuk^ 
quolhik muttaokjuo^qufleup wutamaunum- 

patamwc aycuonganit, attumunumwanlhik- unat niitchefconk nafhpc wuflephaufuonk 

i|ucogmicherac manouwhuttuonk. 

i^ Ncwutche tohneit oofqaehoiigancD 
bulfog kah goatlbg , kah kowihlne pakque , 
fcahamuk ut nc iiilhkcneungquok, wunnc- 
Sapanatamwahtunk pahkcceauunat weyaus. 

14 Toh nukkuhqueu anaejoofqhconk drift 
IJoh naflipe machemapit nafiiauanitjfcphaufu 
Wtthhogkuh en Godut , matta chohkcfeoh , 
pifh pahkhcau kummctahhannittoomoouh 
wutch nuppooe anakaufuongartit , WauflUm- 
^nat pomantamwae God > 

15 Kah ncwutche yeu , noh wenoht^ahu- 
inra^nin ut \VUIke tcftament, onk naflipc nup- 
pCDonk, manouhumunat matchefeongalh, ut 
agwe negonne tcftameiiCjoag wchkomutflicg, 
woh attumunumwog qilolbodtwonganc mi- 
dKmt^btag ahtoonk. 


27 Kah neyane kchtimadtjwoiketompaog 
pafukqut nuppunat;,qat nahdhtdeu yeu wut- 

28 NctatupcChrift pafukqut fcphaufeup 
wuttaftirtumUnat ummatcliefeonga^ mona- 
og:kahen n\g alUauwompamonchej pifh 
mat mfttchef^ac wannaeihtauoh nahohtScii 
en wadchanittuonganit. 

C H A. P. X- 

NEwtitche naumatuonk ontcauohtabhog 
nifh pa6m;i»ugifh;qut matta nC agque^ 
neunkquok,nanipcyeull^ lephaufuongalb afe- 
kodtumoogilh yauyatcheh fephatifhettiche 
matta woh pannuph^ooK neg pafoifukogig; 
2 Newatche neit m? t woh watahque fbp- 
R c ha*- 

WM^ko^ Chrift fip^mfhtrnfi lld>l@H^ hmmm imikd^fi^4uppk^ 

haufe'enaoafh, newutche wanCTamuwaenuog 
parukqiu pahkhitj matta wdh wonk ahcdog 
rratchefeon^alh ut Ufriraetahhanrnttasnai* 

9 Qutyeufhut fcphattfuongafh, neoieh- 
quontamoonk wonk nifh noh kodtummoo. 

4 Newutch matta nuflikenonkquttinno ^ 
onk' oufqheonganoj bulfog kah goatfog woh 
wutamaunumunat matchefeou^aili, 

f Newutdhcpaontmutuohket noowau , 
Scphaufuonk, kah magooonk mattakukkod^ 
tantamoounaftv qut kukquofhauwefaiamab , 

6 Ut diikohtae magoDonganndltti » kah 
" fephaufuonganehtii wutch? matchcfeonk 
"wanne twowekontamooun. 

7 Neit miilip, kiifTeh nuppcyam (ut tat- 
- tuppageriumwe vviifTukwhonganit wufluk- 

whofupapaumenen) ulFenat kuttenantam- 

8 Ongkouefe anoDwadr fcphaufuonksk^h 
msgODonk;, kah chikohtae magQOongalh,kah 
mag(Donga{h wutche matchcfconk , matta 
fcukkodtantam<»,ari!h matta noh kuttit wec- 
kontamoDun, nifli magumug^ilh naihpe nau- 

9 Neitnoowop^ kulTeh nnppeam ulftoat 
kuttetiantamoDonk (woi God) amaiinum nt- 
gonneycuoDuk J woh uramcauhkchteauunat 

10 Naftipene unnantamooonk, nooneetu- 
panatamwehhetteanan, nafhpc ummagunat 
wuhhog Jefus Chrift, pafiakqut vvutch wamc. 

1 1 Kah nilhrephaufuaennecpau wauiTum- 
*^ a«, kah noh nomf e msgou n\(h nan fepbau- 

20 Nanjpe Wuflsc, kah pomantamdc roay, 

ne waiketunkqueog naltipe oBkwhoak,nc ao* 

11 Kah ahtoog, ncf Done fephanfmen n*-^ 
nawunuk week God. 

22 ParoDtdiadtuh na(iipc fampweteahaonk 
kah pahkoowahtede wunnamptsimdonk vme* 
taiihut feauhk^fik wutch matche metahhafls* 
nit to^utj ki h ,kubhogkandno§ katchiiTumd^ 
og naOipe pahke nippe 

»5 lilatta nanaahdeu memiltkenufliiittuli 
kcillampc3E)ae kGonaraptanKJOoiigamin, (^ rrcfj- 
WiitS^t noh fampwanumukqulm quoihdadt^ 

24 Kahnacwanittitteuh,.kenupweihamt- 
tine&n6nutwomantamunat;kah wunanakat£« 

2y Ahquc ahquoatitamuttuh Uiimm6eong5i 
anun moaejncafehettit na^hutchcjqut wck» 
quetumoftdtktcuh) kah nano moocheke ae* 
yane kenaum woo kefukod pcyau-mo). 

26 Newutche unnaiitam^re rnatchdeonlf, 
mahche attumunamog wrahteauufiat vtum- 
namuhkuteyeuuk, neii wannewonk (Vphan- 
fuonganuncD wutch matchefeoiik. 

27 Qut toh wabefue nat2uwompattamco& 
onk wutlittumdonk, kah nootae mufquaiut- 
taraoonk ne pilh paguanont fekeneaufinitche 

28 Noh fekcneauont wuttinnaumatuong- 
uhMofes nuppd) ut wanne aionaneteaohgi 
atiitjUt agwe neei'uogafuh (liuog w^iuwacheg. 

29 Toh nukquaque 6hque fa fa mat ah what" 
tuonkjkuttenantaniwoD noh pifh ogquanurm- 
au wuttumhouoHat, noh taflikukauut ut 415- 
we wuffctut , wunnaumonuh GodjOgquanitffla 
ut wunnoowac wufqu€heunk,nena{hpe wuw» 

fuongaih, niih matta woh amaunumoumutt^ ; nctupanatamwahcttupjUe niijikeneungquol^ 

QDgifli matchcfeongaih. 

1 2 Qut yeuoh wolketomp^mahcbe maguk 
pafukqut tephauonuk vvutchemkhcmej ap- 
peu wuctinobk6unit God. 

15 Yeu wutche onk vean ailiouwompatam 
!l6 pajch ummatW'jmuh uppanuppeheonat. 

14 Newutche naihpe pafuk fcphaufuonk, 
mi ch erne pannupheau neh wanetupanatara- 

15 Ne adtwutinefcup£natafflwenafhauanife 
wauwaonogj newutche ne mahche noowadt, 
ne ncgonne. 

kah ilhkauonont kitteamoateanitteae nalh- 

3^0 Newutch noh noDwaheon ancDWop ^ 
h Annootaonk wutchiyeumcD nuhhogkat, ne Lry^»^ 
fiutonkquatauHcowauLord,kahwonk^ord ^T^Vc 
wuflumau ummiilinninncumoh. 3^'35«^ 

^i Ne 6hqunncunkquodt penufisonat ut 

, wunnutchcganit pomantamwac Godi 

I 92 Qut mehquoantomook; negonne kefafc- 
odtaft, ne idt mahche wequafumontcaog^ 

; kutchequnehtamumwQO onkapunaae um> 

I raifhe ayeuuhkonat. 

16 Jeuwunnopwaongnagayimauog, na- | ^^3 Chippiyeuc, ayltnonteaog kumtttoe* 

<f Jer . 

hoht6eu yeuHi kefukodtafh, no^wau Lord 
a niippon nutinnaUiTiatuongafh wuttahhop- 
wdut , kah nooCikkuhhumunalh ut wutte- 

17 Kah ummatchefconganooooafli 8c up. 
panheuflebnganoocDafh, matta wonk num- 

18 Kah uttoh adt yeuih ahquoantamuk », 
4ia matta wonk fcphaufein wutch matchcfc- 

kikkinnonteanaout, n'irfhpe kekontuongaihi. 
kah onkapunnaongafti, kah chipp^tuewce- 
tomag ncncyanhctcheg. 

94 Newutche kukkittearaontcanumimwoEJ 
ut nukkcnepfuonganit , kah kcDwekontam* 
we chequnehtamwoo matcheteauunac kum* 
maumachiycuafk ; wahteauog ut kuhho^ 
ka6ut5kutahiomwa> n^onnc wunnegen kail 
^fcpohtag weenaeetuonk ut kefukqut. 

35 Newutche ahque pogketamcDk kut» 

"«•• 4> jNcwutciic anquc pogKetamuoR »uu» 

1 9 Newutche ticerpatog,ahtauog mo qiiflTce annoofiionganco^tie maihonkquatoadtuong- 

^^tuttcaunat ne anue wunnetupaBatimwc- ; anaa)k. 

|euoDuk,naihpje d^%€0flk J<Cu%. . i }6 |i§w^«cll«Mu^utnauwelliktt^l^W(X>laa- 

nunitiam6onk, onk mahchc uffcog wuttc- 
nanumooonkGod, Woh kutattumunumum- 

^a^l^^tufchr^^^^^ pafwrf., kah «oh woh 
paont, piili peyau, Uah matta fcpohtcaou. 
as Nanorampweulechcg piai pomantam- 

>♦ 1 1. mpmeg wmmmptawooofjgam 

attumunuQi mentthkeluonk wunneechonat 
(Wlkannem, kah neechop mukkiefoh, mah- 
tauntog, ncwutchc wuiTampwe wud'umutj 
noh quolhomont. 

12 Ncwutche napafukooch neckin, kah 
nohneyane nuppcD, neadtahlehhettitanogqr 

rillyitrnWtcahogkou matu kctahbanmt. 

ao Out matta ncnawuti nag affayitcheg 
«i piguanittinncat, qut nag wunnamptogig 
wad^arionat ketcahogkou. 

C W A "^^ Xi» 

NAno, wunnamptamoonk tvutahtoonk- 
aniioo nilli annoontamukilh, uppahtca- 
ttittamooonk niih matta naumumugiih. 

2 Newutche nc naihpe wuntunchcmao- 
#on6neau Elderfog. t. * : 

5 Nall^pe wunnamptanrftonk ^uttinno- 

I a Yeug wamc nuppODOg wunnamptamr 
(Donganit , afquam attumunumwehetteg 
quo(h6dtuonga(h, qut nah ndadtit wuttiti- 
naouh, kzh nah oDnamptauouh, kah wut- 
attumunouh, kah fampoowaog nag penaUo 
wohtcaog kah pomulhacndog ut ohkcit. 

14 Ncwutche nag niih anojwacheg pahkt 

wahtcauwahuwaogjnag naiinnchioiwog Wttt« 

ohtimoin. ,. . 

[ i< Kah wunnamuhkut Kodrantamoncttit 

^ ne wa3 fohhamwchettit, woh wunuhkomuj^ 

pannrk ukquihkenaout. 
16 Qutyeuycu nag kodtantamwog anue 

3 nob 

Vfolitamiamun "routtaofikeaih kefteauunaih 

r"fw wortinno«;aonk God, newaj mfii 10 v^iycuj/j.L. u^^, „^«.«».«...„.^fe -»-, 

to^agfloong'ift, bahBe«a.bpe,!c,alh ^ nu'«|^«nuh^.^^_^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^__^,^ l^^_ 

onk , kah matta mo n*"^f,X afouam 6h- attumunont ut kuickinneafuong .nit. 
fawunoat, yeu w|tahiauunat. wauwaonK, | ^^a^^^^ ^p^^^^^^^ kah EtaUoh papaunte .ffifa 

kah noh onkquatauont nfeh mcnuhke natm- 

"*7^Naflipe wutinamptaMdonk Koah amo- 
mkqut Goduh, papaumemaiafqBdquod" 

ISu^ebtam Ark , oowadciianumanat 

'kah nomp nuk fampweogquanitt^o^k , r€ 
"^ttaftipe wunnamptamoonk. ^,1, 

'■ g Naihpe wunnamf>tam6onk Abraham, 
werKomit wuffohhamunat wntooat aven- 

wwnnanumauna neciwe wunH«iuuj-^uan j^- 
Teph, woWu itimau, okipatuflfuk waiiattiquc 
wutariwohhou. , .r l. 

22 Na(hpc \¥iinnamptan86onk Jofeph na- 
pukj wcogquttiim wufTdhhomoonk wurtniu- 
monuh ifrael, kah nah ^attannoonQfa pa- 
piiumc wuflikonaili. ". 

2% Nafhc^e wiiariamptamoonk Mole* neekita 
attuhEaum niihuoh nepau^foh nafhpe oochc- 
taonguh , newutche wumauouh wuniierw 
mtoies, kah nag matta qahtamoog feietaf- 
I foot WutannoDteamojonk. 

^e^komit^ ^±t!^jSkti1It«rS " il^pe l^nnJ^nptamoonk Mole* *e. 

C"ltdiVht6onkr'ia^T^^^^ ^^^ fot^ham: 

^ matta wahtcau uttob aont. , 

Q Natl^pe wunnamptamoobnk penawoh- 

^ hhoix ut qiiodiodtuwae ohkit, ney^ne penu- 

-^6Hkomukquc, ayeu pummu .^"^^^^.^Jf 

komukquchtu 3 wecch Ifaak «a^ J;^5';,^> 

wecchc noiwpcnuomonchc nenan qiiofiiodtu- 

10 Kewntchc natinncham keitptan , "|<^ 
ohtag queaohtagilhjnoh Weekitcad^kah ayik, 

"^^ i i^J>i \ium6aptatrii6tyrik Sia^ati mg^i^ 

24 Nampe wunnampidmu^^im iviv/*..^ «w^ 
fukit, fckeneam henndnat wunnaGMoftutii 
Pharaoh wutaunob. _ . ,^ ■: 

25 Pepenog 3owob weecTie cnequneh* 
tamomont urn niffinninneumob God, onk o?» 
gMcCc ohtauunit wckoniamoe maccnelc- 

' 26 Ogquoanrog kek5maonga(h. Chrift 
rjioorheke -^W weenaeetuonk,onk ni(h nom- 
pakou^naih ut Egypt, ncwutche aikouvvom= 
pitam 6adtuhka«waonk wutonkquatunfe. 

i7 Na(bpc wunnamptamoonk nukkodtum 
E^t^ Malta ^^obtog^ir-AmwfquanatatiKo- 


im^^^'^^^^^k^'}^^^^^^^^^ Hebrews. a^MpfthtQk^f44mmhsh^^^^^ 

onk kchtafct, newutche chequnehtam ne- 
.. ; jane nauut, Noh macra v/oh hauout. 

2'S Nafl-ipe wunnamptarnoonkjnanauweh- 
.^teauop paumukau-^druonki 'k»h feauhteaonk 
. wufqueheonk, iiLkont noh paguanont m€>h- 
"tommeganitcheh woh muffunau. 
:,. 29 Nad^pe wunnamptamoonk paiiiiup- 
,^ AViUhaog mfquc kehtahhanfiet, onatiih nun- 
,. nbbohteaouut Be quajteauhettit Egyptian- 
fog qutuhlhauog. 

30 Naftpe wunnaniptamoGnk quCTukqun- 
' neutungalh Jericho penuiliaaihj mahcfce nc- 
./ifautuk tahfhikquinne weenuhkomuk. 

31 Nafhpe vvunnamptarBoonk nanwun- 
,_ wrudrquauiluaenin Rahab , matta weech 
.^iguanau neg pannoDwohtogig, TAuimphteae 
attumunuk iiahtauwohh?uh. 

52 Kah toh koh wonk woh nuHim / ne- 
wutSie matta taubuttinno nut aquorapiyeum 
nooweogqatturnutiat Gideon, kah Barak5kah 
Sampfon, kah Jephthah, kah David wonk, 
kah Samuel, kab msnittowompaog : 
^; 33 Neg n^fnpe wunnamptamoonk foh- 
•komwog tahfaotaniCDongalh , ulTeog famp- 
WeulTconk, attummiumwog quo/hodtuong- 
: a(h, kuppubhamwcg wuttGDcouwoafli quii- 

; 34 Uhnthamwog kufTunnae na)teau5poh- 
quohhamwog wutch kenag togkodtegjWutch 
noochumwcfinneatmenehkhcocg, nano mc- 
nuhkefuog ayeuvvuttinneat, quihkookauwaog 
,35 MittamwufOflbg neemunaog wunnup- 
poomoDVih, wUtomohkirjbuh en poniantam- 
unat : kah onkatogig onkapunnanoogjmatta 
attunun(X)Og pohquahwhunuttin, onk woh 
^attumunumwog moochckc wanegik omohkc- 

56 Kah onkatogig qutchehcoog nafiipe 
©nkapunanittue hahanehtauadluongalh, kah 
;^iamatahwhuttuonga(h , nux nano itcncp- 
luongafli kah kupfhaginaufuongash. 

37 Nag qufrukqunnehtahwhoog paffTfwo- 

bg,qutcl ■ehcoog, nulhoog naflipe togkodtcg, 

nag nanwiyeHwog fiieepfolhunk, kah goatf- 

oftunkjnonfiycuog, wuttamebpunaog onka- 


V 38 Na muttaohke nah wunnooneunkquf- 

fiimh, nanwiyeuog touohkomukquehtu, kah 

• wadchuwehtu,kahafampamukquciitut, kah 

- ©bkeonogqm. 

59 Kah yeuflrwame attumunumoomooafti 
^aeenodtuonk nafhpe wunBamptamoonk;) 
'40 God kukquo(bacihtunkqun aniic wa- 
neeigin?, onk nag netoh ut necBawun^inatta 
woh pannupberog, 

^ rf« cttA p.xn. 

^^Ewutche weenekompaeog nafhpe 
.J^AI miHiHie rtiatokqfe wauwachcg , afla- 
• numuttuh nifb noh tohkequan, kah fie mat- 
^ cj^fcock PC tcanpfe Wecuubkongqueog, ma- 

nunne quogquctuh n62iIi6og ne ponarauk a- 
naquabtog. ", ' 

2 Mononneauontuh jefus, noh wa; kut- 
chifik. kah soh adc pakodchekefteaufik noo- 
namptameoak, noh wutch v/eekontamoonkj 
ponamau ut anaqnabir, chequnehtam pum- 
metonkapunnaonk, fckeneam akodchuoiik > 
kah appu wuttinohkounit wutappuonganit 

g Newutche natwanumok noh chequneh- 
tog ne nan uppannenittuonganoo matchcfe- 
cheg ayeuuhkone nagum, ilhkont kuffauun- 
numwcD. kah kuflauanatamumwcc ut kut- 

4 Alquam kutayeukontamoDmwoo wech- 
quemufqueheonganit, ayeukontarr.og mat- 

5 Kah koDwunaiiatamumwoo wehque- 
tumoonk ne agque unnukqueogigmukkiefut, 
nunnauraon, ahque jifhontafli wuiTsfama- 
tuhhuwaonk Lord, aluh fauunukkon auii<S- 

6 NewuffiC'Xord howanwomononchch 
rafamatahwhou , kah tattagkemau ni/h noh 
wunnuiinonuh ne adtumunond^ch. 

7 Mukk^Jammatt mog fafamat-ihwhyt- 
tuonk, God kutogqhikkouonatuh wunnau- 
monat, newutche teagwu noh wunnaumona- 
m, neh wutoofiiin matta fafamatahwonke ? 

8 Out tohneit matta ohtauaoog fafamatah- 
whurtuonk, nilh noh ho wan ae wecchcchip- 
pmuk, neit kenaau nanwctuog kah matta 

9 Nano nooweyaurue wutufliimun , neg 
laiamatuhhukqueaguppanneg & nukquttia- 
nunjounnonog 5 funnum matta woh an moD- 
cnekd nutagwappchtauomun hafhauonganc 
wutoolhin, kah pomanttmun ? 

10 Newutche nag wunnamubkut oggufle 
^UL^T "uflafamatahhikqunnonog, neyaunag 
ukkodrantamoooHganoo, qut nagum noodii- 
yeuonganun, woh noowecche chippinnum- 
unninoflut ODneetupanatamooonk. 

11 Nano nenan uttooche adt fafamatah- 
whuttimuk, wanne nuttenantamocmun wee- 
kohteanunkqut qut onkqunncungquot, qut 
ompctak paudtauomoD wunnohtcae ummce- 
chumrauonk fampweuffeonki, nag jioh adt 

12 Newutche fpunnumok mcnutcfiegaft 
nifh wloihunkifh, kah noocbumwi mukkut- 

i% Kah ayimook fampoi mayaOi wutrh 
^^^ItcDo^Qi , i/hkont Hoh noochumwefit 
qufhKeaheau wutch mayut, qut teaoacii 

1 4 AfufakamcDk wunohteaonk weeche wa- 
me wofketompaog, kah wunneetupanatam- 
CDonk, ne wanne nnSncDg, wanne howae 
wofltetomp woh nauoou Coduh. 

15 Mcnuhke kukkinheamook irhkont ho- 
wan fe(»Kflioatai!i oon^etuptnatamooonk 

wemattfte VfOfnonittH0n\ 


God, iHikont te^gue Wceibgkoachabuk fon- 

kak>woh ka)tamehikqunneau,kahneuaihpc 
"irionaog woh nilhkhconeau. 
~ i6 Khkonthowannanwanoodfqauaenin- 
'■'cuoo, afuh mamiihantamwaenuQD onatuh 

■ E(au a noh magukup ummehtammctuonk 
' wutch ncqutechuogkod Tabaheg. 

17 Newutdie kouw'ahteauunneau, ompc- 
tak kodahtunkwunanitiuonkjfnilhananum- 

■ au, newutchem3ttanar.ieht€aUjtoh wobadt 
aiuiltoianatog 5 tok6nogquc ummcnuhkod- 

* tihaeahamun naftipe miiiuppequafc. ./- r • 

''" 18 Newutche matta kuppeyaumoo wad- wunoodiquauiuenuog , 

chu. woh ne mafunumuk, kah ne chagohtag, God pish ODiumau, 
'^utchnaDtau,aruhmatta mooiyeuut, kahl 5 Kuttinnu^pomantam&onk wannc lah- 
•pohkenahtu, kah mifLehtah(hinin. chejvontamwcuiGUutch, kah tapantamoag 

IQ Kahmia^ontoDwae moaopuhpeganitj, I nish ahtauogish, newutchc noowop, ii matta ^ Joffe, 
■ kah wadtauatonkquffue kutta>won§anic,ne kenukkonuanoo afuh kutahquonumunncD. 15 
nootoeig, nanompanwaog matta wonk unno- \ ^ Newut^he woh nummenuhkeyimun,Lord 
"cuL 51^5^ ^ , b I nutannohfuaetieum, Uak matta n(Jowabcfuh 

toh woiketomp anhit. 

7 Nag mequanum ninauunukqueogig > 
neg anukqueogig wuttinnoowaonk God, neg 
ttjnamptam'DOongancD afukongqueog , nat- 

WEcmattuc womonittuonk Bagwut- 
2 Watinanitteadtcog attumunonat perio- 
wrohteaogjnewutche ae naflipe nawhutch at- 
tumunaog angel foh ash wahtcauhetteg. 

5 Mchquaiiumok nag kanepfitcheg ona- 
tuh wceche kenecpfcuaint, kah neg chequn- 
ehtogigonkapunaonk. neyane kcnaau wonk 
appeog kuhhogkaout. 

4 Wectauadtuonk quttianitaufa wame, 
kah mat nishkeneunkque appein , qut nan- 
'" " kah mamulfuenuog 

Bnnaouc kuttoowonk. 

20 Newutche x^unnoDnumuneaune anun- 
noonit, kahtohneitne puppinalhimmufTun- 
ogkus wadchu, pilh quflukquanehtahwau , 
afuh konnunketahwh6u k6unkquodt. 

aiKahnemoubqueneunkquodtnaumunat wontamog wohkukquohshik wuttinne po- 
bnk Mofes noowop , nummiflie wabis kah mantaraQOongana). 

• jiunnuuukkufhom- 

22 Qut kuppeyaumoo wadchuut Sion,kah 
^ ^ut(X)tanit pomantamwaeGodjkefukque Je- 
■^'rufalem, kah ut moocheke piukque mutta- 

jjonganog kulTuog Angelfog moayeiiog. 
*^' 2; Ut kagkedhe moeuukanit , ummotu- 
wehkomonk mohtaFnce:itaieg, neg woiuk- 
- kuhwhSfit^heg ut kefukqut, kahutGodut 
■" "noh w6fituk wame, kah en wunnalhnuonga- 
" ■ tiQOout fampwefedieg pinuppehetcheg. 
^^=24 Kah enjefus uc wuHnohteahuwaen 
Vfurkcwunnoowaonganitj kah en feauhkonat 
^vufqueheunk, ne aiicDWomoDUg anue wanc- 
gigiih, onk ne Abel. 

25 Ahque fekenecok noh kodtcobkont , 
newutche matta pohquohhumopanneg, fe- 
keneauahettit noh kodtoohkomp ut ohkeit, 
inue moocheke plfiimat kuppohquohhum- 
cbmun^ kuH^kehtauogkut noh kodtcDhkont 
watch kefukqut. 
"? 26 OOwadtauatonkqufTuonkneit nunuk 
' kunoiti ohke, qutyeuyeu quofhftau nocwaU; 
qut wonk majiih pafukqut, nunnunnukkin- 
num matta webe ohke, qut wonk kefuk. 

27 Kahyeu kuttODOnk ma jift pafukqut , 

aauwuttamoDmcDjontattnuunafh yeulh na- 

■ nukkufhunkilh, onatuh nllh keftea ufikiih 5 

,onk nifh matta woh nanukkufhonoogilh woh 

' michembbtaafli. 

18 Newutche attumunumog a(f(X)tam6onk 

matta woh nanukkurtionoDg , menuhkenum- 

uttuh kitteamoHteanittuonk 5nena(hpe woh 

tapcneamwe waulTHmogkut God nalhpe qut 

iianumaonk kah manit6e wabefuonk. 

29 Newutche n«m-Manittgoi5aua sph 
sjiahtfUac ricsteau. 

8 JefusChrift noh nan wunnonkou, k%h 
yeu kefukokj kah micheme. 

9 Ahque nanwuihanukoak monakifh kah 
penowe kuhkyjtomwchteaongafh, newutche 
ne wunnegen^raecah menehketauunat nasiipe 
kuteamoateanhtuonkj matta nafhpe meet- 
Tuongash, nish matta wadchUietteglsh neg 
nish auwohteacheg. 

to NouwadchanumunRttn, Altar 5 matta 
wadchiimquglsh wuhhogkaout rreechinat, 
neg nanaunukeg pummewuttauwAekommulio 

11 Newutche wuhhogkauh ycugpuppia- 
ashimwog, corqheonganoo p?udtomuk ut 
fanduary nashpe negonne fephaufuaen^wut- 
chematchefeonk, chikofwoog ut poquod- 
che tuppukfinnoowonganit. 

12 Newutche Jefus wonk , ooneetupana- 
tamwaheonat miilinninnuh nashpe nehca- 
woHChe QDfqheonk, chequnehtam ut po- 

13, Newutche fohhamuttuh noh en po- 
quodche tuppukiinncxjonganic, ta'shinunj- 
6g ashpunnamaonk. - iMicaj 

14 h Newutche yeuut matta kutahtao- a.i©, ' 
mun nagwutteahtacotan,qutuatinneahhana* 
umun pafuk ne pa6mpDtik. 

1 5 Newutche nashpe nagum maguttuh fep* 
haiiCue tabattantam6unk Godut nagwutteae 
ne nuilifletoonc meechummuonk , tabattau- 
tamauogkut oowefuonk. 

16 Qut wannantrtteog wuneefin, &ma. 
ganatj newutche neaunaglsh fephaufuons- 
ash God cofekittcahikqunaih. 

1 7 Noof wehtok qag nanawunukque6gigj& 
agwapehtokj newutche pag aik^JhwbontaHj- 

, auwaog k«kketcahagk6unncouh j ncyane nag 

t^ . '_ — ^.._^i.^*^^:^ rt.,!,,.,^!,^ . m. ttuhhogkaout ne wafukitreahikqut^t 

anaquabit nafiipe Jefus Chrift ; noh midieittc 
kah midicir.e iohiitch. * 

riampd)b^m®c nanauogketogig , onk woh cd- 
weckontamvre ulTenaout, kswi matta neuana- 
tamwe, iiewutche ne matta woJb koochie- 

ineaU. , ,. \ 

1 8 Peantamwanshinneaft : ncwutcnc nup- 
baubuhtanumomun noune metabhauaittoom- 
vlinishtioh ut, WtckontamOg fampweufTcae 

1 9 Qut koowehquetumaunijmwoo yeu ayn 
woh uflcog 5 onk woh teanuk Uuttinnurn- 

:inonteamo wonkniihhog. 

20 Nano wunohtcac Manit , noh pafoo- 
womp wonk wutch nuppunat nuI-Lordam- 
>in Jefus J hph mafugiicnuk nanawuriont 
*ihecproh, nsihpc midicmohtag wunnouwac 

21 Pannupheukook ut niftnoh wunana- 
'^aafaonk, ullcnat wuttenanatamooonk, uilit 

Limnwntiiiv *viiin.vii. Amen. 

22 Kah koowchquetumaunumwoo nccmat- 
og 5 chcqunehtaaiojk wehquetuaioc wiTt- 
tinnowaonk, newutchc koufakkuhhumauo- 
numwoD ogguhrc kuttoowongaiii. 

2\ WalucaucDk ,, nccmattia Timothy 
chipappu, weeche neb, teanuk pcyont, pila 

24 WoonkomooTc wamc ncg nanauunuk- 
qucogig, kah wame wunncetupanatogig,nag 
Italy apitOieg koDWonkumukoooog. 

35 Kittcamonteanittcionk weewmukoik 
wamc. Amen. 

WuttiiTukkuhwhofu Italy en HebrtVi^t 
naihpe Timothy. 

Wut-Epiaieum J AMES. 


IAmes wuttinncumoh God, kah Lord Je- 
fus Chrift, en nabo neefe chipanukcg naf- 
waitcheg, wonkqutteamooonk. 
2 Neematog, ogquoantamook ne wamc 
-'^i»ekontam6onk3^ penuihaog ut mouchcke 

^ Yeu waiiteauog, qutchehteauonk koD- 
namptamooongancD, ay iaiojai raanunnaiycu- 

4 Qut manunniyeuonk uppannupitngkau- 
t£uonk ohtauitchj onk woh kuppannuppe- 

- 'ycumwoo, kah kummUfiiHmwa), watineteag 

5 Howan kenaau quenauhikquit waan- 
"tamoonk, wehqueiumauonch Goduh, noh 

nanowe anumau nt v/ame woikctompuhjkah 
matta wadtoDog^kah pishaninnumcuon. 

6 Qut wannamptamoe wch quetuch^matta 
chanantamoejnewutchenoh chanantog^og- 
<|unneunkqi]{ru kchtanhannontukqut , tOD- 

- annomontwaban kahwahwaabeu. 

7 Newutdie noh woikctomp ahque un- 
isantaj, ^oh teag aturrunum wntch Lord 

8 Nehneefantog woikeetomp, wanneme- 
Siehtekompoou ut Wame ummayut. 

;; 6 :;"eiifitit ajwecmatin mulkauanta}, ne- 
/«?atche mUhcheau. 

10 QtH weenauwekitj newutche pcehcau, 
~ ; inewutctie onatuh moikehtue p^ihau pifh 


o 1 1 Newutche qucna nepafiz nafhpe waapit 

kolfopittag, ohpcotcau maiket, kah neup- 

■r .pclhau mahtlheau , kah neyancDWuanegik 

- : imahtfhicau; neyane pilh wcnauectucnmaht- 

(Qiuut ut ujnmayut. _ 
^'/^: V fi^ .Wunnanumau woiUetomp noh ch^- 

' qutchchit, pilh attumunum chfctahquab^t 
pomantamoonk , ne Lord quoshomonchcU 
neh womonukqutcheh. 

\ 19 Howan noDwahtidi, qutchehit, niik- 
qutchhukGod, newutche God wanne wob 
qutciiehuw6ou nemachuk, iifuhroatta qut- 
chet)Ou howac woiketompuh. 

14 Qutnishnob woiketomp qutSicheaa, 
uloounukqut nehenwonche ummstchekod- 
tantarrojonk, kih nupweihanukquit. 

i=> Neil matchekodtantarrftonk wompc- 
quait, neechau matchefeonk, kah macche- 
feonk pakcdchehtcomuk, needhembo nup- 

' 16 Ahque panncungk necmatog ^omo- 
nogig. . 

17 Nish noh wunnc magoaonk, Uah nish 

- noh pannuppecu aninnumiiorik, wutch ay^u- 
moo wohqut, kah noDkemoDUt wutch we- 
quayeuc wuiQOii.inncat, nob matta pa peho- 
winneungquvieg, aiufa matta wiitonkofentam- 

I quflikeonk abtoou. 

j 18 Wutch nehenwonchewuttenantanloo- 
onganit wunnaumoniyeu kuhhogkanonajh, 

; naihpe wunnamuhkuteyeae wuttinnowaon* : 
neenawun woh nevaunag ukk<kencumunealh 
wutatiwasfunurrioh. . 

19 Newutche womonogig necmatog, nifls 
noh howan kenuppe nootaj, chekc kekctODh- 
konch,kah chcke mufqu; ntaj. \,^r 

20 Newutche Mmmufquantamcponk WON 
kctomp, matta ayimounmno) wuUampWfBl- 
feonk God. .^f" 

21 Newutche amSunumook waroe^nill^^e- 
neungquffuonk, kah pontaeu matcheleonk 
& manunncattumunumoDk wuttinna)waonlk 
ni(h pona \iuki03, niih wamunumoumooukiUi 
ou-wadchanonat kukketeahogkdunoouli. 

09 QuuirfkwHUiftSflPwaoiikjkahm^t^ 


^1 Ncwutttitf bo\*aa rtootog kuttooonk 
Iftib mitta uffek, ogaunneunkquHu woikc* 
^mi^pag nc muhhogKac wuikctuk ut pepc- 

34 Newutcfee aagam naum, Kah moncnu, 
kaU teanuk wanant«im toh anullis woike- 

tomp. ,.,... 

35 Qut hovran untiuhquait pahke cnip- 
pcnaumatuonganiE, kahnagwuctcapit^ mat- 
ta vvaunanatamoug nootamwacnin5qut uflca- 
rfnin anakaufuonk> yeuoh pilh wunnanumau 
ut Wutuffeonganit. 

a6 Howan kenugke kenaau nahtuttcae 
peantam, qut matta nanauunumoog wcenan, 
yeuoh uppeantamouonk tahnoL>^beycua>. 

27 Pakke peanumoonk kah matta nifli- 
keneunkquodtirinojg ut anaquabitGod, kah 
wwtoolhimau^ ycu, natauwahonat mat wadt- 
oofhoDgig, kah iekouffquaog, onkapdnnahet- 
thj kah wad^hanont wuhhogkuh matta wut- 
chohkefeinat wutch muttaohket, 
C H A P. II. 

NEcmatog, ahtauoohteogk, wunnamp- 
tamunat ut fphfumoe nul-Lorduoiun 
Jcius Chrift, weeche ouwuttooanumonat 

2 Newucchepetutteadtut kummoeong- 
ancDut golde petehennitchabeit woilieC©mp 
wunhogWunat, kah petutteadt wonk mat- 
cheku wolketomp, mitbogkoDunat. 

:$ Kah noh kutaikauw^mpamot) noh wun- 
bogkauiiat, kah kuttinau, yeu aprhwiinnc 
ayeuonganit, kah kuctinnomwoj matcheku, 
Bineepadh, sfuh yeu ap(h agwe nutobpa- 

4 Sunnummatta neit kaalumomwo) ut 
fcuhhogkaout, kah kojfittumwaenuunneaout 
mattanatamoDongafii ? 

5 Nooticgk vronionogeg' nsematog , fun- 
Bummatta God pepena^oau inatchekuoh 
yeu ut muttaohket , wccnaucekinitcheh ut 
wannamptamooonganit, kah nompenukeg 
aflfootambonk, ne quofhomont neh worno- 
ii(ukq«t6heh > v , , 

6 Qut kutjifhonumomwoo matcneKUpIun- 
fiummatta wecnaucetutnuog kummukkco- 
feinukoooog, kah kulToowunoowoog ana- 
quohtag;wulfittumoe appuongaih > 

7 Sunnummatta Ineg blaiphemauoog : ne 
tapcnumwe wefuonk ne nalhpe wehkomit- 

teaot? ^ «, 

8 Pannuppe wlTeftg aiiootamoe naumatu- 
onk, ncyaunag wuifukwfeongaav , uonoowo- 
ttiaus kcctatteamung neyanajwomonat kuh- 
feog, kooneftmwoD. J 

9 Qut ajWHttcoanum6g,k«mmatcrjefem- 
woov kah kuppabtimitteamwcD na(hpc Rau- 

matuortk, ncyane m^tchefeaenuut. 

10 Newutctie howan mamulTc nanau^h- 
li«<3fBt iKmm«twiigi4i»y qut nequteneu Riat- 

chcrdt, noh pibquamim warrjc. ,y.^ '\ . 

11 Newntche noh anouwadt, rtnOtntirKeROft 
wonk noDwaa nufhehteahkon : kah wifln^ 
marpuffeari, qut nullif htcaan , Ken ^6^tf*- 
Darft qauniatuonk. . 

12 Nenoowagk VuhneutTck, frfyancmg 
pirti wafumutdieg nafhpc diipp^enaumatu- 

1% Newutche noh pifh mat monanetea^ 
wuUumau, nob wannc monanitteog,kah mo- 
nincteaonk ayeuuhkonittuc watenohtum 

14 Toh wuttinne wutchaitln, necmatog ; 
noDwadt howan noonamptairijSc matta wuiie- 
fek wunnamptaMdOOnk tun woh wadchauuk? 

15 OOwcmatin afuh wcetompafuin pof- 
kifit, kah afckerukokilh meetfuonk quena- 
hikqut. ^ 

16 Kahkenaau howan unnont^wnnobteae 
amaytk , kuflopulfek, kah wamepook , qut 
matta kittinnumauoog nilh qucnawahik- 
kumukilh wutche mubhog^tobhen wutchei- 

17 N-tatupewunnamptilimoonk matta d- 
nakaujfeimniiojg, nuppa>;na>, nalfiyeuraoouk* 

18 Nuxj woiketomp woh noowau , kao- 
namptam, kah nen ncotanakaufuangan i nab- 
tufleh koonamptamoonk wanne anakaufu- 
onganunnoout > kb kinabtinulh nODHamp- 
tamoonk nafhpe nutaaakaufuongafh. 

19 K(X)naiuptann paCukoD nont God, KGp- 
nefem, mattannittooog wonk wunnamptartt- 
wog, kah nunnukfiiaog. 

20 Qut wahteaufb wol tabnooche'e wol-. 
ketomp 5 wminampcamoonk wanne anakatJl- 
fuonginoog, nuppoomo). 

21 Sunnummatta Abraham koofhnn farnp- 
weogqnamirnaus wutch anakaufuoii^alh/cp- 
hauiit wunnaumonub Ifaakob ut Altarut > 

22 Kenaum uttob an wunnamptamcoonk 
weetanakaiafutog wUtanakaufuongafhj kab 
naiiipe anakauiuorigafhj wiinnamptamooofllc 

2 J Kah T.^ii(fukwhonk mo pakodch^ n ni- 
yeupj ne antjowomooukup, a Abraham wun- a Gen» 
namptauoh Goduh 5 kah unogkctamauun 15.^. 
wunnornwauiTeongaaits kah uirowefu, wee- Rom. 
tompuhGod. 4'3» 

24 Ncit kenaumwcD woiketomp famp- Gal, 3* 
wtogquanumau nafhpe anakaufuongail^, kah 6. 
matta webe nallipe wunnamptamoonk. 

25 Neyane wonk > funnummatta Rahab 
nanwunoDdiquaiuacn fampweogquanumaa 
nailipeanakaufuoijgaih, attumunont anrioo- 
nae'nuh, kah audtafhont panneonneat t ., 

26 Newutche neyaric muhhpg naii^auotig- 
anunoDg nup, neyane wonk \yurinampta/n'co- 
oiik wanne anakaufuonganiinaDg nuppo6m«o. 

CHAP. Ill, 

NEematog , mconahettJetitQl feulTpn- 
timomoQoog, w^teatipgj pifi\ nu^at* 
[ tumunumumun miihc auv^ahkompariaonkv 

2 Newqtcheut monatutwamc nummac- 
chefemuiii howan matta matchefek kutca>- 
vronganiC) noh pannupolhketomp, kah ta- 
penurHODmoo wonk wunnaiiauaonat ma- 
fnulTe ifiuhhogkuh. 

5 Kuifeh , nupponumauomun bridJeafh 
horfefog vvuttcx^nojwout:, onk woh kenoof- 
ivehtimk-qunndnog, kah nakquiunupinomun 
niamufTu wiihhogKuh. 

4 Kufl'eh wonk kiilitconogquafl^- , utti- 
yeuflitokonogque mogki, kati vvunneepan- 
uhtamunalh nienuhke waban , qut nathpc 
quinnuppeog ahche peafik helin,uttoh auan- ; 
tog piahqut turn wenin. I 

5 Netatuppe men an peafin pompuhchafu- 
onk 5 kah waeenotum magugilh : Uuft'eh, 
uttiyeufli monakifla wiutuhqunaih naotae- 
i»es wutchikohi'umunalh. ^ j 

6 fCah meenan nfjQtau, mattaanukifh mat- ; 
cheleongafli: meenan weetohreau pompoh- I 
chaiyeuut, ne waj nlllikheadt wamc mamuf- i 
fu muhhogkuh, kah Siikkohfumnunracetue ; 
tohtupequanumukj kah chikohtcau vrutch 
chepiohkomukqut. j 

7 Newutche nifhnoh wuttinnuffin piip- 
pinadiim, kah pfukfefuk, kah nikookog, kah 
nill-ikehtahhanit ohtagilhnanaiiteaufu, kah 
mahche nanafiteaufupnalhpcwoiUetomp. j 

8 Qut menan matta woh how^n wunna- j 
fiauwelitcaouun^matta nananumwemachuk, 
iiumwohteau nuppooc uhnkquoflikect. j 

9 Ne nafhpe wananumogkuc God noh - 
WutcDfliimau, kah nc nalhpc nummatche- 
numun woiketompaog, neg ayeuutdicg ne- I 
^anmfitGod. | 

loWutchnenanmuttoonutwunnanittea- j 
onk, kah raatcheycuonk wutch fohham^x)- I 
moj : necmatogj yeulh matta won nanoalh. « 

1 1 Sun tohkekomuut ut maoikeraoj nc nan 
weekog kah weefogok I 

12 Neematog fuawoh ngfuhtug tannegen 
Olivefa&^afuh^ wcenomuifippogqut figfaih > 
netatuppe wahnc tohkckom moDikemuncx? 
naneefwc ftippog kah nunrtippog. 

I % Howan waontog,kah woman womunau- 
fu na.(bpe wp!iwohtam6oiik kenugkc kenaau| 
nahticteaj wUtanakAui'uoHgall^ , ut wunne- 
fjomufiiaonganit, nalhpc manunne waantam^ 

14 Qut wefefogkeiilikauamttcbg, kah pc- 
ouanittcog ut kuttahhouwoutj ahquc waec- 
iaowagk, kah ahquc ayeiiuhkonc panncowoh- 
tocx)k wunnamuhkutcyeudouk. 

15 Yeu waaritamooonk matta wuf ch ncD- 


paiTumau, numwohtcau roonaneteaongaflij 
kah wunne mcechumaih, wannc penuinittco- 
munnoo^ wannc eiantukkmuajg. 

18 Kah ummcecfeummuonk fampwcu(fc» 
onk, wunohteae ohtcakaufusfli, nalhpc nag 
ayigeg wunohtcaonk. 

CHAP. nil. 

UTtoh wfimouuk ayeutcaongafii, kth 
mekonittuongall^ kenugkc iieuaau f 
lurmum matta eumoDunoalh kuramatchekod- 
taniamooonganoDout , ayeuhteomukilh ut 

2 Kummatchc kodtantamwoo, kah mat- 

' ta kutahraorawtUj kcnuflucamwcD kah kuk- 

kodtantamumwoo ahtauunatjkah matta woh 

kutattumunumoomwoD, kutaycuwchtcam* 

woo 5 kiih kummekontcam wcx> , qut matta 

I kurahtauomwoo, newutche matta koowch- 

; quetumomwot). 

I' 3 KaJwehquetumumW(D^kahmattakut- 
^ attumunumomwoi 3 newutche kuppanne 
; wehquetumumwoD;>onk woh kummahtulfim- 
WO), ut kurhatfliekodtantamauonganoDWour. 
j 4 Kenaau mamuiruaenueg^kah manifliqua- 
uffeaenuogj fun mat kvjuwadicauomwu), 00- 
wcetompoayeog muttaohkc, yeu wuijiihon- 
taraoonk God t newutcl^ie <x>weetompait 
j muttaohke, wutayeuhkonukquohGod. 
I 5 Sun kuttenantamwco wuiiukwhonktah- 
nooSie noDwau nafhauonknoh apehtunkqucf- 
I og5 maichekodtantam jiftanitiuouk > 
6 Qut nanomoorhc magou kittcimonrca* 
nittuonk^ newutche nc»w^u, <j pittuanum- aVrof^ 
I oonk ayeuuhkonau God, qut aninnumaUa'u^.^ji, 
{ kitteamontcanittuonk honhohpanutcheh. i p^t, 
1 7 Newutche agwappehtok God, ayeuhkos j.y, 
I mattaiinU;, kah kutamalhog. 
^ 8 Paiiwfukok God, & kuppafcofukunkou 
pahkeeteaucuk kenutchcganuoalh .kenaau 
matchefea^nuog, kah pahketeauook kuttah- 
hoooath kenaau nebneefanatamogjfh. 

9 Onkc^punagk kah ncuanatamcx^k kih 
mauouK, kutahanooonk quinuppcmcoitch en 
mauonganit .kah koowekontaraooonkacn tuh- 

10 Hobpagk anaquabit Lord^kahnoh piih 

11 Ahquc matchenittcgk, ncrmatog noh 
watchenont wcismatuh , kah wafumont wc- 
matuh, matchctam naurr;atuonk,kah wuifit* 
turn naumatuonk ken matta kcnoofwehtauoh 
naumatuortk, qut koofum. 

1 2 Noh pafuk aycuont naumatuoiigubjnob 
. , . . . . ho- 

tapciiuk wadchanubn kih paguanonat : 

kemunou^ waabcj qut Ohkiee, weyaufucenuco w*ii ken wafumadt onkatunk? 
''fliattannittoeYeuoD. j i a Nehah yeu Veu, kenaau ancDwgogifli j 

". 16 NewutSie, uttob adt ifhkauanittimuk ■ yeukcfukok, afuh faup, pifli kutomua ne 
* ICah p«iuanittimuk> na wogkoue'onk, kah neotanat,kdh nah piih nutapinnean pafuk 
^^. mlhnoh matcheuffeonk. kodtumoojkah nutattoomun, kah numma* 

17 Qut newaantam6onk wutch waabe,nc- . gumun, kah nutaneuhhomonteamUn. 
ponnc, pohkoi, neit wunohtcaonganeucD, 14 Qut niatta koowahtaemwoo toh piffi bPron 
Hwi^uwuffuonganttJap, kah jiikkume nnwom- auaag uup J» newutche tcaguc kuppoman- ay.a; 

tim&onk > webe nilhkenon, nc ogguhfe nog- ' nag neemUnoDk wutch uhihuwaonk chcqun- 

Yioh) Kah ncit mahctheait 

15 Qutwoh kUiiimwoo, unnantog Lord , 
piih uppomanuaiuuiun, fcah pilh numircnan 

1 6 Qut ycuycu, koowekontamumwoo koo- 
waweenoong^iiooout, Wi»mc ne wcckuntam- 
•onk match it. 

17 Newutchc, noh wahteunk wuncfenat, 
kahmacu UilcU,noiiinatchcUi« 

C H A P. V. 

EHahp kcnaau wenacckeogifli mauook*, & 
inUhonta>ahputu"ek,iicwutchc kutoaKa- 
puuiiaungino) nc pnln notikekuuK.queog. ■ 

2 KtuwecnaicetcungaiKu anit, Katt kut- 
hogkooariganooa/h pabof.kunaaog mahchuuii- 

3 KuKguidum kali kullilvcrum ogquonk- 

Itoowauwounukquneau, kah piiii meech ke- : 
yausooatuh noocau, kenumunkquodtomwoo 
ijompakouunain Wuiche m^jiih keCukodtaih 

4 Kulien wutunkquatunkanoo anakau/jc- 
cheg, neg mahche kcpunukeg kutohteaitun- 
aih^nc aivjukckodteamoe aifaeihtamagjmau- 
Kiau> kah ummauongaih niih kepeimmhet- 
tichch, petutceamouaih wehtauogkut Sab- 

5 Kuttapeneamoe kuppomantamiimwa;, 
kah kenanvvunoodfquaumwao 3 koonogqueh- 
teorowo) kuttahhoodaih, onatuh Ibhk^ad- 
tue kelukuc. 

6 Koorumomwop kah kenufhomwop (amp- 
ITcuiTcafin, kahmatta kucayeu<ihk6imka). 

7 Newutche manunnaiegk neematog , n6 
pa; eh peyonat Lord : kuffeh, anakaufuaenin 
pahto miihdadtue ummeechumrauonk ohke 
kah wuflepe pahtauun , nd pa; eh wutattum- 
ununiunat negonneyeuuk kah nahoht6eyeu- 

8: Kcnaau wonk manuneiyek , menehke- 
tcauocjk kuttahhoo6ai3i , uewutHie uppeya- 
oak Lord) paroocheyeuoo. 

9 Afaqiic neehneehtatteg heerracog, iflv- 
kont koofumitteamwcp, kufTeh , wuilittum 
waen ncepau anaquohtag fqaoant., 

10 Neematog, manittowompaog, negko- 
aoonukqucagig tit oowefuonganit Lord , 

chumunat onkapmiaonk, uali manunniitia- 

11 Ku(leh>nutogquTnum6unn6nog wani- 
yimuk neg chequnehtogig, kctiootamun:iwao 
ummanunayeuonk Job , kah kenaumwdci 
cx>wohkukquoaycam Lord, Lord moochekc 
kittcamoateaiiitteau, kah naoki ummonanit- 

12 Qut nahniunnu wame, neematog, ah- 
qucchadchckcycuagk, matta naflipe Kcluk j 
aiuh matta nalhpc ohkCjafuh ne teaguc onk- 
atuk chadchekcycuwaonk,; qut kcnuxum- 
wounuxcucTuuLch, kah kuaiitiattuhhumwoo 
mattuhhjuutch, ilhkont kuppcnttfl:iamnw«ai 

1 15 Howan kcnagfec kenaau onkapunadtf 
peanta;, howan wekuncog ? ketodhhamaong- 
alh anoohamonch. ^ 1 

14 Howan kenugke kenaau mahchmat^ 
wehkumonch raocuwehkombngane ElderCoh ^ 
kah nag peant^mwonlhahcttichj rufTequni- 
heitich pummee, ut oowefuonganit Lord. 
15 Kah wunnamptannoe peantamoonk piffe 
wadchanau matchinanutchehjkahLord pifli 
wutornohkinuh, matchefeongafh ulTeis, ^m 

16 Sampwuttegk kummatchenehettuon- 
oanoDQoafhj kah peantamwanfhittegk , onk 
woh keneetikehetteamwo) , ummenuhkana-* 
kauCue kuifopiteae peantamoonk Tampweur* 
feaen,mifhompciumukqiut. _ ' 

17 Elias agvvapchcomup noochumwsu- 
onwaib neyahe kenawun, k;ih mcnuhke peati- 
tam,wanneWoh fokenonDUt , ka'w matta 
fokatianiinnoo nithwc kodtmnwae , kah ne- 
qutta tahfuog nepauzfaog. 

l^ Kah wonk peantam, kah kelukqualft 
fcJkanontearnooafh, kah ohke meechummuoo. 

19 Neematog} howan kenaau pannooWoh- 
tam vvunnamuhkuteyeuoouk , kah howaa 

quinnuppinont. . 

20 Wahteauitcli,nob quanuppinont raat- 

chefeaenuh, wutch woonkiyeuut ummay , 
pHh pc^hquohwhunauketeahogk&unuh wuim , 
nuppunat, kah pilh ahtahto mattaanukiOa 

Negonne nanwc wiit-Epiftleam T JETER^: 


PEter uppoftleumoh Jefus Chrift, en pe- 
nuwohtcaut ,, feaelycuog pannuppe 
Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Afia kah 

2 Pepcnacheg, neyaunag wunntgoiine- 

wahteauonkGodwwtooUiin, nafiipe o0nce- 

. tupanatarnwihuwaonkiiaQiauanitj^cn nooC- 

WckUir4JfliLt , Uah fcauhkouato^£qheottic 

Jefus Chrift , kitteamonteamttuonk , 4u& 
wunohteaonknia>nomjL>atch ut kUhhogk2«> 

out. , . , , . 

a Wuhnanumunach i!iimanit.coDmoa,kat? 
QDftoh nul^Lordumuri jefus Chriil: , nob ne- 
yaunsp monak utnmonaneteaonk, wonk koD-^" 
naumomimukqunyeis pamantam%'/2e annoo- 
fuonk, nsOipe wutomohkeonk JelusChnft 

f^iqHtckmHk^k^^nmffdmdnk^ LPtter. m^o^idtik^ ot^fqkctTk^ Chriji 

4 En matta ^anittina'gahtoonk, kah mat 
Haaifhkcoeunkq.uQdtinna)gjkah nenaat maht- 
ihanoog, towadchanumonte&naa ut kefuk- 

5 Ncnawunwadchariitteaglfh nallipe urn- 
men uhkefuonk God, naihpc wunnamptanio- 
oiikj en wadchanittiioiiganit^ nanalliwoh- 
tesu wofhy/unnumiinat, ut maucnachilh ut- 

6 Uttoh adt mifte weekontamogj toko- 
uogque yeiiyca opguhiefe. (quenahikqiicog) 
keiieuinatamuneiu naffipe moucheke tahlliit 

7 Onk ukqutchehteoonk koonamptamoo- 
onk5ne mooche anucrwunnegik onk ne maht- 
ihaegoide qutchehteconk,tok6nogquequ£- 
chehteoniuk nalhpe ncotean^ wah nameh- 
t^^auun en tabuttantamooonganit, kah qut- 
tianumaonganit, luh fohftimoonganit, Jefus 
Chriil: nogquffrr. 

8 NobjmattanauScg, koDwom6nau> noh 
adtj tok6nogqae yeuyeu mat kenauSneau^ 
qut waiumptauog , kooweckontamuanvo) 
nampe wckontaradonk nooneunkquQk mif- 
fohhamunat;, kah nomwohtag fohfunioonk. 

9 Attumunumognewaiehwunnimptara- 
ogj ne, wadchanaonk iiuk&eteahogkonno)- 

tumwaeniiog wunnatoutomuhkonaoh , . Uah 
aliiimcnuhk6dtinneahharrunioh,neg quoHie 
ymjlGhhamwehetteup papaume iiitteamon- 
tcanittuonk, ne woh pauhonukqueog. 
r^u ^^^."^^^^""eabamwehettit, teaguc , 
2tuh toll ahquompak, wunnafliauaiiittcoraoh 
C^,riitneh apehtunkqbetticheh, nauwuttam- 
GomoDp^ negonne wutchequneli- 
tamoDongalh Chrift , kih £ohfumooonk a- 

12 N nag wahteauwahjt, mattaenwuh- 
liQgkaout,qutenkuhhogkan6neau.nish wolli- 
wunutnunkqueogkupaai, nish yeuyeu maf- 
^aaiontea6giih, naihpe nag kohkootomunk- 
qiieogigwunaunchemookaoiik, nafiipe wun- 
meetupsnataraweNafliauanit noh anoononuk- 
^R wutch kerukqutjnish Angelfog kodkuk- 

iZ Newutche pHttukquoppunok kutte- 
siantamwc wufregkonohtogka)0oaft3 manun- 
'^ n\ *"« annoontamoDk ^idt wohkuk- 
quofliik, wutche kitteamoHteanittuonk nc 
paudtaJiteaOg5C!i)wofliweenat Jelus Chrift. 
_ ^4 Onatuh noofwehtume mukkiog, ahque 
©gqueheuk kubhogkaoog neyaunak negonac 
kummatcnekodtantamooonganooj ne att3Dkc- 

2 5 Out neyane noh wehkomukqueoff 

wunneetupanatamiveycucD, netatupe wui? 

« Lev. nectup&natamwtyeuoak, nish noh ut ianni- 

ir.44, yeuongmic. u ut aunx 

|»9.r. ^ i6 Newutche wudnkwhofti, ^ wunnee- 
« 2Q,7, tupanatamweycuaik, n«wutclie nggnesUiP*- 

17 Ka.i wehkomog wutoofnimau^noh mat- 
ta penuanumunk, wulHttum ncyaunag nisb 
noh wolkctomp wiitanakaufuonk, maht- 
fbadtaucDk kutahqaomplyeumo) yeu adt 
axneapeog, ut wabeiucngaiut. 

18 Newutch^ kcowahteomwoo , matta 
kumanouhitteamwoo nafhpe nish wohanuk- 
ilh, neilUer kah gold, wutth tahnooclle 
kuttinniyeuonganoDWout, nc anumonteaog- 
kupwutch koolhoDog. 

19 Qut naihpe maflioadtik ccfqheonk 
Ghrilt, netaiup lambe matta wufliefegk, kzh 
marta ^nahkefegk. 

_2o Noh wunnamuhkut negonne kehtimop 
aiquam quenahtfiiinoog muttaok, qut ma- 
- maumachifbeuoDkup Squompiyeuafn koo- 

2r Kenaait nafhpe nagum kconamptauom^ 
^(^Godytioh omobkinont \yutch nuppunat^ 
kah iohOimoowaheonr, onk Woh koonamp- 
tamooonganoo, kah kutannoofuonganoo ut 

•' V ^^^^^^^ malche pabkheog kukke- 
teahogkbnoowoogj n-jofwehtamof wunna- 

; muhkuteyeuoDuk . naflnpe Naihau^nit, mat 
etantukeie womononat oowemattinneunk : 
Ku.lopitae wommiitteg na/hpe pahketealia- 

' 2^ Wonk neekeog mat wtitBi shbunneuk 
wuikanncm, qut wutch mat aannitnog naiii- 
pe wuttinowaonk God, nc pamontamcxjmQO- 
uk^ kah michemohtag. 

I 24 Newutche wame weyans mofkebtucb, 
kah wame wuirotifumoonk wolketompona- 
tuh molkehtue pelhau, molket uhpooteau> 
kah uppeihau amohfJieau. 

I 25 Out wuttinnowaonk Lord miehemoh- 
teau, kah yeu ne wuttinnowaonk, nen^tbpr 

! wuiiaunchemiukannkkohkootomonteao?. 

NC H A P. II. 
E wutche, amatinumog wame ifl^k^u- ' 
anittuonk, kah wame afookekodteam- 
cx)onk, kah clantukeiyeuonga/h, kah fekc- 
ncaittuongaft, kah matcheyeuongafli. 

a Onatiih mifJiketuog kodtantaraoak pahke 
logKodtungane wuttinnowaonk, onk wobi' 

i Z Qutchehtamog Lord kitteamontcaille- 

4 Noh adtogque peyl6g, pomantamwae 
. quliiikquanit (ne matchenamwehcttit wun- 

Go^kah miThd^dtu?^'*'^^''^'^'^ iippepenamtm 

5 pnaau wonk onatuh pomantamwac 
quflukqunnit, kpwekikonitteamwo) naaiau- a Ifar. 
anittoDukkomuk , wunnetupanatamwe fcp- 28. 16. 
hauiueneuoocnk, fephaufinat nafhauanittooe Pf.ii^ 
rephauruongafli,nishtapeneogki/hGod,naav 22. 
pcIefusChrift. ^attfr. 

6 Newutche yeu ohteau ut wufTukwbong- 24. 42* 
anit, .« kufleh nupponum ut Sion kehche Aas4a 

fpejAufe k^dtant^moooHgd^i Cliap.J, mlnrmpj^^ffijfe )Mmncfcon£a(h 

kah noh wuudmchtauont, matta pi»h pagua- 


7 Kcwiitche noh nifhftadtu «t luihhog- 

kaoutj noa wan*mpi.og, que ut \\\g mat 

liOutwetarauagig, quliuK nc wekitteacnwog 

rnachenamotieitit, iie narmppuhkukkuDmoo 

adt nalbik. 
h Ifa. ^ ^ ^^^ togkainttalTunnoc quiTuk , ttab 
8.14.* wuttamhuw^e quifuk tn nag [ogkuaittafuk- 

eg wutLinnojwaonkj mat nooiwcctamcDgig, 

He adt wonk uchtin^omukup. 

9 qut iicnaau pepenamwc pomctconk , 
kctalloutamoc icphaurii-enuonk,wunnetup- 
anatamwe wutoiitimoin^ manoohwhac mil- 
iinniniiuog, onk woh kouwahteaf wahuwom- 
woua wauilummaongalh noh wehkomukque- 
6g, wutch pohkcnahtu,en ummonclianatam- 
wc wcquaiycuniur. , 

10 Kcnaau ncgonaieu, matta Icummiliin- 
ninnuoL>mwuL>5 qutyeuyeu ummiiiinninneu- 

•Hof. tnohGod, c matta kutattumunumoauHaop 
a.2 2.' tPoiancteaon?, qutyeuyeu kutattumunum- 
Wicau Fnonanetcaonk. 
.II Moichekc womonogeg , koowehque- 
tUmauunumwoD, neyane penoowohteaog kah 
pamuihaenuog, amohkomoug wcyaufe kod- 
tantamuaongalh, nilk ayeuhkononcheg Uc- 

12 Kuttinnij^euonganoo wunauwobtcagk 

kcnugke gcntiliut ^ onk uttoh adt nag mat- 

chenukqueog, neyane matchefcchcg, nafhpe 

koonanakaufuonganoocoalh nish piih na«mo- 

hettidieh, wob fohfumoaonaog God^ ne kc- 

lakok nadtauihettimuk. 

15 Agwapehtamok nifhnoh wolketompae 

- kahkoowaonk wutche Lord : uttoh anne 

ketaifoot, noh negonne milfugkeiiuk. 

• 14 Afuh nananuwacnuog, neyane nagjnek 

tRoononOieh wuffaramatahwhenat matdie- 

feHutc!ieh,kah waecnomonat ncg wanefe^heg 

15 Ncwutchc nc wuttenantamouonk God 
onk nadipe wunnefeonk, wch kutcheplliad- 
tomwoo wutafootuonganoo mattammagquaf- 

16 Onatuh chapuninneimuk, qut ahque 
•uwohtcagk kutchippininnuongano) neyane 
onkwhonkane ifhkouanittuonk, qut onatuh 
Wttttinninncumut God. 

17 Quttianumok wamc wofketompaog ; 
w6mona>k ooweemattianeunk,quiboDk God, 
quttianumok ketaflbat. 

18 Wuttinncumunneunk , agwapehtok 
kuffbntimomoooogjnafhpe wamc wabcfuonk, 
matta webe wunneu aiuh raanunneu , qut 
wonk chenauaufu. 

19 Newutche ycu tumuhhoowomcD ta- 
buttantuonk, woiketomp chcqunehtog unk- 
quanumeonk, wutch mctahbanit nogque en 
God, Wutche tahn-BChewolkhukqucagig. 

20 Newutche teague fohflimoonkj tat- 
tigkomitt^a6g> wutch kummatchefcongan- 
l&jih, mftUHnnc chcqunchtamog ? qut wun- 

ncfcog kali ne waj wolliliukquea|*we5 , ncit 
I manunnc chcqunchtamog , nc wuLtapenea- 

mun God. 
' 21 Ncwutchc ycu waj wecbkomitteaog, 
I newutche Chrifl: wonk chcqunehtamwaa- 
' fliikqun, keniakkodtumunkqun ufbuwaonk , 

onk woh kutaiukomumwco wutantuor'gaO]. 
22 Noh matta matchcfeepjafuh mat mat- 

cheyeuonk namchteauua ut wuttODnut. 
2 5 Noh kehkami t5matta wonk kckomuatr, 

nc woikhcahettit, mat quogwohtodou, que 
. ahtuhlhau wuhhog neh TampWc wuflittum- 
' unutchch. 
) 24 Nagum nehenwonchc^ naycuwuttam 

kummatchefconganunonafli utn»hcnwon9tc 

wuhhogkat , ut mehtugqut^ onk napaoog 

nogque en matchefeonganit , woh kuppo- 
i raantamumunut fampweuflconganit nalhpc 

wuttattagkomaongafh kencctiUchittcamwo, 
j 2$ Newutche netatnppe kenaauwanhit- 
I cheg Ihepfog , qut yeuyeu kukquihkemwoci 
j en nananont flicpfoh , nanauworapomont 
i kukkcteahogk&unoo. 

NEtatupe kcnaau wonk ummittiimwuP- 
iinneunkjagwappchtok;, nehenwoFi^he 
; kat'uka)cog onk howan matra noofwehtauobg 
I wuttinnowaonk, nag woh wonk matta ah- 
; tauohetteg wuttinnowaonk , oocltininabg 
f rail^pe wuttinniycuonganoo ummittumwui^ 

2 Namohettit kukkohkonantamoc unri!- 
ycuoBganoDj nalhpc wabefuonk. 

:; Ncg Gonoowhofuonganoo , abque ne? 
wofkeche wunnoowhofuonk, wunnehteaiiuH- 
at mecfunk ogqunnum6n*t gold, ogqunneat 

4 Qut wunncDwhofitch wuttmnomunneu- 
iftohwuttah, nalhpe nc matta aanittiaODg , 
manuniyc, \«h wunohteae naihauonk> ne a-. 
naquabitGodadt milhoadiik. 
5 N ewutche ycu neyane n5adttt5wunnetuj>- 
atiatamwe mittamwofliffogjneg wonk pabun- 
tanumonchegGoduh, v/annouwhofuog, ag- 
wapehtauabcttit nehenwonche wclTukooub, 

6 Neyane Sarah noofwehtauop Abraham- 
oh, ahunontnudontimom, kenaau wuttaun- 
oh nufohke wunnefeog;, kah matta wabefeiSg 
afuh chep£haua)dg. 

7 Netatuppc kenaau wefTukrinneunk nag 
weetomijok ncyaunag wohwohtam6onk5qiit- 
tianumajk ummitramwuilin, neyane anue 
noochumwi wllhkq,kah neyane necfvve nom- 
panukeg kitteamonteanittuc pomantamo-' 
onk, kuppeantatn juOHganoooaHi matta wbb: 

8 MaumaEliithwaine paCukqunanitarRirjIc;, 
kitteamonte'an^ttei'k , wecmattowomoaic- 
tegk, nohtonteanirtegk, womonittegk. ^ ... 

9" Ahque aankquat6adtegk wutch machuk 
machiik, afuh wutch kekontuonk kekonta-^ 
o^k^ qut pgnne, wannanittuonk, wahteaud* 
Sf 2 Ra 


Ghequnehtdmo&J^ wst^ehnv^donh^ I Peter. 

nakuttitwehkomitteciiieau 3 w©h kutahtau- 
iinaout wunnanittuc^ik. 

lo Newutche noh womontog uppoman- 

tSoQnk,& kod nag wufie keiukodtafii^nsnau- 

^ wehteauitch weenan wutch matchitut, kah 

.*Pra]. a wuiiiffittGonai]], matta afcxjkekomwe nau- 

34*i3» womuiKDiit. 

ir Chippehta; machuk^kah wunnefeitch; 
naEmnehaj wunohteaonk kahafuhkaj. 
• 12 Newutche wurkefukquafii Lord nana 
wompamau fampwefenuc^helb kah wuttau- 
ogalb wob/lnvemdaih utiiag peant:amn>ong- 
anoouf.qutwulkef Ilk Lord nuhkuhkauau neh 

.13 Kah howan noh woh wolUhikqueog , 

Kenaau aiuhkomog Kc wanegik? 

1 ^r « '4 Qutchequnehtamegwutche wunnom- 

b ira.8 wauileonk, kooniimvvfiu^ kah ahquei? wabe- 

12^1 5. iaontamook ne woh wabefuwahikqueog^afuh 

ahque wuttam^natnmook. 

^5 Qnt wunnestupanumDok Lord at kut- 
tahhoooutj kah nagwutteae quofhapek ke- 
Kampaohamauonaout nilh noh woaietomp , 
natojianaunkqueog Uh anomaagk ne anno6- 
luonkne apehtunkoocg naflipe raanunniOu- 
onkkah quttiannmrauaonk. 
K ^^^^ nietahhannittCDmegkjOnk mamat- 
cnenukqueog onatuh rnatchefeog y nag woh 
akodchuog pannoov/ae ufTpunanukqueogig 
kooniyeuongano) utChriilut. 

17 Newutchenean wunncguk unnantog 
Gpdj iiutchequnehtamunaout wutch wane- 
gig, onk wutch ne machuk. 

18 Newutche Chrift wonk pafukqut che- 
qunebtamup wutch matchefeongafh;, famp- 
weuireaen wutch panneuffeaen^^onk woh kup- 
pafTOqunnanonutGodtit, nuihonatut we- 
yaurut;,qut pomantarawaheau na/hpe nalh- 

19 Nenalhpe wonk monchup kah kuh- 
kootoniwehteop kuppi/ijdgkinae nalhauanic- 

.20 Neg mcDmanfh mat noofwehtamcogig, 
paCukqiat kpechequneht g, pahtuflu utuk- 
kefukodtumalh Noah^kah quagwslhwehtam- 
wk ne adt ogguhfcjDwog nag ihwofuk tahfucg 
^et^ahogkounog wadciianoog wutch nup- 

21 Ne agqueneunkquok kukkinneafuonk 
*utche;Ium6onkj> woak yeuyeu koowadcha- 
>^ukqunan(matta amaunumoounac weyaufue 
niihkeneuiikqu.Tuonk, q«t wunnampoohamd- 
onkvviinne metahhanit nogque en Godut) 
Kaihpe wntomohkeonk jefus Chrirt:. 

^ 22 Noh aont keiukqurjkah appu wurtin- 
ohk^unitGod^ingeliolij k.h nananuaongafh, 
kah raenubkeiuon^alh r.gwappehtarawahit. 

C H A P. IV. 
"^TEwutrhe ne't neyane Chrif> awakom- 
1^ panan/hikqu^og in wcysufut, kefau- 
vvainunok wonkKuhhogkaoog, lulhpe necan 
iJnnanat5ri:aonk_^ newucciienoh Wudurash- 

mhk.^k3uoflji^ niuitsok^ 

punadt ut weyaufutj ahqueteau matdiefe- 


2 Onk matta wohpom^ntamounatjne paom* 

a>m»ug uppomancamooonganit ut weyaufut 

en ummatchekodcantamcDonganGDout wol^ 

ketompaogj qut en wuttenantamooonganit 


3 Newutche, ahquompi ne mahche pa* 
mantamogj wdmach nutulfenanonut wutte- 
nantan^Goonganoo gentiirog,pamulMognaii- 
wunoodfquaongunit 5 maichekodtantatncD- 
onganehtu,wulfaumiippamwinneat wine po- 
anatanKX>onganit, miihadtuppooongafli, kah 
6hquanu.mwe nwineukojituakaiie peantamd- 
: onk. 

I 4 NifhadtuppenaawontamuiineaUjmatta 
I nag kauweechepahtornonaout nenan wuilau* 
\ me pdanatamxonkj machenukqueog. 
' 5 Nag pi(h wunnompaguuumauaog nah- 
tean-uk wafittumunutche pomantamunutche 
kah napunu telle. 

6 Newutdl^ yea wa> wunaunchemcoka^ 
onk kuhkootomaaut nag wonk napukeg,onk 
woh wulLumooa, ney anuflehettit wofketom- 
paog ut weyaulut, qut woh pomantamwog, 
neyanuiiit God ut nafhauanittcX)Ut. 

7 Qut wohkukquofi;init wame pafwoh- 
teau, newutche mauunniegk, kah aikuhwhc- 
teagk ut peantamuaat. 

8 Kah anue onk wame ku^opitteaewomo- 
' rtittegk, newutche womonittuonk pilh nuh- 
kuhkom maitaiimkiili matcheieongaih. 
'; 9 Ahquenehnehtese auwohteagk koone 
nanawunnumd^dtinneaout keeka)Woalh. 

lo Neyaneattumunukmagcoonkniflmoh. 
wofketomp;, nenan unantegk, neyane wunne 
nanauwunukeg moochekc tahfhit ukkittea- 
monteanitteaonk God. 
I II Howan ketcwhiiont, ketookl} neyane 
wuttinnoowaonk God, howan nanawunnu- 
w idt uifeitch neyaunag tapenumwaheonSie. 
nafhpc uramagooonk Godj onk woh God 
fohfumoooneau niflinohut naflipe JefusChrift 
noh t; buttantamauunaj , kah nanawunnuaj, 
raicheme kah micheme Amen. 

12 Womonogig ahque penooontamook 
papaumc nootac qutchehcttuonk ne quaj- 
hetteog , onatuh pcnosve teaguas nohkuK- 

i 1 :5 Qiit wekontamook, newutche koowee« 
ch: n^hwmiiiinumumwQo wutonkspuna- 
ongaihChriftjOnk wufTohfumoonk woihwe- 
m-Duk, kenaau wonfe >oh kooweekontam- 
jUmwco, naihpe miQie wekontamoonk 
j 14 Kehkomittcaog wutch oowefuonk 
Chrift k(Dnii,-RWoo, newutche wullbhfumde 
nalhauanittOL>moh God kutapehtunkou,wut- 
chippiyeumcD noh wutch mamatcheunnon, 
qut ut kutchippiyeumooout noh rohrumcD- 

15 Q^it ahque howan kenaau ch*]uneh- 

taj neyane nulhehtcacn> afuh neyane kom* 


roootowaen, afuh neyane matchefcaen, afuh 
neyane weogkehcuiiKigonkatogig wuttinni- 

' ,6 out howaii onkquanumwit neyane 
Chriftianut, ahque akodchiich S^t fohium 
GDononch Goduh yeu wutchc 

17 Newutche ne aquompak peyaumO) 
wuilktumoonk mos ut ditttchillui weekit 
God . kah negonne kutchifik ut kabhogka- 
noniit, uttiyeu piih oowohkukquoiyenmoo 
nag matta norwetainODgig oonaunchemooka- 

18 KahrampweufTeaenuogauwohkonche 
vanchanit,uttoh pi(h wuttit nogqulfin mat 
manitioccn, kahmstchefeaen. 

19 Newutche nag onkquanumwutcneg , 
Meyanag wuttenantamrxjonk God , nag ah- 
tHhroowahettich nanaweheonat ukketeahog- 
kfiunouh ut wvinnefeonganicjonatuh woh ah- 
twhihic paubuhtanumwe kelUauwaenin. 

G H A P. V. 

17 Lderfogneg kenugke kenaau , n^g noo- 
!y vvehquetumau66g,nen wonk nut-Klder- 
tu, kah wauwaeu ut wutchequnehtamoo- 
ongaih Chriil, kali wonk niihweeche wuttm- 
wk fohfumconk ne plQ-i woCiwunnumnk. 

2 AdamoDk uffiokumuh God, ne kenugke 
kenaau , attuaiununnook nanauwunumunat 5 
matta ackeeu , qut wekoniamwe , raatta 
watch nilhkeneungque anuhumoadtuonk , 
qut quoihoe unnantamwc . 
3 Mitta neyane kehtalToDtimounneat vvut- 
ahtoonkGod, qutuhllieukflokfog. 

4 Kah kehche nananont fiiepfoh nogqullit, 
piJliiuuattumunumumwoo fohfumoe che- 
tuhquab, ne matta mamabtQiancwg. ^ 

agwapeht6adte(?k , kah hogkoakhohpaonk 1 
newutche God ayeuuhkonau pitruanumouh 
kah aninnumauau AiittcamonteanittuonlS 

6 Newutche hobpaheuk kuhhogkaoog, Ut 
agwc mohlag wufinutcheganit God, onk 
woh kumrailhhikqunnaout wunne uttoochc- 


7 Ponamok nnob watnc KenanawAntamoo- 
OBgono newutche kenanauwanumukkou. 

8 Manunniegk, alkuhwheteagk.newutche 
kummatwomoo mattannit 5 onaruh miihon- 
toowae qunnonoujpapomwulhau natinneah- 
wau neh woh foDkiJianoncheh. 

9 Nob ayeukonok manehtekompiyeog ut 
wunnamptamooonganlt, wahteauog nifh nafi 
onkquomommuongafb kefteauunalh ut ke^ 
mattoDout, neg apitcheg rauttaohkut. _ 

10 Qut God wame monanteadtjnoh wen- 
komukqueog en micheme wu(fobfumajong- 
anitnalhpeChrlft jefus, nnahche oggubfefe 
chequnehtamog, noh pahkhikook , raeneH- 
tikompahikoDk, snenuhkikcjokj menuhkappe- 
hika;k. , , , 

11 Noh fohfumooonaj kah nanawunnua^ 
micheme kak micheme. Amen. 

12 Naflipe Sylvanus pabuhtanumwe kee-> 
koDwehquetiiirsiauunnaout kah koowauwaun- 
nunnaout, yeu wunnamuhkut ukkitteamon- nepaieyog. 

I % Moeuwehkomonk ut Babylon kcowe?- 
che pepenonteaneau, koowonkomukou, kali' 
Markusnunniumon. .,,. ' 

14 Woonkquttegk na(hpe womomttue 
chipvvuttoonapwuttuonk 5. wunnohteaonk- 

ihquab, ne matta mamabta^ana.g. "^"T:" voX n^rapitdiee ut Chria: 

5 Netatupe kenaau papeiiliircoglih , ag- jpehtunko^k wame neg ut i^nriri; 
wapehtok kehcheeiog, nux , kenaau wame Jerus ut. Amen. __________ 

Nahohtoeii nanvve wut-Epiftleiirn "FETE^. 


Simon Peter, wutdnneumoh kah uppol- 
tleumoh Jefus Chrlft, en n,5g attumun- 
ukeg netatuppe miihosdtue wunnamp- 
tamGonk weeche kenawun^ naflipe wuffamp- 
weu reonk God , kah ncuwadchanuaeneum- 
tin Jefus Chriil. 

2 K-itteamonteanittuonk kah wunnohtea- 
onk mutaanbens; .utkubhoekaout naihpe 
wahheaonk God, kah jeiusnu! Lordumun. 

a Neyanag um-Manittoa menul kcfuonk 
kittinnuaiunkqun wame nifh wadchiyeuug- 
iOi pomantamcxjonganit kah (TianittODongan- 
it, nafhpe wahbeaonk noh wehkomukqueog 
en rohfummajwongaait, kah wunnetupana- 
tamoowonganlt. ^ 

4 Uttoh naihpe aninnumnngqueog ahcne 
mfigagiih kah mafii^adtikilh quofliodtuong- 
^m, onk nadipe yeuihwoh nubkooweeche 
w«ttinttmu3\wao 5 wuttinnufTuc manittoo 

onk, mahche pohquohbog aninnowonk , ne 
obtag rruttaobket, nall^pe n^atchekodtan- 

tamoonk. , , rr> ? i ^ ^ ., 

5 Kah naiio menubkenHek, ka^tnebieau- 
^k en koonamptamcDonganaj wunneciip, na- ' 
tamooonk,kab en koDnetupanatamouoBganoj 
vvohwohtamooiik , 

6 Kah en -ka.wohwobtanna)onganGO qui- 
rohbcuwonk, kah en ivukqusba^onganooout 
msnunniffuonk, kahen manunnniajonganus 
manittooonk. • 

7 Kah en manittoonganut wetrattaewo- 
monittuonk, krb en wemattue womonittu- 
onijanit, vvoxoauRionk. 

I Newutche yeulh appebtunkqueog, Una 
monak, pilh kutayimunkqiinaoaai matta 
kumebcheeunnaeiit , aluh matta mechum- 
einatutwaheaonganit nul-Lordumun Jeiu? 

Q Q*ut nob yeunr quenauwebikqut , noh 

/■>-••■■ - ^ $ i z ■ posksn-i 

pogken«m,kahmatUn6»dtit njuma),kah yane pift pannoowae kohkootomwehteaeimoe 

■wannantam noh mo pahkhcau wutch wun 
fiukkonnc matchefconganehtu. 

I o Ncwutche nccmatog ayn woh mcnuhke 
ttffck kuppahkocjwahteauuaadut kcx)weh- 
komitteaongancDj iiah kuppcpenonteaong- 
anooj newLiiche yeiUli uiieyog matta puh 

II Ncwutche yea wutch mifte pctuttea- 
onkpilh kittinnumontcaneau en machemoh- 
tag wutafibotamoonk nul-Lordumun , kah 
ncowadchanuwaencumun Jefus Chrift. 

, I sNewutchc raatta fafeganamwc nagwut- 
teae kumequontamwahunnomwoD ycuihoh, 
tohkonogquc kouwahteauunneau, kah knm- 
menuhkehitteamwoQ ut yeuyeu wunnarauh- 

1% Nux, fiuttcnantam tapeneunkquot 
nulohkeappce yeu pumniuwuttauvvaekom- 
mukqpt, KGuwagkauununnaGut naihpekutn- 

14 Wahteauon, nemos teanuk nutamaii- 
A Tohr ""'""" ycunuppummuwattauwaekommuk, 
SI in P^y^"^ ^ nuI-Lordumua jefus Chrill: ivuh- 

•*^* koutomiycup. 

15 Nano 5 nummenuhkefcn woh l^utape- 
numunnaout, mahche nuppon , yeufh nag- 

16 Newutche matta nutafukomdmun a- 
fqpkekodteamoe nanwonchemowongarii 3 
wahteauwahunog ummenuhkeruonk kah Xx^- 
peyaonk nul-Lordumun jefus Chriftjqut nc- 
iiawun mufiikefukque noowauomun ukkeic- 

17 Newutche wutattumunumun vvutch 
Godut wutooaiineatquttianktuonk kah foh- 
lumoonk, nc wadtauatonkquduonk paiihon- 
ukqutwutch wanegik fohfumoonk, yeuoh 
womonog nunnaumonnoh wafekitteahit. 

18 Kah yeu wuttauwohtonkquffuoqk wo- 
HipQuk kefukqutj-nunnootamunnanuh , wee- 


ri^7w^nrn^Z.\ ' ■ ' V « ^ ^'^i u wanceoD uttoH Won an pofiquoh^ 

cnayeumogkut uc wunnecupanatamwe wad- \ whunontmanittcoutchegwutchqutchebua- 

kcnugkc kenaau , neg pilli alampamukque 
paudcunkigawakompanuhtcaumoogifh hcrc- 
liesjnegkohkonajwacheg Lorduh tuphukq- 
hettid)eh,kah iiuhkuhkomwaheaog wuhhog- 
kaouh, kenuppc paguanuonk. 

2 Kah monaog pilh afobkomwog cowoj"k.- 
miwae ummayeuoadij newutche nag wim- 
namuhkuce'ycuemat pilh mamatclie ettam- 
wog. *' * 

.3 f^^^ wutcji iahchewontamoonk, naflipe 
eiantukic kuctoowongaft, nagayimog koD^ 
cniyeuonukooonejanoo V nag wutfummaonga* 
noo yeuyeu matta roanunumonmna), kah 
wutawakompanooonganoD matta kogketie- 

4 Newutche God matta wohquatniraunk 
Angeliog matchefenutchch, qut wuttinuh- 
konuh criepiohkomukqut, kah nab upponulir 
"^ P^hkenae kiibpiffewonganehtu , wob 
^"^^^*^3n6og uo pajeh wuilittumosongauu- 

5 Kah matta wohquoantamoo nukkAne- 
miittaoK, qut vvandianau Noahhoh fiiwofufc 
adtahfiiuit, kuhkootomwehteaen fampwe* 
u(leonk5paudtunktommogkon ut matchc- 

6 Kah quanuppinunkotanaOi Sodom kafe 
Gomorraen pukqueut noh wutonkapunna- 
nuh nafhpe kepuhkonittaonk : nah ayimau. 
ont uh/Lertuonk en yeug uahohtdeu pifk 
matdiclcae pomontogig, 

7 Kahpohquoh whunau fampweuiTeaeLor* 
na noh moohmoDfqhikup nalhpc niihk:ene- 
unkque wuttinniycuongane niatcriefecheg- ' 

8 ( NewutdiC noh fampwet^ifeaen nob 
weetomont^nag kah noatcg^mwhrnouf^hfort 
lampweuffeae ukketeahogkounoh afekcfuki 
okiih nafnpe uppanne naumaituwac uifeon- 

9 Lord wahteoh uttoh woh an pohquoh- 


19 Nutahtomun wonkanue pohkontamwe 
quo/ljac miaohhamoe wuttinnowaonk, neadt 
koonefernwco nunriukqufTeog, neyane wc- 
quananteg wohfumoomoouk pohkenai aycu- 
onganit no pajeh utchuwompanit,kah milh- 
anogqus uppafpiflionat ut kuttahhooout. 

20 l^u negonne wahteauog,wanne quofii- 
*e mittohhamoonk ut wufl'ukwhonganit , 
cwmoounoo howan nehenwonche Gowofliwun- 

21 Newutche quofhae rolOohhamuoKk 
n&adt matta peyaumunop naflipc wuttenan- 
taaiooonk woUietomp^qut wunnctupanatam- 
we Gowoiketompoumoh God, nag ketoohko- 
panaeg neyane wogkouunont wunnetupana- 

QC H A P. ir. 
tit wonk panncbwae manittowompaog 
^nukay€ttf^ncg miiiinninnutu, nc- 

onganehtu Kah nanauwcheonat, matkmpwe- 
fcgegjcn wuffittumoc kcfukodtut fafama^ 

10 Qutnahnaunnuncg afokogig weyau^ 
ut niflikencungque matchekodtantamoooii* 
ganit^ kah fekeneogig nanaaittuonk j mat 
quoflie matSiefecheg, chapcfecheg, matu 
wabefeog matchetamunuat kehche nananii* 

11 Qut Angclfog x\t% anue raatikkenukcg 
ut menuhkefuonganit, & tapenumooonganit 
nag matta paudrauonog kekomuwae mat- 
aunchemoDwongadi ayeukone nag ut ani- 

* quabit Lord. 

12 Qut yeug, abennuflchettcup nifhkene- 
ungque puppinafhimwog , neg ayeuutcheg 
tohqunonat kah paguanonat, nag mamat- 
cheetamwog yeuflj matta wohtamhctteg!fii> 
kah pifh pannuppe paguanuog vit nchenwon^ 
chc wuttanaun ncxjwonjanojwout* 

mwheftat hnhkoototHv^fUnHOg CBap. §. %fme mtUok, pifh ehiksjfm 

13 Kah nag piQi attumunumwog pannco- 
^aaifca ongquatankjocgagquoantogig wec- 
kontamionk, kcrukodcic puhanatammut : 
waheiog v/uhhogkauh nalhpe nehenwon^hc 
wutaf(x>kekodteamauongaaooooaUij malhad- 

, 14 Wulkefakkcbwoiit numwohteau ma- 
toiTaonkj kah matta ahqae matchercog, a- 
fobkekomahectit , noochumukompaunut- 
^cheh keteahogkounob, wuttahhowoaih wiin- 
*Bagwutceauwohtcaonganoooaib iahHieivon- 
tamwe iilleongafh ; mannatchentitcheg nee- 

1 5 Neg nakodtukeg fampol may, kah nan- 
v/iyeuweg, arubkomwog ummay Balaam wu- 
iiaamonuh Bofor, noh womontog panneufle- 

16 Qut mo auilikomau wutch ummatchc- 
feonk mat kaketooe aiTe, £na)wadt wolke- 
tompae kuitcowonk, quihtinau ukkogkeeui- 
leonk qaoihodtumwaen. 

17 Yeufh wutahamongaCh wanne napenoo- 
gifli, mattokqs tcDannornuk miihehtahlhine- 
uh^nag Vt/atche nii'hkenonepolikenai miche- 
ttfe wadchanuraun. 

- iS Nevvutche anoowabettit miilie mog- 
quene tahnoochc kuttcDWongaili impwelAa- 
liaog naihpe-^weyaurue matcHekodtantamoo- 
ongal}i_, nallipe moocheke nanvvunnoDdfquau- 
onk, yeuh pobquohbamunutcheh nehadt po- 
mantamunBtche panneaiTeonganic. 

1 9 Quoihomoni chippinnuonk^ nag neheri- 
wonche wuttinninnumoh aninnoowonk ; ne- 
wutche noh Cohkooont woilietompuh uppa- 
foDoh miilinneiunncat. 

20 Newutcha mabSie pohquohhamwe- 
hettit miittaohke nijlikeneuiigqulluongafl^ 
natiipe wabeaonk Lord kah pohquohiuaea 
JefUs Chriit. wonk naut lohkupfehettic^ kah 
ibbkauttt, wutogkomaiyeiimGO arnie matchit 
Oiik negonne waj kutchUiik. 

. 21 Newutcheayn woh ^unnegikup mat- 
ta wahteaiihettegis fampw.euileae may neir 
ijiahche wahteauhettitsqiinnuppenat wutche 
wuiinetapanatamwe iocDteamowonganitj iie 

.22 Ne n nib xxt wuhhogkaout neyanag 
Wtenamubkut nupwoaorikjanum wodk quin- 
nappu en ummenadtammooongapitj kah hog, 
nob kodrumomukup^eii wutt6omcn3t piilc- 

C H A P. III. 

YEu nahohtoe wuffukwbonk ycuyeu kcK>- 
fukkuhhumauuneau j^womonogilli] ut 
sianeefwe noowogkouuaum kuppahke unnan- 
tamooonganaoalhj naihpe mebquantam wa- 
ll a waonk. 

2 Woh kummequontamunnaoont ukkut- 
iobwbnganoafh, nifl^ negonne anoowahet- 
tcupafb nalhpe wunctupanatamwe qiioi3iod- 
$tia(iwa?imog kah ouUnnwnuliopQiiganun- 

nonalh Hppoftlerumoh Lord pohquohruac* 

3 Y"eu negonne wahteauog ) maumachilh 

kefukodr 'h hahancbtauutcheg pifb peyaog^ 
pomufhaucttit ut nchcnwonche ummacchc- 

4 Kah ncDwaog , uttiyeu ukquofhoowa- 
ongane uppeyaunk^ newutche nadtcuh wiU- 
GDihinneuiik luehettit,wame teantcaguaffin- 
j[h nagwutteohtaafii, neyaanagkup wutch na 
waj kutchiifik i^efteoonk. 

5 Newutche yeu wekontamWe afoDtiiS. 
wontamunneau , nafl-\pe wuttinnoowaonk 
God kcfukqualhncgonneycuooafli, &obke 
obtag woikeche nippekontu kah agwenippc- 

6 Ne naflipe muttaok nek obtag- nohkuk* 
kongqut nippe, paguatauun. 

7 Qut kefukqualnkahohke eyea ne oh- 
tngilhj na/hpe nenan wuttinnoowaonk nom>- 
pakouunadchanumunaih , wadchanaufuaih 
wutch noQtaUjnd pajeb wuffittumoe kefuk- 
odtutj kah paguanaonganit matchcfeaenu- 

8 Qut ( Vt'omonogifK ") abque yeu pafuk 
afoDtuwontamookj pafuk kefukod , neyane- 
yeua> ut Lordus:, nequt muttannongane 
kodtumoD, kah nequt muttannongane kod- 
tummo onatuhpaiuk kefuk. 

9 Lord matta fepohteao^ papaumc uk- 
quolhaurauwaonk (neyane nawhutche wof- 
ketompaog ogquontamwehettit fepobtea- 
mojug) qut noh kuiiepe chequnebtunkquii, 
matta unnintamGO howan wucawakompan- 
onat;, qut woh wame uppeyonnaout aiuikoi- 
anatamuaar. ^ . 

10 Qut ukkcfukodtum Lord pill^ peyau- 
raooonatuh komracutowacn nukkonae-neadt 
keiukquaih pilh matceagwuninnoafli nafhpe 
mifhoMtcDwionkj waj kutcheteomokifh piili 
fabobtaafh naUipe miihe kaiTopirae, kah ob- 
ke kah auakaufuongaih niihnoh ohtagifli piili 

11 Neit yeudi wame mabtihunk, uttoh 
unne milinninnuog kenaau ut wame wun? 
netupanatamwe unniyeuonganitj kah manic- 
tooongan it? 

12 Aikouwompatamogji^ah nanuhkomog 
peyoraooutukkefukodcumGodj utt6h adt, 
keiukquafh nafjiqurtagj pifh mabtfhaafh, kah 
waj kutchehteomukilh piih muhtupohtaafh 
nalhpe miihe kufTopitaeu 

15 Qiitnenawun^neyaunagukqualliomu- 
waonksnatauwompattamumun wuike kefuk- 
quaih.kah wulke ohke uttoh ohtag lampwer 

14 Newutche (womonogig) nin.i natau- 
wompattamog, menubkefek wohkenamhe- 
onaout wunohteaonganit wanne wutdlobke- 
feinatj kah wanne matauachcma),w6naeu. . 

15 Kah agquoantamook wuffepe chequn- 
diUmonk Lord n^ waddi^iituonkpncyanc 

■ -^ '^ ,, y$mk 

wonk womonogkut ncemattin Paulc, ncyane 

i6 Ncyane v/onk ut wame oofukkuh- 
Whonganit yeuili naut noowadt, nifhneadt 
nawhutch liohkog wohcamunat , nilh nag 
matta nehtuhtauogig, & nocjchumweiitcheg 
uppanneneheouh, neyanteauhettit onkatog- 
anaih wudukwhonganalh , en neheawoache 
uppagiianuonganuo ut. 

Chrifi monohteaiiHeHm\ 

17 Newutche kenaau womonogig , yeuft 
negonnc wahtcauog , kuhkirincafck iftikons 
monchanitteaog nalhpe appanneunnantani- 
cuonganoj matchefechcg , vvoh kupehulh- 
aurawoo, wutch nehenwonche kummenetik- 

18 Qut nafhpekegk kitteamontcanittuonk, 
& wahheonat nul-Lordumun & nuowadclja- 
nuwaeneumun Jefus Chriil: noh fohiumuoo- 
naj nancefwe yeuycu kah midieme. Amen. 

Negonnc nanwf wut-Epiftlcam foHH^ 

C H A p. I. 

NS ohtagkup wiitcti wcfke kutchiiHk 
le nootamogkupj ne aaumugkup , 
.vutch kuikei'ukquononut, ne moai- 
nearnugkup, kah maoiuiiinnuinagkup ul ke- 
nuccheganunonuE, papaume pomaniamoc 

2 Newutdic pomantaraoonk mo wahteau- 
wahuwon, kati nunnaufnunnanonup^ kah nou- 
wauwomun^katx kenahcinunnuinan^nc miche- 
inc pomantamdonk ne weetomukup wut.a>- 
Ihimau, kati mo koowahteauwahctteanan. 

3 Ncnsumagkup kah Houtamagkuup koa- 
wahtcauwahenunan,onk kenaau wonk woh 
koQweedlemoappdmitnun, kah wunnamuh- 
kut ncjowecchs moappiuuonganun weeche 
wutouihin , kati wunnaunaonuh Jefui 
Chrift. ! 

4 Kah yeudi koofukkuhhumauununano- 
nalh kouweRontamojonganoo woh numwoh- 
taut.^ ; 

5 Neit yeu nehtamoonk, ne nootamauog- 
kut,kah koDwahteauwahununan , noh God 
Weqaai, kah ut naguai wanne pohkenano, ( 

6 Tohneit nojwaog noh nooweechertioa- • 
jeuraoun, kah pomuihaog pohkenaiycuut , 
nuppannoDWonan , kah matta nutulldmun 

7 v^t pomufliaog wequaiyeuutj neyane 
ooh appit wcquaiyeuut, nouweeche moaycu- 
timun, kah oofqheonk JeiusChriit wunnau- 
monuh, kuppahkhikqunan wutch wame mat- 

8 NoDwaog matta noomat^liefeongane'u- 
roun, nutafookekom^mun nuhhogkanonog , 
kah wunnamuhkuteyeuQouk matt% nutappeh- 

9 Sampcoaog nummatchefeonganunonafh, 
not! pabuhtanumukquffu, kah ilampweijlfu 
kutahquoantamunkqunnanonut kummat- 
chereonganuHonalh , Itah kuppahkhakqun- 
nanonut wutch wame pannefeonganit. 

10 Noowaog matta nummatchcreumun , 
kuppanncowacneuheoun, kah wutt;fl«<»wa- 

CHAP. II. -» 

NUmmukkietumog , yeulh koofukkuh- 
bUinauununaOrfihj matna Kummatdie- 
icumiaoiit, kah how^n matchefeit, nukke- 
noutamwanihitteaman weed\e wutgulhimau 
Jefus Ghrift iampwcuifeaen. 

2 Kah noii wunnohteayeuacnin wutch 
kumraatcheieoi]gaaunon«i).ji,kah matta weba 
kuttaihenou.lh, qui. wouk wutch umraat- 
chercongalh mauiuile rauttaok. 

5 Kah nenalljpe nouwatueomun noh noo- 
wahcon, nanauweiiteauogkut wuttinn<jowa- 

4 Noh ancwwadt, noh noopc»waheh , kali 
matta nanauwetiieauunk wutannaoteamoo- 
onguih, noh pannaowaenin, kah wunaamuh- 
kuteye'uoo matta wutappehtauoh. 

5 Que howan naniuvvetiteauont wuttin- 
naowaonk, ut wuniiogkat wunaamuhkut , 
womonaonk God pannuppeteauun^ne nalhpe 
ncDwahteomun nucappchtauoun, 

6 Nohanoowadt, nutapehtau, noh wob 
nc wuttin pomuition neyane pomuflianit. 

7 Necmatog wanne noofukkuuhumoob 
wulke naumatuonk, qut nukkone naumatu- 
onkj ne ahtunkup wutch kutciiiifik: nukko- 
ne anooteamcDonk, nc wuttinnauwaonk nc 
noDtamog wa) kutchiilik. 

8 Wonk, wuiUc naumatuonk kojfukkuh- 
humauonumWGO , nc wunnumuhkuteyeuuk 
ut wuhhogkat Uah ut kuhhogkaour, newut- 
chcpohkcnaipaumihcau, kah wunnamuh- 
kut wequai yeuyeu wohfumoomao 

9 Nohanoowadtjnennutap wcquaiycuut, 
kah fekeneauont wematoh, noh appu pohke- 

10 Noh womonont wecmatoh, appu Vrc- 
quaiyeuut, kah matta wunuhkomoonk tog- 
kuliktaflununat ut wuhhogkat. 

1 1 Qut noh rekcHcauont wcematoh, appu 
pohkcnahtu, kah pomuihau pohkenahtu , ae 
matta wahteauou uttoh aout , newutche 
pohkenni pogkcnnumwehteomo) wiilkeiak- 

quafl^. ... 

13 Kaofukkuhbumauonumwo) roukkic- 
fog, n<wu^^0^ummatCh?rc9nganoaih kut- 

•' ■* ah<iuo« 

newutche CDwefu 

ftohfam^\^efii v^utchiycH Godm 


^15 Koofukkuhhumauonumwoo wutoofliin- 
neunk, newutche Uoowaheau , wntch waj 
nuog, newutche kulfohkauomMfa) matche- 
tuk, Uouixikkuhhumauonurowuu raukkierog, 
newatthe koowahcomw'ju wutoofliimau. 

14 KcjuCukkutihumauonumwo) wutouih- 
inneunk, newutche Uoowaheau noh wa; kut- 
chillik , kcjDfukkuhhumauonumwcw wiuke- 
nuog, newutche Uummenuhkelimwot), kah 
wuctinn«owaonk God Uutapehtunkumwcw , 
kah UuifohkauomwcD ma^hetuk. 

15 Ahquewomantamook niuttaok, afuh 
niftvohtaguh muttaohkit, howan womantog 
muttaohke, oowomoaufuonk wutooihimaw 

au6g> kutappetunkquneaU;, kah matta kuk- 
quenauhikkoomwco howan kukkuhkoatom- 
unkqunaout, qut neyane nenanfuffc'qtinit' 
tuonk kakkuhkoDtomuMkquneau wame, kah 
ne wunnamuhkuteyeuo), kah matta pannoi- 
waongan-unnoo , kah neyane kuhkootornoti^ 
teaog, njhpifli kutapehtauau. 

2;^ Kahyeayeu mukkieibg apehtok, onk 
noh nogqutliC, woh nummenuhkannoolimunj, 
kah matta nutakodchumua ut anaquabic 

29 Wahteauog noh fampwefeaerij koo- 
wahtcomwoj, niihnoh pafuk noh fampwealit 
»eh wutchctaoh wuhhogkat. 

NAumook chaugue womonittuonk ne 
wut xj(himau ponumunkqueog, kuttc- 
matta appehtunkoo. I hcnnitteananonut wunnauiioniih God , ne- 

16 Newutaewameneohtagmuttaohket, ' wajeh muttaohke matta wahika>og, newut- 
^vevaufe matchekodtaatam6onk> muikefuk- j che matta oowaheouh. 
quemjtchekodtantam6onk,kahpittuanum- 1 2 Womonogig, yeuyeii neenawun waa« 
2e pomantamoouk , matta wutehaiinnooh naumonuhGod, kahafquam "Og^iuodtinno^ 
wutoo/iiinneatj qut wutch.iyeu muttaohket. 

17 Kahmuttaokmahtiheau kah ummat- 
Chekodtantamooonga^hj qut noh afit wutte- 
nantameoonkGod, michemappu. 

18 Mukkiefog^ne mauttiachilh abquompi, 
kah neyane nootam6g,Antechrift pilh peyauj, 
yeuyeu monaog Antechriftfog , ne natlipe 
wahteauog nllli maumachiih ahquompiyeu- 

.19 NagnufTohwehtunkqunnonog, qut mat- 
ta wutchieog nuhhogkanonut 5 newatrhe 
watch aihettit nuhhogkanonut, wunn^muh- 
kut woh nagwutteae naowetomukqunnonog; 
qut nagfohhamwog wahteauwahuwonat nag 
roatca wame wutchieog nuhhogkanonut. 

20 Qut kutahtomwijj fulfequnnittuonk 
wutch wanectupantamweyeuut, & koowah- 
teomwoo wame teanteaqualiniih. 
^, a I Matta ^kcorukkuhhumauonumwoOj ne- 
WMtche matta koowahceooounean wunna- 

toh piih aniyeqg, qut naowahteomun, nob 
nogquiiitp pilh neyaneunkqr iTHinearjjnewut- 
che pifh nannauoun neanudit. 

% Kah nilh noh woiketomp yen ohtunl^ 
antioofuank ut wuhhogkat, pahkheau wuh^ 
hogkuh, neyane noh pakkeiit. 

4 Howan matchefcic 5 noh wonk panne* 
nehteau naumatuQngalh: newutche matche- 
fe©nk ne panaeneheaonk naumatuonk. 

5 Kah ko&wabteomwoujno^! mo wahteaw- 
wabuau wutamauntimunat kummatchefe- , 
OBganunonaflj , kah ut wuhhogkat matts 

6 Howan neh apehtauont j matta matche- 
feu: howan matcheieit , matta v/unnauuhs 
afiih oowaheuh. 

7 Mukkiefog, howan afoDkekomukooh^ 
teogk.noh lampweafu.noh fampweulTeaenu- 
oo> neyane noh fampweuiieaenuuc. 

8 Noh macchereit noh wutchayeu mat- 

jnuhkuteyeuuk, qut newutche kummahche tannittaout, newutche mattannit uiatchefeu 

wahteauunneau, kafg wanne pannouwaonga- a6 waj kutchiifik; yeu wajeh wunnaumon- 

ainnGOWUtihaycum(X>ut wumiamuhkuteyeu- uh woiketomp nogqulleup, onk woh uppag- 

^Y^ watauunat wuianakauluongaih mattannit. 

22 Howan pasnoDwaen, qut noh pannoo- ^ Howan wadchegitGodut, matta mat- 

wohto? noh fcfus ChriHu.xj? noh Ante- chefeonk ulTea , newutche QOikannem nag- 

chriftpanncuwohtauontwutouihinneuh kah wappehtunk , kah matta woh matcheieu, 

wunnaumoniinneuh. newutche no neetuutGodut. 

^59 Howan pannoDWohtauont wunnaun:iO- 
Hjinneuh, noh matta wutouQieinneuh. 

24 Newutche ne appebtunkook ne n(X)tam- 
©gB6waj kutchiffik; ne noutamog nd waj 
katchiilik appehtutikqueog, kenaau pjlh 
wonk kena^wufteapmwoD wunnaumoniin- 
f^Aty kah wutDfbinne t. 

2s Kah yeo qiaofhauwaonk ne quofliomuk- 
^weog, mirheme pomantamoonk. 

16 Yeulli knmrrahchewuirukhumanuna® 
^ih papaume nag pannefoounukqueogig. 
57 Q^trullequnmttuon^, ne attusBunum- 

newutche no neetu i 

10 Yeuut wunnaumonuh God wahteauwa- 
heorteau, kah wunnuimonuh mattannit , ho- 
wan matta aGk fampweuffeonk noh matta 
wutchayeuGodut> afuh noh matta woino- 
nog weematoh. 

11 Newutche yeu anooteamnoonk i e 100- 
t.imiinnaop waj kutchi iik, kjowawomon- 
nittinnanonu't. . 

12 Matta^netatuppe Cain, noh wutchivea 
noh mat:hetuk> kah nuthau wematoh , kali 
toh wajeh nuHiont ? newutche nehen-* 
wor^che watanaKsuruongall^ m^tdiiiiu ^ 

J^ah wematoh rampweufreonganiooaHi. 

1^ Ahque monch3natama;k neematogj 
nmttaohke fekeneunkqueog, 

14 NoDwahLeomun nupaumukcmumun 
nappoDonk, en pomantamcoonganic, newul- 
che ncDwomotiomun weemattinneunk : nob 
niatta womoaiink wematoh appu nuppao- 

1$ Howaa (ekenauont Weematoh , noh , 
nufhehteaeniiij kah koowabteomw«x>, wanne i 
nufhehteaer/m, ahtoou michcme pomaiitam- ,' 
oonk wutappetunkqiinat. \ 

i6 Yeu wai wahteauog oowamoaufnonk 1 
God, ncwutchc iiupponuiaiwatllhikquii Hp- 
Pomantamoonk , icah woh kupponamuwiati 
KUppomaiitaiuQpongatiaa wucche wemattia- " 

i? Qut howa« ah tank yeu muttaohk^e 
maumachkaij kah mu&nt wematoh qaenau- 
njkquoh, Ush kuppohhamauont kittcamon- 
teanitteaewuniiogkusj uttoh wuttinneap- 
pentuiikqun ODWomaufuonk God ^ 

^ i8 Numrrakkicruaiog ahque WebewOmo- 
Bittitteuh m kuttODWOhganit, iCuh meehan- 
Ruur, qutuiTconganit, Uahadt wttflnamuk- 

19 Kab nen.i|hpe wahteauog n«>chiimuti 
wunnumuhkuteyeuuk, kah pi{h nuppahkoii- 
tamumun ittnutcahhunoHut anaqiJabit. 

20 Newutchenuttahbunndnaih wufTum- i 
Ukqueog,God anue miiTugkenonkniOittyt- 
tabhunnonafli, kaii wahtean wamc teanteag- 

21 Womonogig, kuttahhunn^nalh matta 
wuflumukooog 3 neit ntiopahkontamumun 

22 Kabuttohanewehqaetumog, nutat- ' 
tumunumaiTanan , newutchc nahauWehteo- 
jnun wutanBGDhfeamowonk, kah yeuQi hut- 
uflcnanonaih wafukkitteahikqutcnc ut ana- 

wampramunnanonut cowefuonk wunnau- 
monuh JefusChriitoh, kah koowdamonittm- 
aeanonut neyan annoonukqucog. 

24 Kah noh H3nawchtea6ont wutannao- 
IcamowongaihjQOWcetomuhj kah nagnm onk 
oowetomuh: kak yeu waj wahceauog koo- 
veetomukoowonganunj naihpc nalhauanitto 
lie anumungqueageh. 

WCHAP. nil. 
omonogig, ahque wunnamptok nifh- 
nm naihauanit, qut qutcheheak na- 
Shauanittowog, toh wuttinne wutchailnncaa 
O dut, ncwutcfac monaog pannoowae quo- 
Jhodtumwacnuc^ fohfaamwog en rauttaoh- 

2 Yeu wutch wabeuk wuHnafhauanitteo- 
r?" S? . A "^^ "°^ nalhananit fampooadt 
Jefus ehrift'peyau.ut wejavdut, noh wutch- 

a KahnUhaohn2il5ayiinij:mat|a lameoo- 

0% Jefus Chrift peyop ut weyaufut Roh mat- 
ta wutchaiyeu Godut, kah yeuoh wunna- 
lliauanittoomohAnreChriil, noh noytamog- 
Kup^ noh pirih peyaujkah yeuyeumahche ab- 
pu muttaohker. 

4 fCetvaau kouSiiirawooGodutjmukki^ibgj, 
kah nag.kuiibhkauo^og5newu£chenoh apeh- 
fcunkqueog aaue^iiragkefti onk noh apit 

$ Nag wtitchaiye«og muttaohket, ricwa^ 
/eh keketeohkoHtantirriGhettii: muttaok, kafi 
muttaok wunnootauouh* 

6 Nenavvan nooaiytmun Godiit;, aoh wa- 
bcuntGcduh, ncocunkqun, noh matta wad- 
chiigkGodut matta uootunkooun, yeuwa. 
;eh wahteauog* wruaa^imufikHtcc narhaUanir, 
kah pantKDWohtarnoe naihauanit. 

7 Womonogig, womoaittitteub, newut- 
chc woraonittuonk wutcliayeumo Godur» 
kah nf(]i aoh pafuk womoauiic mh nc^tu ttt 
Oodur, kah wafaeauGoduh. 
o.^i^f^^^^ wo.aaau^x>og, matta wahe* 
au Go<iult iiewutche God WQmoaufuonffa* 

1 ?. ^^ ^^5 oowon^ioaufaonlt God ito?que ea 
kuhhogksnonut wahteauwahuwon , newut- 
cae G06. annoonau wunnequttegheonuh en 
muttaohket, woii keiiaa^pe poma<iCaranDmoi. 

i nanonata 

' £0 ^u ut oowomoauftionk, matta koo^ 
womonaoneanun God, qut koawomonukc©-- 
oganun^kahanoDnaa Wunnaumonufa oono&. 
*^^^"<>«3t wutcii kttmraatchefconganunnd- 

1 1 WO(Tionogig,God Be ancDS^monukque* 
ogj woh kooworadnittimuti. 

12 Wannc howan nauooU Goduh ttttob 
abquoffipeu, womonitteog , Gad kutapeh- 
tunkqun,kah oowomoaufuoak panuppeyeuoa 
ut kuhhogkanonuf. 

1 3 yeu waje wahteauog. niitapehtaUoBan. 
kah nutapehtunkqunan^ newutch nuttinnum»^ 
unkquri wunna/hauanittoomob. 

14 Kafa riauunonup kah noDwauwonan^woft 
wutoofhimau anoonau wunnaunionuh,cx)wad- 
chanumunat muttaok. 

15 How^n rampooadt Jefus wunaaumohufe 
Qo&y God neb wutapefatauoh, kah noh apch- 
tauau Goduh. ^ 

i€ Kah noDwahteomunkahnoonamptamUm- 
un, naowomonukooonganun God, God w6- 
moaufuonganuoo^ kah noh apehtag womo* 
nittuonk, appcbtauauGodub, kah God wut- 

17 Yeuutnaowomltteaongamm pannup* 
peteauun , woh nummenuhkefenancnut ut 
wullittumoe kefukodtut, newutSie neyaniiC 
nc nuttinniiuHean yeu rauttaohket. 

i8 Matta wabefuonganinnoci womoauruoR* 

ganit, qut pannuppc womoaufuonk fobwho- 

teau wabefuonk, newiitdie wabefuonk wut* 

auwaHompmingoBg^euma; ; mh wabefjt 



matta pannuphcau ut womonittinncat. 

1 9 Noh nouwomonoun > newucche ncgon- 
nc nuuwomonukqun. 

20 Woikctomp nocjwadtnoDWomunGodj 
kah fekenc^Ujant wematohj noh pannoowa- 
«nin, newutfrhe noh matta womonunk wc- 
matoh neh nauoncheh, toh woh wuttinne 
womonon Goduh, ueh matta nanauunkch ? 

21 Kah annouteamouonkahtauog wutchc 
nagum noh womonont Goduh, woraononclj 
wcmatuh wonk. 

C H A P. V. 

HOwan wanamptog Jefus noh Chrift, noh 
neetu ut Godut, kah nifh noh pal'uk 
womonont neh wanaumonatamunitcheh kah 
wonk wonionau neh wanaumoniaiukehnalii- 
pe nagum. 

2 Yew wajehwahteauog, noowomonaong* 
anun wunneechanoh God s womonogkut 
God, kah nanauwehtcauogkut wutaonoutc- 

5 Newtitche ycu kcDWomonaonganun God, 
isanauwchteauogkut wutanncoteamowong- 
afh, kah wutannooteamooongaih matta uh- 

4 Newutcl>e howan wadchegit Godut, 
Ibhkom muttaokj kah ycu fohkaufuonk, nc 
fohkomuk mutta©k, koonamptamooongan- 

5 Howan noh fohkauont muttaohke, qut 
lioh wanamptog jefus wunnaumoeuh God ? 

«J Yeuoh noh paont nafhpe nippe kah wuf- 
^hconk, noh Jefus Chriil, matta webe nalh- 
©e nippcjqut nafti^c nippe kah wfquckeonk, 
kah noh Nalhauanit wauwainuit, newutche 
J^aihiuaak wunnamuhkuteyeutx>. 

7 Ncwut^hc nag nifhueg wauwacheg ut 
itefukqut, wuto^ihimauj wuttmnouwaonk, 
iBib wunncet«panatamwc Naftauanit, k h 
f cug niiljuog pafuk(DGO©g. 

8 Kahnagnifhuogwauwacliegut ohkcit, 
Bdlhauanit, kah nippe, kah mfquehconk.kah 
f cug niihuog wunnauwadtuog pafukouun- 

9 Attumunumog a)wauwaongan<K> woi- 
lietompaog ,-oDwauwaonk God anue milfi, 
aewutche ycu God oowauwaonk nc wau- 
Wadt papauir.e wunnaumonuh. 

10 Noh wanaraprauont wunaaumonuh 
©od, wauwaonk ©hteau ut wuhhogkat, noh 

matw wanamptauunk Goduh, uppannuwae- 
neuhcuh, ncwutche matta wunnamptamoo 
ouwauwaonk God, ne anuramauont papaume 

11 Kah yeu ne wauwaonk, God kitt'm- 
numunkqun michemc pomantamoonk, Uah 
yeu pomantamoonk ohteau ut wunnaumo- 

12 Noh wadchanont wunnaumoniinneubj, 
ohtau pomantamoonk, kah noh matta wad- 
chanunk wunnaumoniiiineuh matta oht6- 
ou pomantamoonk. 

I ? Yeuih koofukkuhhumauununaoafb ke- 
naau wanamptamogift^ vXiwcfuonk wunnau- 
monuh God, onk woh koowahteomwou kut- 
ahtomwco michemc pomantamoonk , kab 
woh koonamptamurawo) cuwefuonk wunnaU" 
monuh God. 

14 Kah nummenubkannoofuonganan pt- 
paume nagum, ne teaguas wchquctumog ut 

1 5 K.ah wahteauog noh nootunkqun uttofe 
wchquetumog, noowahtcomun, nutattum- 
Ufturaumui nifh wchquetumauogkutchc. 

16 Howan nauont wccma toh ufleohmattg 
ntippooe matdiefeonk, noh pish wehque- 
tumwanlliau, kah noh pish wuttinnumauofe 
pomantamoonk vvutche nah matta nuppiue 
raatchcfcaegeh i na nuppcDonganc matche- 
feonk , matta nulleuh ne pish uppeantam« 
wontamun. ^ . 

17 Wame mat CampweCeoak ne matches 
feonk, kah na matta nuppoDC matchefeonk. 

18 NoiWahteomun howan wadiegit God* 
ut, matta matchefeu, qut noh wunna^mdni^ 
imuk wutch Godut, nanauwe'hheau wuh- 
hogktth^ kab noh raadietuk matta ummui^ 
finuh. . 

19 Kah noowahteamun noschiim^UR God- 
Ut, kah mamwife muttaok iippu matchefe* 

20 Kah noowahteomusa , ^afinaumonuti 
God peyau, kah kittinnumunkqun wohw6h- 
tamoonk, woh koowahcGnanonut noh wun- 
namuhfeuteyeuoo 5 kah neenawun nutapeh- 
taueun noh wunnummuhkuteyeuut, ut wun- 
naumonat Jefus ChriftHt,yeuoh wunn^muh- 
kut God, kah midieme pomantamoonk. 

21 Mukhicfog chippc nananwehheuk kufa- 
hogkgoog watch nunneukontunkanit. Amen* 

Nahohtoeu nanwe wut-Epiftkum fOHN^ 

Elder en pcpenauit Lady,& wunnechan- 
oh neg womonogig adc wunnamuh- 
^ kuteyeuuk, kah matta webe nen, qut 
\5fameWonkneg wahteunkig wunnamuhkut- 
tycuiiS^* , 

2 Wutchs wannmmubkutcyeuuk ne 
^pehtunkqueog, kah piih ksowetomakqunan 

S Kitteamonteanlttiionk ^p^htunVcdk ^ 
monaneteaonk , kah wunohteaonk , wutch 
Godut wuttfjfnlnneat) kah wutch Lord je- 
fus Chriftut, wannaumonuh wutajfliimau ii£ 
wunnamuhkuteyeuuk , kah wemonittuong^ 

4 Nuftuniil-ie muilioiianatamup^ namheeg 
Tt 2 ^'^- 


Noh mmonit G^^iM 

nawhiitch o^umrpukkiyenniwogpomnfliahet- 
th w-aniiarnubkuteyeuuk^ neyane attumurt- 
unog snaouteamouonk wutch wutoofliiri- 

5 Kah eyeu koowehquetumoufli fonkqiltj 
V^;i matra onatuh wobrukkuhhtrmauun wuiUe 

Rauraatuonk : qut ne ahtauog n6 waj kut- 
oiihk, koovTOaraonittaonganun. 

6 Kahyeu wumcnktuonk, kutafukomun- 
nanormt wutanooteamoijongalli, veu anooo- 
teamojonk neyane- nootameg nd'waj kut- 
chiffikj ne woh kuppomulhaantamunnao- 

7 N«wutchemonao{?ara;kekodteamoenu- 
.og petutteaog muttaohket, mattafampooog 
jefus Shrift peym weyaufut, yeuolrafouke- 
«>odtesmoen, kab noh Antichrift. 

8 Nanauwchuk Auihhogkaoog, m^ttakoo- 
wanteouunnanonut , ytn(h afeagiOi , qut 
woh kutattumnnumiinnanonat pailianonk- 

!ri#Jo&tir ptchwnummM<n^^^ 

qustUnlc. . 

9 Hmvan p^nnefeifc, kah matta ape^fc 
kuhkoDtomuhf.eaoneatiit Chrift, matta wad"- 
chanoou Godub : lioh apit ukkuhkootomuh- 
teaonganit Chrin:5noh rra neefwe wadchanaii 
wutoDlbinneiah, kafr wunnatimoiiainneuh. 

10 Howanig peyaoRukqueog, kah yen 
matta paudtaahetteg kubkootornubteaonk, 
afeque attumunok cm kekuoutj afiih unuoK 
wuniranutTmkqafl] God; 

1 1 Newutche noh anont, God'wunnanum- 
ukquft nuhwutdnnum noh ummatchereong- 

12 Monatafh woh UoDfukkubhumaiirb, 
matta nukkcdfukhammcD nalhpe paper kail 
ink, que nnttannoous^ kuppeyaonunnaoutj. 
kab kenoonitttnneanonut, onk vuoh koowee* 
kontamooonganun pahlhane n nih. 

13 Wnnnechanoh pcpenauut kummiiUji 
feouwonkofiiukquog^. Amen, 

Niftiwudc nanwe wut-Epiftleum fOHM<, 

E^^der en womontt Gaius^noh woir.onog 
wt wunnamuhkuteyeuu4i. 
2 Wumoijyn, noov/ehquetum anue 
onk wame woh kooniinneat, k*h woh koonc 
jpomancamunatjBeyan wunnc pomantog kuk- 

3 Newutche numminiewckontamup, oo- 
wemattinneiaak paahettit, kah waowahettit 
wunnamubkuteyemik ne apehtunkquean, ne- 
ywe pomulhaaH wunnamuhkuteyeuut. 

4 Wannenutanwe mifhewefcontamoDjOnk 
HQOtainon nemmukkiyeuraog pomufhaon- 
tamwog wunnamuhkuteyeucDulC. 

5* Womonog kuppaubuht^numukqus ut- 
tob aobetdt wemattineunkjS^penawohteaog 

6 Neg w auvvachcg koowotnoaufuonk^ana- 
quabhettit moeawehkoironk : nag^ pafooad 
uppomuPmof^gan-jjout tapcneunkqmlinneat 
^tGodirr, koone/em. 

7 Newutche^ wutche oowefuonk fobbam- J 
vsogy wanne teag wunnemuanumounnaout 1 
winch gen^ilfuti I 

8 Newutcl^e, wob neg atrumunogkutjonk [ 
woh koDweeSie anummoadtiniiean utwun- ' 
namuhkuteyeuQout.- I 

9 NoDfukkuhhuaiau moeuwebkomonkjqut 

Diotrepbes, noh lyomcMog kebcheSyeuoJik' 
kenugkc nahog, imtta natattanninukojun* 

ID Newutche peydon, pillmunmehquon- 
tarn wutulleongafh n'lih afechilh, mamat- 
chenukqueog iihkauanittue kuttOGWongafh, 
kah yeu matta wuttaphikooun^nagum matta 
attum^unoou ajwemattinneuh, kah ukquih- 
tinub nah unnanuttamumitchebjkah wuffoh- 
whubkonuh wurch^rrtoeuwehkomonganit. 

11^ Woraonog rmchuk, 
qut ne wanegik, noh wanefek noh wutcha* 
yen Godut, qut noh afit matchefeoak matta 
naiioQU Goduh. 

12 Demetrius waeenomuk wame woi1i€- 
tompuh; kah ne wanu nubkuteyenuk , nuxj^ 
nenawun wonk ntLwauwamun, kah kcowah- 
teauuiineaw -^noowauwaonganun wunnarauh* 

13 Monat^ifli woh Hoofukkuhhum , que 
matta koofakkuhhumausjnoo naflspe ink kab 

14 Qut nutannoous pifii kenamifb pafwe j 
kah piHi kenooraittimim kuikefukqunno- 
nut. Wunohteafii, nectobteamunganun koo- 
wonkomukd), weluongaac wonkum neetat' 

Kfanwe wut-Epiftlcutn f~V D E. 

J^(3e wnttTflneumofiJefus Cbrift, kah we- 
raatob Jam-s^en n^g waneetupanaramwa- 
Hetcheg naQipe God wutooa^imau, kah 
Wad hanitcheg ut JefusChriftutj kah weh- 

2, Moran. te^onk, l«h wunofeteaonkp kah 

womo^ufuonk muttaanehtch ut kuhhogki* 

% Womonogig, moocheke manubke wuCr 

fnbkbUmauunog papaame miyaeu wadcha- 

nictuonk: kukquenauweblkumwop koofuk- 

kuhhuneauunnanaouto koc^wehquetumauun? 


unnanoiit, luimmenuhkennittcoaacut wutch 
waMiiarrtpumooonk., ne paiukqut anumauut 
wuiuieiupanatogig. . ^ 

4 Newuiche nawliutche woiketompaog 
pehcheupcthompakeof, neg negonae noD- 
wadt kahtimuttuppannog en yeu wuilittuoi- 

• donk, mat peantaroocgig , quinnuppinnum- 
Wog ukkitteuaionteaniueaonk num-Manit' 
toomun 5 en nanw«n.judtquaonganit , kah 
kohkonnoDwaog noh p.ifuk norit Lord God, 
kah nul-Loidumuti lefusChr'^ft. 

5 Newajc^mehquontamw/ahenog, tohko- 
nooque paUikqut yeu koovrahteauunneau , 
Lor'd mahche wadchanont mhlinninneuh 
wutchohkeit Egypt^ompetak paguanop nah 

6 Kah Angelfog neg matta wadtnanum- 
ODgig wunnegonappuonganci) , qiit nukkod- 
lumwog nehenwonche wutapuongana>, nah